OK, just for starters, I am Cierra, but feel free to call me Serene, Mizu, or Zuzu. Secondly, as the title states, there is a clash of the ships (or rather, shippings), but I honestly did not try to bash any ship whatsoever, as we're all entitled to our own opinion.

So, I hope you enjoy this one-shot made by me.


Clash of the Ships (PG-13)
(A One-shot Clash of Chosenshipping, OldRivalshipping, and Buttshipping)

The sun shone brightly as the rays gently touched the earth. But they never seemed to shine their brilliance where I lived. Pallet Town was small and pleasant, but it seemed like the rays almost always hit Green's house. Ah yes, Green. He was a kind, gentle soul who took pride in his training. But lately, it seemed as though he was spending most of the time at the Viridian Gym, challenged by whatever sort of trainer came along. It had been years since I had seen him. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating too much.

It was but one year ago, when I faced off against Pryce with my legendary birds. Alongside with Green, as well as Silver, who was almost like a brother to me, we defeated Pryce. In the end, we all went back to our respective homes. But not before that pervert Gold patted my small, tight behind. It was nice to have Silver get him angry at him, but I still couldn't stop thinking about how...nice that felt. I remember blushing afterwards when I returned home, and even though Silver contacted me many times on the Pokegear, I ignored him, thinking about that moment. Ah, where did my sanity go but to heaven on that nostalgic day?

It was then that I received a call from Silver on my Pokegear. I picked it up, and he seemed to be happy about something.

"Blue, guess what? I got us tickets to go see Mary's concert!" Silver exclaimed. Although I knew Silver didn't care much for music, I think he was more or less excited that he got the tickets because he could see it with me. Ah, he was such a great brother-like figure!

"Oh. My. God. Thank you so much, Silver!" I responded. After chatting a bit more about the concert, I said my goodbyes and turned off the Pokegear. The concert was to be tomorrow night, and I was going to go! There were many people in Johto, and even Kanto, that loved Mary's singing, and for me to be one of the people going... I just had a feeling of joy in my heart! Me, little ol' Blue, going to one of the biggest concerts of the year! I reminded myself that I needed to thank Silver after the concert was over. I immediately went to my wardrobe, and began looking through outfits. The first one that caught my eye was a seducing blue dress, something I just know that pervert Gold couldn't resist. I shoved it aside and looked some more. Next came a pretty purple dress. Green would've probably liked it; he seems to love wearing purple. I pushed that aside as well, and continued looking. A raven black gown. Something I bet Silver would love seeing me wear. I picked it from the rack, and placed it on the side. Finally being able to wear that dress, I began fantasizing about what the concert was going to be like when my Pokegear rang again. I picked it up, not bothering to look at the name.

"Blue? It's Green." Oh, lord. I was not expecting this. "Well, tomorrow night I have off from being at the gym, and I was wondering if you could go to Mary's concert with me." Too stunned to reply, I looked over at the purple dress I previously shoved aside. "Blue?" Green asked in a worried tone.

"Oh, I'm fine. Yeah, sure, I'll go with you," I responded, not realizing I had agreed to go with him.

"Great! I'll see you at five tomorrow in Goldenrod City." Before I could say something, Green hung up on me, leaving me in a dilemma. How was I supposed to go with Green AND Silver? Green already suspected Silver for stealing Totodile from Professor Elm's lab, and even though Gold had given a false picture of Silver, Green still knew what Silver had done. Well, there was nothing I could do about it, and I knew if I called Silver to cancel he would be depressed (he really sounded happy for once; I couldn't ruin it for him!), and if I tried Green, he would ask what I was doing, and I didn't want to argue with him. Instead, I decided I'd sew together a dress from the two dresses I knew Silver and Green would like. Just as I got my sewing kit out, the Pokegear rang AGAIN. I picked it up, kind of getting used to this routine.

"Blue! Babe! Whassup? It's Gold~" Dear lord. How did he get my number? "I swiped your number from Silver when he wasn't looking!" Figures.

"What do you want, Gold?" I said, sighing.

"Well, I got some tickets to Mary's concert! I don't like her anymore but I thought you would! So we're going, right?" No, no we're not.

"Um, Gold..." I started.

"We are? OK, good! See you in Goldenrod~" It seemed he blew me a quick kiss right before hanging up. I didn't even SAY I wanted to go with him. Geez, leave it to the pervert to make matters worse. Not wanting to try him again (he would still say we're going regardless), I took the sexy blue outfit, along with the other two outfits, and began sewing them together the best I could. In the end, it was a mix of blue, purple, and black swirled together, and it actually looked kinda nice. I kept the sexy part at the top for gold, added a bit more purple for Green, and kept the overall design for Silver.

As the following day went by quickly, I could hardly anticipate the concert. But I was afraid of what would happen when all three guys showed up. Not wanting to visualize the result, I got dressed and went out the door. I called out my cute Jigglypuff, and flew away on her. I was actually kind of glad that Green didn't want to pick me up here in Pallet Town; Silver would get mad at me. As I flew over Goldenrod, I saw none of the boys. I sighed gratefully, and landed gently by the department store. The concert was actually taking place in the park, but Goldenrod was right by it. I waited calmly by the department store, when I saw Silver walk up, dressed as nicely as ever. He saw me and ran over, his face beaming more than it ever had.

"So, you look nice," Silver replied, blushing. He didn't seem to look at my chest, which made me smile. It was just like Silver, to not like me just for my chest. He grabbed my hand suddenly, and I couldn't help but blush. He was so like a brother to me...

