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Thread: Your Shipping List (Updated: February 12, 2017)

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    Default Your Shipping List (Updated: February 12, 2017)

    Hi! Welcome to the Shipping List thread. This thread is not only a place to list and explain the shippings you support, but a place for shippers to keep track of their shippings. It sucks when you forget about a certain shipping, or get a couple shippings mixed up, so those are other reasons why this thread is here. =P If you end up becoming disinterested in one, you can cross it out, and continue to add more shippings to your list as you wish.

    We can have a thread like this because Shippers Community is pretty small and people seem to get along easily. This thread can also bring us shippers closer together, which is a great thing, too. You may even discover you and x-user ship a lot of the same characters, or share interest in certain shipping(s), and boom, a new friendship is born. Remember, you don't have to use this thread just for reference, but use as a way to make friends, too!

    1. When I say list your shippings, I do mean list - HOWEVER, you must also explain why you support the shipping. 2-3 sentences minimum is all I'm asking. If you can only think of, "because it's cute!" then do not list it, please.
    2. When giving your reasons, do NOT insult other shippings. Ex: "I like Pokeshipping because I hate May and Dawn!" That is not a valid reason. This includes negative comments about yaoi, yuri, poke/poke, poly, and poke/human. Your post will automatically be reported to a mod, which could result in an infraction, if there is bashing of any sort.
    3. Make sure to include the name of the shipping along with the characters in it. Not everyone will know what x-shipping is, regardless if it is popular or not. If you are unsure of the name, ask here!
    4. You can include an images or fan art along with your explanations! I know some people really get into things like this, so yeah, just make sure the image or fan art isn't incredibly huge. Re-size it if it is, please. Remember to link back to where you found it if it is not your own.
    5. If there is a thread for the shipping, you may (not mandatory) include it after your explanation! That way, if people are interested in your shipping, they know where to find more information and/or post.
    6. You have to support at least THREE shippings in order to post here. A list is for multiple things, so it is not really a list if you only support one or two shippings. If you don't support at least three shippings, include some that you are interested in your post to make your post less spammy.
    7. You can list your shippings in any order you want - alphabetical, OTP -> one you like least, etc. KEEP IN MIND IT MAY TAKE UP MORE THAN ONE POST - IT WILL BE OKAY TO DOUBLE OR TRIPLE POST!
    8. This does not just have to be a Pokemon shipping list - it can be from any fandom(s) you want. Separate your lists in spoiler tags to make your post organized if you want to include both lists.
    9. After you post, I or a mod will add you onto the list, which will include your name linking to your list. If you do not want to be added to the list, just let me know.
    10. If you have any questions about these rules, DO NOT POST HERE - PM or VM me instead.

        Spoiler:- List:

    If you got your username changed, PM or VM either Meowth City or xEryChan and well will gladly update the list for you.

    Have fun!
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    Default Chelc's Shipping List (Updated 07/30/09)

        Spoiler:- Card Captor Sakura:

        Spoiler:- Full Moon O Sagashite:

        Spoiler:- The Gentlemen's Alliance:

        Spoiler:- The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi:

        Spoiler:- LOVE★COM:

        Spoiler:- NANA:

        Spoiler:- Naruto:

        Spoiler:- Ouran High School Host Club:

        Spoiler:- Pokémon:

        Spoiler:- Skip Beat!:

        Spoiler:- Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle:

        Spoiler:- Vampire Knight:
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    s h i p p i n g l i s t

    Chisato Inoue x Miyu Yamano (Vampire Princess Miyu)
    One of the first yuri ships I've come to support, so it's pretty much a special one for me. I became interested in the pairing by watching Volume 1 on DVD and I really liked Chisato's character. Miyu was a very graceful main character and the fact Miyu was a vampire as well, it was just full of love. It was a pretty much a love at first site for me, Miyu was hiding her identity as a high school girl, and Chisato, who was best friends with Hisea and Yukari invited her to join the group. They weren't too keen on her at first but Chisato was more than keen. Wonderful interactions they had, After Miyu accepted Chisato's offer of friendship, she grabbed her hand. (So cute and it was funny too.) Miyu called her cute twice in the second episode as well. They had a real great friendship in the series, but they had a plot twist. Chisato was a shinma all along and her clan had been trying to kill Miyu. The friendship charm was nothing more than a symbol to hide her identity. Anyway, When Chisato's head got sliced off, Miyu gave her eternal sleep and Chisato was stored in this ball and Miyu said goodnight and hugged the ball. At the end of the last episode Miyu is shown cradling Chisato's head. The scene was so beautiful. Despite that, it did not stop me shipping the two together, the anime was mysterious and it took me a while to understand some bits. Nevertheless I loved the chemistry between Chisato and Miyu.

    I think Cilan and Iris have a lot of potential to have some great hints. I also think it's cute and adorable. It reminds me so much of my first ship, Takari which is why I'm fond of it.

    Lorcan x Grace Tempest (Vampirates)
    If you have not read the books, I strongly suggest you do. The plot is excellent and the relationship between Lorcan and Grace has a lot of tension and makes you want more and more. Even though Grace is hard willed and wants to do things on her own, Lorcan eventually comes overprotective. I think it's one of the most highly developed couples and relationships I ever read, on top of that it's a creative book series.

    Teresa/Clare (Claymore)
    I bought volume 4 in a shop once and I read it. I really enjoyed Clare's interaction with Teresa, their chemistry really got me interested.

    Takao Kinomiya x Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade)
    I really liked the idea of them as rivals at first and I liked how slowly they started to become friends. Throughout the three series, their relationship with each other went up and down. The battle at episode 30 was highly entertaining, and then all this stuff about the stars and the two of them in their own little world and with Kai explaining why he couldn't choose Tyson as his partner. I think the scene was perfect and the whole ending was perfect. I used to be a very active member in a Kaitaka forum.

