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    The Days We Used To Know Series is going well, this is some of the latest newest book De Oppresso Liber (To Liberate The Oppressed; Latin). WWIII is slowing down steadily now. But, my charactor, Brody Kennen is jus' gettin' warmed up fer a big fight.

    Locked and loaded with the latest and greatest weaponry known to man; he goes out to find his girlfriend's parents . . . fully knowing the drawbacks of the mission but the smile on Victoria's face pushes him on anyway.

    But, before- and after-mission events push him to make a decision 'bout a bigger campaign that will come at the start of the New Year. Bustin' into 2009 with a Humvee, his trusty FNH SCAR-L and Barrett M82A1A .50 Cal Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle. Leadin' him to make Victoria ask herself the same question.

    I will post another chapter every now and again!!!

    RATED: R - Sexual Content; Nudity; VERY Strong Langauge; Rude Humor; Gore; Extreme Violence and Violence Related Humor!!!!!

    (Keep in mind that the Duty Roster is unfinished) So here it is; Duty Roster and Chapter 1 of De Oppresso Liber:

    The Days We Used To Know
    De Oppresso Liber

    Duty Roster

    United States/Nation Rebels Leadership --- U.S.R./U.N.R.
    United Special Task Force Branch (USTF)

    Damien Dorrell, President (“Red Eagle”)
    James Birmingham, the Chief Presidential Advisor
    Butch Colton, National Security Adviser
    Alta Vallejo, U.S.R. Chief of Staff
    Lieutenant General Badger Sutherlin, Former CIA, Chairman of the USTF
    General Emma Jackson, Vice Chairman of the USTF
    Major Riley Cragg, 1st EIB’s Assistant Commanding Officer
    Major General Alexis “Gray” Hills, United Nations Air Forces Commanding Officer

    United Special Task Force
    U.S.R. Army
    1st Elite Infantry Battalion, Able Company, 1st/4th Platoons

    Lieutenant Colonel Denny “Blade” Staff, 1st EIB’s Battalion Commander

    1st Platoon
    Captain Johnny “Firebird” Phoenix, Company Commander, Grenadier
    First Sergeant Mike Barlow, Assistant Company Commander, Rifleman
    Sergeant Alonso “D” Durmant, Medic
    Sergeant Jacobo “Sights” Chavez, Scout Sniper
    Corporal Kurt “Med-Kit” Erath, Medic
    Specialist Linda “Little Bird” Riker, Nuclear/Biological Specialist
    Private David “DK” King, Scout Sniper (Birth, Romance, Death)
    Private Rosa Springfield, Rifleman/Spotter (Birth, Romance, Death)
    Private Kyle Norman, Rifleman (Birth, Romance, Death)

    2nd Platoon
    First Lieutenant Scotty Hall Jr, Rifleman (Former POW in Marksville, LA)
    Sergeant Major Brody “Psycho” Kennen, Rifleman/Scout Sniper
    First Sergeant Victoria McCabe, Cook/Support (Ammunition Re-Supply)
    Corporal Jens “Tracer” Atkins, Lead Vehicle Driver/Ham Radio Operator
    Specialist Keith “Stone” Stone, Explosives Specialist
    Specialist Dominick “SAW” Romero, Spotter/Automatic Rifleman
    Private Jasper “Killjoy” Collins, Assistant Cook/Support
    Private Casey Eversmann, Rifleman (Birth, Romance, Death)
    Private Tory Sadler, Scout Sniper (Birth, Romance, Death)

    3rd Platoon
    First Lieutenant Zack “Bunker” Gerard, Anti-Tank
    Sergeant Major Jimmy “DJ” Hemphill, Scout Sniper/Weapons Maintenance
    Master Sergeant Blythe “Berserker” Martinez, Rifleman
    Staff Sergeant Webb Perconte, Rifleman
    Sergeant J.P. King, Mortar Crew
    Specialist Jack “JL” Luz, Mortar Crew
    Specialist Alt Wheeler, Mortar Crew
    Private Martin G. Jackson, Browning 2 Machine Gun Operator
    Private Eugene Park, Spotter

