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Thread: The RPGers’ Profiles

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    Username: Hito-shura

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Experience: I must have started roleplaying somewhere around 2002. I was about as terrible as you would expect a tween to be at roleplay. Fortunately I was with people who boasted infinite patience and learned the ropes quickly.

    I didn't venture into SPPf until at least a year after that. I did some roleplay here, then left. Recently I've returned with this account for some more fun. I've been in tons of games (most of them crashed and burned), and while I may not have seen RPG's through to the end most of the time, I did accumulate a fair bit of experience.

    Favorite RPG's: What piques my interest can vary greatly. I am highly unlikely to join a Pokémon RPG, even though it may be a very good one, simply out of saturation.

    Characters: I try to do things that aren't very common and give my characters depth. I enjoy toying with archetypes from popular culture and either twisting them around or playing them unexpectedly straight, if it's a less serious RPG. I could say that all of my characters have at least something from me, but that is probably true for everyone.

    Strong Areas: Description, plot management, GMing in general. I enjoy it.

    Weak Areas: Large groups quickly spiral out of my hands. I tend to be rigid with how I want an RPG to progress and as such having to deal with the decisions and actions of a dozen different players rapidly gives me a headache. Also, I have abandoned by own projects several times in the past due to a combination of lack of interest and less free time, which is a nasty habit that I am actively working against these days.

    Hints & Tips:

    FOR GMs

    Be original. Naruto Ninja School: New Generation, Kingdom Hearts: Alternate Continuity Hijinks, BLEACH: Zanpakuto for Everyone, and Pokémon trainer RPGs have been done to death and then some. If you're gonna use these properties, at least put a spin on it. But personality I love nothing more than a great RPG that's been built from the ground up, or one that brings back an old or forgotten franchise (so long as it's good).

    Be nice to newbies. I'd venture to say that nine out of every ten great RPers were once terrible newbies, and became good through persistence. Acting like a douche turns people away from RPing, which is a bad thing because there aren't that many of us already. If you're going to turn someone down, point out why, be thorough, so that they can learn.

    Have everything planned before you even set up the sign-up thread. Yes, that means the entire plot, including how it will end and what will happen along the way. This is a foreign concept to many GMs, but the truth is that if you expect to come up with the plot as you go, you'll probably find yourself overstressed and abandon the RPG or you'll dig yourself into a plothole and your players will lose interest. Or both. Even if the RPG is a more free-form affair, you should know what kind of situations your players may run into and how they'll play out.

    People don't always realize it, but being a GM is a lot of work. Not just in coming up with the RPG and writing it out, but handling sign-ups, managing the discussion thread, making sure everyone is still active, moving the plot along while trying to give your players freedom, posting frequently... You will need free time. If you're two weeks away from final exams, do not start a RPG, unless you plan on failing said exams. If you have, for example, summer vacation ahead of you, then that's the perfect time to start a game. In any case, make sure that you'll have ample free time in the beginning, where you'll have to do all the setting-up. Later on you'll be able to manage with less time.

    And consider co-GMing with a close friend! It's a great way to take some of the pressure of GMing off and, if you're ever swamped with work/school and can't keep up with the RPG, your friend can temporarily take over, and vice-versa. It makes for a great safety net.


    Look at the other characters before making yours! An RPG full of dark, brooding wallflowers is going to go nowhere because everyone will act standoffish and antisocial and avoid everyone else. RPGs need divas, go-getters, douchebags, firestarters, and so on. Make sure that your character's personality complements the cast.

    Everyone is tired of a.) Brave fifteen-year old sword-wielding boys, b.) Pure, innocent, naďve fifteen-year old mage girls and c.) Evil brooding despotic teenagers.

    If the RPG is combat-oriented, think of original and inventive battle styles/weaponry/powers! There's nothing more fun than using a character that is completely and utterly you in battle.

    Don't try to steal the spotlight. Let the other players and characters work out their own problems.

    Current Projects: N/A

    Future Projects: Mariya and I are planning something. Head to the RPG Ideas & Wishes thread for details.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hito-shura View Post
    Kingdom Hearts: Strong Homoerotic Undertones
    Good lord. That is amazing.

    Username: Mariya Shidou
    Name: Nobody will ever know...
    Age: XIX
    Gender: There are some things man was not meant to know...

    Experience: I have long since lost track. I think my first real RPGing experience that even bordered on depicting skill began in 2004. So, that's about five years. I couldn't give you the whole story, though.

    Favourite RPGs: I like to go for things that use less common fandoms or use original material. Of course, I do expect the original material to be well-designed. I, like a few others, also like seeing games that get re-posted by the same player, but at the same time, it frustrates me when several RPers write pretty much the same game. It happens a lot, too, but it's to be expected, really... Oh, whatever...

    Characters: Most of my characters have a noticeable personality quirk that inhibits their ability to interact with others properly, be it a skew view of relationships or a speaking quirk. Not much more to come up with this, as I play a fair amount of character types, as long as they have that.

    Strong Areas: I look into topics about my characters as much as I can. I also tend to provide links back to my research in applications.

    Weak Areas: Patience. I have none. I'm also easily enabled into playing a specific type of character for the lulz.

    Hints and Tips:
    The most obvious tip, that I can think of, is not to take on more than you can handle. If you can't commit to a certain number of games, don't enter that many or create that many. It takes a while to get a handle on this, but be careful as you work on this.

    Current Projects:

    Future Projects:
    I've been kicking around a title ParaNeue lately, and considering how to make this exactly. Something sort of apocalyptic, though, I guess, and probably a bit horror-themed (obviously!). I don't have definite details down yet, though.

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    Username: Pokefan0234
    Name: Does that really matter?
    Age: Or that?
    Gender: Female

    Experience: When I first joined Serebii back in 2009, I had just started getting into the art of writing. I was both a kid and an amateur, and my work certainly showed it; my spelling and grammar were cringe-worthy, my characterization was inconsistent, and my stories were blatant fanfictions whose plotlines I had obviously stolen from some of my favorite books. Bottom line: I was a terrible writer, which is likely why my first sign-up – a Stu-ish Quilava with powers rivaling that of Mewtwo – had to be edited not once, not thrice, but five times before was finally used in an RP full of equally overpowered characters.

    Needless to say, I’ve improved since then. Each year since that first sign-up in 2010, I’ve gotten significantly better in my writing - and significantly better in my RPing, as well. My characters now have characterization, for starters; my description has… well, description, and my posts are no longer under the minimum word requirement. Though I’m not an RP veteran just yet, I certainly believe that I’m close to becoming one.

    Favorite RPGs: Whether or not I like an RPG is… kind of a sporadic decision. I tend to weave through the SU threads, skimming plots until something catches my attention, and if it does, then I’ll waver a bit longer on the thread and see if I can place a character to the story. Once I’ve got a character, I’ll sign up for it, plain and simple.

    Characters: One of my strongest points as a writer/RPer is that I love making characters. Heck, I’m addicted to it… which is probably why I make more sign-ups than I participate in RPs.

    My characters can be best described as opposites. I almost always play the counterpart of what everyone else is playing. If the majority of RPers are playing depressed, loner-type character, then you can bet I’ll be that annoying optimistic comic relief character, or that stubborn fighter with a fiery temper. Variety is the crux of good characterization, and for that reason, I always try to add something new to the player line-up.

    That said, I rarely ever play the same character twice. There are a few cases, perhaps, where I’ve reused characters for sequels or because an RP never officially started, but the majority of my characters are made up on the spot. To me, trying out new personalities and thinking up cool backstories is part of the fun of RPing, and I love the endless possibilities that go with making a character.

    On that note, my characters tend to be a bit… creative. I’m an eccentric person (as anyone who has ever sent me a VM/PM knows), and my characters tend to reflect my eccentricities. That doesn’t mean that they’re clinically insane, or mutated to the point of being indescribable, though they certainly can be. It means, for lack of a better word, that they’re unique. Whether or not that is a good or a bad thing depends on the character, I suppose.

    Strong Areas: If the above section wasn’t an indicator that I’m pretty good at making character, then let me say it here: I’m pretty dang good at making characters. Characterization is easily my strongest suit, and I love playing up the quirks and creativities of all the characters I create. Sometimes, my strangeness backfires, but for the most part, my characters are as lovable (or unlovable) as they need to be.

    Writing-wise, I would say that I’m a strong writer, though unfortunately not a straightforward one. I like words, and I tend to like words that sound cool, which is why my writing style can be a bit… flourish-y at times. That said, I can describe even boring scenes with at least some excitement and suspense (a necessity, considering how long my posts are) and move the plot along with a bit of poetic gusto.

    Weak Areas: Remember how I said my writing style tends to be a bit… poetic? Well, it’s a great style to have if I was writing a novel, but for an RP post? Not so much. I’ve always struggled with ambiguity when describing scenes, and ambiguity in a story being worked on my multiple people is never, never a good thing.

