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Thread: The RPGers’ Profiles

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    Holy crap, I have an unfinished two-year old profile I haven't touched since then. Let's finish this up and update it.

    Username: CuriousHeartless, or CH
    Name: Jacob
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Experience: About a month under 2 years.
    Favourite RPGs: No real preference.
    Characters: I usually aim to be a bit normal and balanced, which can also be a little plain. Although I do like to go to extremes on a few occasions (Like the time I made a psychopathic serial killer character).
    Strong Areas: it bad I can't really think of anything for this?
    Weak Areas: Posting. I'm not saying my posts are bad, I'm just kind of bad at remembering to post. Even if I like the RP I can be bad at remembering to post.

    Hints and Tips: Have fun? Sorry I can't be more insightful.

    Current Projects: None, nada, zip.

    Future Projects: My only current plans are to do a few RPs until either they end or they die instead of my usual stalling early and disappearing from the thread. Might try and make a good version of my War of the Legends at some point.
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    Username: Starstruck or Cerulean -- I go by either. I'd prefer you call me Star.
    Name: Starstruck, Ultimate Awesomeness and Voice of Reason in the Universe as we Know it! Or, just Star.
    Age: Seven billion.
    Gender: Male.

    Experience: I like to call it Role Playing, or RP'ing, because that suggests that it is different from roleplaying games such as Pokemon. Different league. I've been RP'ing on specialized sites for several years now.
    Favourite RPGs: All kinds. I suck at machine-based RP's, though.
    Characters: Anything and everything from schizophrenic ninjas to angry puffballs. I can't stand any already-made-up characters; I prefer making my own.
    Strong Areas: Grammar. Grammar always. And I'm a veteran, that has to count for something.
    Weak Areas: I'm very bad at fanfiction. I just can't do it. I don't know the characters' personalities well enough to gauge their responses to a specific situation. So, I don't rip stuff from shows or books and leave all that alone.

    Hints and Tips: Ask a veteran if you aren't sure.
    Make sure you follow the rules if you're a newbie. If you're more advanced, rule infractions tend to be taken less seriously as it's generally assumed you know what you're doing and it must be a mistake. As a newbie, nobody knows you well enough to say that, and it's generally embarrassing to explain that it was a mistake.

    Current Projects: Different sites, man, different sites.

    Future Projects: Nothing. I improvise everywhere I go

    Just kidding! I was hoping for something epic as my first official Serebii Roleplay. It involves the Four Seasons...

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    Username: FourCartridge
    Name: Cory
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I've hosted pretty popular RPGs at Boo's Mansion, another site I go to.
    Favourite RPGs: Anything that's not the old tired formula. I like gameplay elements too.
    Characters: I'll do anyone really.
    Strong Areas: Hosting RPGs.
    Weak Areas: Dealing with "godRPers"

    Hints and Tips: Try to give your players freedom. It helps when theirs at least effort to let them follow the plot on their own and not railroading.

    Current Projects: The Special League RPG

    Future Projects: None yet. Whatever crosses my mind.

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    Username: Tokyo Oranges
    Name: Therese
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female last time I checked

    Experience: approximately 6 years, almost 7
    Favourite RPGs: Pokemon, digimon, anything fantasy, anime.... well most anything i'll give a try at least once
    Characters: well it really depends on the mood of the rp, though my characters are usually pretty pure of heart and a little naive, even my more antagonistic ones, not many of my characters are truly evil, a little mentally deranged maybe. ;D
    Strong Areas: well, I'm good at creating a back story for my characters, I sometimes actually get a little carried away and end up with 4+ pages on microsoft word most of it my character's history. usually its depicting a major event that is part of how the character develops before the beginning of the story

    Weak Areas: I'm not always confident in my work and sometimes if a bio of mine does not make it through the creator's judgment the first time I'll tend to get discouraged and not try to make it better and just leave the rp, though I'm trying to get better at that though.

    Hints and Tips: Don't be afraid to post something you've written! People aren't trying to be mean when they go through something you've written and pick put the flaws in it, sure it may be harsh hearing criticisms about something you've worked on, but its there to help you make your work better. Also, be patient, ranting and raving that things aren't going fast enough for you gets you nowhere and gives you a bad reputation.

