For those of you who don't know your fossil pokémon yet, that was Cradily, not Lileep.

Overall this was a great Gym Battle. Surprisly Chimchar's battle with Bronzor was entertaining. I didn't realize Chimchar was capable of standing still in mid-air! Also, did Bronzor use Rain Dance? I'm confused on how it only rained for like a minute, and how could steam alone cause it (unless I'm even worse at how weather works then I thought)?

Steelix sounds like it ate a child and its Screech is the child begging for help, not kidding. Gliscor's battle was funny and great all at the same time. A little over use of Fire Fang, but not expected. I'm glad Gliscor was star of it's first gym battle. Ash just got his last badge six episodes ago, this makes six, and in less then 10 episodes we will be on the snow routes, so now things are speeding up slightly.

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What did Metal Burst look like in this episode?
I believe it looked lie Ancientpower, just pure white though.

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Watching the episode, I'm wondering how Roark reacted when he saw that Chimchar was in Ash's command...
Well, Ash did mention Paul, but my Japanese is limited so I don't know much either.