    4th Platoon
    First Lieutenant Ivano “Ivan” Mikhail, Lead Russian Cryptanalyst
    Major Katie Paine “Major Pain” Griffon, Weapons Specialist
    Sergeant First Class Edward “HE” Baker, Grenadier
    Corporal Salina Nickels, Medic
    Private First Class Dominick Romero, Spotter/Automatic Rifleman
    Private First Class Daniel “Pill Bug” Pilla, (Birth, Romance, Death)
    Private San Juan Saltillo, Rifleman
    Private Blake Tangretti, Automatic Rifleman (Birth, Romance, Death)
    Glen Jones, Interrogator, No Current Rank

    Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT)
    Captain Eddie “Dude” Yurek, Company Commander
    Warrant Officer 5 Eddy Larose, Lead Vehicle Commander
    Master Gunnery Sergeant Kenny “X-Ray” Grimesley, .50 Cal Machine Gunner
    Staff Sergeant Freddy “Zodiac” Bruno
    Private First Class Fletch Mariacher, Vehicle Driver

    Rescue Unit 1
    Major Hans “MM” Davenport, Team Leader, Rifleman
    Captain Kei Soryu, Medical Supervisor, Rifleman
    First Lieutenant Marcus “SOS” Bartlett, Radio Operator, Grenadier
    First Lieutenant Alvin Snow, HMMWV Driver, Machine Gunner
    Second Lieutenant Jack “JK” Karter, Navigations Officer

    Civilians/Other Military Personnel
    Kylie Higgins, Surgeon, No Rank

    AH-64D Apache Longbow Pilot/Gunner
    Second Lieutenant Scooter (Real Name Unknown), Pilot
    Sergeant Lee Drayton, Gunner (Birth, Romance, Death)

    MH-6 Little Bird Pilot (Reconnaissance)
    Captain Jason Diggs, LB-1

    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Pilots
    Captain Monica Carrie-Anne, Kiowa-Storm
    Captain May Senoke, Kiowa-X

    Chapter 1
    Midnight, November 15th, 2008
    Albany Street

    I sat quietly behind the glow of three computer monitor screens, it was 1203 hundred hours in the morning and I was drinking some Nestea ice tea mix out of a blue tumbler. The one I got from home, back in Louisiana.

    The monitors all showed something different, even though I wasn’t paying attention to the right and center ones at all. The right one had a Wikipedia page on Russia’s “experimental” Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut (Golden Eagle) fighter jet. The middle one stood pictureless as a Wikipedia information page on the new Russian T-Series 95 main battle tank.

    There wasn’t much information on either of the two Russian weapons on the internet. I had found out about both of the new weapons before the war began. Up until now it had not been very important but that fighter would cream the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II in a dogfight but we’d have to advantage with stealth.

    But my attention was not on the first two screens at all. I had one ear phone plug in my left ear as the right dangled from my trousers. I had my left hand pointer finger on the “D button”, my ring finger on the “A button” and my middle finger on the “W button” ready to hit “S” when needed.

    I was playing Battlefield 2 on one of my favorite servers. It was late but there was still an amply amount of players online. Some of my online friends had survived and were living in the five states, and multiple outposts that we had control of. California, Nevada, Washington State, Idaho and Oregon were the states we had. Outposts in New Orleans, Alexandria, Victoria (Canada), Key West and Houston.

    “Ding-Dong” It was the doorbell.

    “Who the fuck?” I mumbled and held down the “B button” on my keyboard. “Hold on, guys, somebody’s at the damn door.”

    “Don’t worry, hun, we have everything under control here.” A woman said over the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

    I pulled the earphone from my ear and set it down on the counter next to the keyboard. I walked out of my office and through the kitchen to the door and opened it slightly.

    “Who’s it, eh?” I muttered.

    “It’s Erik,” He said.

    “Get in here, boy, freeze your ass off out there.” I let him in.

    Erik saw the sawed off shotgun that was in my hand, I had been holding it behind the door.

    “Still don’t trust me?” He asked but he didn’t mean it like it sounded.