    Hikari Yagami x Takeru Takashi (Digimon)
    This was one of the first ships I ever supported. I have been shipping this since I was nine, I'm 16 now so that would make it seven years now. Well Apart from all the light and hope complimenting each other, I really liked both of their characters and it was kinda cute the way the pair of them seemed close. In episode 13, that was always my favorite episode where TK tried to save him. I liked the dubbed version and the subbed version. Kinda funny the way Davis considered Takeru a bit of a love rival.

    Hermione Granger x Ronald Weasley
    This always seemed like fate for me. I love their characters and they always seemed to be a perfect match. When I first got into the series, I had a gut feeling they were going to be canon.

    Sakura x Itachi
    The reason I like this ship is because I think this would cause so much drama. In the beginning on the show we see that Sakura is obsessed with Sasuke, Sasuke wants to kill his brother and Itachi comes in the picture and starts dating Sakura. *I know that didn't happen in canon* Still I think that would have caused some huge tension between the brothers. Anyway I think SakuIta has some sort of erotic charm. I would think that Sakura would also find Itachi pretty much attractive too. Anyway Itachi is far more attractive than Sasuke

    Franziska von Karma x Maya Fey
    They're my two favourite girls from the Ace Attorney Game series. You wouldn't believe that they're the same age. They both have strong believes and an interesting family background. I love Maya's cheerful attitude and Franziska's determination to be perfect. It's a mixture of opposites attract and similarities spark. They don't interact as much as I would like to, but I think it would be a mixture of kinkyness, comedy and sweetness. I would consider this to be my ultimate OTP. It makes me happy and gives me a reason to be creative.

    Shuichi Shindou x Eiri Yuki
    I love Gravitation and I think their chemistry is explosive, but when they return to their senses it can be gentle and intimate. I think Shuichi and Eiri would have been one of those rare celebrity couples that would actually go the distance and survive. While it is an unhealthy relationship, I also think they are the most unique and most memorable couple in any other anine I've seen.

    Henry VIII x Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)
    I have a hard time choosing between Jane and Anne with Henry as my OTP, but I feel as if I have made up my mind and I think Henry/Anne is my OTP in The Tudors as I think Showtime did an amazing job with the cast and the writing and made me feel I can ship these two together. I also ship Henry & Anne in other versions as well as the historical version. I just thing it's a very exciting pair that really keeps me interested.
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    Here my list, I was going to use picture but to many of them have the same character so I decide not to use pictures.

    Cheekyshipping (Max and Mira)
    Though it a never met shipping. They have thing in common. They both want to be trainers. They both have a psychic pokemon but most of all they smarter than they look. It my most favorite shipping.
    Rating 5/5
    Link to thread.

    Lucas and Mira shipping
    I like this one because there one hint it that when you talk to Mira a couple of time she say "Player are you good with your pokemon because you always together.(Not sure on this line.) That it Mira will be like you." Which to me mean that Mira start to have a crush after Lucas save her.
    Rating 3/5
    link to thread
    Sorry no thread

    Contestshipping (May and Drew)
    I like this because there are major hint in the anime. And that it both character do the same thing, contest and both have had major character development and the fact that both of them hid their feeling from each other.
    rating 2.5/5
    link to thread
    yes but having trouble finding it.

    Penguinshipping (Dawn and Kenny)
    I like the fact that they are childhood friends. I can tell they both care for each other even though Kenny call Dawn Dee-Dee. there are some major hint in the anime for this shipping.
    rating 3/5
    link to thread
    Can't find the thread

    Nuclearshipping I think that what it called (Buck and Mira)
    I like this one because the character are different. Buck train in defense while Mira like using move like flash and train in special attack. I can Imagen Mira will worry about Buck when he goes Stark Mountain and they would often fight but they would care about each other deep down.
    rating 2.5/5
    link to thread
    sorry no thread

    Sorry for bad spelling. I hop this is ok Chelc
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    Whiscash's Shipping List [WIP]

    Notes: I have a ton of ships in loads of different fandoms, some of them tiny and obscure, and constantly changing, so I'mma stick to Pokémon for now. X3 This isn't anything like everything I ship, but it may be updated in the future when I can organize it enough. ^^; Oh, and ships are listed in no particular order:

        Spoiler:- Anime-based ships:

        Spoiler:- Game-based ships:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon/Pokemon ships::

        Spoiler:- Human/Pokémon ships:

    Wow, that took an unbelievable amount of time. O.o;; So if you actually read all that, thank you! ^_^

    thank you to Mew's Universe for the banner!

    marvelwhiskershipper 4 lyf | | deviantART | Tumblr | 3DS friend code 2723 - 9230 - 5389 ((msg if you want me to add you, friendship is magic etc ^_^))

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    Mandi Kitty's Awesome Shippings. o:

    Contestshipping (Shuu x Haruka) ((*****)
    This is definitely my all-time favorite shipping in the world. xP After I got back into Pokemon, I got so obsessed with Haruka, and then I saw how her and Shuu interected, and you could tell from the start that Shuu had something for her. (: He definitely made it obvious. And later on in the season, Haruka starts to show feelings. And I love how all the characters in the show mention their relationship, especially Harley, making Haruka show such embarrassment. And the way Shuu criticizes her so much, but you can totally see that he cares about her deeply. The way he is suspicious of Harley in the Hoenn GF. I loved how he yelled at Haruka for trusting Harley. You could see how upset he was, because he cares about her. I could totally watch these two forever. And I love how Haruka, Shuu and Harley all went off to Johto. It also gives us Contestshippers much more imagination to wonder what's going on with their relationship. ;D But these two totally fit each other perfectly I think. They are just too adorable, how they interact with each other. I really wish we could see how their doing now. D: But I'm happy with what we got.

