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Thread: The RPGers’ Profiles

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    Username: CyberBlastoise
    Name: Robert
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Experience: About 3 months now
    Favourite RPGs: I love to do RPs that bend space time. I also love to RP in similar Sci-fi RPs such as Time travel or perhaps using futuristic mechas.
    Characters: My characters are often male with the letter "B" as the first letter in their name. This is because my nickname is Bobby and I loved using the letter "B" from it. I also often make my characters curious and a lover of some sort of science or idealogy. I often have them portrayed as friendly yet naive. Brave yet weak. things of that sort.
    Strong Areas: I say I am best at creating a history for my character. I often use my fanfiction prowess to imagine what my character would have been like in the past and attempt to apply it to their overall development.
    Weak Areas: I would have to say the personality area. I often cannot think of a personality for my character so I have to often restate one part of my character's personality or give an example of it. I also cannot seem to be very creative in my posts/personality.

    Hints and Tips: Some things I've learned over the months of RPing is the fact that creative writing such as fanfiction or perhaps standard fiction helps.

    Current Projects:

    Future Projects: Smash Bros. Dojo - A school is all I'm saying for now.

    RPs currently in:
    Nothing but a Missing Number
    Memory Reversal
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    Username: Proby3
    Name: It's not that I'm conscious of internet safety, it's just that i despise my name.
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Erm... since last December... I think.
    Favourite RPGs: Fantasy RPGs, with wacky ideas I get from books, eg. I did start a Percy jackson- meets pokemon one.
    Characters: OOh, The cool and calm I like, or I go for shy but with a short fuse. I am not the first of those two unfortunately (for me)
    Strong Areas: I sort of write books, so the actual putting in a good, unexpected storyline.
    Weak Areas: Following the RP sign up thread after the actual one has started. This way i have missed some vital info on the RPG which annoyed people a bit.

    Hints and Tips: For writing, just put the first clever and at times wacky thing that comes into your head, making sure you use a wide vocabulary

    Current Projects: None, they've all gone cold.

    Future Projects: Stuf about a world where warriors fight to the death and when they die they become the vanquor's spirit servants.

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    Username: Pepperedfox, Robopup24, Merrawolf, o_liveandlearn_o

    Name: Jessica

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female, of course.

    Experience: I've been roleplaying since I was 8, believe it or not. I first started roleplaying with my little brother in 'Dungeons and Dragons' and we'd act out certain characters from shows and games as well. (We still do to this day. It's quite fun.) My first text-based roleplay started in the Pokemon Factory with a huge plot. I enjoyed it, but the roleplay died out midway for some reason. I took my leave of Pokemon RPing for a while and went from forum to forum, trying out all kinds of roleplays. One which I liked very much had been the Lands of Evelon forums, and I made lots of friends there. I roleplayed there for about a year very obsessively before exiling myself on a hiatus in order to improve my grades. I still drop by to visit my friends there once in a while.

    After I left Evelon, I decided to join the Neopets site at one of my friend's request. I joined a roleplaying guild there and roleplayed with several people before tiring of it. I became semi-active on the site since last month.

    And now here I am, at the Serebii forums, hoping for some new and interesting experiences :3

    Favourite RPGs: Oh gosh... any type of RPGs, really. I'm into any type of roleplaying, if the concept is good. If I had to pick my favorite types, I'd have to say it'd be somewhere in the fantasy and steampunk (a recent obsession) genres.

    Characters: Usually my characters are timid, cocky, or just plain angsty. Some of them end up rather cliched, but I try to balance that out with a bucketful of faults.

    Strong Areas: I'm quite good at making characters who can sort of 'grow up' in roleplays. I usually envision a character who goes an entirely different direction then I expected. I describe scenes fairly well, just enough to give the reader a good image in their head.

    Weak Areas: I'm not very good at giving my characters believable reactions, or putting believable plot twists. It usually messes the whole roleplay up at times.

    Hints and Tips: Don't hold back the emotions you want to pour into your roleplay. Get an emotional attachment to your characters... it'll make them seem more alive. And always read what people posted before you!

    Current Projects: I'm currently in a major urban roleplay with my friend. Besides that, there's nothing else.

    Future Projects: I'm toying with the idea of starting a steampunk-related roleplay of some sort in the Pokemon world.

