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Thread: Your Shipping List (( Updated: February 18, 2013 ))

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    Default Paper Wii's List REDONE!

    * = okay
    ** = Great
    *** = Awesome
    **** = W00T
    ***** = F*CK YES XD

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Yu-Gi-Oh!:

        Spoiler:- Haruhi:

        Spoiler:- Sonic the Hedgehog:

        Spoiler:- Keroro:

        Spoiler:- Professor Layton:

        Spoiler:- Phoenix Wright:

        Spoiler:- Vocaloid:

        Spoiler:- Detective Conan:

        Spoiler:- Adventure Time:

        Spoiler:- Zelda:

    I have so many more but I don't want to list them.
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    Contestshipping: ❥❥❥❥❥ My OTP. I'm completely and utterly in love with this shipping. (: The roses, the teasing(from multiple characters), everything! And I couldn't help but notice her change to a green bandana when she started traveling in Johto. I want these two to visit in Unova! I have to admit, if Drew and Misty didn't exist, I would probably be an Advancedshipper. But now that I look at them, they seem to have a brother/sister relationship.

    Pokeshipping: ❥❥❥❥ Even when I was 5, I knew this shipping existed. My very first ship- And probably one of the most canon ships other than quest. Oldschool. (: I think that advance/pearl/negaishippers probably didn't grow up along with Misty, thats why they aren't as big of fans. But I can't see Ash with anyone else!

    Ikarishipping: ❥❥❥❥ This ship has nooo romantic proof in the show. But I absolutely love them anyways! The whole stereotypical bad boy meets good girl things is my addiction. I still like it better than penguingshipping- even though that ship has a ton of proof.

    Penguinshipping: ❥❥❥ Like I said, this ship has a lot of proof. The whole child-hood friend thing is adorable, and I can't get enough.

    I'll update when I think of more. (:
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    Okay I'm still really New to the Shipping So I may not know some of the names & Everything but I'll list the ones I know already first before my own personal One's.

    PearlShipping- Who didn't feel the love here?! OMG the minute I saw how well they connected and cared for one another I had to Think something was going on! Then when I discovered PearlShipping...Best believe I was grinning! <3

    ChessShipping- I always Pair my character & their Rival together in the games. But this one, I have to say I adore as much as PearlShipping. The fan art Really drew me too it as well. They look so happy all the time so I couldn't resist! <3

    ContestShipping- This one like ChessShipping was bound to become a favorite of mine! I can see them taking the stage together & performing a brilliant Showcase ^__^ Plus Once again the fan art Of them together was sooooo cute. I'd have to say their personalities match really well too. <3

    NegaiShipper- Okay I have to admit I do pair Ash with most of the girls he pairs up with but this one is another favorite! Iris is a bit of a wild child & she is always calling Ash a "Kid" but I think deep down she likes him a lot. As for Ash I think he notices Iris alot but never admits it. We all know how He is xD

    CalvalierShipping- I like this one alot too! Dawn's eyes when she see's Gary are like how millions of girls are toward their favorite guy celebrity! Gary's face when he receives these compliments are adorable too! I just swoon at the idea of them holding hands and Dawn going on and on about him & him shutting her up with a kiss Ah! <3

    TwinleafShipping- I support this alot because of the D/P Games, as well as the Fan Art. BUT I also support it because I think Dawn and Barry Would be really cute together. I think Dawn could slow Barry down alot and Barry I'm sure in his mad rush could use it! If he learned to slow down a little he could really appreciate Dawn. <3

    DualRivalShipping- Cheren & Bianca ? OMG <3 not only do the games suggest they have a thing but I love, love , love the fan art!! & the Fan Fic's! I think they balance each other out. It's like a pessimist meeting an optimist ! Even though they both have different views They still mange to make a great pair. This shipping is one I fully support <3

    BeaconShipping- What can I say?! Dawn & Volkner = Perfect Match In my mind! Dawn pretty much inspired Volkner again...Rekindled the passion...of course (As it always happens) he'd fall for her and she'd fall for him and the rest...pretty much falls into place! I really like this Shipping! & I def would Want to see more Fan Art & Read a Few Fan Fic's! (I'm personally going to work on a one-shot for them) <3

    BlushShipping- (I heard this was the name for a Lucy & Brock Shipping if it is I Fully support that idea!) Lucy & Brock are two of my favorite characters! I love Lucy! (No Pun Intended lol) And I love Brock! As a couple ? I love it! Lucy is straight to the point, she has no time for nonsense...Brock (when he's not off being a flirt) is really smart and to the point as well...For a couple I think they would work perfectly <33

    FerrisWheelShipper-This Fan art is beautiful!! I first discovered it a few days ago...& I searched the fan art and OMG it's so dreamy! And as a couple I read a few Fan Fic's with them in it. And I must say my heart Jumped at the romance ! I LOVE this one! <3 That's a picture of them! Tell me it isn't just wow <3 OMG & look at them together !

