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    The Sapphire Story

    << The Blue Beginning ~ The Ruby Rumor >>


    Welcome! The Sapphire Story follows the adventure of a group of teenagers as they travel across Hoenn and face off
    against seven all-powerful members of Team Aqua. Along they way they meet many friends and foes, and learn more
    about themselves than they thought they already knew, including just how connected they all are to each other.

    This story is rated PG-13 for some violence, swearing, and suggestive themes.
    Thank you to the amazing Blue_Mew22 for the beta-ing of this Fic.

    Dedication & Pages
    This entire series is dedicated to Destiny Journeys: Healing of Hearts, a fic that helped me grow so much
    in my writing ability in such a short amount of time. I truly am grateful to the wonderful girl who wrote
    that story. Without her none of this would exist. I am really thankful for that wonderful story.

    The pages with info about different characters, etc. are all under construction and will be added
    once they are complete and contain all the information I want them to have.

    Chapter List
    [ 1: Moving Day – Meeting the Neighbors ]
    [ 2: Hide-and-Seek With the Pokémon Professors ~ ]
    [ 3: Surprise Inside Littleroot Laboratory! ]
    [ 4: The Journey Begins! ]
    [ 5: Some Company With a Challenge! ~ ]
    [ 6: Entering the Forest of Crazies ]
    [ 7: A Corporate Man and Someone in Blue ]
    [ 8: Pretty Petals or Shocking Surprises? ]
    [ 9: School of Roxanne!! The Return of Rivals!! ~ ]
    [ 10: Rusturf Tunnel! A Wingull and Some Goods! ]
    [ 11: The Scars Under the Wounds ]
    [ 12: Threat – The Seven Seas ]
    [ 13: Ending and Starting ]
    [ 14: A Two-Timed Brawl With Brawly?! ~ ]
    [ 15: Letter for the Man Named Stone! ~ ]
    [ 16: The One With the Christmas in Slateport ]
    [ 17: Attack of the First Sea! Everyone to New Mauville!! ]
    [ 18: Kerzap – We’re in This Together! ~ ]
    [ 19: Seconds to the Second - Saving the Slate ]
    [ 20: Dillon Enters the Brawl! The Third Sea is Here!! ]
    [ 21: Just-in Time! The Fourth and Fifth Seas' Attack!! ~ ]
    [ 22: Off to Fallarbor!! Meteor Falls and Cozmo's Comet! ]
    [ 23: Fallarbor's Fate! The Sixth Sea!! ]
    [ 24: Fiery Path Dilemma! Falling Behind or Falling in Love? ]
    [ 25: The Seventh Sea - Never Will We Break ]
    [ The Finale ]

    Chapter 1: Moving Day – Meeting the Neighbors

    "This world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokémon.
    We humans live alongside Pokémon, at times as friendly playmates,
    and at times as cooperative workmates. And sometimes,
    we band together to battle others like us. But despite our closeness,
    we don't know everything about Pokémon."

    Pokémon Sapphire introduction, by Professor Birch

    The moving van sped down the dirt path, kicking up clouds of dust and sending them into the chilling November air. Since leaving the city, its silver exterior became covered by smears of dirt and mud which partially covered the red rust that had been their previously. A boy around the age of fifteen sat in the front of the van with his window open and his face in the wind, despite the slight drizzle falling from the gray clouds above. The cool rush of air comforted him; it reminded him of home – his real home, not the new one that his mother was racing to like a mad woman. His old home was his favorite place in the world at the moment.

    They’d left everything behind... everything seemed to have been ripped away from him. Now all that was left was a large gash in his life that would never go away. Too bad that’s what he wanted - for everything to just go away. Especially his mom. She was always making huge decisions without thinking them through. She thought that moving far enough away from Cianwood City would keep away his father. It was an idiotic idea, and soon enough his dad would figure out that his mom had moved to a brand new home and then he would come find them. Again.

    "Cole, are you crying?" his mother asked. Cole had been thinking about the few memories he still had from back when his parents were still together. Everything was so much better back then, and the memories brought a few tears to his eyes.

    "I'm fine," he said, without looking at her.

    He hadn’t seen his dad in seven years, let alone heard from him. He came home from school one day to his parents fighting in the kitchen. His mother seemed more upset than his father, but once Cole walked in they stopped. Cole's father had had to go back to work for a few more hours, and as soon as he left Cole's mother began packing their things. They were gone within two hours.

    “Sweetie... Cole, I’m sorry. I know that it was hard starting over before, but we won’t have to after this time. Your father-”

    “What about Dad?” Cole shouted. His mother seemed taken aback by Cole's sudden yelling, and she stopped talking. Normally Cole just gave her the cold shoulder, and he hated yelling at her, but he was particularly mad that she was now moving them to an entirely new region. Hoenn…

    Cole thought the name was one of the dumbest things he had ever heard. It sounded like the end to a hoe. Hoe’s End – Hoenn. Though it was the perfect place for his mother. In her mind, it was the end to all the running and worrying about Cole's father showing up. It was ridiculous.

    The car slowed to an average speed and the dirt stopped spewing from beneath the tires. They were getting close to their new home. Sounds of children playing outside echoed in the distance.

    Their new home in Littleroot would be the seventh new house since all of this began. First they were in Violet City, Johto, and from there they hopped around the region with what little money they had. Sometimes they only lived in a city for a couple months, but there were the few times that they managed to get lucky and stay in one place for about a year. Eventually they ended up in Cianwood, which was Cole's favorite since Violet.

    Cole turned fourteen a few days after they moved to Cianwood, and his mom finally allowed him to attend public school. He actually made friends and got to talk to other people instead of just his mom. But a year later, right after Cole turned fifteen, he noticed a man following him around in the city, and once he accidentally mentioned it to his mom, they left.

    Cole snapped back to the present and let out a distressed sigh.

    “We are only a couple minutes away now, Cole, could you please put your window up and fix your hair? I know you hate moving, but I have a good feeling about this place and I'd like to look presentable to the neighbors.”

    Too late, Cole thought. He listened, though, and silently rolled up his window. Half of his shirt was covered in tiny, pepper-patterned dots from the drizzle outside. Droplets of water resided on the top of his hair. He sat and waited for the beginning of the rest of his life to begin, managing to daydream one last time about his past.

    Just as quickly as he spaced out he was snapped back to reality by his mother's singsong voice.

    “We’re here!” she cheered, trying to lighten the mood. They both unbuckled their seatbelts without saying another word and stepped out of the car.

    The air felt colder. Cole shivered. He looked at the sky – a large, black cloud now advanced towards them from the north. It looked stationary at the moment, but there would definitely be a storm by nightfall. With the engine of the van silenced, everything was serene, and in a way peaceful. For a split second things seemed like they could be okay, until Cole remembered the present situation.

    Only a few houses were visible, and all of them looked the same – tan siding, one large wooden door in front, a few windows here and there, and a brown roof.

    Who would want to live in a boring place like this? Cole thought with contempt.

    “Oh this town is simply b-e-a-utiful!” cried his mother.


    Cole sighed and slumped inside. Despite his anger, he was actually looking forward to seeing what the new house looked like on the inside. His heavy footsteps were soon joined by soft quick pattering ones. Behind him, his mother carried two brown suitcases.

    “Cole! Cole, slow down!” shouted his mother. Her frail figure bustled towards him, both suitcases waving through the air. “Here are your things. Take them upstairs – your room is the first door on the left, and the bathroom is the next door down the hall.”

    Cole took the suitcases from her and continued towards the house. Once he made it to the front door, it opened. On the other side, a tan man stood with his arms folded across his chest. His faded hair was cropped short on his head, and the unappealing color matched his thick mustache right above his upper lip. Cole looked into his eyes and they glowered back at him. The man's brow furrowed in frustration.

    “You say ten o’clock and you arrive forty minutes late!" he shouted, clearly very angry, "We’ve already finished moving everything so we wouldn't be behind schedule, normally we wait until we're paid first, but- hey! Where are you going?!"

    “I’m not the person you’re looking for,” Cole answered as he shrugged around the man and walked into the house, “The deranged woman is outside.”

    Without checking the man’s expression at his remark, Cole quickened his stride across the paneled flooring. Three burly, gray Machoke bustled around the open room. The entire lower floor was composed of the living room and kitchen, aside from a separate enclosed room, which Cole assumed to be a bathroom. There were no walls to separate the kitchen and living room, and the only distinction other than the change from hard paneled floors to black-and-white tiles was the furniture.

    The kitchen looked like it hadn't been updated in a while, but the tan counters were still decent looking. The cabinets matched the counters, though there were a few flowery designs painted onto them. Next to the stainless steel appliances, they looked very old fashion. In the living room were the "new" couches (cheap green ones purchased online while Cole and his mom were at a rest stop on the way to Hoenn), a television that looked like it should rely on antennae, and a few other simple decorations.

    Everything looked very quiet and fitting with the serene of Littleroot. It was no wonder why Cole's mother chose to move them here, to a small little town that not many people would think to visit. The Machoke that had supposedly moved everything into the house now moved around and polished different things. Cole made a note to look up information on Machoke later - surely they would be decent to have on a team of Pokémon, with all that brute strength - after he check out his new room.


    “Zig! Zigzagoon!”

    Outside the arising drama at Littleroot Town, a tiny raccoon Pokémon darted around the overgrown underbrush of Route 101. Its brown and white zigzag pattern stood out against the mossy colored shrubs. They rustled as the Pokémon attempted to escape the oncoming trainer. A shiny red and white Pokéball hurtled through the air towards it. The Zigzagoon agilely leapt into the air to avoid it.

    “Dammit!” the trainer muttered under her breath. The word sounded oddly vulgar against the teenage girl’s soft-set voice. Her pink fingernails curled against her palms in frustration.

    That was my fourth time trying to catch that Zigzagoon, why does this have to be so hard... I wish Professor Birch would give me a Pokémon already, it would make things a whole lot easier.

    She slouched her shoulders as she walked into the overgrown grass to pick up her Pokéball and watched as her target made its getaway. Once the Pokéball was back into her hands, she brushed the dirt off of the ball and slipped it into the pocket of her faded jeans.

    As she sighed and turned around to walk home, tiny droplets of water fell from the gray clouds above. It wasn't even enough rain to be considered a drizzle, and it was actually kind of calming. Tiny dots appeared on her the sweatshirt she was wearing - it was crimson and had the words "Mossdeep Mightyena" in large black letters across the front. She admired her mother for having gone to college in Mossdeep and majoring in wild Pokémon studies instead of going on a journey like everyone else.

    The walk back home didn’t take long. Littleroot Town was only a short distance south of where she was. Her hometown made everything in the world seem at peace, and was one of the things she would miss about it once she left to go on a journey - unlike her mother, she was itching to see the rest of the region and compete in the Hoenn League.

    It made her sad to think about how much she would miss her home. With Route 101 being the only connecting route, not many travelers made their way into the town. Plus, Littleroot was far south of any major city in Hoenn, so no one really took the time to see what it had to offer - which wasn't much. She didn’t feel bad for anyone; to be honest, she was glad that people left the town alone. When too many people traveled through certain routes, it interfered with the wild Pokémon habitats. She was all for keeping natural areas in excellent condition for Pokémon.

    As she walked through the clearing and into Littleroot Town she noticed something – a pretty big something. Across the street from her house was a gray moving van. Its exterior was dirty and dark red rust was showing through in some spots, but it was still pretty exciting to see any kind of moving truck in town. Not many people moved into the town, mostly people were only moving out. Without hesitation she darted past the “Welcome to Littleroot Town” sign and towards her house.

    All in the same second, a firm hand wrapped around her slender arm, abruptly halting her to a stop. She looked in the direction the hand came from and noticed a guy around her age and height with golden hair smirking at her.

    “Whoa there,” he began, “where is pretty little Kira headed?”

    She pulled her arm free and made a disgusted grunting sound in the back of her throat.

    “Ugh.. Dominik, how much will it take for you to leave me alone?”