    Though I have good writing skills, I have horrible writing stamina. By that, I mean that the more I write about something, the worse my writing tends to get. Countless times I’ve written up my first post and declared it a masterpiece, only to write up my second post and shudder at how cringingly dull it’s become. Good writing should be continuously good, but unfortunately, I do better at first impressions than I do over the rest of the RP.

    Hints and Tips:
    1) Your characters are your children. If you want them to grow, you have to put your time and attention into them. Don’t just write them off as one-time characters and throw them together haphazardly. Think about their actions, their backstories, and take the time to develop them.
    2) Keep your characters under control. No one likes a godmodder or a know-it-all. RPs are about having fun, but that fun is supposed to be for everyone. Don’t spoil it.
    3) Be creative! Don't be afraid to do something completely insane every once-and-a-while. Not only does it give some life to the RP, it'll most likely be crazy enough for others to work with as well.

    Current Projects: At the moment, I’m working on a Fire Emblem: Awakening-esque RP that will (hopefully) be posted by the end of the summer.

    Future Projects: I’ve got quite a few ideas swimming around in my head, but these are the most developed at the moment.
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    Yup, I'm a Christian.

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    Username: At the moment it's bookauthor1123. I also gone by justakid75, xXx_H3ArT_xXx, and dmalik67. I've been known as bookauthor1123 for the longest, 2nd by justakid75, 3rd by H3ArT, then lastly dmalik67.
    Name: Malik
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    Expirience: I've been RPGing for a LONG time, I think for about 4 years now. It was about 2 years after i got my first computer, and I've been an RPGer ever since. I'm an Admin and a Moderater (not global) for two other sites and one of these sites is still poring with sign-up's and posts (I"m talking about the one that I'm and Admin on)
    Favorite RPGs: I'm sorta picky when it comes to what RPGs I join. Particularly, it has to have a cool story behind it, and it also need to seem like it could last a long time. Something with too many rules that limit the RPGing expirience will NEVER get a sign-up from me, now matter HOW well the story is. That's pretty much the kind of RPGs I like. If I ever made an RPG, I'd branch a little off of Pokemon and focus on something that a lot of people relate to, like an RPG about being the ruler of the world or something! lol...yes that's probably something I'd do.
    Characters: I create strong supporting characters in RPG's, ones that can be dependable for a long time after I make them. It doesn't matter what king of gender...or species they are, I can roleplay anyone and do it justice.
    Strong Areas: I can roleplay any gender, I stick to what I'm doing. I can always catch back up in one or two posts if I'm ever offline.
    Weak Areas: I'm usually offline for a while, and miss a lot in the RPG. Since I usually make pretty good characters in RPGs, I usually mess up some things if I'm not around to post and speed things up... Sometimes I bunch all my paragraphs together and it looks like one big clump of words...but I've improved on these things over the years...some of these I don't even DO anymore...

    Hints and Tips:
    -Stay Active!: I cannot stress this enough! If you branch off for too long, you'll be left behind and have a hard time trying to catch up somethimes.
    -ONLY Sign-Up for an RPG if you can stay on it!: Like I said before, don't branch off for so long. It would be wise to stay off if nothing too significant is going on on your part, but check in every now and again to stay up to date on things.
    -Know what your getting into!: Don't post about something too off topic, or post things that didn't happen in the RPG. Never try and catch up with things by saying things that happened a long time ago in the story. Chances are, if you do this, you'll post things in the wrong order, or even end up GMing a lot of people.
    -Don't GM (God Mod or Godmodding) If you do
    1. It's against the rules
    2. You may get kicked off of whatever RPG your on
    3. It's just unprofessional and amateurish and messes everything up.
    -Don't Clump Things Together!!: It's sloppy, unprofessional, and its unappealing to the eye. It almost causes the reader to force themself to finish reading your post, which would cause a little frustration if they happen to be in the same RPG and your post may involve something important. Just remember to space at least one line if another person is speaking, and NOT space if the same person is speaking. If you have a big paragraph when you post, try spacing it out if it goes from one thing to the other. For example, if you have a long paragraph that describes something you see, then you walk inside a building or another complex in the some paragraph, just space those two apart.

    Current Projects: I'm currently working on a few RPGs; more details later, but it's something that I've been working on. I WOLD disclaim what they are, but they may end up being someones plagiarized RPG Thread. As of what RPGs I'm IN, I"m in the Hoenn Frontier: The Beginning RPG, Final Fantasy Wars: The 3 Sisters Stones..., Hoenn Frontier: The Elemental War, and Pokemon Project
    Future Projects: Like I said, I'm working on that RPG, so I guess you can look out for that one. Also, I'm keeping a memo to myself of what other RPGs I may want to create...
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    It might as well be the end of the year, but I finally ventured into the RPG Cafe to check out what else is in here. -_-"

    Username: Double-oh-Platypus
    Name: Meh, just call me Jazzy.
    Age: Thirteen
    Gender: Female

    Experience: About a year and a half. Let me tell you, it wasn't until like, six months ago that I finally picked up on how to really do well in the RPG world. My first few characters were Sue's and the sign-ups are atrocious. Who would have guessed after being such a hard hitter in another forum? I tend to come down on people hard if they don't have reasonable sign-ups.
    Favourite RPGs: Definitely Pokemon and Digimon. Those two are certainly near the top of my list. I also like going for those Percy Jackson and the Olympian ones as well as the occasional Harry Potter roleplay, if it's good ^^
    Characters: Younger ones, definitely. I don't really know how to write in older characters obviously because I've never gotten to an age older than the one mentioned above. I try and put a bit of variety to my characters, but unfortunately I think that they all seem to be about the same. -_-"
    Strong Areas: Sign-ups, probably, and adding to my posts to make them a little longer than what I would have done six months ago. Even so, my posts aren't very long sometimes.
    Weak Areas: Like I mentioned above, writing longer posts. I'm not very good at that. I mean, they're not going to be less than ten lines, probably, but compared to some people my posts are dreadfully short.

    I also tend to not read the entire post before me. I do read it, just not really thoroughly like I read a book. -_-"

    Hints and Tips: When creating a character, it sometimes helps to base them a bit off of people you know. I don't mean the entire thing, but if you're really struggling to put the perfect appearance description into words thinking about someone that sort of resembles the character is always helpful. Also, always proof-read your work. There have been more than one time for me when I totally mess up stuff.

    Current Projects: None at the moment.

    Future Projects: A collaboration with a couple of other people. I'm not good at coming up with huge plots on my own if I just really focus on it. Sometimes they just come to me, but if I'm really desperate for a plot they just never pop up in my head -_-"

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    Username: Shinichi Misao
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Experience: 1 year, (but I’m still not good at adapting to new RPG’s)
    Favourite RPGs: Fighting
    Characters: Warriors of good that fell to Darkness
    Strong Areas: Making techniques
    Weak Areas: Outside battle conversations

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    Username: Killer_Squirtle
    Name: Call me Blue
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female

    Experience: Ever since I joined the forums. So that'd be a year.
    Favourite RPGs: I like the RPGs that are more Fate-of-the-world typa thing. Gives the adventure more meaning.
    Characters: Unlike others, I don't gender-bend with my charries. I've only done females and I try to give them aspects of my own personality.
    Strong Areas: I'm good at plot dissection in and outta RPGing so I'm pretty good at writing any plot or sub-plot.
    Weak Areas: After a while, most of my characters start acting the same. I'm trying to stop this though! POINTS FOR TRYING!

    Hints and Tips: Hm... When you're planning on joining an RPG, whenever you have nothing else to do, think about that character you're gonna try and create. You'll be surprised what you can come up with. A good way to get a feel for your character is to give them an aspect of your personality. Whether its your emo-side [everyone has one] or your insane-side or whatever. Works wonders for me!

    Current Projects: Check out Defying PEACE and Hidden Ones: Reborn

    Future Projects: Me thinking a post appocolyptic-RPG of my own. Think about it: Zombies, Mad-max biker dudes, raiders. Awesome... Simply Awesome.

    my random thought of the week:
    Life is full of surprises--That's what we love and hate about it. Once we think we've got things figured out, life throws us a screwball. Sure it sucks for a while, but we always come back for more.
    Now why would you want to click this?