    66sixShipping- Flannery & Soledad! I think they are both perfect! Flannery & Solidad's personalities are both pretty firey when Doing contests and battling. Off the stage and battle field They both are really sweet and kind. They both care alot about trying their best. So I think they'd be a perfect match! ^___^ However I'm not sure why the shipping has that it the red hair? XD please fill me in.

    20SomethingShipping- Cynthia & Soledad! I love how strong both of them are Cythina as a trainer, & Soledad as a co-ordinator. Personally I love the Match up! I think it's a great match up because Both Cynthia & Soledad are both excellent at their skills ! & that just makes for a killer pair!

    Ursula x Paul (I'm sure this one has a name! But I can't find it!) I think personally Both Of them fit together perfectly. Being as Paul "Couldn't care less" & Ursula's personality reminds me of a over spoiled princess. Even though at times I find them both rude underneath it all they do care. Personally I think they would love being mean...together!

    IkariShipping- The fan art for this is so cute! & I agree with everyone when they say opposites attract ! "When two people meet something is born" Well of course he said that while looking at Dawn! Dawn pay's alot of attention to Paul & Because Paul is a meanie (lol) he only dropped hints. Again the Fan Fic's and Fan Art Are beyond cute! & I really enjoy the idea of them together.

    Okay a two of my personal favorites now!

    Soledad x Brock - As a couple I can imagine that they would spend alot of time laughing and that they would support each other alot! They are both really caring and I know that they'd always try their best to encourage each other! I couldn't resist putting them together! <3 although I'm not sure what a name would be for their Shipping.

    Cynthia x Lucy - Am I the only one who thinks this? Lucy is powerful and too the point and she is quick to remind everyone that she worked hard to become a Frontier Brain. Cynthia is a hard to beat champion who basically kills all the competition! Cynthia & Lucy would rule together I'm convinced!

    After all that I'm done! LOL those are my favorite Shipping's! <3
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    Ok these are ships I like. I'm gonna end up editing this LOTS of times since I sometimes get ships in my mind, here is Pokemon for now

    Ratings: (for Pokemon I put it in sections I like pretty I like them all 4-5 stars)
    Another note: I'm only posting ships I support so there is rlly no need for this rating since I like them all but

    *=4 stars (likes)
    **=5 stars(LOVES or Die-hard)


        Spoiler:- Ships:

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    I only have a few that I like, but I'll post them anyway. ( I don't tend to ship characters.)


    Checkmateshipping (Cheren x White/Touko) (Soon after I got the game I started shipping them)

    I must be the only person here who likes this pairing. I think they look cute together and I liked the fact that he is always complimenting White , such as her choice in attacks.
    Oh, and they're childhood friends. That always helps.

    Rocketshipping (Jessie x James)

    I've always liked these two. They've stuck together through out most of the pokemon series and dislike being seperated.


    IchiHime (Ichigo x Orihime)
    Ichigo is upset whenever he can't help/save her. He will do anything to protect her. And Orihime obviously loves him a lot.

    If I think of more I'll post them. ^^'''

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        Spoiler:- Homestuck:

        Spoiler:- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Tales of Legendia:

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    Hi ! Hope i can post here, is my first post in this forum! I'm not good in english but hope i do this fine

    My Pokémon shipping list!

    Pokeshipping - I don't follow the anime regularly, but Ash and Misty relationship was unique, so Misty has more opportunities to be more of a friend with Ash
    Contestshipping - Has a lot of hints, and Drew really care for May and viceversa
    Ikarishipping - Don't know why really, but sounds good is like an anime version of Redemptionshipping I think
    Rocketshipping - They need to get married like that Dengeki manga and they have a lot of story together

    Choosenshipping - My OTP seriously!! I love this shipping over others! Really don't care if no became canon (but have a lot of posibilities I think...), is so cute and Silver and Blue have a lot of story together, Silver soft side is only showed to Blue, so cute! And I will be happy if Green was the one who said Silver to go for her XD (I start to see Green like an older brother for Silver)... and the age gap, well only made them more cute~
    Specialshipping - Nearly to canon, Yellow is a cute girl and care a lot for Red, hope someday Red can see her more than a friend (and they have age gap too, cute xD)
    Mangaquestshipping - I like Crys and Gold relationship, its funny to see
    Franticshipping - Waiting for the moment Ruby speak about "that" with Sapphire again, this shipping is funny too
    Commonershipping - Hope for one day Platinum understand Dia's action for her, is cute too
    Oldrivalshipping - I like this shipping too! Really, if Blue can't have Silver I hope she can have Green, why? don't know, but sounds good and they are friends! so has a opportunity!
    Specialjewelshipping - Is like Oldrival, they are friends and have a opportunity, and Crys care a lot for Silver, the HGSS seems to have a lot of moments for these two!
    Viridianshiping - Imposible shipping, but I found it cute
    Feelingshipping - Other imposible shipping and I found it cute, Green need's someone like Yellow for him (I think Lol)
    Distantshipping - I read a fanfic of this shipping, and found the idea very good, maybe Platinum will find Silver interesting
    Green x Courtney - Crack pairing!!!! jaja but Courtney was Daisy friend, so maybe they know each other and really... don't know if the shipping has a name lol

    Redemptionshipping - Game verse of Specialjewel, Crys was the first girl, so she was the first girl in help Silver in his path to the good side
    Soulsilvershipping - I found a lot of this shippings, and sounds good, but really is only a remake of Redemption, so if I like the original, I like the remake too!
    Colosseumshipping - I thing is near to canon, hope the games show more of them
    Rangershipping - Same like colosseum, and Kazuki and Hinata (I prefer jap names) can work together very good
    Almiashipping - is that the name for Kate and Kellyn? well I like it because of the comic!

