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Thread: Forbidden Feelings (Ikarishipping, PG-13)

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    Default Forbidden Feelings (Ikarishipping, PG-13)

    Been about a year since this, so I might be a bit rusty.

    Nah, what was I thinking when I wrote Love and Destruction?

    Title: Forbidden Feelings
    Rating: PG-13
    Pairing: IkariShipping (Paul x Dawn)

    Chapter 1: The Jewel of the Dark

    "Starting from today, my son will be commanding you."

    "Yes, sir!"

    I glanced at the army of dark angels. Did my father really expect me to command them all?

    My father seemed to sense my uncertainty and slaps my back.

    I straightened up. "Very nice to meet you."

    "Yes, sir!"

    "Retire to your rooms." My father announced, pointedly glaring at me.

    I gulped. "Yes, sir."

    I flopped on my bed, my dark purple-black wings beneath me. I fingered the glossy feathers. Why had I been given such a big destiny?

    My name is Paul Shinji. I'm a dark angel. The forces of hell that have been banished from heaven, intent on getting revenge on the light angels.

    Lana nudges my feet, and I scratch the Absol's head. I sigh. "Today's been really fudging hectic, you know?"

    Lana growled softly, as if agreeing.

    I sigh again. "Why me? Of all people, why me?"

    "Maybe because you're his son." A familiar voice says.

    I sit up and meet his eyes. "You're clearly a better choice than me."

    The male rolls his eyes. "You're the heir to the throne, Paul. Don't act stupid."

    I snort. "Don't give me that 'I'm stupid' crap, Ash. You're the one who's stupid."

    "Says who?" Ash sits down on the ground Indian style.

    "Two plus two."

    "Three?" Ash tries.

    I sigh, getting up. "I'm getting some food." I mutter, calling for Lana over my shoulder.

    The Absol trots at my feet as I wait for the water to reach boiling point. I kneel down, and she nudges my face.

    "Sorry," I murmur, "Dad's been killing me these days."

    "Then you should learn to take responsibility." My father states from the doorway.

    Getting up, I force myself to look at his cold gray-green eyes.

    "It wasn't my choice." I reply bitterly.

    "Paul, my son, you are the heir of the throne."

    "I don't care! I'm only fifteen! I'm too damn young!" I stomp my feet, and Lana jumps back.

    My father's eyes darken. "You are unenlightened."

    "Duh. We're dark angels, after all." I spit.

    "Go back to your room right now. And take that ridiculous thing back to the human world." Dad gestures to Lana.

    I storm past him, and Lana scurries after me, whimpering. "As if you can say that." I snarl, looking over my shoulder at the Dark-Ice type Weaville, that followed my father everywhere.

    Ash looks up at me as I slam the door. "Leader Cyrus is mad at you, huh?"

    "What does it look like?" I retort, falling face flat on the bed. "He's always mad at me, anyways."

    Ash cracks a grin. "The Leader only cares about you."

    "When was that ever true?" I question sarcastically, my voice muffled by the bedsheets.

    "Since forever."

    I snort. "Like hell."

    Ash chuckles again. "It's pretty convenient we live in hell, isn't it?"

    "Shut up. You're not helping." I mutter.

    The speakers began to crackle. "All army members, please join up in the community room. Again, all army members, report to the community room."

    I shared a glance with Ash and shrugged. "I guess we're going."

    I was place next to my father on the podium while Ash sat in the front row as a leading general.

    My father cleared his throat. "All of you here are going to participate in a special mission discussed for decades. The first step to overthrowing heaven!"

    Everyone cheers, but I frown. Why was I not told about this?

    Dad sees my unhappiness. "None of you have been told about this mission for confidential reasons," my father begins, "but today marks the start of our rebellion!"

    "I will be leading this operation," my father continues, "and my son Paul will be assisting me. Please split into your army groups.

    Everyone lines up, and Dad announces to everyone that I'll be leading the group of angels that'll be attending to Earth.

