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Thread: Your Shipping List (( Updated: February 18, 2013 ))

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    My favourite shippings!

    Lance/Lyra - I don't like pairing them up with anyone else (although I don't mind a one sided Lyra/Morty). I just love them together and it's hard to explain why
    Cyrus/Mars - My second favourite. Sadly, there aren't too many people out there that write about them. I've written two lemons about them though, but I wish someone else would write something them
    Gary/Misty - I just like it.

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    I'll only put my favorite Pokémon shippings,'cause my explanation will be long if I'd put other anime shippings so...Yeah.
    P.S this is my opinion xD
    1.Advanceshipping–I love this pairing because Ash cares for May deeply.Its like I could see sparks in them,and I like the way that they're pretty much close and care for one another.They're personalities are pretty much similar,so yeah.
    2.)Amourshipping–I support this shipping 'cause Serena has a canonical crush on Ash,and that they're childhood friends!I feel like there's more hints coming on.
    3.)Ikarishipping–Umm,well its hard to explain I guess,but Paul and Dawn are really a nice shipping,its like,Paul warming up on Dawn.Ya know,Oldrivalshipping?
    Specialshipping—'Cause Red and Yellow are definitely compatible with each other.Imagine a typical shy girl with a strong,but kinda dense(I guess) guy! >.<
    Franticshipping–They confessed!But unfortunately for Sapphire,Ruby doesn't remember,well maybe he just pretended that he didn't remember.
    Oldrivalshipping–A smart and strong guy with a troublesome,yet innocent girl is a thing!
    -----That's pretty much all,but its in my sig!

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    Pokémon OTPs-

    Gym (Brock+Misty) I started watching Pokemon a few months ago on Netflix, and the lighthouse episode interested me. At the time, I thought Pokeshipping was alright, but that was only because I didn't have any true Pokemon ships at the time. It wasn't my OTP, but I was just trying to keep myself from shipper's boredom. (Just a term I made up, which means boredom resulting from the fact that a certain fandom has no interesting shippings) But after seeing Brock ask Misty to dance, I had to pause for a few minutes. I was like, "Did you just see that? Brock asked Misty to dance, and she said yes! Ash never did that!" I was fangirling! Sure, I have shipped things before, but GymShipping was my first true OTP. All the ones I've had before were ships I liked mainly because they actually happened. But GymShipping was the first one that wasn't canon that I shipped.

    Advance (Ash+May) I shipped this before I even watched the Advanced series. Yes, I'm kind of new to Pokemon and I haven't seen every series. (I've watched Indigo League, Advanced, Diamond & Pearl, and Black & White) I looked up hints of AdvanceShipping at one point, and after reading them, I thought, "Wow, Ash never acts so compassionate around Misty. And May seems less like a drama queen by showing how she cares about Ash,". I had only watched Indigo League at that point, and I was also a GymShipper. So I figured, since May & Ash show lots of chemistry and I already ship Misty with Brock, I guess AdvanceShipping will be what I ship Ash in! And since that day, I have been a fully committed AdvanceShipper. If I had to choose an OTP I loved most, it'd probably be Advance.

    Rocket (Jessie+James) At first, I thought Jessie & James were dating! This is like Advance before it even happened. Two best friends who rely on each other very much, and even hug each other when scared! I know, go ahead and tell me that is similar to PokeShipping, but let me think what I want, okay?

    Cavalier (Gary+Dawn) Again, shipped this before watching the series. I was one day writing a story with multiple shippings, and I had to put Dawn & Gary Oak with someone. I thought, "Hey, this wouldn't be too bad!" So I decided to keep it in my story, and had no idea that the two had met and the ship had a decent amount of shippers. I searched CavalierShipping on Bulbapedia one day, and I was fascinated. I realized the two actually did show chemistry, and Gary knew Dawn's name before she introduced herself! Huh, you'd think they've met before, just like Serena & Ash....

    Wishful (Iris+Cilan) I used to think Iris & Cilan would be pretty annoying and un-shippable, but nope! Wishful reminds me so much of GymShipping, and I started to take a liking to it after reading its page on Bulbapedia! Plus I love how they hide behind each other.

    Agency (Black+White) This is at least a little canon, since White did say Black was handsome once. It's really too obvious, but I still love it.

    LethalAttraction (Emolga+Oshawott) Oshawott still seemed to love Emolga even after the effects of Attract wore off. And he is basically Emolga's fanboy, it's cute when he tries flirting with her!

    ScissorsBeatsPaper (Snivy+Tepig) Evolution by Fire. Enough said.

    KrazyShipping (Pikachu+Meowth) They are worst enemies, but they know they are in love. I just realized last night my love for this shipping, but I am obsessed! *fangirl squeal*
    Mess with my ships, and you'll have to mess with me. The name's Anna, and I'm a crazy, immature shipper. Oh yeah, I'm an Ash multi-shipper. So what?

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        Spoiler:- Other Ships:

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