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    For all the similarities drawn between Ash's Charizard and Dawn's Mamoswine, the latter has an episode that we could have used.

    Don't get me wrong, Charizard Chills to me is a satisfying ending to Ash's struggle to gain obedience from his Pokemon, but we never got an episode back in the day where Ash would actually attempted to work on his friendship with his out of control Fire Type. Just promises to improve on his battling skills or letting Charmeleon/Charizard out in good faith. Wouldn't even need to be a successful attempt, just actually have Ash actively working to get his Pokemon to respect him prior to Charizard Chills.
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    This was an Intersting episode, I liked when Ash saved Dawn from Piloswine when he was coming to tackle her. It's funny when Piloswine chasing Ash and Dawn, Gliscor learning Fire Fang and Screech in the same episode was great! .Haha, Team Rocket got blasted off after Dawn's Piloswine evolved into Mamoswine! It's nice that Dawn got a storng (and disobedient) member in her team. Seeing Mamoswine reminded me of Ash's Charizard, who was disobedient too.
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