    "Paul, you will be bringing Ash, Barry, Riley, Calem, and Gary up to Canalave City, Sinnoh. Then, travel to Mt. Coronet. The light angels have stationed their rise to heaven somewhere near that area.

    "Once you find it, report back to us by using the descent to hell, a certain ferry in Canalave Port." Dad instructed.

    I felt a pang of anxiety and pricks of uncertainty. Would I really be able to handle this mission? I bottled up all those feelings, tossing them into the sea, so they were just a tiny speck under my emotionless face.

    Of course I could.

    "Yes, Leader Cyrus, king of the fallen, mighty defender, ferocious attacker." I promised, dropping to one knee. The others did the same.

    Cyrus smiled. "Call in the ferry to the port. We'll be there in a few hours."


    I shifted my feet, watching the blue and white ship approach.

    Riley adjusted his hat, Calem straightened up, Barry pulled at his scarf, Gary fiddled with his water droplet pendant, and Ash shoved his hands into his black and yellow jacket.

    My father looked at me. "Do not disappoint me, Paul."

    I nodded. "I won't."

    Lana growled her agreement at my feet.

    Dad cast a half-disgusted, half-annoyed look at the Absol. "Are you sure you want to bring that thing along?"

    I nodded. "We need to fit in, right?"

    As we were venturing into the human world for one of the first times (the first time had been to get us Pokémon. Come to think of it, I think that was a small step towards this operation), we needed Pokémon to seem like regular humans.

    Ash grinned. "We'll be fine, Leader Cyrus."

    A flicker of a smile flitted across Dad's face. "Very well."

    We boarded the ferry, and I leaned against the rails, staring out at the murky purple seas. Soon they would be aquamarine blue.

    And when that time came, we would be in the human world.

    I lifted my head and stared at the bright horizon in front. "Here goes nothing." I murmur.

    I can do this.

    I will do this.
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    This part of the story is the last part that will be told in first person. The rest will be third person.

    Chapter 2: The Jewel of Light

    "Ow!" I yelp, thrusting my head forward and slapping Misty's hands away from the back of my hair.

    The girl sighs. "Dawn! Your hair's all messed again! Hold still!"

    "So-ree." I grumble.

    "Geez. Do you WANT to become a Hope, or would you rather stay a Light?"

    I gasp. "No! He wouldn't stop us!"

    Misty giggles. "Relax! The King wouldn't! I mean, have you SEEN what things I've done?"

    I sigh with relief. Today was the annual ceremony where all Lights, in-training Hopes, would become Hopes, and some Hopes would become Secrets, who taught Lights.

    Hopes were basically what you would call light angels. Yes, you do need training to become a light angel. Boy, do you ever. Future-telling and all that good ****.

    Misty goes back to fumbling with my hair, and I allow her to.

    "All done! Thank God you weren't struggling that bad this time."

    "Shut up." I grunted, uncrossing my legs and primly getting up. I dust my lap off and fluff my dress out.

    Misty smiles genuinely. "Come on. I was kidding."

    I keep my sharp, defiant look on before a grin spreads across my face. "I know you were." I assured, placing my hand on her shoulder.

    "Dawn! Misty! Like, hurry up!" A feminine voice sasses.

    "Coming, Ursula! Jeez!" Misty rolls her eyes. I emit a soft chuckle before unlocking the dressing room door and stepping out, Misty in tow.

    "Gosh, totally about time you got out of there!" Ursula exclaimed, hands on her hips.

    "Come on, Ursula, you can't blame them." An auburn-haired girl, May, smiles beside the sassy girl.

    "Well, to tell the truth, it was Dawn's fault..." Misty admitted, scratching the side of her face.

    "It was not!" I denied.

    May's smile grows wider. "I can imagine." She holds her chin with her hand before laughing.

    "A-Anyways," I sputter, "we're going to be late."

    "Don't you guys ever think? Of course! So, like, hurry up!" Ursula ranted.

    "Like you said anything about that." Misty muttered.

