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Thread: Pokemon DP: Shadow Pokemon - PiplupXChimchar+Pearl+Lagomorph - PG

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    Default Pokemon DP: Shadow Pokemon - PiplupXChimchar+Pearl+Lagomorph - PG

    Notes: Quotations then Brackets mean that the speech is in Poke-Speech. Devastating Force or power means into the wall or ground while doing the attack.

    Ash started his journey in Sinnoh at Sandgem where he met Professor Rowan. Rowan had watched him face Paul. Right now, Ash and Dawn have been to the Grand Feastival and beaten Champion Cythnia. At Hearthome City, Pikachu spots a poster and tells Ash and Dawn to read it. Ash walks over to the Poster and reads it.
    It says "Looking for one male trainer and one Coordinator to face off against two very strong trainers! Go to the Pokemon Stadium to enter in this face off. Whoever wins gets a prize."
    Dawn says "A prize?! What are we waiting for? Lets go. It'll be Ash and me against those two trainers. We can't be stopped."
    Ash says "Yeah, they must be a tough bunch of trainers. So lets go."
    Ash, Dawn, and Brock enter the stadium to see the two very strong trainers are using Empoleon and Infernape. They have beaten tons of trainers already including the Partnership of Conway and Zoey. Zoey couldn't believe that she got beat with Conway as her partner. Then the rules said that the trainer had to be male but the coordinator could be either male or female. So Paul and Kenny faced off against them and lose. Currently it was Gary and May against these trainers. May is using Blaziken and Gary is using Umbreon.
    Gary says "Umbreon, use Shadow ball."
    May says "Blaziken, use Flame Thrower."
    Blaziken unleashes her Flamethrower and Umbreon throws his Shadow Ball. Enta says "The Attacks have Combined into a Flaming Shadow Ball."
    A explosion happens.
    Enta says "What's this? The Empoleon took the hit and protected the Infernape."
    Trainer of the Infernape says "Shadow Ape, use Flamewheel."
    Trainer of the Empoleon says "Shadow Emperor, use Aqua Jet."
    Enta says "The Shadow Emperor and Shadow Ape - weird names - do their commands with Aqua Jet hitting, with devastating force on the wall, Blaziken and, also with devastating force toward the way, Flamewheel on Umbreon."
    The Referee says "Umbreon and Blaziken are unable to battle. The winners are Shadow Ape and Shadow Emperor."

    Dawn whispers "We're next, let's use Chimchar and Piplup."
    Ash whispers "What if they start fighting?"
    Shadow Ape's Trainer says "Who's next?"
    Dawn whispers "It might be our only chance of beating them."
    Ash whispers "Alright."
    Ash yells, to the two very strong trainers, "We'll battle you!" Paul, Gary, May, Kenny, Zoey and the very strong trainers look that way.
    Ash yells "My name is Ash Ketchum, Sinnoh Champion and Pallet town Trainer! I will be the trainer!"
    Dawn yells "My name is Dawn Berlitz, Sinnoh Grand Festival winner and Twinleaf town Coordinator! I will be the Coordinator!"
    Then Ash and Dawn yell, at once, "Try and beat us!"
    The Very Strong Trainers yell "Go ahead and we'll see who wins! Get ready, our tough pokemon. We got one last pair of trainers."

    Dawn says "Piplup, Spotlight."
    Ash says "Chimchar, Let's go."
    Shadow Ape's Trainer says "Go, Shadow Ape."
    Shadow Emperor's Trainer says "Go, Shadow Emperor."
    The referee says "Rules are simple. neither side can switch pokemon. This is a double battle with each trainer having one pokemon. The challenger side has a very limited amount of time to beat their oppenents or they lose. What I mean is that the Strong Trainer Side gets more powerful over time. So if you wait too long, you get defeated in a devastating blow.
    Chimchar sees his teammate is Piplup and says "(I'm working with Piplup. We might, as well, forfeit.)"
    Piplup yells at him "(Hey! U aren't the powerful one yourself.)"
    Chimchar then attacks Piplup and She (Piplup) fights back.
    Enta says "The challengers' pokemon don't seem to like each other. They are fighting each other to prove it."
    Shadow Ape's Trainer says "Let's just finish this. By the way, Ash, The name is Sig."
    Shadow Emperor's Trainer says "Yeah, Let's finish them. And, Dawn, my name is Nature."
    Ash and Dawn yell "You two are the Trainer and Coordinator duo, known also as Signature!"
    Signature yells "Both of you, use Shadow Burst."
    Suddenly Piplup wins the stand-off.
    Enta says "Looks like those Shadow Bursts are aimed straight at Chimchar. Chimchar just stands there and it looks like he's remembering something." Piplup can't take it, seeing Chimchar get hit by two attacks, so much that she takes the hit for him.
    Chimchar says "(Piplup, you alright?)"
    Piplup says "(What do you care?)"
    Chimchar suddenly gets all angry and yells "(Are those Shadow Pokemon?!)"
    Ash's and Dawn's aura hears that and translates it.
    Sig says "What did he say?"
    Nature says "Uh, It's Yell, Sig."
    Ash and Dawn say "He asked 'Are those Shadow Pokemon?' Whatever that means, they sound nasty."
    Nature says "They are very evil versions of the pokemon. To answer Chimchar's question, yes. We're using them to find someone to help us battle these Evil Pokemon and also purify some that we catch."
    Enta says "Chimchar suddenly attacks Shadow Emperor and Shadow Ape with a lot of Digs. Then He attacks Shadow Ape with Flamewheel at Devastating Power at the ground."
    The Referee says "Shadow Ape is unable to battle."
    Sig says "WTF? Where did the sudden boost of power come from?"
    Paul says "That's the Flamewheel he used on the Zangoose that attacked him for I do not know what reason."
    Piplup runs up and sees the damage Chimchar has caused.
    Chimchar says, to Piplup, "(Piplup, I need you to use Bubble Beam on Shadow Emperor.)"
    Enta says "Chimchar, translated, just gave a order to Piplup. It was Bubble beam on Shadow Emperor."
    Piplup yells "(Sure!)"
    Enta says "Piplup agreed and attack Shadow Emperor with bubble beam. Right after that, Chimchar used a lot of Fire Punches on the now wet Shadow Emperor, creating steam."

    Suddenly, Chimchar jumps really high into the sky. Enta says "What's with the jump?"
    Chimchar says "(Blast Burn!)"
    Enta says "A blast burn? Piplup had better move. What's this? Chimchar fell super fast and picked up Piplup super fast. The classic guy-saves-the-girl routine has Chimchar save that Female Piplup. So what does it mean about their relationship? The Blast Burn Creates the effect of Electricity when combined with The Water and Steam."
    The Referee says "Shadow Emperor is unable to battle. Chimchar and Piplup are the winners."
    I know I said there were multiple couples but there are all of them in there. The Couples include one I made up of Dawn's Piplup and Ash's Chimchar called PiplupXChimchar. You see I think Dawn's Piplup is a girl and we know Ash's Chimchar is a guy. The reason is a question - why were the Zangoose Paul saw attacking Chimchar? This first chapter begins by saying that he has a hatred toward Shadow Pokemon. The reason is unknown for now. The background music would be, in a WMV of this chapter, Stand My Ground by Within Temptation.

    Old story - before I knew Piplup was a dude but I still think it's a girl because they didn't really say it in the english verison
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    Um,maybe you should..You know,use paragraphs.
    It's basically one big block of text.

    Anyway,this is a pretty neat fanfic.

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