    Thats all! hope it was ok!
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    In the format of seme/uke (seme = dominant; uke= submissive)

    Pokemon Shippings

    Dialga (M)/Palkia (F) - My new OTP. I love these two because I see Dialga as someone who can protect Palkia since he's stronger. And Palkia as someone who can take care of Dialga. Also there's a thread for it in my signature explaining more.

    Gothitelle (F)/Bisharp (F) - gurl on gurl actiun yah!1! Seriously, I support this ship as a one-sided crush on Bisharp's part. I can see her being mesmerized by Gothitelle's beauty and brains while Goth suspects it but she doesn't act on it since I see her as being emotionless. However, I can also see her having some sort of feelings for Bisharp lol

    Giratina A (F)/Zero - I didn't really like human/Pokemon shippings but I support this one as a one sided crush on Zero's part. I think he has a crush on Giratina because he was obsessed with her and her powers. He's been always seeking her since.

    Haxorus (M)/Hydreigon (F) - Used to be an OTP of mine, but then Dialga/Palkia came into the picture. But this ship is still awesome. I see Haxorus as a strong knight in shining armor kind of Pokemon and he can protect and guard Hydreigon. I see Hydreigon as a Pokemon who very hyperactive, so I kinda see her being obsessed with Haxorus.

    Gothitelle (F)/Gallade - Another one-sided crush but on Gallade's side. As a macho-man Pokemon, I can see Gallade going all crazy in love for Gothitelle, since she's beautiful, powerful and smart. I don't see Gothitelle falling in love with him but I see her as being a really good friend whilist Gallade keeps going for her heart lol

    Pokemon shippings I used to support but dont

    Vanilluxe (M)/Gothitelle (F) - used to be my all time favorite shipping. I liked it because with Vanilluxe's temper, I see him as being someone who can stand up for Gothitelle. And her being in love with his personality. Now, I see Gothitelle as being a strong Pokemon who can take care of herself, thus meaning she doesn't need a man. Plus, Vanilluxe doesn't fit the description of uke and neither does Gothitelle. They are both seme so they are going to bump heads. But I still see Vanilluxe having love for Gothitelle tho.

    Volcarona (M)/Emolga (F) - I supported this one because... well... I thought they were cute together thus the name CutesyShipping. Also Volcarona's warm heart + Emolga's adorableness = awesome. Now, I don't pay attention to neither of these Pokemon. But they are still a good couple.

    Chandelure (M)/Jellicent (F) - I supported this because I saw Chandelure as being cocky but brutally honest with everyone and then Jellicent being drawn to it. However, not only don't I pay attention to these two anymore, but I don't like Chandelure.

    Chandelure (M)/Spirtomb (M) - yaoi nya! I supported this one because I can see Spirtomb having a one-sided crush on Chandelure lol. But I don't pay attention to em anymore.

    Sonic The Hedgehog shippings

    Silver/Blaze - Still supports this! I like this shipping because Blaze, when around Silver, has shown to come out of her shell. Like be more confident within herself. Plus, Silver was the one who stood up for Blaze when kids teased her about her powers (according to their backstory)

    Silver/Shadow - I like this shipping as a one-sided crush on Shadow's part. I see Shadow having a strong crush on Silver because he's like his opposite, Shadow is dark and Silver is that light that can shine through him.


    -in the format of: person dating or closest/person being perused/person perusing middle person but not close to them

    Palkia (F)/Dialga (M)/Milotic (F) - I like this 'some because well I see Milotic as the one who wants to take the boys away and Dialga seems like a perfect one. He's sturdy and powerful, yet, he's with Palkia and prefers to be with her dispite Milotic being better looking than her. With Dialga, Milotic can sweet talk her way through it, while Palkia stands there with rage in her eyes lol

    Palkia (F)/Dialga (M)/Latias - I like this one because I can see Latias having a crush on Dialga because of his personality and how cool he is. Then Palkia being jealous.

    Blaze/Silver/Shadow - well I like Silver/Blaze and I can see Blaze having a huge crush on Silver, but I can also see her and Shadow fighting over him since I also see Shadow having a huge crush on Silver as well.