    Most of the Lights have already been assembled in the courtyard, and soon the Hopes are escorted in, then the little children who will become Lights.

    The King sits in front of us, under a golden arch wrapped by beautiful vines and ivory flowers.

    When everyone is seated, the King gets up, greeting us with the holy words, "Hosanna, everyone."

    "Hosanna." We all respond, bowing.

    "Today is the annual blessing, in which children become teenagers, teenagers adults, and some adults elders.

    "This is also the 20th blessing from our last descent to Earth."

    My ears pricked. This had never been a part of any other blessing is attended.

    "Thus, I shall be sending a group of newly-blessed Hopes to Earth."

    My heart thumped. Would I be part of this group? I glanced around. Misty's eyes were shining. Ursula's fingers twitched. May grinned.

    "All Lights, please rise."

    We rose. Would he bless us?

    The King stood. He picked up a bowl filled with golden wine. Slowly, he made his way around, offering them to all of the Lights. When he approached me, I gulped. This was it. I took the bowl and exhaled, silently murmuring praises under my breath.

    And then I drank it.

    The feeling is nearly impossible to describe. It's like you're floating in a world of your own. I'm not sure if I was asleep or awake, but I managed to open my eyes and murmur a "Thank you" to the King.

    The King nodded and returned to his seat. "All Lights, please be seated." He cracks a grin. "I'm sorry. I mean all Hopes."

    I exchange am excited glance with May. We did it!

    Throughout the ceremony however, I found myself itching to see who would be going to Earth. I really, really wanted to go, apparently. Then again, so many others wanted to. The King surely wouldn't pick me.

    I flopped onto the ground of my room. I twisted my head and looked out the window. Many Hopes were guiding new Lights to their new rooms.

    And then, my hand was crushed. And by crushed, I meant by a 18.7 pound Marill lying on it.

    "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Get off, Celaena!" I yelled.

    Marill complied, jumping onto my bed.

    "What'd you do that for?" I grumbled.

    "To tell you that the King wants you." Ursula grumped.

    I scrambled up. "What? Really?"

    Ursula raises her eyebrow. "Do I EVER lie to you?"

    "Well," I began, "there was the time you said you'd go easy on me in training, the time you told me that Misty was waiting for me in the café, the time when May said to go shopping together and you said you wouldn't spend over fifty dollars, also-"

    "Are you coming or not?" Ursula cut me off.

    "Okay, okay, I'm coming! Celaena, stay here, got it?"

    Celaena whimpered, but didn't object as I followed Ursula to the King's throne room. May, Misty, Leaf, and Serena all stood there.

    "Finally! I thought you guys were never going to come, because Ursula took so long, and everyone knows that she's like half angel, half jet." Leaf blabbered.

    Serena sighed. "Can we just get on, for the love of heaven?"

    "Sure." I shrugged.

    I placed my hand on the crystal door handle and push.

    We step into a hallway of golden and ivory pillars, crystal chains decorating glory lights.

    "Ah, you've arrived."

    The King is seated at the end of the hallway, and we scurry to meet him.

    "I presume you know why I've called you here. You six have shown promise and courage through your training as a Light, and now, as Hopes, you've been given the opportunity to go to Earth.

    I squeal with excitement, and quickly bow deeply. "Thank you, oh Gracious Lord, for this beautiful opportunity." The others hastily follow my movements.

    "Go through the door on my right side. This will lead you to a certain cave in Mt. Coronet, in Sinnoh. Find your way out of the mountain, and you will meet with an old couple at the bottom of the mountain. They'll help you get ready for your life on Earth."

    I rose and thanked him again. Exhaling slowly, I walked over to the sapphire door on the left, and pushed. Everyone else gulped back their fear. My feet hit cold stone.

    Here we were.

    The human world.

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    Chapter 3: The Jewel of a First Meeting

    "Leader Cyrus sure made this mission sure sound easy." Riley grumbled as he twisted the map this way and that.