    Conjunctionshipping (Saturn x Mars) (*****)
    Since 2009 has started, I have grown a huge obsession with Team Galactic ..and everday, it keeps on growing. :x But these two. I used to think it was a very hated ship, until I searched on some TG japanese fansites and found the most amazing fanarts ever of these two. And I just fell in love with the shipping. These two are adorable, and their personalities just go funny with each other. Mars, being an immature, little whiny brat. Saturn being a calm, devoted-to-his-dear-boss. Yeah ..I can just see Mars hyping around and playing with his kitty hair. :3
    And these two seem the most closest in age, compared to all the other Galactic people. :3

    InfraRedshipping (Mars x Hikari) (***)
    If Hikari is paired with a TG Commander would be Mars, the underaged evil, but totally-adorable chick. :3 AWHA. This ship is just too cute for my eyes. I mean, Mars is at least a couple years older than Hikari, but I'm one of those people that think Mars can't be over 18. She's definitely younger than that. So yes. I really want to see some Mars/Hikari interaction in the anime. I remember seeing this fanart of Mars behind Hikari (not what you think ..xDD), and she's choking her with her scarf from behind. and I'm like "OOOH! YES!" ..yes. I got some sexual thrill out of that. >> lol!

    Akatsukishipping (Akagi x Hikari) (****)
    But what's even better, is Hikari paired with the TG leader. I never got into this ship, until I started seeing massive amounts of fanart and porn of these two. It's amazing. *_* mwhaha.

    Cookieshipping (Harley x Haruka) (****)
    I LOVE THIS SHIPPING TO DEATH FOR SOME STRANGE REASON. xDD Like it's just so hilarious. And I always have to add Harley into the little Contestshipping part as well. Cause without Harley, what would we do? xD But yes. Harley seems to hate Haruka's guts, but in a way, he seems like he actually might like her a little, the way he always finds her and seems to ruin her all the time. And even though he's messes up Haruka and is mean, she still seems to act like friendly towards him whenever he shows up again. They do have a funny relationship. (:

    Appealshipping (Nozomi x Hikari) (****)I had to find someone to pair Hikari up with, and I had to find a DP shipping I liked a lot. And once I saw Nozomi, I KNEW she was the one for Hikari. ahah, this is probably my favorite yuri shipping. Nozomi seems to be very interested in Hikari, and acts very friends towards her when they first meet. They became good friends quickly, and I really like watching their interactions when they're together. Plus, they are totally hot together. ;D

    SapphirePearlshipping (Haruka x Hikari) (***)
    Hikari is so into Haruka. o: xDD She was so excited to meet her. And I loved when Haruka came to DP. I love that she got more interaction with Hikari. They seem like the girls to go shopping together and have sleepovers and stuff. And Hikari seems to really look up to Haruka, since she's trying to become a good coordinator. And Haruka is nice, so she'll be happy to have Hikari all over her. (:

    Advanceshipping (Satoshi x Haruka) (**)
    Hhaa, you weren't expecting that right? But seriously, I do like this shipping to an extent. I really think these two have a great friendship and look very cute together. It's just the obsessive fans turned me away and made me kinda hate this shipping. But to be honest, I really do actually like the idea of these two. But Haruka already chose her man, so yeah. xD

    I'll definitely update this sometime when I'm not so lazy. But yeah, these's some of my favorites. <3
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    I've been trying to post this ever since yesterday, and I kept getting Inernal Sever Error, what the heck.

    Yoshi's Shipping List

    My Pokemon shipping list.

    Pokeshipping ( Ash x Misty )

    What can I say? This is the very first Pokemon ship I supported. I love their interaction and their antics, how they act around one another, and the way look and feel together. I love the fanfiction, fanart, and discussion threads that accompany them even now. Ha ha, and to think I was an anti-shipper a long time ago and thought this pairing was stupid because they were kids and Pokemon didn't have any romance because of that. Then I saw the second movie, and I was converted, they became my first and favorite pairing. Why? Because it's the one ship that I don't just aww at, but I laugh my butt off at times. They're hilarious and awesome together, and I get a kick out of that. They make me want them to be together, but they entertain me on the way. It's the clueless dense boy and violent yet sometimes sweet tomboy, she likes him because of who he is, and he doesn't know what love is because of who he is. Classic irony, and it works. I think Ash does have some attraction to her though, because she's the only girl he ever gawked at besides Giselle, and she's the only girl he ever got jealous of. It's a classic pairing.

    Thread? Thread

    Abilityshipping ( Ash x Anabel )

    I didn't think I would be able to ship Ash with another human and then Anabel showed up... She is just so adorable, and nice, and smart... The way they got along together was great. And she has that special power, which helped let her see him for who he really is right off the bat. Anabel seeing Ash for who he really is kind of important to me, I like my ships to be sort of genuine, and that being why she likes him makes it all the more better to me. She's also this tomboy, but she's different, she has this really sweet nice air about her. I love their monent together. When he gave his line about her waiting for May to leave the room so "he" could change I laughed. I awwed when she was worried about him. That talk with Pikachu, and line at the end was wonderful. And no he didn't see her feelings for him either. It's really sweet and kind of reminds me of Hinata

    Thread? nope

    Altoshipping ( Ash x Latias )

    This ship is adorable, Latias is awesome, and they just had great interaction... The way Ash protected her, and they played in the garden, and then she saved him. This ship is just too beyond words. I've liked it ever since I saw Pokemon Heroes, and it's a pity she hasn't been seen again since (I don't think that was Bianca at the end either)

    Thread? Thread

    Chiko and Bodyslamshipping ( Ash x Chikorita, Bayleef )

    Really it's the same thing I think. Chikorita just evolved. Anyway... I like Chikorita's crush on Ash, it just transcends every difference between Pokemon and Human, and she really doesn't care what he is, because she just loves him for who he is. That's really sweet, shows how love happens and strong it can be. Though I've always toyed around with the idea of Bayleef becoming human at least once, whether temporarily or not. Just to see the reaction fro m Ash and her being able to communicate how she really feels

    Thread? not exactly, but there is a Human x Pokemon Thread where you can discuss it

    Gymshipping ( Brock x Misty )

    Brock's always looking for the girl of his dreams, but what if there was more? Misty is one person who truly understands him a lot better than most people, and believe it or not she actually cares whether he gets someone or not; Sometimes I've heard with this ship say that she pulls his ear out of jealousy, but I don't think so. I think she does it to prevent embarrassment and rejection, but I do think she wants what's best for Brock. And Brock would to have a girl who can keep him under control. They are are very interested in romance. And they also had some great moments together in the beginning (like at Mystery at the Lighthouse).

