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Thread: Your Shipping List (( Updated: February 18, 2013 ))

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    Unaccostumed, as I am to public speaking, or even verbal or written language in general, I'll nonetheless try to explain why I like these particular pairings.

        Spoiler:- Favorite Adventures Shippings:

    Yeah, my explanations suck, but you get the points.

    Does anyone else like these, or am I the only one with such tastes?
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    Okay, this list is not complete, but I had to choose some of my favourites.

        Spoiler:- Pokemon - Human x Human:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon x Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Other Anime:
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    (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) Itsuki X Haruhi - I like Mikuru and Kyon better than Haruhi and Kyon. Plus, in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Itsuki kind of had a thing for Haruhi. Oh, and some flirting here and there in the anime.

    (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) Kyon X Mikuru - Kyon's ALWAYS had a thing for Mikuru. Like I said, Haruhi is too impulsive and spontaneous for Kyon, so I prefer Kyon with Mikuru.

    (Adventure Time) Fionna X Marshall Lee - Prince Gumball is too boring. Marshall Lee is way better, and we haven't really seen any other Princes in the Fionna and Cake episodes, except for LSP with a fuzzy mustache.

    (Astarotte's Toy) Naoya X Mercelida - I just really don't like the thought of Naoya with his daughter's half-sister, even more so since he's a grown man and she's like 10. Plus, YOU HAD A GODDAMN CHILD WITH THE WOMAN. But that's not my point.

    (Digimon Adventure 02) T.K. X Kari - Ugh, Davis and Kari is horrible. Besides, Kari and T.K. Have been together since the first Digimon Adventure.
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    Human x Human (Pokemon)
        Spoiler:- Spoiler:

    Pokemon x Pokemon
        Spoiler:- Spoiler:

    Human x Pokemon
        Spoiler:- spoiler:

    Pokemon x Digimon (Crossover)
        Spoiler:- Spoiler:
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    Okay, so I really need to update this...
    (♥♥♥ = OTP)

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Nintendo:

        Spoiler:- anime:

        Spoiler:- misc.:

    I'll edit this list when I start following another ship, or whatever...
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        Spoiler:- Pokemon(&Adventures!):

        Spoiler:- Naruto:

        Spoiler:- Hetalia:
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    I seriously ship a lot of people a but too much toblist them all I will list a few. I ship anime , but also non anime :P.

    Hikari and Kei -> Special A
    Because the two of them are just too adorable. Hikari who is too dense to notice that Kei likes her or Kei who is always jealous that other guys look at her xD The romantic tension between the two are just perfect :3 I went totally nuts when Kei wanted so badly Hikari to stay with him when he was ill.

    Tori and Beck -> Victorious : Now, no offense to other shippers, but it was pretty clear that it was love at first sight. He always helps her in any ways and in Tori goes platinum he wantes to kiss her! Two times and then suddenly poof these feelings are gone.

    Dylan and Elaine (Xinyi) -> Destinied love (Ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni) Chinese drama :P. Well I ship these two because they are made for each other. Dylan really cares about her and waits for her for already more than two years! He is the perfect man for her and yet she returns to the other guy, why why why?!

    Lydia and Edgar -> Earl and Fairy (Hakusaku to Yousei) : Edgar is always like showing his affection towards Lydia yet, she always denies it and thinks that he is a playboy. Isn't that cute? He is so serious yet he doesn't believe him, but she does likes him back. Ah, so adorable xD! I think they are just made for each other, in my opiniun it seems that Lydia keeps Edgar together, she is like his only hope.

    Felicitá and Libertá -> Arcana Familigia They are much more suited for each other than Nova with Felcitá. I adore Libertá he really cares a lot about her and when he is ignoring her she is sad. I just think it's so sweet how a guy is fighting so hard for a girl, it gets me all hyped up!

    Aoi and Oga -> Beelzebub I think that Aoi is the only human being as a girl who can match on Oga. Oga might be way stronger, but Aoiis strong and even Baby Beel agrees she is strong and like her. I don't know why, but Hilda and Oga just doesn't seems a good match for me.

    Medaka and Hitoyoshi -> Medaka Box They have been friends since forever and they understand each other the most. It was pretty damn clear that Hitoyoshi was head over heels for Medaka and how Medaka was always jealous for Hitoyoshi and Shiranui getting along too much, tehehe xD

    Takumi and Misaki -> Kaichou wa maid sama : Yup they are together and seriously made for each other. So cute how Takumi always gets her frutrated and how Misaki gets him jealous, just too adorable. How Takumi always cares about her and he really shows it and she also cares about him.