    PROGRESS: 0% (Currently Planning)
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    Username: Lestat
    Name: Be my friend then i'll tell you.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Experience: Three years on july 11th, mostly have been on kh rps
    Favourite RPGs: Kingdom Hearts mostly
    Characters: I usually create the loner type of charrie (That's my word for character) but i sometimes make the occasional fun loving charrie just to have fun.
    Strong Areas: Well my other usual rp companions would say (Cause i asked them before i posted this <.<)
    ~Staying In Character
    ~Not Overpowering
    ~Not Godmodding
    ~Not breaking any rules like that IC
    ~Making your posts easy to understand
    ~Giving quality everytime you post
    Yeah I pretty much quoted them...

    Weak Areas:
    ~Takes a little bit of awhile to respond
    ~Has a tendency to burn stuff with some charries
    ~Is slightly bad with charrie development
    Hints and Tips:
    Well This was a sample i did awhile ago, it would help with the reading of my posts and a good way to organize your own.
    My starting posts are usually divided into three parts::
    1st Part:: Area, Weather scenery
    2st Part:: Charrie Appearance
    3rd Part:: Actions and such

        Spoiler:- Rp Sample:

    And remember Quality over Quantity!

    Current Projects: None in admin and/or moderation but am a vet on a few, working out some pokemon rps

    Future Projects: Still gathering up in my mind

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    Username: Blivsey (previously Oblivion0807)

    Name: Aaron

    Age: Born 1991

    Gender: Male

    Experience: At least 7 yrs, probably over 30 RPs

    Favourite RPGs: Sci-fi/Fantasy, Anything well-written

    Characters: Typically "the smart guy," distinct lack of female sign-ups in most RPs steers me toward passive-aggressive female tsundere roles at times, though I have been branching out to other roles recently. More than willing to play "villain" roles.

    Strong Areas: Spelling/Grammar, Sticking to Rules, Sign-ups, remaining involved in RPs

    Weak Areas: Consistency in Character Personality (tendency to slide toward everyman characters)

    Hints and Tips: Follow all the rules around here, play along nice, and be dedicated to the work you do. You shouldn't hit many issues that way.

    Current Project: N/A

    Future Projects: Possible undeveloped Accel World idea.

    Current Involvement:

    Persona: Burn On, Shining Souls (SppF)
    Black*Rock Shooter: Innocent Souls (SppF)
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    Username: Kamotz

    Name: Yonatan

    Age: Born 1988


    Experience: Active in RPGs since 2005.

    Favourite RPGs: Action/Fantasy/Sci-fi/Superhero/Supernatural. I'll do just about anything if/when the inspiration strikes me. And that's the thing I really need: inspiration. Whether it be playing an (unfortunately illegal) Pokemon Platinum or HG/SS ROM or catching the tail end of some tv show, I need inspiration. I've been big into Digimon RPGs since coming here and I've developed a good little RPG "family" with some other people. Which is great.

    Characters: Usually I have more than one character in the RPG, but my "main" is usually male. I try to vary the characters as much as I can, and I try to make the story secondary (at least for me). I do what I can to develop my character(s) as best I can. It's all about the character development. If you're in an RPG with a great story but your character is as bland and cardboard as...cardboard, your part will be lessened. But if you've got a great dynamic character you'll have a blast. Be as good and noble as King Arthur, be as evil and conniving as Nancy Pelosi, or as awesome and bad*ss as Bruce Willis, but be great.

    Strong Areas: Intense plots/plot twists, cohesive storylines. Recently I've been working to develop the characters I write, so much that it's almost the focus of my RPing. Griff can attest to this. We've had some long conversations.

    Weak Areas: sometimes plots are too intensive and too well thought out and get bogged down by details. I usually have a very structured idea of what needs to happen in the RPG, and big deviations can mess that up. However, I've become pretty handy at reining in the players and directing the flow of story to its desired end.

    Hints and Tips:Don't get bogged down with details, but plan your RPG. Know where you want to go with the story. Know your characters; talk to them, ask them what they'd do in that situation. Remember, as much as you are a part of your characters, they aren't you.