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    Update since I can't add more on my old post
        Spoiler:- Pokemon:
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    NefTheSeperior's favs
    I don't have many...
    Isshushipping!!! (Touya/BlackxN)
    I love this one with all my heart because they just look so cute together. When I got Black I couldn't stand the female because the bottom was too pink (and I HATE pink) so I decided to be the boy for the first time since I could chose between them in the games. Well, when I saw N I thought he was a Pokémon god but I chose the boy so any fan fic made would contain yaoi. So I look up "TouyaxN" and that was when I fell head over heels for those two...
    Checkmateshipping (Touko/WhitexCheren)
    I like these two together because they seem to even each other out a bit. *real reason: So that Touko will stay away from both N and Touya*
    P.S. Touko and Touya kind of look like twins to me...

    Because both care for each other and Luka is so epic-ly, smoking-ly, smexy hot. It's like he is the definition of epic-ly, smoking-ly, smexy hot because he is *die from luka's smexy waves* and yes I am a female.

    I love these two because there is so many differences between them but they are still basicly the same person, just one was born and the other was created. I didn't think much of this one until I stumbled across a manga-like fan fic of these two. It made me reconsider how I though of DL and Link and I came to a netual feeling to yaoi because of DLxLink's hotness.
    So sorry if it is long/not long enough but that is all I have...
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    AR's Shipping List V.1
    Rating System: 5=Top of the list 1=nonono(you won't see this)

    ContestShipping(MayxDrew)= 5

    I'm hooked. I've supported it for over a year now, which is how long I've been into shipping Pokémon characters. The roses, the wynaut episode, and the fanart/fanfics have drawn me into it. I may never break out of it. Songfics have also really booted my CSingness.

    RosePetalShipping(DrewxLeaf) = 4

    I came up with this some days ago, and It's clicked for me instantly. While there are most likely no hints of it in any episode (I'm new to all of this canon stuff and whatever else you have), I can see it in my head as something that can work. I've only just asked for it's name, which was uninvented. I originally went for RoseLeaf, but with suggestion, I've settled for RosePetal.

    PearlShipping(AshxDawn) = 3

    Whilst I'm not totally with this, I used to have a massive obsession with it. However, looking at fanart has gotten my attention. But it's pretty much a speck compared to ContestShipping, IMO.

    BlackxWhite(What's the name?)= 3

    It kinda fits, but that's me isn't it? Yeah, I can imagine all sorts of scenarios with these two in a relationship. But, as I've just stated, that's me, isn't it?


    I got into it recently, thanks to a certain piece of fan-fiction. The fanwork for it is just amazing for the best part, and they just look good together.
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    Shipping is fun...

    • Pokemon

    RocketShipper (Jessie & James) This is my favorite Pokemon ship, c'mon, it's so obvious throughout the show and movies. Jessie and James have been through a lot together...

    PokeShipper (Ash & Misty) I started liking this seriously after reading MiyaToriaka's (on DeviantART) doujin, FAITH. It portrays Ash and Misty's relationship really well through Ash missing Misty and Misty's wish to see him again. (note: she does get to see him but in a very special way!) I suggest all PokeShippers read it:

    Mew & Jirachi This actually came about from a fan fiction me and my brother are writing. In the fic, Mew and Jirachi are going out. Mew always tries to act suave and epically fails... Jirachi still likes him anyways, lol.

    note: Is there a specific name for Mew X Jirachi? I tried searching for it on that list but it was way too big to sift through. X_X

    • Other shippings... -non-Pokemon-

    (Mario ship) Peach & Daisy & Rosalina I read this fan fiction called "Three Princesses" that was a lemon but it was meaningful at the same time. Rarely can you find a beautifully written fan fic like that. The ending made me sad though... But yeah, that fan fiction got me into that ship.
    (Mario ship) Mario & Peach lol, this is so blatant in the games. Do I really need to explain more?
    (Mario ship) Luigi & Daisy Same as Mario & Peach. ...except Daisy would beat the crap out of Luigi all the time and be the dominant one in the relationship. But Luigi would love it.
    (Mario ship) Cackletta & Bowser I know friction was caused between them in game but I think that if Cackletta and Bowser collaborated on a evil scheme they'd find out they had a lot more in common then they think...
    (Mario/Banjo & Kazooie crossover ship) Fawful & Gruntilda They're both evil but more like silly evil... They're also both very whimsical in their schemes and I think they'd like that about each other...
    (MGS/Metroid crossover ship) Solid Snake & Samus HECK YES. I blame SSBB for this one. I love to imagine that Snake is the one chasing after Samus and she plays hard to get... but Snake always gets her.
    (Tron ship) Radia & Clu 1 I imagine that Radia, leader of the ISOs, would be charmed by Clu 1's personality. I imagine that he'd do whatever he could to protect Radia, even if he got beaten up. (arg, it's to bad that both Radia and Clu 1 are derezzed though...)
    (Tron ship) Sam & Quorra I have a feeling this might become canon in Tron3.
    (VOCALOID ship) SONIKA & Gumi I got the idea from the song GREEN GREEN. Such a cute idea, the two cute, green, female VOCALOIDs in a ship. But I imagine they'd both be shy about it...
    (VOCALOID ship) Miku & Luka I love the idea of this pairing to. Luka as the calmer, cooler, older woman dealing with a younger, confused girl... This could generate a lot of nice and dramatic fan fics.

