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Thread: The RPGers’ Profiles

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    Username: AudinoGlitch
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Experience: No experience here, but I constantly roleplayed on a site that will not be named.
    Favourite RPGs: I prefer to RP as a Pokemon over a human
    Characters: I create characters that have strong moral convictions and help others out.

    Strong Areas: Back-stories, grammar, emotions, battles, working around an odd body, and describing how a hit takes effect.

    Weak Areas: Physical description is my big obstacle. It's one of the reasons why I prefer RPing as a Pokemon since we all know what they look like. I also have trouble keeping the personality constant as my own tends to fluctuate constantly.

    Hints and Tips: Try thinking of creative uses for a Pokemon's attack.

    Current Projects: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Rising Shadows.

    Future Projects: PM me if you have an RP where I can be a Pokemon.
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    Username: Assassin9399
    Name: -
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male... I think? :S

    Experience: I haven't done much RPG's, I'm trying to get some experience at the moment.
    Favourite RPGs: Based on series/books I like.
    Characters: I like to create persons who appear to be evil, but aren't.
    Strong Areas: Writing conversations
    Weak Areas: Writing the details about the environment and such. Also, my english isn't flawless (yet).

    Hints and Tips: When you create a personage, try to make it realistic, so that you can place yourself easier in that personage. Basing the personage on some excising character even makes it easier.

    Current Projects: Super Smash Bros. Search for the Gem, both Bowser and Wario

    Future Projects: I'm working on an Avatar the last Airbender RPG. I don't know when it will be done though.
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    Username: Nightfall715

    Name: N/A

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Experience: About my past 2 years.

    Favourite RPGs: Mostly PMD and Adventure RPGs

    Characters: Serious, sly types of characters, Like Purrlion, Liepard, and Zoroark (My personal favorites)

    Strong Areas: Filling in the form, getting ideas for RPGs

    Weak Areas: Writing Long RP Posts :P

    Hints and Tips: Try to focus on what you are strong at, not what you are weak at.

    Current Projects: Indigo Refresh as Sylvia Cresa, and PMD : Rising Shadows as Zero the Mawile.

    Future Projects: Hoenn Adventures, a basic adventure RGP, and maybe a PMD RPG.

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    Username: Flame Mistress
    Name: I will only tell those who are good forum friends of mine...
    Age: 11 (and a half)
    Gender: Female.

    Experience: Not for long, for only about 6 months?
    Favourite RPGs: Journeys, adventures, you know, the general not-so-actiony-but-still-exciting kind of RPGs.
    Characters: Girls, for a start. And ones with long hair. The personalities of my characters vary.
    Strong Areas: Writing up backstories for characters, and causing trouble in RPGs. Hehe.
    Weak Areas: Posting long posts. I overestimate the size if my posts because I almost always post on my iPhone, and that toggles the size of posts...

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    Username: DarkEmerl123
    Name: Megan
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female

    Experience: About a year or so.
    Favourite RPGs: RPGs with a lot of plot development, dialogue, and when at the start the characters barely know each other but at the end they have a really good relationship.
    Characters: I like writing with mature, serious types, as they are all quiet and mysterious. I like writing about what they think, as the other characters wouldn't know.
    Strong Areas: Coming up with plots, characters and stuff.
    Weak Areas: The amount that I write. I usually write a small amount, but it's enough to follow the rules.

    Hints and Tips: N/A

    Current Projects: None.

    Future Projects: I have something in mind. But it's a secret for now ;3

    That's right, I have returned.

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    Hi. I’m new. Consider this my introduction. /launches bottle rockets

    Username: Rinne, but you may know me on other forums as Kyubey or Degs.
    Age: 17.
    Gender: Male.

