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{Final Fantasy: X

♠♠♠ - AurRikku
:: Sir Auron x Rikku
I swear, I don't like pedo!bears. Just something about them tickles my fancy. I think it's the same concept here as it is with Zemyx and Banelo. Sir Auron's wise and experienced in the ways of the world, as well as level-headed with that want to protect(as is made obvious by his profession, even in death). Whereas Rikku's bubbly and playful. She's not totally naive to the ways of the world, but there's things she doesn't fully understand, things that Sir Auron would teach her about. Rikku's a strong girl and could take it(I realize how that sounds, and I don't mean it that way, I swear). In return, Rikku seems the type to devote herself to trying to make Sir Auron happy and bring him out in the sun for a bit of fun.
So let's all pretend Sir Auron isn't dead and isn't old enough to be her father for this pair. D;

♠♠♠ - Wakku
:: Wakka / Lulu
Even before I knew they were cannon. I liked them. They just..clicked. She's the sadistic-looking gothic queen, and he's a jock, albeit a little dorky, I'll admit. They're like opposites of society's social spectrum, and he fell for her like a rock, even though she was supposed to marry his dead brother. O: SCANDALOUS.~

{Final Fantasy: XII

♠♠♠♠ - BalCid / AlThier
:: Balthier x AlCid / AlCid x Balthier
Simple. In-game, Balthier keeps giving AlCid dirty looks and rolling his eyes at AlCid behind his back. Why? Because he sees how AlCid's just a charmer, and doesn't like the spotlight of 'accented hottie' taken away from him in public. Put them together in private, and it's just a menagerie of accents and good times. I think it could be similar to 411, in that they have a love/hate thing going on. They hate certain qualities about one another, but there's other's they love, and the annoying..ness of some makes one like the other even more. Plus..they've both got to know exactly what they're doing. x: If..you know..you know what I mean.
BalCid / AlThier :: LINK

♠♠♠♠ - Banelo
:: Balthier x Penelo
I know Balthier's not seen as the pedophile type, but I dunno..the same thing that attracts me to AkuRoku attracts me to Banelo. Their in-game dynamics is amazing. They're symbiotic. Balthier's such a gentleman, and quite clever and experienced in the ways of the world. I see his relationship with Fran as friendly, and while they deeply care for one another, I couldn't see Fran mothering over Balthier the same way Penelo would, or imagine Fran going out of her way to do all the special little things like make Balthier breakfast in bed and whatnot that Penelo would be considerate enough to do.
As for Balthier, he'd be her protector. He wouldn't shield her, he's not the type. He'd introduce her to the calamities and tragedies of the hume race, but carefully as not to break her innocence. Unlike the whiny and childish Vaan, Balthier would treat her like a lady and cherish her, rather than taking her presence for granted.

♠♠♠ - Bashthier
:: Basch x Balthier
The dynamics is wonderous. They think alike, both able to keep their calm in high-stress situations, analyze the situation, process every possible scenario and their possible outcomes based on the factors, and act accordingly. They both hope for the best and prepare for the worst, each with a hope that things will turn out okay, while understanding that you can't always get what you want, and that the world is a harsh place.
I think the mutual respect between one another, despite one being a Sky Pirate, and the other a General, is admirable. Balthier stood up for Basch after Vaan so childishly convicted him of murder, and got Basch out of the dungeons to add a valuable member with powerful connections to the team.

♠♠ - Larselo
:: Larsa x Penelo
While I'm more of a fan of Banelo, I support Larselo, also(For non-pokémon ships, I'll usually refer to it by mixing their names. I'm not aware of the official name of the pair except for a few). They're both around the same age, and Fran herself said she can tell when a man will treat a woman well, and judging by that and how they 'fangirl' over meeting one another, they'd make a fluff!couple. Too cute to resist. x3 Plus, poor Larsa, being a child emperor, would need someone as motherly as Penelo to look after him and make sure he was alright, as he can get rather selfless.

{Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep ; I ; 358/2 ; Chain of Memories ; II ; Coded

♠♠ - 411
:: Marluxia x Vexen
I'm not into these two as much as I am Zemyx and LuxBar, but the lolfactor of this is just..amazing. They're bitter enemies, but I think that they could have a love/hate thing going on. One hates a good many of the other's habits and tendencies, but those same qualities and the absolute annoying..ness of those qualities is what makes one seem so addictive to the other.
Plus, you have no idea how much the crack comics of Lady Chimera and Nire-chan on DeviantArt amuse me.

♠♠♠♠ - AkuRoku
:: Axel x Roxas
THE ANGST. OH. EMM. GEE. It's so addicting. Axel's devotion to Roxas, who's totally oblivious to it and just leaves him there in The World That Never Was. Axel sacrifices himself for Roxas, for crying out loud. It's so canon, only it's not. They're such wonderful friends, and I love the possible dynamics between them that we could see in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2
Axel's said to always be sent out to fetch Roxas and Xion, and how Axel gives chase to Roxas, and goes out of his way to try and get him back is so beautiful. ;w; Axel's like Roxas' protector.
I'd see them more as brothers typically, but the PedoLeech!Axel is so lol, and it just looks right, so I ship them. And I love it. Shamelessly so.

♠♠♠♠ - LuxBar
:: Luxord x Xigbar
A lot of people prefer XigDem or LuxDem, but I support Zemyx with a vehemence. I can't see Demyx with anyone else, nor Xigbar with anyone else. As for how I came to love LuxBar, I was glancing through fanfics on DeviantArt, and came across some LuxBar. I dunno exactly how it hooked me, as I could never see the two put together with anyone seriously in the past, but now..it just..seems as natural as breathing.
Luxord is shown in-game as having quite the gentlemanly and proper persona, whereas Xigbar seems to just be out to have a good time. However, when I look at Luxord's weapon and his title of Gambler of Fate, as well as how he debates in some cut-scenes of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, Luxord struck me as the kind of person that could sit in a casino, get totally shitfaced, and still win an insane amount of money. So does Xigbar.
They seem like the perfect drinking buddies, and if you look at Luxord, you can't sit there and tell me he doesn't seem like the type who could drink and hold it(british alcohol is MUCH stronger than American, btw). They seem like they'd both love a game of poker, Texas Hold 'em, even Go Fish just for the lol factor of something so simple, and have a blast pulling a good prank with Axel, Roxas, and Demyx.
Because of that, I could see them getting along splendidly, and they both seem the type to love the horizontal mambo, and be addictively good at it. A lot could argue that they'd just be friends with benefits, but I think that the fact that Luxord is able to be as sophisticated as he is playful, and the ability to be a gentleman, it could go farther than 'friends with benefits.'

♠♠ - MarXene / LarXia
♠♠♠♠♠♠ = Lolfactor
:: Marluxia x Larxene / Larxene x Marluxia
..Crackpairs ftw. I always imagine them being totally lesbian for eachother, even though one's a total sadistic bitch, and the other's a manipulative thorn in the eye in reality.
In my world, Marluxia borrows Larxene's pumps and skirts and they give eachother make-overs. That alone makes this among the best crackpairs ever. Admit it.

♠ - XemSai
:: Xemnas x Saix
They're cute together, and Saix's devotion to the cause, despite Xemnas' plots for power that he covers up as 'a quest to get their hearts back,' makes this couple ship-worthy to me.

