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Thread: Your Shipping List (( Updated: August 1st, 2015 ))

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    I'm going to just do a new list with some new ships I supported after I did my other list and some I forgot.
        Spoiler:- More Fire Emblem:

    EDIT:...I have some more.

        Spoiler:- Ace Attorney:

    So,that makes it one incest ship,five yaoi ships and just a couple,what are they called,'normal' ships on this list alone.Wow.
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    I've been wanting to add a list here, but I hesitated because I have too many to actually list. lol Oh well. This is still a work in progress, but I'll put some down now before I forget. Will be updated in increments...

        Spoiler:- Pokemon ships:
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    Hey, guys! OK, I have so many OTP's and ships in general, so I feel in order to shorten the list I should only include my Pokemon ships. By the way, I support yuri (girlXgirl) and yaoi (boyXboy) as well as straight pairings. Alright, here goes:

    Amourshipping (AshXSerena) I think that Serena is an amazing new female protagonist, despite her lack of character development compared to the other main characters of the XY anime. I think she is totally adorable with her little crush on Ash, and everything else about her. I don't know why I got attached to Serena so quickly, she just hit me the right way. And as for Ash, I think this quote is reason enough: "Brock: I didn't know vikings still existed... Ash: They mostly live in Minnesota!" Not that there aren't other reasons, though. So, I think since they're both a couple of my favorite characters from Pokemon, I already wanted to ship them. Then, when I saw their back story and interactions, my reaction was basically as follows: "OMG THEY ARE CUTER THAN 50 PUPPIES AND I NEED MORE OF THIS IMMEDIATELY AND YES SERENA WE GOTS A FANGIRL IN THE HOUSE AND FCMOIAjdfpNULGVYBW98REBFCIGO9W8EIOP7AEZXBCPF9WEMUQ 437TGAF" You get the picture. And no, I don't think it was an overreaction.

    Diodeshipping (AshXClemont) OK, when I saw Clemont, I didn't really know what to think of him. I mean, his design was good, and his voice was OK, but after the Clemont/Clembot back story episode, he quickly warmed up to me. I started to pay more attention to him when watching the show, and I really started to love him. Then I saw how cute Clemont and Ash's bromance was. I didn't want to ship it, just because I already shipped Amourshipping in XY, and I didn't want to ship Ash with two people just in XY, but my inner shipper took over. XP

    Appealshipping (DawnXZoey) I was definitely NOT a big fan of Dawn at first. I mean, I liked her design and all, but I watch the English dub of the Pokemon anime (haters gonna hate) and her VOICE. HER. ENGLISH. VOICE. I'm sorry, I'm not 100% sure if they gave her a new voice actress at some point, but at least in the beginning of the English dub, her voice kind of ruined her character for me. "I'm ten, Mom!" Well, you sure don't sound it. But, I was eventually able to look past it, and I realized she was a pretty OK character. I definitely stopped disliking her, and actually grew quite fond of her. But then, I met Zoey. Come to think of it, if Dawn wasn't a character, they might not have introduced Zoey! Zoey is probably one of my favorite Pokemon characters, and Definitely my favorite rival next to Barry. But I absolutely LOVE that Zoey always defends Dawn, and goes out of her way to help her. Even when her leg was damaged, she STILL defended her. And somehow while doing this all, she STILL manages to be extremely cool. And I thought it was super cute when Zoey gave dawn a small compliment and she blushed way more than she should have.

    Pokeshipping (AshXMisty) I'm sorry, but I LOVE tsunderes, and Misty was the first one I ever saw. Also, she is probably my favorite tsundere, but maybe I'm just a bit bias. But, I love Misty's interactions with Ash, and I think it's funny and cute how they always argue. And let me just say: I literally cried when heard the goodbye song, and I'm not exaggerating. I actually cried. But I was SO overjoyed when she returned in Hoenn.

    Ferriswheelshipping (ToukoXN) (I prefer Touko to Hilda for some reason) Unfortunately, N was only in the anime for a short while, and Touko wasn't in the anime AT ALL. Neither was her male counterpart, which really irritated me. Oh well. But, actually, Pokemon White Version was the first Pokemon game I ever played, and I immediately fell in love with it. This was before I knew shipping was a thing, so I thought I was super strange for thinking that two people who weren't real were cute together. But then I found out about this part of the internet! Long story short, this was my first OTP. I LOVED the Black/White Version story lines, and I especially loved N. I thought his whole character was super touching, and I just loved the idea of Touko. Plus, then I saw the fan art, and my heart exploded.

    OK, sorry for the super long post!
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    Amourshipping ash and serena. I fanboy and love this ship to death cause everthing works so well and is so well structered and cute! 5 stars
    othelloshipping ash and hilda a nice ship with interesting possiblities and great fan fics which make a nice ship 3 and a half stars
    Orengeship misty and tracy not to much to say bout this one cept its nice 3 stars
    incectivoreshipping is random yet good fenniken and frokie.

    Manga ships
    mangaquestshipping gold and crystal just awsome but a bit scarce 5 stars
    agencyshipping black and white (white and hilda two diffrent people)I fell into this ones cutness almodt instantly. 5 stars
    Specialshipping yellow and red so cute with interactions and backstory

    I have more ships but these are my favorite

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    Oh my goodness, where to start?