    Experience: Ever since 7th grade, so that’d put me at around five, maybe six years. /bad at math
    Favorite RPGs: Original flavor fandom fics, usually with a somewhat dark-yet-optimistic bend. I’m pretty adept at playing fandoms I have little to no experience with, too; it doesn’t matter how much background reading I have to do.
    Characters: I usually go with males for jack-of-all types, but if I want to try something more niche or different it’ll inadvertently be with a female. Aside from that, it varies depending on what’s needed.

    Strong Areas: Description~! I like to think that I’m good at setting moods with writing, especially the atmosphere. I’m also good at making characters and NPCs en masse.
    Weak Areas: My posts are usually crammed with fluff and extraneous description, and I’m absolutely horrible at writing realistic dialogue. Slimming down and getting the point across is something I need to work on. As for creating an RP, it’s difficult for me to get a solid plot down.

    Hints and Tips: I am the moderator on an RP forum much like this one that gets around 200 regular members or more, so from an administrative end, the only thing I can really say is lay down the law if you’re a GM. Others may be helping out, but this is in the end your story and you should take responsibility for it. If people aren’t working out, don’t be afraid to show them the door.

    Current Projects: None, either on or off-site.
    Future Projects: A Pokémon Ranger RP set in a fictional region resembling Massachusetts. (Hey, write what you know~!) Therefore, there will be vague Lovecraftian influences. I have as of now about 45-50% written up.
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    Username: Minteh
    Name: Chloe
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female

    Experience: I first stared RPing back in 2005, officially at least. I was part of a forum that was sadly taken down due to lack of activity. I didn't pick RPing back up until around 2007. It was around this time when I first got a facebook account, joining many pokemon fan groups on there. The RP's I mainly took part in were large and expansive ones, and most of the time they'd span from specific plotlines in the games/anime. When facebook changed the whole group system it took me a while to find another place to RP. I was told about serebii from one of my friends. They had been a active user for a while but due to real life commitments lost their muse. I joined but was a little tentative to join any RPs at first. Eventually, after meeting and becoming friends with several people on here I was able to pluck up the courage to take part in an RP on here.

    Favourite RPGs: Mainly fantasy RPs, but I'm up for anything so long as it peeks my interest.

    Characters: Most of my characters seem to have this theme where they are highly intellectual and have lost at least one parent. I can RP a variety of characters but those types seem to be my most common ones.

    Strong Areas: Characters personal thoughts/feelings, how a character responds

    Weak Areas: Punctuation

    Hints and Tips: When creating a character I like to see how everyone else has created their characters. For the ones that are instantly approved I look for strong points and try to incorporate them into my character. For the ones that are pending I look at their weak points and think about how I could improve that. Once I've thought about how to improve certain areas I may change them around a bit (sticking to the general theme) and try and find on how to incorporate that into my character bios.

    Current Projects: A tale of heroes

    Future Projects: None
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    In advanced, pardon the spelling.

    Username: Littlea53

    Age: Old. (30)

    Gender: Male

    Experience: I have a good 4 years under my belt.

    Favourite RPGs: I mainly am indulged by Zombie RPGs, but I will do anything that's not based off of a cartoon. I prefer original Ideas.

    Characters: My personal character usually consists of the troubled past, can't trust anyone, teen. It really depends on the RPG.

    Strong Areas: Keeping a plot going and continuing on with previous work.

    Weak Areas: Introductions and starting new RPGs, and new posts.

    Hints and Tips: Write how your character would write. Be the person you would like to.

    Current Projects: I am turning my old Colony of Eden RPG into a novel. Besides that nothing ATM.

    Future Projects: I did not think of this before. Give me a few hours and I'll come up with a few ideas.
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    Username: Crimson Darlness
    Name: You guys can call me Red
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Between five and six years
    Favourite RPGs: Aventure, Highschool, Supernatural, Drama, Gore, there's so many...
    Characters: Males, usually clueless
    Strong Areas: Typing up posts
    Weak Areas: Writing up Bios and stuff

    Hints and Tips: Hm not really...