    I hope I wrote this okay?
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    Rating system:

    ***: I love it
    **: I like it
    *: I kind of like it, but...


    Rocketshipping (Jessie x James)
    Rating: ***
    Why: These two are great together. There is no question that they have a deep emotional bond that could never be broken and care immensely for one another. Plus, their personalities complement each other perfectly. Jessie found a kind hearted, sensitive person in James who would always push himself to the limit in order to please her while James found a strong willed, independent leader in Jessie who likes and accepts him for who he is. Additionally, their interaction is very enjoyable to watch.

    StockingsShipping (Lyra x Dawn)
    Rating: **
    Why: The dynamic between these two is humorous. Lyra is an outspoken, bubbly girl who makes it more than obvious that she is hot for Dawn while Dawn is a naive, clueless girl who is oblivious to all things romantic, including Lyra's feelings for her. I will admit that it is pretty one-sided, but considering how easily Dawn can be tricked, I am sure Lyra could talk her into doing all kinds of things with her, which she probably would come to enjoy. (Why wouldn't she? It's LYRA).

    JoutoFestaShipping (Lyra x Khorey)
    Rating: *
    Why: Khorey has always been Lyra's whipping boy, which makes their interaction fun. However, I felt the way she developed a romantic interest in him was rushed and forced. In the span of an episode, he suddenly became tougher and bolder, which led her to notice him. Talk about a disappointment.

    Tales Series

    Tear x Luke
    Rating: **
    Why: I enjoyed the way the relationship between these two developed. Gradually, they formed a strong friendship, which blossomed into a genuine romantic love. I also feel their personalities complement each other nicely and their interaction is enjoyable to watch, not to mention they both played instrumental roles in each others' character development.

    Norma x Grune
    Rating: **
    Why: The Laugh Brigade is the best. They are both playful, cheery characters who consistently put a smile on my face. Needless to say, I thought their ending was terrible. Poor Norma

    Resident Evil

    Billy x Rebecca
    Rating: **
    Why: I felt these two had personalities that clicked well with one another and their chemistry was enjoyable to watch. The way in which they went from having antagonistic feelings towards one another to developing a friendship/romantic attraction was natural and not the slightest bit forced. I would like for both of them to return in a future RE game and become a couple, but that probably will never happen. However, for all we know, they did become a couple sometime in the series' timeline. It would be great if Capcom revealed that.

    Cleve (Claire x Steve)
    Rating: **
    Why: I wish Capcom would have brought Steve back to life (I guess they still could, but that is unlikely, since Wesker is dead). He and Claire were sweet and amusing together. I know many people cannot stand him because of how his behavior was for the first fourth of Code: Veronica. However, he acted cocky and egotistical as a way of coping with the traumatic events in his life. Beneath his obnoxious swagger, he was actually a kind, selfless, and loyal guy, which is proven after he comes to terms with himself and ceases acting like an annoying prat. If more people looked beyond the surface of his character and acknowledged his character development, I am sure more people would be open to Cleve.

    Yu Yu Hakusho

    Younger Toguro x Genkai
    Rating: **
    Why: This relationship was an intriguing tragic romance that enhanced the Dark Tournament saga's plot, as well as added more depth and complexity to Younger Toguro and Genkai's characters. If Younger Toguro had not gone down the path he had, there is no question that they would have had a "beautiful life." Still, at least they parted on good terms and continued to maintain their love for one another.

    Sakyo x Shizuro
    Rating: **
    Why: A relationship that was doomed from the start. However, there is no question that the two shared an interesting connection and their interaction was fun.

    Kurama x Maya
    Rating: **
    Why: Another doomed romance? Yu Yu Hakusho is notorious for those. Still, from what was seen of their relationship in the manga, they shared a tender emotional bond and their personalities complemented one another well. I also like the depth it added to Kurama's character.

    Kuwabara x Yukina
    Rating: *
    Why: Kuwabara's love for Yukina is sweet and quite humorous at times. However, I still find them to be somewhat bland as a couple. He is an amusing goofball while she (though a likable character) is not the slightest bit comedic. This makes most of their interaction come off as awkward and stiff. However, I will admit that I liked a few of their moments.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    Kimberly x Skull
    Rating: **
    Why: Season 3's "The Potion Notion" made me like this ship. The friendship/romantic moment between them at the end was great. It showed both characters had grown significantly since Season 1 and now complemented each other well as a potential romantic couple. Their chemistry in that scene was also nice. Needless to say, I was happy when I learned that "Forever Red" was originally going to reveal that they married each other in the future.

    Rita x Zedd
    Rating: *
    Why: This ship led Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to go from being a good show to a great show. Once Rita and Zedd got married, the series' plot instantaneously became more arc-driven. With this change, it also became more dramatic and exciting, since the Rangers were regularly pushed to their limits and would sometimes even lose their battles (this only happened occasionally in Season 1 and the vast majority of Season 2). Furthermore, it introduced Rito Revolto (my favorite PR character ) and Master Vile, as well as loosened Zedd up considerably and made him a fun character (I know I am one of the few who found him to be a boring stiff before he married Rita). As for their interaction itself, it could be humorous and tender. However, their bickering would sometimes aggravate me.