    Current Projects:
    Digimon: Devil's Ascent--(sequel to Unholy Crusade) Mephistopheles is attempting to break the seals on the Inferno and venture (Divine Comedy style) into Hell to free Lucifer and the other Demon Lords. Once again the Peacemakers are called into action to stop the Apocalypse.
    Armored Core: All as One--Fast paced mecha action, political intrigue, and a cast of dysfunctional characters. The world of 2099 teeters on the brink of upheaval; revolution whispered in the shadows. A group of elite pilots stumbles upon a global conspiracy that threatens to destroy society as they know it.
    Weapons: The Gathering Dark--In a world where monstrous creatures feed on humankind, humanity's only hope lies in the hands of "the Organization" and its army of superhuman living weapons. But these Weapons are about to learn that something more than monsters lurks in the darkness.
    Pokemon: The Ultimates--In a harsher Pokemon World, the peace-keeping task force known as SHIELD recruits a team of exceptional individuals, trainers and people with extraordinary abilities, to prevent further threats from the likes of Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, and Plasma. They'll save the world, if they can just learn to stand one another and work together.


    Future Projects:
    Digimon: Ragnarok War--(sequel to Devil's Ascent) The gods go to war, and the Peacemakers race to save--or destroy--the world.
    Digimon: "tSI" (working/hidden title)--(sequel to Dark Reign) The Avengers gather again as an entire deathless universe seeks to bring its cancer into theirs. They team up with the very avatar of Death itself.
    Digimon: God Quest (working title)--a Digimon crossover RPG. My Civil War/Dark Reign/tSI universe meets the Unholy Crusade/Devil's Ascent/Ragnarok War Universe. An uber bad Digimon has made himself known and resurrected all the worst villains from both universes. Two universes join together to stop this bad motha-shut your mouth!
    Planeswalkers--A Magic: the Gathering RPG! Planeswalkers...Pick your species, pick your plane, pick your powers...that's all I've got for now. World-hopping and epic adventure.


    RPG's Completed:
    Digimon: Civil War--A civil war has engulfed the Digital World. The Dramon Empire vs. everyone else with Imego the Imperialdramon Paladin Mode leading the charge. But will the terrible disruption to the world's order unleash the great primordial monsters, Gog and Magog? Yeah, you can pretty much bet it does.
    Digimon: Dark Reign--(the sequel). After the destruction caused at the end of Civil War, the enigmatic GranDracmon, Dracul Samhain, took advantage of the turmoil and has taken control of the entire Digital World. The heroes of the Civil War must unite once again, or the world will forever be lost to his Dark Reign.
    Digimon: Unholy Crusade--the Royal Knights attempt to rid the Digital World of the Tamers while the ruling Council calls on Digimon to stop them. I can't help but be proud of the fact that I inspired storymasterb to make the RPG. I'm very happy with the way everything's working out.
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    Username: Handymankg2
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Experience: A year and a few months now, which although it may not seem like long, has felt like a lifetime to me. I started of on a extremely poor role-play section of a small forum, where we would make one liner posts and get ridiculously high post counts because of it. I kept at that forum for about half a year until its death, and roughly halfway through that time period I joined serebii forums. Now, at the time, the huge rules and large posts were impossible for me to comprehend, so I just sat by and watched several RPs grow and die rather quickly. I pledged to myself I would eventually make a RP that would see its end. That hasn’t happened quite the way I wanted it too. After my first horrible attempt at a RP died, I joined a Digimon Roleplay Forum, and worked my way through the ranks their, going up to an admin position and if I may say so improving my RP skills tenfold. Around the time of joining that forum I joined SMASH, and looking back I see how noobish I was when that RP was around. Hopefully I am less noobish now, having a fairly successful signed up for RP. (If only someone would post >_<)

