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Thread: Your Shipping List (Updated: February 12, 2017)

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    Alright here's my list:

    OTP/Fave Ships

    Comashipping(Paul/Ash): My OTP. For me its the way Paul always seem to show up where Ash is *coughstalkercough*. It's also because Ash seems to want to impress Paul so much (His first try against Roark). Something just clicked with the two of them that made me think they could actually be together.

    Pearlshipping(Ash/Dawn): Out of all the main girl X Ash ships I feel IMO this is the better one. Ash's friendship and closesness to Dawn started faster than the others. The song High Touch really helped matters too. It just seemed to make sense in my head I guess

    Rocketshipping(Jessie/James): It's going to be hard to explain this one but I always thought those two were a couple since I started watching the show when I was little. Jesse and James already act like a married couple (fight, hug when they are scared, come out the bushes with messed up hair) so why not? I feel this ship has a potential to be canon if the writers ever felt to expand upon it.

    Luckshipping(Brock/Lucy): This was one of the few times where the girl Brock fell in love with returned the feelings. It was actually mutual! I wish Lucy would come back and have some more time with Brock.

    Contestshipping(Drew/May): This one has canon crushes so to speak. The very small portion of me who is a romantic likes the fact Drew gave May the roses. And how May would go into a trance like state when she thought of Drew. It's kind of cute to think about what would happen if May and Drew had openly confessed their feelings.

    Wishfulshipping(Cilan/Iris): I find Iris and Cilan's interactions to be adorable. They are opposites but they blend together quite well. It's not heated bickering but instead a playful banter. I hope to see more interactions along the way.

    Shippings that I like:

    Cavaliarshipping(Gary/Dawn): Mainly due to Dawn fangirling over Gary. Plus Gary did seem to appear flustered when Dawn would fangirl over him or call him "the Poet's grandson" If I had to pair Gary up with a girl it would be Dawn.

    Kodakshipping(Ash/Trip): Ash and Trip have an interesting dynamic so far. My mind has run wild with ideas of how they may interact in the future.

    Ignitionshipping(Flint/Volkner): The concern Flint showed for Volkner both in the games was absolutely adorable. It showed the concern he had for a long term friend/rival. A solid friendship that has a little bit of subtext with it.

    Negaishipping(Ash/Iris): It's cute how their banter plays out. Their hot-blooded personalities actually mesh quite well together.

    Cafemochashipping(Cilan/Ash): What can I say? Ash's obliviousness and Cilan's fabulousness just make for interesting possibilities.

    Shippings I just support

    Balanceshipping(Norman/Caroline): A cute canon couple. The episode "Love, Petalburg Style!" sealed the deal for me. It was funny yet romantic as well.

    Chessshipping(Hilbert/Hilda): Even though it's somewhat a nevermet shipping (as they only appear together in the Battle Subway) I enjoy the fanfics and fanart of the pairing.
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    my shippings
    *****: most favorited
    ***: favorited
    ***: kind of favorited
    **: not as favorited
    *: only like
    from the Pokemon series:
    Pearlshipping *****. Before the anime began in the USA, I became hooked on this shipping after seeing screenshots of Satoshi always being with Hikari including their first high five (the dramatic one). I thought it was something worth looking forward to so I gave it a shot.
    SapphirePearlshipping ***: I like them in a platonic way but not a very romantic way. They are awesome friends and they came out as awesome friends when they first met each other.
    Abilityshipping ***: I was hooked on this ship because I saw for the very first time that someone admitted that they (Anabel) had a crush on Satoshi. It went downhill when I saw a vid about Satoshi and Hikari.
    Advanceshipping ***: After watching movie 9 when dormant with Pokemon for the past six years, I saw that this was extremely flooded with hints and thought that these guys might be together in the end. .
    Contestshipping ****: After seeing Shuu and Haruka together, I found out that Advanceshipping was going to have a rough time with this shipping and I was proven right.
    Pokeshipping ***: After six years of dormancy of Pokemon, I returned and read about Pokeshipping, I saw that Kasumi happened to have a crush on Satoshi and Satoshi cared for her (proven in bulbapedia). unfortunately some of the hints were known to be fake by the 4kids group of Pokemon (curse them).
    Orangeshipping ****: I saw ever since I saw this anime when I was young that Kasumi and kenji looked great together no doubt about it. They seemed more together in the chronicles than back at the Orange islands. It's great that their friendship became stronger, I hope their friendship will keep growing.
    Pikashipping *****: My god do I love this shipping, movie 1, movie 8, and numerous episodes claimed the epicness of Pikashipping. I don't believe that they will part ways and not have each other in the further seasons. I hope they stick together in the end.
    Penguinshipping ***: It's true that Kengo has a crush on Hikari, but there's not enough information and hints to make this shipping a big shipping. For the number of supporters and fans for this shipping, I'm surprised that it's going strong.
    from other animes and video games
    buddyshipping (SonicXTails) ****: Yup, these guys are there for each other whenever and wherever. So much information of their friendship and support, their hints are out of this world.
    Rivalshipping (SonicXKnuckles) ***: Absolute rivals at some points in time, they end up helping each other when there's trouble. When they fight each other, that's something to laugh at when watching. This shipping just cracks me up.
    TreasureHuntshipping (KnucklesXRouge) *****: One of the most canon shippings around the whole Sonic series. Their fights, rivalry, showing that they like each other, blushing, flattering, and much more to make this more than a platonic relationship .
    Partnershipping (ShadowXRouge) ***: These two work together from the GUN to get through tough missions, with Rouge showing concerns for Shadow when comes to bad memories (Sonic Heroes), betrayal, and having the world being turned against him (Sonic 2006). I don't really like this shipping that much, but for the hints, I will give it a chance.
    Toughloveshipping (SonicXAmy Rose) ****: Beyond the most popular shipping of the sonic series, Amy Rose has undying love for Sonic ever since he rescued her for the first time back when she was 8 years old. Sonic really doesn't have Amy in his interest for he has interest in freedom, vacationing, and running into adventures and dangers that awaits him. However, since as years past in the series, Sonic somehow is starting to notice Amy more and possibly this shipping might grow more as time passes...
    Roseshipping (ShadowXAmy Rose) *****: My most favorite ship from the series due to playing Sonic Adventure 2. There were a lot of good hints of these two in the first game and in the game, Shadow the Hedgehog. The title for the part when Shadow sees Amy Rose is called, "The Miracle of Love" 0_o. Shocking isn't it, it could be possible that these two might become friends than supporters, maybe more than being friends. Let's just wait and see what awaits us.
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    I only like 3 shippings :/

