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Thread: Serebii New Year 2009 Kickoff: 3v3 Team Trials

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    Default Serebii New Year 2009 Kickoff: 3v3 Team Trials

    Serebii New Year 2009 Kickoff: The 3v3 Team Trials

    Hello everyone! I hope each one of you happy holidays as we move into the new year 2009. And to start off the new year, Volteon has approved this tourney as a way to kick off the 2009 Serebii DPPt Tournaments Year.

    Section A: Tournament format:

    1.) Teams will be composed of three members.
    2.) The tiers to be played are UU, OU, Uber.
    3.) Prior to the beginning of each round, the team has to designate which members will be playing which tiers. This can be done with a post in this thread.
    4.) Matches are best out of three, first to two wins takes the match.
    5.) Battles are 6v6 pokemon battles.

    Section B: Battle Rules:

    1.) OU:
    2.) UU:
    3.) Ubahs:

    We will be conforming to standard rules listed by THIS site. If you want clarification on any of these rules, then please PM me or post here.

    Section C: Prize

    1.) The 3v3 Team winner will receive a custom signature trophy and legit movie shaymins.


    The Three Musketeers vs. Team Radicool

    PokeWiz vs. PokeN3rd (OU)
    Penguin vs. Mastadi (UU)
    SkyNet vs. DeoxysMatter (Uber)

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