    Morticia x Gomez from The 1960s The Addams Family Series
    Rating: ***
    Why: These two are amazing together. They share a passionate love that could never be extinguished and connect with one another perfectly. They are also greatly entertaining to watch together. The chemistry between them is fantastic.

    Jack x Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Rating: ***
    Why: Such a sweet couple. How could anyone not like them together?

    Joan x Roger from Mad Men
    Rating: ***
    Why: Without question, Joan and Roger are both cool characters who add humor to Mad Men. They are both likable separately, but together, they are even better. In addition to sharing enjoyable interaction with one another and having excellent chemistry, it is clear that the two share a tender love for one another. I do not think they will ever get together in the show, but as long as the writers continue to write romantic moments for them and keep their feelings for one another alive, I will be happy.

    Sprusilla/Spru (Drusilla x Spike) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Rating: ***
    Why: In the words of James Marsters, "they have a very, VERY rich romantic life and probably a bit twisted sexual life." That alone has me sold on the ship. Still, I also like the sweet affection they had for one another and how their personalities complemented each other well. Their interaction was also entertaining and their chemistry was great. As far as I am concerned, everything that transpired in the series from the fifth season onwards never happened (talk about TERRIBLE writing).

    Shug x Celie from The Color Purple
    Rating: ***
    Why: The love story between Celie and Shug is beautiful. In addition to having complementary personalities and excellent chemistry, they share a tender, selfless love in which they care deeply for one another. I also like the role Shug played in Celie's character development over the course of the novel.

    Anemone x Dominic from Eureka 7
    Rating: ***
    Why: I found the dynamics in their relationship fascinating. Despite the roadblocks that prevented them from being together, it was clear that they were a perfect match. Overall, their personalities were complimentary and they shared interaction that consisted of emotionally dramatic, sweet, and comedic moments. Overall, I was very happy when they got together in episode 48. The freefalling confession scene between them was breathtaking.
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        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Bleach:

        Spoiler:- Naruto:

        Spoiler:- Others:
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    Hello, I happen to be an obsessive shipper It's part of what got me back into the anime. I usually lurk on these forums but now I can post. Huzzah!

    ROCKETSHIPPING- My all time favorite ship and the first ship I got into. I love Jessie and James and the fact that they've been best friends for forever just really strikes a chord with me.

    Haughtyshipping- My favorite manga ship. I love Pearl's character (not to mention appearance) and just think he and Missy would be great together.

    Sacredshipping- Ahh, do I really need a reason? For Ho-oh the Bells Toll. *swoons*

    Crystalshipping- Even though I'm more of Sacredshipper, the hints for this are to die for. I love Eusine in the manga.

    Orangeshipping- I've never really been a pokeshipper, sorry. I know this ship didn't have much evidence in the Orange Islands but the Hosos totally convinced me.

    Sommeliershipping- I used to ship Iris with Cilan, but I Burgundy would be adorable with him. We all know her rage is just a cover up for her true feelings. (I hope.)

    Teashipping- If there was ever a canon ship in need of more love its this one. *waves Teashipping flag* Support Teashipping! I love Bill and Daisy just seems perfect to balance out his obsessive personality.

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        Spoiler:- Pokemon Ships:
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    I still don't really understand what "shipping" is, so I'll just display the couples I support from certain franchises:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Sonic:

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    Ruby x Courtney: I don't like Sapphire at all and Courtney seems more suited for Ruby. Hope he will ditch Sapphire, she doesn't deserve him, in my opinion.

    Gold x Jasmine: Would be great, I think.

    Dawn x Barry: I prefer him over Kenny.

    Black x White: Hope he's gonna blush furiously when he'll meet her again!

    Iris x Chili: They are wild children, althought much more civilized than Sapphire, could be great.

    Cilan x Burgundy: I like the idea of these two being together.

    Georgia x Gary: Arrogant people should gather together.

    Harley x Ursula: Same has Georgia and Gary.

    Ash x Misty: Since she traveled with him longer than the other girls and being the first too, seems logical to me.

    May x Max: I see them together for a long time before starting a life for themselves. All the others are reserved by that time however. Mwahahahaha!

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    Alright my turn, i think. =S


    Advanceshipping: I just love the mentorxstudent relationship and both really seem to care for each other. The two just makes me smile, and should i even get started on the manaphy movie? XD

    Ikarishipping: I have no idea why i love these two, but hey, i love them together even though they will never end with one another.

    Agencyshipping: Oh god, where to start? When i red chapter one these two just clicked for me! I loved them from the start and they remind me of franticshipping so much!

    Kingdom Hearts:

    SoraxNamine: These two were, well to me canon in Chain of Memories. Everything they shared was so much stronger then what Sora shared with Kairi. I was so sad that KH2 gave Sora and Namine no closer. I want these two to end on a better and romantic note.