    Pearlshipping: I like it most just because Dawn is my favorite Pokemon character and she's pretty (I'm a girl just to let you know, and I'm straight, but I just think she's pretty) And her and Ash have a really great connection.

    Advanceshipping: May's my second favorite Pokemon character... and I think her and Ash have a great connection also... just not as good as Ash's and Dawn's...

    Lustshipping: Really the only person I can see Brock with is Nursejoy... the officer Jenny part not so much... anyways not much to say about this... but I just like them...
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    Might as well post mine, rofl.

    Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty). My OTP. This is the first ship I ever supported, and out of all the ships I support, it has to be my favorite. I absolutely adore the bond Ash and Misty share, it's too cute. Misty's crush on Ash was adorable. I love how she always tried to hide it behind her tough exterior, but you could still tell she really liked him. And Ash, he may have been really dense, but you could tell he sort of liked her too. They have some very cute hints--I loved their reactions when people would accuse them of being a couple. This will always be my favorite, I can't be swayed.

    Neoshipping (Butch x Cassidy): This one's right up there with Poke--very close to OTP status. What's funny is that I used to really dislike this ship, but then one day I just started to really love it. I'm not sure what it is, actually. Butch and Cassidy just look really cute together imo. They don't really have any hints, but oh well--the Luvdisc episode was good enough for me. :P

    Contestshipping (Drew x May): You can't get much more canon than this. The fact that there are still people who refuse to acknowledge that Contestshipping is canon makes me laugh. But that doesn't matter, since it's still too adorable. May and Drew had such cute interactions during AG. I loved how Drew started off as the AG Gary, but you could still tell he had a thing for May from the start. And eventually he just got so nice to her. Their hints were adorable--the roses, the blushing, the teasing, it was all so great. It was one of my favorite parts of AG.

    Rocketshipping (Jessie x James): Even though it's all but dead in the anime, I still adore it. Whether James is gay or not, he and Jessie still look adorable together. They had such cute little friendship moments together back in Kanto that you don't really see anymore. I miss the golden days of Rocketshipping. :[

    Conjunctionshipping (Saturn x Mars): Yeah, I know I'm one of the few people who supports this, rofl. I don't care, I think it's a great ship. While some say Saturn and Mars clash, I think they just look right together. I have no clue what it is, really...they just do. Saturn and Mars are also my two favorites from Team Galactic, so I guess that's another reason. I don't care if I'm one of the three people in the world who supports this, you can't change my mind.

    Imageshipping (Misty x May): Well, Misty and May are my two favorite girls, so of course I'd ship them together. And I love all three of the main girls with each other anyway. ^_^ But yeah, it's sad that this ship is so underrated. I think it's wonderful. Misty and May didn't interact as much as they could have, but I really wish they could have interacted more. I would have loved to see them become best friends, which I'm sure they would have if they had the chance. And they just look so sweet together. Plus the few fanarts that exist for this ship are beautiful.

    Sapphirepearlshipping (Dawn x May): I have to admit, I really couldn't get into this until I saw the Wallace Cup arc. And when I did, I fell in love. Not only do Dawn and May look so cute together, but their interactions were fantastic. They became best friends in one episode, and they only got closer as the Wallace Cup progressed. It was so cute how Dawn really idolized May, even going so far as to calling her the Princess of Hoenn. And May giving Dawn that Piplup necklace was adorable (I wonder why she never wears it XD). It doesn't hurt that their match in the finals of the Wallace Cup is probably my favorite contest battle on the whole show.

    Coldcoffeeshipping (Paul x Barry): Basically what happened was, before I watched "Barry's Busting Out All Over", I didn't think I'd really like Barry all that much. But the moment I watched the episode, I fell in love with the kid. Realizing that he was now one of my favorite characters, I knew I had to ship him with somebody. And who better to ship him with but Paul? Barry never shut up about how great Paul was, after all. Man, I can't wait for these two to meet. I would just love for Barry to fanboy Paul in person and see Paul's reaction.

    HeatTagshipping (Conway x Dawn): Fantastic ship. I started to love this the moment I watched the Tag Battle arc. Conway is such a creeper, but I love him, and the way he stalks Dawn is creepy yet adorable. And I love how Dawn kind of went all fangirlish on him at one point too. Too bad she basically ignored him during the Summer School arc, though. Oh well.

    Palletshipping (Ash x Gary): This is such a hot ship. It's without a doubt one of the best yaoi ships there is in Pokemon. I absolutely loved the way Ash and Gary used to interact, the way Gary would piss Ash off so much and just laugh in his face. I loved the tension between them back then, and even though I preferred those days, I also like how Gary respects Ash now. You can't deny that they look hot together, either.

