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Thread: Journey to Almo

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    Post Journey to Almo - Multishipping- Rated R

    Hey everyone

    This is my my very first fan fiction so please don't be too mad if it sucks.

    I'm not too good in english spelling, grammar or anything else that has to do with english, so please correct me if you find any mistakes.

    I would love to hear what you think about my fic even if it sucks, please give me tips what i could do better.

    I hope i followed all the rules and if not, also please tell me.

    If you wonder what Almo is, it's a region made up by me. This story takes place after Ash's journey to Sinnoh. That's all you have to know for now.

    Just enjoy.



    “Hey mom, I’m home. Ya missed me?” A boy with black hair and dark eyes yelled, just as he came through the door.

    He was wearing a black vest with a yellow horizontal stripe, a white T-**** underneath, a pair of baggy jeans, red and black sneackers, fingerless black gloves and a red and black hat with a blue half Pokeball on front. He had a yellow head-sized mouse with black stripes on it’s back and it’s tail lightning-shaped.

    They were out of breath after running the last bit of they’re way home. Yeah, they were gone for way to long as it seemed, but nothing has changed. Neither Pallet-town, nor pofessor Oak’s laboratory, or they’re own home.

    “Mum?”, the boy called, “hey, where are ya? It’s me, Ash.”

    “pika, pikaa” Pikachu called out, also searching for Ash’s mother.

    They looked everywhere, but Delia Ketchum, Ash’s mother, couldn’t be found. Ash gave up and went into the kitchen to get himself something to eat.

    “Man, I’m starving” he mumbled. But just as he entered, he fell over anime style.

    “Surprise, surprise!”a huge bunch of people shouted. That was so typical for Ash’s mum to orginize a party as soon as he came home. Pikachu was now coming into the kitchen too, to see what’s going on.

    “Pikachuuu” it cried out hapilly and jumped on Delia’s shoulders as it spotted her.

    “Well Pikachu, how nice to see you again. Congatulations darling, I’m so proud of you.”

    “Mom, knock it off! I can’t breathe. MOM!” Ash tried to get out of the tight hug his mom gave him.

    “But you sure did do a good job out there, right May?”

    “Sure did. I mean you almost defeated Top 4 Champ Cynthia. That’s something to be proud of.”

    Two girls where standing in front of Ash, both with a glass of punch in their Hands. The one called May had brown hair that was split into two parts, and saphire blue eyes. She was wearing a green bandana on her head, a long armless red jacket, a pair of bicycle shorts beneath it, white and black fingerless gloves, a green fanny pack around her waist, and red and yellow sneackers. The other girl was red haired with a pony tail on the left side of her head. She had kristall blue eyes and was wearing a yellow jacket with short sleeves, a red somewhat armless shirt under it, short yellow pants, and short red and orange boots.

    “May, Misty, what are you doing here?” Ash asked now starting to calm down.

    He sure was happy to see the faces of the two girls again, especially Misty’s. He hasn’t been seeing her at all in while he was in Sinnoh.

    “Joining the party.” Misty answered to Ash’s question.

    “And we managed to drag Drew with us too.” May added.

    “Brock was really impressed by the way you fought Cynthias Jubandraga.”

    “Ah that reminds me, is professor Oak somewhere around?” Ash suddenly asked.

    “He’s gone for a while. I guess you have to stick around with me, Ashy-boy.”, a brown haired boy with brown eyes suddenly came out of nowhere.

    He was wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of baggy, dark purple jeans. He had dark purple swiss bands on both of his hands, a silvery fanny pack and black shoes.

    “Gary? Are the surprises never gonna end today”, Ash said with a not to pleased look on his face.

    “You don’t seem too happy to see me again, do you?”

    “Whatever. Say Gary, do you know anything about Jubandraga? My Pokedex couldn’t tell me anything about it.”

    “Sure I do. Jubandraga is a fire and flying type Pokemon. It has six pair of Wings and is able to make every single one bigger and smaller. But to fly, it uses almost only the wings on it’s back because they’re the biggest. It’s the last form of the evolved Juba, the fire type starter Pokemon of the Almo-region.”

    “The Almo-region? Never heard of that. Come to think of it, where is Pikachu?”

    Ash suddenly noticed that his Pikachu was gone and Misty was missing to. But just as he turned around to look for them, Pikachu suddenly appeared and jumped on Ash’s shoulder.

    “Hey Pikachu, there you are. And Misty, you found Brock, huh?”

    “What about a hello, Ash? Since when do you nott greet you old friends?” Bock said, a little

    “Hello Brock. Happy now?”

    “Yeah, I guess”, Brock said, now lightening up, “ I saw your fight on TV and it was awesome. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to cheer for you. Anyhow, did you know that Jubandraga is Cyntia’s first Pokemon? So you two have my deepest respect for almost defeating it.”

    “Thanks Brock, hehe” Ash said as he scratched the back of his head.

    “Chuuu” Pikachu commanded doing just the same.

    “But Ash, did you really not hear about Almo? Everyone’s talking about it right now.” May was joining the talk again.

    “Why is everyone talking about it? Did something happen there?” Ash asked as clueless as ever.

    “Better say something is happening there. Just turn on the TV!” May answered.

    Pikachu jumped of Ash’s, took the remote control and turned on the TV.

    “… signs of a tough battle. This time, it was the world famous Daisy-park that has been attacked. Unlike last time, no persons or pokemon disappeared. Only different parts are destroyed.Nobody knows whats going on. Even the Police doesn’t have a clue of a clue. Officer…”

    Pikachu turned of the TV again, shocked about what it just heard. Ash also was standing there with an open mouth thinking about what to do next.

    “It’s weird. In all those attaks, hardly any pokemon where taken and the pokemon of Almo can get really powerfull if you train them right.” Misty thought out loud.


    May didn’t like that silence at all.

    “I’m gonna go look for Drew” she said for an excuse and went off.


    Evening had come and all the guests went. Ash’s best friends (these are Brock, Misty and May) stayed at his house, some went back home and others (like Drew) found an other place to stay over night.

    “Hey Mom”, Ash suddenly started, “I think I’m going to leave to Almo someday soon”.


    There was something in Delias voice that made Ash shiver.

    “You are defenitly not going to Almo!”

    “But mom” Ash said in a protesting way

    Don’t worry Mrs. Ketchum. I will take care of him”, Misty helped out.

    “Misty… please mom?”

    “I’ll come to. And Drew if I manage to drag him along.”

    “And don’t forget me.”

    “May, Brock…”

    Ash looked at his mom with puppy-dog eyes.

    “Oh…, I don’t know”

    “…Please…”, all the four kids begged in unison.

    “Ok.” Delia finally gave in, “But take care, all of you!”

    “We will mom. Thank’s”


    That's it for now. The first Chapter will follow soon, promise.
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    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    Hmm...this is a good story, overall, you spaced correctly, the grammar and spelling was good, but, the characters were a little OOC. Also, you need to remember after someone says something you have to add a comma, eg
    Quote Originally Posted by MayfanxD View Post

    “Man, I’m starving” he mumbled. But just as he entered, he fell over anime style.
    It needs to be:

    Quote Originally Posted by MayfanxD View Post

    “Man, I’m starving,” he mumbled. But just as he entered, he fell over anime style.
    Unless it needs an exclamation mark, or a question mark.
    You also need more capitals in some places.
    That's all, but put me on the PM list, please
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    Thanks, I'll try better next time

    What does OOC mean?
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    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    OOC means out of character,
    eg. Paul said, " Ooh! Let's go on the merry-go-round and eat candy floss!"
    Candy floss is cotton candy.
    But, see how Paul got all kid-ish? That's OOCness.
    What you did was have everyone beg Delia to let Ash go. He's gone numerous time but we have yet to see her decline. know, the Shipping Author's Cafe has some bio info.
    This is rated R? Have you gotten a Mod's approval? Wait, you aren't allowed to have R rated on this site. If you think you've got the wrong rating, go see a mod.
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    I know she'd usually let him go, but there is a reason why she didn't. I won't tell you yet because it will appear in another Chapter.

    Why do I need a Mod's approval? There wasn't anything about it in rules.
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    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    Okay then.
    I dont know why you need an approval.
    Oh, actually, you don't. I read the rules wrong. Hehe. Sorry.

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    Okay, sorry for the wait, but here it is: Chapter one.

    It's the same like last time. If you find any mistakes please tell me. And if you find anything i could do better, please tell me.

    I hope you enjoy it


    Chapter one

    The Journey begins!

    “You guys, come down, hurry!” a woman with brown eyes and red-brown hair yelled. She was wearing a yellow T-shirt, a pink jacket over it, a blue skirt that went to the knees and a pair of flat, light yellow Pumps. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail.

    One after another, two boys and two girls came down the stairs. One of the boys had a Pikachu on his shoulder; one of the girls had an Azurill in her Arms.

    “What is it mom?” Ash asked after he was sure all the others where there.

    It’s professor Oak. He’s on the phone and he wants to talk to you. He says it’s something important,” Delia answered.

    The four kids went to the phone. It was a red box with a monitor and a few
    buttons beneath.

    Through the monitor, you could see a man in his late fifties. He had grey hair and the look in his face and eyes let you know, that he was a warm and kind person who didn’t get mad too easy. He was wearing a white laboratory coat which was all you could see through the monitor.

    “Hello professor.” chanted all the kids. almost in Unison.

    “Well, hello Ash. Long time no see,” professor Oak said through the phone.

    He wasn’t smiling like he usually was, but instead, he seemed very serious.

    Ash was the first one to speak: “Professor, where are you right now? Why aren’t you here? What happened? And what is it; you want to talk to me about?”

    “Slow down Ash, slow down. I’m in Hoenn with professor Birch, but he’s on Pokémon expedition right now. Gary called me yesterday and told me that you want to go to Almo. Is that right Ash?”

    “Yes professor, but why are you asking?”

    “First of all, is everybody here?”

    “No”, May suddenly popped in, “Drew is missing.”

    “Ahm, you guys, I really don’t want to interrupt, but…,” Delia came in and stepped aside.

    “Don’t sweat it May, I’m already here,” a familiar voice said in a cool ton.

    “Drew,” May happily called out as she saw the green haired boy.

    He had emerald green eyes, was wearing a black turtleneck with a purple Jacket on top and a pair of green, long pants.

    “So then, we can begin,” professor Oak said through the monitor, “I believe you all know what is going on in Almo right now? “
    "Yeah, signs of fights and destruction and nobody knows what’s going on.”

    “Exactly Misty,” Professor Oak answered, “But we have a clue of what could be happening. We believe that some sort of evil organization like Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma or Galactic is behind all this. Ash, you and your friends have a lot of experience in such things so I want you to check it out. I know it’s a dangerous mission, but I know you can do it”

    “We will try our best professor,” Brock said confidently.

    “Oh, another thing. You have to go today.”

    “Today?” May shrieked, “How are we supposed to get there today? The next ship to Almo leaves in about a week”

    “That’s why you are going to fly” Professor Oak answered calmly.

    “Fly? We haven’t got enough Pokémon for all of us,” Drew finally spoke,” I mean, I have Flygon, but it’s strong enough for only two...”


    He wasn’t able to finish his sentence. A scream came from the backyard and all the kids
    turned their head.

    “Mom?”Ash whispered to himself, “M O M !”

    He ran out of the room out to the backyard to look after his mom. Something must have happened to her. She’s not the type of person who get’s scared to fast.

    “Ash wait” Misty called out and ran after him. The others followed her.

    Ash stood outside staring at the two huge creatures that stood in the little garden. One was a huge orange Dragon. It had two horns on its horse shaped head, two small arms with three claws each, a pair of huge wings where the down side was green, two powerful looking legs, also each with three claws, and a tail with a flame on the end of it. His tummy and the down side of his tail were yellow. The other one was a huge cat like Pokémon with a pair of wings on its head, back, and feet, which were to small as if you could fly with them. It’s head was orange and its main body silvery white. Its feet up to its knees were on fire and it’s long tail was fire pure.

    He knew both of the Pokémon. But why were they here? What did they want?

    Ash remembered his mom. He looked around for her and spotted her sitting on the ground. A woman in her late twenties helped her up. She had long blond hair which was falling loosely behind her back. She was wearing a black scarf, a shirt with a V-cut, long black pants, black high heels, and a black elegant coat that only had one button near her chest.

    “Oh wonderful Cynthia,” Brock suddenly popped out of nowhere, “ It has to be faith that we meet again. How about we celebrate this with a romantic candelyaaaaaahh…”

    Brock was hit by a very strong flamethrower and fell to the ground totally burned.

    “Sorry Brock, but Jubandraga doesn’t like to share” Cynthia said apologizing and patted the head of the huge cat.

    “Pika, pikaa,” Pikachu cried happily and ran towards the huge Dragon.

    “Mom, are you okay?” Ash asked his mom who still sat on the ground slowly recovering from her shock.

    Yes, I’m fine dear, thanks.” Delia answered

    “Charizard, I missed you”, Ash now turned to the Dragon like Pokémon.

    “Gah, I see you haven’t changed,” was the next thing he said before falling to the ground totally roasted by Charizards flamethrower.

    “Things never change, do they?” Misty sighed as she shook her head.

    “So Cynthia, what are you doing here?” Ash asked after he recovered from the flamethrower.

    “Professor Oak sent me to bring you to Almo,” Cynthia answered immediately.

    “You know professor Oak?” Misty asked, unable to believe what she just heard.

    “Yes. He gave me my first Pokémon when I started my journey to become a Pokémon master.”

    “Wait. Your first Pokémon is Jubandraga, isn’t it?” Misty started to ask, “That means it was a Juba when you got it and that means you must have started in Almo.”

    “That’s right Misty. Back then, professor Oak lived in Almo. But you should get ready. We’ll be leaving soon.”

    “I see. So that’s what professor Oak meant when he said we are going to fly.” Brock thought out loud.

    A little later everyone was ready. May had asked her parents for permission and after a lot of begging and whining she finally convinced them. All the others packed the things they needed most. Ash decided to take only Pikachu with him and start a new journey. May took Blaziken with her because it was her first Pokémon and Beautifly because she thought Drew’s Masquerain had a little crush on it. Brock took only Happiny with him. Drew took Masquerain, Roserade, Flygon and Butterfree.

    The three flying type Pokémon stood in front of the house ready to take off.

    “Misty, May, which one of you is lighter?” Cynthia asked the two girls.

    “I think May is, because I’m quite heavy,” Misty answered before May could even open her mouth.

    “Okay then May, you fly with Drew; Misty you fly with Ash. And Brock, you fly with me.”

    “Pikachu! Misty! Come on!” Ash yelled already sitting on his Charisard.

    “Okay Misty, hold on tight. Pikachu, you’d better not fall down,” he said after Misty climbed on Charizards back.

    “May, you’d better hold on too. Flygon’s back isn’t that bright and you might fall down.” Drew told May.

    “Well thanks for calming me down,” May cried.

    “I can’t help it if you’re a scaredy cat.”

    Drew didn’t mean to tease her right now, but he was really nervous. He knew this was going to be a long trip and he wasn’t sure if Flygon could make it. But that wasn’t the only reason he was nervous. Also having May’s body so close to his all the way to Almo made him feel strange. He needed to do something to calm himself down.

    “I’m not a scaredy cat, you jerk” May yelled into Drew’s ear.

    “You are.”

    “Am not.”

    “Are too.”

    “Am not.”

    “Hey you too, before you start flirting, how about you start flying,” Misty yelled from the up in the air.

    “WE ARE NOT FLIRTING!” they both yelled back in unison.

    “Come on,” Cynthia said who was waiting for the two of them on the earth.

    “Wait, aren’t Jubandragas wings to small to fly?” May asked confused.

    “Just watch.” Cynthia answered calmly.

    Suddenly, Jubandraga’s back wings became huge and in an instance it was in the air. May felt Flygon move up into the air, too. She gasped and wrapped her arms around Drew’s torso. She hated being in the air this way.

    “Bye mom. I’ll miss you.” Ash yelled from Charizards back.

    Delia was worried. She didn’t have anything against her son leaving to a new journey. And even if she did, she couldn’t stop her son from being himself. Usually, she knew he would be all right as long as Pikachu was with him, but she was worried about him leaving to Almo. Of all the regions in the world, why did it have to be Almo? She shook her head. Memories of earlier days had come back into her head. Painful memories. She just hoped that Ash would be alright.


    Brock was having the time of his life sitting right behind Cynthia. Ash and Misty didn’t seem to have any problems either sitting so close to each other. Only May had a problem being this high in the air. She held on to Drew so tight, that it was hard for him to breathe. At first, he tried to stay calm and not get too excited with May pressing her whole body against his and shivering in fear to fall of Flygon’s back, but by now, it was just annoying.

    “What’s going on in Almo anyway, Cynthia” May asked, only to get distracted.

    “Didn’t professor Oak tell you?” Cynthia asked surprised.

    “He did, but May is to slow to get, what was going on,” Drew teased May,

    “I’m not slow, jerk”

    “You are.”

    “Am not.”

    “Are too.”

    “Am not!”

    “There they go flirting again.” Misty sighed from Charizard’s back.


    “Right. That’s why you answer in unison,”

    “WE’RE NOT!”

    Suddenly, a very strong solar beam almost hit Charizard. It dodged just on time but Misty fell off. Ash managed to catch her.

    “Ash, help me.” Misty begged as she looked at Ash totally horrified.

    Ash used all his strength to pull Misty up to Charizards back.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t” he said sarcastically

    “Wha-, what was that?” May asked now starting to tighten her grip again.

    “Well, well, if these aren’t our twerps.” A very familiar female voice said.

    In front of the three Dragon Pokémon was a Miauth-shaped-balloon. Inside of the balloon was a woman in her early thirties with long red hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a white, tummy less T-Shirt with a red R written on it, a black, also tummy less turtleneck beneath it, long black gloves, a white mini-skirt and black boots, that almost went up to her ankle. Next to her stood a man, also in his early thirties with blue, shoulder long hair and green eyes.
    He wore a white turtleneck with an R written on it, a black shirt beneath it, black gloves, white trousers and black boots. In the middle was a little, cat like creature.

    “Miauth, want to show them our new slogan?” The woman asked the little cat creature.
    “Sure I do,” Miauth answered

    “Well, look at that, I can’t believe what I’ve seen.”

    “Someone to disturb our work, I mean.”

    “But we’re here.”

    “Working up…,”

    “…hate and fear.”



    “Causing trouble is our faith.”

    “We’re taking hope, putting fear in its place.”

    “As long as we can cause trouble, no matter where…”

    “…Team Rocket…,”

    “…we’ll always be there.”

    “Team Rocket! Who else?” Ash cried out, trying to get up and order his Pikachu to fight, but Misty pulled him back down.

    “Ash, we are in the middle of the sky and we’re past the ocean, too. If you fall down now, you’ll fall into the forest.”

    “Come out my dear Dustox and use Poison Sting!” Jessie shouted and threw a red and white ball into the air.

    A purple moth with green wings, yellow eyes and two antennas on its head came out of it.

    “Cacnea, jump on Dustox and then use sunny day and then Solarbeam” James ordered the cactus like Pokémon that was standing in front of him.

    “Solar beam takes its time to load,” Ash mumbled to himself, “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!”

    But it was too late. Because of sunny day, the Solar beam was ready before Pikachu could even start and while Dustox flew towards Flygon, the Solar beam was released. The two attacks came together and created a powerful and beautiful looking white and purple beam.

    “Flygon, use Sandstorm!” Drew ordered quickly. But it was no use. The white beam was too strong and went right threw the Sandstorm. Flygon collapsed immediately, but before it could fall, Drew called it back into its poke ball.

    “Jubandraga, go catch Drew!”

    As she said this, Cynthia looked to Ash who understood right away.

    “Go catch May, Charizard!” he ordered and Charizard obeyed.

    “You wouldn’t really think we’d let you, would you? Dustox, fly towards Jubandraga and then use tackle!”

    “And you Cacnea use Dustox’s speed to create a powerful Drain Punch!”

    Again, a double attack was created. It went with such speed, that Jubandraga didn’t have time to dodge the attack. Jubandraga got hit hard, but managed to stay in the air.

    Next was Charizard. The same attack went towards it, but Charizard managed to dodge right on time. When Ash looked down, Drew and May where gone. They had disappeared into the forest beneath them.

    “When the heck did they get so strong?” Misty mumbled to herself totally, astounded about team Rockets new strength.

    “I’ll tell you something, honey,” Jessie started, “All this time we have always been defeated by you twerps. We have always been blasting off, every time we tried to catch your Pikachu. This was humiliating. All we wanted was a good team Rocket position and the respect of our boss. The only thing we aimed for was to win at least one time. But we have always failed. Even though we never gave up, even though we have never stopped believing in ourselves, we never managed to win. You may think that we are evil and only do bad things and that might be true, but we aren’t inhuman. Every human has the chance to get far if they only do enough and we noticed that. Since then, we stopped attacking you and did other thing like increasing our teamwork, and now we’re back and stronger than ever. You will definitely not be able to stop us any longer!”

    After she said the last sentence, Dustox and Cacnea suddenly disappeared. A second later, they appeared in front of Jubandragas head and released the powerful white and purple Spin. Jubandraga, who was already weakened, wasn’t able to hold itself in the air anymore. Its wings became small and they fell. Cynthia called Jubandraga back into its poke ball and then disappeared in the trees.

    Ash suddenly noticed, that the same attack was aiming for Charizard to. It managed to dodge by flying up, but a second later, it had a Drain Punch in its tummy. Charizard stayed in the air for a few seconds and then collapsed. All three fell. Misty tried to grab Ash’s hand, but before she knew it, the wind drifted her away.

