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Thread: Your Shipping List (( Updated: February 18, 2013 ))

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        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Kekkaishi:

        Spoiler:- Bleach:

        Spoiler:- Naruto:

        Spoiler:- Kingdom Hearts:

        Spoiler:- Rosario+Vampire:

        Spoiler:- To Love Ru:

        Spoiler:- Strawberry 100%:
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    1. Kojiro x Musashi (Jessie x James) Rocketshipping, from Pokemon. My OTP! My reasons are entirely too long to type out without it becoming an essay of sorts, but here's a "short" version.

    2. Black Jack x Pinoko, from the grandfather of modern anime and manga Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack. Call me old-fashioned, but the idea of a nurse falling for the doctor she assists is much too cute.

    Not to mention, Pinoko's love is canon as canon can be in this series! She constantly runs around telling people she's Black Jack's wife. xD

    As any and all potential romantic interests (or even just friends) of the unfortunate Dr. Black Jack have met their untimely, often horrible end or... changed gender on the strictly straight doctor (hi, Kei), Pinoko's the only constant company he has in life and is utterly devoted to him.

    Not to mention, he saved her life and gave her a body.

    He gave her her life and now, she only wants to use it to aid him. It's the sweetest, most heartbreaking thing.

    Black Jack is jaded and hates a great deal of humanity. Little Pinoko is everything that the doctor loves about humanity. She inspires him, just as much as he inspired her, whether they realize it or not.

    "Flowers and humans are beautiful, because they are trying to live." Black Jack is inspired by Pinoko's struggle, which mirrors his rehabilitation as a disabled child so closely.

    But unlike him, she came out smiling, in spite of the pain and rejection by her family, and continues to seek for the silver lining and always looks for the good in people.

    Now, the downsides:

    Pinoko is stuck in a doll-like child's body due to her rather bizzare origins, possibly forever, and her organs are too small and undeveloped to support a larger body (her underdeveloped nervous system also leads to her overblown tantrums that fit her apparant age, while being at odds with her mental maturity). Dang.

    The doctor views her more as a daughter, although he does not view her as a child, despite appearance. He often refers to her as an eighteen year old. ^^

    Then again, their relationship is perhaps a bit more complex than strictly romantic or strictly a father/daughter or sibling-like relationship...

    Black Jack's dream at the end of the manga chapter Call it Life, in which Pinoko appears as her true age, Black Jack refers to her as his wife and the best wife he could have found as well! <3

    3. Pain x Konan, from Naruto. Dangit, I don't know.

    They're just so dang perfect together. I can't imagine them apart.

    They just have this beautiful sort of... thing about them. I can't even describe it.

    I love Konan's loyalty to Pain despite everything that happens.


    That and they just look beautiful together.

    I could also blame my love for this pairing on far too many roleplays involving the two. xD
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    Pokemon Shipping List:

    1. Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty) - Made for each other. I mean, I guess you could say that about any of the characters, but the writers tried harder to make it seem like Ash and Misty would end up as a couple, in my opinion. Movie 2, which is confirmed canon I believe, just kinda cemented it for me. When I was younger, before discovering fanfiction and stuff, I just kind of assumed that when the show ended and everyone grew up Ash and Misty would have kids or something. I dunno... I guess I grew up with them and they had a chemistry Ash didn't have with May or Dawn.

    2. HoennChampionshipping (May/Steven) - In my world, Steven Stone isn't that much older than May. Just a few years. And... I mean... In the real world there are successful relationships between 23 year olds and 28 year olds, aren't there? I dunno. I just feel like they work well together. Anime canon, please? Haha. I used to be an avid Contestshipper, but then I kinda started pairing Ma off with everyone, and Drew missed out. I feel like they'd probably date, but eventually realize that in the long run they don't work. But HoennChmapionshipping rocks!

    3. Brock/Nurse Joy - Self-explanatory. I've always thought they'd go well.

    4. Chessshipping (Black/White) - hey look good together. Not much to say, really, besides WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES? Hahaha

    5. As for shipping Dawn, I have a hard time. She's not very shippable to me. No hints in the anime. I don't particularly like Penguinshipping, Dawn always came across as disinterested. I do like Cavaliershipping, but I dunno if they'd work out? I'm indifferent to Ikarishipping, but that's because I don't see Paul as a romantic person looking for a relationship.

    Lately I've begun to like IronWillshipping (Dawn/Riley). Hmm.

    6. Rocketshipping - Woo.

    Others that don't get a number:

    I liked Firebirdshipping for a while. I'm over that now, though. Like I said, I pair May off a lot. Currently, Steven is her top pair, but I've given her Drew, Brendan, Ash (Even though Pokeshipping is my number 1, I've entertained some Advanceshipping. Nothing serious. And no Pearl.), James, Noland (From a fanfic that involves some OCs, and, yeah...). I guess I like giving her older guys?

    Tracey could use someone, which is why there's Handymanshipping.

    Here're some of my favorite Pokemon x Pokemon ships:

    Revolutionshipping - Togekiss x Wargle
    FrozenHuntershipping - Arcanine x Glaceon
    Cryonicshipping - Zoroark x Glaceon
    There're more, I just can't think of them >.<
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    Here is my list~ It will definitely be updated as I can think of more~

    1. BETELGUESESHIPPING!! (MarsxCyrus) For all that know me, this is pretty much my favorite of all time shipping and I'm pretty much the biggest fan. I remember when Diamond and Pearl came out and I immediately just suddenly felt a "click" with these two.

    Likely because back when the prerelease info was coming out, people thought Mars was the leader, of course, that wasn't the case so at first my reasoning was "why not put who-we-thought-was-the-leader with the-actual-leader?" but the more I learned about them, the more I thought that I thought they started to complement each other. I mean, Cyrus is a stoic character while Mars on the other hand I see as a more happy-go-lucky personality and you know, acts like a typical girl in love. She tries not to be too forward with the relationship, but ends up going overboard and takes over the male role as the "pursuer."

    Of course, Cyrus is not interested in love, love is very pointless, which is why to me it is hard to write a good Betelguese fanfiction because I tend to go too fast with it and with Cyrus, you have to take it slow. It has to take him a while to finally given into his human nature (despite the fact that he thinks he is a god in human-form) and stop denying his emotions.

    For a while before Platinum came out, I seemed to be the only huge supporter, that is, until Platinum was released and we were given more dialogue from Marzipan! After the battle at Stark Mountain, Mars mentions that Cyrus was a better leader and that she was going to look for him. She was going to LOOK FOR HIM! Jupiter, on the other hand, just wants to be a normal girl and lead a normal life, but Mars, no, Mars seriously would do anything to find him and would probably keep searching all of her life if she has to, but she wants to be with him in the distortion world. Now that is true devotion!

