Username: Surfman

Name: (I would prefer not to post my actual name.)

Age: 20 (actually, I'm still 19 at time of post, but my birthday is soon enough for me to call myself 20.

Gender: Male

Experience: A few years ago, I had an account on here (also under the name Surfman) and was in a few RPGs. I even hosted a couple. Unfortunately, I got busy and drifted away. Recently, I came back, started a new account (since my old one got removed), and I'm trying to get back into RPing. I've entered a couple of RPGs (that died off pretty quickly, unfortunately), and I'm looking for more opportunities that I find interesting.

Favorite RPGs: I prefer Pokemon RPGs, but beyond that, I'm open to most RPGs. It's mostly the quality that does it for me. If it's a low-quality RPG that is a popular idea for whatever reason, I probably won't join. On the flip side, if I feel like an RPG is of too high-quality, I might look at it and might even try to make a sign-up without posting it, but I probably wouldn't join because quite frankly, I'm not that good yet.

Characters: The one thing my characters have in common is that they don't usually make rash decisions. They're typically thoughtful (even calculating) and have some level of experience in whatever it is they're doing, but not too much. As for gender, I play as whatever gender I feel is underrepresented.

Strong Areas: In my opinion, I'm pretty good at writing dialogue. My only difficulty with it is making the post that contains the dialogue long enough, since I'm only talking for my character. If I have multiple characters (such as a trainer and Pokemon), it makes it easier, even if the Pokemon can't actually talk to the trainer - at least there's a reaction. I'm also pretty good at coming up with ideas (for characters and plots/twists), even if I have trouble describing them well. One other thing is that, at least recently, I try to keep any RPG that I enter alive for as long as possible.

Weak Areas: My description, while not bad, definitely needs work. Also, I have a little trouble writing action sequences.

Hints and Tips: Here are some of mine:

1. Read the rules, and follow them. This applies to both the forum rules and the RPG-specific rules. If you don't do this, you'll be in trouble.

2. Check your spelling, grammar, and formatting. Not doing this can result in headaches for your fellow RPers and/or the GM as they figure out what's going on.

3. Read the rules, and follow them. I listed this twice for a reason. DO IT. It's annoying for me to look at an RPG while browsing for something to join, only to discover that it's poorly-made and completely uninteresting. It's probably even more annoying for the moderators, who HAVE to look at those to check to see if any rules are being broken.

4. If you join/make an RPG, you are making a commitment to that RPG. If you have any reason to believe that you will be unable to keep to that commitment, it would be best if you did not join/make that RPG. I understand that life can sometimes get in the way, but if you know that something's coming up, don't bother.

5. On the other hand, if you are in an RPG and something comes up that will make you extremely busy/unable to post, let the other RPers and GM know if at all possible so they can work around it.

6. Check your spelling, grammar, and formatting. Again, it's listed twice for a reason. It's probably possible to make a coherent sentence of five hundred or more words that isn't a run-on, but there's no reason to have a paragraph of that length. Split it into two or more paragraphs (preferably split by a blank line).

7. If you join an RPG, don't be afraid to come up with plot twists involving your character. But if it affects any other character (even an NPC), it's best to talk about it with the GM and whatever other RPers would be involved.

Current Projects: None

Future Projects: I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head, but they haven't fully formed yet. One is kind of close, but who knows?