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    Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn) 10/10

    Ash and Dawn really make a great couple together, I think they fall in love but do not realize yet, this couple really has great potential to materialize at the end of the DP saga

    Orangeshipping (Tracey x Misty) 6/10

    Misty practically no longer occurs, and in his last aparicones (including Pokémon Chronicles) was seen close to Tracey, and what better example than the gift of Tracey for Misty (azurrill)

    Againstshipping (Paul x Zoey) 7/10

    Zoey has been the only girl in face to Paul in the face, and I resent the idea of this couple (bad boy x mature girl)

    Contestshipping (May x Drew) 9/10 obvious that May likes Drew

    Johtofestashipping (Kuzunari x Kotone) 9/10

    I think Kotone like Kuzunari, and that was seen in DP 145

    Advanceshipping (May x Ash) 7/10

    I think they make a beautiful couple
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    Dragon Ball Forever!!

    Pearlshipping Forever!!

    Misty may have gave him a lure
    May may have gave him a ribbon
    But Dawn gave him her heart

    If you think the Sinnoh saga has been the best saga of the whole show, copy and paste this into your signature! (started by FlameRose)

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