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Thread: Your Shipping List (( Updated: February 18, 2013 ))

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    This is my updated shipping list, since my last one was getting seriously outdated.

    Key: * = Decent, ***** = Totally Awesome

    PearlShipping ***** OTP
    Now, where do I begin? It's a totally adorable ship: their hints aren't the most obvious, but if you dig down deep enough you know that they care about each other very much. In my opinion, they share that kind of special bond where they don't need to hint on their feelings that much; their feelings are just present in their interactions. It's evident that they have a mutual relationship with each other, and I love it how they both stick up for each other.

    WishfulShipping ***** Former OTP
    I'm a bit behind on this shipping, but I still love it to bits. They're parallels, you know, but they're like a jigsaw puzzle as well; it might not be very obvious, but I believe that they do match up with each other. It's a bit hard to explain, really... I'm mostly fuelled by the fan works, but still, it's an awesome ship.

    ContestShipping *****
    This shipping has a truckload of hints, I tell you. Seriously, the list goes on. And even if there weren't very much hints, you would still be able to tell that they have something going on between them by the way they act: they pretend to be rivals, but they're still a bit supportive of each other.

    LuckShipping ****
    I find it rather adorable that Lucy loves his squinty eyes. And I like the way Brock asked her to actually travel with him, not to marry him or whatever the heck he normally does. I think that that shows how he really feels for her. Plus, the guy supported Lucy instead of Ash. Naughty, naughty =P

    DualRivalShipping ****
    This shipping seriously needs more love. It's a gameverse shipping, so there aren't really that many hints, but it's nice to see how Cheren finds Bianca a bit annoying but still puts up with her and helps her along.

    TwinleafShipping ****
    Another gameverse shipping. I don't know why, I just think that they click together. And they're childhood friends, which is awesome. And really, I think Barry just wants to prove to Dawn that he's a strong trainer so that she respects him, and therefore likes him. Poor old Barry.

    HeartsoulShipping ****
    Oh, this DEFINITELY needs more love. Childhood friends all the way, people! Ethan is always willing to help Lyra out (and vice versa, really), and it's nice to see how they're supportive of each other.

    OrangeShipping ****
    I like the hints shared in the Chronicles episodes, how Tracey was almost always around Misty and helping her out. Plus, I think they shared a fair amount of hints - enough for the dubbers to deny the relationship between them, anyway.

    LagomorphShipping ****
    Buneary has such a cute crush on Pikachu, don't you agree? Saying no to the ever-so-smexy Phione who, in my opinion, likes her more than Pikachu likes her.

    WhiteKnightShipping ***
    A nevermet shipping, I know, but there are a billion possibilities as to how they'll end up. I can see the two of them helping each other out, for example, Hilda teaching Lucas how to battle better and Lucas teaching Hilda about various information about Pokemon. The thing with nevermet shippings are that the hints are endless.

    MascheraShipping ***
    It's been influenced by a fanfic I read, really (though it didn't actually contain MascheraShipping). Yay for shipping between serious people =P

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    This will be quite short I think as I don't ship that much... but here it is anyways! ^-^

    Pokemon shippings list:

    Wishfulshipping: This ship is my former OTP and I absolutely adore it! From the cute interactions, to their bickering about science and spirits/magic, it's all very entertaining for me to watch and listen to. Plus, I think they compliment each other perfectly; everything that Cilan seems to lack in - confidence ( not so much in the anime...), faith and some forms of creativy, Iris weighs out with her wild-child persona. Plus, I'm all for the opposites attract thing!

    Ikarishipping So they didn't have that much interaction at all during the anime, but the brilliant fanfiction (that happens to be, alongside Pearl of course, one of the largest fandoms including Dawn) and the artwork is enough to keep me fully involved in the ship. Also, because there weren't many hints and Paul was not developed much since he was only a recurring character, it leaves plenty to the imagination and makes for believable interpetations of Paul as far as fanfiction goes.