    “We won’t be hearing anything from them anymore. There is absolutely no way they survived this fall,” James smiled.

    Jessie was silent. Of course they worked hard to get where they were right now, but something seemed wrong. She couldn’t tell what it was, she just felt it.

    “Come Jessie let’s go” Miauth said interrupting her thoughts.

    It was right; Jessie didn’t have time to think about this right now. She had to go back to work.


    That was it. I just hope it doesn't suck too much.

    I already wrote half of the second Chapter so it should'nt take too long
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    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    Hmm... what do I say? YAY! A new chapter!!!
    First, though, before I pour out my happiness, it's time for nipick! In other words concrit.
    Okay, the one thing I noticed a lot was capitals. It should be Professor Oak, and etc. Also, you used Miauth instead of Meowth. And when Ash said "M O M" it should be "MOM!". There were also some spelling mistakes but not enough to be an urgent thing.When Team Rocket made their first appearance I was confused. May was saying something and I had no idea what was happening.
    Look at this:
    "Suddenly, Jubandraga’s back wings became huge and in an instance it was in the air. May felt Flygon move up into the air, too. She gasped and wrapped her arms around Drew’s torso. She hated being in the air this way."

    It should be:

    "Suddenly, Jubandraga’s back wings became huge and in an instant it was in the air. May felt Flygon move up into the air, too. She gasped and wrapped her arms around Drew’s torso. She hated being in the air this way."
    Not instance, instant.

    Happiness Stuff!!!!!!!!
    First, I liked how you described Team Rocket and Cynthia etc. because now a person who has never heard of Pokemon could come along and understant this fic. Except...(yes I know concrit is over but) you could describe the pokemon more.

    Wait! You need a PM list and I need to be on it!
    Anyway that's all I can think of so Bye!

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    Hehe,sorry about this. As I said, I suck in writing. Anyhow about this Meowth or Miauth thing, It is hard to get any names of characters or Pokemon in a different language. And I couldn't find Meowth in English so I wrote it the way you speak it. But thenks for the advice. I have the name now so I wont write it wrong any longer.

    It's quite hard to spell other things to, because I learn British English in School. But I will try my best to not make that much mistakes.

    I don't think you concritis over at all. You really are helping me a lot with this. Thanks.

    I need to make a pm list? How do I do that?
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    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    I would agree but I live in an English world.
    PM list thingy is like this:

    PM List (bold and italics)

    (then write the usernames eg)

    Then you PM those people when a new chapter comes out.
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    Oh, yeah, sorry if my correcting is bothering you, it's just I was at before and learned all this stuff. It is kinda helpful when you have more experience and/or read plenty of fanfics. That's when I learn what OC and OOC meant. Also, I believe there is a Serebii dictonary on these things but if you can't find one, lets go get a mod and create a stickied one.

    @GoldenArcanine, don't you think you should post a longer post before MayfanxD comes along and asks a mod to infract you? I mean, it was just twelve letters!
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    Do you think you're bothering me with your concrits because I apologize so much? Don't worry about that. I apologize to everyone about everything. ( Most people say it sucks, but I just can't help it.)

    It's okay, GoldenArcanine. Everybody can forget the one or the other rule. Just don't do it again, before a staff member lookes at my fic. (Don't mean to pick on you)

    Right, my PM list:

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    Sorry you had to wait so long, but here it is: Chapter two of Journey to Almo

    Just one thing you should know: The two unknown Pokemon will appear in Chapter Three with description and Poke dex Information. Since I'm already writing on the third Chappie it shouldn't take to lang to come up. So Enjoy.

    Chapter two
    All alone

    Misty grabbed after Ash’s hand a few times, but it was no use. The wind blew her away from him.

    „Aaash, “she yelled not knowing what to do.

    This was it. There was nothing that could save her now. She would be dead in a few seconds. She fell through the trees. The pranks and trees slowed down her fall a little, but not enough to save her and with a loud thump, she hit the ground.


    Drew sent Masquerain back into its Poke ball. The blue little insect with the orange wings on its head had saved his life. While Drew fell, it popped out and got a hold of his hand. Masquerain had used all of its power to slow down the fall of its beloved Master and brought him out of the danger zone. Drew knew what he had to do now. He had to find a Pokémon Center to get his Flygon healed. The Combo attack of team Rocket really hit it hard. But what had happened to them? Drew hasn’t met team Rocket too often, but they had never been this strong. And May. Drew hoped that she was okay and that she somehow survived the fall. That was the next thing he would have to do after he came out of the forest: Go look for May and the others.


    May was fighting. The river she fell into was really wild. She had to try her very best to hold her head over water, otherwise she would drown. But how long was she supposed to be fighting like this. She remembered when she and Drew fell into a river and Drew collapsed. That river was also very wild, but the urge to save Drew had given her strength. This time there was no Drew to save and her desire to fight was soon worn out. Just when she decided to give up, a bunch of bird Pokémon showed up. They grabbed her and pulled her out of the water.

    „Pikaaa, “a voice suddenly called.

    May landed on the earth softly and she felt the bird Pokémon let go of her. She coughed from all the water she had swallowed.

    „Pikachu? “May asked weakly after she finished coughing.

    May was confused. Did team Rocket even get Ash’s Charizard? But when and even more important how did they get so strong?

    „Am, “one the bird Pokémon suddenly cried out.
    May took a closer look at the Pokémon. They were about half as big as Pikachu. They’re back and wings were brown, their chest yellow, and their tummy was white.

    „Ah, that’s right, “May said pulling out her poké dex.

    „Amsell. No information available. “

    „No information? How weird“, May thought out loud.

    Then this one isn’t a Kanto Pokémon but another one, probably an Almo. And that means that we’re already in Almo.

    “Wait,” she said, “I thought that we would fly over the ocean, but I didn’t see it. Come to think of it, I hardly saw anything. I was so scared, that I held on to Drew and…“

    Suddenly, May became aware of what she was doing all this time and in seconds; her head became as red as her outfit. Pikachu and the Amsell looked at her confused and as May felt the stares of the Pokémon, she got a hold of herself again.

    „Come on Pikachu, let’s go find Ash and the others. “


    Where the heck am I and even more important, where is Brock? I need some food. “Ash whined as he wandered through the forest.

    „I hope Charizard will be okay. It seemed really worn out after it regained itself and caught me. “

    Ash went on a little while thinking. He hoped the others where okay. He hoped Charizard will make its way home. He really hoped that he would find a restaurant, so that finally he could get some food. Suddenly, there was light between the woods.

    „Finally, I’m out of this cursed forest! “ he said and ran towards the light.

    But as he reaches the end of the forest, Ash saw smoke coming from behind a hill not too far away.

    „What the…“he murmed.


    Drew went on walking towards the north. If he wouldn’t be able to reach the end of the forest by sunset, he would be lost for good. He looked up hoping to see a little bit of the sky but there were only leaves; trees and even more leaves. He thought about how lucky he was to have Masquerain. If it weren’t for it, the fall would have probably killed him. Hopefully, the fall didn’t get May. The face of the girl automatically came into his face. She had that typical cheerful smile on her face and her sapphire blue eyes where shining. Drew shook his head. Why the heck was May’s face always coming into his mind. Ever since she had rescued his life and even before that, ever since he had met her, Drew just kept on thinking about her. She was different from other girls, but why? Is it because she doesn’t treat him like an Idol? Is it because she doesn’t hit him or starts crying whenever he insults her? Is it because she is so openhearted to everyone? Drew didn’t know. But he never gave up asking himself that question. Two seconds later, Drew laid flat on his face. He looked up. What the heck had he just tripped over? As he turned around to look for whatever it was, he saw Misty laying on the floor. She had cuts all over her body. One cut on the arm was very deep. Blood ran from it down her clothes to the ground. Her clothes were also torn apart. And she had been totally knocked out.


    „Ah, wonderful, wonderful pretty girls. “ Brock mumbled in his dreams.

    His mouth was wide open and he was drooling.

    He reached up in order to flirt with the pretty girls in his dreams, but instead, he grabbed onto something warm and soft.

    „Auuuuuu“he suddenly yelled in tears holding his head, where a big bump was growing out of his head.

    „Why you, Perv! Touching me this way. “

    There was a girl sitting next to him. She was staring at Brock and holding her breast protected. Her big grey eyes were so pale, that you could almost think they were white. Her blond hair was tied into two pigtails which where hanging over her shoulder. She was wearing an ice-blue, sleeveless T-shirt, long gloves in the same, ice blue color which almost went to her shoulders, a very short mini Skirt in the same ice blue color, and ice blue socks that almost went up to her ankle. The only thing she wore that was not blue, were her white boots. Even the ribbons she had on each of her pigtails where ice-blue.

    „Calm down, June. He didn’t touch you on purpose, you know. He isn’t like that. Believe me; he would never touch neither you, nor me, “Cynthia now said.

    „Thanks Cynthia, I knew I could count on you. This must be the signs of loveayyyyyyyy. “Brock started, but when he noticed that Croagunk wasn’t there to stop him, he got confused, „Huh? Huh? No Croagunk? Oh that’s right. I left it at home. Well then, lovely Cynthia, how about we travel together. I will take care of your Pokémon and of you and our love will bloom like a rose."

    Cynthia sweat dropped. For her it seemed like Brock was getting weirder every day.
    June stood aside looking at Brock who kneeled and held Cynthia’s hand, and at Cynthia who was standing there, not knowing what to do to get out of this situation. Suddenly June turned around. She was starring to the sky with stars in her eyes. Her hand’s where clasped together beneath her chin.

    „Me, travelling with Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and Drew Hayden from LaRousse City, “She sighed.


    Ash ran towards the smoke. He could hardly breathe, but he wouldn’t stop running. He had the feeling that whatever would await him, it would change his life. But suddenly he stopped right before his goal. The others were probably dead; Pikachu wasn’t with him and all his Pokémon where at Professor Oak’s. So what should he do if it was a wild Pokémon or maybe team Rocket? He was alone.
    Alone! Ash suddenly noticed that this was the first time being really alone. All the other times, Pikachu his other Pokémon or his friends were with him. And if he was alone, Ash was too busy getting Pikachu back from team Rocket. But something let him go on. It was a strange feeling. He knew he had to go. Something was calling for him, something needed his help. Or maybe someone. So he went on and as soon as he was close enough that he could see everything clearly, he hid behind a tree. As he made a peek, his eyes widened. He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


    „Misty, wake up! Misty!“

    Slowly, Misty opened her eyes.

    „Where am I? What happened? “

    Misty tried to get up, but a sharp pain went through her whole body. Every movement she made was painful, but it wasn’t that bad, that she couldn’t bare it, so she sat up.

    „Drew, what are you doing here? Didn‘t Flygon collapse? How did you survive the fall? How did I survive the fall? “May asked as she saw the green- haired boy sitting next to her."

    „I don’t know what happened to you or how you survived the fall, “Drew answered, „but when I fell, Masquerain popped out of its poke ball and saved me. I tripped over you when I was trying to find a way out of this forest. “

    „How about you send Masquerain and Flygon out to search for the others? “

    „You know what happened to Flygon. It was worn out from flying all day too. “

    „What do you mean, all day? We where only flying for about a half a day. “

    „No, we weren’t. Look the suns already setting. “

    „Drew, how long have you been walking? “

    „For about one hour. “

    „And has the sun fallen any deeper yet? “

    „Now that you mention it, it hasn’t.“

    „See? It was only an illusion. There is forest everywhere and you can’t see the sky at all. So, wherever you see a whole in the trees, you think that that is where the sun is. “

    That was so obvious. Why didn’t Drew notice that? He was quite sharp-minded usual, so why didn’t he figure that out? And why did he trip over Misty. Was he really that concerned about May, that he had forgotten everything around him?

    „Well, if Flygon is knocked out, how about you send Masquerain to look for someone? “ Misty interrupted Drew’s thoughts.

    „Masquerain, come out, “Drew said as he through his red and white Poke ball, „Go look for any signs of life. “

    „Are you always that pessimistic? “

    „Whatever. “


    For some reason May had just the same idea so she let out her Beautifly.

    „Beau! “the pretty Beautifly with the huge, yellow, black and red colored wings called.

    „Ok, Beautifly, go search for Drew and the others, “May ordered.

    Beautifly flew high up to the air and immediately spotted Masquerain. Masquerain also spotted Beautifly and the two insects happily flew towards each other. Dancing and flying around in the air, the two enjoyed themselves, totally forgetting that their trainers needed help. Beautifly now came close to Masquerain and licked its cheek. Masquerain first flew there dumbfounded, not really noticing what had happened until Drew’s Butterfree flew up. Butterfree, who also had his eyes on Beautifly, started fighting Masquerain.

    -TRANSLATION - „Get away from Beautifly you jerk! “

    „Hey I’m not a jerk, looser. Besides, why should I go away from her? I know her way longer than you! “

    „You’re calling me a looser? The real looser is you. No you’re not a looser, you’re a weakling! And a beauty like Beautifly only deserves the best of the best. “

    „, And who would that be?"

    „That would be me. “

    Masquerain suddenly shot an ice beam towards Butterfree.

    „Who’s the weakling now, Butterpee? “ Masquerain said and the two bugs started fighting over Beautifly.

    „W- wait you two, you really don’t have to. Please stop. “Beautifly tried two separate them, but neither Masquerain nor Butterfree listened.

    Beautifly was clueless. What could it do to stop those two? Then, May’s came into its mind. As fast as she could, Beautifly flew in her direction.


    „So, where are we going anyway? “June asked pushing her bicycle beside herself.

    „Looking for the others," Brock only said.

    „And who are the others? “

    This time, it was Cynthia’s turn to answer: „You’ll see when we get there. “

    And with this, there was silent again.


    Ash couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had seen a lot of team Rocket members before, but never Giovanni in person. Although that wasn’t the only thing. Jessie and James stood next to him, obviously exhausted. Behind those three where a lot more team Rocket members. What had really surprised him was that a girl about Ash’s age was standing opposite from them and seemed to be fighting them even though nobody had really moved yet. The girl was also breathing heavily, but from the look in her eyes, you could clearly see, that she wasn’t about to give up. She was standing in the middle of a bunch of small Pokémon. Ash was confused. What does team Rocket want from a little girl? Her Pokémon? He tried his best to figure out the situation.
    Suddenly, Jessie’s Seviper attacked. With a poison tail, it moved towards the girl, but before it came even close, a bunch of Pokémon jumped towards Seviper. One little Pokémon, which Ash couldn’t identify, got hit and flew towards the girl who caught it. The girl then laid a hand on the Pokémon’s forehead and closed its eyes. Suddenly, the Pokémon started glowing and as soon as it stopped, the little Pokémon was fit again and jumped off the girl’s arms.

    „Please Giovanni, stop this nonsense. You cannot go on like this forever. “The girl suddenly shouted.

    If Ash was only confused a minute ago, now he was fully startled. The voice of this girl was just as pretty as a song from a Chimecho, if not even prettier.

    „And neither do you, „Giovanni shouted back, „ You may be strong enough to escape a few times, but at some point, not even you can keep yourself on your feet. The only thing I have to do is to keep following you until you drop and then you and your powers belong to team Rocket. “

    Jessie ordered another poison tail from Seviper, but this time, before the small Pokémon could even move, the girl grabbed Seviper’s tail, threw it into the air and slammed it o the ground.

    „Then I’ll just escape again, “the girl said.

    „No, not this time. We have the ultimate cave, now. Not even you can escape from it. See for yourself, “Giovanni said and with that, Cacnea’s Stun spore hit her.

    The girl screamed, flew through the air, hitting the next tree which was only a few inches away from the tree Ash was hiding and fell to the ground. Ash looked at the girl closely. Her eyes where closed as if she was sleeping. Her long black hair laid open across her whole body. She wasn’t wearing anything but a dress made out of a few huge leaves which were long enough to cover her from her breasts to her ankle. The girl opened her eyes. They where green, like Drew’s, only more emerald like. As she stood up, Ash quickly hid behind the tree again, hoping that she didn’t see him. Luckily, she hadn’t.


    Just what had come into Beautifly’s mind? First she stayed away forever, then she acts like the world will go down every minute and now she flies in some direction with such enormous speed, that even Pikachu had its problems following it. But May had to admit, Beautifly seems to know where to go. Maybe she found someone. But it was really hard following Beautifly through the forest. But what choice did she have? The only thing May could do right now, was to try her best to keep up with Beautifly.


    Misty tried to stand up, but it was no use. It wasn’t only because of the pain caused by moving, but also from an even sharper pain in her right foot.

    „What’s wrong, Misty? “ Drew asked as he noticed that Misty was still sitting on the ground.

    „I’m not sure. I think I hurt my leg when I fell through the trees. I hope …! “

    Misty stopped talking. Her mouth fell open as she saw Drew sitting in front of her, offering her to take her piggyback. Misty never had much to do Drew, but with what she had heard from May, she knew he wasn’t the type of guy who was nice to woman.

    „Come on, we don’t have time to waste, “Drew only said while Misty climbed onto Drew’s back.

    What Misty didn’t know, is that Drew wasn’t just helping her because he was nice, but because he was worried. Worried that his biggest and most sympathetic rival was gone forever.


    Ash really wanted to help that girl. She was fighting five Pokémon at once, and even though a lot of the little Pokémon helped her, you could clearly see she was having a hard time. But what should he do? Ash didn’t have any Pokémon with him. The girl screamed again. She was thrown back by an attack and again hit a tree. Suddenly, something like a flying plate appeared above the girl and as she stood up, a barrier came from the plate which surrounded the girl.

    „Okay Cacnea, use Stun spore, “James ordered.

    A really powerful Stun spore hit the barrier, which sucked the attack up. A few seconds later the attack came from the barrier and hurdled itself against the girl with at least three times its actual power. The girl screamed. Her eyes closed, and her body stretched, you could see how much pain she was in. Another attack came, this time from a Houndour who shot a flame thrower. Ash closed his eyes and ears. As he opened them again, he saw the girl seriously injured but still standing.

    „Wow, “he whispered to himself, „how can she still stand? Even Charizard would have collapsed after this torture. “

    Ash looked at the girl in the barrier. Her face was covered from the veins falling into her face and blood was tripping from her hands and nose. She was shaking and breathing heavily. Her whole body was covered from scratches, cuts and blood, but she was still standing.

    „Why won’t you collapse already? “ Giovanni suddenly screamed.

    As Ash looked in his direction, he saw a remote in Giovanni’s hands. Ash figured that it must be the remote for the barrier, which gave him an Idea. He sneaked behind all the team Rocket members and put his hand over the mouth of a boy about his size. He dragged the boy away from the others and knocked him out. He quickly changed his clothes and tied up the boy with a rope that he found in his backpack. Then he went as close to Giovanni as possible, waited for the right moment and snapped the remote out of Giovanni’s hands. He pressed the only button the remote had and ran towards the girl who was now free. But an attack from Houndour appeared and hit the girl who hit the next tree and collapsed. Ash glanced back, looking right into the face of a really angry Giovanni.



    Drew heard a very familiar voice calling him. A brunette in a red outfit with a green bandana was running like she was chased by a heard of Beedrill. Next to her was a Pikachu and behind her, a bunch of weird looking bird Pokémon. Drew didn’t quite get why the girl was running like this until he saw a very pretty butterfly Pokémon in front of her. Almost out of nowhere, two Insect Pokémon suddenly popped out behind Drew and flew toward the butterfly.

    „May! Oh, thank goodness you’re alive. How did you survive the fall? “Misty asked from Drew’s back as May reached them.

    Above the three teenagers, Masquerain and Butterfree started fighting over Beautifly again.

    „Butterfree, come back,“ Drew called, „Ever since Butterfree fought against Beautifly, Masquerain and him are fighting over it every time those two meet.“

    As soon as May caught her breath, she answered: „Well, I survived by falling into a river and the Amsell pulled me out of it. “

    Pikachu happily jumped on Misty’s shoulder happy to see that she was alive as well.

    „Anyhow, “May continued, „I guess that is why Beautifly flew that fast. But why are you just calling Butterfree back, Drew? “

    „I want Butterfree to go at pairing season, but it will refuse if it gets too attached by Beautifly, “Drew answered.

    „Hey May, what’s wrong? “ Misty asked when she saw May’s happiness changing into fear.

    „Uhm, Drew? I think you should turn around“May said and pointed behind him.

    Drew did as he was told and his mouth fell open. A huge Ursaring stood in front of them.


    „So, how are we going to find the others? “ June started asking again.

    „I don’t know, but I hope we find them soon. “ Brock answered.


    „Ever heard of team Rocket? “ Cynthia asked.


    „Well, they’re the reason. “

    „Who is team Rocket? “ June asked again, but this time, she didn’t get an answer.

    In front of them where five large Pokémon: An Onix, a Blaziken, a Venusaur, and two other Pokémon none of the three had ever seen before. The five Pokémon felt the stares of Cynthia, Brock and June. As they turnend around, they spotted them imidiatly.


    Well, that was it for nuber two Coming in episode three:

    Why is team Rocket after that girl?

    Will, the group get to their destination?

    Can everone get away from the danger?

    How did Brock and Cynthia survive the fall?

    This and a lot more coming up soon.

    My pm-list:

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    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    Yay, I'm done, I'm finally done, the next Chapter is out!

    Wait, why wasn't anybody posting? How mean, nobody was posting. Buwaaaaa! Oh, well I'll just start then.

    Chapter three

    Going for it all

    „Mas, Masquerain! “

    „Beautifly, beau! “

    The two Insect Pokémon where dancing happily together, not noticing the danger that came from Ursaring. For a while (what seemed like forever) Ursaring, May, Drew and Misty held still .Drew was unable to fight with Misty on his back, and Misty possessed only Waterpokemon which weren’t much use on Land. Then Ursaring made a move. It opened its mouth to shoot a hyper beam. All three stared at the huge bear which would destroy them any minute. Finally May snapped
    „Pikachu, use Thunder! “May screamed and Pikachu obeyed immediately.