    Of course, I like to think that Mars eventually did find the portal inside Turnback Cave and went into the Distortion world to be with him and when she did find him, she rejoiced, but Cyrus didn't really care about her at first, but she refused to leave and eventually he was okay with her staying with him and then eventually he figured that until he would eventually figure out how to build a place where he could artificially produce offspring to populate the world, well, yeah...

    Of course, he denied any feelings and only thinks of sex as the means of procreation and leaves Mars to do the child-rearing while he tries to plan on how to build his utopia complete with a temple of worship for him...

    Of course, that is just what I think...

    2. Jovianshipping JupiterxSaturn I am happy to say that I am also the namer of this one. I support this one because well, with Mars and Cyrus together, what about those two? They are also names of two "gas giants" in the solar system which is why I thought Jovianshipping was an appropriate name and it's more of my secondary ship in fanfictions. I like to think that maybe after Stark Mountain Jupiter eventually got back together with Saturn and turned the Team Galactic building into a research center and settled down there.

    MAGMAJEWELSHIPPING! (RubyxCourtney) - Okay, I really, really love this couple because it is so hinted at in the manga and Ruby seems to be the only guy that is able to open Courtney up as Courtney seems sort of like that Tsundere type that sort of hides her inner intellegence and emotions. I kind of consider Courtney as Veronica and Sapphire as Betty and Ruby has to choose between one of them.

    NxSilver - Okay, for the longest time I could not come up with a decent pairing for N and Ferriswheelshipping never really appealed to me for some reason. It was either that or NxBianca, but NxBianca didn't really have much content. I decided NxSilver mainly because I could see them talk about their fathers and how bad they were and relate to that and the fact that they are both dynamic characters in their stories basically on the opposite ends of the spectrum that by the end of the game end up to the same conclusion about Pokemon. Silver thinks Pokemon are mere tools while N thinks they are friends that shouldn't be exploited by trainers.

    Other Non-Pokemon pairings-

        Spoiler:- Earthbound trilogy:

        Spoiler:- Megaman pairings:

    That's all for now! I'll add more whenever I'm in the mood writing out my reasoning, but Betelguese took me a lot of work! More will be added!
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    CoordinatingMaster's Shipping List

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Shugo Chara:
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    SkyHigh's Shipping List! o.O

    Edit (8/25/2011: Added in some more ships and also added ships from Pokemon Special Adventures.


        Spoiler:- Anime Ships:

        Spoiler:- Manga Ships:

        Spoiler:- Game Ships:
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    I'm not as big a shipper as others here (in fact, I never got into much serious shipping until now). But I support quite a few now, even outside of Pokemon.

    NegaiShipping(AshxIris): The BW saga is only in it's 3rd or 4th episode, and I already love this pairing. Most of the hints are shown in the latest episode with Meguroko. The hot-spa scene is rather cute.

    TitanicShipping(SwampertxDaikeki)A ship I thought of and named myself. They look similar and they are both Water types. So far that's the only reason I support them. If it gets to be popular, fanfics and pics MIGHT pop up.
    OK, the official name is CharisShipping, but I like this name better. I like this shipping for pretty much the same reasons I like TitanicShipping and MysticalShipping(DragonairxMilotic).

    Needs no explanation.

    The Spyro series has quite a few shippings I like.

    Lol, I just made that name up just then. Anyway, from The Eternal Night onwards, you see Spyro and Cynder bond closer together. In Dawn of the Dragon, you start picking up hints of a relationship. They become canon right at the end of the Legend of Spyro series.

    I actually never thought of this as a ship until now. Blaze is a fan-made character created by Scarlett O' Hare on The name SurprisesShipping came from the title of my own Spyro fanfic, Surprises That Shocked a Realm, in which Spyro and Blaze are married with a 2 year old daughter.

    This name comes from the 3rd Spyro game (which is set in the Forgotten Realm). Hunter is one of Spyro's best friends, first appearing in the 2nd game. Bianca is a minor antagonist-turned-protagonist in the game. When she learns of the Sorceresses true plans, she defects and helps Spyro instead. She and Hunter become canon at the end of the game.

    Just a few to start with. I also like AdvanceShipping, but not as much as these examples.
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    Here are my Pokemon ships!
    My first ship is May and Drew(Contest shipping) the reason I ship them is pretty long. first, drew always gives may flowers, second Solidad said " We used to talk about things like contest battles, but then he started talking about you, and only you. May, he has feelings for you" is that enough evidence or what!?

    I also ship Ben and Summer(from gaurdian sighns/ tracks of light) This is backed up by how they are normally together and when nema said that they were in love ben/summer gets sort of emarassed. she/he starts to sweat and that is a clear indication that thay are in love.

    Here are my Fruits basket ships
    My first ship is Tohru and Kyo. I like this ship because, Tohru is the only one that Kyo can't stay angry at for too long. Tohru has always loved the cat from the Chinese zodiac any way. they are such a cute couple!

    I also like kisa and Hiro. they are such a sweet couple because well kisa is cute and adorable and hiro well, he even said he likes kisa. She probabley likes hiro too because she is always with him.

    I still ship Haru and Rin because they still love each other even though Rin dumped Haru. I mean Rin only dumped him to protect him! Haru even stated that he still loves Rin!

    Now Ouran High school host club
    I ship Tamiki and Haruhi. Tamiki is sort of crazy sometimes but in the end Haruhi does fall in love with him. Tamiki is madly in love with Haruhi.
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    Default More ships!

    Adding more shippings to my list, since posting ALL of them in one post gets kinda painful. Not to mention that I always post when I have to go to sleep...

        Spoiler:- Pairings:

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    Cyanide Cocaine - Vycksta's Shipping List
    Bolded ships are OTPs, the rest are those I cannot shake off dammit to Arceus!

        Spoiler:- My fall will be for you, my love will be in you...:
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    bump, I guess, since its sticky and all

    I only really do Crack/near-crack shippings, but here is my list. to me crack is the best way to go...and really since its crack, its hard to come up with a reason.

    honestly I hardly ship at all, but I do like these
    oops forgot reasons

        Spoiler:- first to go, I suppose:
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    *** = Fan of it.
    ** = Like it, but not what you would call a fan.
    * = Sometimes like it, sometimes do not.


    WrongRocketshipping (Jessie x James)
    Rating: ***
    Why?: These two were made for one another. They have personalities that compliment each other very well and share excellent chemistry. I believe that they are already sexually intimate, but because of their own individual issues with romance (Jessie's fear of being hurt/rejected and James' fear of marriage), they cannot bring themselves to become a romantic couple. However, if they got over their problems, I am sure they would work out together romantically.