    Favourite RPGs: I am prone to thinking of an idea based on a TV show or Video Game and manipulating it into my own RP. I love to join Original RPs, as well as some Pokemon ones and some other sourced ones. Generally, I will join most RPs I know at least something about if I believe it will be a good roleplay. But yeah, Fantasy is generally my major preference.
    Characters: My characters are typically similar. Male, and within my comfort zone. That generally means they are emotionless zombies with no depth to them. This is because I currently lack the imagination to make a character with a personality who I can roleplay. I certainly need to work on this. The only time I can use non emotionless characters are in RPs that remain in my comfort zone. Basically, games other than Pokemon which I’ve played to death. In roleplays like this, my characters generally tend to shine more.
    Strong Areas: Plots. I am quite good at inventing random and irrelevant plots which I never end up using, but it has generally made my plots quite good. Not just the plots though, I also have a knack of describing every single aspect of the roleplay before it starts to make sure everyone including myself gets whats going on. If they don’t I make sure they PM me, and I will explain it to them to the best of my ability. I am also fairly good at accepting bios, and denieing them, as I can tell what will generally work for my Roleplays. Sometimes I regret a decision, but I won’t ban someone from a roleplay once I’ve accepted them. If they follow the rules, that is.
    Weak Areas: Character Creation, and posting. Nothing important to roleplaying then. xP

    Hints and Tips: Well, my first tip is actually read the roleplay, as quite often I see people make characters completely wrong for the roleplay, not making sense with it at all. Also, read the sign up sheet carefully to make sure you know what your character should be like. Making a 20 year old for a 12-16 sign up means you’ll have to redo your whole sign up, which can’t be good.

    Secondly, use the resources given to you. On Serebii we’re luck to have some brilliant guides to roleplaying which we can use to improve our skills and follow the rules. Thing such as The Character Questionnaire made by PokemonBreeder Chris to make us develop our characters hugely, and the Sign Up Review Thread hardly ever used, yet it’s a great way to get help. Finally, Making a Sign Up has some great information about how to get accepted into RPs.

    My final suggestion is when creating/formatting your RP, look through the older Sign up threads (By use of the lists at the bottom of the page) and look for RPs that gained the seal of approval. Look at these Role-plays and take a deep breath; these are the best. They have brilliant plots, sign ups, and in depth ideas. Read these roleplays and use their formatting ideas and sign up ideas to get your role-play to be just as good. Two good examples of these are Vindex and Angels Requiem.

    Current Projects:

    A Smash Brothers RP
    “And overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out.”
    Long across the expanse of space, as group of individuals have been waiting, plotting, and changing the entire world around them. They have the power to mold and break the world, ripping the universe apart with the snap of their fingers. They have power over everything. Well, almost everything. They can control reality, but they cannot break it, as to do so requires energy even the Angels don’t posses. As such, they have recruited former soldiers of Taboo and made a crusade against reality itself, by absorbing the energy from every planet they could possibly find. The Angels weren’t expecting the resilience of heroes, however…


    Little Kings Story

    The Kingdom of Alpoko has ended. A huge empire, continent wide filled with thousands of happy people, vanished. Almost no trace remains at all of the once great place. Eventually, people eventually went past the kingdom, expecting it to be as large and flourishing as before, but the reality they saw shocked them to the bone. The entire continent had rearranged itself completely, shifting into an entire new place. The king and his nation were gone, completely wiped from the areas history, only a small section of ruins surviving as evidence of this place. Seeing this opportunity, small nations have begun to arrive on the continent, and for whatever their reasons, they intend to claim the island for their own. This is where you come in. You are one of these nations, just setting up on this continent, and attempting to take the world for your own. Who will rule the kingdom of Alpoko though? Only time will tell…In Little Kings Story.


    Future Projects:

    Shall be updated soon.

    Roleplays Involved in:     Spoiler:- Clickie:
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    Username: Son_of_Shadows

    Name: Joshua

    Age: 16

    Gender: Does 'Joshua' sound like a chick's name to you, bub?

    Experience: Since November 2008. I jumped straight in at the deep end by creating my own RPG, but it sort of... fell apart at the seams, thanks to a few unnamed individuals. Undeterred, I have signed up for RPG, after RPG. Why? I'm very very bored.

    Favourite RPGs: My interests are quite... diverse, you might say. I do mostly sign up for Pokemon RPGs, but I do enjoy a good fantasy RPG too.

    Characters: I find it easiest to base my characters off people I know very well. I seem to have a good track record. Only one of my characters has been outright denied, and that was in my early days. That said, I have had to make quite a few edits to some.

    Strong Areas: Plots, action, and possibly character creation, particularly history. An example of awesome histories would be Joshua from City of Dust, or George from Gym Wars. And my biggest strength... Humour! If I can't inject some humour into an RPG, even a super-serious one, then it's the driest thing there is.