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    Username: Jahz
    Age: 13
    Gender: male

    Experience: Started RPG'ing for the first time in early september '09, since then I've applied for and taken part in a good few of them, unfortunately there is yet to be one im participating in that will finish :S
    Favourite RPGs: Fantasy RPG's tend to be my favourtie, allows my mind to stretch its boundries and express my creativity. I like people who can come up with completely unique ideas that nobody has done before, because then i am clueless as to what kind of plot will reval itself. I find things RPG's that have been done some many times before- where the general plots have worn down to nothing and are just repetitive- quite frankly annoying.
    Characters: I try and express my characters using feelings i have felt before or am feeling at the time i create them, this means that my characters personalities are completely random. I never like my character to be the center of focus, this puts pressure on me and i feel compelled to give others a good storyline to adapt and make thier own. My characters never tend to be very talkative; one of the many things they dont share in common with me!
    Strong Areas: I believe myself to be a decent creative writer, i do not always have the best plots but i like adding my own twists to any story; my strongest point is probably descpription though, i have read a vast number of books and this had left me with a very large vocabulary which gives me a myriad of options to choose from when i am writing.
    Weak Areas: Well my weakest area is probably trying to interpret other peoples characters in RPG's, i am always unsure of how to read their actions and how i should make my character react to their behaviour. However i hope that as time passes by and i gather experience i will surpass this.

    Hints and Tips: When creating characters don't ponder for hours over how you want them to look and want you want their personality to be like. Just go with what you think sounds good on paper, also if you look at a previous piece of work you've done and dont like it dont worry. I guarantee you, every single writer in the world will read their finished and published book, turn to one of the first pages an go, "AH! I should have changed this bit here! And why haven't i changed this bit! Gosh i can't believe i missed that!"
    So its really no problem, i have discussed this with a few professional writers i have been lucky enough to meet and they all say exactly what is stated above.

    Current Projects: None.

    Future Projects: Thinking of maybe doing like a planet of the apes thing...Pokemon are masters of humans, so basically the whole world has flipped on its head.

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    Username: kEblAdEmAstA

    Name: Steven McLean

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Experience: 2 years

    Favourite RPGs: I am most into fast action, and nicely paced RP's. Though, I do like to slow it down, and do RP's that do not involve fighting, those are always fun too! I am into such RP's as Naruto (Has overly extensive knowledge of everything in Naruto), Digimon (Here aswell), and fantasy RP's.

    Characters: I create a wide multitude of personalities. I can get into the role, and RP as just about anyone! I tend to make more female characters than male, for some reason. Its easier to develop their personalities over male.

    Strong Areas: Typing out battle posts, I am good at making plots, and developing them as they go. I am able to roleplay any gender, and get into it as much as the next, and can fit myself around any situation, and play it through. I can win, and lose, it doesnt matter to me, as I love to RP!

    Weak Areas: Entrances. I dont know why, but I can never seem to find a good entrance point in an RP, unless I make them. Sometimes I miss pages, and such just because I cant find where to go in, and basically lose my chance to enter at all. Once I do enter though, I can stay in it easily.

    Hints and Tips: My best tip, is to try to get as much as 5 good sentences in your post. One liners or, just small posts make the RP bland, and boring. What is your character feeling? What is you character doing as he/she speaks? Adding even the little details can make posts interesting.

    Current Projects: Konoha Mura (Different Forum)

    Future Projects: I have been working on, for the last while, a Shadow of the Colossus RP, it has stopped in production, but I hope to resume soon.

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    Username: .:Lemon Tea:.

    It starts with 'R'..but that's all I'm going to give.

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Experience: I don't really remember. I started maybe looking at serebii in 2002 maybe, on a different account, and started to get really into fanfiction. I don't really remember a whole lot of what I wrote since I didn't bother to type or save those fanfics on Word-so they were pretty bad since I didn't spellcheck and just sort of wrote them in posts (you can imagine what sort of criticism I got). I quit after about half a year, and then returned in 2006 only to forget the password to my original account, so I made this one. Then I figured out the wonders of the Role-Playing Games forum. My first few RP sign ups were epic fails and I totally thank the mods of the RPG forum that helped me out and answered my questions like '"what is an OOC?" I've been doing RPG for I think 3 years and its been fun. I haven't, in my whole experience, made a real RPG, but that might change soon.

    Favourite RPGs: I really love original RPGs set in fantasy worlds and are not truly based off of some anime or game. The game creators might have been influenced by some animes or games, but they totally made a totally different world with their own ideas on magic or whatever they were interested in. I'm not really into the 'become the pokemon master'-esque RPGs along with crossovers since those have been seen so much, that it makes them sort of trite and overused. Anything different interests me.

    Characters: I'm not sure. I know I make more female characters than male ones, but all my characters are different (sort of). They all embody a part of me even if some of their personalities are totally exotic from mine-but I'm guessing that's what everyone does. One thing they have in common (or at least I hope) is that they have depth. History influences how they behave and I always try to tie in that their personality. I really love to flesh them out and I love hypocritical characters that are contrasting. Those are hard to act out as well as make, so I don't create them often. Despite the fact that the majority of the characters I've done are female, I enjoy portraying male characters more and I do it better. My characters usually don't take center stage often and I keep them in the background.

    Strong Areas: I guess my strong area is history and description, although in my mind I think I can improve on those as well. I really like telling about their character's personal history and describing them seems easier than many of the other things that needed to be done in sign ups. I am creative and try to make my sign up longer and go into detail on how the character goes about. I try not to do a sloppy job on my sign ups so they usually take a long time. Sometimes I drop out of a RPG if I know I can't really make a good sign up or don't have the time to do it.

    Weak Areas: My personalities in sign ups are often weak due to the fact that I want to say everything about them, but I just don't know how. Its like I have this image of how they act, but it comes out imperfectly on Word. Often they just seem like the stereotypical quiet girl or extremely bitter stereotypical guy because I just have a bad time portraying their personality in writing. I also have problems portraying them outside of the sign up too. Maybe its because a lot of RPGs don't take off or I screw up on writing their personality and then when I actually have to tell about how they act, I don't really know how to.

    I'm also a horrible procrastinator on posting in the real RPG thread, because I want a lot of things to be perfect and if they aren't, I spend a great deal of time making them seem perfect (but that never really works out). I really shouldn't have typed that. D;

    Hints and Tips:

    First off, if you are trying to sign up for a RPG, make sure to read everything. I've seen countless sign ups denied because their history doesn't match the plot line or they use a gun in a medieval, magic society-something that doesn't belong in the time era.

    Also put as much detail as you can, don't just say 'Bob wore a blue shirt'. What is the shirt made of, is it old and tattered?-does it have any weird symbols on it? If you want to really describe your character, really describe them. Think of them as a real person living in whatever imaginary world they belong in.

    Proofread and Microsoft Word (especially spell-check) is your friend. Read the rules of the RPG forum and its best to get experience first before making a real RPG. If you have a question and need to ask a moderator, be polite and don't say 'can u plz help me wit this?', say it using proper grammar and spelling.

    Current Projects: None.

    Future Projects: I'm not sure. I'm such a perfectionist with making a RPG that I have to get all the details right and everything has to be amazing...blah blah blah. Because of this, I often quit making the RPG because I have to work out all the kinks on this one idea and I lose interest.

    I have a Claymore RPG in the works as well as On the Run-an RPG about something that I'm going to keep secret for now. I think On the Run might be published in the next year (although I don't know since I'm a snail with it). I might just post it in the RPG ideas thread and hopefully get a Co-Owner or someone pushing me to finish it as well as giving me ideas to work out several of the little loopholes I have.

    Almost forgot this, but I have a fantasy RPG in works where people live in a futuristic society where pollution is so bad that people have to live in large domes (sort of green house-esque) that house whole cities. A sort of mutation or defect in blood that is called MaNa has caused humans to recieve a sort of power to wield magic, and magic academies have sprouted through the world. Your character will be a student in Academia Magicka and there's going to be several classes to choose from based on the skills your character has. Also the pollution? Is there a way to get away from it?
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    Banner credit goes to Azure Wolf =3

    "Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers. "-Rainer Maria Rilke

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    Username: Stabberz

    Name: Just calls me Stabz...

    Age: 14


    Experience: I've been RPing since December 08 and back then I will admit I went for pretty similar characters who were poor in quality. I like to think that with time I've gotten better with my RP posts and the actual RPG's themselves. I haven't been in that many high profile RPG's and a lot of RPG's haven't been finished but I have high hopes for the ones I'm in now.

    Favourite RPGs: Well at the moment, I'm enjoying writing Pokemon RPG's as well as some Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic RPG's

    Characters: My Characters are generally Dark Characters who've been through a lot, I suppose people could call them emo's but...meh.

    Strong Areas:
    I suppose I'm good at making detailed and interesting plots, I'm also good at putting a lot of detail into my posts.

    Weak Areas: I'm probably not very good at different characters in my sign ups, or putting much detail into Personality.

    Current Projects: 2013, Hoenn: Land and Sea, Hoenn Frontier: The Elemental War.

    Future Projects:
    Sequels to the above RPG's and I'm bringing back Pokémon Heroes.

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    Jul 2005


    And I am back as well.