    Chefshipping (Brock x Harley): ...Don't ask. I just really like this one for some absurd reason. I don't know why. I just love shipping Brock with people, especially when the ship is total crack like this one. And anything with Harley = win, so yeah.

    Gymshipping (Brock x Misty): Too adorable. I love Brock and Misty together. They look so cute together and have had some very sweet moments together. Eh, this is another really underrated ship. It's sad. I feel like I'm the only real supporter of Gymshipping. D:

    Tensionshipping (Drew x Harley): Oh god, I love this one. It's so insanely hot and hilarious at the exact same time. I would laugh so hard if this ship ended up being canon one day. I would also laugh if I found out there were any other real supporters of this besides me, but...whatever. This is just a lovable crack ship.

    Respectshipping (Ash x Drew): Not quite as crackish, but still. Ash and Drew barely interacted, which made me sad. I really would have loved to see these two talk more. Besides, it's just a really hot ship. I don't think I've ever seen any fanart or fanfics for Respectshipping, and I'll probably be so happy if I see some one day.

    Twinleafshipping (Barry x Dawn): This ship is just so cute and sweet. Coldcoffeeshipping may be my first choice for Barry, but this is still a really cute ship. He and Dawn do look cute together, even though they have like no hints. I'd just like for them to interact more.

    Questshipping (Jimmy x Marina): I can't not ship this. It's adorable! Marina and Jimmy liking each other was so obvious it was painful. I loved their sweet moments together, like when they did that cute little gaze into each others eyes and that "YES!" face Jimmy pulled at the end. And it's the only ship to become pretty much canon in such a short time.

    Oystershipping (Misty x Dawn): I don't like this as much as Image and Sapphirepearl, but I'm sure my love for this will go up when and if Misty and Dawn finally meet. Dawn did really want to see the Misty lure, after all, and I can't see why Misty and Dawn wouldn't get along--even though a lot of people seem to think otherwise. :/

    Impressionshipping (Misty x Duplica): I don't know? XD I just think it's cute for some reason. Duplica's episode was always one of my favorites, and she and Misty looked cute together reciting the Team Rocket motto. I can't really think of another reason for why I like this, I just do. XD

    Cavaliershipping (Gary x Dawn): Dawn fangirling Gary has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. "Wow! It's the poet's grandson! " I loved how she wanted Gary to recite some poetry because she assumed he was just like his grandfather. I wish Gary would come back so I can see Dawn fangirl him again.

    Comashipping (Ash x Paul): This never really appealed to me originally, but it's definitely grown on me. I like it more for the fact that Ash and Paul look hot together, though, rather than their interactions. It's definitely interesting that Ash has tried so hard just to get through to Paul even though Paul would always ignore him, but I don't care how they interact, the fact that they look so hot together is good enough for me.

    Egoshipping (Gary x Misty): I really just like this for the cuteness factor. I love how Gary and Misty look together. True, I would definitely love it more if Gary and Misty had actually interacted, but whatever. The cute fanart I've seen is enough.

    Handymanshipping (Tracey x Daisy): Rofl, no, I don't like this for the dub-added hints. I just think it's cute how Daisy and Tracey became really close friends. It was a nice unexpected twist, since back when the Orange Islands were still airing it was something I never would have expected. But they do look cute together and the friendship they formed is really cute.

    Kokoshipping (Butch x James): Oh, I love it. XD I don't care if it goes against Neo and Rocket, it's amazing. Just the thought of them being together makes me giggle. Probably because I always think of Pikachu Revolts when I think of this ship, no matter what. XD Ah well. I don't care what anyone says. I think this ship is great.

    Yamushipping (Jessie x Cassidy): I may not like Butch x Jessie and James x Cassidy, but Kokoshipping and Yamushipping both rock. Seriously the tension between Cassidy and Jessie is incredible. It's too damn obvious that the two have a history. Overused theory, but there's no denying that they were a lesbian couple back in the day and had a bitter falling out, hence their rivalry. But whee.

    Lagomorphshipping (Pikachu x Buneary): The only Poke x Poke ship I like, really. I can't get over how adorable Buneary's crush on Pikachu is. It's as simple as that.

    Minamoshipping (May x Kelly): Dude, how can you watch Kelly's episodes and NOT support Minamoshipping? It's awesome. Who could forget their scene on the bench, and all that dialogue? "They're beautiful, May, both of them." XD But besides that, the two girls look very cute together. It just looks right.

    Shoppingshipping (Brock x May): Yeah, I know I must be the only one who likes this. Whatever. I like Brock and May's friendship. I know some people must think it's creepy because Brock is so much older than May or whatever, but I think it's cute. Not as cute as Gymshipping, but still cute.

    Sinfulshipping (Mars x Jupiter): My second favorite Galactic ship. If Mars had to go with someone other than Saturn, it would definitely be Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter are both hot--you know it's true--so naturally they compliment each other perfectly. I dunno, I just like it.

    Sundaeshipping (Harley x Max): You know they want each other. Harley got Max an ice cream sundae (what bribery?) and Harley's always smacking Max on the back and everything. The age difference may be considered wrong, but I don't care. It's hilarious.

    Masumishipping (Misty x Max): Max's crush on Misty was too adorable. It was too cute how he always wanted to be around her. Their moment in the cave was really cute, too. I might have preferred if it were May in the cave with Misty instead of Max, but still. They really bonded well in that episode, which was sweet.