    RoxasxKairi: After reading one one-shot i like these two. Even though they've talked onced, i don't care.

    RikuxXion: Another pairing that just 'died' without a proper ending. I know it won't ever happen but i wished it did.

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    Pokeshipping; Classic couple. I absolutely adored them since I was little. Cute interactions, multiple hints, &it's just plain obvious in my eyes. I really did wih this was canon, so much potential. I don't want to rant and write an essay on why I love them so I'll stop here for now.
    Contestshipping; May and Drew defiantly have a spark. I can see quite a few hints and they are plain adorable.
    Rocketshipping; Somebody, make this CANON already. So many reasons and it's undoubtedly OBVIOUS. One of my favorite shippings. Nuff' said.
    MangaPokeshipping; No, I'm not being biased due to my burning love for Pokeshipping. I honestly saw some good hints in this pairing and with Erika's support it's just another one of my favorites. Cuteness.
    Specialshipping; I personally find this a one-sided shipping in my opinion, but it's innocent and cute. Yellow's crush on Red is so adorable &sweet ^__^
    Orivalshipping; Not my favorite but it's a very funny ship, Green calling her "annoying woman" all the time
    Choosenshipping; It does sorta seem brother-sister to me, but I think Silver's soft &innocent crush on her is really cute. Blue is very caring to him and I just love it .
    Franticshipping; I don't think I need to explain this one. It speaks for itself and it's just a lovely pairing. [spoiler]Except for the fact Ruby FORGOT he confessed *facepalm* [/spoiler]
    Commenershipping; Cute. Fluffy. Sweet. Diamond crush on Platina is just TOO CUTE. And Platina really respects Diamond, so there's hope. Somewhere .
    Games- I don't really ship anyone in the games :l

    Sonic X:
    SonAmy; Amy shows instances where she really DOES love Sonic and that she isn't just s crazy fangirl. Sonic shows he does truly care for Amy in some points as well. Those two are meant for each other . & I dunno about Sally since I've never really got into the manga or watched the the whole original series.

    TaiSmo; Self explanitory. [spoiler] Shame she died ;__; [/spoiler]

    Kingdom Hearts-

    SoKai- It's plain to see in the games. Plain to see. Sweet and adorable fluffiness.
    Roxiri- To be honest, I read a really good fanfiction and got into them. I don't really see them getting together in the games, but they would make a really good couple (;
    RokuXion- I forgot the actual name ^__^; But it's obvious in 368/2 days. Roxas and Namine are cute too, but I don't really enjoy the shipping that much.
    NamOra- Only on Namine's side. But they really did have some chemistry. Sora as her protector and such. I really do feel bad for Namine, so innocent, but so lonely ;__; But I'm too much of a SoKai fan :V

    Detective Conan:

    ShinRan; Sweet &romantic. Sometimes a bit dramatic, but it's really adorable couple. They have such strong feelings for each other. Childhood friends adds to chemistry.
    MitsuAi; Age gap is a bit appalling, but I have high hopes for them. It could really work out.
    SatouTakagi; I forget the name . But these two are canon I think. Really well developed pairing. <3
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    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)
    I admit that I am a biased Original Series addict, but I know what I'm talking about. There are so many cute hints, Misty's feelings are so obvious while Ash had his fair share of hints as well. And even though most hints are from Misty's side, Ash also had enough hints to make PokeShipping plausible. PokeShipping is an important part of my life. It is my OTP!

    LuckShipping (Brock x Lucy)
    Well, there is not much to explain here. Brock falls in love with any hot woman around his age. Lucy also was clearly in love, which was shown by her constant blushing.

    JoyShockShipping (Ash's Pikachu x Misty's Togetic)
    There are quite some hints (and I think it is cute). There isn't much to say about this, it's more of a feeling than a logical opinion.

    HandymanShipping (Tracey x Daisy)
    I liked the hints in Pokemon Chronicles, with Daisy taking Tracey out for dinner, and Tracey doing chores for Daisy he wouldn't do if he didn't have feelings for her.

    ContestShipping (Drew x May)
    There were many hints. I also think they just make a great couple, based on the hints in the anime.

    AppealShipping (Dawn x Zoey)
    Well, I always got the idea that these two girls are more than rivals, and I think they love each other. I think they would fit each other nicely.

    WishfulShipping (Cilan x Iris)
    I haven't seen enough of BW to be fully sure, but I think the fanart is cute, and they seem like a cute couple in the anime, so why not?
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    Pokemon List:

    IkariShipping (Hikari and Shinji) - I've loved this couple ever since my sister got me into actually pairing together couples in Pokemon (except for Ash and Misty :P). I think their personalities make a great match

    PokeShipping (Ash and Misty) - I knew this couple since I was little and I just can't see either of these two with anyone else. There's a barage of hints and such throughout the anime that i think may be a cannon couple.

    ContestShipping (May and Drew) - Why? There's like a million and one hints in the anime and they seem to have a lot of chemistry. They both fight like children and it seems like it's a bit of a connon(ish) couple to me.

