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Name(on forum): A_Dragon_Skype (in wifi chat)
In-game Name:Charlie
Friend Code: cant see it any more - has the thuggy avatar guy?
IP: @PurpleSurge-793723F2.wlms-broadband.com
Pokemon Scammed: Lvl 100 shiny evd Rhyperior I caught and raised myself...
The Story (What Happened):
basically, id just traded 3 lvl 100 pokemon for 3 of his shinies. i thought he was a nice guy, as hed done nothing wrong.
I had been raising a shiny rhyhorn, which i caught in the safari park in sapphire, my first and only shiny pokemon ive caught. I raised it into a lvl 100 rhydon, and since i have no friends who have d/p i decided to trade through serebiis wifi.
so i traded the 3 pokemon, and he said he had some pokemon that needed trade evolving, so did I, and i traded my rhydon as he seemed to be in the same sit. Basically he turned off his ds when it evolved. i didnt get any time to look at it in its beautiful evd shiny rhyperior state.

so it was gone, there was nothing i could do.
hoping hed be on wifi again, i logged on and he was therenot realising it was me, he traded with me, and i saw it. And it was beautiful, i didnt get to see much of it, but i saw it. He turned off his ds again 20 secs through.

I know this is a stupid thing to ask, but if anyone has a lvl 100 evd shiny rhyperior and feel for me, could they drop me a message and we can sort something else? he was my very favourite pokemon...
thanks guys
When you mean "turn off DS" you mean blue screen?

if so it is possible that you or him got disconnected