    Current Projects: None on here currently, but I am hosting a 1x1 rp with a friend on another forum

    Future Projects: A jail Break Rp

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    Username: Xenosaur
    Name: Joseph M. Chapman
    Age: 17
    Gender: Gender Ambiguous (I don't consider to be either male of female. It's a philosophy thing)

    Experience: I tried to RP in my old forum, before I left it. I mostly ended up making a couple failed RP on the TvTropes forum, but I ended up abandoning those in favor of spending time on the Character Development Threads. Eventually, I stopped RPing for a long while and then came to the realization that a lot of RPs I had been in or made, we not to my actually taste. So, after some thought, I decided to work on a better and bigger project RP, which I am currently writing up.
    Favourite RPGs: Original RPs are my favorites, and I like ones in the horror genre especially.
    Strong Areas: I don't feel that I have many strong areas, but I try to be a decent RPer and I try to be as decent IC as possible.
    Weak Areas: Just as I don't feel like I have many strong areas, I don't think I have many weak areas either, I just try to be a decent RPer as usual.

    Hints and Tips: My friends consider me a fountain of wisdom, but in truth, I'm not very good at providing advice on RPs. I'm really just trying to make an RP that's as decent as possible.

    Current Projects: While I have none worked on at the moment, I intend to work on one that features various mythological and Lovecraftian elements.

    Future Projects: After me current project, I don't really have anything else in mind for now.

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    Username: Jonah the Great

    Age: Fifteen

    Gender: Male

    Experience: I've been RPing for about two years, but that would've been more if I hadn't lost interest in that one on FF.Net.

    Favourite RPGs: Adventure and action!

    Characters: I create all kinds of characters. It helps to broaden my horizons.

    Strong Areas: I don't like to blow my own horn, but I can come up with great characters, awesome plots, and amazing fictional worlds.

    Weak Areas: I think of myself as a good RPer, but sometimes I fail to give the proper impression of my character.

    Hints and Tips: Make sure you know your grammar BEFORE you start RPing, and not during. Posts that have bad grammar are difficult to read. If you have bad grammar, there are things on the internet to help, or you could take a class.

    Current Projects: I don't run any RPGs right now.

    Future Projects: I'm thinking about making an RPG based on my fanfic, but I don't know about that. Read my fanfic for details...or not. Your choice.
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    Username: Winterbreezesrule
    Name: Sarah
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female

    Experience: About one and one half years.

    Favourite RPGs: I really like any type of RPG, but my favorites are action and adventure.

    Characters: I can really RPG out any gender, but I guess I'm better at females, at least while they're pure human. If they're a gijinka or something else, I can easily RPG them out. I usually invent a new character for each RPG, but I will occasionally reuse one.

    Strong Areas: Writing plots and dialogue. I write, period, and I practice these two areas often.

    Weak Areas: Making posts long. I really have a problem with that, but I guess it's because I've just come here where plots and posts have a minimum word count. I'm getting better at it, though. Appearances also stump me with length.

    Hints and Tips: N/A

    Current Projects: Scrambled is my main project. I'm also in a crapload of other RPGs.

    Future Projects: No idea, maybe a Mortal Instruments/Pokemon Crossover
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    The Fourth Hope: A Warriors Pokemon Crossover (latest chapter being chapter 3)
    StarCatchers (coming soon)
    Psyched latest chapter being Prologue

    Current RPGs
    Scramble (SU currently up)
    Nightmares (under construction)

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    Username: Rotom310, colloquially called Rotom and (less often as time goes on but still occasionally) Yel/Yellow from an older username.
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I have been RPing now for literally almost half of my life. I'd like to think in that time I've learned some things, but I still find myself consistently surprised at new things I end up picking up. I started out on pretty simple script format RPs on a different and now dead site (ironically, the only ones I've ever been in that finished and also the most fun ones I've been in partly for that reason). Once that site died I ended up here, where I started actually getting some practical experience. For the last few years I haven't actually RPed any online, but now I'm back hopefully to stay.