    Username: cdra1617
    Name: Just call me Cdra; it's a good enough name. I actually respond to that in real life, which is scary. o.o
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female, but I consider myself genderless

    Experience: I started lurking around Serebii in I think 2004. I joined after a while (2005) and joined an RPG called the Shadow Pokemon War, which had three parts (I missed the second of these). My computer had some issues (I couldn't post long posts) and I was new, but I loved it.

    I've been RPing on and off (mostly on) since then. Some consider me a veteran of these forums. This is the only place I've played actively, other than one small Kingdom Hearts forum. I've written RPGs and participated in them, from the rather cheesy and totally Mary-sue "Essence of the Elementals" to my newer games, like "The Nonsense Game" (if only it would live longer!). I'm definitely still growing. :3

    I disappeared in summer 2008(?) due to a troublesome computer and new internet that wouldn't let me access Serebii. I've been itching to play since then, so here I am a year later (spring 2010) and rarin' to go. I'm so excited to be back!

    In a nutshell... I have 3.5 years of continuous experience, with 1.5 years of semi-hiatus.

    Favourite RPGs: I like to think I'm varied. I've written RPGs for a variety of fandoms (Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Spyro, etc) and a number of originals (many of which I've never posted). I like a balance of action and character development. I especially love freeform games with lots of character interaction; for me, this is the best part of the game. My RPGs are generally pretty loose, and I expect my players to help me drive them. I wish they would more than they do.

    Characters: I love making characters. I've played tons of things... naming them all would take a lot of time. Let's just say, I can be an evil midget, or an elegant young man striving for goodness. The only common feature is I play broken people - usually splashed with insanity or psychological struggle. Having problems to explore is the meat of RPing. Insecurities, fears, imperfections, sometimes complete alternate personalities adorn my characters, just because I like to play it.

    I still want to play a pirate and a rockstar, though. Haven't gotten to yet. UPDATE: I officially have made (unfortunately haven't played) a pirate and a rockstar! Now I have to figure out where to go from here! derp.

    Strong Areas: I'm creative and I know how to step into my characters' minds. I take pride in my characters... like children, almost. Children that I beat on occasion. xD I'm also decent at bunnying and very good at making absurdly long signups, which annoy my friends. xD

    Weak Areas: I'm lazy and unresponsive. Often, I don't plan ahead for an RPG enough to keep it going. Also, I spell poorly and type far too fast. xD I also get busy and vanish.

    Hints and Tips: Get in your character's head. Understand them on a level you understand a best friend on. Separate them from you, and speak with them as other humans, inside your mind. Let them go and become what they will without your direction. It may seem ridiculous, but if you start to do that, you'll learn about them, and your roleplaying experience will be greatly enhanced (and you'll be much more attractive to GMs, too!).

    I am a member of the following: Red Genesis (my own story as a huge host of characters), The Activists (by GenericUserName as a cold-hearted breeder named Vivian Rouge), and Twilight Dirge (by storymasterb as the Nobody Laxurla, the half-demon Xiphias, and the lionfolk Daru)

    Current Projects:
    Red Genesis: A century ago, a mysterious biological agent was released, a disease which killed the majority of the world's wild Pokemon but left humans untouched. It is the far future, a world of high technology and industry, where pollution clouds the sky and a disease blows on the winds, leaving only the Pokemon in the harshest areas alive. Arceus has grown weary of the failure of the humans and so he called for the Pokemon souls at Mt. Pyre to reincarnate throughout the society of humans, creating people with the souls of Pokemon... These people, upon contacting others like themselves or proper Pokemon, have begun to change in strange ways. They are becoming a new breed, the Jinka who will inherit the world after humans have been eliminated... in this position, what will you do? The RPG is ongoing, freeform, and signups will remain open for quite some time.

    Wolf's Rain: A New Path: In an alternate world where wolves are all but extinct, and feared as harbingers of destruction, you are a child of the moon. You seek Paradise, a form of Heaven on Earth, that only your kind may find... but how will you find it? That's it... follow an Alpha. They will know the way... this rpg is a collaboration with GenericUserName; we will run two alphas, following two paths to Paradise. Whose path is right? Many secrets will be revealed as the story unfolds... Sign-ups are open and not particularly active.

    Future Projects:
    MaD? - An Alice in Wonderland RPG: This RPG is currently heavily in the works... we threw the plot out the window in favor of a more American McGee's take on it, with some other crazy things. We have a vague idea, but no summary is available because we're just playing with things still. A collaboration with the Wonderland-obsessed GenericUserName. :3 This rpg is in concept stages with some notes written down.

    F.R.E.E. {rehash}: A brilliant scientist discovers that humans are a special species of Pokemon, and finds the genetic key to creating human/pokemon hybrids. With that, he hired a great staff of scientists to work on super humans, a new super species... but after years of this going on, the experiments are stirring, and the drive to escape has grown strong... This is a rough rpg with dark tones all around, though the plot needs some direction. Still in the works.

    Drakengard/Pokemon Crossover {no title at the time}: Welcome to a world on the verge of destroying itself, constantly and eternally. The real world is the battlefield for two pantheons of gods; the Nameless and the Holy Dragons. The world as we know it is kept in place by the Goddess Seals, young women who must live in excruciating pain in order to keep this world safe. But there is much more than meets the eye behind the "benevolent" Knights of the Seal, who protect the Goddesses, and the dragons which rise again... A very mature story of brackish intrapersonal relationships, following the plot of the series "Drakengard" with a Pokemon flavour. Still in the works, but mostly because I'm waiting for 5th generation to help me out, and I'm not willing to spoil it for myself before it comes out in English. :>

    Seven Deadly Sins {tentative title}: Lucifer was ursurped from his position as king of Hell... when he finally reclaimed his throne, Hell was in a state of apocalypse, lacking the tiny shreds of order it had once claimed. With six of the seven deadly sins - the "senate" of hell - dead from the war, the King of Hell and Sloth must teach a new batch of sins how to control their powers and reclaim the order of hell, as well as repair the chaos caused in the other planes. Solid concept with no written form.

    Generic Spyro RPG: I want to do a Spryo rpg! But I'm at a loss for a plot, since I want to use the original games. I'll work on it later I suppose... *sigh*.
    Last edited by cdra1617; 18th October 2010 at 9:14 PM.
    I am a procrastinator. Beware.

    You're all fbffmelpwcegtrsopwsontb's. Yes, you are.

    .Alice in Wonderland Addict.
    .RPG Lover.

    RPG Profile

    Grammar builds strong bones.

    Proud twin to PokémonBreederChris 8P
    Proudly GenericUserName's big sister <3

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    Rochester, New York

    Default Profile: PBC

    I LIVE!!!!

    ...time for an update...

    Username: PokemonBreederChris (Though opt to change into something more "fate/stay Nighty"
    Name: You can call me Chris, breeder of Pokemon!
    Age: Twenty (20)
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Well, I came to Serebii, hmm, 2006 maybe? And quickly found myself here in the RPG section. I started RPing text based back in the Travian Forums, and was once moderator there of the RPing, before I moved on to Serebii. I have participated in many Reinactments of Middieval time Battles, and Civil War. I also have participated in MMORPGs in RP kins/guilds/whatchamacallitgroupings. Of course I had most of my bulk in Rping here on these forums. I have led, co-owned and participated in many, and some I have enjoyed greatly.

    I've been on and off the forums the past...year? and now I am back, hopefully, for a long time if not good. I am considered a veteran to some, and well I've mentored a few RPers though not sure they live on the forums anymore...

    I had a long haitus, year and a half, maybe, since I fell out of passion, and well a simple game called lord of the Rings Online absorbed me. That and college, switching many majors. I am currently English Comp Major! I am back hopefully!

    Favourite RPGs: I'm flexible, I try manythings, more so unique original ideas then the classics off already popular fandoms; unless set in the uniqueness of the fandom's world.I have so many drafts of potential RPs ranging from almost every differant genre. If anything, I enjoy balanced RPs, maybe Freeform, and well anything with the touch of fantasy, but I also enjoy realistic RPGs too. I'm flexible to anything, as I have said.

    Characters: Well, I could link to my characters, I do have my favorites/ Plum from Cdra's F.r.e.e, Aisha aka "Foot" from Masterwannabe's Bleach RPG, Zilah from Cdra's Kingdom Heart's RPG, my potential Gregory from the New Pirate RPG, there's Freya from Tundra's RPG....I have mostly played girls in my characters...realizing my favorites.

    I do love making characters however, and though I hat ebeing random with characters, I'm pretty serious with what I make, and I do always have fond memories of my characters. I like making inperfections, and blacksheep characters that have huge struggles to overcome.

    I still am eager for some historic RPGs with Pirate, Ninjas, Knights, Feudal Lords, Gansters, and all that jazz.