    Contestshipping Drew and May, for me, had many humourous moments, and complimented each other well. Plus, I like the fact that May showed some signs of attraction in the anime - like when the girl in the contest (forgot her name...^^;...) asked if she liked him and she sort of paused and stuttered. Also, Drew trying to show that he "wasn't interested" just showed how much he was into her, in my opinion. Sure, it's only an interpretation, but it still makes me feel that tingle warm feeling inside! ^-^

    Imaginationshipping In my opinion, Ash and Bianca suit each other well - I don't ship this seriously or anything, but I'd much rather those two pair up together and go together than Ash ending up with the main girls - as far as I'm concerned, that's just cliche and a little predictable, though I have nothing against any of the cast, either from now or before! I like the fact that they're both quite dense too; it makes room for light hearted fanfiction and fluffy situations. Also, Bianca always goes to run into him and shove him into some form of water!

    Pikachu/Bunaery Probably one of the only poke-couples I like. The crush that Buneary had on Pikachu since she ever entered the show was so obvious, that at first it was painful for me to watch, but who doesn't love an adorable bunny spinning in constant circles with an electric mouse? >///<

    Yeah, like I said, quite short. I didn't really ship any of the main girls with anyone. I would say Poke-shipping as well, though I didn't watch the series; I've only seen a couple of hints up o youtube, so I'm not really all that interested... ^^;

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    Dawn and Ash are the two characters that I ship with almost everyone, so naturally, I ship them together as well. Their interactions are cute. I love the high fives, and the tag battles I also like how neither of them was over the one. Like, there was no mentor, they both learned from each other.

    I adore Barry! It's impossible for me not to ship him with one of my favorite characters. I know this ship didn't that many hints but I think it had a lot of potential. I ship them more in the game than I do in the anime, though.

    OTP. Always. This ship was just so obvious and cute! May is one of the few people I can't ship Ash with just because I'm such a hardcore Contestshipper >;] I loved the roses, the rivalry, and the teasing! Despite the teasing, when it came down to it, they really seemed to care about each other. And Briana even mentioned how May is the only female Coordinator that Drew respects <3

    Because I'm a sucker for pairings that pick on each other. I know some people think Iris is a little harsh on Ash, but I don't think she really means any harm, and she's actually shown to be really supportive of Ash sometimes.

    My first ship ever. Honestly, I'm not really a big Pokeshipper anymore since it's been so long since we've seen Misty, but part of me is always going to ship this.

    I don't really like Kenny, but I think his crush on Dawn is cute. He seems really determined on letting Dawn know his true feelings and I thought it was cute when he challenged Ash to a battle just to try and get Dawn to travel with him..

    Because I loved it when Dawn fan-girled over Gary! 8D

    Because I think Lyra and Ash's personalities would go well together. They're both straightforward and kind of energetic and I think Lyra obviously admires Ash, which is cute :3
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    They're just so cute! Eee.

    I never really supported this until I saw the fan art and now... Yeah! xD

    How could you not like it!? It's Silver and... Gold! Gold.. Gold..

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    Here are my Pokemon/Sonic crossover shippings that I came up with and support! Also, I give all of these a 5/5!

    NuvemaHillShipping (Hilda X Sonic), currently my OTP! Sonic is a teen just like Hilda, so they would be the best of friends. Also, It would be cool to see Hilda perform the Spin Dash, Super Peel-Out & have a Super Transformation where her hair color is light blue!
    ChaosEmeraldShipping (Mei X Sonic). Sonic would compare Mei's adorableness to the preciousness of a Chaos Emerald!
    DarkHallMatronShipping (Argenta X Shadow). Shadow would teach Argenta how to use Chaos Control. In addition, Shadow would be good friends with Argenta.
    DeviousProfessorShipping (Aurea Juniper X Dr. Eggman). It would be funny to see Prof. Juniper telling Eggman that his plans for beating Sonic are shortsighted, but Eggman would use Mind Control to make her join him in his attempts in defeating Sonic!