    Ursaring stopped its attack and screamed in pain but managed to wear off the attack. Now it seemed really angry. May gritted her teeth, also getting pis*ed because she hardly ever got a chance to rest on this cursed day.


    „I’m out of here, “June squeaked and hopped on her bike.

    „Wait for meeeee! “ Brock yelled and tried his best to follow June.

    Cynthia also started running, but a few thoughts crossed her mind. All of these Pokémon where pretty powerful. They probably all had a territory and that meant, they should have started fighting as soon as they met. But they weren’t, and that was more than odd. Something must have happened, but what? What could be important enough to let those Pokémon meet without fighting? Or have they just met and where about to fight? Whatever it was, Cynthia should get out of reach for them too.


    Ash knew he was in trouble. Giovanni wasn’t the leader of such a big and dangerous organization for nothing. And from everything Ash had heard, he doubted that Giovanni would hesitate to hurt or maybe even kill him. He really wished Pikachu would be here right now. This was the first time Ash noticed how much he relied on Pikachu. Pikachu was always with him because it wanted to, but Ash was with Pikachu because he would be lost without it.

    „Well, well, who do we have here? “ Giovanni said, „The little twerp who had ruined the plans of my loyal helpers.“

    Ash hated him. He has never seen Giovanni in Person. He didn’t know who he was, but alone from hearing his voice, Ash knew that he hated him.

    „I heard that Pikachu of yours is amazing, “Giovanni went on talking, „Where is it? And where are all you’re other Pokémon? I would like to take them with me. You’re coming too, of course. As long as nobody knows what is going on, we cannot allow any witnesses. “

    „So it was you after all“ Ash said.

    His heart was beating fast; too fast for Ash to stay calm. Fear was overwhelming him. He gritted his teeth. No, he couldn’t show how frightened he really was. If Ash loses now, there will be no hope for the girl.
    Suddenly, Ash’s fear vanished. Thinking about the girl Giovanni was after, Ash felt new courage.

    „You are causing all this damage. And only because of a little girl. What do you want from her anyway? “

    „This girl is something very special. With her on our side, we will be unstoppable. “

    „As you can see, she doesn’t want to, so just leave her alone. “

    „And why should I? I have always gotten what I wanted. And you will not be a hindrance. “

    With these words, Ash froze again. Giovanni went towards the girl and Ash couldn’t move. He cursed himself for being such a coward, but as long as he didn’t have his Pikachu, he felt absolutely powerless. Giovanni now reached after the girl. As Ash saw this, his fear vanished again and was replaced with hatred. He didn’t want Giovanni to touch this innocent girl with his dirty hands, but just as he wanted to stop him, a powerful hyper beam hit Giovanni. Suddenly five large Pokémon where standing next to Ash: An Onix, a Blaziken, a Venusaur and two Pokémon Ash couldn’t identify.

    One looked like an ice bear. It was walking on all four feet and its head had something like an armor of blue metal which was double as long as the head itself. It went from its nose till the end of its head, where a diamond was sitting. There it parted. Around its breast was also an armor of blue metal. It covered him from the breast past the tail approximately six inches. The fur of his pranks up to the knees was also blue.

    The other Pokémon seemed to be a mix between a Blaziken and a Girafarig and was about 8, 5 feet tall. Its legs, which where twice as long as it’s torso, were brown, and the rest of its body yellow. The arms went to the hips and instead of hands, it had hooves. Its neck was as long as its legs and its head looked like a human head. Its eyes were almost closed and at the end of its tail was a little ball with a face on it. The eyes of this face where closed. It had two horns on its each one of its heads and it‘s real forehead had a white Star.

    All five Pokémon seemed quite angry.


    „Blaziken, use fire spin to make a wall. Pikachu, use Thunderbolt to help Blaziken! “ May ordered the two Pokémon.

    Ursaring stepped back, searching for a way to get through. As soon as May was sure it wouldn’t find one, she turned to Misty and Drew.
    „Drew, you must be exhausted from carrying Misty. Let me help.” she said and helped Misty glide down from Drew’s back, (much to Drew’s relief).

    Mist wrapped one arm around May’s neck and one around Drew’s. While Blaziken and Pikachu held off Ursaring, May, Drew and Misty tried to get away. After a while, Ursaring gave up.
    „Come back Blaziken! “ May called and Blaziken vanished into his Poke ball.
    Pikachu hurried to catch up and climbed on Misty’s head so that it wouldn‘t have to walk.


    All three hurried into the forest. As she reached the forest, June jumped of her bike and ran into the it. Brock followed with a little distance and Cynthia, who was still curious about what was going on, was last. As Brock and Cynthia had finally reached June, they found her sitting on the ground, together with three other people.

    „May, Misty, Drew! What are you doing here? And Pikachu too! “Brock called out happily when he noticed who the other three people where.

    „Trying to find a way out. “Misty replied, also happy to see the Brock and Cynthia alive.

    „Pika, pikaa,“ Pikachu cried and jumped on Brocks shoulder.

    „What? May and Drew? The two top coordinators?“ June asked with big eyes.

    „I don’t think you can call us top coordinators quite yet, right Drew? “ May replied blushing a little.

    „What goes for you doesn’t necessarily go for me. “ Drew only said.

    „What is that supposed to mean, mister? “

    „It means, that only because you’re not a top coordinator doesn’t mean that I’m not one. “

    „Oh, please. I’ve been beating you at the grand festival in Kanto and a few times in Jotho! “

    The two of them went on a while, before Misty suddenly screamed: „Would you two stop flirting, PLEASE? “

    „WHERE NOT FLIRTING! “ Drew and Misty yelled in unison.

    „Anyhow, how did you two survived the fall? “ Brock asked out of nowhere.

    „I fell into a river near here and a few Amsell pulled me out. I think they left when we were fighting that Ursaring, “May answered.

    „You mean you were the one that was fighting. Anyhow, I guess I was just lucky. The trees and ranks slowed down my fall a bit, but I still got injured. “Misty answered.

    Then it was Drew’s turn: „Masquerain popped out of its poke ball and saved me. “

    That is when May finally noticed: „Oh my god, Drew! Masquerain and Beautifly are gone! “


    Ash was out of breath, but kept on running. He had to get away from team Rocket and save that girl. Blood was still tripping from her fingers and Ash could feel the warmth of the girl’s new blood on his naked Arms. In his head he recalled what had just happened.


    The five huge Pokémon stared at the girl. Giovanni still didn’t move and all the other team Rocket members were busy looking after him. The heads of the Pokémon moved. Now, they were staring at Ash and Ash looked right into their eyes. For a second, it seemed as if Ash could read the Pokémon’s minds. They wanted him to save her. For some reason, that girl was very important to them and since they knew he didn’t belong to the enemy, they wanted him to take her away from team Rocket. Ash went to his stuff, packed his clothes into his bag and went back to the girl. He pushed his hands under her back and knees and lifted her up. She was light. Very light. She was so light that Ash almost fell backwards as he lifted her. For Ash, it seemed that she hardly weighed anything. He startled for a moment, but then snapped and ran off in the direction he came from. The one thing neither Ash nor Giovanni knew was that these five Pokémon have saved both their lives.

    ~end Flashback~

    Ash almost reached the forest as two little creatures flew out of it.


    „So, Brock, Cynthia, how did you survive the fall? “ May asked.

    Drew was probably right when he said she was a scaredy cat because this forest gave her the creeps. She walked very close to him. Also, knowing the others were here as well, helped her to calm down.

    „That’s easy. June and her Ursazu saved us by using a water gun to catch our fall. Isn’t that right, June? “Cynthia asked, but when she saw June, who was also walking next to Drew, staring at him with heart-eyes and a smile, she sweat dropped. Drew stared back, trying to figure out what was wrong with this girl.

    „A…anything wrong? “He asked.

    June opened her mouth to say something.

    „Pikaaaa, pika, pi, “Pikachu said instead and June closed her mouth again.

    Pikachu jumped off Brocks shoulder, ran in some direction, and disappeared into the forest. A second later, two bugs flew towards them; A blue moth with orange wings and a grey butterfly with huge yellow wings.

    „Oh, Beautifly! “ May cried out happily as the butterfly landed on her arm.

    „Hey Masquerain, where have you been? “ Drew asked Masquerain as the little moth landed on his head.

    „Without those two, I wouldn’t have found you. Yeah, yeah, I missed ya too, Pikachu. “A familiar voice said and everybody turned to look.

    „ASH! “ Misty and May cried after they made sure it was really him.

    „That’s my name, “he joked, but didn’t seem happy at all, even with Pikachu rubbing against his face, „Listen you guys, team Rocket is behind all this. And I mean the real team Rocket , Giovanni in person and all. They‘re after this girl and they’ll do anything to get her. We have to get out of here, now. “

    „What does team Rocket want from a girl? I thought they were after Pokémon, “May asked confused.

    „You only know Jessie, James and Meowth. But the real team Rocket is a lot more dangerous. Even more dangerous than team Aqua and Magma together, “Brock explained.

    „Yeah, and if we don’t hurry, they’ll get us, “Ash said, „Does anyone know a way out of here? “

    „I do. “ June said shyly, still unable to believe that she has met Drew, May, Cynthia AND Ash in one single day.

    „Then hurry, we have no time to waist. “ Ash said.

    „What happened to her? She looks like she has gone through hell. “Drew asked and pointed at the girl in Ash’s arms.

    „Believe me, it was worse than hell, “Ash only said and went on walking.

    So everybody followed June who had her bike next to her. May was still walking very close to Drew, but wasn’t as scared anymore since Ash was now here. Brock was following Cynthia with a drooling mouth and heart eyes, and Ash was still carrying the unknown girl, who seemed to not get heavier at all.
    It was really weird. This girl wasn’t normal. Ash was sure of that, and not only because team Rocket was after her. This lightness of hers was also not normal.


    June seemed to know the area pretty well, because it didn’t take long until they were out of the forest. Everybody was relieved when they finally saw the orange evening sun. They were in a huge flower field which was almost totally surrounded by forest. Only when they looked north, there was no more forest and even more flowers.

    „Hello, sun! “ May said and stretched her body.

    „I don’t think you will have all too much time to relax. “ A voice came out of nowhere.

    „Oh no! Not you again! “Ash whined.

    „Well, well, what have my eyes just seen? “

    „Some twerps coming out of the forest, I mean! “

    „But where here...“

    „… working up...“

    „…hate and fear. “

    „Jessie! “

    „James! “

    „Meowth, now that’s a name. “

    „Causing trouble for you is our faith, “

    „Taking that girls hope and putting in its place. “

    „As long as we can cause chaos, no matter where, “

    „team Rocket…“

    „we’ll always be there! “

    „Team Rocket, who else should it be“Misty yelled angrily.

    So this is team Rocket, huh? “They don’t look so though, “June thought out loud.

    “Hey, watch what you’re saying, Icy!” Jessie yelled.


    “Yeah, don’t dare saying that again or you’ll regret it!” James helped out.

    “Pikachu, get ready” Ash ordered the little yellow mouse.

    “You’ll regret calling me Icy. Go Ursazu!”

    A Panda, about Pikachu’s size came out of its Poke ball. Its dark eyes where sticking out of its light blue fur which surrounded the eye-area, its arms and its legs. Its belly was quite fat and it’s arms and legs were really short compared to its torso which was all white just like its head. It’s ears where pretty small too and stuck out of its head which seemed to be the only organ that fit to its belly. All in all, the little bear seemed really cute, but didn’t look like it was helpful in fighting.

    “Stage times everyone,” Drew yelled and Roserade, Masquerain, Absol and Butterfree appeared.

    “You go too, Happiny,” and out of its poke ball, came Brocks cute, pink, little egg-like Pokémon.

    It seemed to be wearing some sort of pants and had an egg in it. Its cheeks were really red and it had curly veins on its forehead. Its fur seemed to be tied back into a pigtail which reached into the sky. It also seemed very cute, but not helpful in fighting, just like Ursazu.

    Come on out, Garchomp” Cynthia also said.

    “Pikachu, Thundervolt!”

    “Ursazu, water gun!”

    “Cacnea, come out and use drain punch to shoot back the water gun!” James yelled and threw his Poke ball.

    “You too, Seviper. Use poison tail against Thunderbolt” Jessie helped out.

    Out of poke ball came a dark-blue, almost black huge snake which looked a little bit like a viper. It had long, red teeth and it’s eyes were golden. All over its body it had golden sparks and on its chest was purple lighting. Half of its tail, which looked like a spear, was red.

    A green flash appeared around Cacnea’s arm and hit the water gun, which almost hit May if Drew hadn’t pulled her out of the way. Meanwhile, June’s bike wasn’t so lucky. Pikachu’s thrown back Thunderbolt hit and totally burned it.

    “Oh no, my poor bike is totally roasted. Grrr, you’ll pay for this!” June cried.

    “Calm down June.” Brock tried to hold her back from doing anything silly.

    “You’re totally outnumbered,” Drew said confidently, “there is no way you can win, no matter how strong you are.”

    “Oh no Meowth, we ARE totally outnumbered. What do we do now?” James asked with a lot of sarcasm in his voice.

    “I don’t know. Do you know what to do, Jessie?” Meowth answered.

    “Hmm, let me think. Ohh, I know,” Jessie said and snapped her fingers.

    Out of the woods that surrounded them, about forty or even more, team Rocket members appeared. Every single one of them had at least one poke ball in his hand and nobody seemed like he would hesitate to use it.

    “Now hand out the girl or else! Yeah, and while were at it, your Pikachu too.” Meowth said sharply.

    “Forget it. I’ll never give you that girl and my Pikachu none the less!” Ash answered dangerously quiet and pressed the girl closer to his own body as if he could protect her that way.

    He also made sure Pikachu was there. The wounds of the still unknown girl wouldn’t stop bleeding and were now soaking Ash’s clothes. As he felt the warm thick blood on his chest he looked down to the girl and gritted his teeth. He had to get her to a hospital quick otherwise she would lose too much blood. But then again, what should he do? It was forty or maybe fifty against eight and even with Cynthia on their side, this situation was hopeless. Ash gritted his teeth even harder. Just what the heck should he do? At this rate, the poor girl would be with team Rocket again, the ones who had tortured her like this and for Pikachu, it would probably mean goodbye forever.

    Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes. But they weren’t green anymore like they used to be. Instead they were glowing blue. Ash felt an aura surrounding his body. He looked around. The others were trapped in this blue aura too and May, Brock and June had even started floating in the air and calling their Pokémon back. As Ash also felt himself getting pulled up by the air, he looked at the girl again. She was now starting to float on Ash’s arms. As soon as she was in standing position in front of everybody else, facing them, her whole body started glowing from the inside. The flash that came out of it was so bright, that everything went white. Then black….


    Ash opened his eyes. Whatever was beneath him, it was soft, but cold. There was something near his nose which smelled very good. With his vision fully returned he got on his knees. As Ash looked up he saw the girl. Her body was surrounded by a blue aura and her eyes also glowed blue. Her leaf dress was flattering and so was her long black hair. Unlike Ash and the others, she was still floating in the air. Slowly, the floating stopped and the girl was standing on her feet. The blue aura around her disappeared and her eyes regained their normal color. Ash looked at her in amazement, but snapped when the girl closed her eyes and collapsed again. He stood up and caught her right before she hit the ground.

    The others now started appearing from the flower fields. The first ones to awake were Brock and Cynthia. As Brock saw Cynthia he immediately sat next to her and started flirting with her. Then June awoke, and after that, Misty and Pikachu. Only May and Drew didn’t pop out of the flowers. While Ash stayed put with the unconscious girl in his arms, the others went off looking for May and Drew. It was Brock who had found the two.

    “Come here,” he whispered and made a sign to stay quiet.

    “Awww, how cute,” June and Misty sighed in unison as they saw the whole scenery.

    Drew and May were laying in the grass, fast asleep. May was rubbing her face into Drew’s breast and Drew hid his face in May’s hair. He had his one arm around May and his other arm was used by May as a pillow while Mays hands were grabbed at Drew’s Shirt.

    “Those two are such a cute couple, even if they deny that they flirt with each other alot,” Misty whispered quietly.

    “What do you think? Should we wake them up?” Cynthia asked Brock, since he knew May quite well.

    “I’m not sure if we should, but we don’t have a choice. We have to get to the Pokémon Center as soon as possible.”

    “The sun has almost set. I don’t think we’ll make it before nightfall even if we wake ‘em up now.” June figured.

    “May, hey May, Drew, wake up.” Brock said softly trying to awaken his two friends.

    Drew opened his eyes. He blinked a few times before his eyes fully opened, but still didn’t move. The lovely smell of May’s hair made him numb. As he finally realized the situation he was in, he tried to stand up quickly but got held back by May, who was still sleeping. Drew looked at her softly and chuckled.

    “May, it’s time to wake up. Come on.” He tried to wake May up, but she only rubbed her face deeper into his shirt, mumbled something and smiled.

    Drew sighed. He knew from Ash that May usually woke up quite early in the morning, but after she fell asleep, nothing could wake her up.

    “Let her sleep. I’ll carry her to the Pokémon Center.” Brock offered, but Drew refused.

    He insisted on carrying May alone.

    “Hey, June, you know the area, pretty well. Where are we?” Misty asked after that little argument was solved.

    “We’re close to Holia town. It’s famous for its huge flower fields around the town. “June explained.

    “Holia town? Isn’t this where we wanted to go in first place?” Misty asked again.

    “It is.” Cynthia simply answered.

    “Then I guess you want to go see professor Fochs. She gave me Ursazu just two days ago.”

    “Then I guess you are a beginning trainer, aren’t you?” Brock asked.

    “Sure am. My goal is to become a top coordinator just like Drew and May and win either Drew’s or Ash’s Heart.”

    “Less talking, more walking. Come on June show us the way. I can’t carry May on my back forever, you know.”

    “Come on Misty, I’ll carry you.” Brock offered and Misty climbed on Brocks back.

    “Ash, let’s go!” Misty yelled from Brocks back and interrupted Ash’s thoughts.

    “Coming!” Ash yelled back and lifted up the unknown girl, now starting to get used to her lightness, “Come on Pikachu, let’s go, too.”


    As the group finally reached the Pokémon center of Holia town, everybody stormed in, leaving only June and Pikachu behind.

    “Oh, beautiful nurse Joak! I … didn’t … get to … say anything …yet.” Misty was pulling Brock’s ears from his back.

    “We don’t have time for this now. Flirt another time!” She said.

    “Nurse Joy, please, you have to take care of our Pokémon,” June, who just came into the Pokémon center with Pikachu, begged.

    “Just one minute, June.” The woman behind the desk said.

    Her pink hair was tied into two ponytails, which ends were tied into the hair bands. Her veins where curled so that they wouldn’t fall into her eyes. She was wearing a pink dress and a white medicine coat above that. That was all you could see from behind the desk.

    Nurse Joy took a telephone.

    “Linda, they’re here.” she said. “Aha… Okay… Yes, I’ll tell them… No need to worry, they’re in good hands here… I’ll do it right now, so I won’t forget… Wait, there’s an injured girl with them. She needs first class medical attention, right now… Chansey? No way, Chansey can’t handle this… But… okay…okay, I get it.” And she hung up.

    “Chansey, take care of the girl.” Nurse Joy said and the pink fluffy egg-shaped Pokémon came out of the room behind the desk and obeyed immediately.

    Its arms and legs were very short in comparison with its egg-shaped body. It was carrying an egg in its womb and its small tale was shaking with every step, letting the Chansey look even cuter.

    “Chansey, Chansey!” It said and pointed at the girl in Ash’s arms and then at the stretcher it had in front of itself.

    Ash understood and bedded the girl on the stretcher.
    “All of you please go to Professor Foch’s laboratory tomorrow at noon. Now, who’s first?” Nurse Joy smiled.


    As soon as the Pokémon problem was handled, everybody went to the rooms they became from Nurse Joy. Pikachu was hopping around Ash, who really appreciated it, since he had learned how much he needed Pikachu. Meanwhile Drew and Brock went to the girl’s room. Brock let Misty slide from his back and asked if she would be okay. As soon as she agreed, he left to go to sleep. Drew stayed. He bedded May on one of the four beds and gently pulled the blanked up to her chin. He smiled as he realized how cute her sleeping face was and again, Drew got the same warm feeling he had every time he thought about seeing May after a long lonely journey. He became once again aware of how much he wanted to protect this cute little innocent girl. He shook his head. Why did he always start thinking about such stuff? He had to snap out of this, damn it. But when Drew looked back at the sleeping girl, his face became soft again. It couldn’t possibly be, could it? That he was …. No, it couldn’t. Drew went out of the room leaving the girls behind, his confused mind filled with thoughts.


    So, this was it. I hope some people review this time, since I'm really trying my best with this.

    Okay, I know this doesn't look all too shippy rght now, but it will definitly become shippy as soon as the girl wakes up. And this is NOT a contestshipping fic. May and Drew will leave to a own journey soon. A side storie called as long as you're with me. Anyone who wants me to inform you as soon as the first Chapter is out, just tell me. I do absolutely not have a clue if I have told you to much right now, but I hope I didn't

    Coming up:
    The group finally arrives at the Pokémon Center, but something seems to be wrong with Drew. Or was it May's fault? Profesor Fochs wants to talk. A great Chance for Ash and co. to look at the Almo starter Pokémon. And then there is the still unknown girl. Will she be okay after what team Rocket has done to her? Who is she anyway, and why is team Rocket after her?