    Favourite RPGs: I generally prefer Pokémon RPGs, and mostly lighthearted ones at that (grimdark/dystopian stuff gets really old in constant repetition). Really though, if the premise is interesting enough I'll consider it.

    Characters: I've tried to reuse characters, I honestly have, but it never seems to stick. I start with a character I've already used and written out, and edit and tweak, until the name isn't even the same and I have a new character on my hands. If I listed every character I've ever made, I might break the character limit.

    Strong Areas: I like to believe that I'm good at writing believable dialogue.

    Weak Areas: I am too much a perfectionist oh my god. I completely acknowledge it takes me forever to do stuff because I sit on it and rewrite it and work on it and am never happy with anything :< an attention span on the shortish side helps exactly none

    Current Projects: n/a, outside of stuff I'm participating in b/c college. Also technically FB, but that's neither here nor there.

    Future Projects: A part of me wants to try Project Legends for a third time, but a larger part of me says that is a horrible idea. We'll see which side wins.

    RPs Participating In:
    *to be added*
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    Username: Titan500
    Name: Hubert
    Age: 16 (As of 26 of October, 2014)
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I've been in the RPG scene since I was eight, although I was absolutely terrible back then. Of course, I was rather on-and-off in this field over the next few years, but since 2010 it's become one of my bigger hobbies. I've got some experience on proper etiquette, how to not act like a control freak GM, and what constitutes proper RPing. I've made my fair share of mistakes over my time as an RPer, but nowadays I'm probably a lot better and less of a jerk.

    Favourite RPGs: Anything that appeals to my eclectic tastes.

    Characters: My characters are usually very direct.

    Strong Areas: I'm good at adding humour to situations, surprising people and really doing character interaction.

    Weak Areas: Writing up plots. I can think of one, but I can't write them.

    Hints and Tips: N/A

    Current Projects: N/A

    Future Projects: N/A

    RPGs I'm in: N/A
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    Username: BenjaminLDuco
    Name: Ben
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I RPed for about 2 years when I was younger I have stopped for a good 4 years, now I'm starting back up. I joined several RP's but dropped all but one since I couldn't keep up with them all. Maybe I will later but for now 1 is all I'll be able to do.
    Favourite RPGs: I've done mostly Pokemon and I'm only doing Pokemon now. I remember doing a few elementals.
    Characters: Sneaky, Athletic (Parkour), Do first and think later, that's pretty much my characters in a nut shell.
    Strong Areas: Using my own experience and throwing that into my character.
    Weak Areas: I would say elongating paragraphs.

    Hints and Tips: I don't have anything really to say, but maybe I guess make a character that resembles you or who you want to be.

    Current Projects: None I'm only participating, I'm currently accepted into the "Pokemon: Grand Adventure"

    Future Projects: None I just plan on joining RP's at the current moment

    RPGs I'm in:

    Pokemon: Grand Journeys
    -Status: Active and staying.
    -Characters: Cobalt Rain

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Arceus Saga
    -Status: Reserved possibly, dropped out for now.
    -Characters: Gold Guild-Iyasu-Gardevoir-Medic & RRR Guild-Supidi-Axew-Scout

    Pokemon: Unova Chronicles
    -Status: Active
    -Characters: Cobalt Rain
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    Username: Billy Mays
    Name: None of your buisness internet stalker!
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    Experience: A few months I guess. It's something I've gotten real interested in recently.
    Favourite RPGs: Anything that intrests me, mostly games.
    Characters: My characters are generally smart and tend to lean towards being "good". I don't really like being pure evil, but can do characters who are good but not exactly angels (like a murderer who kills because he thinks the people he kills deserve to die, or an ******* with good intentions). I'm much more likely to be the smart, educated wizard over the buff, athletic knight.
    Strong Areas: Ideas. I always got new ideas for stuff. So many that I often can't keep track! Seriously, I can come up with anything for anything.
    Weak Areas: I have trouble with making my posts long (ESPECIALLY sign ups), and I tend to make a lot of typos. I mean, come up with an idea for a RP or character? Easy. Come up with 3+ paragraphs describing how someone looks? Hard as all hell. And I can spell, I just make tons of mistakes.