    Weak Areas: Getting my post length up to the required amount sometimes, as well as description. It has always been my weak point as a writer.

    Hints and Tips: Follow the freaking rules! Seriously, it's not that hard people!

    Current Projects: None.

    Future Projects: I am planning to begin a Fire Emblem RPG very soon.
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    Yes, someone is getting 'killed'... HOORAY FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!....
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    Username: Morgie04086

    Name: Morgan (who'd have guessed?)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Experience: I've been roleplaying for a few years now. I got hooked on it by a friend of mine and haven't stopped since. I roleplayed very simple things in the beginning; things like cats and animals. Then I discovered how much better--and how much more fun--it was to roleplay deep fantastical things. Some of the better Pokemon RPGs are like that. I've been through tons of RPGs that are never finished and many more that I jsut end up leaving because I can't commit or I don't feel the same way about it as I did in the beginning (inspiration runs out).

    Favourite RPGs: I love fantasy-like RPGs. I love it when there are supernatural characters and something happens that makes them special. The less ordinary and more developed and deep a story is, the more likely it is that I will participate in it.

    Characters: I love to create silent and shy characters. I can't help myself. I like making them mysterious or having them sort of blend in with the crowd and go unnoticed. It's sort of my characters style and it's difficult to make other characters out of that personality zone.

    Strong Areas: I'm fairly good at conveying how my character feels about something. I'm almost always inserting some sort of thought they're having to themselves. That might be because I create a lot of characters who don't talk a lot.

    Weak Areas: I'm very bad at detail and description. I often leave things out that might end up confusing readers. My characters are also kind of the same. Even though I've been roleplaying for years I still feel like a newbie.

    Hints and Tips: none

    Current Projects: none

    Future Projects: I've thought about making an RPG but the story I have in my mind would be better fit as a fanfic. Actually, I've already tried writing it but my skills as an author are hardly to par with the rest of the community. I'll just have to keep trying and waiting for something good to happen.
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    Username: Copygoo

    Name: If I wanted you to know then you'd know.

    Age: 11

    Gender: Male

    Experience: I'm good, I guess. I think its been a year since I began now.

    Strong Areas: Histories, I suppose. I've been getting better at post length, but it still needs some work.

    Weak Areas: Personality and Appearance.

    Type Of RPG: I usually enjoy a RP that was derived from a video game/anime series, then added it's own flair, a la Vindex, if some of you remember it. Original RPs don't really interest me, unless the are very well developed, like The Rhythm, which unfortunately never started.

    Type Of Characters: I guess you should just keep variety in your characters. Right now I'm being a sort of nerd-ish character in one RP.

    Hints and Tips: Always read everyone's posts VERY THOROUGHLY.

    Current Projects: None

    Future Projects: ...none that I can think of...
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    Username: Xashlei (2008 - present), Blue Milotic (2007 - Early 2008)
    Name: Elisha, but people call me Blue or Xash.
    Age: 15
    Gender: Boyish girl. In the end, I don't care whether people call me s/he.

    Experience: You know, IRL since 7. Ah to be young and frolick around as if you were real adventurers, fighting real dragons, and making forts out of chairs... *cough* On forums, maybe around 10. Was quite a noob back then, only making a couple of lines as actions.

    Favourite RPGs: Medieval-Fantasy, Mission based (Spies, Militaries, or Pokemon Rescue Teams), Village

    Characters: I like to be flexible with who I control, because as a person I am also very split-personalitied. Recently I've been playing children, or adults with really sunny personalities.

    Strong Areas: Character creation. It just circulates in your head then flows through your fingers in a snap. People who know me well will notice I manage to balance out (or even overshadow) abilities with faults. I also like describing the environment a lot during RPs. The time of day, how quiet it is, and also my character's emotions, without going overboard.
    Weak Areas: Battle scenes...! Picturing them fast half-of-the-time, it's hard to make posts about the moves long and dramatic. Hasty as I am, I just want it over with. Also, I tend to be a peach and lose way too often in duels. I'm also not confident enough in myself to form a serious RP anytime soon.

    Hints and Tips: Mary-Sues get brick'd. Hard.

    Current Projects: The Bishies' Story: Crossover Continent [Just a casual freeform crossover roleplay in the Games forum.]