    Okay, from anime there is:

    KoKoShipping (Butch x James) - Two of my favourite characters in the series!! I think they just go so well together!!

    RocketShipping (Jessie x James) - Do I need to explain? There are so many cute moments, but I think the end of episode 48 is my favourite!

    HandymanShipping (Tracey x Daisy) - I really love Tracey and when I watch pokémon chronicles (my favourite season), this pairing kills me (positively)!

    OrangeShipping (Tracey x Misty) - I know it might sound a bit contradictory, but I have a headcannon that Misty and Daisy passively fight over Tracey!

    DaddyShipping (Ash x Sammy) - I prefer this ship when they are both 10, but I can enjoy the sad feels of time and age when Sammy's all grown up.

    PalletShipping (Gary x Ash) - Ah, the childhood friend/rival pairing... gotta love it!

    CactusThornShipping (Harley x Jessie) - I always remember the episode in AG when Harley helped Jessie and told her his childhood story!

    SomeoneElseShipping (Georgio x Misty) - From the Chronicles episode 'A Date With Delcatty!' Georgio is so cute, I can't help but root for him!

    then from games:

    NamelessShipping (Red x Green (Male)) - Similar to PalletShipping, but cooler and a bit more serious.

    Those are the most notable ones... and this list is definitely growing!

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    So, I might as well go for it. XD I'll be listing as much of my Pokémon ships as possible, and a few from my other fandoms. However, I won't include ALL of my ships from those fandoms, because I ship A LOT, and that would get very exhaustive. XD

    (roughly ordered by most to least favorite, though I still like all of these ships )

        Spoiler:- Pokemon ships:

    Okay, so my hands need a break (physical disabilities suuuuuck :/), so that's all for now. Will add on more later.
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    Pokemon Anime:

    Ash x Dawn - They have a lot in common and some similar life stories, especially with seeing a legendary Pokemon around the beginning of their journey. They also high-five each-other on occasion, and cheered each other on between contests and gym battles. She was more closer to Ash than the other boys.

    James x Jessie - They've been teaming together for a long time.

    Misty x Brock - They were both gym leaders in Kanto, and traveled with Ash throughout Kanto and some during Johto.

    Misty x Tracey - Kinda hard to describe, but I think they would make a good couple, too.

    May x Drew - Drew seems to have feelings for her. He's given her roses to show that he cares for her, plus they worked together as a team and helped May on how to improve during contests.

    Max x Bonnie - They're like about the same age. I think they would make a good couple together.

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    Oh dear! I have so many ships.

        Spoiler:- Pokémon Shippings:
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    Girlpowershipping - My fave ship is Cynthia x Dawn (but an 18yr old, game version Dawn) - I mostly fell in love with this ship after reading a fanfic. I like the idea that Dawn returns to Sinnoh after years of travelling and challenging the gyms/E4/Champions of the other regions, and battles Cynthis for the Sinnoh Champion title. The two get reacquainted and fall in love.

    AppealShipping - my second fave ship is Dawn x Zoey - omg who wouldn't ship this??? Zoey shows that she cares deeply for Dawn, and even though Dawn was her fiercest competition, Zoey still helped her to improve. Dawn also showed that she cared a lot for Zoey too. I just love this ship!

    FondantShipping - Miette x Serena - This is my third fave ship in pokemon. What's not to love about their interactions? I don't think Miette is actually interested in Ash, but knows Serena is and is using that to get her to blush - furiously. Although their friendship started off a bit rocky they seem to be on quite good terms now - the only tension I can see comes from Serena believing she's in competition with Miette over Ash. Miette is also a little... handsy with Serena. She constantly invades her personal space in order to tease her, and she obviously finds it hilarious.

    I also like BoutiqueShipping - Shauna x Serena (both for the games and anime) - In the games I feel like Shauna looks to the protagonist for protection, but also does her best to grow and be a reliable friend to the protag. She's also intentionally written to seem like she has a crush on the protag so...
    Shauna and Serena have pretty much swapped roles in the anime, with Shauna being the more confident and sure-minded of the two girls, and Serena constantly feeling unsure of herself and needing reassurance and guidance. I feel Shauna guides Serena and inspires her.

    For some reason I also like the idea of Chouxshipping - Miette x Aria - I don't know why yet but I'll edit when I find out.
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    American--Pi's Shipping List (Incomplete)

    Hoo boy. I ship a LOT of ships, including multiple ships featuring the same character. Yaoi, yuri, poly, whatever - if it catches my eye I'll ship it. The only kinds of ships I don't really like are ones involving human x Pokemon or incest, but maybe that will change. :P

    My Pokemon ships are listed first, and after that, my fandoms are listed in alphabetical order. Within a fandom, my ships are listed from favorite to least favorite (although the least favorite ships are also really cute! :3).

        Spoiler:- ships:

    For now I only have my top five Pokemon ships, but man, I ship so much more, in both Pokemon and non-Pokemon fandoms. I'm probably going to edit this a lot in the future because I just ship so much. xD
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