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Thread: The OrangeShipping General Discussion - 4.0

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    Default The OrangeShipping General Discussion - 4.0

    The OrangeShipping|KenKasu General Discussion - 4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by BubChan View Post
    Welcome to the official OrangeShipping/KenKasu thread on Serebiiforums.
    OrangeShipping is the name given to the belief of Tracey/Kenji and Misty/Kasumi are or will be involved in a romantic relationship. The origin of the name comes from the Orange Islands, The place where Tracey and Misty traveled together

    1. All Sppf Rules apply as usual.
    2. No Bashing other Shipping, Member or character
    3. This is a OrangeShipping Thread, don't change the main topic
    4. You don't like OrangeShipping? don't come here just to say "ew, orange sucks, poké and handyman is better, and this was not a hint", let's respect each other please
    5. Everyone has your own opinion, so don't fight
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    I think you should write another "first post" It's not nice to copy this (because I'm not the owner anymore" anyway, I'm joining this, KenKasu is such a cute Shipping, it totally deserves more love!

    Make a Wish, It's up to you

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    I'm siding with BubChan on this. You should create your own opening post and not quote someone else's. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and give you a chance. All I ask is that you create an opening post yourself. If you don't, I'll close this thread.

    Carry on.

    Note: Please don't send me PM's if all you want to do is chat with me. I would greatly appreciate it if you used the VM's for that and only used the PM's for important questions. Thank you.

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    I really like this ship too; it's probably my top favorite Misty ship.

    I prefer Tracey to be with Misty above most other options because he's nice and respectful, and I feel that he has a soothing, calming effect on Misty, which is something that I can't help but feel that she lacks in a lot of her other relationships (and I mean, not just romantic options, but with her sisters as well). And I always feel bad that Misty feels that she has to be angry all of the time (or so it seems to me), and I'd think that'd get tiring really quickly. She's not like that with Tracey, and she doesn't need to police his behavior like she does with Brock. So I just see them as a having a nice, quiet, calm relationship, and I think Tracey offers her companionship in this unassumingly supportive way; like, he recognizes that she's even sadder and lonelier since she let Togepi go, and so when his Marill has a baby, he thinks of her and gives her a new baby Pokemon to look after in Azurill, and he knows it's just what she needs, despite that I doubt she would have communicated such a thirst for companionship to him. Tracey's also dependable, because he at least visits her regularly, and I just feel that he would put Misty's needs first, for once in her life, as especially in the wake of being forced back to the Gym by her sisters, Misty's probably feeling like her needs never come first. But Tracey would give that to her.

    I just...really love Tracey, okay? I really miss him and the dynamic he brought to the group. :/

    And to start to shift more towards the side of what Tracey would get out of this relationship, I feel that both Tracey and Misty like to feel needed and wanted. Misty wants to feel desirable, since she's often been over-looked by so many people in her life, and I think Tracey wants to feel like his efforts and hard work are noticed and appreciated. So I think that Misty would be able to recognize that similar need in him, and thus she could be empathetic to his desire for validation, and would know to make sure to give him that. Maybe Tracey feels a bit ashamed about it, and that's why he's never actually up-front about those feelings, and why he could fade into the background so easily. But Misty wouldn't look down on him for it, and could be the driving force and determination and encouragement to help him pursue his dreams (like how all through the Orange Islands, she constantly praises his art and validates the idea that OF COURSE Professor Oak is going to be impressed and that Tracey can really meet his idol). When Tracey feels insecure, Misty wouldn't let him quit and undersell his work and achievements.

    Misty and Tracey could be each other's rocks---she would be stubborn and unwavering in her support, and he would be able to weather her rage and let it just roll off of him, and wouldn't blow up in return or escalate and exacerbate problems.

    So, uh, yeah, I ship these two pretty hard, and I actually had way more to say than I thought I would when I started this comment. XD *sheepish smile*
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