    Strong Areas: Creativity and my mind. I am excellent at helping other's with ideas, I am a good idea bouncer. Ideas are my forte, however getting them on paper...see below.

    Weak Areas: My biggest weakness is organization and structure and getting ideas to paper. I have aweful writer's block alot of times, which is very annoying. I am very slothful at times too which is bad hwen people need me to post, I lack motivation.

    Hints and Tips: I made a character questionaire to help those who are stuck in their writing. Basically treat your character as a living being, get to know them, talk to them as goofy as that sounds, you are the 'God' of your creations, but even a 'God' needs to study their creations to get to know more about them.
    Also, structure is a big part, and affects the voice, many people look at the voice of your writing, everyone has a unique voice, and mastering it can tkae alot of time and effort, but in writing it is the voice that counts, it is what pulls people in and excites them in reading.

    Current Projects: I have a fate/stay Night RPG I am working on, that is on the verge of ''Current," that I hope to post...this month. I also am revamping the Questionaire, as it is in due need for one.

    Future Projects: Well, I have alot of future projects....One being a Claymore with a friend of mine, if I can ever get a hold of her, another being a Magister RPG all about the wonders of Magic. I have a Dark Noir RPG of Organized Crime in the works. And well a digimon RPG as well, maybe. I need to organize all my ideas.
    Current status: Made a quick fun RPG! Come check it out! The Link of Zelda: Titled:
    Gods of an Unown World

    Twin: Cdra1617 :3
    Bishie: Lenne <3

    “Great Spirit and the Maker of all Life ... A warrior goes to you swift and straight as an arrow shot into the sun. Welcome him and let him take his place at the council fire of my people. He is Uncas, my son. Bid them patience and ask death for speed; for they are all there but one -- I, Chingachgook -- Last of the Mohicans.”
    Last of t he Mohicans

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    Username: Kiruria. On other forums I'm Ninetales, Suminda, and Imp.
    Name: My pen name is M.L. Ravenesque.
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Experience: I started joining RPG's back in 2003 on another site. Back then I was a terrible RPer--I even remember posting in an RPG without signing up a few times! Plus I used to use one-liners for descriptions, even those were the norm on that site. Of course I was an immature teenager then.

    Over the next couple of years though, my signups and posts improved quite a bit. My posts got a little longer, and I finally grasped the concept of a paragraph. My signups got more descriptive, but I still got turned down in RPG's where the more experienced players lurked. Back then I strove to be on par with those people. But I did have the pleasure of being in two RPG's that actually finished, one of which was a Digimon RPG of my own creation. I reminisce about those good old days...

    A few years later I joined a Pokemon forum much like this one, and it wasn't until 2005 or something when I first joined this site. Even so, I went through a total of three usernames here, the first two being Dolly and Iapapa Berry. Even so, I mainly spent time on the other two sites, gradually honing my RPG skills.

    I think the time when my writing skills really started to improve was at the end of 2006, when I came up with some of the best characters I have ever created. It was also at that time that I realised the importance in really getting into a character and keeping them reasonable.

    Now here I am, and I look back and say I've improved a lot in terms of RPGs. I'd say the height of my time as an RPer was when I ran the "Sword of Destiny" RPG last year and got two Seals of Approval for it. But I still think there is a little room for improvement, and some goals to reach for, and some hopes (like an RPG going to the end). That and my passion for writing has kept me RP'ing pretty much continuously for over six years. And there'll be more to come.

    Favourite RPGs: I really love fantasy RPG's, and am really nostalgic for anything involving an elemental quest or a Lord of the Rings-ish plot. I've also developed a recent penchant for horror-themed RPG's, and am naturally drawn to anything involving the paranormal (especially if it involves witches or vampires). My other favourite kind of RPG is the ones that take place in outer space. In terms of style, I prefer RPG's that either involve a more linear plot or have the characters forced to interact in some way. If an RPG is a wide-open sandbox, I frequently end up at a loss as to what to do next or who to interact with. (Plus I once tried to run an open sandbox-style RPG, and ended up creating several GMPCs in an attempt to control what was going on everywhere. I got fed up and suddenly abandoned the RPG.)

    Characters: Nowadays whenever I sign up for an RPG, I pull a character out of my "character bank", which consists of twenty or so characters I've created, all of which are characters in various fiction works I have planned. RPGs have been a great way for me to develop these characters further. This is why RPers will frequently see me make a remark like "I have a character who fits this role/might work for this RPG" in the signup thread. Still, I do have a few common trends in my characters: I have quite a few characters with a profound interest or belief in magic and/or the paranormal, and also characters with an affinity for the "dark arts", which usually amounts to thievery or other things outside the law. I also have a few mundane skeptics and optimistic yet cowardly goody-goodies to serve as their foils, as well as a couple of action girls, a couple of somber girls suffering from a curse, a gunslinging elf who wants to be in the military, an eccentric inventor who who created her own A.I. boyfriend, and an excessively quirky and cheerful witchling, among others. A lot of my characters are naive about many aspects of the outside world, and a lot of them also have a very unique style of dress (especially the male characters for some reason). Quite a few of them are in their twenties age-wise, but I have characters who are as young as eight or as old as forty-eight.

    When I first started RP'ing, I loved to create characters with magical powers and psychic abilities--I joined a lot of fantasy RPG's back then. Nowadays I really cut back on those for some reason... Also, up until late 2006, nearly all my characters were female; I never created a male character I really liked that much. Nowadays I play characters of both genders about equally (though I have more females than males in my character bank). Admittedly, the change came at about the same time I finally became interested in romantic relationships, and as a result, a lot of my male characters have aspects of what I'd look for in a boyfriend (although I can think of at least three exceptions). But I still try to steer them away from Gary Stu territory.

    Here are some examples of characters I've been using a lot in RPGs lately:

    Yamiko - She was the first fictional character I ever created, and has changed a lot over the years in terms of name and characteristics. She lives her life under a curse her great-grandmother (or sometimes some evil entity in the RPG) put on her, one she strives to remove herself from. I like using her in RPG's that could potentially bring out conflict between her two-sided personality, or which involve being possessed or cursed. On one hand, she's highly emotional yet gentle and loving, and enjoys dancing. On the other, she has a knack for shoplifting and has quite a nihilistic view on the world, and won't mind hurting "unimportant" people to get what she wants. She's also one of my top picks for Pokemon RPG's, where she gravitates towards the Psychic, Ghost, Dark, and Fairy-types. Classically she's had some sort of psychic power, typically telekinesis and/or tele(m)pathy, but I've been straying away from that. Currently I'm trying to rework her character a bit, playing up her "dark" side a bit more, and changing her appearance a bit.

    Venifica - Also known by the more mundane name of Amanda. My token anti-hero and Black Magician Girl, Venifica has a highly sadistic personality and a love of black magic, but doesn't quite have the makings of a villain. This is because she was originally docile, with a love of magic and fantasy worlds, but became possessed over time by some evil entity, and started embracing a much darker side of her. Throughout the RPG I like to give her fragmented moments of returning to her original self, while seeming to secretly plan some evil plot after observing the heroes long enough. (So she acts kind of like a magical version of Yamiko.) Venifica is actually a fusion of two characters of mine: an unnamed Misdreavus owned by Yamiko, and a magic-wielding demon wannabe named Tara.

    Lupin - Not to be confused with Remus or Arsene Lupin. He is a nocturnal thief who heads a gang called the Black Cat Bandits, who I always have to mention in RPG's he's in. He's also Yamiko's lover, and as a result I like to RP as both Yamiko and Lupin when I get the chance. Though he has the dark, abusive past reminiscent of a Gary Stu, I always try my hardest to make him reasonable. To me he's always a fun, slightly dark, and sneaky character, and I always consider him first for an RPG that involves secretly infiltrating an evil organisation (or anything crime-heavy). Sometimes I've also RP'd as his ancestor, a pirate named Robin Merrimac, when an RPG takes place in less modern times. And I almost always mention the other Black Cat Bandits in his posts, or even include them as NPCs. Like the down-to-earth Scottish fencer/gadgeteer Halberd, the hippie/cartoon lover/master of disguise Warren, or Merlin (below).

    Merlin - He's one of my top picks for any RPG involving paranormal investigation, given his profound interest in the paranormal and skill in reading auras. I enjoy taking an almost comical tone with his posts, because he has some odd quirks I really like to poke fun at. Like his shortness (he tries his best to avoid a Napoleon complex), colourful and almost feminine appearance, and philosophical and captivating manner of speaking. I also love playing with contradictions in his personality, like his spiritual wisdom combined with his association with thievery (he's another Black Cat Bandit and is close friends with Lupin), and his eccentric and airheaded nature combined with his flirtatious tendencies. In Pokemon RPGs, he has an Alakazam who is almost the opposite of him personality-wise, which is always fun to work with.