    Hints and Tips: Keep the creative juices flowing. If you're having trouble with coming up with ideas, try using something or someone you like as reference.

    Current Projects: Well I created the idea for Dark Secrets: Regions Divided although Avenger Angel posted the sign up. But DS: RD isn't very active right now...

    Future Projects: I'm definately doing a My Little Pony RPG later on. But not now, with all the new RPs being made.

    RPGs I'm currently in: A lot. Not going to bother counting them all.
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    Username: Krazy95
    Name: Nate
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I've been RP'ing since I was 14, but had a hiatus of 18 months due to a 'technical hitch' of having no internet.

    Favourite RPGs: Pokemon, Doctor Who, Fantasy/Sci-Fi

    Characters: I like to set a timid character up, or an unusual character. Although different, they want to be accepted in their own way, and are loyal to anyone who bothers to put the effort in to make them feel welcome in the group.

    Strong Areas: Personality, setting atmosphere, interactions with others and NPC's.

    Weak Areas: I'm awful at following everyone at once, and at being controlled by others in RP's where interactions like that happen.

    Current Projects: A Pokemon RP set in history, before the modern tech appeared. Before the world was as united as it is now. Hoping to get it up sometime soon.

    Future Projects: A PokeMorph RP possibly, and a Non-Pokemon RP of some sort.

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    Username: GalladeofSpades, though I like the nicknames G and Gallade.

    Name: You want my real name? For stalking me in real life? Sure! It's *censored*.

    Age: 15

    Gender: I might have this Biology stuff all wrong, but I'm surely a male.

    Experience: Woo boy, I've been RPing since I was... 11? 12? I don't really know. I started getting serious about it last year though.

    Favorite RPGs: Pretty much everything that catches my eye, but mainly Pokémon.

    Characters: I just LOVE RPing with a crazy character. They're extremely versatile. I also like grabbing a few stereotypes and giving them twists and turns. Sometimes I go a LITTLE too far though. I also like creating villains.

    Strong Areas: Plot twists and ideas. I JUST LOVE DOING THEM. It helps that I'm quite creative. I'm also good at making a big post (as long as I have material to work with).

    Weak Areas: Character and Sign-Up creating. I have a tiny problem of making my characters unrealistic at times, which kinda makes them a bit Mary-Sue. Plus, I have an odd habit of summarizing everything in little words, making it hard to reach the description and personality limits. Creating History is also a bit of a problem to me.

    Tips and Advice: If you get a bit of Writer's Block, stay VERY calm. Thinking too hard will just make it worse. Just cool your head and the ideas will come rushing back.

    Current Projects: I'm trying to get a PMD RPG idea out of Development Hell. Wish me luck.

    Future Projects: I might introduce a Ranger RPG in the future, but that's on hold.

    RPGs I'm currently in:

    Pokémon: Grand Journeys
    Character: Patricia Knightley
    Status: Active (hopefully)

    Star Warriors Elite Vs. T: A Kirby RP
    Character: Chaplier the Chilly
    Status: I think it's slowly dying. But I'm a bit inactive.

    Pokémon Adventures - The Tohjo War (PG-13, Pre-Modern RP)
    Character: Ryan Schaefer and Mi the Unown
    Status: It hasn't started yet.

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    Username:Lost Requiem.

    Name:Austin (Thousands share my name, so why the heck not?)

    Age: Well 14


    Experience: I'va actually have been role playing for about four years now. I know it's not a lot compared to most people, but I sure have learned a lot in this short time. Though my spelling, capitilization, punctuation may be atrocious at times, I'm still learning and trying!