    That was a few of my shippings :3 I can't think of much more at the moment.
    There is no upperhand hand, I'm giving you mine. It doesn't have to end up wasting your time. There's things that I could say, here in my way. I wanna let you know, that it's all okay.

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    Ship all the shippings there are to be shipped, I say!


    RocketShipping [James/Jessie]: I've always thought that these two would become a couple in the offical anime. Though it hasn't happened yet, my fingers are crossed. They're so cute, bickering and making silly plans all the time. Definetly one of my all-time favorites.

    UnKnownShipping [N/Ash]: I can't help but think that Ash may have the same ablities as N. These two go together nicely, and I'd like to see more love for the shipping in the future.

    AtasukiShipping [Cyrus/Dawn]: This one also is a good combo, not to mention the few jokes on the internet I found about these two is hilarious. Yeah, the age gap is awkward, which is kind of a set back, but I love the two, regardless.

    OldSoulShipping [Alder/Cheren]: Alot like Dawn and Cyrus, only yaoi. I've always liked these two. Just a feeling I often get about them. Very serious, but still suprisingly romantic.

    Fablehaven (It's an awesome series, read it sometime):

    Gavin/Kendra: It makes sense in the earlier books, but not so much in the newer ones. They are cute, though. Not my favorite, but still a good one.


    GUMI/VY2: Hands down, my favorite Vocaloid shipping. These two go so well together. This shipping needs more love!

    Kiyoteru Hiyama/Yuki Kaai/SFA2 Miki: Well, this one is awkward to explain. I just think this love triangle could make for a great drama is all. That, plus, any way, you put 'em, they're cute.

    I aplogize. My tablet is being slow...more later, I guess?

    Sorry for the hiatus. I'll try to be back and active as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.

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    My stone ships mean I'm never swaying on these are poke, contest and handyman. They are all similar all are known to jump to reacuse(watch chronicles to understand last of these) though oldest couple bit slower. Not only ar they prone to jumping to rescue they just have a spark you can feel when they interact.

    In weird flirty way not lustful or gross I ship Delia with Oak and Brock I have seen her flirt with them and of Ash's friends Brock has only one she tried to insit he call her Delia.

    Loose shippings
    Duplica x Ritchie honestly their copies of Ash and Misty. In case you don't know how duplica micks Misty I hope Ritchie and Ash are obvious. Misty has psyduck and togepi derpy and baby dupilica has her larger ditto who took for ever to get face right derpy. And lil dit the tiny ditto theirs the baby. Neither have normal color hair and about same build.

    Solidad x Harley they are always seem up to stuff together usually inovlving drew and may but they seem to like each other at least a little.

    I just started shipping Gary with Sakura with the espeon after all he has umbreon. Yeah I know not much to go in but hey it is all your going to get with Gary.

    Dawn x zoey x paul x kenny. Really their is something between Dawn and paul and I don't see hr saying no to Zoey and kenny and I'm not saying will see any of it.

    Geirgio x Cassey(yes I do wish she had diffrent name to as with cassidy grom tr its brain confusion) in short They have a lot in commond they hit it off after Gergio failed to get Misty. We will never here from two again and like only way we will get anything between Daisy and tracey is phone call their just not characters writers will find a lot to work with.

    I also think the best character for Brock was the girl at natural health spa with I think a Pokemon only hot spring but I could be wrong I don't remember girls name in end of episode Ash got bulbasaur.

    That leaves Todd and Rudy to fight over Melody.I don't know enough on any of them to make a difference and frankly not intrested in anyone from best whishes.

    Those are my shippings. Yeah I'm weird and really for idk what reason don't ship jessie x james or butch x Cassidy the team rocket pairs just seems like more siblings actually all four act like siblings to each other shrugs. That's my perspective.

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    Whoa hey newbie alert, lemme tell ya'll about my ships!

    Let's start off with Ash x Misty. PokéShipping, and for many of us, one of the first pairings we got into. What with the UST practically writing itself with these two, and the addition of Misty's Song in the English dub, I can't not ship it.

    Then we have Jessie x James, RocketShipping. Funny thing about this one, my friend thought they were married for the longest time. I mean, James is a sort of bicycle for me, but RocketShipping's still cute.

    Iris x Cilan is interesting in that I didn't ship at first, but then I thought about it more and...I think it'd be pretty cute! They're quite obviously very close, but not so close that they're in the friendzone. And Iris reminds me of Pocahontas, perhaps Cilan can be her John Smith xD Not the real versions, the Disney versions

    Moving on to the gameverse, Rosa x Curtis is a personal favorite, because they remind me of my boyfriend and I :P How they met, the cuteness that ensues, yeah.