    Future Projects:

    Editing later when I hath more time derp.
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    Username: Erik Destler. :]

    Name: Tyler

    Age: Seventeen.

    Gender: Male

    Experience: I've been Roleplaying since 2000 or so. Albeit, most of it was atrocious: Gary Sue characters, and whatnot. I joined a Harry Potter Forum and roleplayed there all the time, and then Neopets, and a few other forums. It was dreadful.

    I joined these forums back in 04, and I was interested, but never participated in a roleplay for fear of ridicule or something. Yet, around that time, my grammar improved tenfold, and I actually started putting depth into my posts.

    Then, I met RaZoR LeAf on the chats, and eventually got involved back into an RPG or two of his, but they kind of died prematurely.
    Since then, I've not roleplayed mainly because of a lack of time and patience.
    Yet, now, I'm pretty much thinking about making a comeback with roleplaying. I just miss it.

    Favourite RPGs: Let's see. I love medieval age-set roleplays usually. Modern are okay, but they must have a plot that catches me.
    Probably my favorite thing to roleplay -- and what I've been craving to roleplay for some time -- is Legend of Zelda roleplays. I love the series, and occasionally when I see one I'll look at it.

    I've been known to participate in Pokemon RPs as well, but that's seldom.

    Yet, I've always desired to participate in a Wicked or general Oz-based Roleplay.

    Characters: Hmm. I like creating people with in-depth personalities, or take a minor character and put a new spin on them if they already exist. Often, characters I create are a tad eccentric with quirks, but it just depends on the plot of the Roleplay.

    Depending what it is, I may or may not be inspired to create a person perfect for it.

    I've always wanted to create a character that is a tad.. insane. Seeing things that aren't there and the trauma and internal conflicts associated with it.

    Strong Areas: I love descriptive language and using figurative language such as similes, metaphors, hyperboles, and onomatopoeias and what not in posts.

    I love to take a role, and then become it. In a sense, it's like acting, where I strive to become my character, think like my character, how they would do things or say things.

    Weak Areas: Well, sometimes I use a tad too much figurative language that the point is lost.

    Occasionally, I'll get busy/procrastinate on posting, and yeah. I die in the RP. :[

    Hints and Tips: When planning a roleplay, plan out what will occur with the option to change based on the characters you think will participate in the roleplay.

    Think about where things could go, and just try to plan ahead in general, I guess.

    When creating a character, try to become the character in a sense. Trying doing some research on the type of person, and become as familiar with it as you are with yourself always helps.

    When you're roleplaying, and something occurs, don't think about what you would do. Instead, think about what your character would do.

    Figurative language is always a plus to use - just don't use it in excess. When you Roleplay, you are participating in the telling of a story, so put enough effort into the post to create an ideal image. Ergo, imagery, imagery, imagery.

    Also, when posting, don't make a post one huge block of text - spacing is your friend. <3

    Current Projects: I'm not participating in or running any Roleplays currently. Hopefully that'll change soon.

    Future Projects: I don't really have anything planned, except a few ideas and snippets of what I want to create within a story.

    I had an idea for a plot, but I'm not sure if I wish to turn it into a Roleplay or Fan Fiction. But, in short, it has to do with Pokemon. Namely, Spiritomb. 8D

    Perhaps, though, I will go for something to do with insanity/mental wards/etc. Only time will tell.

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    Username: BlueMew7

    Name: Ethan

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Experience: 6 years. You can only imagine how a 9 year old RPs. I've done about 25 RPs, and about 100+ side RPs.

    Favourite RPGs: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Horror, and Tragedy. Basically, anything except pure comedy.

    Characters: I usually choose the mysterious types of characters. The kind of characters that don't really fit in with the others and/or are supirior to them, however, without showing it off. Those are the usual characters I have. I choose other types.

    Strong Areas: Narration, developing characterization for characters, dialogue, use of most literary elements.

    Weak Areas: Spelling can be a problem sometimes, but can be easily fixed. At times, when I don't edit my posts, I find myself repeating the same words. I'm pretty sure I have many more flaws. Those are the only ones I can think of as of now

    Hints and Tips: Don't go overboard. If there is an RP that is way out of your league, don't even consider joining it. Participate in an RP that you can feel comfortable in. When you are ready, than you can move on to larger and more experienced RPs with more experienced characters. Think hard about your character's personality. Make sure it isn't cliche. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a character's personality mirror an anime character's personality.