    Every shipping except the last one are special
    friendships! The last one is a Crack Pairing, but it is definitely for laughs! I don't know if ANY fanart exists for these. These crossovers need some support, too! It feels like i'm the only NuvemaHillShipper in the world!
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    Okay, I have no idea what some of these ships are called, so I'll just have to put their pairings up instead.

    pearlshipping(AshxDawn)- this ship introduced me to the shipping universe and is the one I defend the most fervently. Ash and Dawn click better than any other pairing with Ash, and both have supported each other more than the other ships. Their relationship is also incredibly easy to see in DP, whereas the others were harder to dissect. The relationship also seems to be beyond a surface level passion, thanks going to the writers for putting such intense danger in the form of J and Team Galactic

    contestshipping(MayxDrew)- I've always liked May, and was even leaning to Advanceshipping before I saw Dawn and Ash for the first time. I think May is better suited to Drew than Ash because they are both coordinators. Dawn at one point fought a Gym Battle, and Ash has competed in a contest, so they can relate to each other's interests. The same is true for May and Drew. That aside, both are hopeless romantics, even though Drew is rude (I mean what guy uses a rose as his trademark unless he's a romantic?)

    [LinkxMidna(not transformed)]- I don't even know if this ship has a name, oh well, I support it anyway. The way Midna and Link's relationship gradually became more passionate throughout the game seemed so natural and sincere, I cried at the game's crappy ending. Midna is brusque, but loveable for it, something I think endears her to the warrior Link. I support this ship so much, I wrote a fanfic to continue it, altering the game's ending to support my view LOL! (maybe I'll post it sometime)

    (Fox McCloudxKrystal)- again, no clue if this ship has a name. Anyone who knows the StarFox saga will be like oh, yep, no duh. I mean, when Fox first sees her, he gets all glassy eyed and loopy(lol!) The way he wants to look after her while at the same time she wants to be more involved with the team's action lends itself to perfectly portraying the difficulties of growing in a relationship. The best part of the ship, Command left cannon ambiguous, so I was able to combine, modify, and continue the story however I saw fit.

    (SpyroxCynder)- this is becoming depressing, not knowing the name to any of these great ships (sigh)...I will not even try to validate this one, as it is canon (imagine that) but by the way they interact, it is so clear even before Cynder's confession of love that they care deeply for each other. Any confusion you may have concerning these two can be answered in Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.
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    My Pokemon Shipping List:

    Ikarishipping(DawnxPaul):Oh I love it, it's these typicall opposites attract and I think it's kind of realistic because Paul told Dawn things,which he never told his brother.An other point is that Paul is one of my favorites, even if he isn't nice to his Pokemon, he's cool^^,an other point ist that it introduced me to the

    :When I watched the seasons with May and after the first Rose I was obsessed with this Shipping.They are so cute, even if they most time arguing, but hey: what the tease loves^^and Caroline is a nice suppport teasing her daughter after her first grand festival about relationships^^

    IcebeamShipping(Dawns BunearyxPauls Weavile):Cough:No it has nothing to do with the Ikarishipping.... But i like a lot and it's such a shame that there aren't many fics with this as an main theme.But I shoudn't complain....I think it's better than BunearyxPikachu, even there no hints^^'

    GossamerShipping(Mays BeautiflyxDrews Masquerain):One of the cheesiest Pokemonshipping I know, it's super cute.They look so good together and they could be a super team in contest.Like their double silverwind in the episode Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?.
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    SaturnxMars I always loved this couple! I really am a fan of Mars ever since Team Galactic ever exsisted!!!

    CyrusxCyintha I really have know idea why I like this shipping... But I sort of think its cute!

    JupiterxLooker Hmmmm I think I really like this shipping to because in the episode Unlocking the red chain of evens Jupiter's like to Looker "Yor my type!" and Looker like well "i'm not your type"

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    FlavescentShipping (Trip x Iris) = EPIC!!! Blue Oni x Pink Oni

    SheenLibbyShipping (Cheren x Iris) = I don't mind with this shipping O.o

    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) = Classic but EPIC!

    SommelierShipping (Cilan x Burgundy) = Cute!

    ExpressShipping (Ingo x Hilda) = Nice one

    SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow) = Cute ship~!

    PotraitShipping (Trip x Dawn) = I don't mind. I hope Dawn meets Trip in world tournament soon

    TwinleafShipping (Dawn x Barry) = I like when Dawn holding Barry's Poketch

    FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire) = hahaha It makes me laugh

    KodakShipping (Ash x Trip) = AKAONI X AO-ONI!