    Favourite RPGs: Hmm, I'm more into the Futuristic meets Medival fantasy genre, it's fun when you have a notoned dark black world with swiliring vortexes of blue electricity all over the place for characters hacking away at each other. I'm also a fan of the horror genre

    Characters: Really any kind. Though I do seem strong in creating Tsundere, I can still pull off some other types.

    Strong Areas:Two Words: Plot Twists. If you would allow me to, I could probably warp a plot so much just in a single post we could do another arc just from it!

    Weak Areas: Grammar and discriptions. Since I'm still new to this Forum's RPing ways, it'll take me a while before I right Novel posts, but I'm working on it.

    Hints and Tips:Try your best! If you have a good imagination or a unique idea, try it. Who knows, you might attract some curious on-goers.

    Current Projects: Persona: Death's Requiem

    Future Projects: Genesis -Redux- Reverse/Rebirth
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    Username: Requiem's Eclipse

    Name: Rob

    Age: 19 1/2

    Gender: I'm I talking what I usually role play? or my actual gender? If its the former, then it really depends.

    Experience: Hmm, I would say three-four years? I took a long break from it.

    Favourite RPGs: I like creating futuristic/techno punk/ modern rps with elements of the fantasy genre I guess. I also like adding plot points that beg either ethical questions or just moves a person.

    Characters: I honestly make a large plethora of characters and never really make one solid type of character.

    Strong Areas: Creating Ideas and Plots for RPGs. Plot twists.

    Weak Areas: Grammar and probably actually typing my ideas out.

    Hints and Tips: I honestly think reading the rules and just making fun and creative ideas make a great RP.

    Current Projects: Digimon: The New Order. It's a story following the continuity of the first season after the defeat of Diaboromon. The events of season two never happened. It's a ecological RPG in a digital world with digital, it falls into the type of RPGS I like to make.

    Future Projects: There are two that in the planing stages

    1) Lemuria: Phantasia De Animas - This is a sci-fi/ fantasy RPG that focuses on human ethics and what is right for a dying world, which has it's own being and conscious. It also has a strong spiritual element. I don't want to go to much into detail with it.

    2) Joust of Souls: The Ancients' Crystals - This is my first pokemon RPG in a while and I'm quite proud of it. It takes place in a alternate universe of the pokemon world we know. The pokemon in this universe appear as spirits and each person has one pokemon. The humans have the ability to "Soul Merge" with the pokemon and battle as semi-pokemorphs/ chimeras.
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    Realized I haven't done one before so ehh, why the hell not.

    Username: GoldenHouou, GH for short.

    Name: John Smith \cleverness

    Age: Old enough

    Gender: I play both, but my real gender is

    Experience: Started when I was around fourteen, so that'd make it seven years? I had like a two/three year hiatus somewhere in the middle though. Make of that what you will.

    Favourite RPGs: Depends on my mood, really. I love silly rpgs as much as I love horror ones and original rps as much as fandom ones and so on, it all depends what I feel like playing at the moment. The only things I'm not too fond of are mecha rps, but I could be convinced to try one out with enough bribing convincing. Generally though, I love rpgs that offer opportunities for interesting character dynamics and interactions above anything else. The rpg's plot could be about kitchen sponges going on a guest to save the house's sink from cat piss for all I care, as long as the characters interest me and differ from each other enough to offer room for all sorts of different relationships (rivals, enemies, etc. not everyone needs to be a friend or a loved one or even get along.)

    Characters: I love to play all sorts of characters, and I've tried pretty much everything once. Seriously. Throw me any concept, I've most likely tried playing it at some point. No, seriously, don't do that, it wasn't a dare. But if I had to choose, my favorite kinds of characters to play would be either leches/flirts, jerks and troublemakers, energetic happy-go-lucky people or slightly... hum, unstable individuals. I usually like to write at least a few comedic scenes no matter what the character though.