    FerrisWheelShipping (N and Touko) - This is totally based off of me playing Pokemon Black. They way N seemed to interact with Touko and talk to her gave me the sence that he truely trusts her as a friend in the end and they could become a good couple in the future.

    Naruto List:

    NaruHina - Cannon(ish) and adorable. Hinata has grown on me since the beginning since I used to be very shy like her and I love how she grows strong for someone she truely loves and admires even though he's oblivious to her feelings and he's not well loved by very many in the beginning of the series.

    SasuSaku - If Sasuke wasn't evil, I think this would most likely happen. There's various hints in both the anime and manga, so I think there's something to it. The only thing I kinda don't like about it is how Sakura was a bit of a fangirl in the beginning, but she has turned out to have real feelings for Sasuke, so the couple seems to have more of a foundation than in the beginning of the Naruto series.

    SaiSaku - I think that the moments with Sai and Sakura alone are very sweet right before they turn hillarious. Sai's obliviousness to the correct way to have interactions between people and Sakura's tempor is a real entertainment factor

    ShikaTema - There's so much chemestry between these two that it's hard not to see the hints! I love the mix of laziness and spunkiness It makes them entertaining to watch for the most part.

    GaaMatsu - This couple is like NaruHina to me except that Matsuri gets a little more outgoing faster than Hinata does and Gaara is like a more observant and calmer Naruto. The main thing I love about this couple is that Matsuri has a personality and isn't a crazed fangirl for Gaara. She actually has a background story (simple as it may be) with him, which gives more of a foundation for the couple.

    I have more, but I think I'll just keep this list short If you wanto know any other couples I support, just message me
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    PokeShipping- It's a biased ship, but it works well in my mind. They constantly find ways to mess with eachother in a cute way, teasing eachother, etc. It was really a perfect ship in my eyes.

    LuckShipping- Brock hunted down any girl who was available, Lucy was obviously looking for someone, and she had a thing for squinted eyes. They were perfect for eachother, but Brock was probably still secretly CREYCREY about Prof. Ivy.

    OTP that isn't from Pokemon
    RoseMary ship from Homestuck- DON'T GET ME STARTED. They're both smart and analytical, both typically surrounded by idiots but still being snarky and sarcastic. You could tell they loved talking to eachother, and explaining cultural things to eachother. Heck, I can see them filling a bucket in the future. Rose might even be Kanaya's last chance to find love, since Vriskers is taken, among other things that may stop the relationship. (Y'know. Death.)

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    I don't really ship much outside pokemon (or inside pokemon really but considerably more) but here we go: [All gameverse, by the way]

    Twinleafshipping. (Dawn x Barry)
    Mainly because Barry is awesome. This pairing receives so much less love than it should, IMO. Also, Childhood friends. For the most part I think that having grown up with him, Dawn would probably be able to deal with him better than other people can.

    Heartsoulshipping. (Ethan x Lyra)
    Childhood friend shipping are cute. Enough is said. Despite not interacting much in the game, I thought they had a cute sort of relationship going on, even if it might not ever be able to progress much further than being just friends.

    Conflictingshipping. (Gary x Leaf)
    Need I say more than GARY OAK? I think that they have an interesting relationship - it's pretty much canon that they've been rivals from the very beginning, and I think that a love-hate thing here is totally possible.

    Checkmateshipping. (Cheren x Hilda)
    Not so much, but I still like it. Doesn't get nearly as much love as it deserves as a result of all the N/Hilda fans, though it's not like a ship this excessively or anything.

    Newrivalshipping. (May x Wally)
    This is so, so incredibly unloved despite being such a cute relationship. Without May, Wally never would have had the courage to get as far as he did in RSE. I think a one-sided thing is possible here (From Wally's side)

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    Within Pokémon:

    BusterShipping: Georgia x Iris
    The sparks literally fly when they meet- need I say more? Harsh rivalry with a lot of emotion on both sides. They both bring out the worst in eachother beautifully.

    EnglandShipping: Georgia x Bianca
    If simply because of how Georgia seems to have a bit of a soft spot towards her despite Bianca annoying her over and over at the Club Battle. And with Bianca's surprisingly forceful personality, it would be nice to see Georgia as the less dominant member of the pair. In general, this ship just feels right.

    LoganBerryShipping: Georgia x Stephan
    Two skilled hotheaded trainers with a shared massive appetite and taste for victory? Pretty good pairing, I think. While Stephan is gung-ho and jovial, Georgiaa is brutally honest and harsh. In essence, despite sharing several traits, they still have enough traits to clash in a great way.

    SommelierShipping: Burgundy x Cilan
    It really is the perfect pairing. Lots of emotion, good lines.


    SourGrapesShipping: Georgia x Burgundy
    Girls with a chip on their shoulders should stick together. =P
    I ship them together as they make a great unpleasant duo, with Georgia as the less unpleasant and more levelheaded member. Would even out some of Burgundy's attitude problems too, since Georgia is likely to call her out on them.

    BunBusterShipping: Georgia x Georgia
    Because she's just that awesome. XD
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