    His constant attempts to flirt with her made Kira want to push him down a bottomless well. They used to be friends in elementary school, but once puberty hit he began hanging around with the jerks that wore unappealing skin-tight clothing and bullied younger kids. Now he constantly tried to come on to Kira.

    “Hey now,” he said with a playful frown, "you know I just want to be your friend."

    Dominik curled up the sides of his mouth in a mock smile. Kira glared at him.

    Before she could respond, she heard a man's voice yelling from the general direction of the moving van.

    “You show up forty-five minutes late and expect me not to demand payment?! Lady, you are crazy!” a deep, gruff voice shouted.

    Kira watched them until Dominik had his hand on her shoulder and was turning her to face him. She shrugged out of his grasp, mumbled a stiff "bye," and walked to her house. Dominik shouted something from behind her, but she wasn't listening to him. Another voice caught her attention.

    “Kira! Kira!”

    Off to the left about twenty yards away was her mother. She had two grocery bags in her arms and semi-jogged over to her daughter.

    “What is it, Mom?” Kira asked as she took a bag from her mom's arms.

    "C'mon inside, I don't want you getting sick from the cold."

    Even though it wasn't too cold and even though Kira was wearing her mother's large, warm sweatshirt, her mom still worried about her getting sick. Kira loved that her mom cared so much about other peoples' well-being before her own. To Kira, her mom was the best person in the world. She had beautiful chocolate-colored hair that curled to her shoulders, equally gorgeous hazel eyes, and tan skin that made her look even more beautiful no matter what weather or light she was in.

    "I made some pot pies and fresh bread for dinner," she continued, "I just had to run out to the store to grab some stuff to make a cobbler for afterwards."

    "O-Okay," Kira said, surprised. She made bread... she was baking? she thought to herself. Her mother hadn’t baked in a long time – especially not fresh bread. That was something special she shared with her husband, Kira's father, who had been missing since Kira turned ten. Ever since then, she only made bread for very special occasions like holidays.

    They walked to the house together and reached the front door in a few minutes. Kira stared across the street at the moving van as her mom unlocked the front door. The moving guy was done yelling and his Machoke were moving boxes out of the van. That's all Kira was able to see before the door was opened.

    When she walked through the front door, a wave of heat rushed over her. She could no longer feel the small amount of water that and been on her head from the rain, but she could feel tiny beads of sweat accumulating on her forehead. She wiped them away with the sleeve of her swearshirt and looked around.

    The inside of their home was larger than most of the other houses – it used to be the same size, but after renovations had been done it was large enough to house a second family. The house didn’t even look the same as the others on the inside. Soft carpet replaced the common wood paneled floors. A half wall was built around the kitchen when it had been expanded and given new tiles and counters. A separate dining area – filled with an oak table and six matching chairs – had been added on as well.

    Kira put the grocery bag down on the counter and watched her mom prepare the ingredients for the cobbler. The aroma of the bread and pot pies filled her nose and made her stomach growl. As her mother reached into the oven and pulled out their dinner, Kira asked the question she had been afraid to ask previously.

    "What's all the baking for?"

    Her mother put the hot food down and smiled at her. "Well you're going to go to Professor Birch's tomorrow for a Pokémon, right? This might be the last meal you have before you go out on a journey."

    Kira took a seat on a stool by the counter. She smiled back at her mother until she noticed that there were four pot pies on the counter, not just two.

    "Are we having people over?"

    Her mother faltered. "Not exactly... they're for the new neighbors."

    That’s odd, Kira thought.

    "Why did you make some for the new people?" she asked. "You never make anything when anyone else moves in."

    "Well... I know the woman that just moved in. Or I did. We used to be friends, and she contacted me last week and told me she would be moving in today, all the way from Johto."

    "Oh. Did you guys go to college together?"

    "Sort of... she went the University of Celadon while I was in Fuchsia. We worked together in Cerulean though, with your father." Her mother looked a little uncomfortable talking about it now, so she changed the subject, trying to make it look like a natural transition. "Why don't we eat these now, and you can take the other two over after we're done, okay? I want you to meet her son."

    "She has a son?" Kira brightened at the thought. If he was her age, perhaps he could go with her on her journey. She's been looking for someone that could go with her, hoping that anyone other than Dominik would show up.

    Her mom gave a small nod. "His name's Cole. His mom says he's a bit... moody, at the moment. He's not very fond of moving here."

    “Okay," Kira said, taking it in, "I think I’ll go get changed before we eat. These clothes are uncomfortable now that it’s ninety degrees in here.” Kira’s mom just nodded to let her know that she would wait. Kira could hardly contain her excitement to meet this boy. She took the stairs two at a time.


    Upstairs was reasonably cooler. Kira sat on her bed, her pink backpack on her lap, as she went through it, making sure that everything was there.

    Antidotes... check. Pokéballs... check. Potions... check.

    Kira quickly shuffled through her bag once more, checking things off her mental list again as she went along.

    “Kira, are you coming? Your potpie is getting cold!” Her mother’s call made its way up the staircase and into Kira’s bedroom. As she heard her mother’s words she frantically tossed her bag onto her bed and raced through her closet, flipping between multiple outfits.

    “Yeah, I’m coming!” she called back, “I’ll be right there!”

    Once she got to her bedroom after telling her mom she was just going to get changed, she saw her bag sitting on her bed and gotten sidetracked while going through it.

    I wonder if the new kid is a Pokémon Trainer yet... she thought. What if he was already planning to go on a journey alone, or what if he already went on one and didn't want to go on another? If he was the same age as her, that would make him fifteen, five years older than the age required to be able to go out alone. Most of Kira's old classmates had left when they turned ten, but she stayed behind because of her father going missing.

    While thinking, Kira quickly glanced out her window to see if the new neighbors were finished moving in. She couldn’t find the moving van, which was a bit surprising.

    The movers are gone already?

    She looked at each detail about the house. Among the few houses in the town, this one had a slightly better foundation – nice and flat. Some of the others had uneven land, or didn’t have much of a yard. Kira lived in Littleroot for so long that she could easily pick out small differences between the houses. She was proud of herself for that.

    But soon she would be off on a journey, traversing the far corners of Hoenn and meeting all kind of people and Pokémon.

    And soon, she would have a partner for her Pokémon journey.


    His new room was bigger than his old one. A red cotton rug with a white border covered almost half of his wooden flooring which, much to Cole’s displeasure, matched the flooring in the rest of the house. Cole walked over to it and put both suitcases down. The room didn’t have much of anything in it. Two windows let in whatever light that shone through the stormy clouds. The windows were about five apart and each had a set of plastery white curtains in front of them.

    Cole slumped to one of the windows, spread the curtains apart, and looked around his new hometown. It was all so depressing, especially in the stormy weather. Why would someone make a town where every single house looked the same? All it did was successfully make the town plain and boring. However there was one house that stood out.

    The house was only across street. It was definitely larger than the rest of the houses in town, and looked nicer, too. The tan siding wasn’t old and falling apart; it instead had a brighter tint and sort of a glossy look to it. The windows looked a little worn, though they were obviously give a fresh coat of paint more recently than any of the other houses. He recognized the beautiful azalea bushes outside right away – after living in Johto for so long and having to learn about its history, he was pretty familiar with Azalea Town and the flower it was named after.

    Tired of looking at how much nicer the house across the street was, Cole moved from the window and sat on his new bed, which didn’t even have any sheets or covers on it yet. Without the lights on, his room looked very gray from the little bit of sunlight filtering in from outside. It was still bright enough to read, though.

    Cole brought his suitcase to his bed, unzipped it, and pulled out a worn copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He began to read while lying on the naked mattress. Soon enough he found himself lost in the world of fairies and mismatched love.


    What light that broke through her window was what Kira used as she flipped through her copy of The Beginning Trainer’s Guide to Selecting the Perfect Companion, a book that listed all the pros and cons of different Pokémon that new trainers could start out with. She bought it two weeks ago and already the book looked more used than most others she owned. But she didn’t want to take any chances; she wanted her first Pokémon to be the best for her.

    A soft knock on her door brought her back to the gloomy setting of her dim room. She looked up and saw her mom standing at the door.

    “I put the potpies in the refrigerator for later,” she said in her calm, soft voice. Kira’s eyes widened and darted to the clock. Almost forty-five minutes had passed since Kira came up to changed.

    “I’m sorry, Mom,” she apologized, shutting the book and quickly standing up. Her mother only smiled back.

    “It’s fine, I’m not really up to eating right now. All this cooking has made me exhausted.” She let out an airy laugh that put Kira at ease. “Plus, you should take the other two potpies to the new neighbors before they make something themselves.”

    Kira smiled at her mom. “Okay. I promise I won’t stay there long, we can eat as soon as I get back.”

    “Don’t worry about it,” her mom replied, “just have fun and be polite. And let her know I’ll be stopping by sometime tomorrow to catch up. I’m sure her and I have a lot to discuss.”

    A look of concern flashed over her mother’s eyes for a split second, but in the millisecond it took to appear it was gone again.

    “How exactly did you know her again?” Kira asked inquisitively. Her mother’s brow furrowed a little, but like the concerned look, it was back to normal almost instantly. Her mother was pretty good at hiding things.

    “Just from working together in Cerulean… your father and I were friends with her and her husband and another couple. We all worked together, and it’s been years since I’ve talked to any of them, we all grew apart after we started having kids.” Before Kira could ask further, her mother continued with, “I’m going to go take a bath to relax while you’re over there… take your time, I’m sure you’ll like them.”

    “Thanks, mom,” Kira said, and she gave her a hug.

    “Besides,” her mother said as she pulled away, “you need someone to travel with once you get a Pokémon from Professor Birch, and maybe her son will be the one. You need someone your age besides that Dominik kid.”

    Kira laughed and her mother walked away muttering something about "gross, skinny pants."


    Kira hopped down the stairs, gently singing the lines to a song.

    I’ve been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror, and bending over backwards just to try and see it clearer.

    She got to the bottom of the stairs and saw the potpies for the neighbors on the counter. There was a card taped to one of them with “Gwen” neatly written in her mother’s handwriting. Still humming the song, she picked them up and headed out.

    My breath fogged up the glass,” she sang, “so I drew a new face and laughed.

    She smiled as she walked, nervous with excitement. Ever since she and Dominik stopped being friends, the only person she really had was her mom, especially after her dad went missing. But now there was a chance that she could have a new friend as well as traveling companion.

    The clouds overhead were still gray and the storm from the north seemed to be somewhere near Oldale. A tiny breeze picked up, and Kira’s hair blew to the side in the wind. She still wore her mother’s Fuchsia Fearows sweatshirt – she forgot to actually get changed once she was upstairs – but the breeze was colder than the one earlier. She quickened her pace and walked up to the neighbors’ front door.

    She took a deep breath and gently knocked on the door three times. A rustling came from the other side and soon a woman with dark red hair was opening the door. She looked exhausted, no doubt from moving all the way from Johto and having to deal with the moving company right after arriving. The woman’s eyes flickered to Kira’s sweatshirt, then the potpies, and then looked Kira right in the eye.

    “Can I help you?” she asked. Her voice even sounded exhausted. Kira was startled by the woman for some reason, and suddenly felt very tired herself.

    “H-Hi, I’m Kira. I live in the house across the street, and my mom wanted me to offer you some homemade potpies as a welcome.” Kira did her best to sound genuine, but her nerves wiggled their way into her voice.

    Gwen looked at her a bit uneasily, but then gave her the best fake smile Kira had ever seen. “Thank you, but we’re a bit busy at the moment, I’m not sure we would have time to eat them right now.”

    She went to shut the door, and Kira panicked.

    “M-May I come in?” she said, though her nerves made it sound more like she was yelling. The door opened again and Gwen stared at her, confused. “I-I mean, if you don’t mind. My mom said she used to be your friend, and she said you have a son. She told me give you two a nice welcome.”

    “What did you say your name was?” Gwen asked, eyeing her up.

    “Kira. My mom is Carly Harte, she told me you two worked together when you were younger.”

    Gwen looked at the potpies again and seemed to notice the envelope with her name written on it. She looked at Kira again and then moved out of the way. “Please, come in.”

