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    Username: NPC
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I've been RPing since... 2003 or so. Damn. I was very active here in the mid-to-late 2000s both GMing and participating in others' games. I went on a hiatus of a few years and now I'm back. I'd say I've been around the block.

    Favourite RPGs: I don't usually join RPGs based on pre-established properties unless it's some forgotten franchise I really like, like Suikoden or Darkstalkers or something. I prefer fantasy/adventure RPGs. I'm actually not a big fan of Pokémon ones.

    Characters: They tend to be my gender and age range unless it's inappropriate for the RPG... though this has changed with time. I like characters who are basically good but deeply flawed. I also like unusual powers and fighting styles where applicable.

    Strong Areas: I'm very good at world-building and fleshing out the details of RPG settings, especially if the genre is fantasy.

    Weak Areas: I'm bad at pacing, especially during the beginning of the RPG. I either throw too many things at the players at once, or not nearly enough. I'm working on it.

    Hints and Tips: Please please please avoid making wallflower or loner characters when possible, because chances are someone else is already playing one, and an RPG full of reserved and antisocial people is going to be very hard to move along!

    Current Projects: The Endless World, a somewhat free-form fantasy/adventure RPG.

    Future Projects: Who knows, I've got my hands full with the aforementioned for now.
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