    - Iris x Kiriha Aonuma (I knew Kiriha has many dragon-like Digimon :3 and he looks like Trip in Hunters season)
    - Ash x Akari Hinomoto ( I don't know why I like this crossover)
    - Caitlin x Touma Norstein (This is my sister's favorite Crossover shipping but I don't mind if I write this)
    - Cilan x Izumi Orimoto (cool one)
    - Trip x Nene Amano

    Pokemon x Guilty Crown Ships

    Cheren x Shu Ouma
    Iris x Inori Yuzuriha
    Trip x Gai Tsutsugami
    Dawn x Mana Ouma
    Bianca x TsugumI

    Pokemon x Pretty Cure Ships

    Ash x Miyuki Hoshizora
    Trip x Urara Kasugano
    Cilan x Nao Midorikawa
    Stephan x Akane Hino
    Hue x Mai Mishou
    Volkner x Yayoi Kise
    Cress x Karen Minazuki
    Brycen x Reika Aoki
    Kyouhei x Hibiki Hojo
    Cheren x Honoka Yukishiro

    Pokemon x Devil Survivor 2

    Iris x Protagonist
    Trip x Io Nitta
    Bianca x Yuzuru Akie
    N x Anguished One
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    Advanceshipping - OMG these 2 were made for each other, they are both vulnerable young people but yet they have a side that make others worry, plus there have been many hints during the hoenn saga, i feel ash and may could be the most compatible couple ever, they are so alike it's just funny ehhehe XD

    WishfullShipping - The definition of opposites attract, these 2 wouldn't see it in a million years, but you sometimes find love with ones you least expect

    Pikachu x Buneary - Don't know the name but it's pretty clear how buneary feels and pikachu being the calm one has to downplay it

    PokeSilverShipping - Though lyra doesn't suit ash as much as may, she is absolutely adorable and she basically had a thing for him, before leaving back to johto <3
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    For now, I'll drop in my Pokemon shippings.
    I don't have an OTP - It's a tie.

    Anime Ships:
    Contest-Shipping - When I first watched the Anime series (Started in the Hoenn seasons), I really adored Drew for giving May those roses. From there I just took note of every Contest-Shipping hint without realising it (Shh, I was 7 at that time and didn't know what a ship was). Anyway, after that I couldn't really change my view on this ship. I love it to pieces.

    Poke-Shipping - Then I went to check the Kanto seasons. The Ash/Misty signs were really cute, like they were made for each other. I believe that it was almost canon until she left Ash's group, sadly.

    Ikari-Shipping - Mainly because I got converted. The mini-hints got me, however. Also, I have a small liking for pairings like these sometimes.

    Pokespe Ships:
    Gold/Everyone. Just Gold/Everyone. - At first I only shipped MangaQuest because I was a huge fan of GSC, and kept re-reading it. Didn't like BL then, so only saw PreciousMetal as rivals. Then Amber showed up, mainly for the scene that Gold managed to get Yellow to take off her hat. Then I finally started liking BL and PreciousMetal got me, and I started seeing it as more than just rivals. It just continues.

    Frantic-Shipping - This pairing is like opposites-attract, mostly. And that confession. And their arguments, I like them for some reasons.

    Special-Shipping - Same reason as Poke-Shipping. "Original" and all.
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    i will go down with this ship ♫
    an extensive list of iza's pkmn pairings

    ღ = otp status

        Spoiler:- a n i m e:

        Spoiler:- g a m e:

        Spoiler:- m a n g a:
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    My shipping List <3

    Pearlshipping: Ash x Dawn - They are an amazing couple, so cute together.

    Contestshipping: May x Drew - My first ship ever they have so much in common, and so many hints

    Sommeliershipping: Cilan x Burgundy - Oh they're cute together, I think Burgundy channels her love for Cilan into revenge. xD

    KissShipping: Ash x Melody - I love this one as well,not as much as pearlshipping,but I love how cute Melody & Ash look together. They also make Misty angry which I liked(:

    Fatherlyshipping: Falkner x Janine - I love how they both look up to their father's so much.

    LagomorphShipping: Buneary x Pikachu - Buneary's crush on pikachu is so cute.