    Bailshipping (Giovanni x Cassidy)
    Rating: **
    Why?: Giovanni is the perfect man for Cassidy. She has always wanted to be a queen, and who better to make her one than The Boss? As for Gio, there is no way he is going to pass up Cassidy. Look at how attractive she is.

    MorpheusShipping (Angie x Ash)
    Rating: **
    Why?: Angie is the perfect girl for Ash. Being someone who hates femininity, there is no way he would ever be romantically interested in Misty, May, and Dawn, who are all feminine. However, Angie is masculine to the point that Ash initially mistook her for a boy. My guess is that Ash developed an attraction to Angie once he found out she was a girl because of her masculinity (I think he became attracted to Anabel once he found out she was a girl for similar reasons). Ash demonstrates a kindness and protectiveness towards Angie that he has never shown towards anyone else. He was even willing to die for her during the Summer School arc. As for Angie, she was clearly touched by Ash's dedication to her. It was only natural that she would develop a crush on him. Personally, I hope they do one day get married and take over Angie's family's business.

    Stockingsshipping (Lyra x Dawn)
    Rating: **
    Why?: You are going to tell me Lyra was not hot for Dawn? "Dane" is clearly a pet-name. Overall, I think they go well together. Lyra is an outspoken fire-cracker who is very flirtatious and Dawn is as clueless as they come. Just think of the comedic potential that exists between them. Shame that Dawn is too oblivious to ever reciprocate Lyra's feelings for her. Still, Lyra could manipulate Dawn into doing all sorts of things with her, which Dawn would enjoy but be confused by.

    Diamondshipping (Giovanni x Delia)
    Rating: **
    Why?: I ship this in the sense that Gio and Delia had a romantic relationship in the past and Gio is Ash's father. Overall, it is a bitter sweet, tragic love story that makes for excellent drama.

    JohtoFestaShipping (Lyra x Khorey)
    Rating: **
    Why?: Khorey is Lyra's *****. Enough said.

    Yu Yu Hakusho

    Younger Toguro x Genkai
    Rating: ***
    Why?: This was a fascinating love story that not only further enhanced the Dark Tournament saga's already great plot, but also added more depth and dimension to Younger Toguro and Genkai's characters. If Kiren had not slaughtered Younger Toguro's students and he had not gone down the path he did as a result of that (he always did fear becoming weak, but what solidified his resolve to pursue unlimited power was what Kiren did to his students), I think they would have continued to live a rich, fulfilling romance with one another (Younger Toguro even said that he thought it "would've been a beautiful life"). Still, at least they departed from one another on good terms before Younger Toguro went into limbo.

    Kuwabara x Yukina
    Rating: **
    Why?: I know a lot of people detest this ship because they cannot stand Kuwabara. Personally, I think he is a fantastic character who deserves a lot more recognition. As for his relationship with Yukina, I find his devotion to her endearing. He clearly has a pure love for Yukina and would do anything to make her happy. Some argue that Yukina did not reciprocate Kuwabara's love for her. However, I think she felt something romantic for him. She was just confused by his loving gestures due to the fact that she grew up in an all female village.

    Sakyo x Shizuro
    Rating: **
    Why?: This was an interesting tragic romance that further developed Sakyo (who would have known such a cold blooded, malicious character was capable of feeling romantic affection for someone?) and Shizuro as characters. We all know things would never have worked out between them in the end, but I occasionally wonder what would have happened if they did.

    Kurama x Maya
    Rating: *
    Why?: I waver between liking this ship to simply not caring. Maya was clearly a Mary-Sue who was designed solely for the purpose of being Kurama's love interest. Being someone who is not fond of Gary-Stus and Mary-Sues, I find that to be a major turn off. Still, I like how Kurama's relationship with Maya added more depth to his character and expanded on his back-story.

    Koenma x Botan
    Rating: *
    Why?: They would be funny together, but the idea of them as a romantic couple still kind of rubs me the wrong way. I think that is because they have had a platonic professional relationship with one another for hundreds of years (literally). Therefore, it would be weird to see them suddenly develop attractions to one another and form a romantic relationship. Still, it would be entertaining.

    Resident Evil

    Cleve (Claire x Steve)
    Rating: ***
    Why?: Why did Steve have to die (I know Wesker mentioned he could potentially be resurrected in Code: Veronica X's ending. It seemed possible at the time, but considering Wesker is now dead and ten years have passed in the series' timeline since Code: Veronica/Code: Veronica X, it seems unlikely)? He and Claire were a perfect match. While he initially came across as being an obnoxious twit, we found out as Code: Veronica/Code: Veronica X progressed that his grating bravado was his way of coping with the traumatic experiences he went through in his life. Once he removed that swagger through coming to terms with what he went through, he was shown to be a nice, sensitive, loyal, and protective young man. Through admiring Claire for her independence, intelligence, courage, kindness, compassion, and ability to pwn him, he developed a sincere love for her, which made it possible for him to overcome the T-Veronica Virus Alexia injected him with and prevent himself from killing her. As for Claire, she also grew to develop romantic affection for Steve. It tore her up when he died. Overall, these two were a natural pairing who had great chemistry and shared both tender and comedic moments with one another. I know a lot of people hate Steve and Cleve, but that is probably because they fail to understand Steve's personality and completely ignore his character development due to how put off they were by him in the beginning of Code: Veronica/Code: Veronica X. I wish more people would recognize how great a character he is and how well he fits with Claire. Instead of Cleve, most people ship Cleon (Leon x Claire), even though there are no hints of them being attracted to one another and they would never work out as a romantic couple (they are both willful and dominant people, not to mention Leon is a player. Can you see Claire putting up with that?).

    Billy x Rebecca
    Rating: **
    Why?: Billy and Rebecca worked well together and shared interesting interaction with one another. While I do not think they developed romantic feelings for each other over the course of RE0, I would not be surprised if they felt physically attracted to one another. Perhaps they could both return to the series in the future and their friendship could develop into romantic love (but as in the case with Steve, I highly doubt Capcom will bring them back).

    Wesker x Ada
    Rating: **
    Why?: It is clear Wesker views Ada as being a competent operative and holds a level of respect for her. After all, she failed him in Raccoon City, yet he still felt compelled to save her life. It would not be entirely out of the realm of possibility if he felt something romantic for her. However, I cannot see Ada ever developing romantic feelings for Wesker. She cannot stand the guy. Still, this pairing is intriguing in how twisted and disturbing it could potentially be.

