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Thread: Weird Instant messages (multishipping)

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    Hey lookie, another chapter!

    Ash Ketchum of Pallet says:
    a facebook SOUNDS AWESOME

    May Sapphire says:
    It's pretty cool. =D

    Ash Ketchum of Pallet says:
    So wher d u go 2 get books shaped as ur face?
    Here I was, being fairly impressed with Ash, then I read this. And facepalmed XD

    King of Pallet says:
    LMAO You still believe in magic, Ash?

    Ash Ketchum of Pallet says:
    yes i do believe in magic coz ive seen it happen.
    Wahh... CUUUUUUUTE That's mah boi!

    King of Pallet says:
    Now wait a minute, Harley.

    I'm a sexy cute kitten says:
    What is it?

    King of Pallet says:
    Wigglytuff can't learn softboiled.

    I'm a sexy cute Kitten says:
    It's okay. I gave Wigglytuff some pills to make her learn softboiled. Action replay pills.
    *Gasp* I shoulda known Harley would use those kinds of tricks XD

    Princess of Twinleaf says:
    I read this thing about Mel-girl and Tadashi having cyber.
    DAMNIT, NOT YOU TOO I keep telling you people that it's not like that, and I'm kind of involved with someone already!

    May Sapphire says:

    May Sapphire says:

    May Sapphire says:
    *closes eyes shut*

    Princess of Twinleaf says:
    Oh my Professor Oak in uhm.... thongs! 0_o and kissing Drew?
    Not even in fanfics am I safe from the scourge of those two links Good thing I read the next few lines first <_<

    Ash Ketchum of Pallet says:
    My thoughts exactly.

    Well, aside from that one little negative comment... and you know what I'm talking about... I did enjoy this chapter. I look forward to your next chapter ^_^
    lord freeza i really need to use the space skype

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    I like your story, your really good with this.

    May Sapphire says:

    Ash Ketchum of Pallet says:

    Tomboyish Mermaid says:

    May Sapphire says:
    ^^;; Sorry, that was erm... my brother messing around.
    lol, just blame Max, It doesn't matter if he did it or not. Though it sound like something he would do to her.
    keep up the good work.
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    Sorry... *end fanboi scream* ...ahem.

    Yay! S-Unit makes it in WIM! Already this is a two thumbs up!

    Quote Originally Posted by C.Gholy View Post
    Monsoir Drew says:
    That would be a match I would love to see.

    S-unit says:
    Where-ever you're going, Drew I go too.
    OMG! Samenameshipping reference FTW! You should have had a wink in there, but, I'm not complaining!

    X Monsior Drew has left the conversation.

    X S-unit has left the conversation.
    Drew and Drew leave the convo together...hmmm...

    I wonder why?

    I'm a cute sexy Kitten says:
    S-UNIT'S A ***** >(

    I'm a cute sexy Kitten says:
    I bet he's been slagging me off on his LJ and to all his friends.

    Princess of Twinleaf says:
    And why would that be?

    I'm a cute sexy Kitten says:
    I told him about how I fancied day he was telling everyone they were going out. ;.;
    Aww...why oh why did I have to piss off poor Harley! I mean, if you tell someone that you like the person they're going out with then...

    King of Pallet says:
    I gave Riley Paul's MSN =D

    Princess of Twinleaf says:
    and I dared Riley to flirt with Paul, hehehe

    Bishieshipping reference ftw! Poor Paul...but we all know he would like that =D

    I'm a sexy cute Kitten says:
    hehehe *saves picture for future reference*

    King of Pallet says:
    Oh and Harley if you're plotting to break Drew and Drew up, chances would be little cause you can tell it's fake.

    I'm a cute sexy Kitten says:
    I wouldn't do such a thing. ^_^

    King of Pallet says:
    You did call S-unit Drew a *****.
    Silly Harley. Drew loves me to death. And remind me to thank Gary later for being a sweetie and pointing out the obvious.

    Overall very excellent chappie! Can't wait for the next installment!
    Thanks to Sweet May for the Jun icon on my profile!
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    I'm a sexy cute Kiten says:

    May Sapphire says:

    King of Pallet says:
    WTF was it doing near the the frying in the first place? lol
    LOL. so random CG. nice work there.

    May Sapphire says:

    May Sapphire says:

    May Sapphire says:
    *closes eyes shut*

    Princess of Twinleaf says:
    Oh my Professor Oak in uhm.... thongs! 0_o and kissing Drew?
    Now I'm mentaly disturbed for the rest of my life. does pics were just....disturbing.

    Overall good work. cant wait until part 5. ^^

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    I freaking LOVE this FIC!

    Tomboyish Mermaid says:
    I'm still a water fan all the way. I actually wish I wish still traveling with you Ash, but I gotta go and take care of things at the gym.

    Ash Ketchum of Pallet says:
    Cool, same here. Would be great to see you in Sinnoh.
    Since I'm a Pokeshipper, I extracted this xD

    May Sapphire says:

    May Sapphire says:

    May Sapphire says:
    *closes eyes shut*

    Princess of Twinleaf says:
    Oh my Professor Oak in uhm.... thongs! 0_o and kissing Drew?

    I'm a sexy cute Kiten says:

    May Sapphire says:

    King of Pallet says:
    WTF was it doing near the the frying in the first place? lol
    One of the reasons why I love this fic.

    Princess of Twinleaf says:
    I read this thing about Mel-girl and Tadashi having cyber.
    Woah, when did this happen?!

    May Sapphire says:

    Ash Ketchum of Pallet says:

    Tomboyish Mermaid says:

    May Sapphire says:
    ^^;; Sorry, that was erm... my brother messing around.
    Sure it was May...

    And the whole, erm... thing meant you thought about it :P

    X Ash Ketchum of Pallet has left the conversation.

    King of Pallet says:
    Those pictures must have been too much for him. XD
    X Ho-ohRocks201 has left the conversation.

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    Pikachu wins this fic hands down.

    Could you somehow include me in the next chapter? I'd like to try to get Dawn and Zoey back together. Oh, and if you could have my Bleach songfic come up in the conversation, that'd be just awesome.
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    Hi, C.Gholy!

    I'm a sexy cute Kiten says:

    May Sapphire says:

    King of Pallet says:
    WTF was it doing near the the frying in the first place? lol
    xD That was hilarious. Tempura Bellosom .

    Ash Ketchum of Pallet says:
    Harry Potter gave birth to them?
    LOL. Silly Ash.

    Anyway, Pikachu rocked in this chapter. Can't wait for the next one. ^_^


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    I am going to say this now. This is by far the most demented stuff I have ever read. Seriously. But it's also funny too. I was thinking you should get your head checked or something for being so crazy, but then I realize, I like you just the way you are (I bet everybody else think so too). You're real innovative and daring if you have to make something like and I will admit I couldn't do something like that, because I'm not cool enough [cries]. Keep up the good work, Chloe.

    P.S.: Those pictures haunt the F*** out of me.
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    I haven't updated this fic in a while. How about an Unova spin off?

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    What's wrong, Iris?

    ╰☆╮The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons♞ says:
    I don't like Ash's friend Brock very much...

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    Who's Brock? I don't think I've spoken to him before?

    ╰☆╮The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons♞ says:
    He's the gym leader of Pewter City. He came on to me.

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    Oh no! What happened?

    ╰☆╮The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons♞ says:
    I feel violated. He started talking to me and then he got all sleazy. He said he had something 'sexy' to reveal. But the whole conversation was just dirty.

    ╰☆╮The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons♞ says:
    I don't really want to talk about it, but here's the logs.

    ╰☆╮The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons♞ sends Jenny&JoyFan_logs.doc

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    I'll take a look at it now, btw did you block him?

    ╰☆╮The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons says♞:

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    That's good at least he won't bother you again.

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    *reads the chat logs*

    Dento Fruit❋ says:

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    Does he know that you're only twelve years old?

    ╰☆╮The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons♞ says:
    I said I was 12.

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    Well, don't you worry about it Iris. Me and my brothers will sort him out.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes has been added to the conversation.
    ash ketchum of pallet has been added to the conversation.
    Cheren has been added to the conversation.
    Trip The Great! has been added to the conversation.
    Pod Fruit❋ has been added to the conversation.
    Corn Fruit❋ has been added to the conversation.
    Hilda has been added to the conversation.