"Blue? Silver?" Oh no, not that voice. A surprised Gold appeared behind us, and he seemed to hold two tickets up. "Well, well, well, I see you decided to come too, Silver," Gold replied.

"Why are YOU here?" Silver asked coldly, glaring at Gold.

"I should ask YOU the same thing."

"I'm here to take Blue to the concert."

"Are you? Well, I asked her, and she said I'd take her." Silver then turned to stare at me.

"What? I said no such thing! I didn't even get to respond when you made the decision for me!" I shouted, throwing my hands up in the air.

"I have to believe Blue. She would never cheat on anyone, seductress or not." Although I ignored that last remark, I couldn't help but smile. Silver was standing up for me; it was so sweet!

"Blue? Gold? ...Silver?" The final of the three. Green. Great.

"Green! Don't tell me you're here for the concert, too!" Gold responded.

"Well, I couldn't get any tickets..." Green admitted.

"Oh, well, I have an extra ticket." Gold held out the other ticket, and Green took it.

"So... Why are these guys here, Blue?" I couldn't think of anything to say.

"She's HERE because I invited her," Silver said, now glaring at Green.

"Really? Well, I invited her and she accepted. Besides, this is the first time in ages I could take an actual break from managing the gym." Green's voice seemed to be a little furious in tone, and I was worried about Silver's response.

"Oh yeah? Well, Blue, which one is it gonna be?" Silver asked, a tad annoyed. I looked at the three. Silver and Green seemed to be both concerned with which one I was going to take, while Gold was...staring at my breasts. Yeah, I didn't see THAT coming...

"Um... Well... YOU! OVER THERE!" I pointed at some random boy just walking around. "COME HERE!" The boy came over, and looked at me.

"What do you want, lady?" he asked, a bit frightened

"How would you like to go to Mary's concert with me?" This tore it. Green and Silver immediately pulled out two Pokeballs, and threw them at the boy. Out came the Charizard Green had begun with, and out came Silver's Sneasel, still feisty as ever. They stared down the boy, who ran away screaming. The two then turned each other, and began fighting. Whilst the Charizard let out blasts of fire, the Sneasel ran all around trying to confuse it, only to then slash at it from behind. I looked over at Gold, who seemed to have a confused look on his face. Obviously, he didn't feel like fighting. But he threw a Pokeball into the mix anyways. His Typhlosion came out, and began spewing fire all over from its back. The three obviously were trying to fight it out to see who would take me. I was starting to get a bit nervous; the three were battling as if the winner were to be king.

I finally had enough after thirty minutes had passed. They continued sending out their Pokemon if one fainted, and they never gave it a break. My only hope was to sacrifice something I never thought I could ever sacrifice before. I ran into the middle of the battle just as Silver's Feraligatr, Green's Charizard (which he revived), and Gold's Typhlosion (which he also revived) unleashed their strongest attacks. I saw the three look at me, surprised I did such a thing, and before they could say anything, it was too late...

The sun shone brightly as the gentle rays touched the earth. This time, the rays of light hit my room, which was situated on the opposite side the sun rose from. I gently opened my eyes, and looked out the window. It was a beautiful day in Pallet Town, and I knew I could be at peace. I looked at my skin, and discovered it was badly burned, not to mention dehydrated. I quickly looked at the day on my Pokegear, it seemed to be two days after the big dispute. I sighed, and laid back down on my bed. After all, it wasn't like those three would ever invite me anywhere again, after what I did. I looked at my Pokegear quietly, there were no new messages from the past couple days. I rolled over to my side, and gently began crying. I ruined it for them, I thought. My one chance to spend time with the people I love, and I ruined it. What's the point of being a seductress now? I carefully examined my room, and noticed but one letter on my chair. I meekly walked over to it and picked it up. It seemed to be anonymous, but I still opened it up and read it anyways.

Dear Blue,

We're sorry for what we did that night. It was not like ourselves to suddenly fight over something so simple as taking you to a concert. We could've easily gone together, and had ourselves a great time. Instead, we ruined it for you, and you made us realize this by running into the heat of our battle. Please get better soon.


Silver, Green, and Gold

I read the letter over and over, and continuously looked at the closer. "Love". Tears started falling down my cheeks rapidly as I re-read the letter over and over. So they do care... They do... I was sobbing by then, and the words were getting covered by globs of teardrops. I placed the letter to my heart, then situated it in my closet, where it would never be forgotten. I put on some nice clothes, and looked in the mirror.

"Scarred and burnt, but still beautiful!" I commented, walking out the door.

"Surprise!" The three boys. They were outside, and all of them but Silver apparently had a present, but for me? They shouldn't have. Well, maybe they should. Even Silver and Green seemed happy; Gold was ecstatic as always. Gold was the first to approach me, giving me an oddly-shaped present. I opened it up, and inside was a dress similar to what I had lost in the battle, only more...sexier? Well, he can't be like the rest of us, but it's his choice.

The next gift from Green was a beautiful sapphire necklace on an emerald chain. I thought it to be a reference as to him being the emerald chain and me being the sapphire, as if he were to always grasp me. Finally, Silver stepped towards me, and the two boys gave him a quizzical look. Silver placed his hands upon my face, and kissed me softly on my lips. This lasted ofr about a minute, and then he let go. As we stared at each other, my face was scarlet, and his was really red too. When I looked past him, Gold looked sad while Green had a sullen look.

"I love you, Blue," Silver whispered into my ear before walking away into the sunlight. Gold and Green gave one last look at me before heading out themselves. I was left standing in the warm heavenly rays. This...was a good day.