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Thread: amourshipping thread shutdown

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    Default amourshipping thread shutdown

    to all the mods who shut down the thread, it is understandable that you did. However, the attempts by other community members to restart the thread were put down, which is a violation of our most basic human right to express ourselves. It may be that you want to control the thread yourselves, perhaps you enjoy that feeling of power, but your denial of others who want to talk about something they like speaks a lot about serebii itself. Sure you can ban me, or shut this down, but that would only further my point

    Now i could care less really about the subject of the thread, but what is alarming is the fact that the threads have been shutdown and the people who started it reprimanded. Why is it so important that only you can start it?

    So ban me, criticize me, or do whatever the hell you want. But when people want to talk about something, please don't try to shut that down.

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    if you don't like the forum rules, please create your own forum only for amourshipping, like the pearlshippers create the pearlshipping vault fórum

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    I said flat in out the Amourshipping thread that I would be the one to create the new Amourshipping thread. The problem we had with the last one was the insane amount of spam and off topic posts, a reboot was definitely long overdue. That's not something we want to see carry over into the new thread. If you don't like that, then oh well. Go someplace else then. Rules are rules and no matter how much you moan over it, it's not going to change a thing.

    Also, next time you have something like this, put it in the staff contact section and don't post it here, please.

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