♠♠♠♠♠..♠♠♠...♠ - Zemyx
:: Zexion x Demyx ; My OTP. It's like the blood in my veins. x:
Many people label this as a crack pair, but in my opinion, it's maybe one of the most noncanon-canon pairs in the whole Kingdom Hearts series, aside from pairings with main characters like Sora and co. People often say that ingame, Zexion and Demyx never meet, but when you think about it, even if they were stationed at two different castles(Zexion at Castle Oblivion, while Demyx remained at The Castle That Never Was), in an organized group of less than twenty non-people, members are bound to run into one another, whether it be at the meetings Xemnas scheduled, or otherwise.
I think that upon meeting, they would initially put one another off. Zexion being seen as the calm and precise type, whereas Demyx just goes with the flow, but Demyx strikes me as empathetic and friendly enough to seek out Zexion, maybe thinking the other became lonely for whatever reason have he, and persist in kindling a friendship. While it would obviously annoy Zexion, he's reserved enough to tolerate it until eventually Demyx grew on Zexion.
And it doesn't stop there. When looking at their assumed personalities(more and more slowly being confirmed by scans on KH Ultimania only confirms my ideals of their personalities), they fit like a glove to one another. While they're opposites in many ways. Whereas Zexion is structured and quite the leader, Demyx prefers to go with the flow, and follow orders. Zexion prefers solitude or the company of a few, and Demyx can be mischievous and quite the social butterfly. Zexion gives Demyx's life order and structure, and provides a pillar of stability to an otherwise random lifestyle, while Demyx would provide Zexion with ..well..a life..some excitement(of course, Demyx seems to be the considerate type, and wouldn't go overboard with that.).
Opposites attract.


[Size="1"]♠♠♠ - EgoShipping
:: Gary x Misty
While they never met in the animé, and my first choice for Misty is Ash, I think that Gary, after being humbled, would make an excellent partner for Misty. He could definitely help her become one of the most powerful gym leaders, especially considering the potential in water types, and her attitude could give Gary a hard time, but I think he'd be more than fit for the challenge.

♠♠♠♠ - OriginShipping
:: Steven Stone / Wallace
I don't keep up with pokémon much as far as the animé goes, unfortunately. My work and school schedule prevents that, but I do play the games in my spare time. I've at least one game from the color, metal, gem, and ore generations, and I must say, I don't know what it is about Steven and Wallace, but they just catch my eye. I think the fluid grace and of Wallace would catch the eye of someone like Steven. Why? They're both powerful trainers, and seem to come together by respecting one another's technique

♠♠♠ - SacredShipper
:: Morty / Eusine
This one I did happen to catch on the show, and I think that they seem to have an implied past relationship and quite possibly a present one, or at least closeness. Morty seems to be able to quell Eusine's eccentricities or when he gets upset, Morty's able to calm him. The air around them's really easy too, even during rough times.

{Rozen Maiden

[size="1"]♠♠♠♠ - Kana-Ichigo
:: Kanaria x Hana-Ichigo
This pair is..rediculous. xD I see them more as siblings than a couple because of the way they argue back and forth and fight like little children over simple things. However, unlike the relationship between Hana-Ichigo and Suiseiseki, Kanaria and Hana have their good moments where they're happy, bubbly friends.
I don't officially ship them as a couple, but I definitely like it when they're in the same room together.

♠♠♠ - KiraSuishou
:: Kira Kishou x Bara Suishou
Kira Kishou was the seventh doll made by Rozen, and Bara Suishou the faux doll made by Enju, a student of Rozen that wished to prove his worth. The two never meet, and they would most likely hate eachother, but I think the exchange between them would be infinitesimally amusing, especially since Bara Suishou's a copy of Kira Kishou.

♠♠♠♠ - ShinkuTou
:: Shinku x SuiginTou
I used to hate how SuiginTou treated the others, but as I drew closer to the close of season one, I thought she seemed misunderstood. When I saw the OVA about SuiginTou's origins, I fell in love with her character, and how Shinku pitied her and took care of Suigin Tou. Shinku taught her how to dress herself and socialized her, shielding her from the cruelties of the Alice Game. The more I thought about it, the more I got to thinking how much farther they could've gotten if Souseiseki hadn't taken advantage of her handicap and killed her. Luckily, Rozen fixed Suigin Tou, but not after suffering trauma and thus turning her back on the other Maidens trying to be Alice.

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