    Alexia x Wesker
    Rating: **
    Why?: Two of the most powerful characters in the Resident Evil series. People who ship this often jokingly ask who would be the dominant partner if they became a romantic couple. This may surprise some people, but I can actually see Wesker bottoming to Alexia. Despite being a self-serving man with a Machiavellian philosophy, he has demonstrated being awed by those who possess power. Just look at his reaction to the Tyrant in REmake and tell me he is not amazed by its power. More importantly, what about his reaction to Alexia after she mutated into her first form in Code: Veronica X? Before she punched him across the face, he was stunned by her power (in Code: Veronica, she basically owned him and made him her *****). Overall, I think this would have been a highly intriguing relationship, especially if you threw Alfred into the mix. Talk about a triangle.

    Alexia x Alfred, but only in Code: Veronica/Code: Veronica X
    Rating: **
    Why?: I know it is twincest, but you have to admit that these two went well with one another. In Alfred's words, Alexia was his queen and he was her servant. Personally, I think the reason Alfred obsessively loved Alexia is because he viewed her as a perfect female version of himself. In other words, a person who was nearly identical to him, but was wiser, more competent, and (because she was female. He clearly was not attracted to other males) someone he could feel sexual attraction towards. However, while I think Alexia loved Alfred (she would not have cradled his dead body and sang their favorite childhood song to him after he died if she did not), I do not know if she did in a romantic sense. Perhaps she did, but she could have also been toying with his romantic love for her to get him to do what she wanted. After all, she was deceptive and manipulative. It would not surprise me if she was also this way with Alfred, even though she did care for him.

    Tales Series

    Tear x Luke
    Rating: **
    Why?: Their personalities balance out well with one another and they share good chemistry. Personally, I thought their relationship was well written. Gradually over the course of TotA, they formed a strong friendship and developed romantic love for one another. Additionally, I like how their relationship played a key role in their developments as characters. If Luke and Tear did not have each other for support, I doubt either one of them would have been able to make the changes that they did.

    Norma x Grune
    Rating: **
    Why?: Who does not like the Laugh Brigade? These two were hilarious together. Norma's bubbly, upbeat, and playful attitude went perfectly with Grune's air-headed and oblivious personality. Shame that this ship was flushed down the toilet once Grune regained her lost memories. Still, you can tell it hurt Norma when Grune disappeared into Nothingness at the end of ToL.

    Dekuari (Alice x Decus)
    Rating: **
    Why?: Poor Alice and Decus. If only they had become playable characters as was originally planned in DotNW. Perhaps then we would have seen their characters and relationship fleshed out more. The Alice's Past Sidequest was adequate, but more could have been done with them (still, it is funny that they are still better developed characters than Emil and Marta despite the fact that they were shafted in favor of them). Regardless, I think Alice and Decus had personalities that went perfectly with one another (she is a power hungry sadist and he is her willing slave) and their interaction was amusing to watch. Their love also felt sincere (unlike Emil and Marta's, which just seemed like infatuation based on their first meeting with one another).

    Ristelle (Rita x Estelle)
    Rating: **
    Why?: Without a doubt, Rita has a crush on Estelle. Estelle also seems to somewhat reciprocate Rita's affection for her. Overall, I think their personalities work well with one another and they share good chemistry. I also like how Rita's romantic feelings for Estelle showed a kind, compassionate, and protective side to her.

    Natalia x Guy
    Rating: **
    Why?: Guy is much better for Natalia than Asch. Unlike Asch, he is a kind, gentle, and supportive person. Additionally, Natalia has amusing interaction with Guy and the two share good chemistry. With Asch, all she did was fangirl over him.

    Anise x Ion
    Rating: **
    Why?: They were funny together and had personalities that complimented one another well. Plus, Anise had a crush on Ion. Though it is unclear whether or not Ion felt something romantic for Anise, I think he did, especially considering his last words to her were "My most cherished..." It is a shame that Ion died. I can only imagine how terrible Anise felt in being forced to play a role in his death.

    Star Wars

    Anakin AKA Darth Vader x Padme
    Rating: **
    Why?: I sometimes wonder if I am the only Star Wars fan who does not hate the prequel trilogy. I know a lot of people detested this romance, but I enjoyed it. Overall, they were a bitter sweet tragic couple. Their relationship was also essential to Anakin/Vader's character, since it was his love for Padme which caused him to turn completely over to the Dark Side. Overall, I like the depth it added to Anakin/Vader and the role it played in his development over the course of the Star Wars saga.

    Han x Leia
    Rating: *
    Why?: I am on the fence with this one. While their interaction irritated me throughout A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back (they shared an annoyingly childish love-hate relationship), their interaction did get significantly better in Return of the Jedi. However, I may have liked them as a romantic couple in Return of the Jedi, but I cannot ignore how much their relationship bugged me throughout A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back (for the record, Han and Leia have always been two of my favorite Star Wars characters, so my dislike for their relationship had nothing to do with me hating either of them).

    Harry Potter

    Dramione (Hermione x Draco), but only in the films
    Rating: **
    Why?: I much prefer Draco in the films to his character in the books. In the films, Lucius is portrayed as being an abusive and controlling father. This adds depth to Draco's character and actually provides an interesting explanation as to why he behaves the way he does. In the Borgin & Brooks scene, you could tell that he is actually an innocent and naive young man beneath his grating exterior. Overall, it would not surprise me if Draco learned to equate pain with pleasure as a coping mechanism from having to deal with Lucius for years. Therefore, he would want to become romantically involved with a girl who could fulfill his masochistic desires. Hermione is clearly a dominant sadist (just look at her reaction to punching Draco in the face in The Prisoner of Azkaban film and tell me it did not turn her on). Considering Draco told Lucius "all about her" (in what context, who knows?) and even seemed jealous of Ron when he and Hermione were shopping for "their new dream home" in Hogsmeade, it would not surprise me if he did have a crush on her. As for Hermione, I also would not be surprised if she had a crush on Draco. She was a bit too concerned about his well being in The Prisoner of Azkaben film after he got attacked by Buckbeak to truly loathe him, not to mention how turned on she seemed by punching him in the face. Of course, Draco holds prejudice towards Muggle born witches and wizards, so he would have to overcome that if they were to become romantically involved. However, if Draco had done that through growing to love Hermione, I think that would have made for a highly intriguing storyline. It also would have provided a positive message though showing how it is possible for people to overcome prejudice instead of remaining prejudicial for the remainder of their lives.