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    Right guys!

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    We're on a mission!

    ash ketchum of pallet says:
    oh hi guys

    Cheren says:
    Good morning everyone. I don't believe I've met Ash before.

    ash ketchum of pallet says:
    im one of iris and cilans friends

    Cheren says:
    I see grammer is not your strong point.

    Hilda says:
    *Grammar. You still have typolitus, Cheren.

    Dento Fruit❋ says:

    Dento Fruit❋ says:

    Pod Fruit❋ says:
    Woah! What's up?

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    The gym leader from Pewter City Gym is a pervert and a paedophile.

    ash ketchum of pallet says:
    dont talk about brock hes one of my best friends

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Oh that Brock. I sent some pictures to him once. He liked them very much.

    Cheren says:

    ash ketchum of pallet says:
    well i know hes into girls and all but hed never mean to creep up on people like that

    Corn Fruit❋ says:
    This guy sounds like a nasty piece of work.

    Trip The Great! says:
    I'd expect a lot more from a gym leader.

    Cheren says:
    Trip... what is that suppose to mean?

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    Brock asked Iris sexual questions and requested disgusting pictures. I have the logs to prove it and I'm not afraid to share it.

    Hilda says:
    Eww that's gross.

    ash ketchum of pallet says:
    i dont believe this im adding brock so he can have his side of the story

    ╰☆╮The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons♞ says:
    Guys I'm leaving. I'll be on skype if you want to talk to me.
    ╰☆╮The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons♞ has left the conversation.
    Jenny&Joyfan has been added to the conversation.
    Dento Fruit❋ says:

    Pod Fruit❋ says:
    What you have done is unacceptable.

    Corn Fruit❋ says:
    If we lived in Kanto, we'd fly over there and kick your butt so hard you won't be able to sit down!

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    We know what you are!

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Calm down guys, there's plenty of Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys to go round.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Hey Brock, hope you liked that picture of my shiny cloyster I caught.

    Cheren says:

    Hilda says:
    *double facepalms*

    Trip The Great! says:
    *Triple facepalms*

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    This has got nothing to do with them. This is about you sexually harassing my good friend, Iris.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    She did a good job playing hard to get.

    Corn Fruit❋ says:

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    But she said she was 21. Oh boy! She sure is adorable in that picture.

    Hilda says:
    That was a typo...

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Well, this is awkward. Nurse Joy would be so disappointed in me.

    ash ketchum of pallet says:
    but brock sex with a computer is just wrong especially in front of iris

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Ash, we didn't go on webcam.

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    You almost did.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Let me talk to her. I'll... soothe this storm.

    Corn Fruit❋:
    The only thing you'll be soothing is my fist!

    Pod Fruit❋ says:
    YOU BETTER BE SCARED! We're going to send you down.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Guys chill out! Brock is a lovely man. <3

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Why hello there, beautiful.

    Trip The Great! says:
    Who fancies a battle?

    ash ketchum of pallet says:

    Cheren says:
    Me, also.

    Trip The Great! says:
    Okay where are your locations?

    ash ketchum of pallet says:
    im in Nimbassa City

    Cheren says:
    I'm in Entralink

    Trip The Great! says:
    Ah same here, Cheren. Ash can you meet me and Cheren in Entralink forest? We're going to start making our way there just now.

    ash ketchum of pallet says:
    Alright! I'll start running there. Entralink's not that far.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Okay guys see you later.

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    Good luck to all of you. Let me know how the battle goes.

    Trip The Great! has left the conversation.
    Ash ketchum of pallet has left the conversation.
    Cheren has left the conversation.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Hey, Hilda we're the only girls in this chat now.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Two beautiful girls.

    Dento Fruit❋ says:

    Corn Fruit❋ says:

    Pod Fruit❋ says:
    Well said, Cilan.

    Corn Fruit❋ says:
    We have to go now. We have a challenger named Paul.

    Pod Fruit❋ says:
    Bye Cilan. :3

    Dento Fruit❋ says:
    Take care guys.~ I'm logging off as well. I got no time for perverts.

    Dento Fruit❋ has left the conversation.
    Pod Fruit❋ has left the conversation.
    Corn Fruit❋ has left the conversation.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Oh man. I sure do feel embarrassed.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Oh don't worry about it Brock. I know you love me.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Aww! Of course I do Bianca. Your cloyster looks amazing. Congratulations!

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    How's your steelix?

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    He's great, thanks.

    Hilda says:
    You two are trouble together. I've got to go to Mt. Silver. I've heard there's some really powerful trainers up there. Really want to look.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Wow Mt. Silver? That's a huge mountain to climb. Hope it all goes well.

    Hilda says:
    Thanks, see you later.

    Hilda has left the conversation.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    We're alone :P

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Just the way it should be.
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    ...I honestly can't tell whether Bianca really caught a shiny Cloyster or if she was flirting with Brock. And that scares me.

    You've still got it.
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    Aww man. You updated. I love this story. Its so freaking funny.

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    ℬ ianca ℬ abes has signed in.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Hey Brock!

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Why hello, Little Miss Sexy.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    I can't wait till we meet up! It's going to be amazing.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    It will be great to see my girl for the first time.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    I told Professor Juniper that I'll be heading off to Kanto in a couple of days.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Lovely news. You'll get to try out my lovely recipies.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    What kind of recipies?

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    It's my speciality.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    It's a dish best served in bed...

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Ooh! It sounds very spicy and sweet at the same time. I think my pokemon would enjoy it.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Babe, this is intimate stuff. It's just you and me. The way it should be.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Oh I get it. It's going to be the real thing?

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    That's right.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Don't get too heavy on me.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    I'll promise that I'll be gentle.

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    That sounds good. I'm sure that I'll have the time of my life.

    I love you!

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    I love you too! <3

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes says:
    Aww, I got to go now. See ya later. If you don't see me on tomorrow, then I'm on the ship to Kanto.

    Jenny&Joyfan says:
    Have a safe journey darling...

    ℬ ianca ℬ abes appears to be offline. Messages you send will be delivered when they sign in.

    Dear Professor Juniper,
    I am really concerned about Bianca. Ever since she got a black boyfriend, she's been acting ever so peculiar. I'm wondering if you've noticed anything strange in her recently? I really think she should split up with Brock. I've heard he's not a pleasant man. He's been flirting with Iris and Arcues knows how many other girls out there.

    Hope you're doing well too.

    Hi Cheren,
    I haven't seen Bianca since last week. She said she was going to see her boyfriend in Kanto. I'm quite shocked to hear that he's been doing that. From the way Bianca described him, he seemed to be quite nice.

    But if it worries you that much, I'll let her father know. He'll know what to do.

    Professor Juniper
    Hi Professor,

    Thank you for your email. I had no idea that Bianca had a boyfriend. I really need to talk to this man. I'm not sure if these accusations are true or not, but I'm not sure if Bianca will be safe with him. I'm just worried that Bianca will get hurt. She's a very sensitive person.
    Okay Peter. Bianca's called me this morning and I said it would be a good idea to give you a ring. So expect a call from her soon.

    Professor Juniper
    Hello Brock.
    My name is Pete and I'm Bianca's father. I've heard the news that you and my daughter are dating. Congratalations I guess. She's a good girl. But please be careful and don't forget that she's much younger than you so I don't you two to be... performing sexual acts until you two are married. She's a very sensitive and innocent girl. I hope you understand.
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    Lmfao!! Please do a bw2 version!!!!!

    Agression, Destruction.

    Credit to SM

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    It's so good to finally see this updated. It makes me laugh from the start to the end.

    And I don't think Bianca really knows what she's getting herself into...xD

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    Following the fall of Windows Live Messenger, I shall now be using the Skype format for any future chapters from now on. This chat is a skype conversation between Elite Four members. It takes of BW1 games and before BW2.

    Unova Tournament: Discuss

    Cynthia is very excited.

    Lance: I think you'll love the new champion, Cynthia.

    Cynthia: Huh? The league isn't over yet?

    Lance: I know who the winner is going to be. =P

    Agatha: Shut up Lance! Anything can happen.

    Bertha: Well Unova do have a very solid Elite Four and they've had some good contenders.

    Flint: I wonder who is going to take on the Elite Four? I think it will be Tobias

    Lance: Flint, I think you'll find the winner will be a girl this time.