    Current Projects: I am currently working on a Naruto RP. It's being edited right now and is not yet available.

    Future Projects:
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    (This is my reminder to find a new signature)

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    Answer denied.


    New Version, since I've "grown" alot lol
    Username: Zandgaia
    Name: Wouter
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Well Before these forums, I usually played a multi-player game where there was a mini-game called: WRP (World of RolePlay) and I was stunned, it was awesome. My experience These forums + That Multi-player game = 2,5 years.

    Favourite RPGs: Medival-Fantasy, Fantasy, Pokemon.

    Characters: Usually Females who aren't girly (As in Girly Girly). My characters are usually nice, friendly and fast.

    Strong Areas: Sign ups, Grammar.

    Weak Areas: Fights and making long posts (As in MORE then 10)

    Hints and Tips: Read the rules, don't be shy when it's your first time; But do give effort in your Sign ups though.

    Current Projects:
    >Pokemon New Age (Kanto)
    >Pokemon Villians Part 2
    >Pokemon Cynthia Contest Cup
    >Scource of the Skies

    Future Projects: None at the moment, busy enough.
    Ophiuchus: White

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    Eh...bleh. This may turn out to be redundant if I make another RPG only for it to be closed for violating some rule subtly hidden in the large stack of rules.

    But oh well. I am sooo bored, there is nothing to do, and suddenly, on a Saturday, when people shouldn't be in school, people aren't posting. At least, they aren't posting where I am most commonly found (Nintendo and OVG Discussions).

    Eh...I shall embrace my boredom and try RPing again...

    Username: Kabutopzilla
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Since...early 2008? Around Q1 '08 or early Q2 '08. My first RPG ever was an enormous success at two communities (one of which being PokeCommunity) but it was shut down here almost immediately after I posted it. Apparently I was violating a few silly rules (rules I found no point in existing). But...every RPG I've released since Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Survivors of Tyurma Falls...well, they never survived past the first or second sign-up.
    Favourite RPGs: Non-Pokemon RPGs. 'Cept Mystery Dungeon RPs. Mostly war stuff. And such.
    Characters: Depends...on things.
    Strong Areas: Plot. If you are having troubles with a plot, come to me, because I always have twisted ideas for a story.
    Weak Areas: By asking this, you asked for an enormous rant on how I can't do anything right. But...seeing as ranting is pointless here, I'll cut that part out. I'm extremely bad at presentation. I utterly suck at this. I have a nice idea, a nice plot, and a nice twist at my disposal, but since I suck at presentation, well, everyone ends up hating something I could have made into a ball of awesome. I suck at description. I suck at character development. And most of all, I suck at making RPGs that can actually attract some attention from other members. Seriously, NO ONE CARES about my RPGs, no matter how good they could end up in the case that people don't overlook my RPG ideas. Gah.

    Granted, PMD:STF is the only RPG I've exported from Mount Moon Community to other forums. So I might be able to do well. But then again, I am quite cursed in the sense that everything I contribute to this community is ignored, so whatever.

    [EDIT]Whoops, forgot a few fields.

    Tips and Stuff: Put effort into your character and his/her interactions. And stuff.

    Current Projects: wut

    Future Projects: Storyboarding one as we speak...[/EDIT]

    Gah...boredom sucks.
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    Username: Surfman

    Name: (I would prefer not to post my actual name.)

    Age: 20 (actually, I'm still 19 at time of post, but my birthday is soon enough for me to call myself 20.

    Gender: Male

    Experience: A few years ago, I had an account on here (also under the name Surfman) and was in a few RPGs. I even hosted a couple. Unfortunately, I got busy and drifted away. Recently, I came back, started a new account (since my old one got removed), and I'm trying to get back into RPing. I've entered a couple of RPGs (that died off pretty quickly, unfortunately), and I'm looking for more opportunities that I find interesting.

    Favorite RPGs: I prefer Pokemon RPGs, but beyond that, I'm open to most RPGs. It's mostly the quality that does it for me. If it's a low-quality RPG that is a popular idea for whatever reason, I probably won't join. On the flip side, if I feel like an RPG is of too high-quality, I might look at it and might even try to make a sign-up without posting it, but I probably wouldn't join because quite frankly, I'm not that good yet.

