I decided to write a crazy, Pearlshipping fic. It contains minor Respectshipping, Bouldershipping, AshXKenny(I forgot the name) and Penguinshipping. I am not a good writer, so it won't turn out good.. If you don't like, or appreciate wild, pointless fics, I suggest you don't read this..

I do not own the characters, or Pokemon.

This is for entertainment purposes.. Don't be offended..
Rated: PG



Piplup: male
Pikachu: male

The sun was up, and the white fluffy clouds floated calmly across the vast blue sky. Ash Ketchum, Dawn Berlitz, and Brock Lee walked on the dirt path. Pikachu and Piplup merrily sang with their sing-song voices. Finally, they approached Sunnyshore City! It was a huge city with beautiful beaches, and many peoples. Something caught Dawn's eye as they walked down the paved street.
"Hey look guys! It says there is a trainer Ball tonight!" she shouted
"GIRLZ!!!!!!!!" squealed Brock.
"Let's go! there! But wait.. we have to make sure it's okay with Ash, since he DOES have a gym battle!"
"Okay with what?" questioned Ash.
"Trainer Ball!!!" shouted Brock and Dawn.
"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Ash. He hated balls!
"There will be food!" said Dawn
"Don't mention the GIRLZ!" added Brock
"Ok. bu-" started Ash.
Too late.. Dawn had dragged both Ash and Brock by their collars.
"HEHEHEHE!" Brock chuckled. He had a goofy expression on his face.
Thinking of girls again thought Ash
.................................................. .............................................

"Dawn, DO WE HAVE TO WEAR THIS CRAP?!" shouted Ash.
He was forced to put on a silly black suit..
"YES!" shouted Both Brock and Dawn

Brock was wearing a more fancier black suit, and Ash had to admit, he DID look handsome.. Dawn was dressed up in her regular clothes, she said it took time for her to get ready, so it was planned that Brock and Ash would go to the ball before her. The moon was rising up.. a magnificent moon; starting its waning gibbous phase. Many people all dressed up were making their way to a huge, magnificent castle. Ash heard a rocket explode next to him, when he looked up, Brock was gone! In the sky, he saw smoke, and a
Brock face shaped fireworks.. The sparkles of the fireworks, clustered, and turned into BROCK!? Ash was bewildered! Oh well. he thought.

The ballroom was huge! The food tastes like the barf of a smeargle, mixed with Pikachu turds! thought Ash. Pikachu looked out into the garden. Yes, they were in the courtyard to get some fresh air by now. The scents were overwhelming in that room! *Clank! *Clank* Ash turned around and saw a girl sparking blue hair, tied into a messy bun, with a few curled strands loose. The girl was wearing a beautiful, yellow dress, and a pearl necklace, and SHE WAS CHARGING AT ASH!!!!!!

Ash ran, away from the girl. She was ugly, but not as ugly as his previous female companions. Ash saw Brock, who had found a dancing partner. Ash had no choice! He quickly hid behind Brock. Brock's cheeks turned red in embarrassment. Ash saw that. Why did Brock's cheeks turn red after I hid behind him? Does he.. NAH! Brock's not Gay! Or he is.. The only reason Ash had been educated about gays (no offense to anybody) because Gary had asked Ash if he was one, and Ash didn't know what it was.. Now after that lecture, Ash thought that everyone was one, except Drew, because he had green hair..(no offense to anybody, I respect gays, so, once again, no offense) Back to the girl.. "Ash it's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she shouted!!
"Dawn?!" said Ash.
"Ughh! Ash you idiot! Of course it's me!!"
Ash got from behind Brock and came forward, still weary if the girl was Dawn.
Another boy came form behind Dawn. He was.. Kenny... Ash HATED Kenny. He was weird, mean and annoying! He came beside Dawn, with a protective look on his face.
"Hello Ash." he started.
"Hola KENGO!" Ash shouted.
"Ash.." started Dawn. Suddenly, Dawn took Ash's hand and dragged him off to the courtyard.
"Don't follow, KENNY!" she shouted back.
Author's note: the last chapter might have something offending.. Please don't be offended.. Once again, this is for entertainment purposes. I am not trying to poke fun at anybody, just to give Ash's view on something

"Why did you do that Dawn?" Ash questioned
"Kenny was getting weird.. He is like a streaker!" she said.
"I think you mean 'Stalker'".
"Whatever, Ash!"
While still holding Ash's hand, and ran through the garden. For some reason, these weird garden Pokemon surrounded the two.. Sadly, Ash didn't understand.. These were special Pokemon that surrounded a couple and make the setting more 'romantic'. Instead, Ash ordered Pikachu to kill all of them. They were all like, level 1, and died at the lv. 1477 Pikachu's attack..
"Looks like we will be having dinner!" chuckled Ash
"Oh Ash! You ARE an idiot!" Dawn yelled.

The waning Gibbous moon looked close enough to a full moon, and its refection sparkled on the small pond Ash and Dawn had stopped by. A sudden gust attack startled Dawn and Ash, making Dawn jump into Ash's arms(=3). Enraged, he ordered Pikachu to use thunder in the direction of the attack.
"Star-" *thud*
"Guess some bird meat won't do us any harm!" joked Ash.
Dawn got out of Ash's arms and smacked him!
"You really need to take some joke lessons" sighed Dawn.
Dawn shivered, and Ash put his snuggie on her.. (Somehow, he got one out of his pocket!)
The reflection of the 'almost-full' moon make Dawn look like Hilary Clinton(so Ash thought XD)
For some reason, Ash got knocked out, when he woke up, he was in his Pj's, in the P.C.(pokecentre) The bunk next to him had Brock and Dawn.
Just a dream
For breakfast, Ash had a bill on his table.
It read:
2 Roserades: 156 pokedollars
15 Oddish: 56 Pokedollars
3 Shinx: 15 Pokedollars
1 Staraptor: 1,000,000 Pokedollars..
Ash fainted again, realizing that this was the bill for the garden Pokemons he had killed..
"Oops" he said
Ash blacked out again..

This time Ash woke up at the P.C., but instead of Dawn and Brock, there was Kenny.. Next to him... With an evil grin--big as the Cheshire cat's on his face.
Ash SCREAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dun-dun-Dah!!!!! (dramatic music!)

It was a crappy story.. Don't bother pointing out my grammatical/ syntax mistakes, I don't really care..
But tell me what you thought of my RANDOM story!!!!
Even though it WAS Pearlshipping, Ash X Kenny WON.. or did it.. >=D
Again, don't be offended, I just wanted to write something random for fun ^^
The reader must feel like this: 0_o if not, then I haven't reached my goal!