    Strong Areas: I'd say characters overall; getting inside their head and making them believable, keeping them in character and so on. I can also make long and detailed Sign Ups and posts sometimes too much so.

    Weak Areas: Hm, well, English is my second language, and sometimes I just feel it shows in the way I write. I also can't write English dialects at all, as I don't know their rules and whatnot.

    Hints and Tips: Don't be afraid to try out new things and play characters you've never played before. You can't know what you like and what you don't before you try. Yeah, cliche, but very damn true. Also, don't take roleplaying or your character too seriously. All's in good fun, let your character fail and be laughed at from time to time. Give them weaknesses. Make them human; nobody likes boring pinnacles of perfection.

    Current Projects: None, never run one before.

    Future Projects: A Trainer RP set in Orre some generations after the whole incident with Shadow Lugia. Also an original rp loosely based on the Baten Kaitos games, but both are just in the very first planning stages and probably won't be launched anytime soon. Then a few other ideas I might actually release soon.
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    Username: TorrentiousTwister
    Name: Jessi N W.
    Age: Around 14
    Gender: Female

    Experience: Well from what I can remember, since sometime in April of 2010 when I joined a website called that I still RP on to this day.
    Favourite RPGs: I've done many different things, but at the moment, my favorite one I created/am in is a Mortal Instruments RP. Action RPs are what I enjoy the most. Something boring will destroy my interest really quickly and I'll stop posting.
    Characters: Well sometimes I RP characters that are already made, like if I'm in a RP based off of something. I will sometimes play the villains, but I'm not the best at being a bad guy. Most of my characters can be shy at the beginning, but they end up warning up to the other characters. Some of my characters are really talkative, but are also shy when they want to be.
    Strong Areas: Guess being in character? I'm pretty good at sticking to certain ones, but others are hard for me to be.
    Weak Areas: Being a villain and/or hurting characters. If the plot needs it, then okay. I'm also not so good at RP sick/hurt people. I've tried it before and my characters seem to get rid of their pain a bit to quickly

    Hints and Tips: When you can, write paragraphs. Writing one or two sentences does not put your point across as much as a paragraph or two. Also makes sure you fix your mistakes. Read over everything before you post, so you won't embarrass yourself in front of your fellow Rpers.

    Current Projects: On a different site, I've got two or three that I made.
    1]Rosario + Vampire- The Next Human!
    2]Night World: Drawn Souls
    3] Dn Angel- The Lost Tamers
    4] A Hero's Call, A Villain's Plan [Super Hero RP]
    5]The Mortal Instruments- The Disappearing Of Many

    Future Projects: Nothing at the moment. To busy writing and RPing the things I'm in.
    † I am a Christian and proud of it! Copy and paste this if you are too.†

    I support:

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    Username: Aura Of Twilight

    Name: Kristen

    Age: 16, but soon to be 17

    Gender: Female

    Experience: I've been Rping off and on since I got an account on this site, which was about a year ago. I've still got a lot to learn though...

    Favourite RPGs: Well, I've never written an RP of my own, but I do have a favorite, which I had been in, but mostly lurked around and read other peoples' posts because I couldn't think of anything to write. It was called Orre Shadow War I believe, GMed by Avengel Angel. It was absolutely amazing and action packed, overall great storyline. I love being in Si-fy rps, especially ones where the players face an almost impossible obstacle that they must somehow solve. I don't care if the rp's bloody and involves alot of cursing as long as the characters are intresting and there are a lot of plot twists.

    Strong Areas: Overall, I guess it would be describing the inner turmoil and emotions of my characters throroughly. On a good day I'm pretty decent at physical description as well.

    Weak Areas: Oh boy...My number one weakness would have to be making sure my characters actually follow their personalites and aren't all OOC. My second one would have to be writer's block, which hits me quite frequently.

