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    Mistletoe and wine, children singing Christian rhymes, with Arnie making a big Christmas Dinner, and Tessie saying this years a winner, and she'd be right on the spot, cause every year we'll make this give-away even better. You know you love those Slush Puppioes, so how bout we give your Pokes a nice big gulp of one, but don't make them drink it too fast, or they may get:

    Brain Freeze (Ice)
    The user emits thin ice type waves from it's mouth, the crystal effect floating towards the opponent, entering through any open pores in their skin. After one round the ice crystals start to attack the brain of the opponent, causing minor damage (the same amount that a confusion would hit). While the crystals attack the brain, the effect of brain freeze makes the opponent have a 10% chance of forgetting the move that was ordered last.
    Contest Type (Beauty)
    Contest Effect: Makes the last Pokemon to appeal lose <3 <3 <3 appeal points

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