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Thread: Your Shipping List (Updated: February 12, 2017)

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    Default Your Shipping List (Updated: February 12, 2017)

    Hi! Welcome to the Shipping List thread. This thread is not only a place to list and explain the shippings you support, but a place for shippers to keep track of their shippings. It sucks when you forget about a certain shipping, or get a couple shippings mixed up, so those are other reasons why this thread is here. =P If you end up becoming disinterested in one, you can cross it out, and continue to add more shippings to your list as you wish.

    We can have a thread like this because Shippers Community is pretty small and people seem to get along easily. This thread can also bring us shippers closer together, which is a great thing, too. You may even discover you and x-user ship a lot of the same characters, or share interest in certain shipping(s), and boom, a new friendship is born. Remember, you don't have to use this thread just for reference, but use as a way to make friends, too!

    1. When I say list your shippings, I do mean list - HOWEVER, you must also explain why you support the shipping. 2-3 sentences minimum is all I'm asking. If you can only think of, "because it's cute!" then do not list it, please.
    2. When giving your reasons, do NOT insult other shippings. Ex: "I like Pokeshipping because I hate May and Dawn!" That is not a valid reason. This includes negative comments about yaoi, yuri, poke/poke, poly, and poke/human. Your post will automatically be reported to a mod, which could result in an infraction, if there is bashing of any sort.
    3. Make sure to include the name of the shipping along with the characters in it. Not everyone will know what x-shipping is, regardless if it is popular or not. If you are unsure of the name, ask here!
    4. You can include an images or fan art along with your explanations! I know some people really get into things like this, so yeah, just make sure the image or fan art isn't incredibly huge. Re-size it if it is, please. Remember to link back to where you found it if it is not your own.
    5. If there is a thread for the shipping, you may (not mandatory) include it after your explanation! That way, if people are interested in your shipping, they know where to find more information and/or post.
    6. You have to support at least THREE shippings in order to post here. A list is for multiple things, so it is not really a list if you only support one or two shippings. If you don't support at least three shippings, include some that you are interested in your post to make your post less spammy.
    7. You can list your shippings in any order you want - alphabetical, OTP -> one you like least, etc. KEEP IN MIND IT MAY TAKE UP MORE THAN ONE POST - IT WILL BE OKAY TO DOUBLE OR TRIPLE POST!
    8. This does not just have to be a Pokemon shipping list - it can be from any fandom(s) you want. Separate your lists in spoiler tags to make your post organized if you want to include both lists.
    9. After you post, I or a mod will add you onto the list, which will include your name linking to your list. If you do not want to be added to the list, just let me know.
    10. If you have any questions about these rules, DO NOT POST HERE - PM or VM me instead.

        Spoiler:- List:

    If you got your username changed, PM or VM either Meowth City or xEryChan and well will gladly update the list for you.

    Have fun!
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