    Current Projects: Nothing rpg related at the moment

    Future Projects: In the near future Killer_Squirtle and myself are going to be redux of Her original "The hidden ones" Rp
        Spoiler:- There is stuff here... take a look mkay ;D:

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    Username: Aslynn♥Pokemon. Just call me Aslynn, or as I've seen some call me, Ashlynn. Not much difference.
    Name: I'd prefer not to tell you that.
    Age: 12.
    Gender: Female, last I checked.

    Experience: Okay, I'll admit, I've only been RPGing since late September, on another site. But I'll say I've improved greatly.
    Favourite RPGs: I like action RPGs, with strange, sudden twists and, of course, Pokemon! Not that I've actually made many..... Only one.....
    I also enjoy RPGs that involve teams. Otherwise, my characters would be lost in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, nobody to interact with. In teams, I find it easier to post frequently.
    Characters: Usually I'm good at making characters who are loyal and stick by your side 'till the end. They are also usually rather cheerful, but with the mix of a dark past, such as death or being homeless. However, when I find myself creating 2 caharcters for one RPG, I'm usually forced to pull the grouchy card, and create a more grouchy character who'd rather play computer games than help. That's not very often, thankfully.
    Strong Areas: I believe I'm am reasonable at creating long, descriptive posts, and highly discribed characters.
    Weak Areas: I can't make plot ideas. All I can do is write them. Give me a basic storyline, and I'll make the plot. Easy. But I can't make the ideas myself. No way.

    Hints and Tips: I might put some stuff here later.

    Current Projects: None. Unless being a co-host to an RPG on another site counts. But none I've made myself.

    Future Projects: I'm planning to make a Pokemon RPG, where you play as a Pokemon. No legendaries, of course. You are a Pokemon of the Teito Region. Pokemon of this region have special abilities. A second type.
    Say, you play as.... a Vulpix! Fire type. But at the same time you could also be a Electric Type, or flying type. Changes to the appearence are obviously called for here. Also, for Pokemon with 2 types already, you can simply change one. Say Froslass. You could become, instead, a Ice-DARK Froslass.
    Anyay, there is this evil group, False Hope. They attack all without mercy. So, to defend the innocent, another group rose. Starlit Strikers. Obviously, they'll be a huge battle, and smaller battles scattered, and of course small mini mission each RPGer might activate. Could go any way.
    However, I need help. I have a general outline of my plot written down, which I will finalise in the coming days. However, I need help with the setting out of the region. There need to be particular places. Islands in the Ocean surrounding the Region, a dark wastland which is home to False Hope, and a city in which the base of the Starlit Strikers. Of course, they would be more places. If you'd like to offer help for this, feel free to PM.

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    Username: wayjun
    Gender: Female

    Experience:I have recently become active (again!) on this site, so I'm a little rusty.
    Favorite RPGs: Fantasy/Pokemon/Digimon RP's. Mostly anything with action.
    Characters: Ones who are smart, but don't like other people all that much. I tend to stay away from personality Gary-Stus/Mary-Sues or the opposite of them. I used to create characters like that, but not any more (I hope...). I normally make a character who would rather be sleeping than saving or destroying certain things, much like me.
    Strong Areas:Speech and perhaps description of actions? The gender of the character is not a big deal to me; I tend to write a sign-up using "it" as a pronoun and then decide on the gender at the end.
    Weak Areas: Spelling, because I can't spell worth beans, description of certain things, and knowing where to break up paragraphs. I also let people in the RP take control of my character beyond the acceptable. I'm under-confident in my typing abilities, so every time I write a couple words, I have to check back and look at what I have written just to make sure that nobody will object. I also have some issues with not posting for a long time, and having no ideas to advance the story with.

    Hints and Tips: Always read your post before posting it. You can spot a lot of those errors that way, and make your post much easier to read.

    Current Projects: None.
    Future Projects:
    RP's I'm in:
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    Username: Tearen the Absol, though once upon a time, I was known as KingDeoxys. On Deviantart, I am Tearen-and-Zearen, and on Roleplay Gateway I'm known as Tearen Wover.

    Name: Aaron
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Seems like it would be going on six years now...

    Favourite RPGs: I tend to like to write in social, thought provoking RPGs, where fighting is kept to a minimum and character interaction drives the story. Anything involving space ships or old school D&D style wizardry is also something I thrive under.