    Cynthia: It's not gender, you guys know that. It's about power.

    Agatha: Lance! There's no way her team can take on that Darkrai!

    Lance: Wait and see!

    Bruno: Well you never know she could be a dark horse...

    Lance: Iris and dragons will slaughter Tobias, The Elite Four and will go on and become a champion.

    Karen: LMAO!

    Karen: No!

    Koga: Lance, do you really believe this girl is a pokemon master?

    Koga: Or are you just biased because she uses the same type as you?

    Glacia: Not to mention she has a phobia of ice types... How is she going to handle her cool with Alder's Vanilluexe?

    Lance: She has a Lapras on her team. I think that's evidence to suggest that she's faced her fears.

    Cynthia: Okay the match is about to start.

    Karen: You're still wrong Lance. There's no way Iris is going to be the champion.

    Lance: I'm right.

    Karen: You're wrong.

    Lance: I'm right.

    Karen: You're wrong.

    Lance: I'm right.

    Karen: You're wrong.

    Karen: LOL

    Karen: NO WAY!

    Lance: Yes way.

    Agatha: Quit spamming you two.

    Cynthia gasps

    Karen: ... I stand corrected.

    Will: How on earth did Iris' Haxorus OHKO Darkrai. I seriously don't believe it.

    Koga: It seems your eyes have not deceived you Lance.

    Lance: I think I've taught you guys this lesson for a thousand times. But to hear it again won't do you any harm.

    Agatha sighs

    Lance has changed the topic to Never underestimate the power of the dragons

    Karen: Oh boy.

    Cynthia: You know I would be happy if there was another female champion. We need more female role models.

    Lance: Now watch Iris and see the power of the dragons. :3

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    Golfer2012's sudden passing came as a dreadful shock to me and to all of us on Advancers. I've decided to create this Golfer would have enjoyed. Golfer loved drabblematic very much and never failed to amuse us.

    Abusing Skype

    Gary Oak has made an epic discovery

    Misty: What is that???

    Gary: I know who wrote My Immortal!

    Tracey: Wasn't that a troll fic done by someone called Tara?

    Ash: navi hurd ov it11

    Pikachu: I don't read fan fiction very often, but when I do; it's awesome.

    Dawn: I love fan fics

    Iris: I never get time for them.

    Misty: Me neither.

    Serena: I wrote a fanfic called The Diary Of Sailor Moon, and thought I was the real sailor moon.

    Gary Oak: I'm the greatest fanfic writer in Pallet Town.

    Ash: ur teh onli fanfic riter in pallet

    Iris: Ash, can you try and type properly... I can't understand you.

    Cilan: Hey Iris, remember those bedtime stories I read to you. Some of those were fan fiction.

    Iris: Where they? I never noticed...

    Misty: That sounds very sweet and romantic.

    May: You're lucky to have someone like Cilan.

    Cilan: Good fics are very hard to find. Bad ones can hurt your brain and leave a sour aftertaste. It makes you yearn for bleach in the middle of the night.

    Ash: nt worf da rizk

    Cilan: But good fics fill your soul with joy and happiness. It makes your heart feel cozy like a child with warm milk... it's so sweet. Good fan fics are best served as a sharing platter.

    Ash miss Cilan's sosajizz

    May bursts out laughing

    Brock: What on earth have you been up to?

    Tracey: Uhm...Ash you might want to rephrase that.

    Misty: That sounds like sausages

    Gary Oak: So guys... tell me what a sosajizz is?

    Cilan: You see I have special recipes.

    Ash: his food is delilush

    Gary Oak: I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    Ash: u aint got nuffin 2 show but aniway not like dat he's a good coock

    Pikachu: Yes, Ash meant sausages. Cilan used to make very nice sausage sandwiches.

    Iris: I've finally got a house with the windows and doors!

    Gary Oak: Tasty!


    Iris: Quit being kids, all I said was I had a house with windows and doors.

    Gary Oak: Congratulations on hitting puberty!You're now automatically a million steps ahead of Ash.

    Brock: My Onix and Bianca's Cloyster make a great combination.


    Serena: Out of curiosity Gary... who did write My Immortal?

    Gary: The writer is here! In this very chatroom.

    Ash: Huh? Serena wud neva rite dat

    Gary: No Ashy-boy, I meant you darling. You are the daring writer of My Immortal.

    Misty: I can't imagine Ash writing fan fics.

    Serena: Nor can I.

    May: I've never seen him do one.

    Gary: I mean look at it. Ash is a very bad writer. My Immortal is totally his style of writing.


    Iris: You can come out of your shell now, Cilan.

    Cilan pops out

    Cilan: Brilliant Ash! You're using proper online etiquette.

    Iris: Cilan and I had a double battle in Blackthorn City.

    Ash: Really that's cool.

    Pikachu: How did it go?

    Cilan: It was a very exotic experience. We were in a tight position. Very moist and very wet.

    Serena: Must have been raining.

    Gary : I love the way you just said that. Did you catch the names of the trainers?

    Cilan: As a matter of fact we did.

    Iris: Namow Latem and Ijizzin Mipants.

    Gary: LMAO

    Iris: I took that Metopod down before he got a chance to harden.

    Tracey: Boy those sure are names you don't come across every day.

    Ash: Well I'm glad you won. I heard they were hard.

    Serena: Ash, do you have any idea how dirty that sounded?

    Ash: Dirty? What do you mean. My computer's clean, I had it checked out last night.

    Serena: Not what I meant... you haven't changed in all the years that I met you.

    Iris: I fancy some of Cilan's spotted dick!

    Ash: That sounds nice

    May: WOAH!

    Gary: It's spotty is it?



    Iris: That's right little kids. Get your head out of the gutter.

    Cilan: You should all come to my restaurant.

    Gary: What and lick on your lollipop?

    May: That 50 cent reference is old.

    Gary: I'm Gary Oak, I can make it fresh!

    Ash: Oh gosh, you're not considering covering Candyshop are you?

    Gary: I always win at karaoke contests.

    Serena: Uhm... this song?

    Misty nodds

    Brock: You know I really don't mind rap music very much, but 50 Cent is a bit off for me. He just reminds me so much of me.

    May: What?

    Pikachu has changed the topic to Let's go to Cilan's Candy Shop

    Pikachu: Gary you know that I'll always be funnier than you.

    Dawn: BRB guys wild goldfuck

    Cilan slams head against the computer desk!

    Brock: Calm down Cilan, it's only a typo.

    Iris holds Cilan back and makes him sit on a chair.

    Paul: Look guys don't type anything if you think it's going to include anything rude.

    Ash: Good idea, Paul.

    Serena: Let's do something different... how about this?

    Ash: What is that?

    Serena: It's a fanfic generator. A shame Clemont's offline. He loves doing this with his favourite Star Trek characters.

    May: "Drabble-Matic
    To build your own Instant Drabble, just fill in the blanks. Instant genius!"

    What is this I don't even..

    Misty: I guess we have to fill in the blanks.

    Gary: I'm already a genius by default.

    Serena: So who's going first?

    Dawn: I'm back!

    May: Welcome back!

    Dawn: Thanks baby.

    Gary: Ladies first, then age before beauty.

    Dawn: What names do we put?

    Gary: You've got to put two of us in.

    Tracey: Hey guys sorry I was away. I just nodded off.

    Dawn: Uhm Okay, I'll use Ash first and pair him with everybody.

    Ash: WHAT!

    Cilan: Ah Drabblematic is an awesome site with an awesome flavour!

    Dawn: The Discreet Terror Of The Snow

    It snowed a foot overnight. When they woke up, Misty and Ash went out to play. First, they made snow angels. Then they had a snowball fight and Misty hit Ash in her eyes with a big light iceball. It hurt a lot, but Misty kissed it gracefully and then it was all better.

    Then they decided to make a snow man.

    "We'll make a really fluffy snow man!" Misty said.

    "Why don't we make a snow woman instead?" Ash said. "That would be more pink and politically correct."

    "I know," Misty said. "We can make a snow kitty. That way, we don't have to worry about gender politics."

    So they rolled the snow up deeply and made a hot snow kitty. Misty put on a wig for the hair. The kitty was almost as big as Ash.

    "It looks sexy," Misty said suddenly. "But it seems like it's missing something."

