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    Username: wayjun
    Gender: Female

    Experience:I have recently become active (again!) on this site, so I'm a little rusty.
    Favorite RPGs: Fantasy/Pokemon/Digimon RP's. Mostly anything with action.
    Characters: Ones who are smart, but don't like other people all that much. I tend to stay away from personality Gary-Stus/Mary-Sues or the opposite of them. I used to create characters like that, but not any more (I hope...). I normally make a character who would rather be sleeping than saving or destroying certain things, much like me.
    Strong Areas:Speech and perhaps description of actions? The gender of the character is not a big deal to me; I tend to write a sign-up using "it" as a pronoun and then decide on the gender at the end.
    Weak Areas: Spelling, because I can't spell worth beans, description of certain things, and knowing where to break up paragraphs. I also let people in the RP take control of my character beyond the acceptable. I'm under-confident in my typing abilities, so every time I write a couple words, I have to check back and look at what I have written just to make sure that nobody will object. I also have some issues with not posting for a long time, and having no ideas to advance the story with.

    Hints and Tips: Always read your post before posting it. You can spot a lot of those errors that way, and make your post much easier to read.

    Current Projects: None.
    Future Projects:
    RP's I'm in:
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