    “I don’t trust anyone except fer my friends. And I can’t tell if you’re a friend from behind a door. So I have to take precautions.” I said quietly. “I have to ask though. It’s only midnight, eh, what’s the purpose of your visit?”

    “I have to ask you a question.” Erik mumbled, his voice was as quiet as mine.

    “It can’t wait ’til tomorrow, eh? You could’ve called me.” I said.

    “I felt it needed to be asked in person.” He said.

    “So it’s really important.” It wasn’t a question. “Sit down, I’ve got some ice tea in the fridge, you want some, eh?”

    “No, thank you.” Erik said.

    “Well’n take a fuckin’ seat, brother. We don’t have all night.” I smiled.

    Erik smiled back and we both sat down at the kitchen table.

    “So, this has to be a Level Five Black Op if it couldn’t have waited ’til mornin’.” I said seriously.

    “Yes, it’s very serious.” Erik stared at me.

    “So?” I said boringly.

    “I want to ask your permission for Karen’s hand in marriage.” Erik said.

    I smiled at him. “I ain’t the right person you should be askin’, eh, and the right person is most likely dead. But I ain’t the person to ask.”

    “You’re the closest thing to her father there is, Brody.” Erik said.

    “Wrong. I am her son, step-son, not her father. You don’t have to ask anyone.” I said seriously.

    “I don’t care. I wanted to ask your permission before I asked her.” Erik was persistent.

    I smiled again and shook my head a little. “Ok, Erik. Yeah, you can marry Karen. I know you’ll take care of her in sickness and in health and all that other stuff from that book that I can’t remember. I know you’ll take damn good care of her!” I found myself nodding. “I know that you know that you’ll have to take care of her and Kelly and Le’Anna. You don’t need the speech, in my opinion.”

    “What speech?” Erik asked.

    “The speech that you won’t be hearin’ from me ’cause I know you don’t need it.” I said smartly.

    “Why?” He asked.

    “’Cause if I knew you needed it then you probably wouldn’t live to see next week.” I said with a stare.

    “You gave it to Greg?” Erik pressed.

    “Uh-huh.” I nodded.

    Erik shuddered his response and I smiled grimly, he wouldn’t be asking anymore questions tonight. He got up and I followed him to the door. He opened the door and stepped outside, it was very cold out.

    “I’m sorry I probably won’t make it to the weddin', brother.” I said sadly.

    “What? Where are you going?” Erik asked, kinda outraged.

    “You said you had a question fer me, not a million questions fer me. ’Night, brother.” I said and shut the door on him.

    I went back through the kitchen and to my computers again, sitting down and getting back to business. The ticket counter for the other team was low but I might’ve been able to make a few more kills before it was over.

    “Alright, guys, where were we?” I muttered as I held down the VOIP button down.

    I walked my player around a corner and there was an explosion. My player was lying on his back with a message on the screen “You Are Critically Wounded: Respawn In 13.” I looked up at the kill box, the top-right of the screen held all the deaths on it.

    “Clay,” I said simply. “Shit.”

    I looked up at the clock on the wall, it said 0321 hours on it, I shook my head and told everyone good-night that I was playing with on the server. I shut down the game and started checking my mail, deleting almost all of it, and then deleting it out of the trash. I erased the spam in the spam box and then went through the few decent e-mails I had received that were still sitting in my mailbox.

    Someone’s hand came in front of my eyes and I smiled slightly.

    “I thought you said you would’ve been off there hours ago.” Victoria McCabe said from behind me.

    She removed her hands so I could finish reading a day old e-mail from Karen.

    “Yes, mother, I lost track of time.” I laughed at my old “Get out of trouble” line.

    Victoria hugged my neck and breathed in my ear as I quickly read through the e-mail. Nothing new from Karen, she just felt the need to send me mail while I lived in my apartment every second or third week, all week long.

    I lent the spare room to Victoria, even after I had told her that she could probably get a huge house and even after she said that she didn’t need a whole bunch of room.

    She had said that if she wasn’t around here that I would be a lonely man but I pinched that in the butt saying; I’m not here two and a half weeks of the month and you’re callin’ me a lonely man. You’re the only lonely person here. I had laughed at that.

