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    Ok lets see how my edits are

    Name:Xalex (Z-alex) Phaylorun (fay-low-run) Nick name Phaze



    Description:He is 6'4" with long silvery white hair that goes down to about
    his thighs and covers both his ears, most is pushed back with some
    hanging over his right sholder, thin looking face with dark red eyes, thin
    eyebrows and long eyelashes pale skin and a scar on his left cheek right
    above his jaw line about 3" long heading twords his left ear, he normaly
    wears a crude smirk on his lips and casually shows a smile now and then
    and a small chuckle, he also has a roughly small and thin jaw line almost
    pointed at the end.

    As I have said he has pale skin roughly normal sized
    muscle but not alot, still looking tough while whereing a long dark black
    punk gothic leather trench coat, (underneath) is a black outfit with shirt
    long pants and a pokeball pouch and belt (for holding mass amounts of
    poke balls but keeping them hidden from sight, his shoes are tight black
    boots with a thick sole and black and silver buckles acros them.

    Personality:his personality Is mainly silent twords
    people, but around his pokemon psylor he is gentle and will stand up for
    her, he wont mutualy talk to anyone he tries not to be around people he
    knows if there were any... and anybody that gets in his way... well best
    way to say this is they dont get in his way.
    he is constently vigalent always
    watching and listening to his surroundings, he does not like when people
    tell him about themselves he prefers to pay attention to more importent
    things like his mission or his pokemon, it takes a lot to get him stured up
    but if he is angry theres nothing left for you, emotion is a weakness of ours
    he threw it away so its not a distraction.

    History:Xalex's father worked at a lab that was studying
    pokemon species 15 years ago, that day when xalex was viseting his
    father there was a mysterious explosion in one of the rooms that
    demolished the entire lab xalex survived but was hurt and knocked
    unconscious but everyone else in the lab was killed.

    Except one pokemon, it
    was a syther(psyther) the syther saw xalex laying on the ground
    unconscious and hurt badly as she looked at him she felt an emotional
    bond butween xalex and herself, so she picked him up off the floor and
    caried him out of the rubble and took him to a hospital to get taken care of
    and sat by his side until he got better.

    As xalex woke up in the hospital and
    looked around wondering where he was, he sudenly rememberd about the
    lab and jumped up to take a better look around, and saw the syther laying
    next to his bed sleeping, just then a nerse walked by the door to the room
    where xalex was, she noteced he was awake and started talking to xalex.

    Xalex asked the nerse what happend, but all she could say is you have
    been asleep for two weeks and by the marks on your body and the news
    you must have come from that lab that was destroyed, xalex asked about
    his father and how he got to the hospital the nerse says shes sorry but
    there was no one else from the lab that servived and for how you got here
    well that syther brought you in.

    After that xalex and the syther got along
    really well and when he was able to leave the hospital syther went with him
    she became his first pokemon and he named her psylor, not long after he
    joined a group called teamrocket, as he grew older he started to get
    stronger and more trusted by teamrocket.

    But all that time inside he
    started to blame everyone for his fathers death up untill alittle while ago
    Xalex found out that team rocket was the cause of his fathers death and he
    left teamrocket and swore revenge on them, he now finds any way to make
    teamrocket suffer any way he can.

    Other:Deep voice with a sort of grawl to it, (if aloud in
    your rp has a very close bond and is very trusted by pokemon cause his
    father tested a humon pokemon dna mix (for communication perposes) on
    him but the resalts were not pirfect, he can not talk with pokemon but sort
    of knows how they are feeling and pokemon are kind to him as they see
    him as one of there kind.)

    Pokemon name:psylor

    pokemon species:syther (if aloud it will be a "psyther" a
    syther X psychic dna mix)

    pokemon personality:psylor is a very happy pokemon and
    treats Xalex with respect after saveing his life a couple times and
    on "rare occasions" him saveing hers, but none the less she will always be
    by his side and stick up for him, she is careing and gentle twords others,
    pokemon and humen alike.

    pokemon gender:Female

    P.S Im also looking for some people to just have a small fun pokemon adventure if anyone knows of where I could find the people or if anyone is interested message me.
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