    Kira handed her the food and followed her inside.


    Why did Littleroot have to be so boring? There wasn’t much of anything that Cole really enjoyed about his new home. Once he had finished reading a bit, he left his house to get some fresh air and walk around the neighborhood. The dull houses annoyed him, and soon he found himself near the town’s entrance. It wasn’t that fancy – a wall of trees leading into the connecting route, some overgrown grass and other shrubs, and a wooden sign that read “Welcome to Littleroot – A Town That Can't Be Shaded Any Hue.

    A guy with dark golden hair stood leaning against the sign, drinking from a can of Nidoking Energy Drink. He saw Cole approaching, downed the rest of his drink, dropped it onto the wet ground, and darted in front of him to stop Cole in his place.

    “Whoa whoa whoa, who’re you?” the guy asked. “I never gave you permission to leave town on my watch.”

    His breath smelled like the energy drink. Cole always remembered the tangy scent of the drink, though it never appealed to him.

    “What?” Cole asked, bewildered by the statement, and partially disgusted by the bad breath.

    “I said: ‘Why are you trying to leave town?’ Would you like me to say it again?”

    “No thanks,” Cole replied, annoyed, “I don’t think I could survive another blast of your breath.”

    The guy’s face went from creamy peach to bright red. His nostrils flared and the skin on his forehead creased. Cole almost expected to be punched right there and then.

    “Who are you anyway?” the guy asked.

    “Cole. Who are you?”

    “Dominik,” the guy replied. They eyed each other up until Dominik asked, “Did you just move here? I don’t recognize you at all, and I know everyone in this town.”

    “Yeah,” Cole replied, a bit more at ease, “I just moved here today.”

    “So you’re who Kira was so excited about.” The guy gave a disgruntled huff.

    “Who’s Kira?”

    “None of your damn business,” he almost yelled, “She’s mine, so don’t even bother with her.”

    “Hey, if she’s your girlfriend, I won’t try to interfere,” said Cole, backing away with his hands up.

    “Yeah, you better.”

    And then he was back by the sign, opening another can of energy drink. Cole didn’t want to try to finish his walk; what was the point now? The golden-haired guy ruined any shot at relaxing.


    The walk home felt like it took about two seconds. One second he was turning away from the gold-haired guy and the next he was in front of the door to his house. As he turned the knob and went inside, he could instantly tell things were different. Just as he stepped inside he heard his mother happily talking to someone.

    “I’m so glad to hear that your mom is doing so well!” she trilled. “I only was able to chat with her for a few minutes before-”

    Gwen noticed him and stopped talking. The girl sitting at the small wooden dining table turned as well, and Cole felt frozen for a second. A long veil of dark brown hair slid across the girl’s back and two equally gorgeous, blue eyes looked into his. Her mouth was in mid-smile, and just a small flash of her teeth were visible.

    It was his mother’s flat voice that seemed to smash into his face and bring him out of his trance. “Oh, you’re home.”

    Cole looked at her and all the suppressed anger from before filled him up. Without catching another glimpse of the girl he walked straight ahead to the steps.

    “Cole you’re home! Do you want to-”

    “No thanks,” he muttered and trampled up the stairs. He stopped at the top, however, and waited for them to continue.

    “I’m sorry about him… he’s not all that thrilled with moving here,” his mother apologized. Of course she wouldn’t blame herself for Cole being unhappy, just the fact that they moved to a boring town.

    “It’s fine!” the girl reassured her, “Not many people want to come to Littleroot, and I’ve been wanting to go out and travel for so long, I definitely understand where he’s coming from.”

    Only you don’t, Cole thought. It’s not like her mother forced her to move away from a life she was actually happy with and start over in a completely new region.

    “I’m happy to be here, honestly I think it will be good to know someone,” his mother went on like nothing happened, “It’s been forever since I talked to your mom, but now that we’re neighbors we definitely have a lot of catching up to do.”

    She knows them? Cole though, Since when does she actually have friends?

    “I know my mom was excited to see you too, we’ve pretty much only had each other since my dad… went missing.” The girl suddenly sounded very uncomfortable.

    “Oh sweetie, I completely understand.” Cole could basically see his mother reaching out and resting a reassuring hand on the girl’s arm. “Your father was such a great man, he was always the most considerate and never thought twice about helping anyone out.”

    “Yeah… I still hope he’ll come home someday.” The girl became very quiet, and an awkward minute passed. “I should go.”

    Gwen was quick to react. “Hold on a minute. I mean, if you don’t mind.”

    Everything got quiet, and even Cole could feel the tension from the kitchen/living/dining room. A chair scooted away from the table and Gwen’s footsteps came towards the stairs. Cole stood up as fast as possible and moved to make it look like he was on his way down.

    When his mom saw him, they both stopped and looked at each other for a moment.

    “Can you please come and meet our new neighbor? She’s going to leave soon.” Gwen looked at him with complete sincerity and clearly wanted Cole to meet the girl for his own benefit. He mumbled a yes and followed her to the dining area, where the girl was now standing.

    “This is Kira Harte,” Gwen told him, motioning to the girl. Kira lifted a thin hand and shook Cole’s while Gwen continued and said, “And this is my son Cole.”

    “Nice to meet you,” Kira said, looking him directly in the eye. Cole could tell she meant it.

    He fumbled for his words. “Yeah. Y-You too.”

    Cole dropped her hand and looked awkwardly around the room. Kira did the same, and Gwen gave them both nervous glances. She did her best to break the silence.

    “Kira is planning on going up to Oldale Town tomorrow,” she said, “Apparently the professor of this town went there for a visit last week and still hasn’t come back.”

    “Y-Yeah, and I’m looking to get a Pokémon. My first Pokémon, I mean.” Kira looked at him and gave him a nervous smile. He wasn’t sure what to do back.

    “Maybe you could go with her?” Gwen asked. The hint in her voice was a little too eager.

    “What?” Cole asked, a bit taken aback by the proposal.

    “Oh, no, it’s completely fine,” Kira said quickly, “I can go by myself, I’m sure he just got caught up studying a group of Seedot and Lotad that decided to build a cooperative lifestyle or something, and just stayed back to study them a bit. He’s done stuff like that before…”

    Gwen seemed to deflate a little at this, but Cole pondered over the idea. It did sound interesting to go on a little adventure. He wasn’t even sure what Oldale was, but it couldn’t be much worse than Littleroot. Plus it would give him time to not be around his mom.

    He wasn’t really thinking straight as he hurriedly said, “Yeah, sure. I’ll go.”

    “EEEEEEHEHEHEHE!” Gwen’s shrill giggle could’ve shattered every window in their new house. Both Kira and Cole looked at her and then each other. They both looked like they were about to burst out laughing at the noise his mom just made.

    “Okay, well, uh,” Kira stammered, “I’m actually ready to go now. If you want, I mean.”

    “Like, right now?” Cole asked, a bit surprised at leaving so soon. Kira’s face flushed and she looked at the ground.

    “Well, I mean, we don’t have to, of course, I was just saying because it looks like the storm from the north will be here sometime tomorrow, and it wouldn’t be easy traveling in rain like that. But it’s fine, we can wait a couple days, I’ll give you a chance to settle in-”

    No,” Cole found himself saying with urgency. He was more than happy to get away from his mom at the soonest possible moment.

    “No?” Kira looked up at him again.

    “We can go now, yeah, that’s cool.” Cole did his best to give her a reassuring smile.


    “Yeah, sure, why not?”

    “We’re really going to go right now and travel up to Oldale?”

    “Yeah, I guess so.” It was all a very strange occurrence that felt a bit too much like a dream, but Cole found himself surprisingly okay with it.

    In front of his mother, he tried to act like he wasn’t all that thrilled to go, but secretly, he wanted to scream out and dance around like he had just won the lottery.



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    That was really cool. I like how you took the beginning of the 3rd generation games and warped it a bit. Cole's mom can be rather hilarious. I'm not eagle eyed like some people, but I did see few little things or so I thought. Anyway, it was really interesting. The dividers helped a lot, though I need to get use to them so I don't have to keep scrolling to the top to find out which means what. I can't wait for more. I may not always post with a response, but I'll definitely be reading.

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    Interesting. I can't wait for the next one

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    Nice chapter Buraddo Aipom!Can't wait for the next!
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    EE, it's posted!! My, I mean YOUR finally posted!!!!! -happy dance-

    Yeah, sorry, I probably missed a couple things in my excitement to read something of BA's, which always happens. I can't help it, I love his writing. =^_^=


    My thoughts are this:

    Who the heck is Dillon? Me thinks there shall be some special beta spoilers, right? -pokes- Nah, just kidding. Or am I...? xD

    BA, in all seriousness, I absolutely love your writing style. You give just enough details to back everything your characters do and while you do that, it's not so terribly boring/drawn out. Just the right balance, which is good!

    Your characters have great personalities. There aren't really that many obvious flaws in them yet, but I'm sure you will fix that.

    Plot hasn't taken off, either, so I can't comment on that.

    Length is excellent.

    Can't think of anything else, so signing off!

    ~BM <3
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    Thanks to Zadros for the banner!

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    Cameron Oakley, thanks for the comments. This Fic will have some warped third generation game events, but I swear it's not based on the games AT ALL. And don't worry about the dividers; I'm on almost finished Chapter Three and I have to scroll to find out what they mean

    Rixec, thanks for the comments.....I guess.

    Chapter Two should be out in two weeks. I'll post a spoiler sometime later in the week.

    Torpoleon, thank you for the comment.

    Blue_Mew22, hello

    Quote Originally Posted by BM
    Who the heck is Dillon? Me thinks there shall be some special beta spoilers, right? -pokes- Nah, just kidding. Or am I...? xD
    I can tell you if you want. Doesn't bother me. If you don't want to know that you only have to wait until Chapter Four It's a little obvious in the beginning introduction, though, who he is >________>

    Quote Originally Posted by BM
    BA, in all seriousness, I absolutely love your writing style. You give just enough details to back everything your characters do and while you do that, it's not so terribly boring/drawn out. Just the right balance, which is good!
    Thnak you I'm pretty sure you'll find things that bother you (and others) later on xP

    Quote Originally Posted by BM
    Plot hasn't taken off, either, so I can't comment on that.
    It will in..... I dunno how many chapters actually. I can't tell exactly when it officialy starts.

    Quote Originally Posted by BM
    Length is excellent.
    xD You'll kill me when the chapters have to be in separate posts *shot* P.S. Chapter Two is too long for one post and needs to be split

    I should post a spoiler/preview of Chapter Two.....NAH. I'll wait for some more people.

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    Default Highlights.

    “I think it was something in the news about a crazy man in Sinnoh…”
    Honestly, I couldn't decide to either snicker or cover my mouth with my hands. I did both. XP

    “EEEEEEHEHEHEHE!” Gwen’s shrill giggle could’ve shattered every window in their new house.
    Diabolical laughter? Noo, diabolical ACTING!

    XP Keep it up, Buraddo_Aipom.

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    o! i like this chapter! plz keep at it !
    i like the characters to.
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    mary maple, thank for your comment.

    psyrose3, hello

    Quote Originally Posted by psyrose3
    Honestly, I couldn't decide to either snicker or cover my mouth with my hands. I did both. XP

    Quote Originally Posted by PR3
    Keep it up, Buraddo_Aipom.
    YOU. SPELLED. MY. NAME. RIGHT. Everyone always spells it with two r's and one d, or the forget the underscore.....yeah.

    I'm not going to add people to the PM List unless they tell me. After a little while I will just add people that I notice post here often.

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    Ok, sorry it took me so long to get in a post here. But, you already know why.

    So, I like it a lot so far. Especially the character development you have right off the bat. Especially with Cole's mom. Yup. That's right, I think she has a good development. We know she has a son she worries about, and a past with her kid's dad(who she hates), and she still manages to be happy. That's a good character, in my opinion.

    Cole is good too, I'm looking forward to him seeing Norman. Did they move to Hoenn to get away from Norman, again? Or, what? How old are he and Kira?