    "Here," Ash said and held up an interesting handbag. "I found this in the shop." She put the handbag onto the kitty's head.

    It was perfect. For about a minute. Then the kitty, even though it was just made of snow, started to move and growl like the wing through my trees..

    Ash screamed softly and ran but the snow kitty chased her until she tripped over a tree root. Then the snow kitty shopping her thoughtfully.

    "Nobody does that to my little Confident Dress," Misty screamed. He grabbed an icicle and stabbed the snow kitty through the nails. It fell down and Misty kicked it apart until it was just a bunch of snow again.

    "You saved me!" Ash said and they shared an embrace in the snow before going in for hot chocolate.

    The handbag lay in the yard until a dazzling child picked it up and took it home.

    Gary: I'm that dazzling child. :P

    May: Ah snow kitty that sounds cute.

    Misty: To my little confident dress... XD

    Ash: Gee thanks for making me a girl, Dawn.

    Gary: Something you're not telling us.

    Serena: Aww

    Tracey: That would make a good picture.

    May: Refresh it Dawn.

    Paul: That's not too bad I suppose.

    Iris: Other than the gender swap, it's alright.

    Dawn: Okay just refreshed it.

    Ash and Misty
    by William Shakespeare

    Enter Ash

    Misty appears above at a window

    But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
    It is the wig, and Misty is the kitty.
    Arise, pink kitty, and shop the hot handbag.
    See, how he leans his nails upon his hair!
    O, that I were a glove upon that hair,
    That I might touch that nails!

    O Ash, Ash! wherefore art thou Ash?
    What's in a name? That which we call an eyes
    By any other name would smell as sexy
    Dost thou love me? I know thou wilt say "like the wing through my trees."
    And I will take thy word; yet if thou swear'st,
    Thou mayst prove dazzling.

    Swain, by yonder hot handbag I swear
    That tips in the shop the discreet dress--

    O, swear not by the handbag, the fluffy handbag,
    That softly changes in its interesting orb,
    Lest that thy love prove likewise interesting.
    Sweet, confident night! A thousand times confident night!
    Parting is such light sorrow,
    That I shall say confident night till it be morrow.

    Exit above

    Sleep dwell upon thy nails, peace in thy hair!
    Would I were sleep and peace, so thoughtfully to rest!
    gracefully will I to my pink eyes's cell,
    Its help to shop, and my sexy eyes to tell.

    Cilan has changed the topic to: Arise, pink kitty, and shop the hot handbag.

    Dawn: To Suddenly Shop

    Ash and Misty were celebrating a discreet Valentine's Day together. Ash had cooked an interesting dinner and they ate in the shop by candlelight.

    "My darling," Misty said, stroking Ash's eyes, "I have something for you." He gave a box to Ash. "It is but a pink token of my sexy love."

    Ash opened the box. Inside was a hot handbag! She gazed at it deeply. Then she gazed at Misty deeply. "It's fluffy," Ash said. "Come here and let me shop you."

    Just then, a dazzling crone sprang out of hiding and cackled like the wing through my trees.. "Your happiness will not last!" she said in a light voice and dropped a piece of paper onto the dinner table.

    Misty read it. "It's a page from a diary. It says that you're my sister."

    They stared at each other gracefully as the crone cackled some more. Ash's hair began to tremble. Then Misty shrugged, pulled out a wig, and hit the crone on her nails. She fell over dead.

    "Problem solved!" Ash said and kissed Misty thoughtfully. "This is a confident Valentine's Day!"

    They softly burned the diary page in the candle and never told another soul.

    And then they shopping each other all night long.

    May: The Miracle Of The Torchic

    Serena hated Christmas. She didn't just dislike Christmas, she hated it like riding a rainbow. She loathed it.

    Every December, Serena would feel herself getting all fallen inside. She refused to put up a Christmas bandana, she snapped at anyone hungry enough to sing a carol in her vicinity, and she never, ever bought anybody any presents.

    On December 13, Serena had to go to the mall to buy a big ribbon. When she got there, there were so many shoppers pushing softly around and so much Christmas music blaring thoughtfully, she thought her lips would explode.

    Finally, she was done. Just outside the door was a sweet woman collecting for charity. Serena never gave to charity, so she started to walk past without a word.

    Suddenly, the sweet woman dropped his bells and ran on the throne. There was a sapphire torchic right in the path of an oncoming truck. But the sweet woman slipped and fell, so now they were both in danger!

    Serena rushed out and suddenly pushed them both out of the way. There was a light bang and then everything went dark.

    When Serena woke up, she was in an amazing room. There was a Christmas bandana in the corner and soft carols were playing. Also, Serena's knees hurt. A lot.

    The sweet woman came into the room. "I'm so sexy!" she said. "You're awake. My name is Dawn. You saved me from the truck. But your knees is broken."

    Serena hardly knew what to say. Even though there was a Christmas bandana up and her knees was broken, she felt quite ruby, especially when she looked at Dawn.

    "Your knees must hurt gracefully," Dawn said. "I think this will help." And she shopping Serena several times.

    Now Serena felt very ruby indeed. She didn't hate Christmas at all now. In fact, she loved it. And she loved Dawn. "I love you," she said, and kissed Dawn deeply.

    "I love you too," said Dawn. Just then, the torchic ran into the room and nuzzled Serena's arms. "I brought him home with us," Dawn said.

    "We'll call him Miracle," Serena said. "Our Christmas Miracle."

    It was the best Christmas ever.

    Serena: Deeply Tripping

    Ash tripped along suddenly. He was on his way to meet his lover, Gary, for Valentine's Day. He smiled to see a pikachu hopping along, carrying a ribbon in its mouth.

    Ash was almost on the throne when he came across a random cake, lying alone on a hilarious plate. "That must be a treat from my sweet bear," he said to himself, and tripped over to it. The cake looked weird, so he ate it.

    It gave him the most frisky tingling sensation in his lips. "How unusual!" he said and continued tripping to see Gary.

    When Gary came out to meet him, he took one look and fell over.

    "What is it?" Ash cried gracefully.

    "Your knees! And your arms!" Gary said. "They're hungry! Can't you feel it?"

    Ash felt his knees and his arms. They were indeed quite hungry. "Oh, no!" Ash said. "I'm a woman!" He, or rather, she started to cry. "It must have been that random cake you left for me. Did you know what it would do?"

    "I didn't leave you any cake," Gary said. "I got you a pokeball. It must have been that hyper man who lives nearby. He acts a little thoughtfully, ever since he swimming a cap."

    "But how can you ever love me, now that I'm a woman?" Ash sobbed.

    "Well, I never knew how to tell you this," Gary said slowly, "but I actually prefer women. And I think your knees is really big like that."

    "Really?" Ash dried her tears. Ash kissed Gary and it was an entirely clean sensation, like painting the portrait of the century.

    They spent the night having entirely clean sex, until the cake wore off suddenly.

    Everything was rather awkward after that.

    Misty: I'm Dreaming Of A Strange Christmas

    It was Christmas Eve. Cilan sat thoughtfully rocking the train, sipping hyper eggnog.

    He looked at the random feather bow hanging on the Christmas Tree and sighed. Last year, Iris had hung it there, just before they looked at each other suddenly and then fell into each other's arms and riding each other's arms.

    If only I hadn't been so stupid, Cilan thought, pouring a thirsty amount of rum into his eggnog. Then Iris might not have got so fried and left me all alone at Christmas time. He wiped away a funny tear and held his lips in his hand.

    Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and then a clean voice lifted deeply up in song.

    I'm dreaming of a strange Christmas

    Just so fast they were the wind

    Cilan ran to the door. It was Iris, looking shocking all over with snow.

    "I missed you gracefully," Iris said. "And I wanted to ride your arms again."

    Cilan hugged Iris and started to sob.

    "I think you're drunk," Iris said.

    "I think so too," Cilan said and they riding each other's arms until they knocked the Christmas tree over.

    On Christmas Day, they ate roasted axew knees and lived slowly until Cilan got drunk again.

    Tracey: The Battle For The Pokeball

    On the throne, Ash swimming his pokeball. He had been busy with the pokeball for hours and now wanted nothing more than a hungry cuddle or a weird massage from his lover May.

    He said this last thought out loud, and all of a sudden his clean May appeared at the door, grinning slowly.