    Thread? nope

    Masumishipping ( Misty x Max )

    I think the idea of Max having a crush on Misty is beyond kawaii. He hasn't had a of lot experience with girls and Misty is kind of like a woman (fro m his standpoint). Everyone (or at least most people I know of) has a crush on someone that's older than them (like a movie star, band member, or so on) as a kid a some point , and Max adoring her is cute. "That girl's got style." to his comments in A Cleffa Hanger and their talk to her lure. It's one cute moment after another. Even if it's onesided I love this ship.

    Thread? nope

    Egoshipping ( Gary x Misty )

    I was converted with a fanfic, a really freaking awesome fanfic, and showed how these two would truly interact with each other. Gary is the sly slightly perverted jerk, and Misty is violent temperamental tomboy... What could be better? He would advance and she would strike back (literally), and so on, it becomes a game of cat and mouse. With Gary trying to win her over and her fighting back all the way... In the end he would have to become a better person to get her to like him, and Misty would have become less judgmental to give him a chance. I think it works well for them

    Thread? nope

    I'll try to post more tomorrow
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    ~♥* S h i p p i n g L i s t *♥~

    - - A n i m e - -

    + Contestshipping (May/Haruka x Drew/Shuu)
    My first official Pokémon pairing. I really enjoyed their rivalry and the romantic hints thrown from each of them, even if most of them came from Drew. I started pairing this after seeing screenshots of the Wynaut episode and fell in love with how they were stuck on an island and helped each other out. Then the roses, the protection Drew tried to give May when she fell into strange situations, etc! I really hope they would show us how they deal with Johto together as friends. So many questions!

    + Respectshipping (Ash/Satoshi x Drew/Shuu) ♥ ♥ ♥
    What started out as a joke between a friend and I turned into one of my OTPs. They weren't exactly rivals but technically they were pretty keen on proving which of them were TOP trainer. Surely Drew could have easily become Ash's rival if he wasn't May's rival already. Throughout the AG saga, they seem to earn each others good side. The rest is my headcanon where Ash bugs the heck out of Drew but doing it out of love and a re-match while Drew constantly tries to get out of it but secretly enjoys it DUNDUN.

    + CafeMochashipping (Cilan/Dento x Ash/Satoshi)
    Another BL favorite. Cilan's really interested in Ash and he has shown it throughout the series. Even Cilan mentions they're “married” later on. Ash on the other hand, has a ton of fun eating Cilan's delicious food. Not to mention they're in sync when it comes to being battle partners. :D I find this pairing really, really cute.

    + Appealshipping (Zoey/Nozomi x Dawn/Hikari)
    I found their interactions really cute. They were almost opposites of each other—Dawn was the huge girly girl and Zoey was the tomboy who wouldn't let herself go down. Both of them had a cool rivalry where they supported each other.

    + Comashipping (Paul/Shinji x Ash/Satoshi)
    In my opinion, one of the greatest rivalries of all. Hands down, the way they tried to display which method of training was more “normal” was great because you have one trainer who smothers his Pokémon with love and the other trainer who sets up intense training sessions to make them strong. Paul likes to deny all interest in Ash but probably enjoys pushing Ash's buttons. Ash on the other hand, really wanted Paul to see the light of his dark methods and personality and wasn't exactly happy when things worked out badly. Not even going to lie, the tension was HOT.

    + Bustershipping (Iris x Georgia/Langley)

    + Esteemshipping (Alder x Trip/Shooti)

    + Unknownshipping (N x Ash/Satoshi)

    + Minamoshipping (Kelly/Kanata x May/Haruka)

    - - G a m e - -

    + DualRivalshipping (Cheren x Bianca/Bel) ♥ ♥

    + Haganeshipping (Riley/Gen x Roark/Hayato)

    + Airplaneshipping (Elesa/Kamitsure x Skyla/Fuuro)

    + DarkMistshipping (Cheren x Hugh/Hyuu)

    + Honorshipping (Morty/Matsuba x Falkner/Hayato)

    + PreciousMetalshipping (Ethan/Gold x Silver)

    - - M a n g a - -

    + Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire)

    + Commonershipping (Platinum Berlitz x Dia)

    + Gracefulshipping (Wallace/Mikuri x Winona/Nagi)
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    Golly. Where to start, eh?

        Spoiler:- Pokemon slash:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon femslash:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon het:

    Pokémon bicycling
    I am a Falkner 'shipper. I 'ship aaaaaall these. Every single one.

    And I'm not done yet.

        Spoiler:- Megaman (conglomerated):

        Spoiler:- Kingdom Hearts:

        Spoiler:- Digimon:

        Spoiler:- Crossovers:
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    I might as well post. I might edit this later if I remember anything else...

        Spoiler:- Pokémon:

        Spoiler:- Other:

    I'm officially insane now.
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    Some of these may contain spoilers...
    *- Meh, nothing special
    ** - Okay, they're pretty good
    *** - Pretty interesting
    **** - Okay, really like them
    ***** - Best Pairing Ever!

