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    Welcome to the new 4th Generation Wi-Fi Center! Here, you will be able to trade, battle, and do anything else that can be done via Wi-Fi Connection.

    For Battling in either Diamond/Pearl/Platinum or PBR, visit the Battle Forum. You will also find Clans and Leagues here, apart from just pure battling. Be sure to read the Rules.

    For Trading in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, visit the Trade Forum. Again, be sure to read the Rules.

    Other activities, for now, include only minigames in Platinum, which you can do here.

    Remember that you can always visit #SPP-WiFi for quick trading and battling.

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please PM a 4th Generation Wi-Fi Center moderator. Thank you and enjoy the section!

    To discuss this, go here! : D
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    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)
    Little Miss Stalinist/Secret Al-Qaeda agents (i.e. Ellie) would be a ***** even if she was a conserative republican. What makes her the way she is happens to be the fact that the webmaster of this site let's her behave like this. (Of course, I would never make a liberal a staff member at any forum I'd be in charge of, regardless.)
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