    She lived here all the time since we got back in from Alexandria. I rented it, she stayed, I conked out every other week or so when I needed to get away from the father or needed to plan my next big frontal assault, she just watched as I conked out, I supplied all the food, she ate it. I didn’t mind.

    And it’s coming (The frontal assault, I mean); I wasn’t going to sit here forever doing nothing whatsoever. That was just unacceptable.

    “I knew you weren’t going to bed when you said you were.” Victoria smiled mischievously.

    “I’m jus’ a book in your library, you read me cover to cover.” I said, poetic-like.

    She laughed and kissed me on my lips tenderly, lingering for a few moments to let me taste her lips in full. I wanted her to stay a bit longer but she backed up a bit and smiled shyly.

    “See you tomorrow, Brody.” She said.

    “’Night, Victoria,” I barely managed.

    And with the swish of the nightgown around her ankles she was gone into the darkness of the living room. Scotch, Victoria’s cat, came out of my bedroom and jumped up onto my lap lightly. I smiled to him and scratched his ears. He gave me a knowing look. Animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

    “Buddy, she’s all yours. I won’t get in your way.” I chuckled.

    He jumped off my lap and went to the kitchen; he came back a few minutes later with a ten dollar bill in his mouth. He hopped up on my lap again and nudged my face with the paper money.

    “Sorry, cat, but this ain’t gonna be fair to you, eh.” I smiled and removed a twenty from my billfold.

    I set the money down on the table and Scotch picked it up, jumped from my lap and turned before he reached the doorway. Throwing me a taunting look and then ran out of the room. I knew where he was going, he was going to put the money somewhere to keep until the bet was over (I was missing a few other personal items as well, now that I thought about it) and then go into her room to suck up as much as he could. I raised my hand and pointed to the doorway with my mouth agape.

    “Damn. I jus’ got mugged by a cat. Victoria’s either been trainin’ that cat well or she needed twenty bucks desperately.” I joked to myself.

    I got up and shrugged slightly, walking to my room and quietly closing the door behind me. There was a cup on my dresser and I picked it up, drinking the room temperature ice tea from it and grabbing the pitcher under my bureau to pour myself another cup.

    It always tasted better than if I was to put it in the fridge and wait awhile to drink it. More flavor. I replaced the pitcher back where it belonged and lay back in my bed, putting the cup on my bureau.

    Now that I thought about it, there was something in the ice tea that kept me awake all the time. I rarely drank it while I was away from the apartment and never had a problem sleeping at night but when I got here for the week it was always Pepsi or ice tea. Both of which wouldn’t help none.

    I couldn’t sleep again, it was the damned tea, I swore loudly and rolled over onto my stomach and closed my eyes. It was almost 0400 hundred hours now. I didn’t have anything planned for today but I would’ve liked a decent amount of sleep.

    I tried to trick myself several times before I felt another presence in the room. It wasn’t disturbing at all for some reason, I could die right here in my bed while trying to sleep because I wasn’t paying enough attention to the door that I had shut and would make noise when opened. So I started to get restless again, like I was having a dream and I started to fake sleeping.

    “Brody? Are you asleep?” Victoria’s silky voice came from the gloom.

    “I was wondering if I was gonna have to kill someone tonight,” I was ashamed that I had assumed that.

    Why would I have to assume that? I was living with another person; it could’ve been the cat for Christ’s sake. I was worried about having to kill someone. I’m freaking paranoid.

    “I’m sorry if I scared you.” I said gently.

    “I understand. Don’t be sorry. I was wondering . . . wondering if you remembered that night after the dance.” Victoria said.

    “Frequently,” I murmured with a smile.

    “How often?” She asked.

    “Every night I’m here.” I whispered, not really needing to. “And every time I think ’bout your face while I’m away.”

    “What about my face?” Victoria asked innocently.

    “Your eyes, the way the glow in low light or maybe it when you’re eating the mornin’ cereal from the box while watchin’ a chick-flick on the tube late at night. Maybe it’s your hair after you’ve dried it after gettin’ out of the shower.” I rolled the list.

