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Thread: The New Shipping Fic Rules - Read, learn, obey... (Updated 3/30/11)

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    Default The New Shipping Fic Rules - Read, learn, obey... (Updated 3/30/11)

    Shipping Fic Rules:

    This is the place for all your shipping fanfics to be posted and posted in. And of course, since there’s been an abundance of SPAM lately, here are the new and improved rules.

    Updated 6/16/09 - Rule 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 were added!

    1.0) Follow all general forum rules.

    2.0) The Fic in and of Itself
    -----2.1) What should go in the title area – the title of the fic. Other than that, it’s optional to include the rating and shipping material.
    -----2.2) If you choose not to include the rating and shipping material in the title area, please include them at the top of the first post.
    ---------2.2.1) If you have more than one ship, list them all.
    -----2.3) All fics/chapters MUST be at least a page long.
    ---------2.3.1) Poetry does not have to follow this rule - instead, make sure your poem is at least eight lines long.
    ---------2.3.2) Yes, this rule applies to ALL prose - that includes playwrites.
    ---------2.3.3) Drabbles are fics that are shorter than a page and MUST come in groups if you wish to post them in their own threads. Drabble Collections can be posted as stand-alones, but the collection must have a particular subject (IE: Comashipping) or a running theme (IE: a popular challenge) - basically, they must all have something in common, besides being written by you. Otherwise, post your drabbles at the Drabble Thread Please PM Encyclopika before posting your Drabble Collection, and then state you have permission from her at the top of your thread.
    -----2.4) The fic MUST be shippy – not that the characters merely get together in the end. There must be shippy material throughout the story.
    -----2.5) Any sort of fandom romance is allowed:
    ---------2.5.1) Het/yaoi/yuri, crack, crossover, crossbreed, and other fandoms other than Pokemon are all fair game as well as the Pokemon shipping fandom.
    -----2.6) No first post summaries. Post you first chapter/prologue on your first post and be done with it.
    -----2.7) Do not make separate threads for each chapter. Keep the whole story in one thread.
    -----2.8) PM Lists: a list of people the author will PM when a new chapter is out.
    --------2.8.1) The author has every right ‘not to add’ or ‘take off’ a certain person to/from their PM list for any reasonable reason, such as frequent SPAM reviews, flaming, or no contact for a long time.
    --------2.8.2) Only ask to be on a PM list if you will review often – doesn’t have to be every chapter, but frequent. If not, just add the fic to your subscriptions. It’s really a pain to PM someone who seems not to even be reading.
    --------2.8.3) Don’t SPAM to be on a PM list. Review properly and then ask, or PM the author to be on it.
    -----2.9) Group projects are allowed, which means there can be more than one author and such.
    -----2.10) The fic must be written by you and/or your partner. If the fic is from and by you, you must state it. Any fics found to be from other places with no statement of possession will be deleted. If you are found plagerizing, you will be banned, or your right to post more fics will be taken away from you for an extended amount of time. Any doubt will be investigated.

    ***When you post a new story, be sure to PM either Meowth City or xEryChan with the link, so that they may add it to the Shipping Fic Catalog, which better promotes your fic.

    3.0) Ratings
    -----3.1) This must be included in the first post and it must be correct.
    -----3.2) The different ratings are listed below. Use this as a guideline for rating your fics:
    G – Familiarity with the characters. This rating is given to fics that are like that of a Pokemon episode.
    PG – Material of some maturity, such as implied violence and occasional strong language. No sexual content beyond a quick kiss. Possible references to themes such as abuse.
    PG-13 - Material of a higher level of maturity, such as actual violence in scenes. Possible references to themes such as abuse. Still no sexual content beyond a kiss and/or indications of sexuality. Typically but not always more use of strong language.
    R - Material of still higher maturity, including violence, sexual relationships or implied sexual activity, and other adult themes such as rape or abuse. Sexual content up to summary of activity or touches, but never a full description – that means no explict detail. (these are called "Limes")
    NC-17 - *MUST be approved by a shipping mod. The material is of fully adult maturity, including violence and explicit love-scenes, aka, "Lemons". Note: Please don't be too descriptive on the explicit love-scenes part. If you want to be descriptive, make sure its tone sounds professional. If not, don't even consider turning it in to one of the shippers' mods with its additions.
    --------3.2.1) NC-17 fics, as said, must be approved. To get approval, send Encyclopika the plot summary, an example of the story's NC-17 parts, and how many times you think the story will delve into NC-17 ("often" "once" etc.).
    --------3.2.2) PWP (porn without plot) is not allowed. That's just smut. Go to 4chan for that.
    ----3.3) If you find a fic/chapter might have the wrong rating, PM a shipping mod about it. We’re not talking about the difference of PG to PG-13, we’re talking the difference of PG to R or NC-17.

