Username: Unknown Guy 960
Name: Confidential. But you can just call me Ken.
Age: 14
Gender: As my name states, I am a male. But sometimes I feel unsure...

Experience: Eh, one year and a half. Only. But all these time of of constant meddling with RPs that didn't go very far on another forum turned me from a complete n00b at this matter to an at least capable Role Player. I'm even surprised I'm starting to exceed my teacher's expectations at school after getting involved in both writing and Role Playing for some time.
Favourite RPGs:Variable. I try to be flexible when it comes to this. But most of the time I'd rather stick to the series I know about.
Favourite Characters: I too, try to be flexible in this section. Be it male or female, human or Pokemon/creatures, I try to balance my specialties.
Strong Areas: Plotting is most of the time, my forte. Creativity comes second.
Weak Areas: I have a smaller pool of vocabulary, and even then I sometimes misspell my words. At times I try to be too detailed in my work I even mess them up. And sometimes I work myself up too much I start to turn constructive criticism into insults. Oh, and my laziness or bad mood would drag me down.

Hints and Tips: Anything and everything you read from others' works can be a great asset to utilize and improve yourself. And don't confuse your 'your's with your 'you're's!

Current Projects: None. But I'm helping out at Project Legends as a co-GM.

Future Projects: Not planning anything./slacker/