    I heard her breathing stop for a moment before the air was disturbed by her moving towards the edge of the bed --- where I was. Victoria’s moves were slow but deliberate none the less as she sat down next to my stomach.

    “Do you ever wish you could replay that night for real?” She asked.

    “Nope.” I said.

    “Why?” She sounded like I had offended her.

    “’Cause I look towards the future to make more new memories.” I smiled in the gloom.

    “Like right now?” Victoria didn’t move but I felt the longing emanating from her body.

    “I jus’ want some sleep, that’s what I’s after.” I said with my Southern accent.

    Victoria leaned down and kissed me, darting her tongue in and out of my mouth teasingly. It was slow, compassionate and it made my night until she stopped and leaned back so her face was two inches from mine.

    “I bet sleep doesn’t kiss you like this though,” Victoria teased me, kissing me again but pulling away before I got too far into the kiss itself.

    “Nowhere near, love,” I sighed heavily.

    Victoria climbed into bed, making me move over. She was faced towards me, we couldn’t see each other but we both knew that the other was supporting shell-shocked grins. Mine was more from the shellfire, but hers would’ve been beautiful --- if I could see it.

    I moved her hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear slowly, revealing tender, warm, supple cheeks. I started stroking her cheek gently, caressing. There was a light perfume in the air; Victoria had put it on before she came in by the smell of it. But she just lay in my arms, breathing gently against my face as she pulled my body close.

    “What are you planning on doing tomorrow?” She asked.

    “Whatever you want me to do,” I offered.

    “I think its time to go see your uncle in the ‘Oval Office.’ ” Victoria kissed me, keeping me from responding to her suggestion.

    I nodded a bit at the thought, it was time to see my uncle, Damien Dorrell --- President Damien Dorrell, to be exact. The Red Eagle himself.

    “Is that what you want to do?” I asked, whispering to her.

    “Tomorrow. Right now I just want to lay with you.” Victoria said softly.

    She fell asleep not too long after I resumed stroking her cheek; her steady breathing told me she was out.

    I picked up my phone and started writing.

    > Set up a meetin’ with my uncle and the Chief Presidential Advisor; tell him I’m bringin’ a friend and the CPA’s daughters with me. You’re comin’ too. How strongly do you feel ’bout me borrowin’ military property w/o permission?

    I laughed to myself at the text and sent it to Lieutenant General Badger Sutherlin, he was going to be pissed that it was 0400 hundred hours and that it was me bugging him at 0400 hundred in the morning. I chuckled as I waited for him to reply.

    My phone buzzed loudly in my hand a few minutes later and I laughed a bit louder than intended, everything my C.O. wrote was uniform.

    > You woke the wife. I’ll get right on that too, I don’t really feel the need to be attending though. The Chief Presidential Advisor will be very pleased to have his daughters back. And that would depend on how expensive the military equipment was, to be exact.

    I made a small face at my phone.

    > I wasn’t askin’ ’bout you bein’ there, Sutherlin. I do agree with you, the CPA will be extremely happy ’bout havin’ his daughters back. You jus’ be there, eh, bring your best monkey-suit ’n show. And as of to the military equipment. I’ll let ya know when I get there. Tell the wife g’night from me and that I’m sorry fer wakin’ her.

    I sent it and shut my phone down; I leaned back into position on the bed, brushing Victoria’s face until I myself fell asleep.
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    Hey, I live in Alexandria, Louisiana. If anyone else lives in Alexandria, Louisiana, PM me.
    The Days We Used To Know - Chapter 2 - 12-17-08
    A Late Beginning - Chapter 2 - 12-17-08

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    Chapter 2
    0135 Hours A.M., November 15th, 2008
    Albany Street
    Los Angeles, California

    My alarm was going off, I slammed my fist down on it a few times until it went off, but then it clattered to the wood floor, I didn’t have a clue what pushed it. It might’ve been me --- I didn’t care enough to try to remember. Wasn’t important.

    I heard the door open and I opened my eye slightly but it was too bright and blurry.

    “Wake up!” Victoria said.

    “Uh . . . shit, go away!” I moaned with a laugh.