    Zuri - The distaff counterpart to Merlin, though not quite as quirky. She also has a strong interest in the paranormal (especially ghosts), but she also has a backstory involving dead parents who were interested in witchcraft, and a devoutly religious yet caring grandmother who wants to save her soul. A lot of religious themes and deep spiritual wisdom come up with her, needless to say. I really like throwing her into a plot involving the gods or some other higher power throwing together a ragtag bunch of mundane misfits on a quest to save the world or... something. However, sometimes I run into problems if the RPG uses futuristic elements, as the ghost-like Zuri seems to live in the past technology-wise. She's also my resident White Magician Girl, using protective spells and enchantments rather than anything offensive, and sometimes things pertaining to divination (my favourite magical abilities to give her are astral projection and some divinatory charm with unpredictable results, and I usually throw in an impromptu restorative blessing as well).

    Daisy and Tiffany - I always RP these two together (they're best friends), and I enjoy putting them in mysteries or things involving a series of strange and/or unfortunate events. However, I don't like giving them special powers or putting them in professional situations, so it's been quite rare for me to see an RPG they would fit into. I seem to like working with opposites: Daisy is a well-mannered yet timid flower lover who still plays with dolls (and kinda looks like one), whereas Tiffany is an ostentatious and carefree perky goth who dreams of living in a haunted mansion (or other spooky setting). I especially enjoy having Tiffany seeming to adapt to the strange situation while Daisy is afraid of it, but then have Tiffany get into some sort of trouble Daisy has to pull her out of. I also like having the two bicker about things.

    Strong Areas: Basic writing skills and style (including grammar and spelling), and describing things in detail. I'm also really good at coming up with quirky little ideas for an RPG, typically small frilly additions to it such as NPC's. However, I avoid doing the latter if the story is very linear or the GM has more control over the plot. Any RPG seems to make me spontaneously come up with ideas...

    Weak Areas: Making things too long. Since my tendency is to go into detail and add a pinch of witty banter, I frequently end up making signups and posts longer than I expected. I'm not that good at condensing things. Another thing I'm notorious for is disappearing from the forums for short periods of time, which often leads to me missing out on parts of an RPG, or running RPG's very slowly (if I'm the GM). I've also occasionally gotten into trouble with the GM by flaunting the limits/rules of the RPG, especially with picking appropriate powers for a defined elemental role, and introducing important characters/events into my posts without notifying the GM first. The latter probably arises from my spontaneity that often accompanies my posts; I'll come up with an idea mid-post, and want to implement straightaway rather than wait for the GM's approval.

    Hints and Tips: The best tip I can offer is to just keep at it. Even if many people reject or yell at you or call you a n00b, don't give up your RPing so long as you still have interest in it. Always seek improvement in your signups and posts, and don't be afraid to re-use characters, as it allows for character development. Try inserting a bit of yourself into your characters, even if it's a small exaggerated aspect of yourself--it will help you gain insight into your characters, and yourself as a bonus.

    When you're a GM, don't be afraid to add a little structure to the RPG. Add suggestions and models for plots, throw in some interesting NPC's for people to play around with, and be a good manager of people's posts without being too bossy. Of course, if you're too conservative and rigid in the RPG, people won't want to join it, but at the same time, if you just let the RPers run free, they have nothing to follow, things can get boring, and the RPG's more likely to die.

    Current Projects: I'm currently running one RPG - Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen. This RPG has really surprised me, as it's been running for over two years now (though very slowly), much longer than any other RPG I've been in. It's a spinoff of the Earthbound/Mother games, involving a mystical aurora appearing over this mundane world and suddenly causing wacky yet dangerous creatures to appear, people everywhere to disappear, and psychic powers to awaken in some people. So a group of specially chosen people try to collect pieces of a music box in the hopes that the song it plays will quell the evils caused by this aurora. These pieces are scattered all over the world, so it's essentially an adventure story. But I loved how it went so far; it was fun collaborating with the others on what to do with the plot, especially.

    Future Projects: I have in mind a somewhat unusual Pokemon RPG, one which involves the Pokemon world infiltrating the mundane world. Prior to the release of the latest and greatest Pokemon game, a few people who pre-order the game are contacted by a legendary Pokemon, and asked to partner with them in a threat to the Pokemon world, which has been almost completely overtaken by an alliance between all the evil Teams (who plans to capture the legendaries and is starting to infiltrate the real world). The RPG will also have Magical Girl elements, each "chosen one" being given special powers pertaining to the legendary Pokemon they're allied with, in addition to having one Pokemon as a sort of familiar.
    Last edited by Kiruria; 10th July 2014 at 12:08 AM. Reason: This was WAY overdue for an update

    I have claimed Celestia Ludenberg from Dangan Ronpa. --My Updated RPer profile--

    RPG's I'm in now: The War Within (Ari), MLP: It Came from the Stars (Madame Starshroom)
    Current RPG Project: Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen (Sign-ups) (RPG thread) (Discussion)

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    Default =)

    Username: Dragoness
    Gender: Female

    Experience: Off and on for a few years now.

    Favorite RPGs: Any that catch my attention. I am playing with the concept of two RPs now--a WoW (World of Warcraft to you non-players =) RP and a Final Fantasy RP. No, there are not enough FF role-plays out there! Besides, I have never written one before, so its new to me.

    Characters: Hmm, I try to vary it a bit. Male and female characters are almost equal, with women taking a slight lead. I adjust the ages depending on the RP and my mood--lowest age I think was fifteen or sixteen and the oldest is in her early sixties o.O

    Personalities are different as well, though I do tend to make my female characters rather strong and my male ones "cool". Trying to get out of this habit.

    Strong Areas: Description is my forte, histories I do alright at and I am moderately good at writing.

    Weak Areas: Personality and depth to my characters >.< It will be the death of me.

    Hints and Tips: Only "tips" I have are things most people do anyway...

    1. Before you sign up and/or make an RP, make sure you have enough time to make at least one post a day

    2. RP creators: be a little flexible. Not everyone RPs the exact same way and sometimes the RPers can give you good ideas, just be open to them.

    3. Be willing to think over any advice you get about your RPing. IMO, most everyone can stand to improve a little, so if someone gives you some advice, think it over. Doesn't mean you are a bad RPer if they spot something wrong.

    4. For those who give advice to both experienced players and newbies, remember to be nice and to be patient. Also, remember people's RP styles and values are different, so make allowance for that.

    Current Projects: What RPGs are you currently running? None. I am working on a couple though (see favorite RPGs).

    Future Projects: I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to silence you...well, maybe a hint. Renaissance and possibly a historic role play <3
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    ~Faith, love 'n hope <3~

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    Username: Drifblim25, I use this everywhere so I don't forget it...
    Name: I'll leave this blank, although some have figured it out.
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Three weeks

    Favourite RPGs: Adventure and Action RPG's, although that sums up about all of them.

    Characters: Out there characters. Whether its shyness or boldness, punk or nerd, my characters always stand out from the norm. Weirdos.

    Strong Areas: Creating characters, and coming up with ideas.

    Weak Areas: Mostly big battle scenes. I have trouble describing the action and usually godmodding (unintentionally) or not helping at all. In a small battle, i.e. a Pokemon battle, I do just fine.

    Hints and Tips: Make your signups long the first time. Seriously. And make sure the RPG you want to join is open.

    Current Projects: Leaders, an rpg about future gym leaders. LSU's are accepted! (if you care)

    Future Projects: Probably an RPG...
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    The Squad:

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    Username: Unicorn (used to be Morgie04086)
    Name: Morgan
    Age: 18
    Gender: female

    Experience: Not sure when the whole roleplaying obsession started for me. But as far as my experience here on the serebiiforums, I've been around a while. I mostly lurk to see if anything good comes up. If not, I keep waiting and plotting my own RPG.
    Favourite RPGs: I like Pokemon-themed RPGs. I thoroughly enjoy ones with a unique plot and a good leader for the roleplay. Honestly, the only reason any RPG dies is because the one who started it isn't moving it along or they give up because they "don't have time."
    Characters: My characters are all different. I try not to make two that are exactly the same. If I just made a character that's dark and creepy, I tend to go in a different direction for the next one. I treat each of my characters with care, and think strongly about where I want them to go. They are all unique in my mind. I put every one of them through the mary-sue litmus test. If they don't meet my standards then I toss them into the abyss. Only the strong survive after all.
    Strong Areas: I'm good at writing lengthy posts. Even if I don't have much to go on, I can't help but expand on whatever I'm writing.
    Weak Areas: Understanding the entire RPG. I sometimes skim, which is a big no-no. I usually end up paying for my laziness later.

    Hints and Tips: Write more! Longer sign-ups! Expand on what you're writing! Don't be afraid to go into detail about what your character is thinking. AND USE PROPER PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMAR!