    Paul glanced over his shoulder. "Have you figured out where Mount Coronet is?"

    "Does it look like he has?" Ash smiled his signature cheeky grin and jogged to catch up with Paul, who was standing on the stoned pathway of Canalave City.

    Paul shoved his hands into his jacket and lowered his head.

    "Something wrong?"

    Paul shook his head, his violet hair swaying.

    "You sure?"

    The angel nodded vigorously.

    Ash sighed. "If you need be, I'll be off with the others." He jerked his thumb over his shoulder.

    Paul felt as if he was chasing Ash off, but the violet-haired male nodded anyways.

    As his best friend trotted off, the fallen angel prince couldn't help but sigh happily. Ever since the ship had landed on the steel port, in the beryl sea, under the midnight blue skies with golden stars, Paul couldn't help but feel not at ease.

    He'd grown up his whole life under black skies with purple stars. He'd sailed here from murky purple waters. He'd set off sea from an obsidian port.

    Paul smacked his head with the heel of his palm as he heard loud bickering behind him. Lana ran over to the fighting boys and soon Barry ran in from of Paul, the Dark-type Pokémon chasing him.

    Paul groaned. "You guys are as insane as a pack of Poocheyanas. For goodness's sake! Ash, do something, Barry, stop running away, Calem, don't just stand there! Same goes for you Riley! And for crap's sake, get in the Pokéball Lana!"

    " could have done that earlier." Everyone chimed.

    The violet-haired male sighed. "Let's get a move on."


    "Wow! Look at the sky! It was never like this in heaven!" May exclaimed, spinning around to take in the night sky.

    "We were above Earth in heaven, May." Dawn reminded.

    May smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, you're right. Sorry. I got a little too excited."

    Serena shrugged. "I guess it is pretty."

    "I know right!" May cried, taking Serena's hand and running away from the large mountain.

    "Hey! M-May!" Serena's protests slowly became softer as May ran off to the large city in the west.

    Dawn giggled, and looked Misty. "Should we get going as well?"

    "That took FOREVER!" Ursula sassed. "Why are you guys, like, so bad at this?"

    Leaf adjusted her hat. "You're the one who suggested the other path. We just took the one that we thought would be faster."

    Dawn sighed. "We better get used to this. Now let's go!"


    "What is this place?"

    "Eterna City, you fool."

    "Jeez, I feel loved by the grand Paul."

    "Oh, hey, that's an improvement! I didn't know Paul showed affection!"

    Paul growled. "Stop. Getting. On. My. Nerves."

    Riley smiled. "Earth isn't as bad as I thought it was."

    "Yeah, that's actually true." Calem agreed.

    Slowly, as they walked towards the building in the background labeled "Pokémon Center," they heard music drifting towards them.

    Rounding a corner, Paul ran smack into a girl. The girl fell down, her face flushed. "I-I-I-I'm sorry. I wasn't l-l-looking where I was going-g-g."

    Paul waved his hand. "It's no biggie." He outstretched his hand to the girl.

    The blue-haired girl blinked before slowly taking his hand. Paul pulled her up, and she asked, "You live around here?"

    "No." Paul replied.

    The girl adjusted her beanie. "Neither do I." She laughed, and then pointed to herself. "I'm Dawn, by the way."

    "Paul." The fallen angel grumped. "Nice to meet you. Maybe I'll see you 'round."

    And with that, Paul left the girl.

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    Cyrus being king of the fallen is a really nice concept which I think really suits his character. I think changing the fic from 1st to 3rd person is a risk, but I think you've pulled it off. Even though I think there could be some more descriptions, I think you're doing a pretty good job on this so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChloboShoka View Post
    Cyrus being king of the fallen is a really nice concept which I think really suits his character. I think changing the fic from 1st to 3rd person is a risk, but I think you've pulled it off. Even though I think there could be some more descriptions, I think you're doing a pretty good job on this so far.
    Thank you for your kind words. I'll keep that in mind while I continue to work through this fanfiction ^^

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    Chapter 4: The Jewel of Love

    "So." Paul started, gazing off to the east where mountains lined the horizon.

