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    Holy crap, I have an unfinished two-year old profile I haven't touched since then. Let's finish this up and update it.

    Username: CuriousHeartless, or CH
    Name: Jacob
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Experience: About a month under 2 years.
    Favourite RPGs: No real preference.
    Characters: I usually aim to be a bit normal and balanced, which can also be a little plain. Although I do like to go to extremes on a few occasions (Like the time I made a psychopathic serial killer character).
    Strong Areas: it bad I can't really think of anything for this?
    Weak Areas: Posting. I'm not saying my posts are bad, I'm just kind of bad at remembering to post. Even if I like the RP I can be bad at remembering to post.

    Hints and Tips: Have fun? Sorry I can't be more insightful.

    Current Projects: None, nada, zip.

    Future Projects: My only current plans are to do a few RPs until either they end or they die instead of my usual stalling early and disappearing from the thread. Might try and make a good version of my War of the Legends at some point.
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