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    Trainer Info

    Name: Mike Freebird
    Age: 13
    Bio: Originally a Floridian who participated in the PASBL, he decided to venture to the land of Fizzy Bubbles to expand his horizons and have new adventures. He's a firm believer in being prepared, something you have to be if you're as adventurous and curious as him. He's always willing to try something new. He's also a big foodie, and he usually sticks to more populated areas when possible.
    Appearance: About the average height for a 13-year-old, he's Caucasian and has blond hair and blue eyes. He changes clothes depending on the regular climate of the area he's in, but he usually wears blue.

    Seen: Gligar, Sableye, Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Magnemite, Ditto, Kadabra, Krabby, Teddiursa, Pidgey, Bellsprout, Bulbasaur, Poochyena, Venonat, Xatu, Smeargle, Gulpin, Golem, Houndoom, Nosepass
    Have: Gligar, Sableye, Magnemite, Krabby, Bellsprout, Nosepass

    Adventure Log
    Part One: Arcane Realm Adventure in the Silverton Ranges! A Sableye Guards the Mine!
    An Eye For A Sableye!

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

    Species Image:

    Name: Scorpio
    Species: Gligar
    Level: 15
    Type: Ground/Flying
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Hardy
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    Held Item: n/a
    Evolution: Gligar--Level up W/ Razor Fang @ Night--Gliscor
    Obtained: Starter @ Lv. 5.
    Housed in: Pokeball
    Contest Stats: Tough: 20
    Bio: Mike found Scorpio trapped in a dark cave after he cleared away a cavein. Scorpio had been living in the cave for a long time on a minimum amount of food and water and fighting off the vicious Pokemon living there. While this gave Scorpio a hardy nature, it also gave him a massive fear of caves. He also has a large appetite, and is curious, like Mikey. He usually sits on Mike's shoulders when he's out of his Pokeball, but he has an odd habit of hugging Mike's face when he's scared or surprised.
    Lv. Up Moves: Poison Sting, Sand Attack, Harden, Knock Off
    MT Moves: Earth Power, Rock Slide
    TM/HM Moves: Blizzard
    Egg Moves: Cross Poison, Wing Attack, Metal Claw, Razor Wind

    Species Image:

    Name: Klaus
    Species: Sableye
    Level: 18
    Type: Dark/Ghost
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Rash
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Held Item: n/a
    Evolution: --Sableye--
    Obtained: Silverton Ranges @ Lv. 5.
    Housed in: Pokeball
    Contest Stats: n/a
    Bio: The 2nd member of Mike's team, Mike found Klaus in a dark abondoned mine on one of the mountains of the Silverton Ranges, guarding some gems. As one might expect of a Sableye, he likes shiny stuff. A lot. Usually, he can resist his natural urges to eat the shiny thing, but in some embarrassing moments he'll slip and gobble it down. Protecting the mine gave him a rash nature and made him very wary of strangers, and, as such, is a loaded gun around them, tense and ready to attack at any moment. He is, however, quite docile with Mike, and has begun to show a loyalty of sorts toward him, guarding him like he did the mine. He's usually very serious, and doesn't have much of a sense of humor. He also like sitting on Mike's shoulders, similarly to Scorpio, and often fights with Scorpio for it.
    Lv. Up Moves: Leer, Scratch, Foresight, Night Shade, Astonish, Fury Swipes, Fake Out
    MT Moves: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Sesimic Toss
    TM/HM Moves: Thunderbolt, Perish Song, Drain Punch, Voodoo Bugaloo
    Egg Moves: Recover
    Recolors/Accessories/Etc.: x1 Possessed Gem Necklace: A golden chain threaded with gold Razor Fangs. A mysterious black diamond-shaped gem hangs on it...

    Species Image:

    Name: Orion
    Species: Magnemite
    Level: 12
    Type: Electric/Steel
    Gender: ---
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Sturdy
    Held Item: n/a
    Evolution: Magnemite--Level up to Lv. 30--Magneton--Lv. up at Mt. Coronet--Magnezone
    Obtained: Adoption Center @ Lv. 1
    Housed in: Pokeball
    Contest Stats: n/a
    Bio: Orion is a very cheerful Pokemon, almost always looking at the brighter side of things and enjoying new experiences. The only thing he ever gets really angry about is his status as a "genderless" Pokemon, as he has always percieved himself as a male. If anybody even says the word "genderless" or mistakes him to be female, he'll explode with rage, hitting anything in the immediate vicinity with hard attacks to take out his anger. He's quite smart for a Pokemon, and has an analyctical mind, using his powers of deduction to solve problems. He also has a strong sense of justice, and will rush headfirst into a situation to help someone or do something just. He's learned how to pick up radio signals with the screw on his head and translate them into sound, often playing songs for his enjoyment and others. Not to mention, it's a skill that comes in rather useful at parties.
    Lv. Up Moves: Metal Sound, Tackle, Thundershock, Supersonic
    MT Moves: Swift, Signal Beam, Rollout, Iron Defense, Magnet Rise
    TM/HM Moves: Tri Attack

    Species Image:

    Name: Giant Enemy Crab/G.E.C./Gek
    Species: Krabby
    Level: 12
    Type: Water
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Relaxed
    Ability: Shell Armor
    Held Item: n/a
    Evolution: Krabby--Level up to Lv. 28--Kingler
    Obtained:Rapid Fire Cloud Garden @ Lv. 5
    Housed in: Pokeball
    Contest Stats: n/a
    Bio: Gek takes everything as it comes at him, completely assured that he has the strength to handle it. He's convinced that he could move a mountain if he absolutely had to, and his relaxed state of mind shows. He doesn't even mind which of his three names (one with 2 pronunciations) you call him. This makes him very fluid and able to roll with the punches, not to mention making it take a lot to surprise him. Sometimes, however, it can get him in over his head. Fortunately, he's not the arrogant type, and is rather modest about his "massive power". Being from the Rainbow Waterfalls, he's comfortable in both rocky, mountainy regions and in water. However, he absolutely detests plain, flat land, and will only come out on it if commanded to. His only weakness is his pincers, which he shines and sharpens on rocks every day. If an enemy Pokemon even touches his pincers, he'll fly into a rage, smashing everything near him.
    Lv. Up Moves: Mud Sport, Bubble, Vicegrip, Leer, Harden
    MT Moves: n/a
    TM/HM Moves: Brain Freeze, Firestream, Ice Beam, Surf, Strength

    Species Image:

    Name: Pear
    Species: Bellsprout
    Level: 15
    Type: Grass/Poison
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Gentle
    Ability: Clorophyll
    Held Item: Northern Star Bangle
    Evolution: Bellsprout--Level up to Lv. 21--Weepinbell--Leaf Stone--Victreebel
    Obtained: Adoption Center @ Lv. 1
    Housed in: New Year's 2009 Ball
    Contest Stats: Beauty: 10 Cute: 10 Smart: 10 Cool: 10 Tough: 10
    Bio: Pear is a really sweet Bellsprout, always gentle and always willing to help out. She treats everyone she meets like her best friend, and can negotiate anything out of anybody. A typical "friendly girl", she feels a little pressure being the first female Pokemon on Mike's team. Though she might be sweet ordinarily, you don't wanna mess with her; she'll get all sassy on your face.
    Lv. Up Moves: Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap, Sleep Powder, Poisonpowder
    Mt Moves: Seed Bomb
    TM/HM Moves: Fatal Attraction, Aqua Ring, Return, Energy Ball
    Egg Moves: Magical Leaf
    Recolors/Accessories/Etc.: Current Color:

    Species Image:

    Name: Geraldo
    Species: Nosepass
    Level: 2
    Type: Rock
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Naughty
    Ability: Sturdy
    Held Item: n/a
    Evolution: Nosepass--Lv. Up at Mount Coronet--Probopass
    Obtained: Egg House @ Lv. 1
    Housed in: Pokeball
    Contest Stats: n/a
    Bio: Geraldo is not a Nosepass. He is a little ball of arrogance shaped like a Nosepass. Believing that he has charisma beyond the belief of anyone but him, he sees himself as beautiful, awesome, attractive, hot, hotter, the hottest, powerful, in control, ultra-powerful, hilarious, OVER 9000, M&Ms, fishpaste, and roflcoptor. I'm not even going to try to explain all of those. Anywho, Geraldo usually thinks that he's going to be the next big actor/rock star/comedian/whatever, and will enlist the help of any and all people in the immediate vicinity to help him with his current pursuit or to just make some general mischief. Oddly, his parents appeared to be Japanese, and when Mike let him play a Japanese English Lessons game on a DS, he quickly learned to speak in a way not too different from Team Rocket's Meowth. He speaks with a slight Spanish accent, for reasons he does not care to disclose. Sarcastic to a point, Geraldo is willing to do anything to become famous, and will often boss Mike and his team around, even giving orders to strangers sometimes. Geraldo, after watching waaaaaay too much cable news, decided he would be a field reporter until he became ultrafamous, and as such will not hesitate to report on everything remotely interesting that happens when he's adventuring with Mike. Oftentimes he will yell opinions, mangled facts, questions, and totally random things into the microphone that he can only pretend to have until Mike buys it for him. Geraldo, on the whole, truly is quite a character.
    Lv. Up Moves: Tackle
    MT Moves: n/a
    TM/HM Moves: n/a
    Egg Moves: n/a
    Recolors/Accessories/Etc.: n/a

    Main Pocket:
    x0 Rare Candies
    x1 Cream Purse (Empty)
    x1 Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer
    x1 Absol Plushie
    x1 Christmas Coin Case (Empty)
    x1 Sacred Ash
    x1 Northern Star Bangle (Held By: Pear)
    x1 Lapras Plushie
    x1 Ruby Pendant
    x1 Super Pass
    x1 Red Valentine's Coin Case (Empty)
    TCG Cards:
    x1 Brushfire TCG Theme Deck
    x1 Holographic Dark Golbat TCG Card
    x1 Lapras TCG Card
    Base Items:
    x2 Christmas Presents
    Pokeball Pocket:
    x1 Vampire Ball
    x1 Love Ball
    Berry Bag:
    x1 Apicot Berry
    x1 Rindo Berry
    x1 Lum Berry
    Pokeblock/Poffin Case:
    Key Items:
    x1 Pokedex
    x1 Berry Bag
    x1 Pokeblock/Poffin Case
    x1 Coin Case
    w/ 10,450 coins.
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