    Episode four: The unbroken barrier


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    -A New region
    -New friends
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    „No information? How weird“
    For quotes, you don't need the „. Just use "." So it would be

    "No information? How weird"

    She was staring at Brock and holding her breast protected.
    The way it is right now it is a little confusing. Try
    holding her breast, protecting them from Brock.
    breast protected, just doesn't make too much sense.

    „Drew, what are you doing here? Didn‘t Flygon collapse? How did you survive the fall? How did I survive the fall? “May
    You said May said that, when it was Misty.

    And with this, there was silent again.

    (Sorry you guys, but I have no idea how to describe a Garchomp.)
    Hope the descripsion is okay).
    You don't need to apologize. You are doing a pretty good job.

    It is pretty interesting. The whole forest event was a bit confusing at parts as some things happened but didn't have any effect or was just to weird. But you got done what needed to be. Good job.

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    Hey, thanks a lot.

    I'm drawing a map of Almo riht now (or at least I'm trying). I hope it will clear up some things.

    I'll correct the rest asap. Thanks for you help.

    Okay, I just noticed a mistake in the rating. This fic isn't rated R, but PG-13. I didn't quite understand what Encyclopika ment at some points, so I tried to figure it out, ... and figured wrong. I hope you're not mad at me.
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    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    Okay, well everyone who posted before me already told you about the corrections you needed to edit.

    So here are the positives:

    I like where this is going—I really like how you changed the Team Rocket motto.

    Also, the little tidbits of Contestshipping were cute as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by MayfanxD View Post
    Drew and May were laying in the grass, fast asleep. May was rubbing her face into Drew’s breast and Drew hid his face in May’s hair. He had his one arm around May and his other arm was used by May as a pillow while Mays hands were grabbed at Drew’s Shirt.

    “Those two are such a cute couple, even if they deny that they flirt with each other alot,” Misty whispered quietly.
    Btw, Contestshipping is going to be one of the pairings in your fanfic, right?

    Quote Originally Posted by MayfanxD View Post
    “May, hey May, Drew, wake up.” Brock said softly trying to awaken his two friends.

    Drew opened his eyes. He blinked a few times before his eyes fully opened, but still didn’t move. The lovely smell of May’s hair made him numb. As he finally realized the situation he was in, he tried to stand up quickly but got held back by May, who was still sleeping. Drew looked at her softly and chuckled.

    “May, it’s time to wake up. Come on.” He tried to wake May up, but she only rubbed her face deeper into his shirt, mumbled something and smiled.

    Drew sighed. He knew from Ash that May usually woke up quite early in the morning, but after she fell asleep, nothing could wake her up.

    “Let her sleep. I’ll carry her to the Pokémon Center.” Brock offered, but Drew refused.

    He insisted on carrying May alone.

    Lastly, for the 3rd line, June is speaking...right?
    Quote Originally Posted by MayfanxD View Post
    “Then I guess you want to go see professor Fochs. She gave me Ursazu just two days ago.”

    “Then I guess you are a beginning trainer, aren’t you?” Brock asked.

    “Sure am. My goal is to become a top coordinator just like Drew and May and win either Drew’s or Ash’s Heart.” this fic going to be a AshXOC? Or DrewXOC ._.'?

    And don't be too hard on yourself, you're doing fine
    Crystal Rose [Contestshipping]

    Ever notice love is evol spelled backwards?
    And that I and O are next to each other on the keyboard?
    There's also that fact that evol can be the typo of evil.
    And evil is live backwards...wonder what that means... =/?

    I Love You has a numerical vaule of 831.
    Eight letters.
    Three words.
    One meaning.

    Contestshipping+Pokeshipping Ftw =D

    += 831 = May + Drew

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    Thx for your reviews LOv3 is Evol.

    But to answer your questions

    1st. Contestshipping is not going to be one of the pairings in this fic. The two of them will have their own adventures coming up. I'm already wrighting on it. I would have posted two new Chapters by now, but my Mom's too lazy too correct me. I'm not a native speaker and she is.

    2nd. I won't say anything to this. You just keep on reading. I have my mother FINALLY looking at my next few Chapters. I hope I'll be able to post them soon.
    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    no contestshipping? then im not reading. i love may and drew together. wat about those other adventures? talk to me wen u get those in. i love the fic even tho u sed no contestshipping. pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz contestshipping????? pleeeeeeezzzzzzz.

    <3 Vampire <3
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    I'm death instead of living.
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    My heart is ripped to peices,
    never to love again.
    I believe there is no heaven, only hell.
    There is no good, only perfectly masked evil.

    check out my contestshipping fic: Petalburg Highschool

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    SPAGHETTI!!! This story in my opinion is WAAY better than mine. So... yeah... 5 STAR TIME!!! Well... MMMMM.... RANDOM GUY AWAAAAAAY!!!!

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    nice THOUSANDJosh, to be completely off topic. *sweatdrops* u really r random!!!!!!! hehhehehehe g'luck with the story!!!!!!!!

    <3 Vampire <3
    I'm black in a world of white.
    I'm death instead of living.
    I'm stabbed by both love and hate.
    My heart is ripped to peices,
    never to love again.
    I believe there is no heaven, only hell.
    There is no good, only perfectly masked evil.

    check out my contestshipping fic: Petalburg Highschool

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    @Lexiebee88: I will not tell you to read the story, but I would advise you to read the first six Chapters, as they explain the reason May and Drew will be going on an own adventure. I have already written the next seven Chapters, but my mother keeps forgetting she's supposed to read them through and my skills are not that high that I could write a story in English without having anyone correcting them.
    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    Okay, I don't know how long it has been (and honestly, I don't care), but it's time for my comeback.

    For all of you who want to know, I had a lot of technical difficulties. Breaking my computer (twice), losing the product key for word and having a writers block are only a few of them. But the main reason I haven't updated was because I sort of lost interest in Pokémon for a while. But, I haven't been lazy. I've started on another fanfic starring Sonic the hedgehog. Link is here. And I've also started drawing. Here's the link on my deviantart site. click

    Anyways, let's go on with the story.

    The unbroken barrier

    “You ready?” “Yeah, let’s do this, this is gonna be fun.” “Too sad Cynthia isn’t here to see this.” “Okay, you all know the plan? You guys come in with the laugh.” “Yeah, yeah, piece of cake!”

    Three boys were sleeping peacefully in their beds in the Pokémon center, not noticing the upcoming danger that would await them in a few seconds. One single girl was standing in the room. She had long black hair and a dress made out of leaves. She didn’t wear any shoes, socks, gloves or anything else, only her leaf-dress, but a Pikachu was on her shoulder. She looked around nervously, and then waved with the hand in order to call in another girl. The other girl, which had brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a red jacket dress with black bicycle shorts and a bandana, came in and went over to the bed of a green haired boy and giggled. The other girl started giggling too, but a third girl outside of the room told them to hush. So the two girls stopped laughing and the brunette laid her hand around Drew’s neck.

    “Die!” she said and the boy awoke suddenly.

    “May? Hey May, what’s wrong? MAY!” Drew tried to talk to May as he saw her expressionless face.

    Because of his yelling the other two boys woke up, too.

    “May, what’s wrong?”Ash asked and jumped of the bed, trying to help Drew who tried his best getting rid of May’s hand without hurting her.

    “Give it up!” said the black haired girl who was standing at the window.
    “She’s under my command. I hypnotized them and told them to kill you. Yes, you heard right, I said 'them'. Come in, everyone. Come in and destroy whoever is here, hahahahaha!”

    And with the evil laugh, Pikachu sent sparkles from its cheeks and grinned evilly, while June, Blaziken, Beautifly, Ursazu, Roserade, Absol, Butterfree, Masquerain and Pikachu came in. All of them had a Zombie face and started hitting and kicking after the boys. The three started panicking of course and ran out of the room as fast as possible, still to sleepy to think about their Pokémon.

    “All, right! Perfect show, everyone!” Misty said and pulled the black wig from her head, causing her orange hair to show.

    “Yeah, we really got them, didn’t we? Come back everyone thanks for your help,” May said and called back her and Ash’s Pokémon, just as the others did.

    “I don’t know. Don’t you think it was a little mean?” June asked worried.


    Then, all three girls and Pikachu started laughing like crazy. They laughed and laughed and just couldn’t stop. That is, until the boys came back into the room with very angry looking faces.

    “Uh-oh!” was the only thing Misty could say. While Pikachu tried to sneak away it received an evil look from Ash, causing it to freeze immediately.

    “Now what do we do, May?” June asked looking at the three angry boys, who still didn’t move.

    “RUUUUN!” May yelled as loud as she could and all three girls including Pikachu ran out of the room.

    Of course the boys didn’t just stand there, looking angry. They ran after the girls as fast as they could. Misty, whose foot still wasn’t fully healed, got caught first by Ash. The other two just kept on running as fast as they could. Just don’t let the boys get them. Thing is, June wasn’t athletic at all and May was the clumsiest person, so the chances of surviving where quite low. June got caught by Brock. May didn’t know what had happened to her after that, and she wasn’t eager to find out. She just kept on running and ... tripped over her own feet. Pikachu stopped worriedly, but ran on as soon as it spotted Drew. Drew used this opportunity, and before May could even move he had his grip tight.

    “Now you’ll pay!” he said and held his face very close to May’s who was breathing heavily and not only because of running so much.

    Something else was there too, though she couldn’t figure out what, and Drew was way too angry to notice anything. Usually in a situation like this, he would start getting exited. Instead, he looked into May’s laughing eyes without feeling anything but …, joy?!? Drew finally noticed how funny the whole thing really was. Nothing to get angry about.

    “And what will you do, oh great one?” May asked with a wide, cocky grin on her face.

    Drew thought for a while.

    “I’ll tickle you all through, little witch!” he finally said.

    Mays smile vanished in an instance. Did Drew even know how ticklish she was and how much she hated to get tickled? Drew didn’t know. He tickled her throughout without mercy and May’s eyes got teary from laughing. She tried to escape a few times, but Drew always pulled her back and went on tickling her. Drew was happy, truly happy. It was a long time since he had been like this. No big thoughts on his mind, no thinking about the past, not being bitter because of what has happened, not having the burden of evil memories to carry around. He felt free. Free and careless, the way it used to be. Just joking around and having fun. Laughing and being silly. Way too much time has passed, since he had been this way. But only Roserade knew why. Not Flygon, not Absol, not Masquerain, not even Drew himself knew why he was able to live normally again.

    “Hahahahaha, Stop, please. Hihih. I surrender, hahahah, I SURRENDER!” May cried.

    “So you promise to not wake me up like this anymore?”

    “I promise, hahahaha, I promise, I promise, I promise, hihihihi. Now stop!”

    Drew stopped tickling May and got up. May also got up and looked at Drew.

    “What’s wrong?” She asked worriedly as she saw Drew’s suddenly serious face.

    “I was worried.” He said, his mind swimming in memories. “I thought that girl really had gotten you … and all the others.”

    Had he really just said that? Drew cursed himself mentally. Why did he always act different when May was around? May was also shocked, but from him playing around with her, not from his words. That wasn’t the Drew she knew. The Drew she knew was … different. But then again, May didn’t really know Drew. She had discovered a new side of him after that Wynaut thing and after the Grand Festivals in Hoenn and Kanto. She had even seen two new sides of him in Jotho. How many different sides could Drew actually have?

    “Y-you should go now. I don’t think your mom will be too pleased if you send her dirty socks.” May said and forced a smile.

    “Guess you’re right.” Drew said and he came back to reality in an instance as soon as May said the word 'mom'
    May looked back at Drew. She remembered back in Jotho, when he had first shown how worried he could be about her.


    The rain was pouring heavy. It fell on May’s back and head, but May didn’t recognize it and neither did Drew. There was no expression in Drew’s eyes. It was as if he was far away. His eyes looked into May’s, but he didn’t see her. He looked right through her. May looked back. She was still shaking after what just happened. Her legs still weren’t able to carry her so she was sitting on the cold muddy ground without realizing it. She looked at Drew, her savior. She had never thought that he would go that far for her. Suddenly, Drew moved. He moved towards May and fell on the ground, right before her and let his slump body fall over her shoulder. May was shocked. She had never seen Drew like this. It wasn’t the first time he had rescued her, but it was the first time he had saved her life and the first time that he had hugged her. May was sitting on the ground and looked up into the dark, cloudy sky. The rain fell into her face, but she didn’t recognize it. What was wrong with him? Drew tightened his grip around her. He was glad. He was so glad she was okay. May noticed how hard he was shaking. He was shaking even more then she was. He hid his face in her shoulders and tightened his grip even more. May wrapped her arms around him now, too.

    “Don’t ever do this again.” Drew whispered into her ear. His voice was shaking just as much as his body. “I was so scared I’d lose you. Promise me you’ll never do anything like this again.”

    May was shocked. Was this really Drew? The Drew she had known for so long, the Drew that had always been teasing her, the Drew who always seemed amused every time she got mad. The hardly untouchable, always cool Drew? Was this really him? May felt something warm roll down her shoulder, until it reached her torn clothes? Was she bleeding? No, she would have felt that. Drew buried his head into her neck. That warm something was coming from Drew’s face. Was he crying? Was Drew actually crying? Drew was crying. He had been so scared. Scared of losing the only person he had in his life. He couldn’t bear losing anyone important to him anymore. He had lost too much for that. But it wasn’t only the fear about losing May, it was also everything else. All the sadness he had carried around with him, all the pain and the memories. He let it all out in this very moment. He had lost a lot in his life. But at least this time, he had managed to prevent losing even more. May started crying, too. She didn’t know why, she just had to cry. It was as if she felt Drew’s endless pain.

    “I promise.” She whispered and also tightened her grip around Drew.

    ~end Flashback~

    May also went back after a while. Her mind was far away. She noticed that she hardly knew anything about Drew. She didn’t know anything about his past, about his family, about what he liked and what he hated. She really wanted to get to know him better. But how should she do that? She couldn’t just go to him and ask him to tell her about his life. That wouldn’t only be rude, but also crazy. She hoped she would get to know him better if she would travel with him. They were alone when May discovered Drew’s nice side. Okay, the Wynaut who were with them didn’t count. She wasn’t alone when she discovered Drew’s ugly side, but she was lost in the conversation with him. None of the two noticed the others. She was alone when Drew had rescued her life and had shown her how much he cared for her. They were alone when she discovered the sad and depressed Drew. And they had been alone now, when May discovered how careless and silly Drew could be.

    “ASH KETCHUM, COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” A yelling voice ripped May out of her thoughts.

    Ash and Misty seemed to be having a fight again. Ash was trying his best to escape from Misty. Man, this girl could get really scary. If he didn´t manage to get out right now, Misty would kill him. It wasn’t such a good idea to start a fight with her again. Misty could get mad really fast, Ash knew that and then you´d have to watch out.

    “May, help me, please. Misty is going to kill me if she gets her hands on me.” Ash begged as soon as he reached May.


    She was fast even though her foot was still injured. Ash looked back in terror and started running again in the direction Pikachu ran off. Misty came after him and ran past May. Next were June and Brock who ran after Misty. They tried to reach her so that she wouldn’t kill Ash. June stopped when she saw May.

    “Drew came by and Ash totally forgot about Misty. Misty got mad and tried to get Ash’s attention back, but Ash just told her to be quiet. The two of them started fighting and Misty exploded when he started with her sisters,” June explained and ran off again.

    Okay, it was all clear now. Misty hated talking about her sister and Ash probably told her how much she sucked compared to them.


    The group was standing in the entry hall, waiting for professor Fochs to come. Pikachu was back on Ash’s shoulder. He had found it on the desk of the entry hall together with Nurse Joy. Ash had a big bump on his head and tears in his eyes while Misty turned away with her eyes shut. Brock stood between them and had his head buried in his left hand, shaking his head. June was hiding behind May and looking at the pair, who were always fighting, unable to believe that anyone could be this violent. Finally, the professor came out of the room. She had strong, blond hair much like June’s, and the style was exactly like the one Dawn always had. Her eyes were grey, and looked a lot like June’s too. She was wearing a white laboratory coat and dark nylons … with black pumps. She seemed very young, not older than 25. She and June looked almost exactly alike, only that Professor Foch was taller and her eye color was really strong, not like June’s who’s eyes were almost white eyes.

    “Oh lovely Professor,” Brock once again started, “I know this is the first time we’ve met, that’s why I’d like to get to know you with a little candlelight dinner for twyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

    He wasn’t able to finish, because Misty took his ear and dragged him away.

    “You really haven’t changed at all, have you?” she asked sighing.

    “D-does he always do that?” Drew asked.

    “Kinda.” Ash answered and forced a smile.

    “But his ideas are god. A super romantic candlelight dinner with Ash and Drew.” June sighed, smiling widely.

    “D-does she always do that?” Ash asked himself and Ash and Pikachu sweat dropped. It almost looked like they had found a second Brock, only that she was female.

    “She does!” He heard somebody answering him.

    Ash turned around and looked at the young professor. He had totally forgotten about her.

    “Yeah … Uhm … Sorry about our friend. It’s a weird habit of him”, Ash said and Pikachu rubbed the back of its head.

    “Don’t worry about it. June, what are you doing here? Haven’t you already left for your Journey?” Professor Fochs turned to June.

    “Yeah, but Cynthia and Brock were falling from the sky, so I caught them and we went to search for the others. When we found them all, I guided them here so that they could rest.”

    “That made absolutely no sense!” Professor Fochs said. “How can Cynthia and Brock fall from the sky and how would you be able to catch them?”

    “Sheesh mom, why do I always have to explain everything to you?”

    “MOM?” Everyone called out, totally surprised. “Pi?” Pikachu also asked.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Linda Fochs, but please, call me Linda and this is my little daughter, June Fochs.”

    “Mom is a really popular professor and one of the best and well known Pokémon scientists in the whole world.” June said proudly.

    “Now, now, darling, don’t brag.” Linda said softly. She then turned to Ash and May. “Would you please give me your Pokedex’s? I would like to upgrade them.”

    May and Ash handed out their Pokedex’s to Linda. “June, would you like to show our guests the lab?”

    “I’d love to, mom.”

    Linda went out of the room. Brock appeared now, and so did Misty.

    “Your mother is very pretty. And really polite, too.” May said to June.

    “I know. She has always been this way. Now, would you please come with me? I want to show you the laboratory.”

    The group followed June into another room that you could reach from the entry hall. It was a really beautiful place. They were standing on a balcony and looked down a Pokémon paradise. There were huge flower fields on the left side of the room and at the right side, was a wonderful lake. At the back was a forest and behind that where little hills and small mountains.

    “Pikaaaa…” Pikachu exclaimed astounded.

    “This is where a lot a lot of Pokémon are being breaded. We have all kinds of Pokémon’s in here, especially rare ones. This is also the first thing mom lets people do, who want to become scientists like her, taking care of the Pokémon here”, June explained and went to the door on the opposite side of the room.

    The next room wasn’t as beautiful and big as the last one, but instead, it had a machine which was connected to a glass container. In this container where four eggs: A white one with ice blue dots, An orange one with red flames and a white circle on top and two green ones, with a lot of flowers. There was also a Computer which was connected to the machine.

    “These are our starter Pokémon.” June started again. “Through the Computer, you can see how they will look like. As soon as the new trainers have chosen which ones they want, the machine will let the perfect temperature appear, so that only this one Pokémon will hatch.”

    “Could we see them?” Brock asked.

    “Sure you can.”

    June went on the Computer and tipped something in. Then, you could see four creatures appear on the monitor. One looked exactly like June’s Ursazu. Another one looked a little bit like a Jubandraga. Only it was all red and much cuter. It only had wings on its back which looked way too small to fly with. Its tale was only a little flame, much like the one of a Chimchared. There was no fire on its feet and it didn’t look as proud as a Jubandraga. It looked more like a little kitten that wanted somebody to play with.

    The other two were probably both grass types. They both looked a little like humans, only all green. Both had really round faces and they’re eyes seemed closed. One of them had two ranks on its head and on each end was something like a rolled up leaf. Also, it had a ring of seeds around its wrists and waist. It had a bulb that looked like a skirt and out of it, looked two little feet.

    The other one hadn’t had a bulb, but seven feet and its legs seemed to be glued together. It had a ring of seeds on around its upper arms and its hands looked locked like two rolled up leafs.

    “This is a Juba. Its wings are too small to fly, so it stays on earth, but as soon as it evolves, it becomes the ability to spread them.” June explained and pointed at the cat like Pokémon.

    “Juba, huh? So this was Cynthia’s starter.” Ash figured.

    “Yeah, it’s just sad that she left first thing in the morning.” Brock added.

    “Anyhow, “June went on, “I guess you know the blue one. It’s an Ursazu, the one that I picked two days ago. It may look cute and helpless, but when it gets angry, it could even beat an Ivyasaur. The last two ones are both Cythio, named after a very rare plant, because they used to be very rare. People have been chasing them down, because of their seeds. People say, if you plant them right, they get magical powers.”

    “Wait, those two are the same?” May asked astounded. “They don’t look alike at all.”

    “It is that way with most of Almo Pokémon. “Look, here’s the difference between a male, and a female Juba.” June explained and typed something in the Computer.
    Two little Juba’s appeared on the monitor.

    “You see?” June asked, looking back at the Crowd. “The female one is a lot skinnier. Her legs seem longer that way and her form looks a lot more elegant. Her chest also is a little bigger and the color of her fur goes more into the red, then the male one. And it gets more extreme every time they evolve. Right now, they’re only little babies, but as they grow, the differences get more extreme, just like with humans. Most of the Almo Pokémon’s gender differences are like the ones of Cythio, though.”

    “So, does Cynthia have a female or a male Jubandraga?” Ash asked.