    Snape x Lily
    Rating: **
    Why?: A tragic story of unrequited love that gave Snape more depth and expanded further on his back-story. Overall, I like how it was his love for Lily that led him to side with Dumbledore and protect Harry (whom he grew to sincerely care for). Lily may not have reciprocated Snape's feelings for her, but I think she would have if he had not joined with a group of Slytherians who would later go on to become Death Eaters.

    Harry x Luna
    Rating: **
    Why?: When I read Order of the Phoenix, I really thought these two would become a romantic couple by the end of the series. Chocolate (Harry x Ginny) was a poorly written romance that came out of nowhere in Half Blood Prince (I firmly believe Ginny used a love potion in order to make Harry fall for her). Overall, Harry and Luna had personalities that complimented each other well and shared tender interaction that showed they had deep understandings of each other. Of all the female characters in the series, Luna was the best match for Harry romantically, so why did Rowling have to stick him with Ginny instead?

    Lavender x Ron
    Rating: **
    Why?: Lav-Lav loves her Won-Won XD Overall, I think Lavender was what Ron needed. She provided him with self-esteem and actually gave him a sense of self-confidence. Of course, her obsessiveness and clinginess eventually got to him, but if she toned it down, I could see them working out.

    Voldermort x Bellatrix
    Rating: **
    Why?: Bellatrix was obsessively in love with Voldemort and would have done anything for him. Voldemort was incapable of love, but it is evident that he still had a soft spot for Bellatrix due to her devotion and competence. He was clearly angry when she died. I am almost certain these two had some sort of sexual relationship. Just because Voldemort is incapable of love does not mean he is incapable of being sexually interested in others, and Bellatrix is an attractive woman (at least in the films).

    .hack//Roots and .hack//G.U.

    Alkaid x Haseo
    Rating: **
    Why?: I thought these two shared good chemistry and their personalities went well with one another. Overall, I liked the way in which Alkaid developed romantic feelings for Haseo and thought her crush on him was entertaining to watch. As for Haseo, I think he also felt something romantic for Alkaid, especially when one takes into consideration the intentional parallels done between her and Shino.

    Shino x Haseo
    Rating: **
    Why?: They had an interesting relationship and meshed well together. Haseo clearly loved Shino. His reason for pursuing vast power was to defeat Tri-Edge in order to save her. Shino also seemed to have romantic feelings for Haseo, though this was made more evident in Roots (then again, she was in a coma for the majority of G.U., so the only times she appeared were in flashbacks and at the end of Volume 3).


    Morticia x Gomez from The Addams Family
    Rating: ***
    Why?: They are a classic couple who compliment each other perfectly and share excellent chemistry. Overall, I greatly enjoy watching them together.

    Jack x Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Rating: ***
    Why?: Who does not like this ship? They are adorable and sweet together. Need I say more?

    Sprusilla/Spru (Drusilla x Spike) from Buffyverse
    Rating: ***
    Why?: If it were not for Spike, Drusilla, and their relationship, I would not have bothered even watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Whenever they were on, it was a completely different show. The rest of the characters were awful. But enough of my rants about how much I hate the Buffyverse. Overall, I felt Spike and Dru had amazing chemistry and shared a tender, loving relationship that was also delightfully twisted. Their personalities were also opposites that went well with one another (he was a charismatic, sarcastic bad-*** and she was endearingly psychotic) and they were very funny together. I was not that upset when they broke up, since I figured they would eventually get back together (from what I understand, Juliet Landau was busy working on movies during Seasons 3 and 4, which is why they broke up in the first place). However, I was furious when Spike fell in love with Buffy right in the season when Dru re-entered the series. Overall, I hated Spuffy (Spike x Buffy) and felt it ruined Spike as a character.

    Joan x Roger from Mad Men
    Rating: ***
    Why?: Both are exceptionally cool characters who share highly amusing interaction with one another. I believe they love each other, though I doubt they will ever get together in the show. Still, they are a great match.

    Ivy x Harley from Batman: The Animated Series
    Rating: **
    Why?: As much as I love Harley, I feel she deserves better than The Joker, who clearly does not care at all about her. Ivy may be a cold, cruel person, but she at least appreciates Harley and occassionally shows her affection. That said, I feel she is better for Harley than The Joker. Plus, their personalities compliment each other and they share good chemistry.

    Mai x Valon from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
    Rating: **
    Why?: Valon loved Mai deeply and was willing to do anything for her. Overall, I thought his dedication to her was touching. Mai rejected Valon for the majority of the Doma saga, but I think she still felt something romantic for him. After all, she was rather upset when his soul was sealed away and left him one of her Harpie Lady cards at the end of the Doma saga to remember her by. From the way the Doma saga ended, I doubt that they will ever become romantically involved (nor will she and Joey). Regardless, I still think they would make a good couple.

    Lila x Dexter from Dexter
    Rating: **
    Why?: Season 2 of Dexter was the only season of the show that I liked (I prefer the novels over the show). Overall, I thought Lila was a unique and interesting character. She understood Dexter better than anyone else and still loved him despite the fact that he was a murderer. As for Dexter, he must have felt something romantic for Lila, since she was the first woman he was sexually attracted to. It is a shame things did not work out between them. Unlike Dexter and Rita, Lila and Dexter shared great chemistry and completed each other well.
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    ***** = OTP
    **** = Fanboy
    *** = I like it on occasion
    ** = Don't like it, but I see where it comes from
    * = OH DEAR GOD NO!!!


    IchiRuki (***): There's obviously a lot of sexual tension there, and that's what makes any good romance work.

    UlquiHime (**): Someone on deviantArt turned me on to it, but really, I can't really see the point of these Stockholm pairings. Of course, I've never been kidnapped, so I don't really know.

    HitsuHina (****): Because love is going into an uncontrollable rage after realizing you impaled the object of your affection instead of the one who hurt her. Truth.

    GinRan (*): I never really liked the doomed romances, especially when one of them knows he's damned himself to a life without her.


    IkkaYumi (***): They're complete opposites, yet they stay together through a common bond despite their differences.

    IchiHitsu (***): I dunno, something about them just... clicks in my mind. Of course, Momo's the one Toshiro loves, but if he was gay, I'd say Ichigo.


    RukiHime (****): I maintain, to this very day, that Rukia would have kissed Orihime if not for Hiyori's interruption.

    TatsuHime (****): We never really saw much of the Karakura Town people during Orihime's captivity, but from what I gather, Tatsuki was the most desperate to see her again.

    Fairy Tail:


    NatsuErza (*****): Tower of Heaven arc + IchiRuki elements + a willingness to go to extremes for each other = a pairing that's even more canon than NatsuLucy.

