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    .:Trainer Info:.

    William Hale | Blood Type: A-
    Hometown: Pacifidlog Town, Hoenn
    Age: 17 years | Birthdate: 28 October
    Trainer Class: Treasure Hunter

    Born in Pacifidlog Town, Hoenn, William Benjamin Hale arrived in the curious land of FB shortly before Christmas of 2008. While here, he has consistently fought for justice and stood up for the defenseless, oftentimes sacrificing himself in order to protect other people and Pokémon, all in an effort to atone for the sins of his past. Stubborn, strong-willed, and determined, once Will sets his mind on something, he will always see that it gets completed. A habitual gambler with rotten luck, Will is often broke and hungry, and rarely has money to buy food or supplies. It is not uncommon for him and his partners to go many days without a meal. Despite having grown accustomed to this lifestyle of perpetual poverty, Will never gives up hope that one day he will strike it rich, and most of his adventures are the direct result of him searching for something valuable that he could pawn off in exchange for money. Occasionally, his lack of sufficient funds has landed him in comical situations or amusing misunderstandings.

    As a trainer, Will shares a mutual trust with his Pokémon comrades and cares for each of them very much. He greatly cherishes the bond he shares with all Pokémon and treats them as his friends and equals. This has allowed him to gain the trust and respect not only of his own team, but also wild Pokémon, including legendaries. Evidence of this is when the boy rescued a tortured Machop in the Arcane Realm, then befriended a genetically altered Feebas on Cortoza Island, helping both to find loving and lasting homes with fellow rookie trainers. Will is also one of only a few trainers to have directly interacted with the Alpha Pokémon Arceus, having received a special assignment from the Original One during the crisis in Talas. Despite this once in a lifetime opportunity, Will has remained humble and grounded. Will is an average battler at best, who does have some knowledge and skill, although having never been formally instructed, he makes up most of his strategies on the fly, and often resorts to unconventional tactics and improvising. In his practice sessions with his Pokémon, he puts a big emphasis on their endurance, firmly believing that having the constitution to outlast their opponents is important to winning any battle. Consequently, he tends to neglect the overall strength component of their training, which sometimes leaves his team at a disadvantage in quick, hard-hitting matches.

    Will's simple garments are characteristic of most trainers who lead an active, outdoor lifestyle and spend much of their time traveling. His waist-length, half-zip jacket is black and has a stand up collar that can be raised to keep out the cold. He wears a white shirt, black trousers, and white adidas running shoes for comfort. In warmer climates, though, he typically wears tan cargo shorts and a black t-shirt instead. On his left wrist, he sports a yellow Pokétch which includes a variety of useful Apps. Around his waist he wears a black belt with a silver buckle. Unlike most trainers, he does not carry his Poké Balls on his belt, but rather in his pack. Slung across his back, he carries a grey, side-strap courier-style bag, which contains a number of useful supplies, such as his sleeping bag, Pokégear, a sable-colored Pokédex, personal music player, some Technical Machines, his custom silver Poké Balls, and a variety of Pokéblocks, Poffins, and Berries. Will is a big fan of the Blackthorn United Fútbol Club, and is an expert on their illustrious history in the Johto Premier League. His courier bag even has a patch sewn on it sporting the team's insignia and nickname, The Indomitable Dragons. He is also quite fond of the British alt-rock band, Coldplay, and secretly hopes to attend one of their concerts in London someday. He is a devout Roman Catholic and on the rare occasions he actually has enough money for a meal, he prefers vegetables mixed with rice.

    Will traveled to the land of FB, hoping to put his past behind him, and make up for the mistakes of his former life...

    .:Active Pokémon:.