    “Cynthia has a female one.” June said and tipped something into the Computer again. A picture of a Jubandraga came out.

    “Here you see? The fur from the head to the chest of a female Jubandraga is white instead of blue, its fur color is fire red instead of orange, its a lot skinnier, its legs are longer, its tale isn’t as hot, the color of its inner wings as purple instead of green and so on.”

    “But why don’t they have different names, if they’re looks are so different?” Misty asked.

    “Why do you think it is that way with Nidoran? You cannot put a Pokémon into another group, just because it looks different. Those Pokémon are the same. They have the same abilities, they learn the same attacks, they grow in same speed and so on. These aren’t Nidoking and Nidoqueen. Those two are totally different, in more ways than just their looks. But it’s not that way with Nidoran and many other different Pokémon in the world.”

    “You sure know a lot about Pokémon for your age.” Drew said.

    “You really think so?” June smiled with heart-like eyes.

    Drew sweat dropped. Why did this girl always stare at him like this? It’s not like she’s the only one who does that, all his fan girls do that, but June was the only one who was staring at him and for some reason, it’s even more uncomfortable having only one crazy fan girl staring at you all the time then a whole bunch of them.

    “Come on, everyone. Let’s go to the next room.” May said and went the door to the next room.

    The group went through a lot of rooms. There was one room with a lot of professors that seemed to all be working on something. June explained that all the people in this laboratory think of new ideas for different things and discuss problems and stuff. Another room had a huge bunch of poke balls. The lab also was a Pokémon trainer school, so they needed a lot of Pokémon which were all stored in this room, but they also where there for the studies. One room looked like a training hall. The school Pokémon where trained here. They also looked at the part of the huge building, where all the classes were held. It looked almost like a little school.
    As the group finished the tour, they waited in the entry hall for professor Fochs to come back.

    “Uh, Ash? I-i-i d-don’t want t-to bother you o-or anything, b-b-but what should I d-do about my bi-bi-bike?” June shyly asked.

    She looked up to Ash and looked right into his confused eyes. June looked back down and flushed a little? How should she be able to talk to Idols like Drew and Ash? But better Drew then Ash though. Ash was the ultimate star to every one of her friends ever since he won the orange league. Sure, Drew was an Idol, too and really cute, but Ash was something nobody could compete with.

    “Your p-Pikachu, its thunder v-v-v-volt hit it.” June looked up again.

    She now saw almost something like fear in Ash’s face as he glanced at Misty, who was still mad at him for a reason June would probably never understand.

    “I’m starting to think that I’m cursed.” Ash sighed.


    Now, June was confused. Cursed? Why should Ash be cursed?

    “You see, “Ash started, “When I first met Misty, Pikachu toasted her bike and she swore that she would follow me until she got her bike back.”

    June knew that Ash has traveled with Misty for a long while. She knew almost everything about him. After all, she was one of his biggest fans. But she never thought they’d met like this.

    “Then when I met May, Pikachu toasted her bike, too. She didn’t go as wild about it as Misty did, but she wanted me to join her and help her, since I was an experienced trainer.”

    Yeah, May was Ash’s second female travel partner. They met in Hoenn, where they also first met up with Drew. June knew that, too. And then, in Sinnoh, he traveled with a girl called Dawn. June only knew her, because she traveled with Ash, but she did start to get popular, too.

    “Next came Dawn. I got separated from Pikachu in Sinnoh, and Dawn found it. She thought Pikachu was wild and tried to catch it and Pikachu toasted her bike, too. Then, Dawn found out that Pikachu wasn’t wild and tried to find me and I tried to find her since I knew she was with Pikachu. So, after we found each other nobody thought of leaving and we traveled together.”

    June was speechless. She looked at Ash with her big white-grey eyes, unable to believe what she just heard. Then she started laughing. She was laughing and laughing and laughing and just couldn’t control herself. This was just too hilarious. Ash Pikachu has roasted three different bikes from three different girls. All three girls went with him on his Journey because of that and now, Pikachu has roasted her bike, too.

    Wait, Pikachu roasted her bike. As soon as she noticed that, June immediately stopped laughing.

    “So, before you start yelling at me or something, you’ll come with us. There is some reason you’ll find for me to let you go with us, so…”

    June stared at Ash, her eyes as big as could be. This was what she had always dreamed of. Her, traveling with Ash Ketchum from Pallet town and Drew Hayden from LaRousse City. June just kept on staring at Ash, unable to understand what he has just said. Ash on the other hand, got uncomfortable. He feared that June would be a little like Misty and almost kill him because Pikachu had burned his bike. But June didn’t even think of killing him. Instead, she just collapsed. She fell right into Ash arms and Ash and Pikachu became really confused. Girls were a topic they would never understand.

    “Okay everybody, here are your pokedex’s. Uhhhh, what happened to my daughter?” Linda asked as she entered the room.

    “I don’t know, “Ash answered, “she suddenly collapsed.”

    “I’m not surprised. June was all exited when she heard you where coming here. You are a big star in this town Ash. Though in cities, nobody has ever heard about you. Anyhow, here are your pokedex’s.”

    Linda handed the red one to Ash and the yellow one to May.

    “Great, now I can check on all those Pokémon I met” Ash said and opened the tiny computer. Pikachu looked at the pokedex too interested what kind of Pokémon Ash had met while he was on his own.

    “Misazu, the Ice-bear Pokémon. Usually, this Pokémon is a very soft and playful one that hates fighting. Only when it wants to protect something special to it, it shows its incredible strength and fighting skill. It is the final evolved form of Ursazu.” It informed.

    “Girafmenig, the giraffe Pokémon. This psycho type is always male. It evolves from male Girafarig. In summer, they pair with the female evolved form of Girafarig, Girafmayd. As soon as it found a Girafmayd, it stays together with it for the rest of its life.”

    “Okay, now it’s my turn!” May said and flipped her pokedex, too.

    “Amsell, the mini bird Pokémon. Amsell are very young and are abandoned from their parents’ right after they hatch. They go together in groups and the leader is always the one closest to evolving. Amsell are very easy to catch, since they are not afraid of humans at all. They even try to let themselves get caught.”

    “These pokedex’s don’t only show you information about the different Pokémon who only live in this region, but also has a lot of other functions that you will discover by time passing by. One of them is a video phone. It works just the same way the normal phone videos do only that they’re smaller. My number is logged in so you can call me anytime there is something new. You do know you have a mission to find out what is going on here, right?”

    “That reminds me, we already know who the troublemakers are. Its team Rocket and they’re after the wounded girl we found.” May suddenly remembered.

    “Gee, I almost forgot about her. Let’s go ask Nurse Joy how she is.” Ash said getting anxious to get to know her.

    “Okay, but first listen up. I have another mission for you to take care of. You are just kids and if it were to me, I wouldn’t give you this mission, but professor Oak has a lot of faith in you, so try your best to try and stop them. Don’t let that girl into their hands. Who knows what they will do with her. And please, I beg you, take care of my daughter.”

    “We will Linda, don’t worry. We’ll do just fine.” Brock said confidently.
    “Pika, Pika!” Pikachu agreed.

    With that, they walked out of the Laboratory, leaving June with her mother so that she could take care of her.


    As the group went into the Pokémon center, they saw a guy in team Rocket Uniform arguing with the frightened Nurse Joy.

    “I know she is here, so hand her out, now!”

    “B-but her condition still is really bad. I can’t just hand her out, she would probably die!”

    “If you don’t hand her out right now, you will die!”

    “I-i-i can’t! I made an aid to take care of anyone who needs medical help.”

    “LEAVE HER ALONE!” Brock yelled and tackled the team Rocket member.

    “Dear Nurse Joy,” he once again started and kneeled, “your royal knight has now appeared. I swear I will protect you with my life. As long as there is evil in the world I will stay with you and be your personal Guardian”

    “Rather her personal Clown” Misty said, grabbing his ear and dragging him away.

    Pikachu jumped down Ash’s shoulder and got ready to fight, only waiting for Ash’s advice.

    “I’m sorry, but this young man only wanted his Guardevoir back. I can’t do this, though. She is in a real critical state. He said it happened when they got attacked by somebody.”

    “That’s right and I’m about to leave Almo and go back to Kanto and I need my Guardevoir for that.” The man said, now standing up.

    “But what about that Uniform? Only team Rocket members wear that, don’t they?” Drew asked. He has been very quiet since that thing with May.

    “Well, I am a team Rocket member and I want my Guardevoir back.” He yelled, slamming his fist on the desk.

    “Hey Nurse Joy, can’t you just transport Guardevoir to wherever this guy is going?” May asked
    “”I guess I could. Is that okay with you?”

    “Whatever. I’m going to Orania city and I want my Guardevoir there as soon as I walk into the Pokémon centre.”

    “Okay, now that this is clear, Nurse Joy, what about the girl?” Ash asked, now getting inpatient. Pikachu meanwhile jumped back on Ash’s shoulder now that everything was settled again.

    “I don’t know what happened to her, but I am truly surprised she isn’t dead. Her status is really bad. She has injuries all over her body and she is bleeding from the inside, too. Her energy is totally used up, but it is recovering at an incredible speed. I can’t really say how fast, but if I had to guess, I’d say she’d wake up in about three days. And that is only depending on her physical condition. Her psychical condition is even worse. The poor girl is totally broken, inside and outside. It will take a strong and patient hand to get her back to normal.”

    “You figure out all of that about a human?” Misty appeared out of nowhere.

    “That is the next problem. This girl is definitely human. But then again, she has a lot of similarities to a Pokémon and an incredible power force. Also, there is something with her I have never seen before. I don’t know what it is, but it definitely isn’t normal.”

    “Can we see her?” Ash asked.

    “I guess you could. But be careful to not get too loud. I don’t know how she will react on it.”

    Ash went upon front and May was right behind him. Drew just went because May was dragging him along and Misty just didn’t have anything else to do. Brock of course had something else to do, but Misty dragged him along so that he couldn’t annoy poor Nurse Joy. Ash meanwhile was lost in his thoughts. He was right after all. There was something wrong with this girl. Pikachu was sitting on Ash’s shoulder, like it always was.

    Ash stopped thinking about it as soon as he reached the door, though. When he touched the doorknob he saw something in his head. It went by so fast, though, that he thought he just imagined it. Pikachu looked at him, wondering why Ash was hesitating.

    “Don’t worry, buddy. It’s nothing.” Ash smiled.

    The group entered the room. They looked around and wouldn’t have seen anything, if the girl wouldn’t have black hair. It was lying all over the bed. The girl’s face blinked under the blanket, too but the rest of her body was curled together under the it. You could only see the hills this caused when you looked properly. She was shaking heavily and seemed to have a nightmare.

    “I wonder what happened to her, poor thing.” May sighed.

    She went toward the girl and almost reached her when the picture Ash had seen before came back into his mind and this time, he saw it clearly. It was stormy and a lightning went through the picture. There was a girl against something like a barrier. It looked a lot like the barrier of the incognito, since it only showed itself where the girl was. The girl seemed to be screaming out in pain and almost floated.

    Ash didn’t know what happened or what the picture meant, but he did feel that May was in danger. And it had something to do with that picture.

    “May, don’t go any further. There is something there!” Ash warned. Pikachu looked at Ash in confusion, wondering what was wrong with him.

    “Huh?!? Ash what are you talking about? There is nothing there, see?”

    “May, I think you shouldn’t go there, either.” Drew suddenly said. Ash figured Drew saw the same thing he did.

    But May didn’t listen. She went on walking towards the girl. One step … two steps … three steps … and then the fourth step. May just wanted to take the fourth step, leaned a little forward … and it hit her. Mays eyes widened in shock of the unimaginable pain that suddenly went through her body. Where May was standing something like a barrier appeared and it showed with the shockwave that went around it. The pain just went on flowing through her body. It felt like she was struck by lightning, only that she didn’t die right away. May wanted to close her eyes, she wanted to scream and cringe together. She wanted to hold her knees, just so she could cling her nails into it. It would surely help her to come along with the pain. But she couldn’t move. The pain totally paralyzed her. The shockwave went back to May and as it reached her, it through her backwards.

    “HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” May screamed as she flew through the air.
    She hit the wall on the other side of the room, fell down on the floor and didn’t move
    “MAY!” the whole group yelled almost in unison and ran to May.

    Electricity ran through her body, you could see it. Misty and Drew kneeled down to her. May seemed to be in really bad pain, which made Drew feel useless. It didn’t matter if he acted weird around May, or if he was unable to figure out why, May was his friend and rival and he should have helped her. And now, when May was in probably mind-killing pain, he couldn’t help her either and didn’t know what to do.

    “A-Ash,” May said weakly. She wanted to go on, but her voice collapsed. She tried to sit up, but she was still paralyzed.

    Drew looked at May. It was just the reason he always refused travelling with May and Ash. May just started getting conscious again and the first thing she did was calling after Ash. It burned. He hated this feeling. It made him feel the way he always felt before he met May, after all of it happened. Drew looked back at the girl.

    “Little b*tch! What did she do this for?” Drew asked himself.

    “Hey, how do you know it was her fault?” Ash suddenly yelled at Drew. “How do you know this isn’t what is left from what team Rocket did to her?”

    “But Ash, if it were like this, do you think you would have been able to carry her here?” Brock asked.

    Ash gritted his teeth. Brock was right. But still, he just didn’t want to believe that this lovely creature would do something like this.

    “Okay then, let’s just try our best and break that barrier. Pikachu, use thunderbolt, now!” Ash yelled and pointed towards the girl.

    Pikachu obeyed and shoot a thunderbolt towards the girl. As expected, a barrier appeared around her and kept the thunderbolt away from her. It seemed to almost disappear in the barrier, but otherwise, nothing happened.

    “Keep it up, Pikachu” Ash said, keeping up his hope that the barrier could break down, but it didn’t.

    Pikachu kept his attack for almost five minutes, but the barrier didn’t break down. The attack collapsed from Pikachu’s exhaustion. Then, something happened with the barrier. Waves suddenly went around it, coming from the point where Pikachu attacked. And then it came. Pikachu got hit by a thunderbolt that came from the barrier. It was his Thunderbolt. The barrier had sucked up the attack so that it could shoot it back at the enemy. Pikachu got hit hard, flew backwards and collapsed.
    Then, a wall broke down and there was dust everywhere.

    “What have my beautiful just seen?” A voice asked out of the dust.

    “Some twerps that don’t know what to do I mean.”

    “And now were here…”

    “…working up…”

    “…hate and fear.”



    “Miauth the name!”

    “Causing trouble is out faith.”

    “Dashing hope putting fear in its place.”

    “As long as we can cause chaos no matter where…”

    “…team Rocket…”

    “...we’ll always be there!”

    The dust has cleared and you could see team Rocket standing in the hole.

    “Great, not you again!” Ash exclaimed.

    “Oh yes, it’s us again. And we’re giving you one last warning: Hand over the girl!” James hissed.

    “Yeah, and for the jackpot, we’ll take your Pikachu, too.” Miauth added.

    “No, you don’t!” Ash yelled. He kneeled and grabbed his Pikachu.

    The girl was safe, since the barrier protected her, but Pikachu was knocked out, unable to battle, too weak to even move. He saw Drew taking a poke ball into his hands and stepping in front of May and Misty. Misty didn’t even bother to look at team Rocket. She had total trust in Ash, Brock and Drew. That is, Ash couldn’t really do anything. The only Pokémon he had with him was hurt. Ash felt useless and left alone, now that Pikachu was once again not able to help him.

    “Okay, Seviper, Dustox, come on out!” Jessie yelled.

    “Carnevine, we need your help!” James also yelled and threw the red and white poke ball. “What are you doing? I thought I taught you to go at the enemies head and not at mine!” James yelled as the huge plant bit James head.

    “Looks like old ways don’t change.” Ash said and sweat dropped.

    “Say what? Carnevine, use wrap on the twerp and Pikachu!” James yelled and pointed on Ash.

    “And you ,Dustox Darling, get the girl!” Jessie softly said to her Dustox.

    Ash chuckled. They wouldn’t get her. Ash didn’t fight as Carnevine wrapped his huge leaves around him. He just watched the girl, anxious to see what will happen. Dustox flew towards the girl with an enormous speed. Jessie smiled already awaiting her victory. Though, she didn’t oversee that Drew had called out Roserade and started an attack at her. Seviper seemed to be reading her mind and got mentally ready. Jessie acted like she didn’t know anything at all and like she was totally with Dustox. She only glanced to Seviper once, which was enough for him to understand.

    “Roserade, Petal dance!” Drew cried and Roserade let a wonderful flower storm escape from her rose-like hands.

    “Now.” Jessie whispered, not letting her eyes from Dustox.
    Seviper jumped and opened its mouth to create a powerful poison sting. The attack destroyed Roserade’s petal dance at once and hit Roserade.

    Dustox meanwhile, flew towards the girl. It looked around if there was anybody watching. Ash and Brock had their eyes on it, but that didn’t bother it. Dustox heard how Roserade attacked and how Seviper defended Jessie. It heard Roserade yelling in pain and struggling to stand up again, but just this moment, something struck Dustox. At the point where it was flying the barrier appeared and Dustox went through the same torture May did. The shockwave that went alongside the barrier returned and hit Dustox. It flew backwards right into Jessie, who caught it, but was caught off guard.

    “What the…” Meowht mumbled.

    “You can’t get her.” Ash smiled as good as possible trough Carnevine’s leaves wrapped around him. “Pikachu couldn’t get through the barrier and neither will you!”

    “Oh yeah? Well, we’ll see about that. Seviper, poison tail!” Jessie ordered.

    Seviper looked at the target he should shoot at and jumped towards it. Its tail started glowing purple and hit against the barrier. Seviper used all its strength to get the barrier to brake, but after a few seconds, it got shoot back and crashed into the wall.

    “Oh no, Seviper!” Jessie called out.

    “Carnevine, use bullet seed!” James ordered and Carnevine obeyed.

    A bunch of seeds headed towards the girl and again, the barrier appeared. Carnevine lasted long, shooting its attack towards the barrier, but got exhausted and gave up. It was the same as with Pikachu’s thunder. The barrier had just sucked it in. A few seconds later, the bullet seed came out of the barrier and headed towards Carnevine, who was caught off guard. The attack hit directly and pushed Carnevine back. It headed towards the wall and hit Seviper.

    Ash on the other hand, didn’t notice any of this. He looked at the girl, who was shaking more then ever. She started turning around in her bed and seemed to be struggling with herself. When Carnevine hit Seviper, the girl opened her mouth and started to scream, but it wasn’t an ordinary scream. It was like a Pokémon using screech, only a lot worse, causing everybody to hold their ears in pain.

    “Help, what is this?” Drew yelled.

    “It hurts!” Misty also yelled.

    Pikachu on the other hand had woken up from the scream. Ash noticed this and ordered Pikachu to use thunderbolt against team Rocket. Pikachu used the last bit of his strength and put it into this one attack. It hit team Rocket causing them to blast off.

    “Why? Why, why, why?” Jessie screamed angrily.

    “After all of this training.” James sighed.

    “After all our work” Meowht cried.

    “We’re blasting off agaaiiiin!”

    In the Pokemon center meanwhile, the girl was still screaming. Luckily May found her voice again.

    “Ash,” she yelled as loud as possible so the Ash could hear her, “This barrier is created from this girl since she collapsed. I could feel the fear and sadness in it. But for some reason, you were able to carry her all the way here without the barrier hitting you. Maybe you are the only one who can get through!”

    Ash understood, but seemed shocked. He should go through the barrier when May had just got torn apart from it? No way! Not with him!

    “Are you crazy? That thing will kill me!” Ash yelled through the horrible scream.

    “It is out only chance to help her. And us!!!”

    Ash looked at the girl who was still screaming. Whatever she was dreaming, it had to be a really horrible nightmare. He felt something strange when he thought about it. He could maybe help this girl. Yes, he would do it. He would, even if it will kill him. So Ash went towards the barrier. As he reached the place where he expected it to be, he slowly reached out. Nothing happened, so he went on. He took one step after another and finally reached the girl.

    “Now what do I do?” Ash asked May.

    “Try it with a lullaby. Some soft words or something.” Misty answered instead.

    Ash looked back at the girl. A lullaby. Ash knew the lullaby May had taught him. So he softly started to hum the melody into the ear of the girl and after a few seconds, the girl stopped screaming. She stopped and listened to the song that Ash hummed and then started crying. Ash brushed her soft, black hair and sat on the bed. It was something one had never seen before. Ash was actually treating a girl the way he treated Pikachu. He smiled softly at the girl and kept on humming until she stopped crying. Ash noticed how unusual pretty she was. Ash had noticed her almost unnatural beauty from the beginning on, but was too busy to pay attention to it. Now, that he had time, he looked at her beautiful face. It looked so cute. She wasn’t crying anymore, wasn’t struggling, wasn’t screaming. She was sleeping peacefully rolled up in her bed. She looked innocent, pure and somehow mysterious. There was something about her that just made Ash worry. Something wasn’t right with that girl, he felt it. And at the same time, this feeling seemed familiar and calm.

    “Gee, I’m starving.” May said, ripping Ash out of his thoughts. “Hey Drew, let’s go down and get something to eat.”

    “I’ll come with you! Holia town’s Nurse Joy is a really great cook, isn’t she?” Brock asked half daydreaming about Nurse Joy.

    “You just can’t let it be can you?” Misty sighed and tagged along. Only Pikachu stayed in put, not wanting to leave Ash.

    “Hey, you can’t just leave me here! I need something to eat, too. I’m starving!” Ash yelled after them.

    “Sorry Ash, but she’s your problem, now.” May turned to Ash. “You can get something to eat as soon as she wakes up. But don’t leave her, she could start screaming again!”