    Ikarishipping (Dawn x Paul): I'm not really a huge fan of this anymore. When DP first started I loved it, just because I thought Dawn and Paul looked amazing together. But my love for it really died down after a while. Now I really only like it in fanarts. But I'll still remember it as the first DP ship I ever supported. :]

    Cookieshipping (Harley x May): This is definitely the only het Harley ship I will ever support in my life. I really only like this one-sided from May's side. Even though May can't really stand Harley, I can sort of see her growing a tiny crush on Harley. Unrequited, of course, given Harley's nature. ^_^

    Brocketshipping (Brock x James): I can't help but love this one. It's just great. It all started with "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak", and from then on I just loved it. I know it's considered crack, but oh how I love it. One of the best cracks ships ever, no doubt.

    Bouldershipping (Ash x Brock): I've always thought this was cute. Mostly for their friendship, since I love how no matter how many times Ash and Brock go their separate ways, Brock always comes back no matter what. :3 And you can't deny how hot they look together.

    Breedershipping (Brock x Suzy): Aww, the cuteness. Brock's crush on Suzy was adorable, I love how he couldn't put a sentence together around her at first. XD And Suzy giving Brock Vulpix was awesome, considering they only just met in that episode. But Suzy was the first girl to ever really be nice to Brock, so yeah.

    Luckshipping (Brock x Lucy): This is really cute too. I loved how every time Brock cheered for Lucy, she would smile and blush. And I'll bet Lucy would have actually gone along with Brock if Max hadn't ruined the moment. XD But I love it when girls actually show an interest in Brock. :3

    Morpheusshipping (Ash x Angie): Unlike Abilityshipping, which never appealed to me, I liked Morpheusshipping from the moment I first saw Angie. She and Ash had some great interactions in the episodes they had together and they had some great moments, my favorite being when Ash was saving Angie and when Angie told him to let go he yelled, "I'll never let go! Even if it means forever!" Pretty intense. :3

    Steelshipping (Buson x Bashou): Because I can't use their dub names. :3 Anyway, I like this either way--yaoi or het. I prefer it with Bashou as a guy, but if we're considering Bashou a girl then so be. It doesn't change the fact that the ship is hot. They worked really well together and blah blah blah *inserts every reason for supporting a Team Rocket ship here*.

    Appealshipping (Dawn x Zoey): Not really a huge favorite of mine, but it's still cute. I like it. They have--or had--some cute interactions and I liked it when Zoey brushed Dawn's hair. ^_^

    There are probably more, but that's all I can think of right now.
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    So I guess I will make my list to X3


    Bishieshipping: This is my OTP 8D. I started to like this ship thanks to my friend Mel-Girl and now I just simply love it. I always read the drabbles and fics. And almost every day I go in search for fan art of this Ship X3.

    Pearlshipping : I like how Ash and Dawn's friendship has progressed trough the DP saga. And their simmilarities they have shown . I really like this ship a lot

    Penguinshipping : I really love the Childhood friend stuff . Even though this ship is almost one sided on Kengo's part, I still Support it to my fullest.

    Collideshipping : Since Ash gets the Lucas Treatment , colliding with Barry every time they met. I always think of Ash being Barry's mentor in some things instead of Paul and I imagine Barry going to his Fanboy state when he mentions Ash to other people XD .

    Cableshipping : The Pairing of Denji with Gen is one that gets my attention every time I see the fan arts . I only support this ship because of fan arts ;X.

    Vicktoreeshipping : Well I started liking this Ship when I was playing Platinum in the Battleground or Underground and when I was battling Marley the coments she gave , got me thinking.... Lucas x Marley... I like that.

    Coldcoffeshipping : Hmm , this ship is one of the funniest one I have ever seen. Barry's Obsesion with Paul makes this Ship one side canon on his part XD Maybe Paul feels the same for him XD . And because we all know how Paul's character is I am really hoping for an interaction between those 2 in the near Future .

    Comashipping : FFFFFFFF, this Ship is the one responsible for making me forget of Palletshipping . But yeah I like rivalry ships and ATM this is my favorite rivalry ship. I am sure we are expecting more interactions between them and the ultimate League showdown will really show me a lot from this ship =D .

    Fireredshipping : Ever since I know of Zoey hate for people who do both Contest and Gyms. I started pairing her with Ash a lot because of those things.

    Advanceshipping : Well Advanceshipping will always have a place in my heart, I really loved the Student/Teacher relationship they had and thanks to Youtube AMV's XD , I loved this ship a lot XD.

    Respectshipping: Since Gary wasn't appearing in AG I needed to pair Ash with someone who wasn't Brock by that time ans since I didn't like Contestshipping that much ( No offense to them ) .

    Aerialshipping: My Good friend S-Unit got me into this hsip . And I know have day dreams about it and secretly I write one shots and drabbles of this ship

    Haganeshipping : I like to Pair Gen with a lot of characters, but pairing him with Hyouta is one of my favorite things to do ;D . This is my 3 favorite Gen ship.

    Avatar The Last Airbender :

    Yu-Gi-Oh :

    I will Update the list and their Reason when I have the Chance. Thank-You
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    Just a few, but a list nontheless...

    CookieShipping-I Know this is weird! I know I'm a lunatic! But yes, I love this shipping. Isn't it the saying "the more you hate, the more you love?" (got this from someone)very much evident here? Besides, if Harley really hated May, wouldn't he just not mind her? Teasing/annoying is a sign of likin'....

    LucianxArgenta (whatever it's called)-A secret guilty pleasure of mine ever since she was revealed. Seriously, I thought she was related to Lucian in the first place. I could totally see them together. Perhaps she could drag Lucian away from those books...and just where does she get the knowledge to make difficult curveballs? Him most probably. Just a conspiracy though...

