I multi-ship like crazy, but these are my main OTPs:

GymShipping. These two were my first true OTP and first Pokémon ship!!! Ahh I can't resist this!!!

RocketShipping. This was obvious. At first when I saw Team Rocket, I thought Jessie & James were actually dating! (I wish they were in the anime)

AdvanceShipping. My first Ash ship ever. It makes a lot of sense because they act alike and look alike, and people tend to get attracted to people similar to them. Also the ribbon was too cute! (Roses die but ribbons last forever)

DiodeShipping. I am a sucker for yaoi, and this is no exception! Clemont acts the way Serena does around Ash sometimes, honestly. Like the blush Clemont had! He was glad senpai noticed him. And also Ash is so shippable so of course I like this. (None of my NOTPs involve Ash)

WishfulShipping. Cilan's reaction when Iris called him a pain in front of Chris in the episode with the Cubchoo, it automatically states that there probably is some feelings between both of them.

KrazyShipping. Again, yaoi. Sometimes Meowth and Pikachu seem to like each other despite their rivalry! Like when Pikachu healed a sick Meowth in a B&W episode, he just wanted his boyfriend to be okay. Though I mostly like portraying Pikachu as a girl, I don't mind that Pikachu's a guy. It's just easier to imagine Pikachu as a girl.

LethalAttractionShipping. I knew this was a great ship from the moment Oshawott saw Emolga. I can imagine their relationship being like Gumball and Penny from The Amazing World of Gumball, another ship I'm fond of.

ScissorsBeatsPaper. Watch Evolution by Fire and you'll understand why I like this.

AgencyShipping. I usually don't read the manga, but I have read some of the B&W manga and knew White had a crush! It's too obvious!

CavalierShipping. Ah. Dawn is Gary's number one fangirl, and Gary doesn't seem annoyed by that! These two are so cute!!! (I used to think it was crack shipping when I first got into it)