    Characters: My characters tend to be more mature, if not somewhat world weary, grumpy old wise men that can't stand their compatriots but neither can resist helping them. At the same time, I like to have my characters point out the flaws of reckless heroism. More often than not, I'm playing an antagonist, as RPG worlds seem to have a few too many heroes.

    Strong Areas: Dialogue and realism. I try to make my characters interactions with the environment or other people as legitimate as possible.

    Weak Areas: Proof reading. I tend to be over-confident in my typing skills and make stupid grammar slip ups or glaring typos. Sometimes I linger a bit too much on description as well.

    Hints and Tips: Don't be afraid to move events forward or shape the world with your own writing. The GM has the final say, of course, but don't allow your self to believe that their vision is final. You may even come up with an idea that they really like, but be sure to discuss new subplots with the GM first.

    What's more important, however, is to remember that while these are Role Playing Games we're playing, the objective should not necessarily be to 'win'. Don't be afraid to let your character fail, get hurt, or lose an important battle. The point here is not to come out on top; it's to tell a good story.

    Current Projects: I'm not currently hosting anything on Serebii or other sites. College has been busy. On this site, I am currently playing Killer Squirtle's "Hidden One's Redux".

    Future Projects: I've got a whole bunch of games on reserve, some of which I tried to start here on Serebii, but they never quite took off. Between wizard hunts, mech battling tournaments, exploring the Lovecraftian dreamworld, space exploration, and near-future guerilla warfare, I've got it all. All I need is the interest!

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    Username: arlen.

    Gender: Male.

    Experience: One and a quarter years.
    Favourite RPGs: Hero-vs-evil with the hero and evil winning. It's fair.
    Characters: Heroes, evil characters (thanks to my friend).
    Strong Areas: Typing, copying and pasting.
    Weak Areas: Ideas, sometimes keeping up.

    Hints and Tips: Be as creative as you can. Be fair.

    Current Projects: None
    Future Projects: A sprite comic RPG called Thwart of the Badrawlette.

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    Username: Fanal!
    Name: Why should I tell you
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Experience: I am currently in War of the Legends, which is my first RPG
    Favourite RPGs: As I’ve never RPG’d before I don’t really know
    Characters: For the sign up’s I’ve written yet (only two) they were both male and somewhat like me either physical or psychological.
    Strong Areas: I think I’m pretty good at ideas for characters.
    Weak Areas: writing out the stuff I’ve thought up
    Hints and Tips: Since I’ve just started I can’t really offer any advice
    Current Projects: I'm in War of the Legends
    Future Projects: None as far as I know now.
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    Username: IatosHaunted(formerly Psychic Master Iatos)

    Name: Jay

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Experience: Around 9 years, I believe. Lots of RPGs over the years.

    Favourite RPGs: When I write an RPG, I like to have it expand creatively and realistically on what is already canon in the series. Other than that, anything goes.

    Characters: When I was younger, I would use the same character for all my RPGs, a gentleman named Kai. He was like me, good-natured, social, a little weird, and a lot ambitious. Now, however, I try to create new characters for almost every new RPG I join, to expand the kinds of characters I can write for well.

    Strong Areas: I'm very good at creating new characters, and making sure to make them well-rounded and three-dimensional. Also, I'm good with atmosphere in my posts.

    Weak Areas: I'm not always great at keeping my characters within the boundaries of how their personalities dictate they should act in a situation.

    Hints and Tips: Don't underthink the stories of your RPGs, and don't use them right away. Let them stew in your brain for a while and they'll get better, you'll find yourself improving on them.

    Current Projects: None at the moment. Until a few weeks ago I was running an RPG called Apocalypse Hoenn, but it died due to some post spam problems. I am currently writing the story as a fanfic, entitled Taking Back Hoenn, which is taking up most of my free time.

    Future Projects: My RPGs have always been purposefully story-heavy, but what I'd like to do next is a more basic adventure RPG. Create an aspect of whatever the region in question is to make it new and interesting, and just let people go from there.

    White FC: 3654-1880-7019

    3DS FC: 2105-8751-4059

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    Username: Pixel3r, although I was once ShadowMasterJimack
    Name: *Name and address withheld*
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male, always was, ever shall be.