    Kira, I like her and her mom too. A mother and her daughter living together without the father, who has gone missing... I like it. I have a feeling the father will be involved with the evil group, or have been abducted. But hr mother is also a good example of a good character. I'm looking forward to seeing Kira and Cole's journey.

    So, good work, Buraddo_Aipom! I'll be sticking around.

    Also, I presume that the story will go on past the last chapter you have listed, right?
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    Very good, didn't see much wrong with it. I think I will try and keep reading this whenever I can.

    Btw, you also helped me finally know how to prounce Hoenn lol, thanks
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    Araleon, hello.

    Quote Originally Posted by Araleon
    Cole is good too, I'm looking forward to him seeing Norman. Did they move to Hoenn to get away from Norman, again? Or, what? How old are he and Kira?
    Actually, Cole's dad isn't Norman. Cole might always say his mom is stupid, but he knows she isn't THAT stupid. Cole's dad is an entirely different person. You will all learn more about him around Chapters Fours and Five.

    Quote Originally Posted by Araleon
    So, I like it a lot so far. Especially the character development you have right off the bat. Especially with Cole's mom. Yup. That's right, I think she has a good development. We know she has a son she worries about, and a past with her kid's dad(who she hates), and she still manages to be happy. That's a good character, in my opinion.

    Kira, I like her and her mom too. A mother and her daughter living together without the father, who has gone missing... I like it. I have a feeling the father will be involved with the evil group, or have been abducted. But her mother is also a good example of a good character. I'm looking forward to seeing Kira and Cole's journey.
    Thanks even though most of that was unintentional.

    Quote Originally Posted by Araleon
    Also, I presume that the story will go on past the last chapter you have listed, right?
    Yup yup. It will go on and on. Literally.

    Willow's Tara, hello.

    Quote Originally Posted by Willoe's Tara
    Very good, didn't see much wrong with it. I think I will try and keep reading this whenever I can.
    Awesome. I hope to see you later on ^_________^

    Quote Originally Posted by Willow's Tara
    Btw, you also helped me finally know how to prounce Hoenn lol, thanks
    xDDDD Glad I helped.

    Preview......does everyone want a preview now? OR should I wait?

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    Wow, this is excellent with great humour! I loved how long the chapter is, is it like 12 pages in Word? Anyway, great work and I noticed no spelling or grammar mistakes. Keep up the great work!
    nothing lasts forever, but this is getting good now.
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    ... Really? He's not? Oh, well, woops. <embarrassed face>

    That soon? Good. So, can we expect a chapter this week? And yes, a preview would be nice.
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    TurtwigFan1, thanks for the comments. I'm not sure how long this chapter was....I think it was twelve pages, but I'm not certain. I know Chapter Two is twenty-seven pages *shot*

    Quote Originally Posted by Araleon
    ... Really? He's not? Oh, well, woops.

    Quote Originally Posted by Araleon
    That soon? Good. So, can we expect a chapter this week? And yes, a preview would be nice.
    When I said it would go on and on I meant that there will be a few sequel Fics and some One-Shot prequels/sequels. Chapter Two will be post on December 13, and Chapter Three will be on Christmas. I have the chapter release dates underneath the chapter titles; I add them as I finish chapters.

    I'll get a preview up soon *goes to find a write a preview*

    BTW, I'll give two previews before a chapter is released. One will be like something you would hear on television, like "Nickel and Dime are going to see the wizard in the next episode! What will happen when they get there? Tune in next time!"

    ^Yeah. The other preview will actually be from the chapter itself.

    EDIT: Preview!

    Preview= Chapter Two: Hide-and-Seek With the Pok&#233;mon Professors
    After agreeing to search for the Professor with Kira, Cole goes with her to Oldale Town, where they meet up with a familiar face. But who is this? A mysterious man named Maxwell is offering to take them to the professors? Who is he and how does he know where they are?

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    I really like this fic, one of the better ones. I found some spelling mistakes, but unforunately lost where they were.

    If you ever make a list of people to contact when you post a new chapter, please add me to that list
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    foxyman1167, thank you for the comments. I'll add you to the PM List right now.

    I don't have much else to say. No one said anything about the Preview, so I can't comment at all about that. Chapter Two has been sent to the awesome Blue_Mew22 for beta-ing and should be posted either Friday or Saturday. I know it says December 13, but I think everyone will be fine with it out a day early ;D

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    (chapter in the process of being edited)

    Chapter 2: Hide-and-Seek With the Pokémon Professors

    "Way down by the stream, how sweet it will seem
    once more just to dream in the moonlight.
    My honey, I know with the dawn that you will be gone,
    but tonight you belong to me."

    Tonight You Belong To Me, by Patience and Prudence

    When they were inside Cole's new house, Kira was calm, polite, and took her time saying goodbye to Cole's mother, Gwen. But once the front door closed, Kira grabbed Cole's arm and practically dragged him over to her house, running as fast as she could.

    “I only need my backpack with all my supplies in it in case we run into any Pokémon or if one of us gets hurt, so it shouldn’t take long,” she said as they crossed her from yard. Kira nearly ran face-first into the door, but she had just enough time to open it and burst inside. The warmth from her mother’s baking still enveloped anything that walked inside. There was also the scent of fresh bread still lingering in the air.

    Kira dropped Cole’s hand once they were inside. She left him at the door as she barreled through the living room and up the stairs. Cole heard her voice yell something, and then another voice from upstairs replied. A couple more mumbled shouts went back and forth, and then a figure appeared on the stairs.

    Her brown hair matched Kira's, only it was pulled back. She smiled at him and crossed the room. Everything about her looked kind and inviting. She had on jeans, a salmon-colored shirt, and white apron, all of which made her look like a warm and naturally nice person.

    “I’m Carly, Kira’s mom,” she said in one of the most soothing voices Cole had ever heard, “and you must be Gwen’s son. I’m happy to finally meet you.”

    They shook hands. Cole’s felt cold and harsh against hers, like their hands were polar opposites. Cole never thought about his hand having some kind of hand nemesis.

    He mumbled a mixture of a “Hi” and “Nice to meet you too,” which basically came out as “Mhmhigoodmeetyoutoo” and made him feel like a complete idiot. Carly smiled and crossed into the kitchen. She offered him a drink, which he kindly rejected in a less stupid jumble of words, and took one for herself.

    “The last time I saw Gwen was right after she found out she was pregnant,” Carly said, “I always wondered what you’d be like. I found out I was pregnant with Kira around the same time she found out about you. Our other friends were pregnant too, which was a bit odd.”

    Cole wasn’t sure what to say back, and he just gave a polite laugh and nodded. While Carly sipped from her drink, Cole took the time to look around the first floor of the house.

    Nothing about it made it look like his new house, which made him figure it didn’t look like any of the others in the neighborhood. The most similar thing was just the fact that it was a living room with a connected kitchen. Only that was hardly true, because there was actually a small addition near the kitchen that made room for a dark mahogany dining table with six matching chairs around it. A half-wall was constructed between the dining area and the kitchen, and formed a small counter area. There were two stools to sit on while eating at there, and somehow they managed to match the chairs at the table.

    The kitchen was a calming white color, with shiny black appliances and seemingly handmade counters and cabinets. The tiles were a soft shade of orange, and looked peachy. They did a great job making the checkerboard tiles in Cole’s kitchen look like the ugliest kitchen flooring in all of Hoenn. However they did manage to transition nicely into the living room area, which had similarly colored walls. The floor was all wood and a large area rug, with two snug looking couches and a modern television set.

    Cole couldn’t help looking all around at the beautiful artwork hanging everywhere. They all showed some kind of Pokémon in a natural and wild setting. Cole didn’t recognize most of them since he really only knew Kanto and Johto Pokémon, but they all looked very well done. Once showed a great sunset in Littleroot as a flock of some kind of bird Pokémon flew into the distance. It would surely sell for a ton of money in a gallery

    Kira darted down the stairs before he could look and many of the other paintings.

    “Okay, I’m ready!” she shouted, jumping over the last couple steps. She ran over to Carly, kissed her on the cheek, and rushed over to Cole.

    “Have fun!” Carly shouted as Kira flung the door open. She grabbed Cole’s hand and started pulling him away as Carly finished with, “Stay out of the storm! I love you!”

    Once again outside, they were running hand-in-hand to the exit of the town. As they neared the sign Cole read earlier, he noticed that the spiky-haired boy – Dominik – wasn’t standing there anymore. Kira slowed and let go of his hand when they reached the sign. Suddenly things became very ominous as they stood there and looked out into the route.

    The gray cloud still looked a good bit away from catching them in a storm, though they would have to move without really stopping if they wanted to get to the next town and not get stuck in the rain. Kira pulled out a booklet from her bag and flipped through it in silence. Cole just kept looking ahead.

    The route was filled with trees and overgrown grass. No doubt it was left alone most of the time. It was an odd route, though, with so many trees and untended shrubbery, yet a clearly carved path over to the next town. It would look very natural if there weren’t large gaps between trees or random stumps here and there, their tops cleaning sawed off with something manmade.

    “Okay,” Kira spoke up, “My guide says that the path goes straight to Oldale. We shouldn’t have any trouble getting there as long as we don’t go into the forest areas.”

    Cole nodded in agreement. It was simple enough.

    Kira slipped the book into the bag and went on ahead. This was the first time Cole got to see exactly what she was wearing. She changed into nicer jeans with fewer holes, which was a plus, though she wasn’t wearing her sweatshirt anymore. Instead she just had a long-sleeved yellow shirt, which made the purple bag on her back very noticeable.

    She was a few paces ahead of him before he started moving, and he quickened to catch up. “Hey, aren’t you cold?”

    Kira looked at him and shrugged. “A little, but I’m fine.”

    Somehow her overly excited mood from before had toned down almost completely. It was a bit depressing to see her hardly excited anymore.

    “Here, take my jacket,” Cole offered. He started to slip his arm out, but she stopped him.

    “No, really, I’m okay. I have a jacket in my bag.” She smiled at him, obviously thanking him for the gesture, so he quietly put his jacket all the way back on.

    They silently made their way through Route 101, undisturbed by wild Pokémon. The route consisted of many turns and more overgrown grass. All along the edges of the route were rather large trees that allowed no indication of anything on the other side. Kira and Cole continued to walk around, waiting to see some sort of entrance that welcomed them to Oldale Town. It shouldn’t have been much longer, since Route 101 was one of the shortest routes in all of Hoenn, but there was no indication of the next town yet.

    The vacancy of Pokémon and conversation gave the two teens time to think.

    I wonder where his dad is… Kira thought inside her head.

    For some annoying reason, she could not get the question out of her mind. Neither of them had a dad, and she knew why she didn’t, but she was curious as to why Cole didn’t. Both her mom and his knew each other from a long time ago, and they had to have known each other’s husbands, though Kira was sure Cole knew just as much about her dad as she did his. He and Gwen didn’t seem like the kind of people to discuss his mother’s old friend’s husband whom she had not spoken to in almost sixteen years.

    Kira decided to try and drop the thought, though it was hard. Instead she thought about her own dad.

    Kevin Harte had been the best father Kira had ever seen. If he was still around today, Kira was sure he would be working with Professor Birch, and probably would be next in line to take over the lab. Kevin worked for some international wild Pokémon studying group, and he knew so much about different habits and behaviors of a lot of wild Pokémon. He studied them so much that he started painting the pictures in Kira’s house to remember the different beauties each one had.

    Sometimes he would take Kira out early in the morning to watch wild Wurmple wake up and inch their way around trees and under bushes. They were always her favorite to watch. She loved their round mouths and large eyes that always looked so innocent. It made her cry for an hour the one time she saw a wild Tailow snatch one of the Wurmple from the ground and eat it. Her dad had cheered her up by eating a bluk berry and sticking his tongue out at her until she couldn’t stop laughing.

    Just thinking about her dad making funny faces and his completely black tongue poking out of his mouth made her giggle right in the middle of Route 101. Cole looked at her, probably wanting in on whatever was funny – the traveling so far was clearly not amusing in the slightest – but she shook her head and mumbled, “It’s nothing.”