    “You aren’t serious, are you? I can’t least three days without something to eat. I can’t even last a half an hour without something to eat. YOU GUYS!?!” He screamed as the others left the room.

    Pikachu meanwhile, went as far is it could go without the barrier touching him. “Chu?” It asked and looked at Ash with a sad expression.

    “Sorry Pikachu, you can’t come in. The barrier will hurt you again.”

    Pikachu shook his head. It took a few steps back and dashed towards the barrier, ready to take as much pain as it had to, in order to get to Ash.

    “PIKACHU, NO!” Ash screamed but lowered his voice quickly as the girl next to moved a little.

    Pikachu just dashed forward, ready to hit the barrier, but it didn’t. Pikachu just ran to Ash and jumped on his lap. Ash looked at Pikachu in shock. How was it possible? Pikachu just got injured from his own attack through the barrier, so how was it possible it could just run through it. Pikachu also seemed surprised, but it didn’t matter. It was with Ash now and it was happy. Ash was the only thing it needed. Everything was alright as long as it was together with Ash, his beloved master, his wise trainer and most of all, his very best friend.


    Okay, only two more chapters until May and Drew depart for they're own adventure. I can't wait! (Though, I've already written it)

    And also, this is the first chapter that hasn't been corrected by anyone but me, so please don't be harsch because I have so many mistakes.

    Feel free to ask me any question you want. If I can answer them I will.

    Coming up:
    Why could Ash and Pikachu go through the barrier without getting hurt? And what's up with the mysterious, still unknown girl anyways? Is she gonna wake up? And is Ash gonna starv to death?
    Also, a few peeks to what happened in Jotho! Please review! I'm dying for comments.


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    Okay, next chapter out!!! I think that's my best chapter so far. It's definetly my longest. I wanted to put it into two chapters, but it was too long. I saw that when I fist started planning the chapter that's why I knew that May and Drew would stay until chapter six, not chapter five.

    Well, yeah, I don't have much time, so I'll make a stop here. Hope you all enjoy.

    Chapter five


    There she was, a single girl, bound to her worst nightmare. If only she could get over it, if only it would stop haunting her. But it didn’t stop haunting her. For years, the memories had haunted her, why should it stop now? There were many different memories, just as there were many different dreams and every single one was terrifying in their own way. And this one? This dream, or was it a memory? – she couldn’t tell them apart anymore, was as bad as any.
    So there she was, a single girl, sitting on the ground, crying. Around her were fire and flames and nobody there to get her out of this. Perhaps she could get out of this alone, but she didn’t have the strength. Maybe, if this was real, she could have escaped. But on second thought, she probably couldn’t have just left everybody. She hadn’t been able to do it back then, what was different now? If she had really had gotten stronger, then she would be able to make all of this stop. But she couldn’t. However, she had to do something to protect herself, or the flames would get her. Or they would get her.
    So there she was, a single girl, sitting on the ground, crying, hiding behind her barrier. But it wasn’t enough. After all this time, she still couldn’t bear to hear it, to see it. She didn’t know if this was just a dream or a real memory, but it was painful either way. Having to see this from the outside, having to experience it all over again … no, she didn’t have the strength for that. So brought her knees up to her chin and hid her face in them. That way, she didn’t have to see it anymore. She brought her hands up to her ears, covering them as good as possible. That way, she didn’t have to hear it anymore.
    So there she was, a single girl, sitting on the ground, crying, hiding behind her barrier, refusing to hear or see anything. But it was no use. Everything, all the noises around her; it got louder and louder and clearer and clearer. What was it that she had to do to escape all of it? What was it that would make it go away? That would make this memory or dream go away? And then she screamed. She knew perfectly well, that her screams where painful and loud, so hopefully, it would make sure she wouldn’t have to hear any of this anymore.
    So there she was, a single girl, sitting on the ground, crying, hiding behind her barrier, refusing to hear or see anything, screaming as laud as she could. She didn’t know how long she was sitting there, and it didn’t really matter either. She just wanted someone to get her out of there. She just wanted someone to save her. And then, her wish came true. Something soft was stroking her hair, causing her screams to stop abruptly in surprise. Without noticing, she started crying even harder, seeing that this tiny bit of gentleness was what she needed, because gentleness is something she hadn’t had in a long, long time. And then, out of nowhere, a voice appeared. It wasn’t loud, but it seemed to come from everywhere and slowly, it made the other noises around her fade. It was singing a song. The voice was singing a song for her. And now, she dared to look up again. Directly in front of her was a human boy. Though she could not make out his face, she knew he was trustworthy. As she looked around, she saw that everything was gone. The fire was gone, the people in them were gone, the city was gone, the whole planet was gone. She was floating in the night sky, with the boy stroking her head and singing for her.
    So there she was, a single girl sitting in the sky. But now she wasn’t crying anymore, she was smiling. She turned her head back to the boy and buried her face in his chest. She was so glad that it was over. At least for now, everything was over. She took the boys hand and held it to her cheek. It felt so warm…


    Ash sighed. How could the others be mean like that and just leave him here without anything to eat? At this rate, he was sure he would be starved by noon. Oh well, at least Pikachu was with him. It turned out, Pikachu was rather worried about interested in girl that was yet to identify. It always kept an eye on her and every time she moved, it jumped up, checking if she was ok. Ash looked at her now, too. She really was unbelievable beautiful.
    Becoming uncomfortable with the position he was in, Ash moved his legs on the bed and crossed them. Then, he leaned on the wall and pulled the girl on his lap. She was smiling now. Ash noticed that she looked so even more beautiful when she was smiling. And now, he was sure now that he would try and survive a few hours without food.
    Suddenly, the girls hand moved towards his own. She grabbed it and pulled it away from her hair down to her cheek. After being blinking a few times, Ash smiled started singing May’s lullaby again, only this time, he and Pikachu fall asleep with it.


    Ash woke up from a movement on his lap. He looked up and saw through the still remaining whole in the wall that it was dark. How long has he been asleep? And where was Pikachu? Feeling a movement on his lap again, Ash looked at the girl. She was waking up. Her eyes opened, but seemed to be a little numb. It was cute, the way she was laying there on Ash’s lap, while holding his hand on her cheek. Ash’s expression softened. He didn’t care how strange she was, he didn’t care if she was not normal, if she was inhuman; he was just glad he had saved this beautiful creature.

    The girl moved again. She sat up and looked down, seeming as if she still wasn’t really awake. Nurse Joy had changed her clothes. She was now wearing a white hospital shirt and white ľ trousers. After rubbing her eyes, she looked at Ash. It was the first time Ash really looked straight into the girl’s eyes. They were more stunning then he thought. They were really green, the same color as an emerald and just as shiny; they were the prettiest pair of eyes Ash had ever seen.; A were a thousand times prettier the Drew’s and thousand times clearer then May’s. And Ash could see right through them. It was really easy to see emotions in these eyes and right now, he saw the numbness change into fear. The girl gasped and crawled backwards. She pushed herself into the corner of the bed. Ash couldn’t understand why. He was the one who had saved her after all, so why was she so afraid?

    “I won’t hurt you.” He said as soft as possible.

    For a moment, the girl startled. She knew this voice from somewhere, but for some reason, she didn’t fear it. It was a voice she knew form good experience. But then again, it didn’t matter. He was not to be trusted. She couldn’t trust anybody. He would hurt her just like all the others and the fear came back to her.

    “No!” She whispered. She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t. Her voice only allowed a whisper. “No! Go away! Leave me alone.”

    Okay, so the one thing Ash had to do right now, was to get this girl to trust him. Maybe if Pikachu would try and communicate with her, then she would start trusting him. After what Ash has seen in the forest, he doubted that she was scared of Pokémon. He looked around, remembering that Pikachu went through the barrier a few hours ago. He found it sleeping it in the corner of the bed rolled up next to Ash. He sighed. He really didn’t want to wake up Pikachu. On the other hand, he could really use its help, leaving him clueless of what he should to do. He looked back at the girl who was sitting on the other side of the bed, shaking in fear, but not letting her eyes of him. Why the heck was she so scared of him? Then it hit him. She probably thought that he was a team Rocket member.

    “Don’t worry.” Ash whispered while gaining new confidence. “I’m not a team Rocket member. I’m the one who saved you from them.”

    The girl stopped shaking almost immediately. This boy was not a member of team Rocket? Did he really save her? No! Humans don’t do something like this. They don’t care about others; they only care about themselves and their own safety. He didn’t save her. This was probably just some trick in order to gain her trust. He was probably a member of team Rocket after all. But when she looked into his eyes, she saw something totally different. His eyes where those types of eyes that weren’t easy to look through, but she was an expert in those kinds of things, and his eyes looked totally honest. And his voice was too. There was no sign of betrayal in his voice at all. Was he talking the truth?

    “I told you I won’t hurt you. I’m against team Rocket too. If you want me to, I’ll protect you from them. “Ash said while reaching out for her.

    She still didn’t trust him. She closed her eyes and created a barrier around herself. He wouldn’t get past it. She was safe as long as she had the strength to keep up the barrier. But it didn’t work. This boy, he reached right through it. He didn’t even seem to notice it. She widened her eyes in shock. How could he possibly reach through her barrier? Then, he touched her hair. It was weird. Somehow, she enjoyed it. His hand was soft and his touch gentle. It was just like the hand in her dream. Now, it hit her. That voice was the voice from her dream and that hand, too. That was the boy that had saved her in her dream, the one that had made the memory go away. That moment, she knew he could be trusted.

    “Who are you?” She shyly asked, a frown appearing on her face

    It took a lot for Ash not just to listen to her voice and get lost in it. She had such a lovely voice. If this girl would start singing, then no Chimecho in the world would be able to keep up with her

    “My name is Ash Ketchum and I’m from Pallet town. What about you?” Ash wasn’t whispering anymore.

    “You mean, you have saved me without even knowing who I am?”

    “Uhhm, yeah. Why? Isn’t it normal to help somebody who is in danger?”

    I … guess. My name is …!” She didn’t go on, but instead she bit her lip.

    “You’re name is?” Ash asked again.

    “My name is Shei; Just Shei. But tell me Ash, how come you can reach through my barrier?”

    “Actually, I don’t know. It just didn’t hurt me when I tried to get to you and shut you up.”

    “Shut me up?”

    “Yeah, you were screaming for life. I mean, it wasn’t just a normal scream, it was like a screech only ten times worse. Say, how do you do these barriers? What does team Rocket want from you and how come you’re so much like a Pokémon?”

    Shei thought for a while. She knew she could trust Ash, she just didn’t know why. So, should she really tell him? Should she tell him everything? She decided that she would. She closed her eyes. Ash looked at her confused. What was she trying to do? Shei opened her eyes again and looked at her hands in shock. Tears came into her eyes.
    Ash didn’t know what to do. He never had a good hand with girls.
    Shei moved her head to her hands and buried her face in them. Then, she started crying. Ash didn’t understand what was going on, but had the feeling that her reason for crying didn’t really have anything to do with team rocket, though they had done god knows what with her. Ash looked at her with pity. He reached out his hands, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to him. Ash didn’t know why he did this; it just seemed like the right thing to do. Shei buried her face into his chest and cried. She cried and cried and wouldn’t stop. Ash wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on her soft hair. Then he waited. He waited and waited for a girl to stop crying. A girl whom he didn’t know anything from except for her name, even if he wasn’t so sure it was her real name. Shei on the other hand was far enough to just go jumping off the next cliff. She just couldn’t take it anymore. First the drama at home, then Giovanny and now this; She cursed herself for not listening to what her teacher had said back then. But before she would try and figure it all out, she just wanted to cry. And crying in Ash arms felt surprisingly good…


    As Shei stopped crying, Ash pulled her away from him. She looked at him with her big green eyes. They showed pure sorrow and pain.

    “Everything okay now?” Ash asked worried.

    Shei looked down. She didn’t want to look into Ash’s eyes. She knew now who he was and with that, she may know more about Ash then Ash himself does. She nodded and looked around. In the corner of the bed, she saw a sleeping Pikachu. Shei crawled to the Pikachu and patted it.

    “This Pikachu is yours, isn’t it?” She asked.

    “Not really. Pikachu and I are best friends. He belongs to me but I don’t own him. I released him from his pókeball a long time ago, but he decided to stay with me either way.”

    “I see. You got it when you started traveling, right? It is your partner Pokémon.”

    “My partner Pokémon? All of my Pokémon are my partners. And how did you know that Pikachu was my first Pokémon?”

    “The love this Pikachu has built up for is amazing. It’s really rare that you see love between a Pokémon and a human that strong.” Shei said, more to herself then to Ash.

    “Uh, did you listen to me?”

    “I read its memories.” She turned back to Ash.

    “You read its memories?!?”

    “I also saw how you had a lot of problems at the beginning of your journey. And a partner Pokémon is a very special Pokémon. I will tell you someday.” Shei said.

    “Okay then, I’ll be heading to my room.” Ash yawned.

    “NO, DON’T GO!”

    Just as Ash wanted to stand up, Shei grabbed his jacket and pulled him back down. Ash was shocked. He looked at Shei who looked directly into his eyes and once again, Ash had to really pull himself together in order to not get lost in them. But when he did pull himself together, he saw how frightened and terrified she suddenly was.

    “Please don’t go. I don’t want to be alone. Stay with me, I beg you.” Shei whispered almost desperate.

    Ash thought. He really didn’t want Shei to be scared to death, but on the other hand, he had reached his limit. He needed something to eat right now or he would starve. As if it heard Ash, his stomach growled, which caused an awkward silence between the two of them.

    “B-but Shei, I’m really starving.” Ash finally said and scratched his neck.

    “I’ve heard.” Shei said and then her stomach also growled, causing her to blush

    “Let’s go get something to eat, okay?” Ash asked with a smile.

    She nodded and stood up. Ash also stood up and headed towards the door. Shei ran after him and clung to his arm as soon as she reached him. He looked at her. Nurse Joy was right, she really was hurt badly. Now that all the blood was gone, he could see the injuries all over her body. But she didn’t bleed inside, otherwise there would be blood coming out of her mouth or nose or some other spot.
    Ash wondered about who this girl really was. She could make unbreakable barriers, could fight a Seviper with mere hands, had similar genes to a Pokémon and so on. This girl was something else and he would find out who she really was. Ash still looked at her. She seemed frightened.

    As they reached the lobby, they saw Chansey walking around, seeming a little nervous. As Shei spotted it, she immediately ran towards it.

    “What’s wrong, Chansey?” Shei asked.

    “Chan! Chansey Chan Chansey. Chansey, Chan Chan.” It said.

    Shei chuckled “Don’t worry Chansey. Ash won’t let them get us, right Ash?”

    “I won’t let who get who? Did you understand what Chansey was saying? What did it say?”

    “Sure I did. She said she was worried that team Rocket would come here again and would get me and the other injured Pokémon here. It worries her so much that she can’t sleep, that’s why she’s out here to look after us. But you won’t let that happen, right Ash?” Shei asked and smiled.

    It almost knocked Ash of his shoes. Shei didn’t even know him for an hour and she already had full trust in him. And that smile. It made Shei look even more beautiful. Ash swore he would do anything to let Shei smile as often as possible.

    “Chansey, would you mind getting us something to eat, please?” Shei asked politely.

    “Chansey.” Chansey said happily and ran off.

    Shei followed her and made a sign for Ash to come, too. When they reached the room with the food, Chansey went around, checking what they would need for tomorrow and what she could give to Shei and Ash.

    “How come you know what Chansey is saying and how could you read Pikachu’s memories?” Ash whispered to Shei.

    “I’ll teach you someday. But be prepared, not everyone can learn how to understand Pokémon and how to talk with them. Though I think you can. You do understand your Pikachu don’t you?”

    Ash wanted to say something, but Chansey was faster. It handed a basket full of food to Ash

    “Thanks, Chansey.” Ash said.

    “Now, you go to bed, okay? I don’t think you will be of much use to Nurse Joy when you are all sleepy.” Shei smiled at Chansey.

    “Chansey.” It said and gave them a key to another room, since one wall in Shei’s room was broken down. “Chansey Chan Chan. Chansey Chan Chansey.”

    “Thanks Chansey. Goodnight.” She said again and went off.

    Ash went after her and together they went to Shei’s new room. There was a silence between them. Shei seemed happy with it, but Ash didn’t really like it. He thought about what he could say and how he could start a conversation with her, but nothing came into his mind. He looked at Shei. She was smiling and seemed absentminded. It didn’t seem as if the silence bothered her at all. For Ash it rather seemed that breaking the silence would be disturbing her, so he kept his mouth shut.
    As they reached the room, Shei was coming back. She smiled at Ash and opened the door. There were to beds in this room. They sat on one of the beds and took out everything that was in the basket.

    “Shei, were will you go after Nurse Joy releases you?” Ash asked. It just came into his mind and it was easy to ask her this question.

    Shei bit her lip. “What do you mean?” She asked hesitantly.

    “What I mean is, where do you live? What about your family? Do they know you’re here? Do you have a place to stay? ”

    She looked down. She grabbed a citrusberry and held it in her hands. Ash saw tears welling up in her eyes again. He regretted for asking her such stupid questions. How come he was this good in making girls cry? Shei shook her head.

    “I have nowhere to go, Ash.”

    “And family?”

    Asking any further would make her cry, even Ash knew that. But he had to know. If Shei didn’t have any family and with team Rocket in her neck, he couldn’t just leave her by herself. Shei shook her head again.

    “What happened to them?”

    Shei shook her head again showing Ash that she didn’t want to talk about it.

    “Then how about you come with us?” Ash smiled. “I’m sure the others will be okay with it.”

    Shei looked up. “The others?”

    “Yeah, Misty, Brock, May, Drew and June are travelling with me, too.”

    Shei thought for a while, but couldn’t make up her mind. “I’ll think about it.” She said.


    Misty yawned and stretched herself in her bed. She looked at the others who were all fast asleep. Not even May was up yet. Unlike May, Misty had a very light sleep, but when nobody was disturbing her, she could sleep for ages. May was that type of girl nobody could wake up as soon as she fell asleep, but she always woke up quite early in the morning. Well, not always. Sometimes she overslept, but then she overslept really late. Misty looked through the window. It was still dark. She looked at the clock. It was 5:45 am. Misty hadn’t slept well that night. She had to think about Ash. Maybe it was a little mean to leave him with the girl. After all, Ash needed food every quarter of an hour otherwise he would collapse. Misty stood up and took a shower. She combed her orange hair and tied it up into her usual ponytail. Then she got dressed and just as she wanted to leave the room, May woke up and yawned.

    “Good Morning Misty. Where are you going?” She asked, still half asleep.

    That was another of May’s typical habits. May was all sleepy as long as she stayed in bed, but as soon as she stood up and stretched herself, she was as cheerful as ever. Yes, May was almost always cheerful. It was just too bad that she didn’t have too much self confidence. May’s confidence relied on what people told her. When people tell her that she’s great, then her confidence would grow. If people like Drew told her that she sucked then her confidence sank. May always tried to hide it when she wasn’t too sure of herself, but Misty knew how much Drew’s words could affect her. However, she wasn’t so sure that Drew knew.

    I’m going to go look after Ash. You want to come?”

    Misty knew May quite well by now. She had met her in Hoenn for the first time and they became friends almost immediately. Then, when May went to Jotho, they saw each other more often, because Misty loved traveling to all the regions she had traveled through with Ash. Of course she wasn’t allowed to stay long, but it kept her memories fresh. The memories she shared with Ash. Misty had fallen in Love with Ash long ago, but Ash was too stupid to notice and Misty couldn’t tell him because … because … she didn’t really know why, she just couldn’t tell him.

    “No, I don’t think so. I’ll go eat breakfast.”

    Misty went out and walked towards the lobby. She wanted to talk to Nurse Joy before she went to Ash. She thought about Jotho. Every time she went there to get a few days off from her duty as a gym leader, she had met up with May, who had travelled alone. May had told her that she had to find her own fighting style, so that she could get better at her contests, but she also said that she would definitely not travel alone any longer as soon as she found it. May had also often talked about her biggest rivals. She had told her about how mean Harley was and how he always tried to get her into the worst situations. Thing is, he never really did anything against the rules, so he never got disqualified. She also talked about Solidad and about how pretty she was and how good at coordinating. May talked a lot about Solidad. For Misty it seemed that Solidad was the example May wanted to follow. But most of all, May had talked about Drew. Misty chuckled. She remembered the first time she met Drew.


    May and Misty were at the Pokémon center in Cherrygrove City. May’s next contest was supposed to be held here. The two girls sat on the couch in the lobby of the Pokémon center and chatted with each other, forgetting about time. Suddenly Misty remembered something.

    “Hey May, did you already sign up for the contest?”

    “OH NO, I TOTALLY FORGOT!” May yelled and ran out of the Pokémon center to the contest hall.

    Misty first looked after her confused, but then ran after her. As May and Misty reached the contest hall, they were both breathing heavily.

    “Can … can I … still … enter?” May asked between breaths.

    “Sure, the deadline is only in ten minutes. There was no reason for you two to run that fast.” The woman on the registration desk said and took May’s contest card.

    “Here you go. It’s all done.” She smiled.

    “Thanks miss.” May smiled and took her card.

    “Well, well, well, if it isn’t May. Still going by luck, huh?” A voice behind the two girls said

    May and Misty both turned around. There was a boy with green eyes and green hair standing in front of them. He was wearing a black turtleneck and a purple Jacket above, green trousers and black shoes.

    “Drew!” May exclaimed happily.

    “Of course. Who else did you expect?” Drew said and flicked his hair.

    “So this is the famous Drew, huh?” Misty asked with sheepish grin. “Hey, I’m Misty, a good friend of May’s. She’s already told me so much about you.”