    Nickname: Medéo | OT: Hayward | Gender:
    Nature: Adamant | Ability: Yoga Power | Lv: 1oo

    Bio: When Will traveled to FB to put his past behind him and begin a new life, he brought this Pokémon with him. As a Meditite it was the first Pokémon the lad showcased in battle, and incidentally shares many traits with its trainer. On account of all the time they've spent together, it has grown to be very much like him: stubborn, strong-willed, and determined. It is the closest thing to a Pokémon version of Will. Fiercly loyal and battle-loving, Medéo will not give up no matter how hopeless the situation may seem or how badly it is outnumbered. Medéo is the most agile of Will's current team and has taught itself a variety of Kung Fu techniques, such as Gyarados Sweeps his Tail, Mankey Steals the Pecha, and Double Steelix Wall. In Lyanazia, it evolved into a Medicham while in the Xiaolin Monastery's Zen Garden after having meditated for an entire day in order to recover its strength. Possessing powerful psychic and fighting attacks, Medéo is undoubtedly Will's most trusted team member, and has been used in almost every single major combat the teenager had.

    Moveset: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Bide, Meditate, Confusion,
    Detect, HP (Psychic), Mind Reader, Feint, Calm Mind, Force Palm, Hi Jump Kick,
    Psych Up, Acupressure, Power Trick, Reversal, Recover, Bullet Punch, Fake Out,
    Foresight, Psycho Cut, Acrobatics, Crossfire, Double Team, Drain Punch, Flash,
    Psychic, Return, Telekinesis, Teleport, Vengeance, Zen Headbutt, Vacuum Wave

    Nickname: Hynéo | OT: Hayward | Gender:
    Nature: Jolly | Ability: Intimidation | Lv: 1oo

    Bio: Will's family's Pokémon, Hyn was recalled from home early on during the boy's journey. Having grown up together, Hynéo is one of Will's most dependable partners, and typically accompanies him outside her Poké Ball. With a likable, easy-going nature, Hynéo gets along well with all of her comrades. However she often displays a reluctance to concede defeat in spite of overwhelming odds, closely mirroring the stubbornness of her trainer, with whom she shares a strong bond. In Snowflake Village, she used her keen sense of smell to help a lost, little girl find her mother. Later, on Cortoza Island, she helped Will capture a wild Krabby when the aggressive crustacean scored a surpise knock-out on Medéo. She then joined Medéo, Fortéo, Kéo, and Martéo to battle VI's experimental creature. While the team was stranded at the Xiaolin Monastery, Hynéo helped Will complete his chores by rounding up a flock of grazing Mareep through unconventional means. Then when Will was ambushed by a tribe of bow-and-arrow wielding natives in the Sacred Forest, Hynéo sprang to her trainer's defense, guarding him from the tribe's gargantuan Ursaring bodyguard, despite being greatly outsized. Her selfless act on behalf of her trainer caused her to evolve into her final stage, Mightyena. Will's future cute contest representative, she knows a mixture of contest and battling moves.

    Moveset: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Swagger,
    Assurance, Scary Face, Taunt, Embargo, Take Down, Sucker Punch, Thief,
    Crunch, Astonish, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Leer, Me First, Poison Fang, Thunder Fang,
    Foul Play, Hyper Voice, Bark Out, Captivate, Hone Claws, Fatal Attraction,
    Return, Shadow Claw, Spite, Super Fang, Uproar, Vengeance, Lick, Pursuit

    Nickname: Kéo | OT: Hayward | Gender:
    Nature: Brave | Ability: Superpowerful Claws| Lv: 1oo

    Bio: As a Krabby, Kéo attacked Will and Medéo while they were working as Security Guards at Volcanity, Inc. on Cortoza Island. Admiring it's bravery, strength, and willpower, Will made up his mind to add it to his team right away. He caught it with the help of Medéo and Hyneo, and it quickly developed loyalty to the teenager and his companions while teaming up with Medéo, Hynéo, Fortéo, and Martéo to take on the genetically-altered, hybrid Pokémon monster the VI scientists had created by splicing together the DNA of various wild Pokémon. In Lyanazia, Kéo showcased a special knack for giving hair cuts, when it helped a village girl shear countless Mareep. When Will was ambushed by a quartet of Shadow Tauros in the Sacred Forest, Kéo and Fortéo teamed up with a wild Sandslash and Houndoom to bring down the tainted foursome. It was during that battle that Kéo evolved into its final form, the powerful Kingler. Kéo shares the determined nature of its trainer, though not as much as Medéo, and quickly became a powerhouse on Will's team. It packs a number of powerful attacks such as Vicegrip, Crabhammer, and Earthquake.