    Experience:Well, never on SPPF, but I am founder and president of the local Dungeons and Dragons club, as well as a fervent member of a an utterly chaotic LARP group.
    Favourite RPGs: I enjoy anything not rooted in fact, no science fiction.
    Characters: I can create a broad variety of characters, depending on what already exists. I've played a ditzy priestess, a wise old man, a raging norse berzerker, and a couple others.
    Strong Areas: Thinking in-character, sometimes this becomes a downside, after a week of playing a musician I began dancing through school and singing answers to questions.
    Weak Areas: I don't drive stories very well, I can react to what other people do really well, but I rarely cause a major event.

    Hints and Tips: Give a clear goal to the players, something for them to drive toward.

    Current Projects: As I said, I am leader and Dungeon Master of the local DnD club, which meets weekly, but that is it.

    Future Projects: Well, I do have ideas for a Pokemon based RPG about Unova years after a Pokemon uprising, as well as a couple nightmares forming themselves into a horror story, but little else.

    "Those who simply do, miss the beauty of the doing."
    Want: Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Reshiram and Deoxys. Specific nicknames all.

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    Username: Autistic Lucario
    Name: ______
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Experience: 1 or 2 years, but I'm a decent writer.

    Favourite RPGs: Mystery, like in Scooby-Doo.

    Characters: Sometimes I use the characters from my fanfics. Sometimes I use different characters.

    Strong Areas: Leading an RP. It goes especially well when I control the plot.

    Weak Areas: When someone changes something in the RP that I don't see coming. It interrupts my RP.

    Hints and Tips: Grammar may be for nazis, but trust me, it helps.

    Current Projects: I've only joined recently, so none right now. Might do one soon, though.

    Future Projects: A Mystery/Adventure RP that will take place in my fanfic world. It can be logic-intensive. (I've seen too much Ace Attorney :P)
    I have none, cause signature rules are scary. :O

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    Username: Niihyl

    Name: Romanadvoratrelundar. But you can call me Fred.

    Gender: Male

    Experience: I dunno... a year? Nah, more than that. I've been RPing here for a while, and I doubt I'd be able to anywhere else because Serebii's spoiled me.

    Favorite RPG: Anything to do with video-game series I like, including TWEWY, Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon, etc. Good writing always gets me, no matter the topic and a little touch of not having to be Goodguy McHero is always nice. New concepts and RP styles draw my interest as well.

    Characters: I love names. I love different languages, different meanings, etc. I'm interested in madness as well, in all forms. Many of my characters will be mentally unstable, or at least not completely heroic.

    Strengths: I dunno, a decent grasp of grammar and punctuation, the ability to write coherently and being a sarcastic mofo?

    Weaknesses: Writing too fast. I often miss details and do other stupid things without thinking them through. I tend to join too many RPs as well, and end up getting too spread out once things start happening and there's stuff to do everywhere and baaaaw.

    Hints and Tips: Don't be a moron or a bastard, follow the rules, listen to what people tell you. We're all (mostly) good people, stick around.

    Current Projects:

    Future Projects: Sci-fi/Fantasy Futuristic Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror Story about Thieves in SPACE.
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    Interested in tabletop RPGs? I'm always looking for new players for online games of Pathfinder, DnD 4e, nWoD, Shadowrun and more!
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    Eh, why not.

    Username: Monster Guy (Formerly Mon1010)

    Name: I'll tell you when I know you better...maybe. Call me Mon.

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Experience: More than a year. Though not all of it on here.

    Favorite RPGs: I like Pokemon RPG's mostly, that's the fandom I've been a part of for the longest time, and that has enough RPG material, but that doesn't mean I can't do other things. I like a lot of different genres. I like ones where the players can influence the story.

    Favorite Characters: Oddly enough a lot of my characters are female, go figure. I like to play ordinary people that are thrown into extraordinary situations. I'm also a lot better at playing nice people than jerks. (Or, jerks with a hidden nice side.) I can't come up with witty things for them to say all the time. :/

    I tend to *gasp* reuse characters I like for multiple RPGs. Sometimes at the same time. I'm committing an RPG crime!/sarcasm -_- Some people dislike recycling characters, I don't see what the issue is. :/ This does not mean I cannot make someone new when I need to.