    ContestShipping-quite obvious. Isn't a rose a sign for love? Besides, it's plain obvious....can picture the two snuggling together.

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    Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn) 10/10

    Ash and Dawn really make a great couple together, I think they fall in love but do not realize yet, this couple really has great potential to materialize at the end of the DP saga

    Orangeshipping (Tracey x Misty) 6/10

    Misty practically no longer occurs, and in his last aparicones (including Pokémon Chronicles) was seen close to Tracey, and what better example than the gift of Tracey for Misty (azurrill)

    Againstshipping (Paul x Zoey) 7/10

    Zoey has been the only girl in face to Paul in the face, and I resent the idea of this couple (bad boy x mature girl)

    Contestshipping (May x Drew) 9/10 obvious that May likes Drew

    Johtofestashipping (Kuzunari x Kotone) 9/10

    I think Kotone like Kuzunari, and that was seen in DP 145

    Advanceshipping (May x Ash) 7/10

    I think they make a beautiful couple
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    May may have gave him a ribbon
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    P o k e m o n ♥
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    D i g i m o n ♥
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    pat's shipping list

    EDIT: Bruh this list is old and unnecessarily long. I need to revise it and make it super organized and neat. Will edit again soon.

        Spoiler:- Ships w/ Dawn:
        Spoiler:- other ships:

    Misc. Anime/Manga

        Spoiler:- :
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    Wink Joker-San's Shipping List~

    [Joker's Shipping List]
    rat-a-tat-tat on your dum-dum drum. the beat's so phat, gonna make me cum. ♪ ♩ ♫
    | . - meh | ★★ - nice nice baby | ★★★ - kawaii | ★★★★ - love | ★★★★★ - otp |

    RaimonShipping [Touya & Kamitsure] - I fell in love with this pairing when I first saw Kamitsure. It is probably my Generation 5 OTP. ★★★★★
    NegaiShipping [Ash & Iris] - lovely ship. I fell in love with it in BW003. I hope that Dento ruin it </3 ★★★★
    ChessShipping [Touya & Touko] - Hotniss. Probably my OTP for Touko and Touya when she isn't busy with Kamitsure. ★★★★★
    AtmosShipper [Falkner & Fuuro] sexy sky shipping is sexy | i can't see them ever meeting, but they would still look hot as hell. ★★★
    BlackJackShipper [Red (game) & Touya] - Kawaii nevermet shipping is kawaii. ★★★

    pokemon; tepig
    bishies; kamitsure & pod

    -- list STILL under construction [updated; 11/7/10]
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    CollideShipping: My personal favorite. I like how Ash and Barry act around each other, always wanting to prove their strength to each other. It's cute and that's why I'm a CollideShipper!

    ContestShipping: I've always liked the way May acts around Drew. Just his presence excites her and motivates her to do better in Contests, which is really cute.

    IkariShipping: Both Dawn and Paul are from Sinnoh. I like to think that they have that much in common. I like the contrast between Dawn's happy go-lucky attitude and Paul's silent, tough exterior.

    RocketShipping: I've been an avid fan of this Shipping pair since before I knew about Shippings in general. Jessie is always so dominant and James is always so passive. It works.

    WishfulShipping: I love the new characters (Iris and Cilan) and I think that they look cute together, so WishfulShipping has my full support. It's a newer Shipping but it looks promising due to the sheer amount of hints in the anime.
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    Kasumi_HiME's Shipping List


    - Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty) OTP : 5/5

    Where do I begin with these two? I've been an avid support of them for 10 years now. It is my OTP for life. I adore the reactions these two engage with each other. The way they react to comments about them in a relationship is very cute, especially if they both blush. Misty is also the only character traveling with Ash to leave Ash because she was forced to, not because she wanted to. Also, these two were originally going to become a pairing after Pokemon was suppose to end following the first movie. These two have so many hints, that I have to refrain myself from ranting on and on about all of them. So I will just simply end this with that; I love this pairing. I will never stop supporting these two. I have 100&#37; complete faith in this pairing and that someday it may become cannon.

    - Contestshipping (Drew/May) : 4/5
    This pairing is totally cannon.These two were made for each other. I was a fan the moment Drew threw that rose at May. Ever since then I've adored these two together <3 They have some seriously cute fanart, great fanfictions and awesome supporters that make me love this pairing so much. Contestshipping is the closest thing to cannon I've seen next to Questshipping. and pokeshipping

    - Ikarishipping (Paul/Dawn) : 3.5/5
    Because Bad Guy/Good Girl shippings are love ♥
    And it was cute when Dawn got all mad because Paul forgot who she was ♥
    The fanart of this couple and AMV's are simply great.

    - Oldrivalshipping (Blue/Green) : 3.5/5
    I absolutely love the fanart these two got.
    It is funny when Blue refers to Green as a "pesky girl" or "obnoxious women". He doesn't treat other girls like that at all <3 Blue is simply teasing Green. It's quite cute.

    - Ironwillshipping (Riley/Dawn) : 3/5
    Their personalities pretty much complete each other.
    These two just make me so happy inside ;__; I like the age difference factor as well. It makes it more forbidden and just....better.
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        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Kekkaishi:

        Spoiler:- Bleach:

        Spoiler:- Naruto:

        Spoiler:- Kingdom Hearts:

        Spoiler:- Rosario+Vampire:

        Spoiler:- To Love Ru:

        Spoiler:- Strawberry 100%:
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    Thanks to AmericanPi for the awesome banner.