    Moveset: Wide Guard, Mud Sport, Bubble, Vicegrip, Leer, Harden, Bubblebeam,
    Mud Shot, Metal Claw, Stomp, Protect, Guillotine, Slam, Brine, Crabhammer, Flail,
    Agility, Amnesia, Ice Punch, Ancient Power, Bulldoze, Haze, Hone Claws, Cut, Dig,
    Dive, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fury Cutter, Iron Defense, Mud-Slap, Sandstorm,
    Superpower, Shadow Claw, Swords Dance, Whirlpool, X-Scissor, Chip Away

    Nickname: Skarméo | OT: Hayward | Gender:
    Nature: Rash | Ability: Sturdy | Lv: 1oo

    Bio: Will added this Skarmory to his squad while trekking across Cascadia's Aduro Isle. The island's temperate climate, harsh landscape, and active volcano provided the armoured avian with the perfect habitat in which to raise its young. Following an extensive, yet tireless search of the rugged terrain, Will and Kéo finally captured Skarmory nesting in a thicket of bramble bushes. After gaining the steel condor's trust, Will named it Skarméo and since it was already at a high level, immediately became a main member of his party, and took up the role as the lad's principal flyer. Reckless and unrelenting, it is a powerful Pokémon that packs both strength and sturdiness, and is adept at using offensive attacks such as Drill Peck, Steel Wing, and Brave Bird, as well as the defensive techniques, Iron Defense, Spikes, and Whirlwind.

    Moveset: Leer, Peck, Sand-Attack, Swift, Agility, Fury Attack, Feint, Air Cutter, Twister,
    Spikes, Metal Sound, Steel Wing, Autotomize, Air Slash, Slash, Night Slash, Fly, Tailwind,
    Defog, Pursuit, Sky Attack, Sky Drop, Brave Bird, Drill Peck, Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Reflect,
    Hone Claws, Iron Defense, Endure, Roost, Protect, Pluck, Featherdance, Ominous Wind, Iron Head

    Nickname: Zebréo | OT: Hayward | Gender:
    Nature: Hasty | Ability: Herbivorous | Lv: 1oo

    Bio: This Blitzle was added while Will was journeying through the mysterious realm known as the Dream World. While there, Will helped to reunite the electric equine with her lost Bonsly companion before ultimately befriending the zebra Pokemon and recruiting her for his own squad. Zebréo has a violent temper and will release electric sparks from her mane when angered. She is full of explosive power comparable to a flash of lightning, and a thunderous roar can be heard when she runs at full speed. Zebréo has a potent arsenal of attacks including Wild Charge, Flame Charge, Double Kick, and Pursuit, and not long after joining Will's squad, the lad taught her the ultimate electrical attack, Volt Tackle. Added recently, not much else is known about Zebréo at this time...

    Moveset: Take Down, Me First, Double Kick, Screech, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack, Spark,
    Tail Whip, Charge, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Flame Charge, Pursuit, Stomp,
    Discharge, Agility, Wild Charge, Thrash, Flash, Work Up, Thunderbolt, Thunder,
    Double Team, Volt Switch, Volt Tackle, Overheat, Signal Beam, Bounce, Magnet Rise

    Nickname: Urséo | OT: Hayward | Gender:
    Nature: n/a | Ability: Picking Up Things | Lv: 29

    Bio: Coming soon...

    Moveset: Roar, Hone Claws, Covet, Scratch, Leer, Lick, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes,
    Faint Attack, Sweet Scent, Slash, Charm, Scary Face, Rest, Snore, Yawn, Sleep Talk,
    Thrash, Fling, Hammer Arm, Superpower, Cross Chop, Close Combat, Low Kick,
    Brick Break, Crunch, Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Ice Punch, Facade, Headbutt

    .:Deposited Pokémon:.