    Strengths: I like to think I can post dialouge well, and make good creative stories. I also think I can keep my characters in character, most of the time anyway. I also like to think I can set up good situations for character interaction. (If that makes any sense.)

    Weaknesses: Description. Especially details. To me, a tree is a tree, they all look the same to me. xD I also sometimes find it difficult to incorporate my characters into a story, as well as finding the right words for things, and it's a challenge for me to make long posts. I also have trouble making Sign Ups. I also tend to join a lot of RPG's at a time, then disappear for a while when I get overwhelmed.

    RPG tips: The G in RPG stands for Game. Have fun with it. You'd be surprised how often people forget this.


    Currently in

    Digimon: Seven Seals
    Character: Tim Wolfe

    Mythos: Return of Magic
    Character: André Bellamy

    Titans: Red War
    Character: Max Hudson/Violet Lantern, Kyle Remington/Ice Dragon

    First Time For Everything
    Character: Max Hudson

    Legendary Awakening
    Characters: Lorenzo Amore and Kyle Remington

    Legends Guardians
    Character: Cadence Amore

    The Ultimates
    Character: Veronica Lance

    An Orange Story
    Character: Adam Hayes
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    I look like someone else, but I'm just me.
    With you standing by my side, I won't be lonely.
    I look like someone else, but I'm just me!
    My name is Mimikyu, don't call me spooky!
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    Username: deltakurumiru4, though most people shorten it to Delta

    Name: NOT going to give this out, a little paranoid

    Age: 15

    Gender: male, or XY chromosome

    Experience: about half a year on Serebii, though i play a lot of RPG video games

    Favourite RPGs: mostly concerning fanatsy or PMD, playing as a human feels boring to me

    Characters: All of my male characters are called Halt, though my female characters have more descripetion
    Strong Areas: histories are my biggest strong suit, the next being personality.

    Weak Areas: description is hard for me, but my biggest weakness is most likly typing the minimium 200 words per post. that is challenging sometimes. that, and the obivous spelling errors i have

    Hints and Tips: when working on a history, focus on four or more highlights of your charcters past life, then detail what happened in between and BOOM you have a steaming hot fresh history

    Current Projects: none at the moment

    Future Projects: I am in the process of planning a Monster Hunter RP, but would really appreciete any ideas or tidbits of helpful ideas for it
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    Current Fan fiction projects:

    The Heart of the Hunters a monster hunter fan fiction with with other ideas thrown in here and there.

    Future Projects:

    A MLP fan fiction in the works

    A God Eater Burst fan fiction still in planning

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    Username: BlueRose
    Name: Not gonna say. Just call me BlueRose, Brose, Rose, Rosie, etc.
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female.
    Experience: Around 2-3 years.
    Favourite RPGs: Anything involving mystery, suspense, adventure, horror, fantasy, etc. I also have a weakness for school/academy rpgs with underground plot.
    Characters: Woobies, tsunderes, oddballs, and crazies.
    Strong Areas: I’ve been told that I’m creative regarding character and plot ideas.
    Weak Areas: Grammar. Also, I don’t like going into details or writing extensively about things. I also don’t have a particularly extensive vocabulary; it’s just average. Passing, but average.
    Hints and Tips: I’ve got none.
    Current Projects: None.
    Future Projects: I want to do a Gijinka/Pokemorph project. It involves a select group of humans being brought to an alternate dimension that has gijinkas/pokemorphs and their role in a revolution and change of ways that the gijinkas have lived for many years.

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    Username: Flameswy

    Age: Fifteen..

    Gender: Male.

    Experience: I used to rp a bit on other sites, but lately nothing. i'm new to the scene on serebii...

    Favourite RPGs: mm, darker story's interest me, mainly. of course, i like lighter stuff to, anything fairly original is good enough.

    Characters: Mentor figures, anti-heros and rivals would have to be my first choice, but i feel i can also play support or side kicks equally well.

    Strong Areas: fleshing out my characters i suppose, but slowly. i almost never show all of my characters back story quickly, some times you never see all before the rp ends.