    Morty x Eusine: SUPER BROS and possible yaoi couple. Morty's calm and collected, Eusine's rather excitable, and yeah.

    Cheren x Bianca. ESPECIALLY in BW2. I see a lot of Hilda/Hilbert/Rosa/Nate x Cheren and with the former PCs, I see them more as SUPER BROS, and with the latter, I see them as too distant. But Cheren x Bianca are kinda cute-ish all throughout BW, and in BW2 they seem quite happy in seeing each other after 2 years (Cheren in particular, d'aaaww). And since their SUPER BRO the BW PC is missing in the sequels, they've really only got each other.

    ValetShipping, oh god, ValetShipping. So many feelings for this ship. Darach and Caitlin are so classy and dapper and compliment each other when it comes to character design (black and purple, pink and white) and it's too cute and just hnnnnnnng <3 Especially if you take into account that it's implied Darach has feelings for Caitlin and IT'S TOO ADORABLE. It's too much you guys...and it's rather sad that it's rather rare, since it's one of the few ships teased at in canon. You'd think it'd be more popular...

    Other ships:

    Fire Emblem Awakening: Frederick x Lissa. Their supports, so much squee on my part :P

    Disney: All of the canon pairings, in particular Ariel x Eric. WOW this one is dorky.

    My Little Pony: Pinkie x Twilight, Rarity x Applejack. Both compliment each other, both have different ideas and strengths, and they're both pretty close.

    Sherlock: Johnlock. We're getting into "whoa tumblr fangirl on the loose" territory here, so I'll stop at Johnlock.

    AND THAT'S IT. Feels nice to be able to squee over my ships, haha.

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    My Shipping List goes

    FlavescentShipping: Trip x Iris
    FlarebusterShipping: Trip x Georgia
    PortraitShipping: Trip x Dawn
    IkariShipping: Paul x Dawn
    Also I support Dawn x Serena

    I don't remember any others at the moment.
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    I am a Pearlshipper. I always loved Dawn's character and I enjoyed watching the eps and movies she was involved in. I that they had a few moments, and I though they had a big one in the Rise of Darkrai. When Ash saved her from falling. Were I the writer of that movie, there would have been some action there.
    I also ship BlazingAura and I think it needs more fans!

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    Well, here's some shippings I like.

        Spoiler:- Pokémon:

        Spoiler:- Ace Attorney:

        Spoiler:- Hetalia:

        Spoiler:- Detective Conan/Case Closed/Whatever:

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    Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty): I shipped this before I even knew what shipping was. Back then, I'm sure I just thought they were cute together, but now, it's more of the fact that they just work so well together. They drove each other insane at times, but they cared for each other. I like to think that even though they aren't traveling together anymore, they think about each other from time to time.

    Appealshipping (Zoey x Dawn): OTP right here. I love their student/mentor dynamic, the mutual respect they have for each other, Zoey's believe in Dawn even when Dawn might not believe in herself. I (in my shipper hazed mind) really believe that Zoey has a thing for Dawn and just wants to help her be the best she can.

    Rocketshipping (Jesse x James): Like Pokeshipping, I probably starting shipping this before I was even aware of shipping, and like Pokeshipping, I did so because I just thought it was cute. As I matured though, I've grown to appreciate the fact that Rocketshipping can be seen as a middle finger to traditional gender roles in relationships. Because we all know who tops in this one.

    Will edit with more, brain is fried from waiting paper.

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    Default Masonicon's shipping list

    Here's what I ships and the reason I ships them:

    Same Show Pairings:

    • Sora x Kairi (Kingdom Hearts), Reason: this is my Kingdom Hearts OTP as Kairi are belongs to Sora
    • Ash x Misty (Pokemon), Reason: Self-explanatory
    • Tracey x Melody (Pokemon), Reason: one of Underrated pairing from Pokemon that I ships
    • Robin x Starfire (Teen Titans), Reason: Starfire can't breaks her love from Robin since this can renders her Mere Mortal
    • Beast Boy x Raven (Teen Titans), Reason: self-explanatory
    • Takeru x Hikari (Digimon), Reason: ditto
    • Taichi x Sora x Yamato (Digimon), Reason: Love Triangle between Digidestined
    • Koushiro x Mimi x Joe (Digimon), Reason: same as above
    • Neku x Shiki (The World Ends With You), Reason: Same Reason I ships Sora and Kairi
    • Beat x Rhyme (The World Ends With You), Reason: Brotherly-sisterly love
    • Marco x Eri (Metal Slug), Reason: both have same blonde hair
    • Tarma x Fio (Metal Slug), Reason: both got Brown Hair
    • Trevor x Nadia (Metal Slug), Reason: both are only appears once in Metal Slug games and both has unnatural hair color among Metal Slug teams
    • Ralf x Leona x Clark (Metal Slug), Reason: love triangle between Ikari Warriors
    • Cuddles x Giggles (Happy Tree Friends), Reason: self-explanatory
    • Toothy x Petunia (Happy Tree Friends), Reason: both are Best friends of Cuddles and Giggles respectively
    • Flaky x Sniffles x Nutty (Happy Tree Friends), Reason: HTF Love triangle
    • Spike x Rarity (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Reason: did I explain it?
    • Sonic x Amy (Sonic), Reason: self-explanatory
    • Tails x Cream (Sonic), Reason: both are Underage Sonic characters
    • Knuckles x Rouge x Shadow (Sonic), Reason: both Knuckles and Shadow loves Rouge
    • Silver x Blaze (Sonic), Reason: self-explanatory
    • Mario x Peach (Mario), Reason: ditto
    • Luigi x Daisy (Mario), Reason: ditto
    • Gabriel Angelos x Farseer Macha (Warhammer 40000), Reason: both are fan-favorite Dawn of War characters

    Crossover Pairings:

    • Nomad (Crysis) x Iji (Iji), Reason: both has Nanotech-based powers
    • Clark (Metal Slug) x Commander Shadowsun (Warhammer 40000), Reason: both fights by dual wielding Big Guns
    • Sandy (Spongebob Squarepants) x Billy (Power Rangers), Reason: both can beats Lex Luthor in Math and Science
    • Flaky (Happy Tree Friends) x Knuckles (Sonic), Reason: both have same color and similar species
    • Hiro Nakamura (Heroes) x Shiki (The World Ends With You), Reason: both Wears Glasses(though Shiki only wears glasses in her Human Form)
    • Luigi (Mario) x Fluttershy (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Reason: both are Resident Scaredy-cats from their respective Universes
    • Psycho (Crysis) x Fio (Metal Slug), Reason: both has H&K MP7 for one of their guns
    • Mario (Mario) x Nadia (Metal Slug), Reason: Mario can cook tasty foods for Nadia
    • Nutty (Happy Tree Friends) x Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Reason: both are sweet tooths
    • Sandy (Spongebob Squarepants) x any Techpriest (Warhammer 40000), Reason: Sandy can makes assistant for Techpriests
    • Lumpy (Happy Tree Friends) x Derpy Hooves (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Reason: both are idiots
    • Disco Bear (Happy Tree Friends) x Any Girl (Any Universe), Reason: Disco Bear is Womanizer
    • Riku (Kingdom Hearts) x Raven (Teen Titans), Reason: both shares Dark Powers with each other
    • Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) x Eri (Metal Slug), Reason: both are Alcoholics
    • Sora (Kingdom Hearts) x Sora (Digimon), Reason: same name, but different gender and universe of origin
    • Sonic (Sonic) x Daphne Millbrook (Heroes), Reason: both have same Super Speed powers
    • Misty (Pokemon) x Joe (Digimon), Reason: both have Water for their elements
    • Flippy (Happy Tree Friends) x Niki Sanders (Heroes), Reason: both has Multiple Personality disorder and while Flippy got Super-strength in his evil form, his super-strength may not as extreme as Niki Sanders has
    • Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) x Peter Petrelli (Heroes), Reason: Twilight Sparkle can teach Peter Petrelli how to uses his Powers cleverly
    • Shadow (Sonic) x Starfire (Teen Titans), Reason: both has Orange skins and Shadow may teach Starfire how to uses guns
    • Ralf (Metal Slug) x Katie (Power Rangers: Time Force), Reason: both have Superhuman Strength though Ralf's Super-strength are Charles Atlas Superpower while Katie's Super-strength are result of Genetic Engineering
    • Sandy (Spongebob Squarepants) x Tails (Sonic), Reason: Sandy can becomes Tails' Knight in Shinning Armor while Tails' flight can takes Sandy anywhere
    • Flaky (Happy Tree Friends) x Tails (Sonic), Reason: same Reason I ships Luigi and Fluttershy
    • Sandy (Spongebob Squarepants) x Sniffles (Happy Tree Friends), Reason: Sandy can also makes Bodyguard for Sniffles
    • Professor Frink (The Simpsons) x Sandy (Spongebob Squarepants), Reason: Sandy can also become Professor Frink's Knight in Shinning armor
    • Leona (Metal Slug) x Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen), Reason: both are Token Supers from Metal Slug and Watchmen teams respectively
    • Sandy (Spongebob Squarepants) x Professor E. Gadd (Mario), Reason: Sandy can also teaches Professor E. Gadd Karate
    • Iosa the Invincible (Iji) x any Grox (Spore), Reason: both are Aliens that can breath in space
    • Johny Bravo (same show) x any Sister of Battle (Warhammer 40000), Reason: when it comes to girlfriends, Sisters of Battle Suits Johnny Bravo better than Velma since Sisters of Battle are more manly than Velma
    • Trilby (Chzo Mythos) x Iji (Iji), Reason: both are my favorite Indie game stars
    • Alice (Resident Evil) x Kaldor Draigo (Warhammer 40000), Reason: both are biggest Mary Sues ever(besides Bella Swan and Sonichu)
    • Austin Powers (Same Show) x Squirrel Girl (Marvel Comics), Reason: both Austin powers and Squirrel Girl relies on Plot-induced Stupidity to win
    • and the list is goes on...

