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    Username:Lost Requiem.

    Name:Austin (Thousands share my name, so why the heck not?)

    Age: Well 14


    Experience: I'va actually have been role playing for about four years now. I know it's not a lot compared to most people, but I sure have learned a lot in this short time. Though my spelling, capitilization, punctuation may be atrocious at times, I'm still learning and trying!

    Favourite RPGs: Hmm, I'm more into the Futuristic meets Medival fantasy genre, it's fun when you have a notoned dark black world with swiliring vortexes of blue electricity all over the place for characters hacking away at each other. I'm also a fan of the horror genre

    Characters: Really any kind. Though I do seem strong in creating Tsundere, I can still pull off some other types.

    Strong Areas:Two Words: Plot Twists. If you would allow me to, I could probably warp a plot so much just in a single post we could do another arc just from it!

    Weak Areas: Grammar and discriptions. Since I'm still new to this Forum's RPing ways, it'll take me a while before I right Novel posts, but I'm working on it.

    Hints and Tips:Try your best! If you have a good imagination or a unique idea, try it. Who knows, you might attract some curious on-goers.

    Current Projects: Persona: Death's Requiem

    Future Projects: Genesis -Redux- Reverse/Rebirth
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