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Inuyasha:

        Spoiler:- Ouran High School Host Club:

        Spoiler:- Fruits Basket:

        Spoiler:- Merupuri:

        Spoiler:- Full Moon O Sagashite:

        Spoiler:- Kamichama Karin:

        Spoiler:- Gakuen Alice:

        Spoiler:- Cardcaptor Sakura:

        Spoiler:- Rurouni Kenshin:

        Spoiler:- Kodocha:
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    YFranticShipping [Ruby Y Sapphire]
    Rating - YYYYY

    A canon and opposite attract pairing. It’s weird enough to see a sissy guy and a tomboyish girl and to make things more complicated, the writer made them confess to each other, causing many people to support this weird and also canon shipping. Personally, the pairing always makes me laugh when I saw their bickering scenes. It’s so funny that Sapphire’s desperately trying to make Ruby remember their confession and yet Ruby tried to be in denial.

    YTakouji/Koukuya [Kouji Minamoto Y Takuya Kanbara]
    Rating - YYYYY

    My second yaoi shipping, the first being PuzzleShipping [Yugi and Yami Yugi] which I don't really support it now. I was watching Digimon Frontier again randomly when this pairing just 'click'. Kouji was always saving Takuya from Duskmon, IceDevimon, Cherubimon, Lucemon and perhaps more, ending up injured. Thus, Takuya ended up holding him and even piggyback him. Aww, isn't that cute?

    YHomuMado/MadoHomu [Homura Akemi Y Madoka Kaname]
    Rating - YYYYY

    My first Yuri pairing. I liked how Homura is willing to create so many timelines just to save Madoka. So sweet~

    YRyuki [Ryo Akiyama Y Ruki Makino]
    Rating - YYYYY

    This was a ship that I supported after reading a fanfiction. Even though I have watched Digimon Tamers when I was young, I just couldn't understand the plot and had little memories of what it was about. So, I went to re-watched it again a few weeks ago and loved all the interaction between Ryo and Ruki. One like teasing the other, making the other one annoyed. How cute. And they are the Digimon King and Queen. Sounds nice?

    YTakari [Takeru Takaishi Y Hikari Yagami]
    Rating - YYYYY

    You've got to love this pairing. They have so much in common - from being the youngest during 01 series to having protective brothers to having digimons who digivolve into angels. Geez, even when their digimon armour digivolve, they look almost the same!! "The light inside your heart is called hope" Isn't this obvious enough? They belonged to each other.

    Pokémon MangaY

    YAgencyShipping [BlackY White]
    Rating - YYYY

    To tell you the truth, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE STORYLINE IS ABOUT. Maybe bits and pieces of it since I kinda read the summary. I was finding the Pokemon Special Pictures that I lost when I had to replace my hard disk and found some Black/White pictures and they looked CUTE together~ That's why I like this shipping, I guess, cause it's C-U-T-E!

    YMangaAdvanceShipping [Red Y Sapphire]
    Rating - YYYY

    It’s weird that I don’t like AdvanceShipping and yet I like this pairing. This is a random pairing that I thought of when I’m bored and when I thought of it later, I started to like this pairing as both of them like to battle and be the hero who defeat evil organization in order to save the world.

    YMangaQuestShipping [Gold Y Crystal]
    Rating - YYYY

    Another opposite attract pairing. Gold’s a happy-go-lucky boy while Crystal’s a serious girl. When they are together, they will always end up arguing and Crystal scolding Gold for his careless mistake. It’s funny that they always argue yet help each other.

    YOldRivalShipping [Green Y Blue]
    Rating - YYYY

    Pesky girl, a comment Green always used to describe Blue. Sometime I wonder why I like this shipping; perhaps it’s because of their interaction and Green constantly calling Blue a pesky girl whenever he has a chance.

    YSpecialShipping [Red Y Yellow]
    Rating - YYYYY

    A cute shipping as Red’s always too dense to know anything. Their fingers are linked together by strings for two occasions. At the end of GSC saga, when Misty called, Yellow is feeling sort of uncomfortable, afraid that Misty would steal Red away from her. So it’s kind of obvious that she like Red. At the end of the FRLG saga, Red is carrying Yellow in a cute bride style way.

    Pokémon AnimeY

    YContestShipping [Drew Y May]
    Rating - YYYYY

    Another rival pairing. I like how the two rivals keep on argue and Drew giving May red roses, which represents love. He doesn’t give other girls roses and only gives May roses. Why give May only? Simple - 'Cause he likes her. And it’s not like everyday is Valentine Day and yet he gives her a red rose whenever he saw her.

    Digimon AnimeY

    YJenkato [Jenrya LiY Takato Matsuda]
    Rating - YYYY

    There's a WIDE range of names for this shipping: Leekato, Henkato, etc. But I like the name Jenkato the best so I used this name. So why this pairing? Well, to be frank, I actually kinda supported Jukato (Takato and Juri) cause it seemed to be the most obvious shipping. But, one day, I was looking for new fanfictions to read and stumbled onto this writer: Taiki Matsuki. He wasn't really the writer, just the uploader. Anyway, since I loved long stories, I decided to read and give this shipping a try and to my surprise, I actually loved the shipping. It must be due to the way the writer wrote it. I liked how best friends become a couple.

    -list to be update if I can think of more-
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    OMG ~.:NL:.~ has a Shipping List?!
    Yes indeed Munchkins

        Spoiler:- Naruto:

        Spoiler:- Bleach:

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    Default Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.

    W e l c o m e . T o . M y . L a i r
    Said the Spider to the Fly

    Well howdy, everyone! I've been meaning to post here for quite some time, and I finally got motivated to do so. I think that a few of you will be surprised to see what's in this post x3

    Hurrah for HTML coding and such 8D

    1 star - why do I support this, again?
    1.5 stars - Meh, not really feeling it~
    2 stars - It's good, but...
    2.5 stars - Not bad, but not great
    3 stars - I like it!
    3.5 stars - Mild risk of obsession
    4 stars - Give me liberty, or give me ship
    4.5 stars - Love love love it~
    5 stars - Obsession, thy name is perfection <3

    I'm putting them in alphabetical order - so much easier to keep track - and I'll upgrade as I go. So far, all I have is a very incomplete list of Pok&#233;mon ships. And a lot of them involve Satoshi/Ash. So, um, you've been warned XD

        Spoiler:- Pok&#233;mon:

        Spoiler:- Yu-Gi-Oh!:

        Spoiler:- Misc Fandoms:

    I'll finish this list when I don't feel as bored @_@ And feel moar like coding.
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    lord freeza i really need to use the space skype

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    Default Mel-Girl's Shipping List!