    Weak Areas: i am impatient, and lazy. this means ill post a lot or leave the rp if its to slow, and i dont pay much attention to capitalization... i suppose i could if i wanted to, but yeah, lazy. also i have a weakness for dialogue (either to long or to short). stretching a short post out are hard, but nothing i cant do...

    Hints and Tips: pfft, im the n00b here.

    Current Projects: pokemon gijinka academy, as the music teacher tatterdemalion drought.

    Future Projects: not sure. i dont like to look to far in the future.
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        Spoiler:- Pokemon personality test and such:

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    Username: OkikuMew, also known as MEW! in the now-dead Nintendo NSider forums
    Age: In my 20s
    Gender: Female

    Experience: I started RPGing around in 2004, but in 2006-ish I quit thanks to the death of RPGs (and later everything else) in my favorite forum the Nintendo NSider, the lack of active members in the other forums I subscribed to, and more importantly college. However although I have a job now, I decided to go back into RPGing here in 2011, as I was/am bored and want to do more than just talk about pokemon games here.

    Favourite RPGs: I mostly join and create video game-based ones as they were the only ones accepted in my old forum and I feel more comfortable in those. I have a preference to Town/society, Adventure and town/adventure hybrid RPGs, but no matter what, if it looks good, I'll join it!

    Characters: I *always* create female characters, as I feel a bit strange impersonating male ones. In all of them they have a part of my personality, but it's always a different part, therefore they (mostly) all have different personalities. I always give a very different background and history to them though, as I don't want to play the "same" character over and over again... I also like to play character types/races that nobody thought of playing (like a Shadow Siren in a Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door-based RPG).

    Strong Areas: I always try to leave some room for comedy relief for everyone to enjoy (depending on the character I play), and leave some more room for character development (because it's not just pokemon that evolves!). I'm also good at finding and playing out actions/reactions/characters that no one thought of before. As a perfectionist, my RPGs I create have every facet of the world covered; but if not and someone points it out, I WILL cover it pretty quickly :P

    Weak Areas: I sometimes have a hard time to put things into words (and write it correctly) and detailing things like I want to, thanks for English being my second language. So being a perfectionist, I always end up editing my posts often, which can end up confusing other players who read the old version(s!) first XD

    Hints and Tips: Even if the storyline of the RPG gets very serious, don't forget to have some fun! Don't forget to make it fun for others too, no one likes a game-ruining player...

    Current Projects:
    Player:GM: None at the moment

    Future Projects: I would like to adapt and revive here one of the RPGs I made back then called "Laria's Dream", a Final Fantasy Tactics Advance game. Thankfully I kept copies of the sign-ups and info I made, but it needs heavy-duty adaptation to the rules here and tweaks to make it less... newbish. And I also need time, a LOT of time... which I'm low of often.
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    Username: aggiegwyn

    Name: Aggs

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Experience: Since I was eleven, so you can do the math.

    Favourite RPGs: I like RPG's that are bright with not so much blood and guts...(I get easily grossed out...) and I like RPG's that let your characters have powers, because that's always something interesting to play around with.

    Characters: Most of my characters are female, but beyond that, they have a variety of personalities and appearances. I always like to ix it up a little bit. I would make guys, but I just really don't understand how they think. I want to have a little more of a grasp on it before I try anything major.

    Strong Areas: I think I'm pretty good about rambling on about small things, I'm sure it's a nightmare to read, but hey, it fills up the pages. I try my best to not sound stupid and cheesy, but it ends up happened a lot of the time anyways.

    Weak Areas: I'm bad at having my characters react to romance. That's were I resort to using all the cheese I can find, and squirting it all over my roleplay. I'm awful at it.


    I cannot stress enough how frustrating it is to see a wall of text with no spaces in between. It makes things hard to read. Also, every once in a while, look back at your previous posts, and fix the grammatical errors. You won't believe how many times I've edited this. And I always feel a little bit better each time.

    Current Projects: None at the moment.

