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    To the "Staff":If Ive put this topic in the wrong area(I think Ive found the correct place) please move it and don't close it. This forum can be very confusing to a first time user and I going to try my best to follow all the rules. Also, I'm not soliciting anything. I just have this idea, and I would like to make it a reality. I wont put up any websites, I just want to see if there would be an interest for this sort of thing.

    Ok, so any way. Ive been throwing about this idea for awhile and finally got the guts to join this site and see if anyone else has an interest in this as well.

    So, my idea is to create a tabletop rpg based off of the Pokemon concept. Similar to how Pathfinder is pretty much D&D 3.5, but is also its own game. Meaning creating a whole new world, with new creatures, but still having that Pokemon feeling and mechanics. You would still go on an adventure with a group of friends to collect the monsters and battle random "trainers". Making a game like this would also allow players to explore a darker and more adult version of Pokemon that makes fan made Pokemon trps so popular.

    The reason Im posting my idea on here is to see if there is any interest in a game like this, and if anybody would want to help with the project. If this actually pans out and people want the game created, we could easily create a kickstarter to get the funds to make it a reality.

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    If you're not sure if you've posted in the right section, then please read the rules of that section.
    Quote Originally Posted by RPG Forum Rules
    7. Other Forms of RPG

    This forum is only for written RPGs. It is not a discussion board for MMORPGs, Tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, or a place to ask for help on Fan-Made Games/Hacks (which are not allowed anywhere on the forum). It is also not a a place to advertise other forum RPGs, as this is against the SPPf Rules, so doing so will earn you an infraction.
    Unfortunately I do not know what section this would belong it, so I wouldn't know where to move it. You can try asking one of the mods in General Pokemon Discussion or Fan Art if one of those sections would be more appropriate.


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