    Current Projects: Links of Chaos: the Telling of the Eju

    Future Projects: I'd love to do a Pokemon/super hero mix type thing. It's been done before, and I enjoy it. But I'd love to make one with a different take.
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    Mattman's World


    I should update this

    Username: Mattman324. I use TheShinyFeraligatr on some places, but barring there being a FMTer on this forum RPGing, that won't matter in the slightest.
    Name: Just call me Matt.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I had about a year's worth of experience before getting my old computer taken away, and chances are I won't join to many in the future.
    Favourite RPGs: RPGs where I can start out with an experienced trainer or an experienced team. I occasionally also do new trainers, but that's rare. I also like comedy.
    Characters: My characters all fit a certain style, and it's somewhat inexplicable unless you've actually read my stuff.
    Strong Areas: Thinking of things for my characters. Since I have 2 week breaks between posts, I spend random off hours thinking of future stuff. Also, comedy.
    Weak Areas: I've improved, but my posts are almost always really short ones, as I can't write for long periods of time (call it a disease).

    Hints and Tips: Before you attempt to make an RPG, SERIOUSLY think about it. Same with most things like fanfics. These things are projects, and you should see them all the way through.

    Current Projects: None.

    Future Projects: I have a general idea that may appear in the far future, but it won't be until I'm in college.
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    Pokemon TCG revamped: The game! - A link to my game. It's locked now, but I'm working on reviving it. If you attempt to recreate it, I will EAT YOU.

    ...what? I know that I agree with this entirely.

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    Username: GenericUserName
    Name: Just call me GUN (or Generic if you like it better). It’s shorter and it fits.
    Age: 15 (but I really don’t act it…)
    Gender: Female (Don’t be alarmed if you ever see me on another website as a boy)

    Experience: I started on a really small site that is now nonexistent. I’ve only been RPGing for a few months, but I would like to think that I’m pretty good…
    Favourite RPGs: I’m, as you may say, twisted and crazy. All of my RPGs have something oddly dark about them, and I really like making people’s stomachs turn at the thought of my RPGs, but in a good way. I’m open to almost all RPG types as long as they interest me.
    Characters: I have a tendency to create characters that are one of three things: twisted, crazy, or angry. I enjoy using my characters to throw others off. I try to keep the characters different though.
    Strong Areas: I have been told that my writing is very pretty and that my characters are creative.
    Weak Areas: My grammar is absolutely terrible. My RPGs are a little batty for most people. I’m picky about things I know a lot about. My writing can be a little hard for most to understand.

    Hints and Tips:
    Creative characters will win more points than books worth of sign-ups. Just because someone is new, don’t assume they won’t do well.

    Current Projects: The Activists- A bunch of crazy trainers in a dog fighting scenario.

    Future Projects:

    Hacker’s Delight-
    A crazy hacker has stolen every last piece of gaming material belonging to Nintendo and twisted it to his will! Now it is up to the characters to get back to their original location, but that could be hard seeing that there are viruses and corrupted files after them. Not to mention that the hacker is downloading more and more files to keep them inside his computer. You role will be to play a Nintendo game character that has been hacked. You will be different from the character in the way that you were hacked in some way. Good luck getting back home.

    Mad? - This RPG is on hold for now. The plot is being edited and the details remade. As of right now, I have no promises, but I will try to get it back up sometime.

    Wolf's Rain: Another Pack- Yet another collaboration with my sister Cdra1617. In a world where wolves are thought to be long extinct, you play a wolf hiding from the human eye by disguising yourself as one. Suddenly, you hear the howl in the far distance of an Alpha wolf, asking for pack members. The game will be split into two separate story lines where you will go with one of the two Alpha wolves. Each way will lead to a very different story, its up to you to decide what you want to believe.
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    Username: Ysavvryl
    Name: not telling
    Age: 30
    Gender: female
    Experience: 15+ years

    Favourite RPGs: I’m a huge fan of fantasy and near anything off-beat. Not too fond of uber-dark stuff unless it has other interesting points. Oddly enough, I also like ‘mundane’ games where the goal isn’t to become the absolute very best most powerful hero of all time, but just to get by in a different kind of world or situation.

    Characters: I like shy, intelligent, cheerful, or unpredictable characters. I tend to make adults in RPGs dominated by teens (gee, I wonder why…). Most of the time, I make up something unique on the spot, but there’s a few characters I reuse often if there’s a good spot for them. But even if it is an old character, I always make a new sign-up for them. I also like being a weak character, one who really has to struggle. One of my favorites is my cowardly lion, Polaris Starr.

    Strong Areas: I can go on and on when given little to start from. I write pretty quickly, unless life or writing a story gets in the way. I like to think that I’m good with characterization too.

    Weak Areas: I don’t like writing battles. Since my background is writing novels, I have trouble not making short updates (it doesn’t seem like enough to post, yet I can’t go any further without a response from a player or GM, so I waffle on whether or not to post). I tend to drop out quietly if I don’t like the quality or the events of the game once it’s running.

    Hints and Tips: Pay attention to what the GM and other players have posted. The game is a group effort, after all, so ignoring what someone else wrote is rude. And please don’t drop out if you’re in the middle of interacting with another player’s character. End the scene or slip away, then drop out if you must. Otherwise, you’re leaving the other player hanging, potentially unable to continue.

    For GMs: Don’t make your story structure too strict. Make things vague and your players might come up with the next plot twist or explanation for you. Still, be willing to be firm on certain plot points and keeping things consistent. Although you are in charge, don’t make your character the absolute center of attention; give your players plenty of chances to shine and they are more likely to stick with you. And do your very best to have your character’s sign-up form complete when you post your Sign-Up thread. It shows good work ethic and an example for your potential players to follow.

    Current Projects: Shadows of Orre, the second go-around. Exploring the ramifications of the Shadow Pokemon on an isolated region. I just hope I can keep things going this time.

    The Village, which is a practice and learning game for RPGs in general. Really flexible, relaxed atmosphere, post reviewing, no nagging to post if you are low on time... it should be a really nice experience and a useful tool for everyone. Coming up shortly.

    Future Projects: I really really want to do a Pokemon School RPG, like a spin-off of my Pokemon wizards system. Trouble is finding a plot. Maybe if I get some more free time...

    A Star Ocean game, traveling from planet to planet to solve a mystery, using everything from aliens and space technology to magic and gods. Fun!
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    Pokedex OS- Still trying to capture every single Pokemon out there in words: 648/718 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh complete!

    Fluer Noir- A story of a black flower, a shameful history, and magic.

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    Edited Janurary 3, 2012 after almost 6 month hiatus

    Username: Yanmegamaster

    Name:Mega, Yanmega, anything goes.

    age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Experience: I had a years worth of RPing. But then, because of school, I took a 7 month long break. However, due to my school's focus on writing skills, I have improved in my own writing and come back to RPGing to both practice and let my creative juices flow. I have not created any RP's myself though I do always try to stay active in whatever RP I am in.

    Favorite rpgs: I love RP's where one can control a Pokemon rather than that Pokemon's trainer. Also, I am more prone to go to Sci-Fi or more Historic RPs (by historic I mean RPs whose stories share some kind of connection with human history)

    Characters: I will always try to make a character who mirrors me in some way, shape or form, whether in the smallest detail or in the largest detail. Other than that I usually either make a spiritual male role who is calm but determined, an eccentric who is always looking to make new friends, or a shy but skilled tactician lacking a few social skills.
    It is common for me though to develop a character who does not fit these three characteristics.

    Strong areas: Because of my improvement in writing, I have become more skilled in describing scenery, that way I don't necessarily have to focus on dialogue all the time.

    Weak areas: I often times make mistakes in my grammar which I am trying to fix, the only reason I can spell every word correctly is because of the spell check feature on my computer.

    Hints and tips: Don't focus your entire post only on dialogue. The key to any beautiful story is the detail put into scenery, emotion, thoughts and mood. Dialogue is good, but when it covers 75% of your writing, that is when you need to add detail.

    Current projects: None

    Future projects: Celestial Fascism (Though all the story is doing it taking up space on my computer's hard drive. But I am thinking of one day re-writing it and give it to the Serebii Forums community one day.)
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    Username: FireTypeLover
    Name: Paul Ayikayo and Tommy.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Experience: I have done several RPGs on another site(which I would like to keep secret)but the only one(that I remember)that I have done on Serebii is Team Rocket Strikes Back. As far as I know, the sign-ups are closed, so if you didn't join yet...TOO BAD. Additionally, I've recently joined Teen Titans North as the Snow Monster, a guy with snow powers.
    Favorite RPG: There was a RPG on the other site called Real Life, I think. It was very active, but it eventually turned away from real life and became madness, so it got locked. Other than that, my favorite RPG is Team Rocket Strikes Back.
    Characters: It depends. Blegh, I can't really say much more.
    Strong Areas: Like Yanmegamaster said, I am active a lot due to my free time, though my free time is soon going to be gone because of school, and I think that's it.
    Weak Areas: I guess that I did not bump the RPG when it was a few days old. According to the rules, I'm allowed to bump it. Thankfully, it was eventually revived, and the craze started again.
    Hints and tips: Not much except don't be an idiot.
    Current projects: N/A
    Future projects: N/A
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    Currently, I have an obsession with the Litwick line's tendency for sucking souls out.
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    Username: GaZsTiC

    Name: Gareth

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Experience: Not much... I like to believe that I'm a quick learner.