    Mel-Girl's Shipping List
    •°under construction°•

    Here are the ships so far and I will edit with reasons later. =D Beware! It's long. XD

    EDIT: Okay, what the fudge, cuz I ship so much... I'll just do a Pokemon section, a Yu-Gi-Oh section and then an Other section for my top pairings of other fandoms. Holy hell. XDD I'll redo the coding crap later too.

        Spoiler:- ♪ Ikiterunda dakara kanjiyou issho ni

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
        Spoiler:- ♪ Afureru kanjyou ga tomaranai

        Spoiler:- more ships!:
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    Yep. Sonic's got a shipping list.
    Ironically, I have no Sonic pairings.

    ***** = Supporter to the brink of obsession
    **** = Hella' like it
    *** = Support it, but not enough to search for fanservice for it
    ** = Eh....kinda
    * = Wait a minute, I support this?

        Spoiler:- Overly large Pokemon Shipping List.:

        Spoiler:- Not quite as long Dragonball list (Yes, I KNOW the series is over):

    I may update later; I can't decide.

    Wii U NNID: SonicBoom93

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    [_//Life in :: T 3 C H N ! C O L O R

    [_//Format :: Alphabetical


    ♠... - Shipping name
    ::Character x Character
    x Reason.

    ♠ - Support
    ♠♠ - Occasionally search
    ♠♠♠ - Could write about/roleplay
    ♠♠♠♠ -Fangirl over. x:
    ♠♠♠♠♠ - OTP ftw. c:

    [_//The list ::

    {Final Fantasy: X

    ♠♠♠ - AurRikku
    :: Sir Auron x Rikku
    I swear, I don't like pedo!bears. Just something about them tickles my fancy. I think it's the same concept here as it is with Zemyx and Banelo. Sir Auron's wise and experienced in the ways of the world, as well as level-headed with that want to protect(as is made obvious by his profession, even in death). Whereas Rikku's bubbly and playful. She's not totally naive to the ways of the world, but there's things she doesn't fully understand, things that Sir Auron would teach her about. Rikku's a strong girl and could take it(I realize how that sounds, and I don't mean it that way, I swear). In return, Rikku seems the type to devote herself to trying to make Sir Auron happy and bring him out in the sun for a bit of fun.
    So let's all pretend Sir Auron isn't dead and isn't old enough to be her father for this pair. D;

    ♠♠♠ - Wakku
    :: Wakka / Lulu
    Even before I knew they were cannon. I liked them. They just..clicked. She's the sadistic-looking gothic queen, and he's a jock, albeit a little dorky, I'll admit. They're like opposites of society's social spectrum, and he fell for her like a rock, even though she was supposed to marry his dead brother. O: SCANDALOUS.~

    {Final Fantasy: XII

    ♠♠♠♠ - BalCid / AlThier
    :: Balthier x AlCid / AlCid x Balthier
    Simple. In-game, Balthier keeps giving AlCid dirty looks and rolling his eyes at AlCid behind his back. Why? Because he sees how AlCid's just a charmer, and doesn't like the spotlight of 'accented hottie' taken away from him in public. Put them together in private, and it's just a menagerie of accents and good times. I think it could be similar to 411, in that they have a love/hate thing going on. They hate certain qualities about one another, but there's other's they love, and the annoying..ness of some makes one like the other even more. Plus..they've both got to know exactly what they're doing. x: know what I mean.
    BalCid / AlThier :: LINK

    ♠♠♠♠ - Banelo
    :: Balthier x Penelo
    I know Balthier's not seen as the pedophile type, but I dunno..the same thing that attracts me to AkuRoku attracts me to Banelo. Their in-game dynamics is amazing. They're symbiotic. Balthier's such a gentleman, and quite clever and experienced in the ways of the world. I see his relationship with Fran as friendly, and while they deeply care for one another, I couldn't see Fran mothering over Balthier the same way Penelo would, or imagine Fran going out of her way to do all the special little things like make Balthier breakfast in bed and whatnot that Penelo would be considerate enough to do.
    As for Balthier, he'd be her protector. He wouldn't shield her, he's not the type. He'd introduce her to the calamities and tragedies of the hume race, but carefully as not to break her innocence. Unlike the whiny and childish Vaan, Balthier would treat her like a lady and cherish her, rather than taking her presence for granted.

    ♠♠♠ - Bashthier
    :: Basch x Balthier
    The dynamics is wonderous. They think alike, both able to keep their calm in high-stress situations, analyze the situation, process every possible scenario and their possible outcomes based on the factors, and act accordingly. They both hope for the best and prepare for the worst, each with a hope that things will turn out okay, while understanding that you can't always get what you want, and that the world is a harsh place.
    I think the mutual respect between one another, despite one being a Sky Pirate, and the other a General, is admirable. Balthier stood up for Basch after Vaan so childishly convicted him of murder, and got Basch out of the dungeons to add a valuable member with powerful connections to the team.

    ♠♠ - Larselo
    :: Larsa x Penelo
    While I'm more of a fan of Banelo, I support Larselo, also(For non-pokémon ships, I'll usually refer to it by mixing their names. I'm not aware of the official name of the pair except for a few). They're both around the same age, and Fran herself said she can tell when a man will treat a woman well, and judging by that and how they 'fangirl' over meeting one another, they'd make a fluff!couple. Too cute to resist. x3 Plus, poor Larsa, being a child emperor, would need someone as motherly as Penelo to look after him and make sure he was alright, as he can get rather selfless.