    "Put down the pokeball," May said deeply. "Unless you want me to swim that pokeball on your arms."

    Ash put down the pokeball. He was random. He had never seen May so hyper before and it made him hilarious.

    May picked up the pokeball, then withdrew a cap from her lips. "Don't be so random," May said with a hyper grimace. "A pikachu bit my knees this morning, and everything became frisky. Now with this pokeball and this cap I can deeply rule the world!"

    Ash clutched his big knees gracefully. This was his lover, his clean May, now staring at him with a hyper lips.

    "Fight it!" Ash shouted. "The pikachu just wants the pokeball for his own clean devices! He doesn't love you, not the hungry way I do!"

    Ash could see May trembling gracefully. Ash reached out his arms and touched May's lips deeply. He was clean, so clean, but he knew only his big love for May would break the pikachu's spell.

    Sure enough, May dropped the pokeball with a thunk. "Oh, Ash," she squealed. "I'm so hungry, can you ever forgive me?"

    But Ash had already moved on the throne. Like painting the portrait of the century, he pressed his arms into May's lips. And as they fell together in a frisky fit of love, the pokeball lay on the floor, hilarious and forgotten.

    Misty: Don't like my one. I'm gonna refresh.

    Pikachu: The Vigilant Terror Of The Snow

    It snowed a foot overnight. When they woke up, Dawn and Paul went out to play. First, they made snow angels. Then they had a snowball fight and Dawn hit Paul in his finger with a big fiesty iceball. It hurt a lot, but Dawn kissed it quickly and then it was all better.

    Then they decided to make a snow man.

    "We'll make a really thunderous snow man!" Dawn said.

    "Why don't we make a snow woman instead?" Paul said. "That would be more enchanting and politically correct."

    "I know," Dawn said. "We can make a snow piplup. That way, we don't have to worry about gender politics."

    So they rolled the snow up suddenly and made a fierce snow piplup. Dawn put on a Soul Badge for the arms. The piplup was almost as big as Paul.

    "It looks strange," Dawn said deeply. "But it seems like it's missing something."

    "Here," Paul said and held up an electric Earth Badge. "I found this winning the battle." He put the Earth Badge onto the piplup's head.

    It was perfect. For about a minute. Then the piplup, even though it was just made of snow, started to move and growl like a true champion.

    Paul screamed slowly and ran but the snow piplup chased him until he tripped over a tree root. Then the snow piplup fightinh him thoughtfully.

    "Nobody does that to my little Strong Marsh Badge," Dawn screamed. She grabbed an icicle and stabbed the snow piplup through the hands. It fell down and Dawn kicked it apart until it was just a bunch of snow again.

    "You saved me!" Paul said and they shared an embrace in the snow before going in for hot chocolate.

    The Earth Badge lay in the yard until a beautful child picked it up and took it home.

    Misty: A Train In Time

    On a stupid and thirsty morning, Cilan sat rocking the train. It was Valentine's Day and he was all alone. His knees ached in sorrow for the secret love that he could never share. How could he expect Iris to love someone with a clean arms?

    Deeply, he began to recite a poem he had composed. "Ah, my love is like a fried hyper rose, all on a summer's day. I wish my Iris would ride me, in her own strange way..."

    "Do you?" Iris sat down beside Cilan and put her hand on Cilan's lips. "I think that could be arranged."

    Cilan gasped suddenly. "But what about my clean arms?"

    "I like it," Iris said thoughtfully. "I think it's random."

    They came together and their kiss was so fast they were the wind.

    "I love you," Cilan said slowly.

    "I love you too," Iris replied and riding him.

    They bought an axew, moved in together, and lived gracefully ever after.

    Paul: Huh? Electric Earth Badge?

    Iris: A Nurse Joy Doujin In Time

    On a spicy and sour morning, Brock sat cooking a show. It was Valentine's Day and he was all alone. His arms ached in sorrow for the secret love that he could never share. How could he expect Cilan to love someone with a piping hot heart?

    Thoughtfully, he began to recite a poem he had composed. "Ah, my love is like a dry diced onion, all on a summer's day. I wish my Cilan would jive me, in his own sweet way..."

    "Do you?" Cilan sat down beside Brock and put his hand on Brock's feet. "I think that could be arranged."

    Brock gasped quickly. "But what about my piping hot heart?"

    "I like it," Cilan said deeply. "I think it's tasty."

    They came together and their kiss was like a feast for the eyes.

    "I love you," Brock said slowly.

    "I love you too," Cilan replied and jiving him.

    They bought a cooking bowl, moved in together, and lived suddenly ever after.

    Cilan: The Cold Stranger

    The sun was high and the trees stirred lightly in the breeze. Iris strode along the path, making for Feisty Castle with all speed. Hidden from the eyes of man and beast, she carried the Piping hot Bum, which no other must touch until it could be delivered into the safekeeping of the Wizard Bottom.

    A rustling of the dried leaves beside the path gave her warning and she drew her succulent chocolate just in time to face the sweet woman who flew at her with such grace that she was almost dazzled.

    The woman struck suddenly, and Iris barely raised her chocolate to meet the attack. They fought long and thoughtfully until all the air rang with the sound of their conflict.

    At last, Iris found herself forced to one knee, the woman's chocolate pressed to her tasty hip. "I am May of Fiesty Castle," she said. "You are an unworthy guardian for the Piping hot Bum. Prepare yourself, for I am about to send you melting into the pan at the candy shop."

    But Iris had been waiting for such a chance and, bringing up her chocolate with a twist, overpowered May and pinned her to the ground. "What say you now?" Iris said, looking down upon her.

    May's cheek shimmered sweet like chocolate. "I have underestimated you, Iris. I was sent to test your fitness for this task. To you I pledge my loyalty...and more."

    Iris's desire was enflamed. Her hip throbbed and all her thoughts were to cook May like a chocolate fish. Iris caressed May's caramelized cheek and she responded. They came together quickly, and their joining was as diced as their battle, and also much louder.

    "Ah, my sweet marshmallow!" Iris groaned and cooking May as slowly as she could.

    "Ouch!" she yelled. "What the hell is that?"

    "Oh," Iris said. "That's where I put the Piping hot Bum for safekeeping. Sorry."

    When they had finished their romp, they drowsed deeply on the grass, forgetful of all but their yummy love. "We will stay together forever," May said, and they began all over again.

    And so it was that the Wizard Bottom never got the Piping hot Bum and the forces of evil overwhelmed the land and nobody was happy ever again, at least until the sequel came out.

    Ash: What on earth are you doing guys? These are so weird and random. Someone should do a Team Rocket one.

    Pikachu: The Adventure Of The Meowth

    Jessie and James were out for a fiesty Valentine's walk melting into the pan at the candy shop. As they went, James rested his hand on Jessie's bottom. It was the most romantic walk ever. But even though the day was so caramelized, Jessie was filled with cold dread.

    "Do you suppose it's yummy here?" she asked quickly.

    "You sweet silly," James said, tickling Jessie with his marshmellow. "It's completely tasty."

    Just then, a piping hot Meowth flew out from behind a chocolate and cooking James in the hip. "Aaargh!" James screamed.

    Things looked succulent. But Jessie, although she was diced, knew she had to save her love. She grabbed a bum and, sweet like chocolate, beat the Meowth deeply until it ran off. "That will teach you to cook innocent people."

    Then she clasped James close. James was bleeding slowly. "My darling," Jessie said, and pressed her lips to James's cheek.

    "I love you," James said thoughtfully, and expired in Jessie's arms.

    Jessie never loved again.

    Here you go!

    Gary: These are the best.

    Tracey: They do make me laugh.

    Paul: I think that's enough for now. I'm going to bed. Gym battle tomorrow.

    Ash: Good luck Paul!

    Dawn: You can do it!

    Tracey: And I've got to go back to work in the lab.

    Gary: Tell Grandpa I said hello.

    Tracey: Sure will.

    Dawn: BRB

    May: Okay.

    Misty: I need to take Dewgong to the pokemon centre. So see you guys soon.

    Brock: And I've got a whole life of loving waiting for me.

    Serena: I think it's just us then.

    Gary: Who's us?

    Serena: Me, Ash, May, Dawn and you.

    Pikachu: Don't forget me! ]<

    Iris: Cilan and I are here too.