    What do you think?

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    ok my turn let's see

    aria and riko - hidan no aria
    not only that these two are rivals, but i feel that they are quite a good pair

    haruhi and mikuru - haruhi suzumiya
    what i want from this pair, its because i always find haruhi really cute while teasing mikuru

    ash and serena - pokemon xy
    this one definitely the top pairing for me, reason why i like if you watch pokemon xy then you'll eventually find out why i love this pair

    kazuto and asuna - sword art online
    i find them to be a really interesting couple, not to mention kazuto made the first move on asuna

    those were my top pariings but there are still more that i didn't mention

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    Shipping list? Why, I've never had a chance to actually post something like this! This is a cool, exciting post! It is very TL;DR and I don't know who will actually read them.. but its fun to type up... :3


    >>Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    Sokka x Toph: The reason I love this ship is because toph is so clingy to him. Later in the series when they are crossing the Snake Path and Toph falls into the water, expecting Sokka to save her and Suki comes along, poor Toph kisses Suki thinking it was Sokka. She always holds onto him when they are flying on Appa (without saddle) and they have simular personalities. Very playful and have the ability to get very hotheaded.

    >>Legend of Korra:
    KorraxBolin: Now, I've only seen the first series of this anime. Yeah, I know I could go online and watch more if I wanted too, but I just haven't got around to it, lol. Now with the point. I believe Bolin in the first season was more suited for Korra than Mako. Mako couldn't make up his mind between the two girls and really flip-flopped them around. Bolin knew what he wanted, and treated Korra with respect and admiration. Taking her out, getting her flowers, making her laugh. Mako only threw Korra on a emotional roller coaster.

    >>Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood):
    Edward Elric x Alphones Elric: Those two have been through everything together and never let anybody get very close to them. I definitely ship them because of the struggles they go through, the laughs that they get to share and the deep connection that Edward desperately wants to get Al's body back from the door. I know that's the plot at all, however, those two are so much closer than I've never seen siblings in any anime before. It's Raw and passionate.

    >>Wolf's Rain: (I don't think I have to say ChezaxKiba lol That's a given)
    ToboexTsume: These two are adorable. The overly-clingy child and the hardened gang leader who wants nothing to do with other wolves and considers the 'pup' to be useless. As their Journey continues, the two become closer, Tsume takes on the pup and cares for him, seeing as he is not as useless as he seems, he just trusts humans way too much.
    HigexBlue: Hige, the Carefree wolf who is comfortable in any situation as long as he gets food and Blue, the black Wolf-Dog hybrid who is strong and fearless. Blue first is with a man who wants to kill the group but soon falls in love with Hige and they are almost inseparable.


    >>Disgaea: (I love these games, if you haven't played them, you really should give them a try! Great RPG!!)

    LaharlxFlonne: Very cute, opposite Attracts couple. Laharl being the Overlord of the netherworld and Flonne being an Angel Trainee, its a cute mix. she always wanting him to do whats right and "love" while he wants to do everything a demon would want to do. When their relationship grows deeper, and she changes into a Fallen Angel, she still has that "Love" Mentality, however, since she is fallen now, has little quirks of a demon, which Laharl acknowledges and eggs on. Really adorable.