    Hints and Tips: This is going to sound horribly corny, but whatever you do, don't give up if your stuck no matter what. Inspiration will come to you sooner or later. Also, even if you think your posts are terrible, continue writing to the best of your ability because in time you are bound to improve. Relax and just let your ideas flow.

    Current Projects: Haven't ever written one.

    Future Projects: A dark pokemorph story involving evil scientists, brutality, and pyschological torment where the players must figure out how to survive while at the same time save themselves from possible insanity.

    Thanks to Astral Shadow for the button!

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    Username: *Jean Grey*

    Name: Diane

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Experience: 4 years.

    Favourite RPGs: I enjoy different kinds of RPGs, especially Persona ones, Pokemon ones, as well as those that are similar to the style of JRPGs. Powers are usually fun for me. XD Also, Avenger Angel's military-flavored Pokemon RPGs. XD

    Characters: Mostly females of the rebellious, rough-hewn type. Usually a sexpot, whether overtly or in terms of vibe. I suck with males…though I do have one! Usually wears lots of black as well. A variety of personalities too, though I enjoy playing heavy drinkers with different "drunk" moods. I also seem to like playing varying degrees of Tsundere at times. If she's a Pokemon character, she would have a Dark-type team and despise pink Pokemon and Fairy-types. In terms of class-based RPGs, my characters tend to be more melee than magic, though I enjoy having characters that use guns or bows as well…I don't enjoy playing healers, though.

    Strong Areas: Descriptions, I just love describing clothes and weird histories (which are usually pretty dark). Also, finding pretty nice names and making my characters really likeable or really unlikeable. I'm more likely better at the latter of the two, considering the sexual nature of most of my characters. XD

    Weak Areas: Playing males. Also, I can't seem to make my female characters entirely innocent or a "girly-girl" type either! I have tendencies to sometimes make my characters do inappropriate stuff despite some RPGs having certain ratings. >.<

    Hints and Tips: Enjoy and have fun. Also, don't be too forceful on other co-players if you want something to happen in the RPG, ask nicely and don't push it.

    Current Projects: Not as of yet. I think I'd make a pretty bad GM.

    Future Projects: If I ever become a better fit as a GM, I think I'd like to start a MapleStory-related RP, or perhaps a Fire Emblem RP.
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    Username: SoulMuse
    Name:. I don’t feel like telling you my real name….if you need to call me something, Muse, Soul, Voldemort(Don’t ask), all work.
    Age: 4/16.
    Gender: I am male

    Experience: Um…Almost a year, with a three month long break early this year
    Favourite RPGs: Darker things, and more military related RPs. Somehow I suspect I will am going to take a liking to Persona ones. Avenger Angel has yet to offer up a disappointing RP in my opinion as well.

    Characters: I don’t think it is possible for me to create a character that isn’t dark, psycho, or something like that. Any character I create seems to wear black or grey clothing, and a number of them have a serious Volcarona fetish, not sure why. I guess it serves to note that most of my characters have a personality that is based around some aspect of either my own, or someone I know, but that aspect is usually twisted in some way.
    Strong Areas: Apparently making dark/badass characters. Writing about personalities, and justifying them is something that I feel I do pretty well, since I try and ground my personalities with my history.
    Weak Areas: Female/Not depressing characters. I just can’t seem to create happy go lucky characters at all, and female characters fall pretty flat as well. Oh and names. I suck at coming up with names.

    Hints and Tips: Stick with what you know, and work from there. If you play to your strengths, you can work on what you aren’t quite as good at.

    Current Projects: Well, I am trying to get my own SU up for Even Gods May Die and start that up. Nothing else just yet.

    Future Projects: Well, I want to try and come up with a more original sci-fi RP based around Warhammer, but that hasn’t left the thinking process yet. Mixing Pokémon and Warhammer is another goal of mine, just for private laughs. I think that is all my current ideas….I think.
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