    "So." Ash replied, staring at the tiled pavement that stood at their feet.

    "So." Barry continued, staring up at the second floor of the large orange building that towered over them.

    "So." Riley answered, looking down at the south, trees scattering the rising hills.

    "So." Calem added, his head twisted over his shoulder to see the barren landscape behind them.

    "Where to?" Paul questioned, stretching out his arms above his head.

    "Do you want to take advantage of the fact we're on Earth? You know, a little sightseeing before hitting the jackpot?" Riley asked.

    "What?" Barry had a confused look plastered all over his face.

    "He means he wants to hit on some girls." Ash whispers. Riley smacks him to the ground.

    "Hey, now, easy." Calem tries to console the conflicting boys.

    "Have some free time. I don't care."

    Ash froze up. "Paul? You're aware of the mission on this place, riiiiiiiiiiight?"

    "Duh. Just have some free time. We deserve it. Let's be honest right now." Paul grilled Ash with a cold hard look.

    The raven-haired boy gulped. "Uh.... Uh, yeah! Yeah, yeah!"

    "So, where should we meet?" Barry questioned.

    "Right here." Paul replied.


    Paul trotted off, leaving the boys to decide what they wanted to do. Letting his feet and mind take him along the streets, he found himself in a bookstore.

    Paul scoffed before aimlessly moving to the teens section.

    Scanning the book titles, his hand reached for a fairy large book that would keep him accompanied through the ride home. It took him a while to process that his hand had actually not landed on a book.

    "Oh! A-Ah, I'm sorry!" A girl's voice called out. Paul took his hand off her hand.

    "You can have it." Paul stated roughly. And then his eyes popped open.


    "You're that girl! That... That.... That girl!" He stammered. Crap. What was her name?

    Dawn skewered him with a defiant look. He sighed. "Okay, I give up."

    "Alright then. It's Dawn."

    The fallen angel rolled his eyes and reached for the book again. Dawn watched as he took the book off the shelf and held it out to her.

    "Do you want it?" Paul asked impatiently when Dawn didn't take it.

    "Y-Yeah! Of course! But, you-"

    "I don't care. I'll find another book."

    Dawn shuffled through her bag and held out a green-covered book. "Here."

    Now it was Paul's turn to stare. "That's your book, like you bought it. I can't take that."

    Dawn pushed the book against his chest.

    Sighing, Paul took the item and shoved it into his bag. He reached out and pulled Dawn's beanie over her ocean eyes. "Don't go giving your belongings to random strangers." He murmured.

    "Excuse me!" Dawn cried indignantly, readjusting her white hat.

    Paul snorted and grabbed her wrist. "Come on. Go get that book checked out. My friends are waiting, you know?"

    Dawn complied, allowing the boy to take her hand.

    As they exited the bookstore, Paul raised an eyebrow at the teenager. "Why are you following me?"

    Dawn snorted. "I'm not 'following' you," she mimicked, "I just happen to be going in the same direction as you."

    "Well let's hope Arceus doesn't kill me on this walk." Paul replied crisply.

    As they neared the city square, Paul heard snippets of a heated argument between Ash and Barry.

    "Okay. I'll bet you 100 Pokéyen that Paul didn't make any friends. And another 100 that Paul didn't buy anything."

    "Deal." Barry replied firmly.

    Paul rounded the corner, and Ash's eyes immediately began scanning him up and down.

    "Pervert." Paul called, socking him in the arm.

    "That's not nice." Dawn folded her arms.

    Paul waved her off. "You can go now."


    "Ha! Barry! Pay up! See! Paul has a book AND he's made a friend!"

    "I was supposed to wait here, but my friends are over there and your friends are taking up this space, so..." Dawn shrugged.

    "Just go."

    "Fine, Mr. Grumpy." Dawn stuck out her tongue. Turning to leave, she flung him a small purple paper over her shoulder.