    FenrichxValvatorez: "All is for My Lord." Oh yes, the Master and loyal Servant thing. Valvatorez being a Vampire that made a stupid promise that he'd never drink blood again and Fenrich, his werewolf Loyal Servant, trying his best to sneak blood into his food. Without it, he is a weak vampire and cannot survive. The two of them have been together for... hundreds of years, as they say in the game, living in the underworld together. Valvatorez saved Fenrich's life and he swore to serve Val for all eternity. Fenrich is a very mean, callice, hard man. He hates company, very anti-social and will tell you he hates you to your face in the rudest way. But with Valvatorez, he would get on his knees for the vampire and kiss the very ground he walks on!

    EmizelxAxel: Emizel is a young, blonde boy with one purpose in life: he wants to impress his father. His Father is the president of the netherworld and Emizel has been granted to have the title of "Death" and the leader of the special assassination force. He carries a scythe around with him and is ordered to exterminate those who don't deserve to live. (ie.Valvatorez) Now, this would be an easy job for somebody with the title of Death, but Emizel is probably 12 years old and has never swung his scythe. He's too young and scared to hurt anybody, even though his personality strikes you as the type to do it without hesitation. Axel on the other hand, is a former pop-star who died out before he had the chance to get big. He now works as the Warden of Hades. When Axel sees Emizel, he literally kissed his shoes and carried him everywhere. Emizel didn't have to do a thing; (he says its because he was the President's son, but.. he didn't have to go as far as he did).

    >>Borderlands 2:
    GaigexKreig: Something about these two just fits! Maybe its because they are both DLC, but they play really well together. Kreig is a schizophrenic physco who was expirmented on and Gaige is what I would call, a mad Mechanic, making a giant robot from scratch and sawing her own off just to put the summoning device in her mechanic arm so she had him everywhere. Now, all the characters have certain words they say for each time they get a second wind (which is dying and you're able to go and pretty much heal them before they respawn) and the very first time I healed Kreig was when I was using Gaige and he says in this really deep, almost whispering tone "loooveee you...." Yeah, he says it a lot now, but it was the first time I heard it, so... of course I kind of shipped that. lol.

    >>Bioshock: Infinite:
    BookerxElizabeth: Oh these two. The regular "Save me from the castle" Kind of thing, when Booker saves Elizabeth from her 'tower'. Except in this case, he was really getting her because he had a debt to pay and they said "Bring us the girl, erase the debt." So in the beginning, it was a business transaction. Very harsh, angry words were said back and forth, but he soon realized it wasn't all about debt any longer. He cared for her and did anything to protect her. Her dream was to go to Paris, away from the awful place she was imprisoned and his dream was to erase debt. He soon found that he wanted to share the same dream as her and take the young woman to Paris, so that they could start a new life together.

    >>Heavy Rain:
    Scott Shelby x Lauren Winter: Its kind of a sad ship.. as the ending of the game always ends up the same way, but Lauren lost her son to a kidnapper named the Origami Killer. Scott Shelby is a former police officer and marine who is working as a private investigator on the case to try and rescue the children. Their relationship is slow, but very powerful and in the end, you just feel bad for Lauren.

    >>Beyond Two Souls:
    Jodie x Aiden: Jodie is a young girl with an entity that is linked to her soul since birth. The Entity is named Aiden and though he cannot communicate with anybody but her, he protects her through everything, from when she was little and got bullied to when she became older and became a solider, he was always there for her, protecting her. He was sort of like a poltergeist, as he could lift things up and throw them at enemies, cause actual harm on those she told him too and even Heal Jodie when she is in need.


    >>Star Wars:
    Ahh, Star Wars. I am a HUGE star Wars nerd, you don't even know. Go to the conventions, do the cosplay, have the books, video games... it goes deep. xD Ahem, to the point.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi x Anakin Skywalker:
    Oh does it have to be said? These two were very close indeed. The Master/Padawan bond was very strong between the two. Obi-Wan being the Master who was not quite ready to take on a Padawan, being his former Jedi Master died too soon, and Anakin who was "The Chosen One". These two were a very odd pair to begin with. Obi-wan was very hard and strict as he could be, and Anakin just wanted to fool around in the younger years. As they grew old, they because so close the could almost sense when the other was in danger and they wouldn't give up a chance to go and save the other from anything.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi x Qui Gon Jinn: I read the Jedi apprentice books and fallen very hard for this pair. Qui Gon actually wanted nothing to do with another padawan, seeing his last one turned over to the dark side. And Obi-wan had his heart set on nobody else but Qui Gon. It was too soon for the Master and almost too late for the Padawan. Obi-Wan was of age to be picked by a Jedi Master to be trained after his hard years of training as a youngling. If a Jedi Master did not pick him, his hard years of training would be all for nothing, because they would send him to the crop planet, where he would spend the rest of his years as a farmer. Obi-Wan felt that there was no other master for him but Qui Gon and did whatever he could to prove to him that he was his Padawan, but Qui Gon wasn't ready to start training again. It was a very long, hard road for Obi-Wan, feeling rejected and like trash, but soon Qui Gon took him on, seeing the spark and desire that Obi-Wan had to be a Jedi. It's a cute story that has a long, painful past.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi x Kit Fisto:
    I don't really know. I read one of the books: The Cestus Deception and though Obi-Wan And kit Fisto only speak a few times because they are both Jedi, Obi-wan comforts the jedi when he feels down on himself. They are both on the Jedi counsel and I feel as though they would be a cute match. There really isn't any hard evidence of ship, I just enjoy it. lol. (Though there was some evidence in the Animated Series.)