    The two remained quiet from there. Kira felt bad, but the memories of her father were too precious to share. A few minutes passed. Some twigs broke in the distant and bushes rustled. The wild Pokémon were probably scurrying around to find shelter from the oncoming storm. The breeze was a little stronger now, and Kira pulled out a plain black jacket.

    Figuring nothing was going to naturally lighten the mood, Cole decided to try and make things more fun on his own.

    “Do you want to race me to Oldale?” he asked slyly.

    “Uh…” Kira looked at him with a creased brow. “What?”

    “A race… you know, like, um, running?”

    “Oh… uh, honestly, I’m not big on the whole, um, running thing. Well, I don’t mind running, I just don’t particularly enjoy racing. Like, um…”

    “It’s fine,” Cole quickly interrupted, “I was just trying to lighten the mood… gray clouds and an impending storm don’t really scream excitement and joy.”

    He gave her a half smile and stuck out his tongue, which made Kira struggle not to burst out laughing. They returned to silence for a moment, until Kira started to feel really bad for ruining the moment. Cole was only trying to cheer things up. She thought for a second on how to fix it, and then with a coy smile and light tap on Cole’s shoulder, she said, “Tag. You’re it.”

    Then she was off running through the route. Cole stopped for a second, startled, and then smile and chased after her. She wasn’t easy to chase down, and Cole could see the entrance to Oldale by the time he was near her. He reached out and managed to touch her back, then sped past her and towards the town. Grass rustled underneath his feet and he could hear her not that far behind him. He was nearly past the welcoming sign when there was a sudden increase in weight on his back.

    Kira wrapped her arms around his neck and her feet around his waist. They went down in a completely ungraceful way, with a sure sounding thud when they crashed on the ground. They rolled together for about a foot and then Kira unlatched herself and they were on their backs.

    “That was awesome!” she yelled through her laughing. Cole found himself smiling and laughing more than he had probably ever in his life.

    “If my back could break a second time, I’d be up for it,” he joked. They laughed for another minute before they calmed down, however the only reason they calmed down was because a drizzle had started. Before they were up on their feet, the drizzle had turned into normal rain, no doubt with the intention of increasing to a downpour.


    “Mission status, Maxie?” a calm voice asked through the telephone receiver, slightly distorted through the old phone.

    “I’ve located the professors,” Maxie replied, “They seem to be stranded in the middle of Route 103. I can easily get to them and steal the egg.”

    “All right, good enough,” the man on the other end answered. Maxie could sense that Kalmin was about to hang up the phone.

    “Um, sir?” he said quickly. “What exactly is the egg for?”

    “That information remains between me and the other administrators of Team Aqua.” Kalmin spoke slowly and probably calmer than anyone Maxie had ever heard. “You haven’t been a member of the team long enough to gain my trust with such important information. Archie had had my trust and he misused it, and that only got him a quick and painful death.”

    Kalmin hung up his phone without another word. Maxie clutched his for another moment and then slammed it down on the receiver. One of the old buttons fell off and skittered across the tiled flooring. Maxie angrily scooped up his bag from the ground and walked back to his room.

    It had only been about a month since both Team Aqua and Team Magma received new leaders. It happened first to Team Aqua. Some man named Kalmin swooped in and became the leader in the blink of an eye. Archie was demoted. Maxie could hardly believe someone could take over that quickly, but it happened to him too.

    Not more than a week later, Maxie found himself demoted as well. In his case, it was a man named Okmis that had been with Team Magma for the past year and a half. Maxie never knew how many people liked Okmis over himself, but he found out just as fast as it took Kalmin to become the leader of Aqua.

    It was ridiculous and humiliating. Maxie wasn’t about to sit back and watch someone just take control of his team and use it whichever way he wanted. So Maxie went and joined Team Aqua. It took some convincing, but the prospect of having a double agent pleased Kalmin enough. All Maxie had to do was tell Okmis that he was still loyal to Magma, and he was safe from either of them. In reality, Maxie was out for himself.

    Over the course of a month, Maxie gathered information from both teams. He continued to give false reports to each new leader, and so far he was safe. For a week and a half he was even slight friends with Archie.

    Until he was killed. Maxie never knew the exact reasons. Apparently he had been given the task to steal some egg from Professor Elm, who was visiting Professor Birch in Littleroot. Archie wasn’t told what the egg was for, and it enraged him more than it did Maxie. Once Archie got near the professors, he knocked them out, stranded them somewhere without telling anyone, and tried to leave Team Aqua.

    Kalmin was fast, and before Archie knew it he was caught before he got into Petalburg Woods. Kalmin did an excellent job choosing the admins for Team Aqua when he was appointed. There were six of them, and they all gave him their absolute loyalty. Two had been tracking Archie already, and a third was sent as soon as Archie began to go off his mission. Somehow he managed to avoid being seen when he stranded the professors, but he didn’t manage getting away.

    The last Maxie heard, he was caught, tortured for information, and then tied up and thrown into the ocean when he wouldn’t speak.

    Thankfully Maxie knew all of this, and was able to ponder over how he might be able to escape if need be. There was no doubt at least one Team Aqua admin following him already. He was given the job two days ago to look around and find the professors. Once he found them he was supposed to report back to Kalmin, which he just did. Now it was a matter of getting the egg, which had a purpose still unknown to him.

    He made it back to his room in the Oldale Pokémon Center and checked his disguise. A wig a dark, curly hair covered each strand of his usual fiery red hair, and fake glasses did a near perfect job keeping his face unrecognizable. His brown coat and dark pants and briefcase made him look like a business man just passing through.

    It would have to hold out for just a little longer, however. Rain was already falling outside, and soon enough it should become enough of a storm to make tracking him almost impossible. If he could get to the professors, steal the egg, and make his getaway off the other side of the route, it might just work…


    Maxie entered his room that he paid for in the Oldale Pokémon Center. He paced around the room angrily, throwing his hands in the air and slamming his fist onto the wooden desk in the room a few times. He wore a dark suit and thick, rectangular glasses. A wig of black hair covered his natural hair to prevent people from recognizing the Team Magma leader.

    He wanted so badly to escape Kalmin. He needed to escape. The man that had murdered Maxie’s former rival Archie and subsequently took over Team Aqua made him so enraged. From his research Maxie figured out that Kalmin had charmed his way into Team Aqua, and after getting close to Archie he killed him. Kalmin took over Team Aqua, which most people thought wasn’t very smart of him, but after he began putting his plan into motion everyone listened to him.

    Luckily for Maxie, Archie was the only one who knew Maxie was the leader of the villainous Team Magma. Maxie used this and secretly joined Team Aqua to get information on Kalmin’s secret plan. What enraged him so much was that it was five months since he joined and he still didn’t know what Kalmin was plotting. Maxie started doing meager missions with everyone else, but once he proved himself Kalmin took notice in him and gave him harder missions. These took longer and required Maxie to temporarily put one of his newest - but best - Admins in charge of the team.

    It was a blessing for Maxie honestly. Ever since Okmis showed up Team Magma had been doing so much better in their efforts to expand the land of Hoenn. Okmis succeeded in numerous jailbreaks with the accomplices on the team, and they had hundreds of thousands of dollars to show for it. No police force could hold Team Magma with Okmis leading the crime – not for long anyways.

    Maxie could feel his efforts beginning to pay off though. Kalmin seemed to be somewhat happier lately - if that was even possible. Now instead of giving Maxie a mission and waiting for him to finish it, Kalmin checked in on him and sometimes left little bits of his master plan to slip through in conversations. So far Maxie figured it had something to do with the new - and slightly strange - weather patterns arising all around Hoenn; Kalmin once said something about the bizarre weather indicating something was coming. Maxie had no idea what it exactly was, but it seemed to be the thing that could really kick-start everything.

    He started to think of how much Kalmin was annoying him again, and decided he should go out for a walk to clam himself. He left his Pokémon Center room that he’d booked a few days ago – he silently thanked himself, seeing as how the Pokémon Center had quickly filled with trainers as the approaching storm progressed - and walked into the lobby.

    In the five minutes he had spent in his room the lobby of the Pokémon Center had filled a whole lot. At least thirty or more new kids were filling the old red couches that were around the large lobby. Behind a dull yellow counter, a woman with bright pink hair that looped down like large earrings was spazzing out trying to settle some of the upset trainers; most of them had just come in and needed their Pokémon healed, but with the number of Pokémon being healed already over the maximum capacity, she could not help them. Maxie smirked at her crazed, overworked expression.

    The other trainers huddled around some of the single chairs around the Center, waiting for their Pokémon to finish being healed and for the storm to pass. Rain pelted against the roof of the Center, letting everyone know that the worst of the storm was proceeding outside.

    Maxie walked passed the electronic glass doors in the front of the Pokémon Center. He glanced outside to see how bad the storm was. He only caught a slight glimpse of it, however, as two trainers came crashing inside, right into him. They all toppled over onto the tiled flooring. Luckily, Maxie’s disguise remained in tact.

    “Yo, watch where you’re going,” one of the trainers said, standing up. His hand was against his head, probably from when it collided with Maxie’s. He helped the other trainer up and brushed off his pants, which were an unusual purple color, and almost skin tight.

    “Dominik, you’re such a gentleman, helping me up like that,” the girl said seductively.

    “Yeah, yeah,” he responded nonchalantly.

    In a matter of seconds, two more trainers burst through the doors, knocking Maxie, Dominik, and Blair into one large heap on the floor. A few chatting trainers turned to see what was going on, but just went back to what they were doing.

    “What the- GET OFF OF ME, YOU FREAK!” Dominik shouted, shoving Cole of him. A few trainers looked over again, but this time they watched what was unfolding.

    Cole rolled over, a bi t dazed at what was going on. He looked up and saw Kira on he feet holding out a hand to help him up. He grabbed it and was pulled upwards. Dominik and Blair stood with Maxie, facing Kira and Cole. They were all now covered with a thin layer of water, though Cole and Kira had a lot more pepper-patterned dots on their clothing than the others.

    “Nice going,” Blair sneered, “I could’ve been really hurt.”

    “Aw, I know what you mean,” Kira abruptly, “your mouth could’ve actually stopped working. I know that no one would want that.”

    Blair turned her head away from the other girl, her amber hair flowing in the air. Everyone waited in silence for someone to ask the question that lingered on the tips of everyone’s tongues. Eyes flickered between Maxie, the three soon-to-be trainers, and Blair.

    “Well, this is certainly uncomfortable,” Maxie said, stating the obvious.

    “No sh*t,” mumbled Dominik.


    “Nothing,” Dominik mumbled again.

    “Um, not to be rude or anything, but who are you?” Kira asked carefully, not wanting to annoy their guest.

    “I’m terribly sorry, where are my manners?” Maxie stifled a laugh and acted as if he wasn’t angry and was a businessman, “I am Max-” he stopped quickly, realizing he almost used his real name “…I’m Maxwell.”

    “Oh. Well, I’m Kira, and this is Cole,” Kira said, motioning to the boy beside her. Cole gave a friendly wave, which made him feel uncomfortably awkward. “We’re from Littleroot,” Kira added.

    “You don’t say.” Maxie sounded surprised. “Well, I’m from Lilycove and I came here to see Professor Birch. I had a few things I needed to ask him.”

    “Really?” Kira rushed in front of him and grabbed the man’s hands without even realizing it. “Do you know where he is? I really need to talk to him – he was supposed to give me my Starter Pokémon a while ago, but never did.”

    Maxie contemplated at this. These trainers needed their beginning Pokémon, which meant them having to search for the Professor. He already knew that the girl named Blair owned a Swellow – he saw it leave after he stranded the Professors out in the lake – and that would only make them find them faster.

    “I know where they are,” he told them finally. He thought of the consequences Kalmin could possibly have if he failed this mission, but realized the man wouldn’t find out unless Maxie actually told him he took a few kids to the Professor, and that was something he definitely didn’t plan on doing. Besides, if these kids didn’t find the man they could possibly call the police and tell them of Birch’s disappearance. That meant more of a chance of Maxie being figured out.