    {Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep ; I ; 358/2 ; Chain of Memories ; II ; Coded

    ♠♠ - 411
    :: Marluxia x Vexen
    I'm not into these two as much as I am Zemyx and LuxBar, but the lolfactor of this is just..amazing. They're bitter enemies, but I think that they could have a love/hate thing going on. One hates a good many of the other's habits and tendencies, but those same qualities and the absolute annoying..ness of those qualities is what makes one seem so addictive to the other.
    Plus, you have no idea how much the crack comics of Lady Chimera and Nire-chan on DeviantArt amuse me.
    Mar: OLAWLITRIPPED -grope.-

    ♠♠♠♠ - AkuRoku
    :: Axel x Roxas
    THE ANGST. OH. EMM. GEE. It's so addicting. Axel's devotion to Roxas, who's totally oblivious to it and just leaves him there in The World That Never Was. Axel sacrifices himself for Roxas, for crying out loud. It's so canon, only it's not. They're such wonderful friends, and I love the possible dynamics between them that we could see in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2
    Axel's said to always be sent out to fetch Roxas and Xion, and how Axel gives chase to Roxas, and goes out of his way to try and get him back is so beautiful. ;w; Axel's like Roxas' protector.
    I'd see them more as brothers typically, but the PedoLeech!Axel is so lol, and it just looks right, so I ship them. And I love it. Shamelessly so.

    ♠♠♠♠ - LuxBar
    :: Luxord x Xigbar
    A lot of people prefer XigDem or LuxDem, but I support Zemyx with a vehemence. I can't see Demyx with anyone else, nor Xigbar with anyone else. As for how I came to love LuxBar, I was glancing through fanfics on DeviantArt, and came across some LuxBar. I dunno exactly how it hooked me, as I could never see the two put together with anyone seriously in the past, but just..seems as natural as breathing.
    Luxord is shown in-game as having quite the gentlemanly and proper persona, whereas Xigbar seems to just be out to have a good time. However, when I look at Luxord's weapon and his title of Gambler of Fate, as well as how he debates in some cut-scenes of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, Luxord struck me as the kind of person that could sit in a casino, get totally shitfaced, and still win an insane amount of money. So does Xigbar.
    They seem like the perfect drinking buddies, and if you look at Luxord, you can't sit there and tell me he doesn't seem like the type who could drink and hold it(british alcohol is MUCH stronger than American, btw). They seem like they'd both love a game of poker, Texas Hold 'em, even Go Fish just for the lol factor of something so simple, and have a blast pulling a good prank with Axel, Roxas, and Demyx.
    Because of that, I could see them getting along splendidly, and they both seem the type to love the horizontal mambo, and be addictively good at it. A lot could argue that they'd just be friends with benefits, but I think that the fact that Luxord is able to be as sophisticated as he is playful, and the ability to be a gentleman, it could go farther than 'friends with benefits.'

    ♠♠ - MarXene / LarXia
    ♠♠♠♠♠♠ = Lolfactor
    :: Marluxia x Larxene / Larxene x Marluxia
    ..Crackpairs ftw. I always imagine them being totally lesbian for eachother, even though one's a total sadistic bitch, and the other's a manipulative thorn in the eye in reality.
    In my world, Marluxia borrows Larxene's pumps and skirts and they give eachother make-overs. That alone makes this among the best crackpairs ever. Admit it.

    ♠ - XemSai
    :: Xemnas x Saix
    They're cute together, and Saix's devotion to the cause, despite Xemnas' plots for power that he covers up as 'a quest to get their hearts back,' makes this couple ship-worthy to me.

    ♠♠♠♠♠..♠♠♠...♠ - Zemyx
    :: Zexion x Demyx ; My OTP. It's like the blood in my veins. x:
    Many people label this as a crack pair, but in my opinion, it's maybe one of the most noncanon-canon pairs in the whole Kingdom Hearts series, aside from pairings with main characters like Sora and co. People often say that ingame, Zexion and Demyx never meet, but when you think about it, even if they were stationed at two different castles(Zexion at Castle Oblivion, while Demyx remained at The Castle That Never Was), in an organized group of less than twenty non-people, members are bound to run into one another, whether it be at the meetings Xemnas scheduled, or otherwise.
    I think that upon meeting, they would initially put one another off. Zexion being seen as the calm and precise type, whereas Demyx just goes with the flow, but Demyx strikes me as empathetic and friendly enough to seek out Zexion, maybe thinking the other became lonely for whatever reason have he, and persist in kindling a friendship. While it would obviously annoy Zexion, he's reserved enough to tolerate it until eventually Demyx grew on Zexion.
    And it doesn't stop there. When looking at their assumed personalities(more and more slowly being confirmed by scans on KH Ultimania only confirms my ideals of their personalities), they fit like a glove to one another. While they're opposites in many ways. Whereas Zexion is structured and quite the leader, Demyx prefers to go with the flow, and follow orders. Zexion prefers solitude or the company of a few, and Demyx can be mischievous and quite the social butterfly. Zexion gives Demyx's life order and structure, and provides a pillar of stability to an otherwise random lifestyle, while Demyx would provide Zexion with ..well..a life..some excitement(of course, Demyx seems to be the considerate type, and wouldn't go overboard with that.).
    Opposites attract.


    [Size="1"]♠♠♠ - EgoShipping
    :: Gary x Misty
    While they never met in the animé, and my first choice for Misty is Ash, I think that Gary, after being humbled, would make an excellent partner for Misty. He could definitely help her become one of the most powerful gym leaders, especially considering the potential in water types, and her attitude could give Gary a hard time, but I think he'd be more than fit for the challenge.