    Future Projects: I'm currently wondering whether to make an RPG that's in a sort of technological world or not. I need to develop it more.
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    Username: Fox Mulder
    Name: N/A
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I have been a main character in a RP and I have been the founder of another (that went on for a while, but a few members stopped being as active, so I've decided to finish it in a fic, but that's another forum)
    Favourite RPGs: I enjoy Sci-fi/Fantasy RPs
    Characters: My characters have always been adults (Ben is like, 45 now) with an adult backstory. They usually have a personal tragedy to overcome.
    Strong Areas: Beginnings and endings.
    Weak Areas: Middles. -_-;
    Hints and Tips: If you want to make a real human character, give them full emotions and try not to sway from it too much, stick to what defines your character.
    Current Projects: Darkness Falls (different forum)

    Future Projects: None currently planned.
    deviantART Profile

    Fox's Art: Legendz, Pokémon, and Sherlock artwork - updated 2/6/14

    3DSFriend Code: 2921-9102-7855
    Please PM me if you add me, so I can return the favor.

    Claims: Favorite Video Game-Persona 4: the Golden
    Favorite Video Game Character-Yu Narukami

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    A little lost


    I guess I've been doing this long enough, might as well throw myself out there finally!

    Username: Skillfulness
    Name: Umm... Call me Skillz
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Experience: I guess four or five years now.
    Favourite RPGs: One's with really developed plots and incredible twists and turns, like a book. Any genre is cool, though I like to stick with what I know.
    Characters: I usually do girls cause I know them best. They have good virtues and often a faith in God. They're usually my age too though I've done a few years plus and minus.
    Strong Areas: Detail? Maybe? I'm very creative and so compared to my narratives and expositories from school, this is heaven!
    Weak Areas: Procrastination, humility, I exagerate at times, lack explination at times, and I've always been bad at writing.

    Hints and Tips: Seriously, you can never have too much. Detail, story, words. Also, read everything beacuse you could miss something REALLY IMPORTANT if you skim (learned from experience)

    Current Projects: I'm back! Got a theme park gone wrong story coming out, Pokeventure Fun Park!

    Future Projects: Nothing planned right now.
    Last edited by Skillfulness; 5th June 2015 at 6:17 PM.

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    My old one may have been deleted (either that, or I can't find it, so I'll try posting a new one).

    Username: Universe Chaser, or if you knew me from when I was a nooblet, Legend Hunter.
    Name: Just call me UC, or Chaser.
    Age: 18

    Experience: A while, but I've only been at least mediocre for about 3 years.
    Favourite RPGs:
    I like darker RPG's. Ones in which in order to exist in this world, you have to constantly be on your toes and looking over your shoulder. Happy is overrated.
    My favorite characters, and the ones I end up keeping, are ones that have yet to really come of age, and can do so in the RP.
    Strong Areas:
    Characters. Not to toot my own horn, but I make quality, original characters. My ideas are better in my head than on the computer, though.
    Weak Areas:
    I'm weakest at length. Now, I'm not the guy who's going to post three lines, but my posts tend to say the same thing as other strong intermediate RPGers' posts, only be, like, a page shorter. It's embarrassing, really.

    Hints and Tips:
    Besides work, work, work on your RP skills until people take you seriously...I'd say don't put too much on your plate. If you have school, homework, and 6 RP's, I'd guess that you have no time for a social life. Cut down to maybe 3 or 4 at the most, and live a little.

    Current Projects:
    I'm not GMing right now due to my tough schedule (though I plan to soon), but I'm participating in several RPs right now.

    Future Projects:
    Well, I don't want to reveal too much, but it's going to be based around the conflict between technology and nature, and superpowers of a sort will be involved.
    99.9% of everyone at SPPF have a sig. If you're part of the .1% that doesn't, put this in your- Ah, shoot!
    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedSuicune View Post
    Yes, because a game suitable for children will feature a character with two girlfriends whom he keeps locked up in his castle.
    I have claimed MMMBop - not that anyone else wanted to...

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    My Memories


    Username: Deokishisu.123
    Name: Sam
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I roleplayed a Star Wars RPG on Jedi Academy called RPG Continuum, which I was forced to RQ after some troll admin castrated my character. :l
    I also have taken part in theatre in school, and have slightly RP'd around here, in War of the Legends and Tales of Kami
    Favourite RPGs: Ones that develop character relations.
    Characters: GARY STU!!! I typically like to make myself as the only character I RP in all RPs. As I say- I am who I am. I'm just not anyone else.
    Strong Areas: I can be completely real in an RPG, as I'm technically RPing some form of myself, with a little atmospheric kick to add to the environment of the nature of the RP. I can also get a story out of a rut if I need to.
    Weak Areas: Unintentionally, I have a tendency to God Mod. Sometimes, in an effort to spice up a story, I accedentally make a move that would normally be considered 'god-modding'. (I apologize in advance for this if it happens, brothers and ladies.)