    Nickname: Suméo | OT: Hayward | Gender:
    Nature: Relaxed | Ability: Thick Fat | Lv: 1oo

    Bio: Will added this chubby little Makuhita to his party sometime before traveling to the Glacier Islands. In stark contrast to its trainer and most of its Pokémon teammates, Suméo has a laidback and carefree attitude and has never acted out in anger or faced off against a much bigger opponent. Slow, dopey, and gluttonous, he almost always has food on his mind and seldom wants to battle. Much to Suméo's dismay, he usually serves as the decoy in many of his trainer's hair-brained schemes, and in Lyanazia, was recruited by Will to help prepare supper for three of the Xiaolin Village's noblemen. Despite his great bulk, Suméo did not initially show himself to be particularly powerful. However, while fighting alongside Medéo deep beneath the surface of Mireno, Suméo tapped into its inner strength and evolved into its final form, Hariyama. He has a number of strong attacks at his disposal such as Belly Drum, Close Combat, and Iron Head, and Will knows his true abilities still remain to be seen.

    Moveset: Brine, Tackle, Focus Energy, Sand-Attack, Arm Thrust, Vital Throw,
    Fake Out, Whirlwind, Knock Off, Smellingsalt, Belly Drum, Force Palm, Seismic Toss,
    Wake-up Slap, Endure, Close Combat, Reversal, Heavy Slam, Cross Chop, Foresight,
    Helping Hand, Wide Guard, Bulldoze, Smack Down, Blow-Back, Body Slam, Bulk Up,
    Fling, Iron Head, Lick, Strength, Surf, Submission, Superpower

    .:Shop Pokémon:.

    Nickname: Rotéo | OT: Hayward | Gender: n/a
    Nature: n/a | Ability: Floating | Lv: 22

    Bio: Tired of all his treasure quests, relic searches, and bounty hunts always ending in failure, Will reluctantly concluded that the best way to get rich was actually the old fashioned a summer job, earn some money, and save it in the bank. To that extent, the lad bought an antique lawn mower from a resale shop hoping to raise some funds by cutting grass, only to discover to his astonishment that the motorized machine he purchased was possessed by no other than the plasma Pokémon, Rotom. Though its mischief gave Will a hard time at first, the teenage trainer eventually figured out Rotom was merely lonely, and that it's true intention was simply to play and show off. In an effort to provide Rotom with companionship and a good home, Will suggested that it join his own squad, an offer the little ghost cheerfully accepted. Rotéo possesses the unique ability to assimilate itself into numerous common electrical contrivances at will, allowing it to change into a variety of formes, and wield powerful elemental attacks such as Leaf Storm, Thunderbolt, and Shadow Ball.

    Moveset: Trick, Astonish, Thunderwave, Thundershock, Confuse Ray, Uproar, Double Team,
    Shock Wave, Ominous Wind, Substitute, Electro Ball, Hex, Charge, Discharge, Leaf Storm,
    Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Torment, Flash, Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball,
    Wild Charge, Thunder, Electro Web, Signal Beam, Pain Split, Snatch, Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch

    Nickname: Fortéo | OT: Bill | Gender:
    Nature: Quirky | Ability: Sturdy | Lv: 22

    Bio: Added recently, not much is known about Forteo at this time...

    Moveset: Tackle, Protect, Selfdestruct, Bug Bite, Take Down, Rapid Spin, Bide, Natural Gift,
    Spikes, Mirror Shot, Automize, Payback, Explosion, Iron Defense, Gyro Ball, Double-Edge,
    Magnet Rise, Signal Beam, Zap Cannon, Heavy Slam, Toxic Spikes, Pin Missile, Power Swap,
    Sand Tomb, Defense Curl, Rollout, String Shot, Magic Coat, Refresh, Drill Run, Giga Drain,
    Gravity, Toxic, Block, Pain Split, Venoshock, Struggle Bug, Rock Polish, Bulldoze, Stealth Rock,
    Flash Cannon, Sweet Scent
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    Default Will's Supplies

        Spoiler:- Will's Bag:

        Spoiler:- Will's Pokédex:

        Spoiler:- Will's PC:

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