    GajeelJuvia (****): They know each other better than anyone at the guild, having both been Phantom Lord mages. The fact that Juvia recommended Gajeel for the guild shows that there's a little something there.


    LucyCana (*****): I can't say anything without spoiling anything, so I'mma shut up now.
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    As of now, my focus is on Safaris with starters (barring Wartortle and Quilladin), but give me your Safari anyway. Chances are I'll find something interesting.

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    Rating System:
    5/5: They were made for each other. I don't care what canon says!
    4/5: Sure, they might have a few issues with each other, but they'd be pretty good together.
    3/5: They could make it. They might not. It's a fan of a possible of a relationship.
    2/5: Well... it's possible.
    1/5: Definitely not a good couple. But I'd probably still like it.
    0/5: GTFO.

    Luna Lovegood X Harry Potter (Harry Potter series)
    Why?: Luna and Harry have this... instant click. I don't know what, but after I read the books before The Deathly Hallows, I thought they'd be the ending couple.

    Mario X Daisy (Super Mario series)
    Why?: Not my favorite, but Mario saved Daisy's life in Super Mario Land. They both have warm colors, and at least Mario doesn't have to save Daisy in every single game.

    Ash X Dawn (Pokemon Anime series):
    Why?: Even though I hate the anime (especially after Johto), I felt they had a kind of click together. They both share similar goals, and they both have a Pikachu-like Pokemon.

    Goku X Bulma (Dragon Ball series):
    Why?: First of all, I grew up mainly on Pokemon Johto and Dragon Ball. When I saw Goku and Bulma, I just felt an instant connection between the two. When I saw Goku and Chi-Chi in DBZ, just "WTF?".

    Hilbert X Hilda (Pokemon Game series):
    Why?: First, they're the two people in BW. Secondly, they pair up in the Battle Train.

    Cilan X Iris (Global Pokemon series):
    Why?: I just don't feel any connection between the two. Plus, I hated Cilan. So... meh. :P
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    Lyra and Silver(SoulSilver Shipping), Whitney (Kansas Shipping), Dawn (Stockings Shipping) or Kris (NewReplacement Shipping).. I don't mind which
    Coz I played SS and when I battle 'em I'm like O.O Whoop They look good together xD
    But I prefer her with Silver because of that Radio Tower thingy..when Silver took off Lyra's outfit...WEIRD

    To Dawn, in the Sinnoh series, they were good friends as soon as they met, especially I like Dawn's name as Dane better

    With Kris, some people say that she and Lyra are just one, they're wrong! They're two diff! Search it up in Bulbapedia!

    Dawn and Cynthia (GirlPower Shipping)
    Now this is a interesting couple I thought up before (I guess xD)
    While I was playing Diamond for the first time, I saw Cynthia and went OOOH cuuute!
    Thats why I paired 'em up XD

    Jessie and James (Rocket Shipping)
    Because uhm.. I can't really explain, they're always together since the Kanto series and they always hug and cry together in the Anime. Also when Jessie makes James wear gurlie outfits, haha! So cute :3

    Ash and Misty (Poke Shipping)
    I honestly didn't know couple existed until I heard the song 'Misty's song' so cute!
    I wish they became a couple, but sadly Ash cares more about his Pokemon than Misty >.>

    Meowth and Pikachu (Krazy Shipping)
    I'm.. not shore why.. Don't ask me why I even like this couple
    But they're always together, they work as a team.. well sometimes in the movie scenes
    Esp when Pika had amnesia, cute scene of 'em two xD

    In Fushigi Yuugi, Miaka and Nuriko can make an awesome couple. They fight alot, like rivals and they cared for one another
    Nuriko was like a big sister-- brother to Miaka at times
    I cried like crazy when Nuriko died.. Nooo nya~
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    = Like it.
    ♥♥ = Love it
    ♥♥♥ = My OTP!!

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        Spoiler:- Ace Attorney:

        Spoiler:- Other:
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    Keltena's Shipping List

    ♥ - has possibilities
    ♥♥ - cute and fun
    ♥♥♥ - shipped consistently
    ♥♥♥♥ - loved greatly
    ♥♥♥♥♥ - basically an OTP

    Listed by fandom.

        Spoiler:- Ace Attorney:

        Spoiler:- Bleach:

        Spoiler:- Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel:

        Spoiler:- Code Geass:

        Spoiler:- Disgaea:

        Spoiler:- Exit Fate:

        Spoiler:- Homestuck:

        Spoiler:- Persona 3:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon (games):

        Spoiler:- Pokemon Special:

        Spoiler:- Tales of Symphonia:

        Spoiler:- Tales of the Abyss:

        Spoiler:- The World Ends With You:
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    Default My Shipping List

    Queen's List

    Okay =
    Good =
    Love it =
    Super awesome =

    Comashipping (Paul/Ash)

    What can I say? I love how these two are total opposites. Paul is cold and Ash is like a ray of sun. And Paul seems to be one of the very few people Ash gets angry at (rarely). These two were made for each other. If they ever got together, Paul would help Ash toughen his pokemon, and Ash would help Paul with his 'social-skills', lol. I've loved this pairing since Paul first appeared...

    IsshuShipping (N/Toya)

    I love this. I know it's pretty much just the opposite of FerrisWheelShipping, considering you need to make up Touko/Touya's personalities, but I prefer it. Touya (I am SO not calling him Hilbert!) seems like a strong fighter, but the kind of person to get easily annoyed by N's constant 'hippie talk', as I like to call it. What really got me into this is the excesive fanart of these two! I constantrly run into some featuring Black smacking N with something because he's annoyed. They are perfect~

    PokeShipping (Misty/Ash)

    The only reason I don't love this pairing is because I'm a ComaShipper, but oh well. This is almost canon. I like how Misty always gets angry at Ash for his stupidity. Despite his dense-ness, she still put up with him and stuck to him like glue. Heck, she was even thinking about them getting married! I specially LOVE that Misty lure Ash has. He knows she's the best (no mean to bash)!

    ContestShipping (May/Drew)

    Roses, roses, roses! Drew always has roses for May! I love how much these two argue. The fact that they're also huge contest rivals gives it a boost, two. An episode in particular made me start loving this, and it's the one when Drew and May fall into a river and she saves him(GIRL POWER FTW!). They would be perfect for each other! Not to mention, I think Drew tagged along with her in Sinnoh, lol.

    FranticShipping (Sapphier/Ruby)

    People, people. This is cannon. THIS is the ULTIMATE opposites attract pairing! The way Ruby begs Sapphire to wear clothes is HILARIOUS, considering most boys like naked girls. He is such a sissy and she's so wild! Not to mention, he's protected her many times, and it's because of her that he doesn't like battling. And it's because of HIM tha Sapphire is so tough! And they confessed! What annoys me is that Ruby seems to be avoiding a relationship with Sapphire, even though she bugs him about it. It's still cute.