    Something hit my side and I jerked up instinctively and moaned. “I said; wake up!” She said more forcefully, but she was laughing.

    “Oh, come on, jus’ give me a few more minutes!” I moaned again as she opened the blinds. “I’m not a day person!”

    Victoria pulled the sheets out from between the mattresses and grabbed my ankles. She was trying to drag me out of the bed, but she didn’t move me a tenth of an inch. I laughed at her a bit. She spat her tongue out at me in annoyance.

    “I know.” I muttered and threw the sheet back.

    “It’s time to go! I made breakfast --- well lunch now,” She emphasized as I sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for the blood to quit rushing my head. “I really, really, want to meet your uncle!”

    “I know, I know, I ain’t seen ’im in awhile, either.” I said with a smile.

    “Well, then let’s go!” Victoria whined loudly.

    “Not bloody yet!” I said as loudly.

    “Why?” She threw herself down on the bed next to me.

    I ignored her fingers slowly walking up my spine, until she made it to the nape of my neck and then running her fingers through my hair. Victoria got up suddenly and pulled her shirt off. I looked up at her for a moment in disbelief. She really, REALLY wanted to go; I’d never seen her act like this. It was actually a comforting change of pace --- up to this point.

    I got up myself and walked past her.

    “I’ma take a shower.” I muttered almost incoherently.

    “Want me to accompany you?” She asked.

    “Nope.” I muttered.

    “Something the matter?” Victoria paused.

    “Nope. I’ve got a hard-on.” I laughed and closed the bathroom door behind me.
    Victoria knocked on the door while I undressed and called in; “Don’t use up all the hot water, Kennen!”

    “Yes, ma’am,” I called back.

    Victoria was in the bathroom as soon as I got out of there myself, I was dressed almost as I had been for the dance a few months back and I was just waiting on her now.

    I was heading out the door when I heard screaming and cursing coming from the bathroom. I doubled over laughing quietly as I made my way outside. I had used up all the hot water and she had apparently not checked the temperature before stepping in.
    I was howling by the time I got down to my truck.

    Victoria was not pleased when she stepped out into the chilly November air, walking down the stairway towards me, I was trying my hardest not to break a smile.

    “That wasn’t funny.” Victoria mumbled.

    “I never laughed.” I kept a straight face.

    “Liar!” She pointed her finger at me once we got in my truck.

    “Well, you didn’t exactly need to go take your shirt off in front of me. You could’ve jus’ asked. I would’ve moved without a second thought.” I countered.

    It took her awhile to understand me when I said the word ‘asked,’ because when I say it, it sounds like I said ‘assed’, especially when the question was ‘You jus’ asked me, didn’t you?’ I found it highly amusing for the first few weeks we’ve been living together.

    “Ok, I apologize for that. It was excessive and unnecessary. I just didn’t know if you had changed your mind.” Victoria offered.

    “When I say I’m gonna do somethin’ then I do that somethin’. I jus’ stayed up late and needed a bit of time to wake up. If I make a promise that’s within reason then I will carry it out.” I replied.

    “And those of which out of reason?” Victoria asked.

    “Then I’ll either make a compromise to either do somethin’ else instead or set a later time to which the out of reason somethin’ can be carried out without question.” I finished.

    There was nothing sexual between us. We made out a lot, we never stepped over the boundaries of the other and there was really no intention to. Yet. She calmed me down while I was home, I wasn’t as eager to go out and kill and rarely did I talk about taking pleasure in killing some enemy in on the battlefield. It was weird that she calmed me down that much.

    Kinda scary, some how. I never thought it would be possible, to run into a girl and then have her calm me down to the point of no return to the “dark side”, I mean. But then again almost a year ago there was an invasion and a nuclear holocaust. People around here obviously stopped using the word ‘impossible’, because there really was no such thing anymore.

    And when those so called “impossible” things came to life and they held dangers there were, also, obvious changes.