    Snatching it out of the air, Paul brought the note down and read the neat, small handwriting:

    Meet me at nine on the top of Mt. Co.

    And Paul knew instantly that he was going.

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    Chapter 5: The Jewel of Discovery

    Paul pulled at his jacket, scoffing.

    "So you came after all." Dawna's soft voice drifted through the clear sky.

    Paul turned. "Why wouldn't I."

    "Oh, you just seem like the type that tends to ignore those kinds of things." Dawn answered and stepped into the bright moon.

    Her silky blue hair was blown behind her from the fierce wind, and Dawn tucked a stray piece behind her ear.

    "I guess I should say good evening."

    "Yes you should, Paul." Dawn teased.

    Paul snorted. "Okay, back to business. Why did you call me here?"

    "I just wanted to learn more about you. You're a pretty interesting fellow."

    Paul raised an eyebrow. "If this is meant to be flirting, then I'm out." Paul looked away.

    "No, not at all. I just want to know more"

    The boy sighed and looked off into the distance. "Two years ago."


    "Two years ago, my father became the head of Galactic." Paul sighed. Of course this wasn't true. He was going according to the fake story he and his true father had planned.

    "When he became the head, he began to do all sorts of horrid things. I couldn't just stand and watch, so I rebelled against him. Of course, he won. And I had to face the consequences."

    Dawn sighed. "It was two years ago as well. My friends were the ones who stuck me through that hard time when my mother perished." This story was also not true, just to guide away any clingy people.

    "I see. I guess...we have something in common."

    "Ye-Yeah..." Dawn stammered.

    "Look. You don't have to be so nervous around me. If it helps, I can leave."

    "N-No! I'm fine with you here! Isn't that the reason we came here? To know more about each other?"

    Paul turned to the side, staring into the dark sky night.


    "Tell me."


    "Why did you really call me here?"


    "Come on." Paul moved over to Dawn's side, nudging her encouragingly.

    Dawn wordlessly shook her head, pursing her lips together.

    Paul sighed. "You know why I came here?"


    "I'll tell you if you tell me your reason to call me here."

    "I called you here because... the view is amazing.... and so are you."

    "I knew you could do it." Paul closed his eyes before realizing what she had said. They shot open. "Wait, WHAT?"

    "That's right."


    "Why, what is it, Paul, you're smiling!"

    "Ah, it's nothing. Just coincidence."

    "Huh?" Dawn scrunched up her face in a weird look.

    "Or fate. Dawn, my reason happens to be the same as yours."

    Dawn was stunned speechless. Never in a hundred years would she have thought that she would have fallen for this boy. And yet here she was.

    And never in a million years did Dawn think that Paul had fallen for her.

    "Fate..." The words rolled off her mouth, feeling almost foreign.

    "That's right. Fate." Paul smiled, looking into Dawn's mystified blue eyes.

    "Thank you for helping me realize this." Dawn's lips twitched upward in a small grin.

    "Well, now I guess..."


    "We're together now." Paul's smile grew bigger as Dawn's face flushed a deep scarlet hue.

    "Uh... I...."

    Paul patted her head reassuringly. "Hey, it's okay."

    Dawn nodded and Paul took her hand.

    "Let's go. It's getting late."

    With Dawn leading the way, they headed out, but not before Paul noticed a peculiar alley on the top floor.

    "Paul?" Dawn asked as he broke away from her.

    "Uh... Give me one second. I think I dropped something back there."

    "Okay. Just hurry back."

    Nodding, Paul made his way hastily to the alley.

    'Is that...'

    It was light. Light sealed behind a sharp doorway of crystals and sapphires.

    The heavenly rise to the world of the Light Angels.

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    ... Is it okay that I forgot about this-

    Anyhow. I'm writing the new chapter. I'm so forgetful, like pls. I apologize for the wait.

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    Putting this on hold forever. Sorry, I've lost conviction to write this.

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