    “You do?! You have to take us to them!” Kira pleaded.

    “Uh, sure. I’d be glad to,” Maxie said nonchalantly.

    “THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!” Kira shouted. She wrapped her arms around Maxie. “When can you take us to them, Maxwell?”

    “Anytime after the storm lets up,” he said coolly, walking over to one of the white couches to sit down and relax. He needed some time to think about what he would do when they went to see the Professors.

    Kalmin’s plan seemed so pointless and not even worth the trip to Oldale.

    Do these kids have anything to do with Kalmin’s plans? Maxie thought for a minute. He then decided that was probably the most dumbest thing he could assume at this point. Maxie laughed at himself silently. Yeah right it would matter if these kids got a few Pokémon from Professor Birch.

    But he couldn’t be more wrong.


    [THREE DAYS AGO – Magma HQ; Commander Kalmin’s Office]

    Maxie walked across the metallic-like flooring in his commander’s office of the Team Aqua Headquarters. He wore a black shirt with red trim around the edges. His pants were the same style and they made quiet noises as they rubbed together while he walked. Both of his shoes clacked against the hard floor, making his presence obvious to Kalmin.

    The leader of Team Aqua sat at his desk that was situated straight across from the metal door leading into the room. He was in a large, black leather chair that was behind the desk. His face was down while he wrote something on a piece of paper, though he managed to mutter, “What is it Maxie?”

    Despite his calm and somewhat-professional attitude, Maxie actually felt slightly cowardly walking up to Kalmin. He swallowed hard and stammered, “Well I actually, um, I finished the mission you gave me yester- er, other day.”

    “Ah, so you finally located the man I‘ve been looking for.” Kalmin’s tone was harsh but his voice remained to sound melodic at the same time.

    “Y-y-yes, I did,” Maxie spit out. His voice didn’t seem to be calmed enough to talk right yet.

    The chair Kalmin was in swooped around to the side in one, swift motion. Kalmin swiped his fingers along the side of his head, brushing them against his navy blue hair; not too long ago his hair had been down to his shoulders, and now that he cut it short he still made motions to run his hands through it despite there being nothing there to run his hands through.

    “Well, where is he?”

    “Er- what?” Maxie was actually startled by this since he was entranced by how stern Kalmin was at the moment.

    “Okmis!” the commander shouted, “Where is he?!”

    “Oh, um, sorry,” Maxie quickly through out, “he was in Lavaridge, then I followed him to Meteor Falls. I stationed two of our grunts there and came back to report to you.”

    Kalmin sighed and responded, “Figures… he knows just as much as I do.” Kalmin paused and seemed to think about something. He shook his head in frustration and then continued. “Anyway, I’ve got a new mission for you.”

    Great, Maxie thought, what’s his Stupid Pointless Annoying Mission now?

    “Of course, Commander,” Maxie said, awaiting his boss’s command.

    “I want you to go to Littleroot,” the commander said in a chilling voice. “Professor Elm from the Johto region is visiting the Professor of this region. I need you to temporarily kidnap them and put them somewhere.”

    “Wait, why?” Maxie asked. “Don’t you want me to follow this… Okmis-” Maxie hoped he heard the name correctly when Kalmin had shouted it before “-guy to his next hiding place?”

    “No no, I can handle that for now.”


    “Stall the Professors for as long as possible. There are some kids that will be going to his Lab soon looking for Pokémon, and the longer it takes them to receive what they want the more successful our plans will be.”

    Maxie tried to think of what these kids could possibly have to do with Kalmin’s plan.

    “But that doesn’t make any sense-”

    “Just do it.”

    And with that, Kalmin gave Maxie one last stern glare and left the room.


    “We’re off! We’re off! We’re off to get Pokémon! We’re off! We’re off! We’re off to get Pokémon!” Kira sang into the breezy air.

    She and the others – Cole, Dominik, and Blair – we’re following Maxie, who was content with what he was doing. He knew that Kalmin would have a hissy fit when he returned to their base off the coast of Lilycove, but he figured he could find a way around the situation.

    “Someone’s a little excited,” Maxie forced a laugh.

    “Of course I am! I’ve been waiting for this day forever!” Kira nearly screamed into the misty air. Then she started to make up a thank you song for Maxie: “THAAAANK YOOUUUU, MAXWELLL! FOREVER AM I IN YOUR DEBT! THAAANK YOUU-”

    “Shut up!” yelled Blair.

    “Or what?!” Kira yelled back. “Why don’t you get your bubby-wubby to make me?”

    Why don‘t you get your bubby-wubby to make me,” mimicked Blair. “Just SHUT UP.”

    Kira simply stuck her tongue out and waved a sweat-jacket sleeve at her. Once again, Cole managed to get Kira to put on his hoodie, which was a few sizes too big. It didn’t take very long for Kira to put it on once Dominik offered his, which was immediately snatched away from his hands by Blair when Kira slipped into Cole’s.

    Dominik shivered as they walked through Route 103. A little layer of mist lingered around them as a reminiscent of the storm; a breeze had also stayed around. It made the blades of grass wave around and dance with the trees. Kira giggled and began dancing with them. She put both arms above her head and waved around.

    “What the hell are you doing?” Blair asked, annoyed already. She felt like tackling her.

    “I’m dancing with nature!” Kira began to sing merrily.

    “Well, it looks like you’re trying to be a sperm,” Blair grumbled, shrinking further into the jacket. The skater jacket was (of course) huge, like all other skater jackets. White and black stripes went under the “Rebel Sneasel” logo printed in gray on the chest area. Cole remembered seeing the popular skater brand’s logo printed everywhere in Johto - the company that made the brand was in Goldenrod City. It didn’t take long for Cole to already dislike the Sneasel posing on the sweatshirt, one long S-shaped scar under its eye as the trademark for the brand.

    “Hey, I’d rather be a joyful sperm cell than a cold-hearted Es-ki-mo!” Kira’s voice rang, happy as can be, breaking apart the work ‘Eskimo’ to make it sound like she was singing it.

    “That’s IT!” Blair shouted. She madly ran up to Kira, fists waving through the air. Chivalrous as could be, Dominik stepped into Blair’s pathway. He tried to act tough as he took a few blows to the chest from the screaming girl.

    “OK!” Kira shouted. “BRING IT!”

    She also raised two fists into the air. She tried to get around Dominik, who was now trying to stop both girls from reaching each other.

    “OH, I’LL BRING IT ALRIGHT!” Blair lunged at her opponent, only to be held back by Dominik.

    “Your mom can bring it better than that!” Kira tried to instigate as Blair forced Dominik out of the way.

    “Shouldn’t we do something?” Maxie asked, looking frightfully towards Cole.

    “I‘d really rather not,” Cole said. He shrugged and sat down to watch the ongoing fight with sardonic amusement.

    “OH, YEAH?” Blair’s voice shrieked across the area, causing Taillow and other bird-like Pokémon to flee into the sky. “Well your mom‘s so fat that when she sat on the rainbow she made Skittles come out!”

    “What the? That’s not even part of our argument!”

    And with that, the two had at it.


    The group began walking again when Dominik had given up when Kira managed to get Blair’s hands behind her back and Blair’s face into a puddle of mud. When that had been done, Kira let go of Blair walked next to Cole, ducking behind him every few minutes in case of a Blair-attack. But every time Kira looked in her direction, she merely saw her trying to ring the mud out of her amber-colored hair. She tried to avoid it from touching her clothing, but got tired of holding her hair and let the mud smear on the back of her shirt and shoulders.

    “This is so exciting! My heart won’t stop pounding, I’m so nervous,” Kira said to Cole. He nodded and kept on walking. He didn’t really feel like talking, or much less know what to say.

    “I want a Mudkip!” Kira piped up shortly after. “They’re so cute and adorable!”

    “Don’t act all happy-go-lucky,” Blair sneered, “the Professor doesn’t always have the Pokémon you want. Plus, if he did, I know I would get the Mudkip.”

    YOU?” Kira repeated, befuddled.

    “Of course,” Blair said, flinging a strand of hair over her shoulder, “Mudkip and I are perfect for each other.”

    “Too bad the Professor won’t give a Pokémon to somebody who already has one. But still, I guess it would fit you, seeing as how you’re covered in mud,” Kira jeered.

    “What did you say?!”

    “Oh you heard me!”

    “Not again…” Dominik moaned. Although, this time he had an idea.

    “Now we can answer finally the question ‘How much mud does it take to cover a prostitute?’” Kira interjected.

    Before Blair had a chance to make a move towards her, Dominik’s idea came into play.

    “Hey Blair, I’m getting kind of cold,” he said, making the best puppy dog face he could muster, “Can you stay close to me and keep me warm?”

    “THE HELL I WOU- wou- …would love to!” she screeched, latching herself to his arm and snuggling up next to him. “I’ll keep you nice and warm, baby, don’t worry.”

    Kira made a loud gagging noise.

    “Oh look, she finally choked on her ego,” Blair snickered. She squeezed Dominik’s arm tighter.


    “We’re here!” Maxie half-cheered.

    “Finally!” Cole grunted. He was getting tired of the bickering and fighting, no matter how much it somewhat amused him.

    The new scenery captivated all five of them, even though Maxie had seen it all before.

    “Maxwell…this is BEAUTIFUL!” Kira hesitantly took a step forward. She couldn’t believe what was in front of her eyes.

    The grass that had once brushed against her legs now barely reached a few inches above the bottom of her shoe. But it wasn’t the length of the grass that made her hesitant to walk on it – it was its color. Vibrant shades of green burst over the cleared area, smoothly covering the ground and not letting any dirt show through. To the left was a lake that looked like it went on for miles, sparkling with beauty the whole way.

    “Where are the Professors?” Blair complained, “We don’t have all day for Dommy to get a Pokémon.”

    “Yeah, where are they?” Cole didn’t care as much, but he figured if they came all this way, he might as well get something out of it.

    “Oh, out there.” Maxie pointed towards the center of the captivating lake.

    “How are we supposed to-” Kira began, but was stopped by Maxie’s when he lifted two Pokéballs from the inside of his coat pocket and threw them into the chilly air.

    The Pokéballs each snapped open, surges of flashing light bursting into the scene. As quickly as they came out of the Pokéballs, the bright energy began to form themselves. The energy elongated, growing much larger than any of the humans watching in awe. As fins and other bodily part protruded from the flashing light, two twin serpentine Pokémon appeared in the lake. It only took a few seconds for the Pokémon to form, but no one spoke for at least a few minutes.

    The Pokémon waited for their trainer to order them. Their blue bodies glistened with water while they swam in the pristine lake. Kira studied their faces – one large fin protruded from each side of both Pokémon’s faces and a three-pronged “crown” sat above the intimidating eyes on both, as well. She noticed while both Pokémon swam around that they both had a long whisker dangling on either side of the mouths. The fact of the matter was that one of them had pure white whiskers while the other had whiskers the color of its cerulean skin.

    “Gyarados,” Maxie said, knowing he answered the main question of what type of Pokémon he had sent out.

    “Nice,” Cole managed to say. The image of the two deathly-terrifying Gyarados swimming in front of him gave him the chills. If both of these Gyarados could easily swim in this lake, who knew what other kinds of Pokémon lingered around the bottom, waiting for some unlucky person to slip underwater.

    “Humpf, I’ve seen better,” huffed Dominik.

    “Like when?” Kira asked him. “How could you have seen better when we’re going to get out first Pokémon right this minute?”

    “Well…” Dominik had no idea what to say, “…I…I, um…you know…on TV and stuff.”

    “Riiiiight,” Kira smirked, pleased with herself.

    “Can we go already?” Blair complained, “I’m freezing my *** of waiting for you guys to get over the shock of seeing such a lame Pokémon.”

    “Yes, we should get going,” agreed Maxie, looking toward the sky. More clouds covered the sky above them. It didn’t make much difference – when there weren’t any clouds above them the sky just looked a dull gray anyway. “I don’t want to get caught in another storm.”