    “Misty …”

    “She … she did?” Drew asked a little taken aback.

    “Misty …”

    “Sure she did. She’s always talking about you, every single minute. About what a great coordinator you are, that you have helped her so much and that you always give her roses and so on.”

    “What is it May?”


    “Of course it’s true. You always talk about Drew. Oh, how cute, you’re blushing.”


    “Yes you are. You are almost as read as you’re outmpf.”

    “Shut up Misty! You’re talking way too much.” May hissed and held Misty’s mouth.

    “Wow May, who thought I was playing such a big role in your life.” Drew said with a smirk.

    “You aren’t. Misty is talking nonsense. Of course I told her about you, but I told her about the others just as much.”

    “Sure. Bet you are talking about me that much because I’m a top coordinator and you wish to be as good as me, right? After all, you really are lousy.”

    May wanted to say something, but Misty released herself from May’s grip.

    “May, is NOT lousy. She is just as good as you. Wait, she is not as good as you she is way better then you. She did beat you in the grand festival after all.”

    “So what? She beat me one time, I beat her all the other times, meaning she will never be as good as me.”

    “WHAAAAAAT? You dare saying anything like that about May again and I’ll rip you apart, you hear me?”

    “Anything like what? Everything I said is nothing but the blunt truth.” Drew said coolly and flicked his hair. However, he was a little frightened. This Misty girl could be really scary.

    May who was watching this whole thing began to worry about Drew. If Misty got mad then Drew could land in the hospital, she knew that. May looked at Misty only to see that she was boiling. She started panicking and wrapped her arms around Misty.

    “Drew, if you don’t want to get killed, you better get out of Misty’s sight.”

    Drew flicked his hair again and went out of the lobby. “Kids.” He said loud enough for May and Misty to hear it before he was out of the contest hall.

    “I HEARD THAT!” Misty yelled after him.

    ~end Flashback~

    Misty hated Drew back then, but then he saved May’s life. Misty wasn’t with her and so she didn’t know what happened. She wasn’t able to find out what happened either, because May and Drew wouldn’t talk about it and nobody had seen what happened. Misty had to remember the scene she saw


    Misty ran through the rain. Something was telling her May was in great danger. She had heard the two boys chat with each other. One of the boys was talking about a brunette in a red and green outfit who was trying to do something dangerous. Misty hadn’t heard what it was, only that it had something to do with Chelterra. Misty ran off immediately. She was sure this girl was May. She was in danger, in very great danger, Misty could feel it. She had to find May before it was too late. So she just kept on running. The rain was hammering hard on her head and back, but she ignored it. Misty ran and ran until her feet couldn’t carry her anymore and they collapsed. Misty now sat on the cold muddy ground, totally exhausted. Tears were welling up her eyes. If anything happened to May, she wouldn’t know what to do. May was one of her closest friends. If only Ash was here, he’d know what to do. He would say that she shouldn’t just give up like that and that she would definitely find May, no matter what. Misty stood back up. Yes, she had to find May. So she ran and ran and she finally found her. But May wasn’t alone. Drew was with her. They were sitting on the ground, hugging each other. May was crying and Drew hid his face in Mays hair. Then, Drew pulled May away from him.

    “Come on, May. Let’s go back to the Pokémon center.” He said, stood up and pulled May up, too.

    That’s when Misty snapped. She ran towards May and hugged her.

    “May,” she cried, “I was so worried about you. I heard two boys talking about you and I knew you were in danger instantly. What happened? Are you okay?”

    “Drew saved me” was the only thing May muttered.

    She seemed to be in something like the aftermath of a huge shock. Misty then turned to Drew, planning on insulting him, but then she finally recognized what May had said.

    “Wait, he saved you?” Misty asked shocked.

    May just nodded and looked to the ground. Misty looked at Drew with disbelieve. He seemed to in the same state as May and didn’t even notice Misty’s stare. Misty looked at Drew, then at May and back again.

    “You know what?” She said to both of them and they looked up. “I think it would be best if we go inside now. I don’t want any of you to catch a cold.

    ~End of Flashback~

    Misty had never forgotten this. From this point on, the two of them had come along quite well, even if they hadn’t met too often. She appreciated Drew and wanted him to be close to May as often as possible because Misty knew that Drew would look after her. She knew that Drew loved May even though he probably didn’t even know that himself. That’s why Misty knew that Drew would always try his hardest to protect May. Misty was happy for May, but at the same time, she was also a little jealous. Ash also looked after her and tried his best to always protect her, but that is just the way he was. He tried his best for May and Dawn, too. It wasn’t because she was something special to him. Somehow, this thought made Misty’s heart sting. No, she was just another good friend to Ash, nothing more.
    As Misty reached the Lobby she spotted Nurse Joy, taking care of her Chansey.

    “Good Morning Nurse Joy.” Misty said.

    “Oh, good Morning.” Nurse Joy said and went back to taking care of her Chansey who seemed really tired.

    “How is the girl doing?”

    “Chansey tried to tell me something about her, but I can’t understand it.” Nurse Joy said concerned.

    “And what about Ash? Did he survive an afternoon without food?”

    “He did, I think. Chansey told me that he came here in the middle of the night and she gave him a room. I just wonder what Chansey was doing here in the middle of the night and why Ash came here at that time.”

    “Chansey!” Chansey said and yawned.

    “Chansey,” Misty said to Chansey, “can you tell me which room you gave Ash?”

    Chansey went behind the desk, took out a sheet of paper and wrote down a number. She took the sheet and gave it to Misty. Misty looked at Chansey in awe

    “You can write?!?”

    “Many Pokémon can write. All Chansey’s have to know how to write in case there’s an emergency and the nurse isn’t there. Then they have to write down all the information.”

    “Can’t Chansey just write down what happened then?” Misty suggested and went to Ash’s new room. Nurse Joy and Chansey just looked after her, unable to believe that they didn’t come up with that idea.

    As Misty reached Ash’s new room and opened it, she almost exploded of jealousy. There was Ash sitting on one of the beds, leaning against the wall with the black haired girl next him, her head on Ash’s shoulder and Ash’s head on the girls head. But then she spotted the basket full of food in front of them and Misty couldn’t help but to smile to herself. The girl probably woke up in the middle of the night and she and Ash went to Chansey and got some food. Since Chansey knew of the room being destroyed she gave them the key to the new room and the two of them ate on the bed before falling asleep. But there were two factors that didn’t quite fit: First, the girl was supposed be asleep and very hurt for another few days, and second, Even if the girl would have awaken, she was supposed to be physically broken so nobody should be able to communicate with her. What really happened would remain a mystery until Ash woke up, what could take its sweet time So Misty decided to let the two of them sleep. She closed the door as quiet as possible and went to the dining room, getting hungry now, too.

    Meanwhile, May got herself ready and was heading to the dining hall when she saw Drew coming out of the corner. May was a little startled. Drew usually was somebody who could sleep for ages. He was grouchy if he woke up in the early morning; May knew that much of him. She had slept in the room next to him at the grand festival in Jotho.

    “Drew!” she exclaimed running towards him.

    Drew looked over his shoulder, and saw May running towards him.

    “Good Morning.” She said in happily as she reached him.

    “Mon.” Drew only said.

    He never understood how May could be so cheerful in the early morning, but somehow, he didn’t mind it.

    “How come you’re up so early?” May asked in her cheerful tone.

    “Just woke up.” Drew said. He was never in a good mood before he had his breakfast.

    There was silence as the two of them went through the halls of the Pokémon center. Drew was still too tired and grouchy to think, unlike May, who seemed to be lost in thoughts. How anyone could even think at this time in the morning, Drew did not know, but he didn’t really care either. They reached the dining hall and went for the buffet. Both of them intended to take a plate at the same time and since they both came from the same direction, they didn’t only take the plate, but the others hand too. Only, May still lost in thoughts and Drew still sleepy, none of them noticed until they both wanted to pull the plate closer to them and it slipped of both of their grips. May was the first to notice and tried to catch it desperately. The plate slipped from her desperate catches and just went on turning in midair before being tortured by another desperate catch of May. Drew just stood there, not exactly getting what was going on. Then, when he finally got what was happening, he made his own attempts for catching the plate. It wouldn’t have been a problem at all, had there not been May. Just as Drew caught the plate, May caught Drew’s hands and Drew’s reflex forced him to let go of the plate again. May’s weight was all upon Drew now and they both fell. Drew was at the bottom and May was on top of him with circles instead of eyes. The plate fell and landed softly on May’s back.
    To make it even worse for Drew, Misty came in that very moment.

    “Ookayyyyy…” she said, “I have no clue what happened, but the results are utterly amusing!!!”

    And with that she broke into laughter. Drew groaned and rested his forehead on the cold floor. He couldn’t use this much action this early in the morning and he was too tired to get rid of May’s body that was still lying on top of him. It was a good thing Misty soon got a hold of herself and helped May to her feet, not forgetting the plate that caused this entire ruckus. Drew got up and helped Misty, who half carried the still dizzy May to the next table where they sat her on the bench.

    “Thanks, guys.” May said, slowly regaining halt.

    “Hey, no problem”, Misty whispered. “Were used to your incredible clumsiness by now, right Drew?”

    Drew didn’t answer. When Misty turned to look at him, he was gone. She shrugged and went back to look after May, seating herself on the other side of the table. Moments later, Drew returned with three plates full of food.

    “You gonna eat all that?” Misty asked, making a face.

    “As if!” Drew answered and sat down next to May. “These two are for you”, and he showed one plate towards Misty and one plate towards May.

    “Thanks! I already thought you were as bad as Ash.” Misty smiled.

    “YOU GUYS!!!” Ash’s voice rang through the room.

    “Talk about the devil.” All three said in unison.

    Ash ran to the table his three friends sat at.

    “You’ll never guess what happened last night!” He said, totally out of breath. “Shei woke up and we…”

    “Who’s Shei?” May interrupted. “And where’s my food?”

    “You already ate your food.” Misty sweatdropped.

    “Shei is the girl we … hey, is that scrambled egg?” Ash asked, looking at Drew’s plate.

    “Yeah..?” Now it was Drew’s turn to swaetdrop.

    “Be back in a sec!” Ash said and ran off.

    Misty and Drew looked at each other and May looked at her plate, trying to remember when she ate all the food that was on it. And for real, only a few seconds later, Ash returned, a plate in each hand, both, loaded with food. Misty fell over anime-style and Drew gave a nervous laugh. Ash sat down next to Misty and began to stuff the food into his mouth.

    “Hey Drew, did I really eat all my breakfast?” May asked, causing Drew to topple over and Misty to bang her head on the table.

    “Shei is the girl I rescued in the forest.” Ash said through gulps. “She woke up last night and she’s really nice. She can talk to Pokémon and read their memories, too.”

    “She can talk to Pokémon?” Misty and Drew asked astounded.

    “Hey, then she’s just like Anabel!” May exclaimed.

    “Wait a second!” Misty said, “Where is Shei now?”

    “She’s asleep in the room Chansey gave us. I told her to keep her barrier down, too, so you don’t have to afraid of approaching her.”


    “No, they can’t. Pikachu’s with her. We forgot him in our old room, since we were both hungry, but he woke up and came to us.”

    “Can I go see her? I want to see how she’s doing.” May asked, totally back to her cheerful self.

    “Sure. Just be quiet, I don’t want her to wake up.”

    Ash swallowed down his last toast and stood up. May followed him as he went out of the dining hall.

    “Jealous?” Misty asked as she saw Drew gazing at the doors May just disappeared through.

    “Sorry, but that’s not my style” Drew answered, flicking his hair. Then, he also stood up and went out of the room. At the doors, he almost bumped into Nurse Joy.

    “Misty, there’s a call for you!” Nurse Joy said when she reached the red-haired gym-leader.

    “A call for me?” ….


    “I don’t know, Ash. Do you really think this is safe?” May asked a little frightened. She hadn’t forgotten the last time she had tried to reach Shei.

    “Don’t worry! Shei promised she would keep the barrier down. She was really sorry that she caused you so much pain.” “Pika, pika!”

    Pikachu was back on Ash’s shoulder. He had kept close watch over Shei as long as Ash was gone and jumped right back to him when he came in. Ash had gone right to Shei, who was still fast asleep, only this time, she was smiling instead of trembling. May on the other hand, wasn’t so confident about approaching Shei. Ash had tried to convince her that the barrier was down for the last five minutes and still, she looked at the black-haired beauty, not knowing what to think of this.

    “Come on May! Just trust me.” Ash said and held out his hand for her to take it.

    There were times when Ash was a complete dork. But this wasn’t one of these times. This was one of the times when Ash was really cool. May noticed that he has grown a bit, she had to look up to him now. And the way he stood there, all confident, touched by the morning light, his brown eyes showing pure confident, reaching out a hand for her … it was enough to make any girl weak. And then that smile … Mays frown turned into a bright smile and she took Ash hand. Ash gently pulled May towards him and then towards Shei. May closed her eyes when she reached the distance where the barrier hit her the day before, but nothing happened. She felt Ash standing right behind her and his head lowered until his lips reached her ear.

    “You can open your eyes now.” He whispered.

    May obeyed. She was standing right in front of Shei now. Her sapphire-blue eyes widened when she looked behind her. She had made it. May slowly sat down on the bed next to Shei and stroked her long black hair.

    “She’s really beautiful, isn’t she?” May said quietly. Her eyes changed into a soft and gentle expression.

    “Yeah, she is.”

    “I really wonder who she is and where she came from.” As promised, May kept her voice low, so that she wouldn’t wake up Shei.

    Too bad it was all in vain, because that moment the wall broke in once again and dust filled the air.


    Okay that's it. As I said, I don't have much time, today, so I'll cut it short. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. And please, comment or review or whatever.

    Coming up:

    Shei is awake, but something about her doesn't seem right. Why won't she tell anyone anything about herself? Ash is determinded to find out who she really is.

    The last chapter with May and Drew is coming up. What happened to make them want to travel seperate from the others?

    And what's going to happen to Misty? Who is the call from? After all, all her friends are with her in Almo.

    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    Okay, here is what you have all been waiting for; the conclusion! Read what happened between May and Drew and find out the reason they went on their own Journey!

    I still have a few chapters in store. But before I'll read them through another thousand times, looking for mistakes, I will make a brake a this very point. I want to go on writing on my StH fanfic and as soon as I'm finished with the adventure on the next planet, I'll be continuing with this one, so please be patient.

    And please review. You'll have plenty of time to.

    Chapter six


    “Why do I have to come home? You said you’d take care of the gym!” A very angry Misty yelled into the videophone.

    “You are the gym leader Misty, not us. You wanted to take the position, now you have to deal with the consequences.”


    “No buts. Our Pokémon are trained on shows and so are we. If you don’t want the gym to lose its reputation then you’ll have to come!”

    “It’s not my fault that you are so weak. You should train more instead of just taking care of your looks!”

    “Watch your mouth, young lady.”

    “I can say what I want. You’re not my mother after all.”

    “You know perfectly well that each one of us has a task to fulfill. This isn’t a mere gym after all. We cannot take care of our tasks and yours as well.”

    “You said you would.” Misty wasn’t yelling anymore. Her voice was about to brake
    “We said we’d try. And were not able to, so come back home or we’ll give the challengers the badges without battle.”



    Misty clenched her fists on her ankles. Teardrops started falling on them.
    “Alright”, she said quietly, “I’ll come.”


    Ash and May were both in fighting position and May with a poke ball in her hand, while Pikachu was already sending small sparks from its cheeks. The dust was filling the whole room, making it almost impossible for them to see. Ash tried to keep his breath, as did May. Unfortunately, the dust didn’t leave the room this time and soon, May began coughing. Seconds later, Ash was unable to hold his breath any longer either and exhaled. He noticed that some sort of gas was in the dust, because his lungs started burning like fire and he started coughing like crazy. May was already collapsing. Her legs gave way and she fell to her knees, her hand in front of her mouth, her eyes tightly shut. She only just managed to call out Beautifly, who appeared as gracefully as always.

    “Beau … Beautifly … use Silver … Wind!” She choked.

    Beautifly did as it was told. She flapped her wings and with the silvery gust emerging from them, the dust disappeared. The ones responsible for the whole commotion was, you can guess, team Rocket in their newest machine. It was a rather simple machine this time. It actually looked like a huge, but normal robot with a huge ‘R’ painted on its belly.

    “Ugh, honestly, do you always have to get in the way?” Jessie moaned. “What have my dazzling eyes just seen?”

    “Oh, shaddap! We don’t have time for that crap!” Meowth yelled at Jessie.

    “He’s right Jess. We have to make sure we get the girl.” James agreed

    “You two just don’t know how to make a good entrance!” Jessie pouted. “Meowth, the gas please!”

    “One portion of poison gas, coming right up!” Meowth grinned and pressed the top button of the remote control he had in his paw.

    The robot raised one arm and spread it’s fingers, revealing a hole in its hand, where the poison gas shot out.

    “Oh no, you don’t! Beautifly, Silver wind!” May cried and Beautifly obeyed, knocking the poisonous gas right back to the Team Rocket trio.
    But the robot was well made and the gas didn’t get to them.

    Ash gritted his teeth. “I don’t get it! You want Shei, right? Isn’t the gas gonna harm her, too?” He yelled.

    “Oh please!” Jessie laughed. “That gas can’t get to her. The concentration of the poison in this gas is hardly enough to get her to feel a little uncomfortable.”

    Ash gritted his teeth. There was no way he could come up against Team Rocket, they were way too strong, Cynthia wasn’t with the anymore either and Pikachu was affected by the poison, too. Or was he?

    “Pikachu” Ash looked down at his partner.

    “Pi?” Pikachu answered, tilting his head to the side.

    “Can you fight?”

    Pikachu gave a determined grin and got into fighting position, sending sparks from his cheeks again. Even if the chances of winning were low, they would still try their best as they always had. May too, was ready to fight. She and Beautifly would do their best to stop Team Rocket from taking Shei and doing whatever they were planning with her.

    “Seviper, come out and use poison tail!” Jessie ordered.

    “You too, Carnevine, use bite on the twerps!” James yelled and the two threw their poke balls.

    Out of Jessie’s poke ball came her black snake-like Pokémon and out of James poke ball a green plant-like Pokémon. Its head was a lot larger then its body, which consisted of nothing but moving leafs. Its head on the other hand, looked like a huge Dionaea muscipula (If anybody knows the English word for it, please tell me) with eyes. And, surprise, surprise, instead of heading for Ash and May, it went back to James and bit its head.

    “Why you over dimensional piece of lettuce, I thought I taught you to bite the enemy, not me!” James yelled, trying to get Carnevine of his head.

    “Some things never change …” May sighed and then ordered her Beautifly to use psychic on Seviper, while Ash ordered Pikachu to use Thunder
    Beautifly’s eyes turned turquoise and an aura in the same color surrounded Seviper who floated into the air. Pikachu fired a thunder towards Seviper while it couldn’t move. The attack hit Seviper hard and it was clearly in pain. Ash and May grinned and gained confidence.

    “Last time we fought you, you used combinations to knock us all out!” May said.

    “So we thought we’d also use combination attacks on you.” Ash added.

    But the team Rocket trio only grinned at that. “You didn’t really think you could get to us that easily, did you? Not after all that harsh training we went through.”

    The smiles faded of Ash’s and May’s faces and confusion took its place. However, the riddle was soon cleared up, when Carnevine, who had released its trainer grabbed them from behind and pulled them into a bind. Pikachu and Beautifly turned around in worry of their trainers, loosing concentration for only a second, but it was enough for Seviper to break free from Beautifly’s psychic and Pikachu’s thunderbolt. It charged forward and hit both of them with a very powerful poison tail. They both fell to their trainers feet and every attempt of getting back up failed. The poison in Seviper's tail was obviously getting to them.

    “Pikachu!” Ash cried out in worry, but was soon unable to talk as Carnevine's bind became tighter.

    Shay wasn’t sleeping relaxed anymore. Her whole body was tense and shaking, probably in fear.

    “Now that that’s taken care of, let’s get to the real deal!” Meowth cried and pressed another bottom of his remote.

    The hands of the robot broke free from their arms and charged towards Shei. May and Ash could only watch as the hands approached Shei, who was now clearly in the middle of a nightmare. And suddenly, the tables turned. Just before the hands reached her, Shei’s eyes shot open and once again, they glowed turquoise. In a split second, she was floating in the air again and the whole room was bathed in a turquoise hue that came from Shei. That hue made sure nothing and nobody was able to move. A few seconds, everything remained still until it slowly disappeared, leaving only an aura around Carnevine, Seviper, Team Rocket plus their Machine and Shei herself.
    Then, the Team Rocket trio plus Carnevine and Seviper were shot out the hole they created and flew high into the air.

    “GRRRRR! It’s driving me mad!!! Why can’t we get to that rotten alien girl?” Jessie cried.

    “Do you really think it’s that easy to get to a girl who’s as powerful and mighty as our boss?” James asked.

    “We have to be patient and keep trying. The only way to catch her is when she’s worn out, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve!” Meowth said.

    “Oh, I get it. We keep attacking until she collapses and then we get her!” Jessie eyes lit up.

    “Exactly, but for now…” Meowth sighed.

    “…we’re blasting off again!” All three of them yelled together.


    Shei slowly floated back down to her bed after she had saved Ash and May from being strangled.

    “That’s the second time she saved us …” May said quietly as she watched Shei float down to her bed.

    Slowly, Shei’s feet touched the bed and her eyes closed as she kept floating down back into a laying position. Ash, Pikachu and May watched her fascinated. A few seconds after Shei was fast asleep again, May ran to the hole in the wall and examined it.

    “Poor Nurse Joy”, she said, “That’s the second hole she’ll have to get repaired.”