    Ash: Okay.

    Cilan: Though we'll be going soon.

    Ash: What for?

    Cilan: To go on the trains.

    Iris: Cilan loves trains.

    Cilan: They are Arceus' greatest invention!

    Serena: *Googles* Uhm it says Samuel Homfray invented the train in 1803.

    Cilan: He is the human equivalent!

    Iris: See ya later guys.

    Ash: Bye Iris! Bye Cilan.

    May: Bye! <3

    Dawn: Have fun.

    Gary: I wonder what they'll get up to?

    Ash: Gary stop talking dirty.

    Pikachu: we're all dropping like flies.

    Serena: That was a good chat.

    Officer Jenny: Brock is so handsome, talented, sexy and good looking. He's the best.

    Pikachu: In your dreams!

    Serena: Well you've always got your rice balls and doughnuts.

    Ash: LOL!
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    This is important!

    Iris: Huh?

    Misty: Ash what is all of this?

    Ash: I've got something to say. I was gonna wait until I win my next league, but I don't think I can contain it any longer.

    Gary: What? You're actually using proper spelling and grammer.

    Pikachu: He is super serious this time.

    Ash has changed the subject to For Misty:



    Gary: How did you let yourself get rickroll'd five times?

    May: I happen to love that song so it dosen't annoy me.

    Brock has changed the subject to: WE'RE NOT STRANGERS TO LUURRRRRRRRRRVE

    Misty: You know the rules

    Ash: And so do I

    Iris facepalms

    Cilan: old meme is old

    Gary: I can't believe we all just got rickrolled by Ash.

    Iris: I will kill you, you little kid you!

    Gary: Hey Iris, just cause you're a champion, dosen't mean you can go round killing people.

    Cilan: It's her time of the month, she can't help it!

    Ash: Guys, I'm trying to confess my feelings.

    Brock: To who?

    Ash: ... you know who!

    Serena: Wow! Thank you very much.

    May: Serena, sorry to burst your bubble, but that message is for Misty.

    Serena is slumped

    Misty blushes

    May: It's okay Serena, plenty more magikarp in the sea.

    Harley: May you fat bitch! You should look at yourself before you go teasing other people.

    Misty: Well that esculated rather quickly! ^^

    Cilan: Hey guys check out my new shiny oddish:

    Brock: Wow that's amazing! Congratalations Cilan!

    Gary: How are you and Bianca getting on?

    Brock: Great thanks. Lots of action.

    Misty: Yes! Keep that to yourself. And no we don't want to see any porn or badly written porn fan fiction thank you very much.

    Brock: But 50 shades of grey is a masterpiece

    Cilan: rubbish!


    Ash: Well, who has the worst grammer now? NOT ME!

    Gary: I wouldn't boast about it. You little kid.

    Ash: Hey Iris is younger than me.


    Pikachu: Rickrolling being done right.

    Harley: You all need to grow up. It's all your fault May! You're a bad influence to everybody.

    Pikachu: Well at least it isn't Team Rocket with their lame fake accounts.

    Brock: Well they're so believable.

    Misty: You know I've waited a long time for this moment.


    Pikachu giggles

    Pikachu: Sorry Ash, I just had to get it out for you.

    Brock: Bianca has a marvelous shiny cloyster. It's a thing of sheer beauty, especially when it uses shell smash.

    Misty: I am not afraid of pulling your ears. Max tells me about the dirty things you do on the internet.

    Ash: I don't think we want to know.

    Iris has changed the topic to KEEP CALM AND WORSHIP DRAGONS

    Misty has changed the topic to KEEP CALM AND LOVE MILOTIC

    Brock has changed the topic to KEEP CALM AND MAKE LOVE

    Ash has changed the topic to KEEP CALM AND BE A POKEMON MASTER!

    May has changed the topic to KEEP CALM AND EAT

    Cilan has changed the topic to KEEP CALM AND STAY FABOLOUS

    Gary has changed the topic to KEEP CALM AND PIMP MEMES

    Pikachu has changed the topic to KEEP CALM AND STOP CHANGING THE TOPIC

    Harley: C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

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    Amazing chapter, awesome! I do have a few notes:

    - I wish I would've seen a little bit more of Misty's reaction towards Ash's confession. Is that something you'll do in the next chapter, or do you leave that up to the readers's imagination?

    - I wish we would've seen a bit more of Serena's reaction after hearing Ash confessed to Misty and not to her. Or was she just quiet out of sadness after finding out Ash was talking about Misty instead?

    - Is Misty's topic change "KEEP CALM AND LOVE MILOTIC" a reference to me? After all, I somewhat inspired you for this chapter during a Skype chat.

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    Wow this has been a thing a long time, I remember first reading through this back before BW was released. Not sure why I never posted though.

    So who are the actual confirmed pairings throughout this? There's the few obvious ones but are there any more subtle ones that are easily looked over?
    Through the Generations
    my multiple pairings Shipping-fic.
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    Brock has changed the subject to: I BANGED LUCY

    Misty: Stop it!

    Ash: I banged you yesterday, Misty! You were so good in bed!

    Serena: *cries*

    Brock: If Ash can talk about his sexy moments, so can I!

    Iris: You guys are such kids! Cilan and I would never share private details like that!

    Cilan: But Iris and I had sex without condoms for the first time yesterday...

    Lucy: I’d rather keep my sex life private, but Brock is the sexiest person I ever met! The perfect guy to lose my virginity to! And the best is: we’re getting married!

    Misty: Aww, congratulations! Where will the wedding be?

    Brock: The set of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’... Kidding, it’s at the Pokemon Center in Pewter City, where I’ll ask Nurse Joy to have a threesome with Lucy and me!

    Misty: But Brock, what happened to Bianca?

    Brock: Bianca wanted a relationship and was constantly talking about getting married, but I just wanted one-time sex with her. However, I truly love Lucy.

    Iris: Brock, you’re an idiot. And you’re such a kid!

    Dawn: No need to worry, just as long as you use condoms!

    Ash has changed the subject to: fapfapfap

    Gary: Ash, are you clopping?

    Iris: Ash, you’re such a kid! And My Little Pony sucks!

    Ash: I’m finally mature enough to think about how hot Misty was in that skimpy bikini! And My Little Pony is awesome, I have plushies of all the Mane 6!

    Misty: Um... Thanks! And Ash has sexy plushies.

    Brock: Don’t be ashamed, I’m also fapping when looking at hot naked picture of Lucy I took last night. But what the f*ck is clopping?

    Iris: Clopping means chatting.

    Ash: That’s not what it means.

    Brock: What is it, then?

    Ash: When you pleasure yourself to stuff like Lucy’s naked pictures.

    Harley: My Little Pony? I love that show! Ash, what ponies do you clop to?

    Ash: I don’t clop to fictional horses, I prefer clopping to Misty.

    May: I’m clopping, and Drew can’t type, his hands are covered by, well, stuff...

    Pikachu: Go home, you’re all drunk!

    Togekiss: Hi, I just got a Dawn Stone from Misty and evolved! Wanna see a pic, Pikachu?

    Pikachu: Sure!

    Togekiss: *sends suggestive picture*

    Pikachu: *clops*

    Togekiss: What the hell? Are you clopping?

    Pikachu: Um... Yes, you sent that picture for a reason?

    Togekiss: Yeah, but are you a brony too?

    Pikachu: No, I’m just loyal to Ash...

    Togekiss: Aww... I have to confess a secret to you... I’m a brony, but sadly, Misty is not...

    Pikachu: Who is best pony?

    Togekiss: Fluttershy!

    Pikachu: Okay, I admit it, I’m actually an even bigger brony than Ash! And of course Fluttershy is my favourite!

    Togekiss: Misty is clopping while looking at that shirtless selfie Ash put on Instagram... But he got favourites from Melody, Casey and Serena, so now she’s also pissed off...

    Pikachu: Oh well, Ash doesn’t care about them, he’s too clueless to understand why Misty is so angry about it...

    Gary: Um... This is gonna be interesting research for grandpa!

    Pikachu: What? Isn’t this a private conversation?

    Gary: Nope!

    Togekiss: Pikachu! Why didn’t you do this in private?

    Pikachu: You were the one who sent the picture... You forgot to do this in a private conversation!

    Serena: Is Ash masturbating? Is he looking at that selfie he took with me in Kalos?