    Characters: I like to make characters from a part of me and expand on that. Making emo-y type characters is easy for me - I should try to make other types though...

    Strong Areas: Quick typer. Quick thinker. Helpful.

    Weak Areas: Lack of enthusiasm. Would rather be doing something else most of the time so I only like to post when I have a good idea going on in my head.

    Hints and tips: Put your own feelings and emotions into your character. That way it will feel more real as the RP progresses. Either make your character stand out and be generic or make your character blend in but be special. Don't post too regularly - 1/2 times a day max. Make your posts look good and tidy. Make posts fairly long, and especially, NOT BORING.

    Current projects: Go-to-guy and friend of Zero, the creator of "Team Rocket Strikes Back!"

    Future projects: It really depends on my artistic skills x quick thinking x motivation. If I don't have any of the three then I know that my RP will fail. At the moment, I am missing arty-smarty and I won't be making a RP. :P
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    My, it certainly has been a while.

    Username: Dias
    Name: Shawn
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I have been role-playing in some form or another for the past fifteen or sixteen years. There were some ancient sites and chatrooms I went to that I can't remember the names of even more. Then I found myself on an olden chat server which I believe was called Live Universe or something similar (I remember the abbreviation was LU), specifically as part of a large group of freeform role-players existing across dozens of chatrooms in a dark/gothic fantasy setting. Then I got into some free-form IRC stuff. I originally came to SPPf when it was still quite new, under a few different names back in the day, and started role-playing here early as well.. around 2002, I think. I have been an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons for almost eight years years. I used to be a mod here in my heyday and wrote several RPGs during that time, very few of which got off the ground (for reasons I will illuminate below), though I participated in a lot more before modding. All said, I have experience with freeform chat RPGs, play-by-post, single-forum, tabletop... a little bit of everything. Life is quite dull now so I've returned to ol' SPPf to see how the old RPG forum is faring these days.

    Favourite RPGs:
    I primarily write originals, which is why so few of them get off of the ground. People generally feel more connected to things that they already know something about, and I always tend to throw a lot into what I make in length, variety, and customization. The end product, I imagine, can be somewhat overwhelming, with pages and pages of plot and character creation information. My RPGs are usually grounded in fantasy settings or apocalyptic ones and are almost always intended for mature players in regards to subject matter, content, language, et cetera (but also stress that mature also means maturity when it comes to those elements). I usually like to make things a tad freeform at first, and work in the primary plot after players get a feel for everything. This is not a universal practice, though, and sometimes I have all of the players start out as a group already, but if I do that I like to make sure that there is RP-facilitating tension within that group (old enemies forced to join together, everyone being criminals, stuff like that). I will usually fuse some form of magic into any RPG I write, be they actual spells or powers granted by other forces. I do a lot of planar stuff as well; my fantasy RPGs will generally hold some sort of demonic element, and my post-apocalyptic games often involve other planes. I also usually supply many races to play, hearkening back to what I said earlier about character creation. Very rarely will I make a fan-based RPG, and if I do, it generally falls under one of the two aforementioned genre settings.

    I'll play in anything, though. I don't really write Pokemon RPGs, but I'll certainly play them. I look for fantasy-based games, specifically, but I am game for anything.

    Characters: I don't think there is a type of character I systematically create. It truly depends on the setting and the subject matter. I suppose I usually don't play good Samaritan types, or anyone who is particularly gregarious. I've played a lot of acerbic and bitter characters, but usually because the setting facilitated them so well. In most games (fantasy RPGs specifically) I like to play against tradition and put my own spin into more monstrous characters. I'd sooner play a minotaur than an elf, or, for instance, in a Zelda RPG, I'd sooner play a Lizalfos than a Hylian. One common thread I have amongst my characters is that they usually have something peculiar going on under the surface, whether they hear voices, distrust themselves, second-guess themselves, overly mentally deliberate, or have some straight up condition. But my years of playing and Dungeons and Dragons has taught me how to play a multitude of types across many spectra. It all comes down to setting and how I want to interact with that setting.

    Strong Areas: I have always been good with length, both in creation of the RPG and in its posts. Mechanically, I am good with detail and vocabulary and sentence structure (when I am writing creatively, at least. My sentence structure is horrible when I write things like this). I always make sure my characters interact with themselves in addition to other characters, setting, and plot. I generally write inner monologues well.

    Weak Areas: Honestly I think my biggest troubles come about when I have to use other peoples' characters in my posts. I actually avoid it when I can. I just don't think anyone can do 100% justice to a character other than its creator. In RPG creation, as I've said, I think I get far too complex and over the top. I always feel the need to offer up as much as I can, when it is not always necessary. I've written RPGs with three pages of plot and three additional pages of character-creation information. Sometimes I do not grasp the whole "enough is enough" thing.

    Hints and Tips:

    - If you are writing a fan-based RPG, don't let established canon dictate your creation. Original subject matter should be a foundation upon which you build an RPG, not a ceiling that limits its growth.

    - Communicate out of game, especially if you are unsure about posting something, using another's character in a post, need a clarification, and so on.

    - Don't get discouraged if you don't generate much interest in an RPG. It happens, and it doesn't mean your RPG is bad. It just isn't striking a chord. See if you can get any feedback on it that might help improve it or make it more accessible.

    - Proofread.

    Current Projects:

    Future Projects:
    (Maybe. They are original and have a lot of that over the topness I mentioned earlier. One I tried here a few years ago. I might change them up some, or scrap them altogether).

    Pagan - All of the deities and myths of virtually every culture were real in ancient times. Gods walked the earth with man in a period before human history began as we know it. The bloodlines of those gods have carried on in the human race, dormant until now, when the gods, who left the material plane eons ago, have called upon them to strike out into the universe and begin new civilizations, once again reunited with the gods who created them. But first, they must be tested. Lots of plot background in this one, but all players have some deific blood in them from a god of one of (so far) five pantheons. This blood is awakened by the gods and grants them powers. The gods have missed the human race, which is the one thing that they came together to create, and long to dwell with them once more. But there are things the gods aren't telling anyone, and these tests of humanity will be quite dangerous indeed.

    Sins of the Flesh - A great war is fought in Hell, ending with the explosion of a grand devil's tower. The fragments of this tower, made of souls tempered through unimaginable processes, pass through planar barriers and embed themselves into humans, granting them infernal power. The world is dystopian, with destroyed cities, police states, rampaging hellbred superhumans, everywhere. This was the last thing I posted here. It kicked off, but interest died quickly. Originally, it was global, characters could be anywhere and do as they pleased, but that did not foster much enthusiasm. I'd change it this time to something more group-oriented.
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    If this grand panorama before me is what you call God
    Then God is not dead
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    Username: themightydoof

    Name: John Smith (that's all you're getting out of me!)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Experience: Pretty much none. I am 100&#37; what you would call a 'noob'. I very recently started RPing on this site and so far I am thoroughly enjoying myself and plan to keep at this for a while.

    Favourite RPGs: I can't really say yet seeing as everything that's shown up on here so far has been Pokemon. But I plan on changing that.

    Characters: I haven't really been doing this for long enough to have found any kind of formula. Although... I'm finding some satisfaction in playing as a lonely pessimist.

    Strong Areas: I haven't really developed any yet.

    Weak Areas: I can't pick out anything in particular yet as I'm so noobish at everything.

    Hints and Tips: None to offer but I'll appreciate any that people want to offer me. Anyone?

    Current Projects:

    Salvation for the Damned

    The Land of the Dead. It has been given many names by many cultures over the centuries. Hades. The Underworld. Sheol. The Other Side. Hell. To its inhabitants, it is known as Ekephuara. It is a place for those who were too impure to ascend to the mysterious Higher Plane and is thus a place of torment. Those who end up there lose their individual identity and personality. They are simply formless wisps of painful memories, disappointment and guilt. They are ruled over by a humanoid race called the Hadran. For eternity they have ruled with little pity or mercy. But with the rise of a new, more idealistic king, Matsahtoh, things start to drastically change. He wants a better realm for his people and will go to any lengths to get one. So he looks in the only direction he can...

    The World of the Living.


    Future Projects: I have some ideas but nothing concrete.
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