    Maxie ushered for the trainers to follow him. He held up a hand towards his Pokémon and they immediately stopped what they were doing. When Maxie and the others stood at the waters edge the Gyarados turned the opposite way and lowered themselves so that the soon-to-be-trainers – and Maxie – could climb onto their backs.

    “We have to ride them?!” Blair shrieked in disgust.

    “No,” said Kira happily, “We get to ride them!”



    Blair had refused to ride on either Gyarados, saying that she should not have to travel on an oversized snake through a lake. So, she decided to use her Swellow instead and now traveled through the air, having Swellow follow the Gyarados.

    Before everyone – except for Blair – boarded the Pokémon, Kira made sure to ask why one Gyarados had blue whiskers and why the other had white. At first he just stared at her like she was joking, but told her that some Pokémon have what’s known as Gender Differences, and that all female Gyarados have white whiskers while the male have blue. Once the difference was distinguished, Kira gladly chose to travel on Maxie’s female Gyarados. Cole was also quick to decide to ride on the female, making Dominik go with Maxie on the male.

    The female Gyarados gracefully swam behind her male counterpart despite her large size and intimidating look. Kira looked around the whole entire lake, gasping when she would spot a Pokémon in the water or jumping off of the large rock formations that lined the edges of the lake. Cole didn’t recognize very many of them, as he really only knew Pokémon that lived in Johto. But still, his mother was always so cautious about everything that he didn’t know very many Johto Pokémon either.

    “This is so nice,” Kira sighed. She lay on her back, hands behind her head, looking at the sky. Her amber hair slowly swayed from side to side in the blowing breeze.

    Cole just stared at her, his own hair blowing around in the breeze. He had his back towards the Gyarados’s neck, or what you call a neck. He could see everything that they passed. The spot at which they’d started was off in the distance, the only land Cole knew of for miles. Kira smiled at a flock of passing Taillow. The meager black birds flew with ease in the sky. They knew the rain was coming and they did not want to be caught in it. They squawked and flapped their wings madly, trying to fly far enough away. Cole smiled too, watching the flock of Taillows’ white underbelly flying away.

    Kira’s head fell to the side. Cole saw her move in his peripheral vision as he stared at the Pokémon that were now tiny dots in the cloudy sky.

    “I dunno why, but I love the weather right now,” Kira said to him when he shifted his gaze into hers. “Everything seems peaceful, if that even makes sense.”

    “Actually…it kind of does. Like before it rains, it seems like all the wild Pokémon just disappear and all the tension between them goes away. Same with people – when we know that it’s going to rain we focus on avoiding it.” Cole smiled again. He liked it when he could just sit and talk to Kira, without any distractions like Blair to interfere. Kira noticed that Cole wasn’t really smiling because of the peaceful moment – he was smiling because he was looking at her. She blushed and shifted her gaze into the sky again.

    Cole did the same, but he wasn’t really focusing on what he was looking at. Kira did the same, just letting her eyes roam from one thing to another. Oddly enough, they both began to hear a noise – a faint, distinct noise, almost like echoing. As the next couple of minutes passed, the noise grew louder and both teenagers started to look for the source from which it came. Both could barely make out what it was saying: “Help.”

    “There they are!” Maxie shouted from the other Gyarados.

    Kira and Cole both hesitantly stood up and looked around. Just off to the side, on a piece of land no bigger than a full bathroom, were two men in lab coats.

    One of them had spiky brown hair and a pair of long, oval glasses. His lab coat was short, only coming down to his waist. His khaki pants were soaked, as were his navy shirt and lab coat, all of which had splotches of mud on them. He looked scrawny, and young too.

    The other was not scrawny at all. His large and bulky body stood out much better than the man beside him did. His hair color was the same, but it was longer and almost formed a mullet of the back of his head.

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    “Hi, Professor Birch!” Kira shouted, now standing and frantically waving her arms towards him.

    The Gyarados slowed to a stop next to the two men. Kira agilely jumped off of the intimidating Pokémon. Her landing wasn’t that peaceful, and resulted in her clambering into the unknown Professor.

    After Kira apologized and everyone was on their feet, Maxie got off of the Gyarados he was riding.

    “Hello, there. It is and honor to meet you both,” he said, bowing in respect. While he was bent over, he looked towards Kira, who quickly understood and bowed with him.

    “It’s nice to finally get some help!” the scrawny Professor complained. He looked extremely annoyed about something.

    “So, do we get out Pokémon now!?” Kira asked, unable to hold her excitement.

    “Whaa?” Both Professors looked at each other questioningly.

    “Our starters!” Kira said, motioning at herself and Cole, “We came to get them and register as Pokémon Trainers.”

    “Oh,” Birch said, “Can we at least get back to the Lab? As you can see, we aren’t really in the mood to-”

    “But I’ve been waiting forever for my starter!”

    “Well…” Birch said. He rustled his hair with one of his dirt-coated hands.

    “Well, what?”

    “I kinda…well….I sorta left the Pokémon that I give to trainers back at the lab. I never really thought to bring them.”

    “What about him?” Everyone looked to the boy that was now jumping off of the Gyarados. Dominik lifted a finger and pointed at the Professor that had his arms crossed and was tapping his foot impatiently.

    “Me?” he asked.

    “Yeah. You look like a Pokémon Professor. Don’t you have any Pokémon to give to starters with you?”

    “Of course I do, but-” he began.

    “Then hand ‘em over. We all are waiting to be trainers and neither of you are doing your job to make that happen.”

    “ARE YOU READY YET?” Blair shouted from above. Her Swellow was impatiently flying in circles in the air.

    No one said anything back, which made her throw a fit. Luckily, she was up far enough that all anyone heard were mumbled complaints and swear words.

    “Look, buddy,” the skinny professor said angrily, “we’ve been stranded on this tiny piece of land for three days without anything except for a few chocolate bars that I found on the bottom of my backpack. Excuse us if we’d like to get back to the lab and go to the bathroom in a toilet rather than the lake before giving you a Pokémon!”

    Dominik glared at him, swore, and walked back to the Gyarados he was riding and began to climb back onto its back. He hated when adults tried to be the boss of him. He hated it even more when he knew they were right.

    “Okay, then…” Kira said, breaking the awkward silence.

    “I’m sorry about him, Professors,” Maxie told them, “He’s a little impatient.”

    “A LITTLE?” the skinny professor was still worked up after his mini-rant.

    “Please forgive us by letting my Gyarados bring you back to land.” Maxie managed to use the same voice Kalmin did when he wanted someone to agree with him without making them angry.

    Without any more complaining or arguing from anyone, Kira, Maxie, and the two professors boarded the Gyarados. Dominik refused to let the skinny professor ride on the same Gyarados as him – which the professor had already obliged to – so Professor Birch joined Maxie and Dominik.

    As they headed back to Route 103, Kira made small talk.

    “So what’s your name?” she asked the lean man sitting beside her. He had a beige knapsack on his lap, his arms clutched tightly around it.

    “I’m Professor Elm,” he responded, rubbing the knapsack, “I’m the Professor from the Johto Region.”

    “Oh….well why are you here then?”

    “Kira!” Cole hissed.

    “What?” Kira asked, befuddled. Cole looked at her like he was scolding her. “What did I say?”

    “You don’t just ask people why they are where they are like that.”

    Kira laughed a little at how dumb that sounded and said, “Okay, then.”

    “Anyway,” Elm continued, “Professor Rowan from the Sinnoh Region sent me this egg-” he reached inside his bag and pulled out a large, pale green egg. A dark green stripe went around the center of the odd object in the Professor’s hands. “-and I wanted to show Birch.”

    “What’s so special about it that made you have to show Birch?” Cole shrugged. Why was this egg different form the others that it had to be shown to a Professor in a different region? “Unless…it’s a legendary Pokémon egg.”

    “No, it’s nothing like that,” Elm told them. “This egg is like all other eggs-”

    “Told you.”

    “-but…” Elm paused for dramatic effect, though it was unsuccessful, “this egg was found near one of the Pokémon that Rowan is studying.”

    “Okay…” Cole and Kira had no idea where the man was going with his story.

    “The thing is…he found the egg six months ago.” Elm sighed and wrapped his arms around the large egg.

    “Whoa. Aren’t eggs supposed to hatch, like, a month after they’re made?” Kira cocked her head to the side.

    “Exactly.” Elm sighed again and held the egg tighter.

    Kira’s hair suddenly whipped around wildly. Cole’s did the same, but his wasn’t as noticeable since Kira’s hair was much longer than his. The sky was now a cynical black, droplets of rain coming down, first slowly, then faster and faster until everyone was soaked in only a minute’s time. Everything seems to go dark in a matter of seconds. The waves also went violent. Both Gyarados struggled to make a smooth pathway through the vigorous waters.

    Kira and Cole clutched a large fin that protruded from the Gyarados’s back while Elm held onto the egg as if his life depended on it. Because of this, combined with the extremely slippery scales of the Gyarados, the man started to slide backwards.

    “Elm, give me your hand!!” Kira shouted. Her outstretched hand wobbled through the air as the waves rocked Gyarados more violently.

    “What?! If I don’t hold on to this egg it‘ll fall into the lake!”

    He was already struggling to keep a firm grip on it. The water made its surface slippery, just like it did to the Gyarados’s back. As more waves bumped the Gyarados back and forth, Elm moved with it, tossing and turning with each forceful shove. The egg slid up and down and side to side, too.

    Without realizing it, the two Gyarados and their passengers were only a few meters away from shore. Only a few more meters of grasping the Gyarados’s fin to avoid the depths of the waters below.

    A few more meters….

    …for something to go wrong.


    “Everyone…” a serene voice addressed the surrounding group of Aqua Grunts and Admins. They all wore the same clothing – a clad of gray and blue clothing, torn at various and random areas; most commonly at the edges of the sleeves of the shirts. Each Team Aqua shirt or navy bandana had the team emblem printed on it – a white ‘A’ with a fancy pointed top.

    As the group heard their Commander’s voice they all silenced. They quickly faced towards him and kneeled on the concrete floor. The room wasn’t very large, and only about twenty of Team Aqua’s members were kneeling on the cold stone beneath them.

    “As you know,” Kalmin began, “there was a meteorite that crashed into Mt. Coronet of the Sinnoh region fifteen years ago. This meteorite landed directly on the Spear Pillar, which is said to be the location of Dialga and Palkia’s portal between our world and theirs. Another meteorite that passes our planet each year is believed to be the sister meteorite of the one from the Spear Pillar. Each year it gets closer and closer. Last year, it only barely missed us. But with our satellite that orbits the planet, we have pinpointed the meteorite’s exact crash landing designation.”

    “But sir-” one of the grunts had stood up and now looked his commander directly in the eye.

    “What is it?” the head leader of Team Aqua sounded like he was ready to shoot the grunt right then and there just for speaking up. The grunt hesitated and looked at the Admins. They were about to escort him out when their commander held up a hand to stop them. Kalmin motioned for the grunt to continue.

    “Why exactly do we need this meteorite and why is the one from the Spear Pillar so special?” he rubbed his black-gloved hands together. A few beads of sweat trickled down his face and down his neck. When Kalmin stayed silent for over a minute the grunt got nervous and started rubbing the back of his neck and scratching at his blazing orange hair.

    But the commander was known to not take radical action in front of his team and merely let out a sigh.

    “The meteorite from the Spear Pillar was excavated by a group of professors from the Kanto region after it had crashed. We recently found their studies and experiments and the results are quite shocking. They added bit of the meteorite into a solute and injected it into one of the Professor’s wives who happened to be pregnant at the time.”

    “But why did they study the meteorite in the first place?”

    The commander let out a more irritated sigh than before.