    ***{TV Series}***

    >>The Walking Dead:
    CarolxDaryl: OH These two. My favorite Ship as of right now. The Abused woman by her former husband and the hard country boy. There is such a fire between these two all through the series. When Carol's husband was killed by a Zombie, Carol finally got the chance to do what she had been wanting to do, stab him. After that, she was no longer the little beaten puppy that she seemed to be in the beginning, she really bloomed. This woman became the backbone of the ground in the Apocalypse, becoming the mother of everybody and looking out for everyone. She was afraid of nothing. Daryl had brother issues, being as he and his brother got separated and he also had attachment issues. Very Loyal, Daryl followed Rick to the ends of the earth, but when it was down time, or when it really mattered, Daryl's first question was always "Where's Carol?". Same goes for Carol when they come back from a raid. She peers into the car or looks for his motorcycle. "Where's Daryl?"
    The two of them have been flirting the entire season, and when a group joins them, she makes it clear that "For the record, I liked you first!" and calling him all sorts of cute nicknames like "pooky" which she always gets a playful shove for calling him that. As of right now, this pairing is the main reason I watch the show. The Zombies, I love Zombies and its a great thriller Drama, but this ship is probably the main part of the Drama that I love them most. Oooh, I could go on forever, but I think I made my point. LOL

    >>Adventure Time
    MarcelinexBubblegum: There is obvious reasons behind this pair. The two of them have a deep past that neither would like to share. Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom and Marceline the Vampire Queen always seemed to have this awkward tension between the two of them, later showing that Marceline gave PB a Shirt and she wears it every night as Pajamas's. Even smells it sometimes, as to remind her of the vampire.

    For those who did read this crazy long post, thanks! I hope you enjoyed it. ;w; <3

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    Ah shipping, although I'm someone who doesn't care aout shipping, I found myself liking a few interaction :3


    Hmm, I prefer all friendships between pokemon characters and I can stand all characters and am not much of a hater and the fact I don't think the anime is that good compared to the manga. But let's see....

    Pokeshipping - I liked their friendship and love-and hate relationship as well as their blushing and constantly put on spot with their feelings. Plus they remind me of the typical shonen main character and the comiv-relief abusive girl with him xDD
    Orangeshipping- I can stand this shipping and think they would get along since the support they give to each other is undeniable cute ^^ but for now I guess I prefer pokeshipping but it depends on my mood most of the time which I like better
    Contestshipping the only shipping I fully support and believe that they belong to each other xDD It's more romance hinted than friendship and the support as well as saving each other is also well....cute
    Penguinshipping I don't even get why not many people suppor this one, perhaps because Kenny looks funny....although paul also looks funny but I guess his personality makes up for it xD oh yeah either way, the typical childhood and yet developing a crush things couldn't excape my heart ^^
    kinda Pearlshipping well I'm not sure.....but I guess it seems plausible and they do share a bond although nowadays I'm not that into it but I still like it in a way
    dunno about iris but a bit of Iris and Cilan/Trip still unsure about her type though xD
    rocketshipping and a bit of SommelierShipping
    Serena Ash- do I need to say more xD
    but overall I don't mind any, I can read any and see any fiendship and normal cute romance, ego, ikari and so on :3