    Black 2 team

    Soul Silver Team

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    Other Ships!
    Pokemon x Uta no Prince Sama

    Iris (Pokemon) x Sho Kurusu (Uta No Prince Sama) = pink couple
    Bianca (Pokemon BW) x Natsuki Shinomiya (Uta No Prince Sama) = due to their fondness with cute things
    Georgia (Pokemon) x Masato Hijirikawa (Uta No Prince Sama)
    Burgundy (Pokemon) x Hayato/Tokiya Ichinose (Uta No Prince Sama)
    Hilda (Pokemon) x Itokki Otoya (Uta No Prince Sama)
    Mei (Pokemon) x Ren Jinguji (Uta No Prince Sama)
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    Foxyvulpixie's awesome shipping list ^.^


    Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty) - Omg since the beginning I knew they had a connection <3. They are my favorite Pokeship ship of all time and they are so perfect together ^.^. I think their personalities correspond well and they are just SO adoarble ;u; plus they are probably my most nostalgic couple and sometimes I get a little teary-eyed when I watch old AMVs of them together ;_;.

    Final Fantasy

    Cloud/Aerith (FFVII) - Hands down, number one OTP of all time! Their relationship is so beautiful and sad at the same time T_T. I love how they have a spiritual connection and how they can understand each other without even talking. Also, I think that opposites attract and that their personalities correspond well ^.^.

    Tidus/Yuna (FFX) - Omg, another sad pairing T_T. Also, they are probably Square Enix's most canon couple ever ^.^! I mean they kissed in a lake under the night sky, how romantic is that? OK, they more like made out in a lake under the night sky, but if that doesn't show how in love they were with each other I don't know what does xD. And I looove Yuna and Tidus is perfect for her >u<. Plus, I looove Tidus and Yuna is so perfect for him ;u;.

    Lightning/Hope (FFXIII) - My current FF OTP! Lightning and Hope are so cute together and I think they have a connection. Also, I love how Hope calls her "Light" ^.^. Plus, Hope is 26 in FF XIII-2 and Lightning is it could work out ;D.
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        Spoiler:- otp of otps:

        Spoiler:- otps:

    ...This ended up being more like my headcanons than actual reasons. ;_;
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    Ooooh, shippings! My favorite subject!
    Here goes (I don't have many):
    #1 RocketShipping
        Spoiler:- Reasons:

    #2 ContestShipping     Spoiler:- Reasons:

    #3 PokeShipping     Spoiler:- Reasons:
    I also kind of like OrangeIslandShipping, but I hate it when people ship two conflicting ships. So for the OS I like Poke, but I get the feeling that in AG she kinda got over him and moved on...or not.

    Still thinking about Wishful...    Spoiler:- undefined:
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    My non-Pokémon shipping list:

        Spoiler:- Professor Layton:

        Spoiler:- Harvest Moon:

        Spoiler:- Other:

        Spoiler:- Crossovers:

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    Kasumikan's shipping list
    Underlined are my favorite ships


    Contestshipping (Drew/May): To me, this is the most canon Pokemon shipping. May and Drew clearly have a thing for each other, those flower's definitely weren't for Beautifly! I like to think that they've become a couple in Johto/wherever they are now and that they travel together.

    Appealshipping (Zoey/Dawn): The way Dawn admires Zoey is adorable. Zoey and Dawn just seem really compatible. Its great how much Zoey cares about Dawn, and she's not afraid to show it!

    Palletshipping (Gary/Ash): Gary drove Ash to do so many things and always work harder. There's no doubt to me that Gary was Ash's number one focus. I think they'd make a cute and funny couple. I can see them getting together in their later years

    Gymshipping (Misty/Brock): Its just adorable. Now that Brock is back in Kanto studying, they can visit each other again and start a real relationship.

    Pearlshipping (Ash/Dawn): Assuming Ash and Dawn are both heterosexual, of course ;D. As far as Ash/main female ships go, this one is my favorite. I used to be a big Pokeshipping fan, but not as much anymore.

    Originshipping (Steven/Wallace): I just love Originshipping. I find it hot and I think their personalities would work well together. Not much else to say!