    Ash walked to May, with Pikachu on his shoulder, but instead of looking at the wall, like she did, he looked at the sky were Jessie, James and Meowth had just disappeared.

    “Don’t you ever wonder where they always disappear to?” Ash asked.

    “Pikaaa…” answered Pikachu. May only nodded in agreement.

    Holia Town was in the middle of the forest. The only thing between were the huge flower fields that made Holia Town famous in the whole Almo-Region. From where Ash, Pikachu and May where standing, they could see the flowers that seemed to go on forever, until the trees reached up in the horizon. The sun was still setting and so it everything seemed peaceful that very moment, despite what happened just a few minutes ago. All three admired the view in silence
    However, it didn’t last long. The three looked up when they heard a rumbling and saw that a huge part of the wall was about to fall on them.

    “LOOK OUT!” Ash yelled and pulled May and himself back into the room.

    Pikachu jumped of Ash’s shoulder to get himself to safety while Ash held May tight and jumped out of the way just in time. The two landed on the floor, May a little more softly then Ash, since she was on top of him.

    “ASH!” she gasped as she struggled to sit up. “Are you okay?”

    “I could ask you the same question.” Ash answered and also sat up, rubbing his head.

    The two didn’t talk for a few seconds, they only looked into each other’s eyes, May sitting on Ash’s lap. The only one that still moved was Pikachu, who was climbing on May’s head. Unfortunately, that very moment, Drew came in and saw the whole scene. His eyes became emotionless in a split second, but May caught the change. However, she wasn’t able to do anything at all. She just remained frozen on Ash’s legs and stared at Drew. It was totally obvious that he would get the wrong idea. For a few seconds, a very heave silence filled the room.

    “Misty is looking for you.” Drew said to Ash and went out of the room.

    That’s when May snapped back to reality.

    “DREW” she yelled and stood up so abruptly, that Pikachu fell of her head.
    Ash just managed to catch him. He looked at May who was running out of the room.

    “DREW WAIT!” he just heard her scream.

    “Any clue what that was all about?” Ash said, shifting his gaze to Pikachu.

    “Piii…” he sighed at Ash's cluelessnes and the two looked back at the door May had just disappeared through.

    “Oh well, I’ll go to Misty. Wonder what she wants.” Ash said and stood up. Pikachu jumped back to Shei to keep watch over her.


    “DREW!!!” May yelled and ran after Drew, who had just disappeared behind a corner.

    “Drew, it’s not what you think! Ash saved me from a piece of the wall that had fallen on us. That’s all, really!” May cried when she was able to see Drew again, in a desperate attempt to explain herself.


    Drew stood still with his back to May, who was waiting for him to react. The silence between them was so thick; you could cut through it with a knife. May thought she would go crazy if he didn’t respond soon.

    “It’s not my business what you do with Ash.” Drew finally spoke. “Go ahead, do whatever you want with him. Why should I care?”

    May couldn’t believe what Drew had just said. She looked at him with an utterly shocked expression, but then lowered her head, causing her veins to cover her face. How could he be so selfish? What on earth did it take to open his heart? She already tried everything she could. May was just about to give up on Drew

    “You’re right.” She said quietly, her voice shaking. “Why should you care? After all, you never really cared about anyone but yourself, so far.”

    The silence became even thicker until May spoke again.

    “When you lost against Solidad back then, you only cared about your loss, not her win.” May’s voice was now filed with disgust.

    “All the times you tease me, you only care about yourself feeling better. You don’t give a damn about how I feel!” May’s voice had gotten louder, but what actually shocked Drew was the fact that she had sweared.

    “When I was close to overtaking you, you mistreated your poor Absol! You only saw that it wasn’t good enough to get you to the place you wanted to be! You didn’t care that it did its best for you!” May was yelling now. She looked back at Drew, revealing her face full of tears.

    “YOU’RE WRONG!” Drew yelled back, though he still didn’t face May. “I do care about my Pokemon. They mean everything to me! I treat them with love and care and they know it. Just look at Roserade. It loves me as much as Pikachu loves Ash!”

    “But what about humans?” May still didn’t lower her voice. “You travel alone because a travel partner would only get into your way, right? You’re a loner because you don’t care about anyone, so nobody cares for you either. Why should you travel with anyone? There’s no one good enough out there, anyways! It’s a miracle you haven’t left the group yet! And now face me! Look at me! Look into my eyes and tell me that I’m wrong!!!”

    Drew did not look around to face May. She had to keep looking at him from behind, knowing she was right. Had she not been right, he would have done what she said. And hat fact was what made her go from fury to pure sadness. After all, if she was right it meant that Drew didn’t care for her either. And that very thought made her heart break. More and more tears made their way out of May’s eyes, as her hope that Drew would still turn around slowly faded. Even a small sob escaped her lips.

    “I was planning on leaving you guys.” Drew quietly said.

    “I knew it.” May whispered bitterly. “It was obvious that you…”

    “But,” Drew interrupted her, “travelling alone isn’t the best thing to do either. It gets lonely and depressing. Most of the times, you wish for nothing but company.”

    May froze. Tears were still rolling down her cheeks and she couldn’t help but to listen to what Drew had to say with all her attention. Where was this going? Did she even want to know where this was going?

    “I wanted to leave the group, but before I saw you with Ash just a few moments ago, I wanted to ask you if you’d come with me.”

    When Drew said these words, he finally turned around to face May. She didn’t react. She just stood there, frozen, trying to understand what Drew had just said. How did this turn from a fight into … well … this?

    “Wha…” was all she managed to say after a few seconds of total brain shut down.

    “Do you want to come with me, May? We’ll have our own Journey.”


    Ash saw nobody when he entered the lobby. Nurse Joy wasn’t at the reception, Chansey was nowhere to be seen and there were no travelers or trainers around. Drew had said that Misty was looking for him and now Ash had been looking for Misty for the past fifteen minutes. Why didn’t he tell him where he could find her? That would have made things a lot easier. Ash walked into the lobby, intending to sit down on one of the couches when he spotted Misty at one of the videophones. The way she was sitting there was rather weird. Ash began to worry and went to her.

    “There you are!” he said.

    However he stopped in his tracks when Misty turned around. Her eyes were reddened and swollen, her cheeks tear stricken. Misty didn’t say a word. She just stood up, ran to Ash and embraced him, burying her face in his neck.

    “What happened?” Ash asked worried. He could feel how Misty’s tears ran down his neck.

    “I don’t want to go home!” whispered Misty.


    “The reason I was able to go on this Journey was because my sisters promised to try and run the gym without me. But they can’t manage it.”

    “Oh…” There wasn’t anything else Ash could think of that very moment. It was a real pity Mist had to go. He would have loved to Journey with her again.

    “I guess … there’s nothing you can do then. If your sisters need you…” He didn't know how to go on.

    Misty’s eyes widened at Ash’s words. She pushed him away angrily. Ash backed away when he saw Misty’s eyes. They were filled with fury and he knew just too well what that meant. But then the look in her eyes changed and fury was replaced with disappointment. After a few seconds of looking at Ash like that, Misty turned around and ran out the doors of the Pokémon center.

    “You should go after her.” A voice came from the direction Ash had come from just a few minutes ago.

    He turned around. There, in the entrance to the lobby stood Shei, hiding behind the wall. Only her head and her shoulder were visible.

    “Shei…” Ash only said.

    Shei stepped out of the entrance and walked towards Ash, revealing Pikachu, who sat on the shoulder that hadn’t been visible.

    “The two of you are really good friends, aren’t you?” She asked.

    “How did you …?”

    Shei’s hand moved up and patted Pikachu’s head, who pushed himself into it like a cat. Ash, who had tensed up at the thought of Shei knowing all that about him without him telling her, relaxed. She had read Pikachu’s memories again.

    “What did I do wrong, this time?” Ash sighed.

    “I don’t think she expected you to just accept the fact that she has to go like that.”

    “And what should I do once I find her?”

    “That’s for you to figure out. You know her better than me after all.”

    Ash looked at her dumbfounded. He didn’t know that was the first of many times he would be doing that.


    “Stupid Ash!” Misty said to no one.

    She had no clue where she was. She had just had just kept running until she was out of breath and before she knew it, she was in one of the huge flower fields outside the town. There, her knees had given way and she had cried until there were no tears left. And all because of Ash! But now she had calmed down.

    “He was supposed to try and find a way for me to stay.” She kept talking to herself.

    “That’s the way he always is, isn’t it? Always trying his best for his friends.”

    That’s right. Ash would always put his own life on the line if his friends were in danger, so why didn’t he try his best to make sure Misty could stay with him.

    “He was supposed to say ‘don’t worry, I’ll set things right, no matter what!’”.
    Because that’s what he always does.

    “He was supposed to say ‘I won’t let you go!’ or begged me to stay or at least tell me that everything’s going to be alright and that will keep in touch. Anything but what he did!”

    Tears were running down Misty’s face again. Only with a lot of effort did she manage to suppress the sobs that kept finding their way up her throat. No, Misty simply refused to keep crying over someone like Ash any longer.

    “Why can’t he be like that? Just once I wish he’d treat me like he treats no other girl.”

    “I am”, came a voice from behind.

    Misty turned her head, only to see Ash standing right behind her, Pikachu on his shoulder like always. How long had he been there? How much has he heard? The thought alone that Ash might have heard everything she said was enough to make her turn as read as a tomato.

    “You’re my best friend, Misty.” Ash said, sitting down next to her.

    Best friend … Misty knew exactly why that stung. She got distracted from that thought however, when Pikachu jumped on her lap, rubbing his head against her belly.

    “Weren’t you supposed to watch over Shei?” She asked, patting Pikachu’s head.

    “She woke up.” Ash responded. “June, Brock and Nurse Joy should be taking care of her right now.


    “Why do I have to babysit a girl my age!” a very ****** June mumbled.

    “And if that’s not enough, she’s way too close to Ash for my likings, too. And she’s scared out of her wits from me, Nurse Joy and Brock. But the worst is…” she said, looking at Shei who is hiding from June behind Chansey on the other side of the room and then at Brock and Nurse Joy, who were standing behind the reception.

    Nurse Joy was looking at her analyzes mumbling to herself. “But that’s not possible, how could Shei have healed that fast? What did I do wrong?” she kept saying.

    Brock was swooning around her, following her every word. “Oh my lovely Nurse Joy, everything’s possible with your expert help. I’m sure Shei healed that fast because of your wonderful care. How could a heavenly creature like you ever do a mistake?” He kept saying.

    “…THESE GYUS WON’T GET A HOLD OF THEMSELVES!!!” June finished her sentence, looking at Brock and Nurse Joy.

    Shei backed away from June a little more, taking a very irritated Chansey with her.

    “Though I have to remember a few of Brocks word and use them on Ash and Drew.” June mumbled, now looking away from the scene before her.


    “You know, I owe your bike quite a lot.” That made Misty look up at Ash, who was starring at the bright, late morning sky.

    “Without your bike”, he went on, “I would have never been able to help Pikachu.”

    That made Misty look down again. The first time the two of them met … she remembered it like it happened only yesterday. Ash was only at the beginning of his Journey. She had pulled him out of the river she was fishing at and saw Pikachu, who was badly injured. Then Ash went and took her bike so that he could get to the next Pokémon Center as fast as possible. Misty had run after him and when she finally reached her bike, she saw that it was totally roasted by Pikachu’s thunder. That day, she had sworn Ash that she would keep follow him until she got her bike repaired or got a new one. But with time flowing by, Misty had totally forgotten about her bike and accompanied Ash because the two of them had become great friends. And later on, she had fallen in love with him. But Ash probably only remembered the Pikachu part. Yeah, Pikachu meant more to Ash then any girl in the world and that went for her, too.

    “And without that bike of yours, you and I would never have become such good friends.”

    Misty’s head snapped back to Ash. His eyes were misty as if his mind was far away and a small but soft smile was on his lips.

    “You were my very first travel companion, you know. I learned almost everything I know about Pokémon from you and that’s something only you and I share and none of the other girls I ever travelled with.”

    Misty’s eyes became huge at Ash’s words. When had he become so good with words? Had she known that he was like this because of another girl, things would have been a lot different, but like that, she kept trying to take in the words Ash spoke. After all, these words were directed at her and only her.

    “I travelled more and longer with you then with May or Dawn, too. I know you better than the other two and you know me better than they do. All the dangers we’ve faced together, all the adventures we experienced together, the good times and the bad times we’ve been through; all of this is something only the two of us share.”

    Mist was close to tears again, but not only from sadness. Hearing these words made her happier than ever before, feeling like Ash finally understood what’s going on inside of her. Of course he still didn’t get it, but there was no need for Misty to know that. On the other hand, hearing all this from him would only make it harder for her to part from him.

    “So, after all we’ve been through, how can you think that I could treat you like any other girl I’ve met?” Ash gaze was no pointed directly at Mist now. The smile on his face was still there, but his expression was not dreamy anymore, but wide awake and confident as ever.

    “You’re really special to me, Misty. And you know it’s really sad that you can’t stay with us, but your sisters need you. You’re strongest and in my opinion, the prettiest of them all and the gym can’t be run without you.”

    Misty looked at Ash for a few seconds and he stared right back. And then, tears started flowing out. At first, Misty tried to suppress the sobs again, but then Ash’s smile vanished.

    “H-hey, did I say something wrong?” He asked, holding out a hand in worry.

    Misty didn’t respond. Instead, she just threw herself at Ash with an outcry, causing him to lose balance and fall on his back. She cried freely into Ash’s chest now, who tried his best to at least get his upper body from the ground. When he did, he once again kept waiting for a girl to calm herself down. And just like Shei, Misty felt that crying was a lot easier with Ash around.


    Hey everybody,

    Sorry to say tell you that, but you’ll have to travel without us from now on, us being Drew and me. We decided to travel alone. W’ll, Drew asked me if I’d travel with him because travelling in a group isn’t exactly his thing but travelling alone isn’t too much fun either. Believe me, I can totally understand that. And that way, we can fully concentrate on contests, too. We’ll already be long gone the moment you read this, so there’s no point in trying to catch up to us.

    @Ash; the closest gym to here is in Minatown City, the biggest city in the entire region. I hope I’ll see you there. I’m really looking forward to seeing you battling a gym leader again. And take good care of Shei. She seems to be frightened of just about everybody but you. She’s probably afraid of me too. I haven’t talked to her yet, so I don’t really know.

    @Brock; take good care of Ash, Shei and June for me, okay? They’re probably lost without you, especially Ash and June. June because she’s a beginner and needs someone to guide her a little and teach her stuff about Pokémon like you and Ash did with me and Dawn and Ash because he’d starve without you. You know of the bottomless pit that he calls his tummy. And don’t flirt too much with Nurse Joy. She’s already been bothered enough by you.

    @June; you want to be top coordinator, right? I don’t know if you already knew that, but the very first contest in this season is in Minatown City, too. I hope to be able to compete against you there. Don’t miss it, oaky? And don’t swoon too much over Ash. The attention doesn’t do him too much good.

    @Misty; I heard from Drew that you have to go home. Please don’t be too sad about it. I can’t stand seeing one of my best friends cry. I’m sure there’ll be another time when you can travel with Ash. And don’t worry about your sisters. They’re a bunch of stuck up sissies. You’re waayyy better than them. I’ll call you as soon as Drew and I are in Minatown City. You should be back home by then, right?

    I want to see a lot of new Pokémon from you when we meet again, get it? You all have to be much stronger then you are now or I’m going to be really mad at all of you. Hope to see you all soon.

    Your good friend


    P.S. Can I come and travel with you again if Drew gets too annoying?

    “Now that came unexpected.” Brock said after he read May’s letter.

    “Sure did. I wonder why she decided to travel with Drew instead of us though.” Ash said, scratching the back of his head.

    “Piikaaa…” Pikachu sweatdropped.

    “Oh Ash, isn’t it obvious?” Misty asked, slightly annoyed by Ash.

    “Good to see you’re back to normal.” Ash said unimpressed.

    Misty huffed at that and turned away from Ash to June, who stood to her left, while Ash was standing to her right. On June’s other side was Brock who was holding the letter and next to him was Nurse Joy as always with Chansey at her side. Shei was hiding from everyone behind Ash’s back. It was quite chaotic when he first came back into the Pokémon Center with Misty. It turned out Shei was afraid of humans; every single human, except for Ash that is. For some reason, she didn’t have any problems with Pokémon, though.

    “I think Ash is still a little too young to understand this” Brock said.

    “Tell me you understand this, please!” Misty begged June.

    June looked at Misty and blinked two times. Misty was just about to bang her head on next best wall at the thought of another clueless idiot in her life when the look in June’s eyes changed dramatically. She clapped her hands together and looked at the roof dreamily with stars in her eyes.

    “May and Drew, two top-coordinators that are meant for each other, travelling together. How could any girl not understand what she dreams of? Oh, how I wish it would have been me. A love none of them knows of, the dangers they’ll face, the adventures they’ll go through … it’s so romantic! It’s enchanting! It’s marvelous! It’s…”

    “Okay, I think we all get it now!” Misty interrupted June’s ranting.

    “Dear June,” Brock said, taking June’s hands, “I understand exactly how you feel.”

    “You do?” June asked dramatically.

    “Yes, I do. I too, have been searching for love and I too, have been shoved away by those I seek to be with forever.” Brock said, still in his little Drama act.

    “Oh, how I wish the prince of my dreams would come to get me.” June raved, letting go of one of Brocks hands to spread her arm.

    “Oh, how I wish my beautiful princess would appear before me.” Brock added, mimicking her gesture.

    “Brock, let’s head out to fight for the love of our life together.” Again, the hands of June and Brock clapped together.

    “Yes! Let us find what we desire most; the heart of your prince and my princess.”
    Again, Brock spread one arm into the air.

    Everybody, excluding June and Brock, sweatdropped at the scene before them.

    “I have the feeling these two will get along well.” Ash laughed nervously. Everybody joined in.


    “Be careful, okay Misty?” Ash said.

    The midday sun was high in the sky and Misty sat on Charizard's back. June and Brock were standing a little in the background, giving Ash and Misty this final Moment together. June, of course, wasn’t sp pleased by this but Brock had dragged her away from him. Not that Ash would have minded if she’d stay. The
    one to worry about was Misty.

    “I should be saying that to you.” Misty smiled. “You’re a magnet for disaster.”

    Ash smiled sheepishly. “Just make sure you don’t fall into the forest again. And take good care of Charizard for me.”

    “Sure I will. I am a gym leader after all.”

    “Hey Misty?”


    “When we’re done with this adventure, I’ll come visit you okay? And I’m gonna stay really long, too.”

    “I’ll be looking forward to it.” Misty smiled.

    Ash grinned back. “And Charizard!”

    Charizard looked up at Ash.

    “Take care. I hope we meet again soon.”

    Charizard shoot a flamethrower in Ash’s direction, who got totally burned from it.

    “I’d … really … appreciate it … if you’d … change … your way … of telling me things.”

    And with that, Charizard flew of, with Misty on his back. Ash looked after them until
    they were totally out of sight.

    “Ash?” a soft and gentle voice came from behind. It was way too close, however and almost gave Ash a heart attack.

    “Shei!” Ash exclaimed when he saw whom the voice belonged to. Once again, she had Pikachu on her shoulder, who jumped over to Ash.

    “Don’t ever sneak up on me like that again, okay?” That very moment, he noticed
    that she had changed. “Wow,” he said, “you look fabulous.”

    “You like it?” Shei asked, twirling on one foot. “The Pokémon of the Pokémon Center and Pikachu helped me with it. It took so long because I liked totally
    different things then they did.”

    Shei had just come back from shopping. She couldn’t walk around in her leaf dress after all and Nurse Joy needed her clothes back. Shei was now wearing a black top that only covered her breasts and a red Jacket above. The only button was at the chest on the middle of the black top and it ended above her belly button. Her sleeves on the other hand were long and wide, a little like the sleeves of a kimono, only that they were tight at the upper arms and became longer and wider the more it went downwards. She was also wearing bellbottom Jeans and red slippers

    She had a really unique new hairstyle, too. Most of her hair was tied up in a high ponytail and it still almost reached the floor. On either side of her head however, was one streak braid from the back to the front of her hair, where a clip was keeping it together. The part that wasn’t braid hung down loosely and ended at her chest. The veins also hung down loosely, but they weren’t as wild as they used to be. And now that Shei’s hair was combed through, it was glittering and shining as if it wanted to keep up with her now sparkling, emerald green eyes.

    Ash too, had bought new clothes as did Brock. Ash was wearing his usual baggy pants, only a little darker. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt and a dark blue jacket above, which he kept unzipped. The sleeves were rolled up untidily and his cap was new, too. It looked almost like the hat he wore in Sinnoh, only that the streak was the same color as his jacket and the symbol was black. He had a new backpack, too.
    Brocks outfit was a bit plainer. He wore an orange V-neck Shirt which he had stuffed into his brown trousers. He too, had bought himself a new and better

    “You ready to go?” Ash asked Shei. She showed him her new backpack and smiled.

    “Okay then,” Ash smiled back, “let’s go! Off to Minatown City!”

    And with that, he, June Brock and Shei made their way across the flower fields of Holia town, into the thick forest beyond them. Their Journey had now officially begun.


    Okay, that was the last chapter in which May and Drew travelled together with the rest of the group. Anyone who wants to know when the first chapter of their story is out, please feel free to pm or vm me, or leave a post on this site.

    Coming up:

    Ash and co. are on their way to Minatown City now. How is June going to be as a beginning trainer and what kind of new Pokémon will they face?

    Team Rocket is still after Shei, but will Ash become strong enough to protect her? Or could it be that Shei doesn't need protection?

    Chapter 7; An Amsell for selling?

    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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