    This is something I prefer!! but let me make something clear, I'm really un sure about the first two generation of pokedexholders shipping but I'm listing a few
    Pokemangashipping- first let me make it clear, it's really not influenced by pokeshipping. Red and the misty in the manga are way different than as and misty, that's why I don't see a great connection for shipping here. And people do forget that the misty in the manga is also DIFFERENT than the misty from the anime, in fact I'm not much of a fan of the anime and the characters and their development but I prefer this misty and red way more. Misty has shown deep concern and great support for red and red himself has acknowledged and shown support and remembering her as well in the manga, I like their interaction and I can see them forming a good bond.
    Specialshipping I like their interaction and I can see red getting a romance feeling as well so yep
    kinda oldrivalshipping-fandoms is convincing me xD
    Mangaquest and specialjewel both are alright and same for me ^^
    The sucuine hunter and crystal is not bad either...
    Gold and the pink hair-gymleader
    I kind of get luckyshipping and silver and blue (fem) shipping and so on about other ships.....but I'm really unsure about those xD I prefer their overall trio friendship
    Franticshipping why is it the may counterpart and herself are so easy to ship instead of seeing them compatible for others ? This is practically canon and I fully support this !! May/sappphire are so lucky ^^
    Commonershipping like I said before I prefer overall their trio friendships and it would be said if their trio would be gone...but let's face , in the very old and mature age tehy would need love interest either way and I'm not sure why other people can't see it but to me it's obvious from platinum and diamonds side whom they like...not the definitiv romance way but the starting to develop way ^^ I honestly can see pearl supporting them like he was alright when platinum didn't get him any pokemon, but she doesn't seem to be the type of girl for whom he could handle well.

    black and white unfortenately haven't seen yet ^^'

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    I ship so many characters and pairings. All my pairings come from a wide range of media; from anime, to manga, to cartoons, to live action television shows, to games. All the pairings I ship range from canon, to crack (this is actually my favorite), to cross-over pairings.

    I'm going to be listing from most to least favorite ship. Enjoy! ^_^


        Spoiler:- Bleach:

        Spoiler:- Digimon Adventure & Digimon Adventure 02:

        Spoiler:- Digimon Tamers:

        Spoiler:- Inuyasha:

        Spoiler:- Naruto & Naruto Shippuden:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Yugioh:


        Spoiler:- DNAngel:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:


        Spoiler:- Adventure Time:

        Spoiler:- Avatar the Last Airbender:

    >>>Under construction. More ships coming soon. :P
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    1. Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty)
    I think they had the most chemistry. I love the love-hate relationships. Misty taught Ash many things and Ash taught Misty many things. Think about it, most of Ash's knowledge about pokemon training came from Misty. Example: In the first few episodes she told Ash that she had to weaken a pokemon first to catch it.) She knew how Ash would beat Brock and she told him that in the middle of their Battle. And then Ash passed that down to May. I also think Ash taught Misty how to care and love for your pokemon in a unique way. Like in chronicles, when Misty swam RIGHT in from of tentacrool's beams she got herself hurt to save garadose. A total Ash thing. He has done that many times and I felt like she learnt that from him and I thought it was really sweet. Another reason why is I felt like Ash showed most feelings torwards her than to any other girls. Like how many times he got jealous when a guy would flirt with Misty or when Misty liked him. Especially when he was dumbstruck in the ghost of maidens peak.
    Then Contestshipping. (Drew x May)
    Don't even get me started on this one. It's just wow. 1) I love the rivalry Drew and May has between each other. They are my favorite types of relationships. Drew and May has a unique relationship too. May and Drew both make it so obvious that they like each other and I feel like May is to afraid to admit it. I also love how May always blushes around Drew. It shows canon! And lat of all, I just love Harleys contestshipping vibe. C'mon they're definitely canon.
    Last, would be Imageshipping (Misty x May)
    They're my two favorite pokegirls. I feel like May looks up to Misty. I think Misty and May would have gotten along the best out of all the pokegirls. Also, May and Misty are Ash's longest female companions so I feel like they'd have more in common. When May left, I was really hoping she'd go to Kanto and help/hangout with Misty and Tracey around the gym. I'm sure she would have at least visited her. That would have been really interesting.
    That's what I have
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    Rocketshipping ( Jessie/James ): Hhh, these two idiots have been my pokémon OTP since forever. I love them so much, and I have grounds for shipping this if we consider the fact that they get married in the manga.

    Checkmateshipping ( Touko/Cheren ): My other pokémon OTP. I do wish this pair was noticed more often, as I seem to have a very hard time finding fanart for it.


    FrUk ( Francis Bonnefoy/Arthur Kirkland ): MY FAVOURITE OTP IN ANY SERIES. Oh gosh, these two kill me, I swear. I adore the love-hate relationship between them and hhhhgngnn don't get me started or I'll be here for hours and hours and you'd never here the end of it.

    AmeCan ( Matthew Williams/Alfred F.Jones ): What do you mean they're related--

    Itacest ( Feliciano Vargas/Lovino Vargas ): Uhm. No comment.

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