    Ironshipping (Byron/Riley): Byron and Riley are so opposite, they'd make a hilarious couple. After reading a few fanfics with them I'm hooked!


    Hiei/Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho): Its so perfect. Kurama is so girly but a tough fighter and Hiei is just... awesome. The two of them really understand each other and seem to have a special connection that no one else understands. And for the record, I do like Mukuro. Hiei and Kurama just harbor a secret relationship and Mukuro thinks its hot so she isn't bothered. Plus it helps keep Hiei sane knowing he can go insane with Kurama ;D

    Yusuke/Keiko (Yu Yu Hakusho): Its adorable. The way Yusuke is so confident and smooth and the way Keiko waited 3 years for him. The joking marriage proposals, its all so cute .

    Holmes/Watson (Sherlock Holmes): The original yaoi if you ask me. Reading the books confirms to me that Watson is in love with Holmes. And in the movies they're just so flirtatious and coy, its hard not to love it.

    Sly/Carmelita (Sly Cooper): These two have a witty, saucy relationship for most of the series that just oozes sexual tension. I'm glad they were canon for a while and will be again in the end. They're too perfect for each other.
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    Complete List of Favourite Shippings/Pairings from Various Anime, Manga, and Videogames~

    ღ = OTP

        Spoiler:- P O K E M O N:

        Spoiler:- H E T A L I A:

        Spoiler:- I N A Z U M A E L E V E N:

        Spoiler:- S O U L E A T E R:

        Spoiler:- T M O H S:

        Spoiler:- O U R A N:

        Spoiler:- N A R U T O:

        Spoiler:- S H U G O C H A R A:

        Spoiler:- T O R A D O R A:

        Spoiler:- D R W H O:

        Spoiler:- A D V E N T U R E T I M E:

        Spoiler:- W A R R I O R C A T S:

        Spoiler:- K I N G D O M H E A R T S:

    bother me here please
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    I'm so bad at explaining things that it'll make everyone cringe I assure you. So I'll list them.

    Pokemon Ships
    GreySkyShipping (KyouheixHugh) OTP GAH

    PalletShipping/OriginalShipping (GaryxAsh/RedxGreen)

    IsshuShipping (NxTouya)

    PreciousMetalShipping/HunterShipping (SilverxGold)

    RocketShipping (JessexJames)



    I probably have more but I'll edit when I think of them.
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    Ery's Shipping List

    Well, I think it's about time that I finally got a round to making one of these, don't you? I have a long list of shippings I support so if you read this, you may be here for a while haha


    ★★★★★ - OTP!
    ★★★★ - It's such an adorable pairing.
    ★★★ - It's so cute
    ★★ - Mehh, it's okay
    - Wanna tell me why I support this?


        Spoiler:- Anime Ships:

        Spoiler:- Manga ships:
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    Specialshipping (RedxYellow) - Reasons:
    This Paring is Majourly Cannon, Considering the fact that twice they show their soulmates (String tied around their little fingers), Yellow Bluses around Red A HELL Of a lot. Their Cute together, they are the: The Battle and the Healer, the perfect combo. Pika and Chuchu have a child (The First EVER SHOWN Pichu),
    Transceivershipping (YancyxNate) - Reasons:They look good together, Yancy/Nancy has a MASSIVE Crush on Nate,
    Pokeshipping (AshXMisty) Although I HATE Ash with a passion only rivalled by Red's love of Battling, I Think due to this being the only series i ever went out of my way to watch, it is still Cannon, considering they do kiss (To my understanding), plus Misty has got Crush on Ash (Why would she follow him around after he had soughted her Bike out....
    Rangershipping (LunickXSolana): CANNON! Their names mean the Moon and the Sun.... Hint Much? They have matching Pokemon (Minun and Plusle) What else need's to be said?

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

    Fianceshipping (JadenXAlexis) - CANNOOOOOOON! Their even ENGAGED in the Anime! They Both Like each other.... plus they work together several times.

    Thats all..... For Now

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    Okay, seems simple enough...

        Spoiler:- text:
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    Alright, prepare for shipping lists.

    ☆ = OTP

        Spoiler:- P o k e m o n:

        Spoiler:- H e t a l i a:
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