    4.0) Reviewing and Posting
    -----4.1) Only authors may double post in their fic threads for update purposes, though, they must be at least a day apart to allow people to read what you have so far, force you to revise, and keep parallel with the over-laws of the forum. Do NOT contest me on this. Thx.
    ---------4.1.1) Authors may double post if a chapter of theirs goes over the character limit, of course.
    ---------4.1.2) This is NOT a means of bumping your fic, however. This is just so you can post a new chapter after no one's replied after you. If you bump, you will be infracted. =( "Updates" saying "the new chap will be out soon!" after a non-chapter post will not fly, for example, that's just double-posting.
    -----4.2) Any fic can be reviewed, even if it’s a year old. We practice free and endless reviewing, as long as they aren’t SPAM.
    -----4.3) Review SPAM is getting on our nerves – don’t do it! When reviewing, elaborate your post to what you liked, what you didn’t like, what surprised you, etc. Reviews such as “I loved it! Do more!” and the like will be deleted on sight. If you really did read and liked the fic/chapter, you’ll honor the author’s hard work with a good, full, honest review. Other examples of SPAM reviews include, but are not limited to, the below:


    "Please write more! I love it!"

    "You are awesome! Update soon!"

    "When's the next chapter coming out? D:" (That's called "rushing authors" - Do not PM authors with this's very irritating)

    Basically, if your review doesn't refer back to the story at all, it's spam.

    ---------4.3.1) We emphasize this with NC-17 fics. SPAM in R and NC-17 fics will be taken harsher than in other ratings because of the frequent SPAM they attract.
    -----4.4) No bashing of characters – that goes for made up ones by the author as well.
    -----4.5) Do not make a thread to accept fic ideas. We now have the "Fic Request Shop" where you can literally shop for story ideas.
    -----4.6) No flaming of authors – you can tell the author what he/she needs to improve on without being unreasonable.
    ---------4.6.1) And especially don’t flame an author for writing a shipping or bit of material you don’t like. You have a choice to look at the shipping content and the rating and decide for yourself if it’s the fic for you. I will not tolerate anyone telling me I should limit what the authors here write, and the authors shouldn’t either. If I see this sort of harassment or flaming, you’re in huge trouble, and you'll be dealing with me. >=(

    *We remember who SPAMs and who doesn’t, so it’s in your best interest not to do it.
    *If you are not sure about something in your fic, such as the rating, PM a mod for guidance.
    *You may contact either Meowth City or xEryChan for any problem here, title change, excessive problematic person, confusion with these rules, etc.
    *These rules are subject to change, and it’s your responsibility as a member of the forum in general, to check up on them, as well as check any announcements.
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    Adding Ship Names:

    Hello and welcome to Ship Names for Fics 101. I've been seeing some confusion around, so I will quickly outline how to state the ships you want to include in your fics here int he shipping fic section.

    Pokemon Shipping Fics:

    99% of Pokemon Pairings (no matter how bizarre) have a specific name. Almost all Human x Human pairs have a name, and a good chunk of Pokemon x Pokemon combinations also have names. You can find those names here in this thread ->
    Use that thread to search for your ship by CTRL - F and searching by one of the characters involved (by English name).

    -Thus, a named ship can simply be listed as:

    "Pokeshipping" rather that "Ash x Misty"

    -If for some reason you cannot find your ship, simply put:

    Human 1 x Human 2 ....Example: Ash x Misty

    -If it's an unnamed Pokemon x Pokemon ship, put:

    Pokemon Species 1 x Pokemon Species 2 ....Example: Pikachu x Buneary

    *This form is to be used even if they are nicknamed OC Pokemon. Jack the Pikachu x Bun the Buneary is still Pikachu x Buneary in your list.

    -If you have human OCs, you must state they are OCs.

    Human 1 x OC 1 ....Example: Ash x Diane (OC)

    OC 1 x OC 2 ....Example: Sam (OC) x Tyler (OC)

    *If you are using OCs in your own alternate universe, go to the Regular Fanfiction section.

    Hope that clears things up.
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