    ♠♠♠♠ - OriginShipping
    :: Steven Stone / Wallace
    I don't keep up with pokémon much as far as the animé goes, unfortunately. My work and school schedule prevents that, but I do play the games in my spare time. I've at least one game from the color, metal, gem, and ore generations, and I must say, I don't know what it is about Steven and Wallace, but they just catch my eye. I think the fluid grace and of Wallace would catch the eye of someone like Steven. Why? They're both powerful trainers, and seem to come together by respecting one another's technique

    ♠♠♠ - SacredShipper
    :: Morty / Eusine
    This one I did happen to catch on the show, and I think that they seem to have an implied past relationship and quite possibly a present one, or at least closeness. Morty seems to be able to quell Eusine's eccentricities or when he gets upset, Morty's able to calm him. The air around them's really easy too, even during rough times.

    {Rozen Maiden

    [size="1"]♠♠♠♠ - Kana-Ichigo
    :: Kanaria x Hana-Ichigo
    This pair is..rediculous. xD I see them more as siblings than a couple because of the way they argue back and forth and fight like little children over simple things. However, unlike the relationship between Hana-Ichigo and Suiseiseki, Kanaria and Hana have their good moments where they're happy, bubbly friends.
    I don't officially ship them as a couple, but I definitely like it when they're in the same room together.

    ♠♠♠ - KiraSuishou
    :: Kira Kishou x Bara Suishou
    Kira Kishou was the seventh doll made by Rozen, and Bara Suishou the faux doll made by Enju, a student of Rozen that wished to prove his worth. The two never meet, and they would most likely hate eachother, but I think the exchange between them would be infinitesimally amusing, especially since Bara Suishou's a copy of Kira Kishou.

    ♠♠♠♠ - ShinkuTou
    :: Shinku x SuiginTou
    I used to hate how SuiginTou treated the others, but as I drew closer to the close of season one, I thought she seemed misunderstood. When I saw the OVA about SuiginTou's origins, I fell in love with her character, and how Shinku pitied her and took care of Suigin Tou. Shinku taught her how to dress herself and socialized her, shielding her from the cruelties of the Alice Game. The more I thought about it, the more I got to thinking how much farther they could've gotten if Souseiseki hadn't taken advantage of her handicap and killed her. Luckily, Rozen fixed Suigin Tou, but not after suffering trauma and thus turning her back on the other Maidens trying to be Alice.

    {We'll paint the city [redrum]

    Here's the thing about time:
    if you can't make the most
    out of any given moment, then you don't
    deserve a

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    Many thanks to Skiyomi for the banner!

    I'll rate these later, but here's a list I've been working on for the past couple of days. ;D

        Spoiler:- Kyou Kara Maoh!:

        Spoiler:- Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion *contains spoilers*:

        Spoiler:- Ouran High School Host Club:

        Spoiler:- Get Backers:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Naruto:

        Spoiler:- Bleach:

        Spoiler:- Fullmetal Alchemist:

        Spoiler:- Miscellaneous Anime:

    …this list is far from over, but here’s a majority.
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    Default Encyclopika's Shiplist

    *Pika banner made by me*


        Spoiler:- Pokemon Shippings:

        Spoiler:- Yu-Gi-Oh Ships:

        Spoiler:- Vampire Knight Ships:

        Spoiler:- Naruto Ships:

        Spoiler:- OTHER SHIPS:
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    Current Total: 29
    Top Five: (1) Zelgadis x Amelia (2) Lina x Gourry (3) Xellos/Filia (4) Kurogane/Fai (5) Doumeki/Watanuki
    Last Updated: 8/16/09

    Organized by Show in Alphabetical order with the rank indicated. Part One.

        Spoiler:- My Shipping List: Warning! There Be Spoilers:
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    Current Total: 29
    Top Five: (1) Zelgadis x Amelia (2) Lina x Gourry (3) Xellos/Filia (4) Kurogane/Fai (5) Doumeki/Watanuki
    Last Updated: 8/16/09

    Organized by Show in Alphabetical order with the rank indicated. Part Two.

        Spoiler:- My Shipping List: Warning! There Be Spoilers:
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    hmm! this is my first time doing shipping, so here it goes!

    May and Drew
    well they are rivals at first and drew was pretty mean to her but later he had a change in heart. i really think because he grew accustomed to her and that probably he likes her.

    oh, next is ash pairing. i got tons of it, maybe i choose the best one huh?

    ash and dawn
    there are alot of hints in the anime and movies that they are meant for each other. nagging each other helps to boost close relationship isn't it? and also they sometimes know what they want from each other.

    ash and pikachu
    best buddies for life! well ash is still pokemon crazy, so i think he will be fine with pikachu if nobody else wants him! besides they care each other too much.

    ash and mewtwo
    maybe it is impossible but mewtwo do taken a liking of him. maybe admiring his burning spirit? i think they will make a good pair, a wise pokemon to advise him if he needs help.

    ash and latias
    oh i will never forget that movie! she loves to play with him and she feels joy when he saved her. i have a feeling that she will dumped her brother, latios and search the whole world for him!

    ash and shaymin
    i just watched that movie and shaymin loves to mock ash. even though ash threw tantrum but he still cares for her and even saved her many times. also during the ending he cried for her, which is definitely a sign that he likes her!

    oh yeah! somehow ash has the most attention! well that's all i have!

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    . l y n n f o x ' s . . s h i p s .

    p o k e m o n ;;
        Spoiler:- pokemon:

    a n i m e ;;
        Spoiler:- anime:

    b o o k s ;;
        Spoiler:- books:

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    Cannot resist to post one too. XD

        Spoiler:- Bleach:

        Spoiler:- Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:

        Spoiler:- Nodame Cantabile:

    The list goes on and on.. Will be updated more if I have time.

    i'm in shock e-electric shock!

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    Witchan's Shippings(Rank)

        Spoiler:- :):

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