    Hints and Tips: If someone trolls you, don't troll back. Just think Courage Wlf, and use Philosoraptor to logically smash that troll into another dimension.
    If that fails, throw a few 'super-explained' rules at them, they'll shut up.

    Current Projects: None, as of the moment.

    Future Projects: Iti Gekkou - An American moves to Tokyo Japan after his dad gets a job at an airport. He enrolls into a high school.
    Now, he must get accustomed to it. (Rated PG-15 for possible language, mild sensuality, and some innuendo) (This RP is to be basically a typical 'high school' anime with an american kid tossed into the mix as the main character, and how a anime style school (think School Rumble or something like that) would treat him. It is to be a Dramatic Comedy, turning into a fight/love story, with the arrival of a thug syndicate in Tokyo, and these kids try to stop them.)

    I thank you for your time, and look forward to working with you guys!
    *signature does not exist. I have no clue when I'll even post again, really. :/*

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    In my fantasy, my own world.


    Username: Unknown Guy 960
    Name: Confidential. But you can just call me Ken.
    Age: 14
    Gender: As my name states, I am a male. But sometimes I feel unsure...

    Experience: Eh, one year and a half. Only. But all these time of of constant meddling with RPs that didn't go very far on another forum turned me from a complete n00b at this matter to an at least capable Role Player. I'm even surprised I'm starting to exceed my teacher's expectations at school after getting involved in both writing and Role Playing for some time.
    Favourite RPGs:Variable. I try to be flexible when it comes to this. But most of the time I'd rather stick to the series I know about.
    Favourite Characters: I too, try to be flexible in this section. Be it male or female, human or Pokemon/creatures, I try to balance my specialties.
    Strong Areas: Plotting is most of the time, my forte. Creativity comes second.
    Weak Areas: I have a smaller pool of vocabulary, and even then I sometimes misspell my words. At times I try to be too detailed in my work I even mess them up. And sometimes I work myself up too much I start to turn constructive criticism into insults. Oh, and my laziness or bad mood would drag me down.

    Hints and Tips: Anything and everything you read from others' works can be a great asset to utilize and improve yourself. And don't confuse your 'your's with your 'you're's!

    Current Projects: None. But I'm helping out at Project Legends as a co-GM.

    Future Projects: Not planning anything./slacker/

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    Username: Vivian_Bloom

    Name: Erin Hunter

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Experience: About four days.....yeah I know

    Favourite RPGs: Radiant Historia, Devil Survivor Overclocked, PERSONA, Final Fantasy 9, Kingdom Hearts, SMT: Digital Devil Saga, Paper Mario, Fire Emblem, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and plenty more

    Characters: Ones that force me to examine my own actions as a person, and the people who focus on solving their problems through the strength of determination and focus. Someone not too serious, can have fun, but knows that there is a time for serious action.

    Strong Areas: When I'm writing in a talented group, once I start bouncing off from people's ideas my confidence shoots up and I can write for hours!! Another area I'd say would be..hmmm...PARTY BANTER! It's just free wingin' it!

    Weak Areas: Dialogue >. I'm constantly looking back on what I write and tweaking it for minor mistakes, probably from seeing how great others are I should have more confidence.

    Hints and Tips: I'm really the last person you should come to advice to (hehe), but if at risk of going no week without root beer and whip cream oatmeal I'd say write something that you'd love to read.

    Current Projects: I'm participating and am now a part of "Persona: Overpowering Past" which is the RP anything I've dealt with! Color me Excite..Bike? (couldn't help it)

    Future Projects: After Persona gets under-way I'll try to write a non-pokemon completely original fiction of my own dealing with mature times injected with a tinge of humor. By the time I begin this aspiration, my skills would've either greatly improved, or I'll learn to stop judging myself.
    On Army-Training Leave:

    I'll be gone from Serebii/Internet from Sept 10th - Dec 15/16th. If you want to contact me, send a PM by the first of September. Coolio!

    See you guys. Be back soon. Enjoy BOSS!

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