    Misty: Sorry to burst your bubble, but Ash and I are sexting in private all the time!

    Ash: Pikachu, get off the chat! You’re embarrassing me!

    Pikachu left the chat.

    Togekiss left the chat.

    Iris: You’re all embarrassing yourselves!

    Gary: You’re one to talk, you seem like a prude, strict b*tch, but Cilan constantly tells us about the sex you and him are having...

    Cilan: Shut up! How triple dare you?

    Ash: Why is my online friend Naruto’s girlfriend so fat?

    Iris: Because she’s pregnant, you idiot! And Misty will get fat too, if you don’t put on a condom in bed!

    Misty: Don’t worry, Ash uses condoms all the time, and I take the pill! I think Brock and Lucy are most likely to become parents here!

    Lucy: I admit Brock doesn’t always use condoms during sex... But the pill protects me!

    Jessie has changed the subject to: Prepare for trouble!

    James has changed the subject to: And make it double!

    Jessie has changed the subject to: To protect the world from devastation!

    James has changed the subject to: To unite all peoples within our nation!

    Jessie has changed the subject to: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

    James has changed the subject to: To extend our reach to the stars above!

    Jessie has changed the subject to: Jessie!

    James has changed the subject to: James!

    Jessie has changed the subject to: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

    James has changed the subject to: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

    Meowth has changed the subject to: Meowth! That's right!

    Pikachu: Shut up!

    Meowth: The sarcasm and trolling in this chat is spectacular...

    James: Meowth, I think it’s all real!

    Meowth: It is?

    Harley: It is, I’ve seen May and Drew hump often, and Ash once told me about his fantasies about Misty...

    May: May the force be with you! And Harley, I remember you clopping when looking at Drew’s shirtless body at the beach!

    Harley: Me? Clopping? No, I’m not gay! I like girls!

    Gary: Shut up, we all know you pack fudge!

    Harley: Don’t you remember that time I stared at Lucy’s boobies when Brock sent me that naked picture of him and Lucy?

    Gary: Those were Brock’s muscles, you idiot!

    Brock: Yeah, you’ve got to work out to seduce the ladies!

    Drew: But Harley, we all remember the time you told us about how you participated in the Slateport City Gay Pride!

    Harley: It was a fabulous time! But I was just showing my support to people who face homophobia...

    Drew: And what about the time you went to the swimming pool with May and me? You were staring at my penis in the men’s locker room!

    Harley: I was just comparing sizes!

    Drew: For ten minutes?

    Harley: I’m gay, get over it! Sadly, I’m the only gay in the city...

    May: And what about your neighbours? There’s a gay couple living next to you!

    Harley: No, they’re just friends living together...

    Private chat: Brock and Nurse Joy
    Nurse Joy: Hi Brock, I’m Nurse Joy from Pewter City! I heard you and Lucy are gonna get married, right?

    Brock: True!

    Nurse Joy: How about celebrating that with a threesome? Both you and Lucy are so hot!

    Brock: Totally, I think Lucy would be fine trying it!

    Nurse Joy: Amazing, I’m already clopping and playing with my boobs!

    Brock: I’m also playing with a certain part of mine...

    Nurse Joy: Got a pic?

    Brock: Sure! *sends picture of his private parts*

    Nurse Joy: That’s so hot!

    Brock: Can you send me a pic of those boobies?

    Nurse Joy: Of course! *sends picture of Harley’s face*

    Brock: Are you a Harley fangirl? That’s not a pic of your boobs...

    Nurse Joy: Surprise! It’s me, Harley! Your dick sure is nice!

    Nurse Joy changed her name to Harley.

    Brock blocked Harley.

    Brock: I just got trolled...

    Misty: What happened?

    Brock: I thought I was talking to a lovely Nurse Joy, but Harley betrayed me... He was pretending to be her...

    Gary: Then what happened?

    Brock: We started talking about a threesome with Lucy and did some sexting... Then, she asked me for a picture of my, well, you know, my thing...

    Ash: And now Harley saw your dick?

    Harley: Don’t be ashamed, Brock! It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen! Can I suck it, darling?

    Brock: Of course not! I feel so gross now...

    Lucy: But I wanted the threesome to happen...

    Zoey: I can replace Nurse Joy if you’d like... But then Dawn has to take Brock’s place!

    Lucy: No thanks, I’m bi and won’t have sex without Brock by my side!

    Brock: You’re not my type, Zoey...

    Zoey: I don’t care, I only do threesomes with two girls!

    Dawn: I can take Nurse Joy’s place...

    Lucy: Aren’t you a little bit too young for that?

    Dawn: It was worth a try...



    Meowth: I wouldn’t mind having sex on fire with you, Togekiss!

    Pikachu: Keep your filthy claws of MY girl, you scumbag!

    Meowth: But she’s hot! And no, I don’t want a threesome!

    Togekiss: *uses Psychic, moving Meowth up and down, causing him to get dizzy*

    Misty: It’s late, Ash and I are going to bed now.

    Lucy: Brock and me too, it’s sex night again!

    Brock: For Lucy and me, every night is sex night.

    Iris: You’re all such kids, even Brock and Lucy, who are supposed to be the adults here...

    Ash: Good night, I’m already preparing for sex with Misty.

    Iris: How?

    Ash: Clopping!

    Pikachu: *clops*

    Togekiss: *falls asleep, while having a sexy dream about Pikachu*

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    Bonnie changed the topic to: You all get into trouble when I'm away.

    Pikachu: Sorry. ^_^;

    Bonnie: I don't understand why we have Team Rocket in this chat, especially since they are always up to no good.

    Paul: Whoever keeps adding me into this chat needs to stop it.

    Dawn: No please don't go! We like you.

    Iris: I can't wait to see Evanescence in November!

    Bonnie: Who are they?

    Dawn: What! You've never heard of Evanescence? They're one of the best rock bands ever. Where are you seeing them, Iris?

    Iris: At the Makuhari Messe Arena. Ozzy Osbourne and Korn are also going to be there.

    Cilan: At least your skills as a trainer is better than your taste of music. These rock bands have a ghastly and depressing flavour to them.

    Bonnie: Well I'm sure it's better than One Direction and Justin Bieber.

    Cilan: That too.

    Dawn: I want to go!


    Cilan: I never thought rock music would be your flavour, Dawn?

    Dawn: Well a lot of music. You never know, I might get some inspiration from the concerts. Amy Lee is pretty much a rock icon for me.


    Serena: I don't like Queen. I don't know why everyone picks on JB and 1D: they're amazing.

    Iris: =O

    Pikachu: Ash's favourite bands are Queen, Nirvana and Depeche Mode.

    Gary: And he also likes Nightwish post-Tarja era because he's not a fan of opera.

    Dawn: All the albums they did after Tarja left have been awful. ;_; I wish she could come back to Nightwish.

    Iris: I think all of their albums are great.

    Cilan: Oceanborn was a masterpiece.

    Iris: I thought you said you didn't like metal, Cilan?

    Cilan: Nightwish with their original singer is the exception.

    Serena: How can Ash like this? This is terrible.

    Bonnie: Well everyone has different tastes in music, just how we all have different tastes in pokemon.

    Iris: I love this performance they did. They have a lot better ones than this though. They were rebelling because the BBC wanted them to use playback.

    Pikachu: Oh and btw, Ash's friend, Naruto had a son.

    Gary: Oh my god, they've not long got married.

    Pikachu: Ash and I went to their wedding, it was last december.

    Gary: Time's gone well quick hasn't it?

    Serena: I wish I could have gone. I love weddings.

    Dawn: Iris has anyone ever told you that your clothes remind them of Fluttershy.

    Iris: A few times....

    Dawn: I like the plushies in your picture. Especially Fluttershy!

    Iris: I'm not a brony. I don't even like the show but it was cute so I bought it.


    Iris: I AM NOT A BRONY.

    Dawn: I think you are!

    Cilan: Fluttershy is your queen.

    Iris: I'm a dragon-type master! I'm not a brony pervert...

    Bonnie: Not all bronies are perverts. No shame in liking something out of your age group. My big brother still watches Thomas The Tank Engine

    Gary: Sorry I just thought of this:

    Cilan: Oh god why? That is a crime against music!

    Gary: Even champions can have guilty pleasures.