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    1. Kojiro x Musashi (Jessie x James) Rocketshipping, from Pokemon. My OTP! My reasons are entirely too long to type out without it becoming an essay of sorts, but here's a "short" version.

    2. Black Jack x Pinoko, from the grandfather of modern anime and manga Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack. Call me old-fashioned, but the idea of a nurse falling for the doctor she assists is much too cute.

    Not to mention, Pinoko's love is canon as canon can be in this series! She constantly runs around telling people she's Black Jack's wife. xD

    As any and all potential romantic interests (or even just friends) of the unfortunate Dr. Black Jack have met their untimely, often horrible end or... changed gender on the strictly straight doctor (hi, Kei), Pinoko's the only constant company he has in life and is utterly devoted to him.

    Not to mention, he saved her life and gave her a body.

    He gave her her life and now, she only wants to use it to aid him. It's the sweetest, most heartbreaking thing.

    Black Jack is jaded and hates a great deal of humanity. Little Pinoko is everything that the doctor loves about humanity. She inspires him, just as much as he inspired her, whether they realize it or not.

    "Flowers and humans are beautiful, because they are trying to live." Black Jack is inspired by Pinoko's struggle, which mirrors his rehabilitation as a disabled child so closely.

    But unlike him, she came out smiling, in spite of the pain and rejection by her family, and continues to seek for the silver lining and always looks for the good in people.

    Now, the downsides:

    Pinoko is stuck in a doll-like child's body due to her rather bizzare origins, possibly forever, and her organs are too small and undeveloped to support a larger body (her underdeveloped nervous system also leads to her overblown tantrums that fit her apparant age, while being at odds with her mental maturity). Dang.

    The doctor views her more as a daughter, although he does not view her as a child, despite appearance. He often refers to her as an eighteen year old. ^^

    Then again, their relationship is perhaps a bit more complex than strictly romantic or strictly a father/daughter or sibling-like relationship...

    Black Jack's dream at the end of the manga chapter Call it Life, in which Pinoko appears as her true age, Black Jack refers to her as his wife and the best wife he could have found as well! <3

    3. Pain x Konan, from Naruto. Dangit, I don't know.

    They're just so dang perfect together. I can't imagine them apart.

    They just have this beautiful sort of... thing about them. I can't even describe it.

    I love Konan's loyalty to Pain despite everything that happens.


    That and they just look beautiful together.

    I could also blame my love for this pairing on far too many roleplays involving the two. xD
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    Pokemon Shipping List:

    1. Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty) - Made for each other. I mean, I guess you could say that about any of the characters, but the writers tried harder to make it seem like Ash and Misty would end up as a couple, in my opinion. Movie 2, which is confirmed canon I believe, just kinda cemented it for me. When I was younger, before discovering fanfiction and stuff, I just kind of assumed that when the show ended and everyone grew up Ash and Misty would have kids or something. I dunno... I guess I grew up with them and they had a chemistry Ash didn't have with May or Dawn.

    2. HoennChampionshipping (May/Steven) - In my world, Steven Stone isn't that much older than May. Just a few years. And... I mean... In the real world there are successful relationships between 23 year olds and 28 year olds, aren't there? I dunno. I just feel like they work well together. Anime canon, please? Haha. I used to be an avid Contestshipper, but then I kinda started pairing Ma off with everyone, and Drew missed out. I feel like they'd probably date, but eventually realize that in the long run they don't work. But HoennChmapionshipping rocks!

    3. Brock/Nurse Joy - Self-explanatory. I've always thought they'd go well.

    4. Chessshipping (Black/White) - hey look good together. Not much to say, really, besides WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES? Hahaha

    5. As for shipping Dawn, I have a hard time. She's not very shippable to me. No hints in the anime. I don't particularly like Penguinshipping, Dawn always came across as disinterested. I do like Cavaliershipping, but I dunno if they'd work out? I'm indifferent to Ikarishipping, but that's because I don't see Paul as a romantic person looking for a relationship.

    Lately I've begun to like IronWillshipping (Dawn/Riley). Hmm.

    6. Rocketshipping - Woo.

    Others that don't get a number:

    I liked Firebirdshipping for a while. I'm over that now, though. Like I said, I pair May off a lot. Currently, Steven is her top pair, but I've given her Drew, Brendan, Ash (Even though Pokeshipping is my number 1, I've entertained some Advanceshipping. Nothing serious. And no Pearl.), James, Noland (From a fanfic that involves some OCs, and, yeah...). I guess I like giving her older guys?

    Tracey could use someone, which is why there's Handymanshipping.

    Here're some of my favorite Pokemon x Pokemon ships:

    Revolutionshipping - Togekiss x Wargle
    FrozenHuntershipping - Arcanine x Glaceon
    Cryonicshipping - Zoroark x Glaceon
    There're more, I just can't think of them >.<
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    Here is my list~ It will definitely be updated as I can think of more~

    1. BETELGUESESHIPPING!! (MarsxCyrus) For all that know me, this is pretty much my favorite of all time shipping and I'm pretty much the biggest fan. I remember when Diamond and Pearl came out and I immediately just suddenly felt a "click" with these two.

    Likely because back when the prerelease info was coming out, people thought Mars was the leader, of course, that wasn't the case so at first my reasoning was "why not put who-we-thought-was-the-leader with the-actual-leader?" but the more I learned about them, the more I thought that I thought they started to complement each other. I mean, Cyrus is a stoic character while Mars on the other hand I see as a more happy-go-lucky personality and you know, acts like a typical girl in love. She tries not to be too forward with the relationship, but ends up going overboard and takes over the male role as the "pursuer."

