Just gonna add a new personality for my newest Pokémon.

Fatale (Shiny Beautifly): Prior to Keith catching her, she was the reason Cadaver Forest earned its morbid name. Known as "the vampire of Cadaver Forest", she is a brutal, aggressive Beautifly who has no problems stabbing any living being and draining their fluids. She speaks her mind about others (that's when she can be encouraged to meet others- she's not especially sociable) and is not above interrupting others to make a point. She has a little bit of respect for Keith, and isn't particularly inclined to murder him, but most other strangers are fair game as far as she's concerned. She takes delight in such morbid subjects as death and drinking blood, which can make her seem quite disturbing. The one teammate of hers' to warm up to her thus far is Severus, and she in turn is intrigued by him.