    The population still didn’t believe in creatures that went bump in the night, but they would after tonight’s breaking news story. The clip of me slaughtering an altered creature back in Alexandria was going to air tonight at 0730 hours. It would just make sure that people didn’t stay out after curfew anymore and that the whole city area would have to be sweeped. The sewers, dense forest, all of it had to be checked. The military was given that job, as well as the well armed police divisions. I believed that the reason why the video hadn’t been put on the air sooner was that it needed to be extensively censored. My bad.

    Erik was getting married to Karen, he was probably going to crack the question today, probably took her out to a restaurant, a really nice one that was way over his old pay-grade at his new job. He was a house security officer now. I still couldn’t believe he came and asked me.

    My Texas buddy, First Sergeant Mike Barlow, was also getting hitched. He found a military girlfriend in the service; he was on leave up in Seattle after being temporarily relocated after the bombs went off in the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. He had just gotten out the door of the hospital after seeing my baby girl for the first time. He was called out after he stepped under the blanket of stars.

    Linda Riker was her name, she was a government official and a nuclear/biological specialist. She had been called there to make sure it wasn’t a germ warfare attack again. But it was just crude car-bombs that killed many people in the four airports that had been hit.

    Some of my other military buddies had new girlfriends, houses and vehicles. It was good just to be happy for awhile before a big operation. I was secretly recruiting for my own mission, for the new military branch that we now had, I had the first operation already planned out. But it was like having a pond in your backyard with stepping stones to get to the other side. Only it was like trying to jump five stones to the sixth instead of taking it slow, and the water was filled with sharks. The plan was that I was to be in Paris by July or so. We were going abroad.

    I hadn’t told anyone anything of the growing operation. I had papers of the military personnel I wanted on the mission. I had people with certain vehicles that were essential to the mission’s success. I wasn’t breaking the news to anyone until I knew I had everyone that I wanted to come. I had the area of the first meeting chosen, as well. Out at Point Bonita with a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I wanted to see one of the last West Coast landmarks that were still standing, also one of the few in the U.S. that were still standing. The Arch in St. Louis was gone, D.C.; New York City, too. Gone. Mount Rushmore had taken a direct hit by a WMD. I saw the footage of it happen; someone with a really powerful digital camera had left the camera rolling. It turned out there had been an infiltrator at the site, set up the camera and left. It was a BIOWAR (Biological Warfare) ICBM but there was a huge explosion. The cause of the explosion was never uncovered. Probably never would be uncovered. The populace was informed that Mount Rushmore was gone but the tape was never released to the public.
    Why the Russians had bombed a landmark was never uncovered, either, we think it was just to destroy morale. Only some of the other people in my old platoon had seen it as well. A few of them cried, one guy ran to the bathroom and puked his brains out, the rest were just too ****** off to do anything in the week after.

    Paris wasn’t gone as we had been informed, the French government, what was left of it anyway, contacted us a month back. Long range messages and eventually we got the cellular phone signal up on their end so that our government could talk to theirs. It had been a BIOWAR missile that hit the city as well. Took out a lot of the population.

    “I gotta pick up a couple other people then I gotta go down to the military airport. Gonna borrow us a Litt’l Bird.” I smiled.

    It took me a few minutes to grasp the concept of the small chopper in some ways. The pedals at my feet spun the chopper around in the back. The yoke maneuvered the Little Bird, pull it back and the chopper would tilt backwards, vice-versa for when I pushed it forward. I almost pushed a barrel-roll when I yanked the yoke a hard left, towards my left kneecap. I was lucky I grasped the concept of flying quickly; I jammed the left foot-pedal down until I was spun so that the small attack-recon chopper was going backwards and then pushed the yoke forward all the way.

    “Oh, COME ON! I don’t even suck this bad in the game!” I shouted.

    I was able to bring it back into a hover. The ladies weren’t happy with me though.

    I wasn’t paying much attention; I had some Disturbed roaring in my ears as I flew us towards San Diego. We were over Sea World now. Almost there, this should be somethin’, I thought.

    Can you feel that/Aw, shit/Oh, wa, ah, ah, ah/Oh, wa, ah, ah, ah/Orh/orh! Drowning deep in my sea of loathing/Broken your servant I kneel/Will you give in to me/It seems what's left of my human side/Is slowly changing in me/Will you give in to me!