    Of course, Cyrus is not interested in love, love is very pointless, which is why to me it is hard to write a good Betelguese fanfiction because I tend to go too fast with it and with Cyrus, you have to take it slow. It has to take him a while to finally given into his human nature (despite the fact that he thinks he is a god in human-form) and stop denying his emotions.

    For a while before Platinum came out, I seemed to be the only huge supporter, that is, until Platinum was released and we were given more dialogue from Marzipan! After the battle at Stark Mountain, Mars mentions that Cyrus was a better leader and that she was going to look for him. She was going to LOOK FOR HIM! Jupiter, on the other hand, just wants to be a normal girl and lead a normal life, but Mars, no, Mars seriously would do anything to find him and would probably keep searching all of her life if she has to, but she wants to be with him in the distortion world. Now that is true devotion!

    Of course, I like to think that Mars eventually did find the portal inside Turnback Cave and went into the Distortion world to be with him and when she did find him, she rejoiced, but Cyrus didn't really care about her at first, but she refused to leave and eventually he was okay with her staying with him and then eventually he figured that until he would eventually figure out how to build a place where he could artificially produce offspring to populate the world, well, yeah...

    Of course, he denied any feelings and only thinks of sex as the means of procreation and leaves Mars to do the child-rearing while he tries to plan on how to build his utopia complete with a temple of worship for him...

    Of course, that is just what I think...

    2. Jovianshipping JupiterxSaturn I am happy to say that I am also the namer of this one. I support this one because well, with Mars and Cyrus together, what about those two? They are also names of two "gas giants" in the solar system which is why I thought Jovianshipping was an appropriate name and it's more of my secondary ship in fanfictions. I like to think that maybe after Stark Mountain Jupiter eventually got back together with Saturn and turned the Team Galactic building into a research center and settled down there.

    MAGMAJEWELSHIPPING! (RubyxCourtney) - Okay, I really, really love this couple because it is so hinted at in the manga and Ruby seems to be the only guy that is able to open Courtney up as Courtney seems sort of like that Tsundere type that sort of hides her inner intellegence and emotions. I kind of consider Courtney as Veronica and Sapphire as Betty and Ruby has to choose between one of them.

    NxSilver - Okay, for the longest time I could not come up with a decent pairing for N and Ferriswheelshipping never really appealed to me for some reason. It was either that or NxBianca, but NxBianca didn't really have much content. I decided NxSilver mainly because I could see them talk about their fathers and how bad they were and relate to that and the fact that they are both dynamic characters in their stories basically on the opposite ends of the spectrum that by the end of the game end up to the same conclusion about Pokemon. Silver thinks Pokemon are mere tools while N thinks they are friends that shouldn't be exploited by trainers.

    Other Non-Pokemon pairings-

        Spoiler:- Earthbound trilogy:

        Spoiler:- Megaman pairings:

    That's all for now! I'll add more whenever I'm in the mood writing out my reasoning, but Betelguese took me a lot of work! More will be added!
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    CoordinatingMaster's Shipping List

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Shugo Chara:
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    Victorian's Shipping List! o.O

    Edit (8/25/2011: Added in some more ships and also added ships from Pokemon Special Adventures.


        Spoiler:- Anime Ships:

        Spoiler:- Manga Ships:

        Spoiler:- Game Ships:
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    I'm not as big a shipper as others here (in fact, I never got into much serious shipping until now). But I support quite a few now, even outside of Pokemon.

    NegaiShipping(AshxIris): The BW saga is only in it's 3rd or 4th episode, and I already love this pairing. Most of the hints are shown in the latest episode with Meguroko. The hot-spa scene is rather cute.

    TitanicShipping(SwampertxDaikeki)A ship I thought of and named myself. They look similar and they are both Water types. So far that's the only reason I support them. If it gets to be popular, fanfics and pics MIGHT pop up.
    OK, the official name is CharisShipping, but I like this name better. I like this shipping for pretty much the same reasons I like TitanicShipping and MysticalShipping(DragonairxMilotic).

    Needs no explanation.

    The Spyro series has quite a few shippings I like.

    Lol, I just made that name up just then. Anyway, from The Eternal Night onwards, you see Spyro and Cynder bond closer together. In Dawn of the Dragon, you start picking up hints of a relationship. They become canon right at the end of the Legend of Spyro series.

    I actually never thought of this as a ship until now. Blaze is a fan-made character created by Scarlett O' Hare on The name SurprisesShipping came from the title of my own Spyro fanfic, Surprises That Shocked a Realm, in which Spyro and Blaze are married with a 2 year old daughter.

    This name comes from the 3rd Spyro game (which is set in the Forgotten Realm). Hunter is one of Spyro's best friends, first appearing in the 2nd game. Bianca is a minor antagonist-turned-protagonist in the game. When she learns of the Sorceresses true plans, she defects and helps Spyro instead. She and Hunter become canon at the end of the game.

    Just a few to start with. I also like AdvanceShipping, but not as much as these examples.
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    Here are my Pokemon ships!
    My first ship is May and Drew(Contest shipping) the reason I ship them is pretty long. first, drew always gives may flowers, second Solidad said " We used to talk about things like contest battles, but then he started talking about you, and only you. May, he has feelings for you" is that enough evidence or what!?

    I also ship Ben and Summer(from gaurdian sighns/ tracks of light) This is backed up by how they are normally together and when nema said that they were in love ben/summer gets sort of emarassed. she/he starts to sweat and that is a clear indication that thay are in love.

