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    Though she's confident in herself she has never faced difficult situations, since she grew in the security and comfort of a loving family and a tranquil town. Indeed, she probably undervalues the real effort needed to be a decent trainer without becoming a battling machine or start keeping Pokemon just for company, like an old lady.

    Team [1/6]

    Edna the Bidoof
    She was chosen as Geenween's starter just because the girl liked her chubby look. Her trainer has no real idea of the capacities of this Pokemon
    {F}, Level 5
    [Tackle, Growl, Aqua Tail, Quick Attack, Mud Slap, Fury Cutter, Blizzard]

    Merla the Natu
    She was just adopted.
    {F}, Level 10
    [Flying & Psychic]
    [Peck, Leer, Night Shade, Teleport]

    Giuglio the Growlithe
    He's just a pup, but very energetic. he was caught during Geenween's first adventure
    {M}, Level 2
    [Bite, Growl, Crunch]



    Christmas ball x 1
    Mystic Water x 1 ; Northern Star Bangle x 1 ; Sacred Ash x 1
    Rare Candy x (12); Christmas Candy x 1 ; Peppermint Rare Candy x 2
    Hearth Scale x 1 ; Mince Pie x 1 ; Blueberry Slush [Brain Freeze] x 1 ; Cranberry x 1 ; Cranberry Juice x 1 ; Cranberry Vodka [Firestream] x 1
    Present x 2 ; Lapras Plushie [TM Ice Beam] x 1

    Berry Bag
    Payapa x 1 ; Durin Berry x 1 , Occa x 1 , Babiri x 1 , Iapapa x 1 , Custap 1

    Pokéblock Case
    Cranberry Pokeblock x 1 [1st March '09]

    Coin Case & Christmas Coin case with 3600 Coins

    All images (c) to the respective authors
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