    I looked over at the gas gauge; we were going to be good on gas, at least. I was only trying to get out to the North Island Naval Air Station. We were about fifteen minutes out now, off to my left was the USMC Recruit Depot and the San Diego International Airport.

    Get up, come on, get down with the sickness/Open up your hate, and let it flow into me/Get up, come on, get down with the sickness/You mother get up, Come on get down with the sickness/You fucker get up, Come on get down with the sickness/Madness is the gift, that has been given to me!

    “What are you singing?” Elizabeth asked, annoyed.

    “A litt’l ‘Gettin’ Down With the Sickness’ by Disturbed,” I grinned a little, but nobody could see it. “Get up, come on, get down with the sickness/Open up your hate, and let it flow into me/Get up, come on, get dow---”

    Elizabeth cut me off. “Don’t you have anything more . . . uh . . .” She couldn’t find the word.

    “Better?” I asked.

    “Yeah!” She muttered.

    “Umm,” I went through my list on the dash. “I’ve got ‘Killin’ Me’, ‘Fuck All Y’all’, ‘Survival of the Sickest’, ‘Feeling Way Too Damn Good’, ‘Riot’, ‘American Badass’, ‘You Ain’t Never Met A Motherfucker Quite Like Me’, ‘Bawadita’,” I stopped for a second to catch my breath. “‘Set It Off’, ‘Boom’, ‘Condescending’, ‘This Ain’t No Ordinary Love Song’ and ‘When Angels And Serpents Dance’.”

    Elizabeth let loose a long and exasperated sigh, I had touched a nerve. We hadn’t really talked to each other much after what happened with the ‘one way its time to go our separate ways’ radio message. Damn Marty for not letting me make a return message.
    I don’t think she likes Victoria much but whenever someone gives off a sign that they don’t like Victoria very much she puts on her “If only I gave two shits about what you think” look. We could both tell when someone disliked her but I always picked it up sooner.

    “Do you have anything Country?” Elizabeth asked me.

    “Nope. As with most militarily trained personnel from the South we have a litt’l thing that there is no Country/Cowboy music played/sang in any vehicle where the team is. Hence the reason I don’t play any of it. There is only one exception to that rule. And that’s when the team-leader starts the song his or herself. Not many militarily trained personnel sing that crap anyway. I mean there is some Country I like, like umm . . . ‘Save A Horse’, if you can call it Country; ‘More Than A Memory’. ‘Courtesy Of the Red, White and Blue’ by Toby Keith is, in my opinion, the greatest war/country song in the history of the old nation.” I mumbled loudly enough over the COMM to be heard.

    “So put ‘More Than A Memory’ on,” Elizabeth begged.

    “I don’t got it. I’ve got ‘Save A Horse’ and that’s it fer Country.” I said. “But, I’ve also got ‘Getting Away With Murder’, ‘She Fuckin’ Hates Me’, ‘Psycho’. ‘Cold’, ‘Give It All’, ‘Worth Dyin’ For’ and ‘State of the Union’. ‘Hammerhead’, ‘We’re An American Band’, ‘So Addicted To You’.” I finished what I could think of off the top of my head.

    “Ugh. Never mind. We’re almost there anyway.” Elizabeth moaned.

    “When did you start givin’ a shit ’bout what I listened to, anyway?” I asked.

    “When I noticed it affected the way you looked at the people around you and life itself.” She answered.

    I looked back at her for a moment and started howling with laughter. It took me a few minutes to finally remove my sunglasses and wipe the tears from my eyes with a smile.

    “One, I’m not a people person, never was to begin with. I can stand the average family and a few friends under one roof at a time but that’s it. Two, I had a grim outlook on life ’fore the world went to shit. And when it did go down and the balloon went up it jus’ made me look at it more grimly. Life was FUBAR and that never changed with me, the bombs and monsters in the night jus’ made it look grimmer. If you had known me better ’fore the world took a shit on itself then you would firmly be able to sit here now and say that there is no difference and I’m the same person I always was. No different in anyway, well, maybe fer a few exceptions.” I nodded to the window in front of me.

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