    Here are my Fruits basket ships
    My first ship is Tohru and Kyo. I like this ship because, Tohru is the only one that Kyo can't stay angry at for too long. Tohru has always loved the cat from the Chinese zodiac any way. they are such a cute couple!

    I also like kisa and Hiro. they are such a sweet couple because well kisa is cute and adorable and hiro well, he even said he likes kisa. She probabley likes hiro too because she is always with him.

    I still ship Haru and Rin because they still love each other even though Rin dumped Haru. I mean Rin only dumped him to protect him! Haru even stated that he still loves Rin!

    Now Ouran High school host club
    I ship Tamiki and Haruhi. Tamiki is sort of crazy sometimes but in the end Haruhi does fall in love with him. Tamiki is madly in love with Haruhi.
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    ***** = OTP
    **** = Fanboy
    *** = I like it on occasion
    ** = Don't like it, but I see where it comes from
    * = OH DEAR GOD NO!!!


    IchiRuki (***): There's obviously a lot of sexual tension there, and that's what makes any good romance work.

    UlquiHime (**): Someone on deviantArt turned me on to it, but really, I can't really see the point of these Stockholm pairings. Of course, I've never been kidnapped, so I don't really know.

    HitsuHina (****): Because love is going into an uncontrollable rage after realizing you impaled the object of your affection instead of the one who hurt her. Truth.

    GinRan (*): I never really liked the doomed romances, especially when one of them knows he's damned himself to a life without her.


    IkkaYumi (***): They're complete opposites, yet they stay together through a common bond despite their differences.

    IchiHitsu (***): I dunno, something about them just... clicks in my mind. Of course, Momo's the one Toshiro loves, but if he was gay, I'd say Ichigo.


    RukiHime (****): I maintain, to this very day, that Rukia would have kissed Orihime if not for Hiyori's interruption.

    TatsuHime (****): We never really saw much of the Karakura Town people during Orihime's captivity, but from what I gather, Tatsuki was the most desperate to see her again.

    Fairy Tail:


    NatsuErza (*****): Tower of Heaven arc + IchiRuki elements + a willingness to go to extremes for each other = a pairing that's even more canon than NatsuLucy.

    GajeelJuvia (****): They know each other better than anyone at the guild, having both been Phantom Lord mages. The fact that Juvia recommended Gajeel for the guild shows that there's a little something there.


    LucyCana (*****): I can't say anything without spoiling anything, so I'mma shut up now.
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    Lyra and Silver(SoulSilver Shipping), Whitney (Kansas Shipping), Dawn (Stockings Shipping) or Kris (NewReplacement Shipping).. I don't mind which
    Coz I played SS and when I battle 'em I'm like O.O Whoop They look good together xD
    But I prefer her with Silver because of that Radio Tower thingy..when Silver took off Lyra's outfit...WEIRD

    To Dawn, in the Sinnoh series, they were good friends as soon as they met, especially I like Dawn's name as Dane better

    With Kris, some people say that she and Lyra are just one, they're wrong! They're two diff! Search it up in Bulbapedia!

    Dawn and Cynthia (GirlPower Shipping)
    Now this is a interesting couple I thought up before (I guess xD)
    While I was playing Diamond for the first time, I saw Cynthia and went OOOH cuuute!
    Thats why I paired 'em up XD

    Jessie and James (Rocket Shipping)
    Because uhm.. I can't really explain, they're always together since the Kanto series and they always hug and cry together in the Anime. Also when Jessie makes James wear gurlie outfits, haha! So cute :3

    Ash and Misty (Poke Shipping)
    I honestly didn't know couple existed until I heard the song 'Misty's song' so cute!
    I wish they became a couple, but sadly Ash cares more about his Pokemon than Misty >.>

    Meowth and Pikachu (Krazy Shipping)
    I'm.. not shore why.. Don't ask me why I even like this couple
    But they're always together, they work as a team.. well sometimes in the movie scenes
    Esp when Pika had amnesia, cute scene of 'em two xD

    In Fushigi Yuugi, Miaka and Nuriko can make an awesome couple. They fight alot, like rivals and they cared for one another
    Nuriko was like a big sister-- brother to Miaka at times
    I cried like crazy when Nuriko died.. Nooo nya~
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    = Like it.
    ♥♥ = Love it
    ♥♥♥ = My OTP!!

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Ace Attorney:

        Spoiler:- Television Shows:
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    Keltena's Shipping List

    ♥ - has possibilities
    ♥♥ - cute and fun
    ♥♥♥ - shipped consistently
    ♥♥♥♥ - loved greatly
    ♥♥♥♥♥ - basically an OTP

    Listed by fandom.

        Spoiler:- Ace Attorney:

        Spoiler:- Bleach:

        Spoiler:- Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel:

        Spoiler:- Code Geass:

        Spoiler:- Disgaea:

        Spoiler:- Exit Fate:

        Spoiler:- Homestuck:

        Spoiler:- Persona 3:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon (games):

        Spoiler:- Pokemon Special:

        Spoiler:- Tales of Symphonia:

        Spoiler:- Tales of the Abyss:

        Spoiler:- The World Ends With You:
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    Okay let's see:


    Ash/May-Couldn't tell you how I got into this, I just started reading fanfiction and then I wouldn't bother looking at any of the other ships.

    Harry Potter:
    Harry/Hermione-Yes I'm one of those Delusion people, I can't stand reading about these two with anyone else which is one of the reasons I no longer read the books.

    Mass Effect:
    Shepard/Tali-Really love the ME universe and this is by far my favorite relationship in it, I also like Shepard/Liara but as a huge Talimancer I'd still chosse her anyday.
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