Username: Stabberz

Name: Just calls me Stabz...

Age: 14


Experience: I've been RPing since December 08 and back then I will admit I went for pretty similar characters who were poor in quality. I like to think that with time I've gotten better with my RP posts and the actual RPG's themselves. I haven't been in that many high profile RPG's and a lot of RPG's haven't been finished but I have high hopes for the ones I'm in now.

Favourite RPGs: Well at the moment, I'm enjoying writing Pokemon RPG's as well as some Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic RPG's

Characters: My Characters are generally Dark Characters who've been through a lot, I suppose people could call them emo's but...meh.

Strong Areas:
I suppose I'm good at making detailed and interesting plots, I'm also good at putting a lot of detail into my posts.

Weak Areas: I'm probably not very good at different characters in my sign ups, or putting much detail into Personality.

Current Projects: 2013, Hoenn: Land and Sea, Hoenn Frontier: The Elemental War.

Future Projects:
Sequels to the above RPG's and I'm bringing back Pokémon Heroes.