    OldRivalShipping (Green/Blue)

    This is just great. I prefer this shipping for the manga instead of the games, though, because whatever interaction Gary/Blue/anyothernameyou giveyourrival has with the female protagonist, he also has with the male protagonist. In the manga, however, Blue (girl) has a Blastoise, which rival's Green's Charizard in typing. He also has his own nickname for her, it being 'Noisy woman' or 'Pesky girl'. These two are a perfect fit, him being so quiet and her being, as said above, a noisy woman. But, you know what I also like? Blue's older than Green. PWND!

    PreciousMetalShipping (Silver/Gold)

    THIS! IS! SO! AWESOME! These two so want each other. Gold wouldn't stop chaising Silver, even after he confirmed that Croconaw wanted to stay with Silver, and that SIlver hadn't stolen his bag. Gold lied to the police about Silver's appareance (fake wanted poster ftw), and
    defended him gainst Mask of Ice! I've always loved these two. I nearly cried with Silver when he thought Gold had died. OMG! Poor Silvy! These two would make a great couple. They stand out amongst all manga pairings! (no mean to bash)

    SacredShipping (Morty/Eusine)

    Fanart got me into this pairing. It was after then that I realized how many hints there were. I mean, Morty helps Eusine in his Suicune research, even though he admitted he doesn't like Suicune and prefers Entei! No, seriously, that pokegear call made me laugh for so much time. And in the anime, even though Eusine is such a huge as-I mean, a huge jerk, Morty still puts up with him. It's like they've been together for a long time! WHo knows? They might already be dating! Oh Arceus, please!

    HelsingShipping (Grimsley/Marshal)

    I just recently got into this. I'd been looking to pair up Grimsley with someone until BAM! I spotted some fanart. Marshal has a type advantage over Grimsley's dark pokemon. They are a bit opposite too, considering Marshal would be honorable and stuff while Grimsley, being a dark pokemon specialist, would be sneaky and a cheater. I haven't developed much love for this pairing yet; I mostly like it because it's hot.

    I have a BUNCH more that I like, but I want to conclude this list.
    Other minor pairings of mine are:
    CompleteMonsterShipping - Ghetsis/Hydreigon
    InnerBeautyShipping - Ruby/Mimi *Milotic* (Keltena and I named it lol)
    IgnitionShipping - Volkner/Flint

    I'll explain these in a later post, since I need to head off to bed!
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    Before I list, let me be clear on this, I'm actually not much of a shipper. I used to be, but interest in shipping has since declined quite a bit. Nonetheless, I still have a few shippings from several fandoms, mostly other fandoms, that I still like or support.

    But most of them are more as 'like' than 'support'. And sometimes I just like things because I do, I can't always provide a reasoning for everything. Anyway...

    List may be updated someday.

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    Okay let's see:


    Ash/May-Couldn't tell you how I got into this, I just started reading fanfiction and then I wouldn't bother looking at any of the other ships.

    Harry Potter:
    Harry/Hermione-Yes I'm one of those Delusion people, I can't stand reading about these two with anyone else which is one of the reasons I no longer read the books.

    Mass Effect:
    Shepard/Tali-Really love the ME universe and this is by far my favorite relationship in it, I also like Shepard/Liara but as a huge Talimancer I'd still chosse her anyday.
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    I made up some of these... Some of them are really random...

    ♥= pretty good.
    ♥♥=lovin it!
    ♥♥♥= WOAHMG
    ♥♥♥♥= TRUE LOVE!!!
    ♥♥♥♥♥= OBSESSED!!! :*


    PolarShipping: Cress and Bianca. The name comes from them being polar opposites, Bianca being sorta hyper and restless, and Cress being all calm and stuff. Not really any hints, but since Bianca chose Tepig, she would probably want to battle Cress (since she's a fierce battler and loves challenges, maybe.) ♥♥♥

    BlueLeafShipping: Cress and Dawn. The name comes from them both having blue hair and blue eyes, also with Dawn coming from Twinleaf Town. I came up with a FanFic that I haven't written down yet about Dawn going to Unova, going on a journey with Cress, Chili going crazy and creating a new badge for the Striaton gym(The Inferno Badge) and, yeah. You get the Idea. ♥♥♥♥♥

    AdvanceShipping: Ash and May. You already know about this one. I got into it after watching all the Hoenn episodes when I was a kid. ^^ ♥♥♥♥

    PearlShipping: Ash and Dawn. I like AdvanceShipping and PearlShipping. I can't dislike one of them. I liked this one after watching the Sinnoh era. :P ♥♥♥

    FerrisWheelShipping: N and White. I got into this one after the ending of Pokemon Black. Yup. Lots of hints there. ♥♥♥♥

    Harry Potter

    Hermione/Ron: So happy that they're together! Always loved em! ♥♥♥♥♥

    Hermione/Draco: They definetly don't like each other, but I always seemed to like this ship. ♥♥♥

    Harry/Ginny: Not obsessed, but I am a supporter. ♥
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    If you think that it's unfair that Ash finds starters in the wild and we can't, copy and paste this into your siggy! (started by zebbystrika)

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    Okay mine has changed some and now here they are

    PearlShipping: I like Ash and Dawn are like a one in the same character and I thought they have a great connection together. When I first watched Dawn on an episode I saw some hints on it.

    ContestShipping: I think it's a pretty cute couple it's kind obvious that Drew at least likes May... I mean look at the roses! Plus he helped May when Harley was out to get her.

    GFChampShipping: I always thought Harley was gay and when I went looking for a Solidad story I found one having her paired with Robert. I didn't see her paired with any body else so it went on my list. Now I am very fond of this pairing.

    EgoShipping: I was always fond of Ash's rival and his first girl traveling partner to run off together. HA! Well that's true too. I do really like Gary and I love Misty and I thought to pair them of together.

    AlexandrianShipping: I went looking for a Jasmine and Flint story but I found these stories just based on Volkner and Jasmine. Unsure who this volkner character was I looked up an episode. Watched and then I started to really love this pairing.

    DoubletrainingShipping: Wow I just like Nando, and who better then Zoey? I think both of them would be pretty good for each other.

    James/Oc: I do like Rocketshipping too but I needed a triangle of some kind.

    Paul/Oc: Now I would be an ikarishipper [sp?] But I found it kinda hard to follow when I realized that he didn't even know her name! And the have been in plenty of episodes already together to know it.