    Bonnie: Weren't you champion for 5 minutes?

    Gary: No that was my cousin, Green. Our fathers were twins and we look a lot like each other. People often get us both confused with each other.

    Dawn: You're the sexy one no doubt. :P

    Iris: Oh boy, more sexual innuendo.

    Paul: I don't understand why a pokemon champion like you would want to hang out with these losers, Iris. I still remember the time when Dawn and Gary stripped for each other on webcam.

    Iris: WHAT! REALLY?

    Dawn: That was ages ago, hun! Doesn't matter any-more.

    Paul: You're both lucky you didn't get arrested. Child pornography is a serious crime.

    Dawn: We weren't children.

    Paul: You were under 18 and in the eyes of the law, you were still a child.

    Cilan: What an undignified look.

    Gary: You and Iris should have been there when we had them epic msn conversations back in the day. Those were good times. I really want Windows Live Messenger back, Skype just isn't the same.

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    Dawn: Hey, I just caught a Snorlax! *shows picture*

    Ash: That Pokemon looks a lot like you!

    Misty: And like Ash after dinner when we visit his mom! Oh well, he’s still hot!

    Brock: Just like Lucy, who is clopping now. I’m naked at this moment.

    Harley: Got a pic?

    Brock: Yes, but it’s reserved for Lucy only. Okay, and maybe Nurse Joy.

    Misty: Wow, Ash put a new shirtless picture on Twitter, it’s in my favourites now!

    Serena: In mine too!

    Misty: Serena, f*ck off, he’s MY boyfriend!

    Serena: I have the right to seduce him!

    Misty: Maybe he doesn’t like girls who don’t respect his relationship!

    Serena: I challenge you!

    Misty: To what? A Pokemon battle?

    Serena: No, a battle on Super Smash Bros 3DS! One life each!

    Misty: Fine! Greninja and I will beat anyone!

    Serena: Fine! I’ll be Jigglypuff!

    Clemont: I’ll watch the fight and broadcast a livestream on YouTube!

    Ash: Go, Misty!

    May: Misty dealt the first bit of damage, nice!

    Dawn: And another Hydro Pump, Jigglypuff can’t even do anything!

    Harley: Water Shuriken, that must hurt... Why is Misty so much better at this game?

    Ash: Because she’s better than Serena at everything, especially hotness!

    Harley: I think Drew beats her with ease!

    May: I agree.

    Gary: Jigglypuff sucks, King Dedede is obviously the strongest character!

    Ash: What? Disconnected?

    Braixen: Serena ragequitted!

    Pikachu: What a coward! Serena, I like you, but that was uncalled for! You wouldn’t do that in a Pokemon battle, wouldn’t you?

    Serena: It’s not fair, I’m better with the Ice Climbers! Why aren’t they in this stupid game?

    Misty: Because the creators of the game didn’t want them there? Or because they wanted me to beat the sh*t out of you for hitting on MY boyfriend?

    Gary: Serena, if you would’ve picked King Dedede, you would’ve won!

    Harley: That’s not fabulous, just go for shirtless Shulk, he’s so sexy!

    Gary: Ash and I once played Smash, and Ash ragequitted when I almost defeated him with Kirbycide!

    Ash: Why do you have to bring that up, you *******?

    Gary: Because Gary was here, Ash is a loser!

    Harley: Did you see that new Game of Thrones episode yesterday? King Joffreys wiener was so hot! And it was so hard, he just had an eleven-way!

    Misty: Are you really that desperate, Harley?

    Gary: Misty, King Joffrey is a ***, just like Harley, so he can actually fantasize about it realistically!

    Serena: I thought he was hot, but since he came out of the closet, he’s out of reach... But my Ashyboy is still hotter!

    May: He never came out of the closet, he’s dead!

    Harley: True, but his actor isn’t...

    Drew: I’m so sick of that show! Every time they show a guy’s hard wiener, he’s gay! It’s not all gay wiener, but when they do show a straight guy’s wiener, it’s all soft and floppy, even if he just finished humping a hot girl!

    May: Yeah, and all the girls have way smaller boobs than I have!

    Blaziken: Stop it, May! Everyone knows you wear push up bras all the time, to hide the fact that you have small tits! Every time you wore a swimsuit in the anime, your boobs looked way smaller than normally! And they also seemed smaller in your DP outfit!

    May: Blaziken, stop breaking the fourth wall!

    Togekiss: But breaking the fourth wall is fun...

    Harley: Why does it matter if May has small boobs? Size isn’t important!

    Brock: That’s easy for you to say, you’re gay! I’m glad Lucy has naturally big boobs! She has a double D size!

    Gary: At least you’re not clopping anymore!

    Brock: Yeah, but Lucy still is! And I’m still naked!

    Dawn: Brock, why do we need to know that?

    Brock: Just in case some hot Nurse Joy that isn’t Harley posing comes in the chat!

    Harley: So I wasn’t a good sexy nurse?

    Brock: Maybe for gay guys, but not for me!

    Misty: And why did Ash’s mom have to embarrass me yesterday?

    Max: What did she do?

    Misty: She gave me a condom when I went up to Ash’s room, for safe sex!

    Max: And did you two actually get it on with?

    Misty: No, the risk of his mom coming in was too big...

    Max: I’ve once caught May doing webcam sex with Drew, I’m still traumatized!

    Harley: How was it? Did you see Drew’s penis?

    Max: Not really... But I saw May’s small boobs, she told me she would beat the crap out of me if I would tell anyone. But since Blaziken already spoiled it, I can just as well tell you all.

    May: Max won’t be getting online for the upcoming days, since he’s currently being taken to the hospital. Oh, and I just heard from my dad that I am grounded.

    Blaziken: Hah, I’m not!

    Drew: Don’t worry, I’ll just visit you and play with your boobs.

    Brock: Hey, I’m not the only one here who goes TMI!

    May: Thank you, Drew!

    Pikachu: Well, at least there’s no more clopping.

    Brock: Wrong, Lucy is still clopping. But I’ll ask her to get online too.

    Gary: Why does everyone have to clop? I’m not clopping, by the way.

    Serena: Are you sure, Gary? Your typing comes off as very horny, ar you sure you’re not into me?

    Gary: Not really. Oh well, I’ll admit it, the thought of Lucy clopping naked sure sounds hot!

    Brock: Stay away from my girl, you *******!

    Lucy: No threesomes, Gary! Sorry!

    Iris: You’re all disgusting, just keep it to yourself!

    Cilan: But Iris, why is one of your hands in your pants? Is it because I just took my shirt off?

    Iris: Cilan, you lying, arrogant kid! I’m not masturbating!

    Cilan: *posts picture of Iris clopping*

    Iris: Well, you’re all just desperate, perverted kids! At least I clop to someone who is actually hot! *posts picture of shirtless Cilan*

    Harley: Oh my, now I’ll start clopping too!

    Serena: Iris, you have a hot boyfriend, do you have naked pics of him?

    Iris: Don’t think so, you sl*t!

    Serena: Why am I a sl*t?

    Iris: Because you want to have sex with lots of different guys? Get off my boyfriend, or else there’ll be trouble?

    Serena: So what? Can’t a young teenager have some fantasies?

    Iris: Sure, but not with my man!

    Serena: So? Ash is Misty’s man, and I drool over him too!

    Misty: Yeah, and it shows that you have no respect Ash’s love life and relationship!

    Serena: I have the right to seduce everyone I want, Ash can always say no! Someday, I’ll steal him from you, and there’s nothing you can do about it!

    Misty: He’s mine, you little b*tch! Now get out of the chat! If I ever catch you talking to my man again, I’ll beat the living sh*t out of you with my mallet!

    Serena: Bring it on!

    Misty: *takes selfie with mallet, which has some blood on it from the time she hit Ash and Brock with it*

    Serena: I’m not scared! Ash, you’re still beautiful!

    Misty: So now he’s beautiful instead of hot? Are you scared?

    Serena: Screw you guys, I’m going home!

    Misty: You’re already home... You’re just quoting Cartman from South Park!

    Serena: F*ck you, Cartman is a legend! And he’s hot! But Ash is even hotter!

    Ash: Misty won the match!

    Pikachu: *celebrates Misty’s awesomeness with a sexy selfie for Togekiss*

    Togekiss: *starts clopping*

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