    “The three lakes of Sinnoh – Lake Verity, Lake Valor, and Lake Acuity – form a large triangle if they were connected by imaginary lines. It has been proven that the lakes are home to the Legendary Pokémon Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie. Directly in the center of the triangle is the Spear Pillar, the location of the portal between our world and Dialga and Palkia’s. Now, one can only assume a meteorite that crashed into this amazing landmark would have a special relation to these magnificent Pokémon. The scientists that discovered this meteorite back then found that the child of the woman injected with the solution had… extraordinary abilities.“ Kalmin paused for a moment and changed to a new thought. “We believe that the Legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre, the ones said to have created the land and seas of Hoenn, live in either of the two volcanoes of this region. We believe Mt. Ember is home to Groudon, and Sootopolis City his home to Kyogre. Both of these volcanoes give off the same type of radiation found in Meteor Falls, hence why we’re looking there for this meteorite.”

    The man stopped speaking and motioned to one of his Admins. She stood up and walked with complete elegance towards him. Her blazing orange hair glistened in the dim light. It was very long, reaching around her mid-back. She had high heels on, which clicked against the concrete as she walked. Her outfit was much different from the other females of Team Aqua; navy blue pants and an extra small matching jacket that did a bad job at covering her black strapless bra underneath.

    She leaned her face close to Kalmin‘s once she approached him. He placed his mouth a few inches away from the woman’s ear and whispered, “Take our ignorant grunt outside and dispose of him, Shelly.”

    The woman named Shelly backed away, eyes as wide as a Stantler’s when it’s caught in the headlights of a car.

    “Is there a problem?” the commander asked gently.

    “N-no, s-sir,” she stammered. Reluctantly, she headed towards the man, seized his arm, and led him outside.

    When the iron door clanged shut, the man spoke again, this time to the whole group.

    “Are there anymore questions?” he asked.

    “No, Commander Kalmin,” they all responded in unison.


    And something bad did happen.

    As the two Gyarados slowed to a stop, one final wave crashed into them, knocking everybody forward with tremendous force. As the two serpentine Pokémon and all six humans flew forward, the lime green egg slid right out from Professor Elm’s hands.

    “The egg!” he shouted. He watched as it plunged into the water with a heart stopping “sploosh.”

    Kira staggered to her feet once she quickly realized what had happened. Acting on a strong impulse, she ran straight off of the Gyarados and dived into the lake.

    The wind whipped past her face as she fell towards the depths of the lake. While in mid-air, she did a front flip to allow herself to plunge deeper into the water. The last thing she heard was Cole shouting her name from above. The icy cold water surrounded her. It felt even colder in the October air. She opened her eyes to look for any sight of the egg. She could only see a few feet from where she was for two reasons. One was that the storm blocked any sunlight from brightening under the water. Second, the lake water stung the surface of Kira’s eyes.

    She put the pain aside and started swimming downwards. Tiny bubbles floated out from her nose, enabling her to sink faster. The lake was surprisingly shallow and before she knew it, her hands madly felt the ground furiously. Clouds of sand went everywhere, making her vision even cloudier. Her lungs hungered for air. She knew he couldn’t give up now and resurface – the egg would never be found then.

    She continued to kick her feet and feel for the egg. Kira knew that she couldn’t last longer than another minute. The thought only panicked her. Her chest started to make coughing movement as her air supply depleted. Her hands grazed the ground until they moved over something hard. Kira felt its smooth surface and moved her hands around to feel the shape of this object she discovered; oval.

    She almost shrieked with joy. As she picked up the egg, Kira realized that the coughing movements had become more violent, thrusting her back up in an arch position. She quickly rotated and tried to push off of the ground to give her a good starting distance, but because of her lack of air, she only made it up about a foot.

    She desperately kicked her legs and tried to put the lack of air aside as she swam closer and closer to the surface. The stinging in her eyes had subsided and now that she was away from the sandy bottom she could see a little bit in front of her. As she made it farther up she could see the top of the lake approaching. As she broke through the water's surface she immediately began coughing and her lungs begged for air. She held onto the egg with one hand while she used the other - along with her legs - to stay afloat. Kira saw everyone looking down on her, and noticed Cole standing on the Gyarados with Elm's arms wrapped around him. Cole did not look happy, and Elm looked more like he was restraining the boy.

    Her breathing slowly returned to normal and she started swimming over to the edge of the lake, one arm still around the egg, the other pushing backwards to move forward a tiny bit faster. The waves weren’t fighting against anything anymore. The rain also seemed to have given up drenching the area.

    When Kira reached the edge of the lake, Professor Birch rushed over to help her out of the water. Cole, Elm, and Dominik were rushing as fast as they could off of the Gyarados while Birch pulled on the hand Kira outstretched towards him.

    “You saved it!” Elm shrieked. He bent down and tried to pry the egg out of Kira’s arms, but she didn’t let go.

    "Such a drama queen," Blair muttered as she was back on the ground, her Swellow at her side.

    “Give me the egg!” Elm shouted trying to yank the egg away from Kira.

    “Hey!” Cole yelled at him, “Give her a break. You’re more focused on your precious egg – which is probably dead by the way – than the girl who risked her life to save it.” Cole was fed up with Elm. What right did he have to force Kira to do something? She had saved it – he didn’t do a single thing to help. “You could at least sound decent and say thank you,” Cole muttered so that the young professor couldn’t hear.

    Elm crossed his arms and glared at Cole, then at Kira. She wasn’t focused as much on the argument as she was on the egg. She didn’t want to get rid of it. When she was under water and her hand touched it, she felt… connected to it. The energy it seemed to exert was like nothing she’d felt before.

    There was a quick flash of red light a few feet away. Kira looked around curiously. Blair now stood next to Dominik, both of them soaked like everyone else, with her arms around his shoulders.

    Blech, she thought, a bit amused she was thinking that at a time like this. Elm was impatiently tapping his foot. Kira tried to see his eyes that were hidden behind the speckles of water on his glasses.

    “Thank you,” he said flatly.

    “No problem,” she said in the same tone.

    “Can I have my egg back?” Elm held out his arms. Kira knew she couldn’t keep it; it wasn’t hers. So she got up and moved over to where Professor Elm stood. As she held out the egg, something no one expected happened.

    For the first time in months, Professor Elm saw what he never thought would happen.

    It came from the egg, the unborn organism in Kira’s hands. Its entire surface shone with a dazzling flash, which only meant one thing:

    The egg would hatch soon.



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    (no other notes for this chapter)
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    Excellent story! The character development with Cole and Kira is great and your description is amazing! I could honsetly picture the sea and the storm. great job!

    Credit goes to Skiyomi for the banner!

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    A great chapter!The longer the better can't wait for the next and can't wait to see what starters they get!Also add me to the PM list!
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    Wow. That was good!

    I like the Kalmir thing, with him leading TA and TM. Also, there's the egg you told me about! So, since it glowed in Kira's arms, she'll b keeping it, but still get her starter. Yay!

    Will the group obtain the starters in the next chapter?

    Also, I spotted one thing that I found a bit iffy was Kira liking to add kun to peoples names. To me, I immediately thought of Mix...

    Good chapter!
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    miler567, thank you for the comments.

    Torpoleon, thanks for the comments. I'll add you to the PM List right away.

    Araleon, hello.

    Quote Originally Posted by Araleon
    I like the Kalmir thing, with him leading TA and TM. Also, there's the egg you told me about!
    Ahem - it's Kalmin. MEH, no big deal. Anyways... he is a major character, if you can't already tell. And one of the overall parts of the plot has already begun. I'm not sur ehow common it is in writing, but it's very common and surprising in mine. For me, a lot of the characters are related. A LOT. And almost every character that is introduced - even if they don't seem like a big deal - are important.

    Quote Originally Posted by Araleon
    So, since it glowed in Kira's arms, she'll b keeping it, but still get her starter.
    Not exactly, but you will see what happens.

    Quote Originally Posted by Araleon
    Will the group obtain the starters in the next chapter?
    You'll see ;D

    Quote Originally Posted by Araleon
    Also, I spotted one thing that I found a bit iffy was Kira liking to add kun to peoples names. To me, I immediately thought of Mix...
    Don't worry, I'm not keeping that. Well, Kira's not keeping that. I dount I'll even have it anymore in the Fic.

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    Now, when he saw the tight pants of a p!ssed off skater-punk.
    I don’t like the labeling you put on Dominik (did I spelled his name right? ^^; ). It’s as if you’re classifying your characters to the readers. In novels, you don’t see characters being classied as punk, emo, etc. You should be more careful to adjectives and how you describe your characters to not make it seem you want the readers to just cheer on the protagonists. Make the readers cheer for their favorite character, whomever that may be. Hope this makes sense. ^^;
    “I’ll take the jacket,” she giggled, slipping into the black hoodie. “Now let’s get moving so we make it to town before town before this storm hits.”
    The bold part makes the quote not flow all that well. Perhaps get rid of it.
    “Can we go already?” Blair complained, “I’m freezing my *ss of waiting for you guys to get over the shock of seeing such a lame Pokémon.”

    Well, I think this chapter started off slow. I know you want to do some character exposition, and it’s fine to do it at the beginning, but you don’t want to go TOO much into exposition (like Twlight, or so I heard…^^; ). I thought you can have the action come a bit sooner, for instance you can have the chapter start with the teens already at Odale and have them meet Dominik and Blair there.

    I also thought it’s interesting Kalmin is both the leader Team Aqua of Team Magma. One question though: seems like Aqua is going to play more of a role in this fic, so what is Team Magma’s role in this fic then?

    Lastly, I was irked by the ending. One, I find it rude the teens cared about the starters more than the safety of the professors. Seems like there is no love for professors no more. Two, the egg glowing too reminds me too of Mix’s fic. Just hope it’s not a legendary or a very strong Pokemon, but it’s not my fic so…^^;

    Sorry if I seemed harsh on this chapter. Seriously, I like this chapter and I still think this fic has potential. Well, can’t wait for the next chapter, then!
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    Bay, hello

    Quote Originally Posted by Bay
    I don’t like the labeling you put on Dominik (did I spelled his name right? ^^; ). It’s as if you’re classifying your characters to the readers. In novels, you don’t see characters being classied as punk, emo, etc. You should be more careful to adjectives and how you describe your characters to not make it seem you want the readers to just cheer on the protagonists. Make the readers cheer for their favorite character, whomever that may be. Hope this makes sense. ^^;
    Oh, sorry. I didn't really notice I was doing that. I'll try to work on that. Luckily I have many more chapters to include things like that ;D

    Quote Originally Posted by Bay
    Well, I think this chapter started off slow. I know you want to do some character exposition, and it’s fine to do it at the beginning, but you don’t want to go TOO much into exposition (like Twlight, or so I heard…^^; ). I thought you can have the action come a bit sooner, for instance you can have the chapter start with the teens already at Odale and have them meet Dominik and Blair there.
    Don't worry, it wont always be like that. And I did want Cole and Kira to have a bit more fun together since they just met and such.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bay
    I also thought it’s interesting Kalmin is both the leader Team Aqua of Team Magma. One question though: seems like Aqua is going to play more of a role in this fic, so what is Team Magma’s role in this fic then?
    You will see ;D I don't want to give away stuff like that; it's just to much >.<;

    Quote Originally Posted by Bay
    Lastly, I was irked by the ending. One, I find it rude the teens cared about the starters more than the safety of the professors. Seems like there is no love for professors no more.
    Kira was actually the only one who really said anything about the starters; I wonder what she was drinking ^.- I will include something about her not caring about the Professors in Chapter Four ;D And the Professors were ok, Elm was just very annoyed - he's like that in this Fic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bay
    Two, the egg glowing too reminds me too of Mix’s fic. Just hope it’s not a legendary or a very strong Pokemon, but it’s not my fic so…^^;
    No, it's not a Legendary like Mayfi. And like I said, some things will see similiar to DJ:HoH, but this will become something of its own. And there's more to the egg than it just being a Pok&#233;mon developing inside. Remember that it hasn't glowed once in six months - or was that not said until Chapter Three? MEH xP

    Quote Originally Posted by Bay
    Sorry if I seemed harsh on this chapter. Seriously, I like this chapter and I still think this fic has potential. Well, can’t wait for the next chapter, then!
    Don't worry about it. This is what reviewers are here for - to tell writer's how to improve And I'll go fix the mistakes ;D
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