    HandymanShipper: Now I normally don't like Tracey but I though him and Daisy would be an interesting pair.
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    I never noticed this thread before! Time for my list~ :3

    Contestshipping (Drew x May): My first ever shipping I discovered and supported in Pokemon, and still probably my OTP. I love the interactions between May and Drew and how they can be have a simple conversation, an amusing argument, or an intense battle. I like the different emotions brought out in shippings like these because I find a constant lovey attitude a bit boring. Also, with so many hints, this shipping always has plenty of fans which can always make the couple stay popular.

    Respectshipping (Ash x Drew): This outranks my love for Contestshipping, but since it's pretty much a crack pairing, there isn't much that can be said. I just think the dynamic between Ash and Drew would be cute; Ash seems friendly and optimistic while Drew isn't as social and doesn't have such a positive way about him. Again, I find little conflicts bring more fun. I don't really know when or how I got to liking this couple, but I have no regrets. ;D

    Comashipping (Paul x Ash): My favorite shipping out of the whole DP series. Paul and Ash are very opposite rivals more than the usual "we have the same goal, so I'll beat you, Loser" that happens most of the time. Paul and Ash reject the others way of training and had different opinions, but also had great interactions. I love the League episodes because that sexyadorableamazing sunset scene Paul had opened up a little to Ash. Not a complete 180 where 'life is beautiful' and such, but enough for there to be a kind of emotional climax for the shipping. Okay, that sunset scene, too. The close ups, dramatic panning of shots, and since it was a sunset. Good things come from sunset scenes. :u

    FerrisWheelshipping (N x White): After playing through Pokemon Black (as the female character) it was difficult not to love this shipping. N is my favorite game character by far, and although your player really says nothing, there's a connection between you and N. That last goodbye scene in the games got me to cry. ;-; This shipping also has absolutely beautiful fanarts, which is what really makes this shipping so popular.
    (The whole game reasoning can be said for Isshushipping (N x Black) as well, and I'm a fan of it. Ferriswheel just seems to stick out more because of it's popularity.)

    Ooh, a Yugioh shipping, too. :p

    Thiefshipping (Yami Bakura x Marik): Yesssss~ Of course, brought on by the whole Abridged Series. I started watching the actual episodes, and I was pretty surprised, because Thiefshipping wasn't that much of a crack ship. Plus, two baddies? It's so sexy, haha. >:3
    But really, the ship is pretty tragic. There's almost a guarantee that there would be virtually no actual emotions involved between them. Probably just be a mutual agreement to use each other for whatever reason. So sad, but maybe that's why I can't stop liking it. (And the fanfictions can be so dark and scary, but so utterly good that it is amazing. Fanfictions and fanarts are always a huge player in my love for a shipping.)

    I could rattle off names of at least 10 more shippings I like, but really it's because I'm open to nearly all of them, and don't have much other reasoning than 'it's cute'. Although if I come up with more reasons, I'll edit this. :3
    I have claimed Respectshipping (Ash x Drew).

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    Oceanus's Shipping list


        Spoiler:- Anime Ships:

        Spoiler:- Manga Ships:

    Big Time Rush

        Spoiler:- BTR Ships:

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    1. RocketShipping (Jessie X James) Ever since I was a little kid, I always viewed them as a couple. In fact, I was shocked the first time I saw someone mention that they weren't. I think they compliment one another really well, and have such a strong bond that you don't find very often. They also have all of their fearhugs - of which there are way too many to name. Plus, it's just cute! (Sorry, I couldn't resist! XD)

    2. ElderShipping (Prof. Oak X Delia [Ash's Mom]) They're almost always together (at least, when we see them), and seem to have a very close relationship. They both seem to respect each other a lot. Plus, there has to be a reason why Prof. Oak seems just as interested (if not more interested) in Ash that Gary, his grandson.

    3. BoulderShipping (Ash X Brock) Brock stays with Ash throughout most of his journey, excluding only the Orange Islands and, now, Unova. This means that Brock was Ash's traveling companion for the longest time of all his friends (excluding Pikachu, obviously). Also, the fact that Brock was willing to leave his family to travel with Ash seems to say a lot. Plus, in Grating Spaces!, they were totally in sync while battling.

    4. ReformShipping (Red X Giovanni [game]) This one's a bit harder to explain. Giovanni remembers Red's name after meeting him only once, which, considering the amount of underlings he has, I doubt he remembers that well with most people. Also, Giovanni decides to completely end Team Rocket simply because Red beat him at the Gym. Also, I often take Red's silence as a bit of an indicator in the later games. Although this is purely my imagination, I think that the reason he finds Gold as a worthy opponent and wants to fight him is that he was the cause of Team Rocket ending a second time. Okay, I know I'm getting out on a limb here, so I'm going to stop. XD

    5. UnderclassmenShipping (Brendan X Hilbert [game]) This is another one that's hard to explain, especially since they've never met. But, at least the way I imagine it (it's hard to establish a whole lot of canon for player characters' personalities), they seem to have very similar personalities and goals. Also, although Brendan starts out not knowing anyone in Hoenn, he soon befriends May and Wally, while Hilbert also has two friends, Cheren and Bianca. The roles of both of May and Bianca seem very similar - both give up being serious trainers to work on Pokémon research. The Wally and Cheren are both quite different, but both end up being able to be battled after beating the Elite Four at the end of Victory Road, and they both had extra areas to explore after the Elite Four. They had very similar journeys, and it's really interesting. Plus, I have a feeling they're going to make RSE remakes, so that will make them both on the same generation.

    6. LittleBrotherShipping (Max X Forrest [Brock's Little Brother]) Yeah, this one is a little out there, I admit it (See a pattern? lol) This is mostly based on Grating Spaces!. In that episode Max helps save the Gym by catching Meowth with the Poké Balls. Forrest is the one to notice, and stops him. Although it's not much, it does show a good example of teamwork between them. Also, Max is very determined to become a Pokémon Trainer, while Forrest already is. Max seems to have a lot of respect for strong and experienced trainers, and the fact that Forrest is already a Gym Leader seems like something he'd truly respect.

    7. RemakeShipping (Red [RGBY games] X Red [FRLG games - I tend to call him "Fire"]) They follow the same journey, with only minor alterations, being basically the same person. However, I've always pictured them with vast differences in personality, with Red being the more quiet, subdued one, and Fire being kind of... well, fiery. I picture him as more of a talker, and the kind of guy who would joke around a bit, so I really like the contrast and similarities between the two.

    There are probably more, but I'll just leave it with these ones for right now. Maybe I'll add more later.
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