    Characters: The one thing my characters have in common is that they don't usually make rash decisions. They're typically thoughtful (even calculating) and have some level of experience in whatever it is they're doing, but not too much. As for gender, I play as whatever gender I feel is underrepresented.

    Strong Areas: In my opinion, I'm pretty good at writing dialogue. My only difficulty with it is making the post that contains the dialogue long enough, since I'm only talking for my character. If I have multiple characters (such as a trainer and Pokemon), it makes it easier, even if the Pokemon can't actually talk to the trainer - at least there's a reaction. I'm also pretty good at coming up with ideas (for characters and plots/twists), even if I have trouble describing them well. One other thing is that, at least recently, I try to keep any RPG that I enter alive for as long as possible.

    Weak Areas: My description, while not bad, definitely needs work. Also, I have a little trouble writing action sequences.

    Hints and Tips: Here are some of mine:

    1. Read the rules, and follow them. This applies to both the forum rules and the RPG-specific rules. If you don't do this, you'll be in trouble.

    2. Check your spelling, grammar, and formatting. Not doing this can result in headaches for your fellow RPers and/or the GM as they figure out what's going on.

    3. Read the rules, and follow them. I listed this twice for a reason. DO IT. It's annoying for me to look at an RPG while browsing for something to join, only to discover that it's poorly-made and completely uninteresting. It's probably even more annoying for the moderators, who HAVE to look at those to check to see if any rules are being broken.

    4. If you join/make an RPG, you are making a commitment to that RPG. If you have any reason to believe that you will be unable to keep to that commitment, it would be best if you did not join/make that RPG. I understand that life can sometimes get in the way, but if you know that something's coming up, don't bother.

    5. On the other hand, if you are in an RPG and something comes up that will make you extremely busy/unable to post, let the other RPers and GM know if at all possible so they can work around it.

    6. Check your spelling, grammar, and formatting. Again, it's listed twice for a reason. It's probably possible to make a coherent sentence of five hundred or more words that isn't a run-on, but there's no reason to have a paragraph of that length. Split it into two or more paragraphs (preferably split by a blank line).

    7. If you join an RPG, don't be afraid to come up with plot twists involving your character. But if it affects any other character (even an NPC), it's best to talk about it with the GM and whatever other RPers would be involved.

    Current Projects: None

    Future Projects: I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head, but they haven't fully formed yet. One is kind of close, but who knows?

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    Well I'm very unobservant for not noticing we had a new RPGer’ Profile Thread. Well this gives me a chance to update my profile a bit.

    Username: InnerFlame and I don’t expect to change it.
    Name: I’ll give you a hint it begins with the letter ‘J’.
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female

    Experience: A little longer than I have been on serebii so about 5 years.

    Favourite RPGs: I still prefer Fantasy/Adventure RPG and I still avoid really gory sounding RPG. But if the plot sound fun and just screams original you can count me in. I quickly fall or RPG that have original ideas but also looks like the person has but much thought into it.

    Characters: My characters, I try to make them all have different personalities that even if it’s just slightly they’re unique than the ones I made. After reading the plot of the RPG I’m going to join I then decide on what kind of character make, whether they’re male or female; human, pokemon, or another- I tried my best to make them all look different and act different so I can get a feel of using different personalities and learn to express different emotion I’m not quite familiar with.

    Strong Areas: I believe my creativity and describing abilities are one my better skills though that just what I think of myself. Also writing sign-up I seem to be really good at that since many RPG I join don’t start so I just make a sign-up for another.

    Weak Areas: Ever since ever I’ve always been bad at sticking to one idea and keep going. Because of that I tend to ponder for a long time about how to do something or what I should type up. My typing speed is very slow; I can’t even compete with the slowest typers. My grammar and spelling have always sucked but I’ve been told it’s getting better though it probably because I use spell check on everything a write, then reread it several times and put through spell check again. (Note... I still manage to miss my mistakes.)

    Hints and Tips: My tip to you all is to describe everything that you can possibly think of. Instead of just saying something, said it informatively or sadly and maybe whimper disappointedly. Instead just standing, stand tall and proud or stand causally without a worry or stand slouch with a sense of failure. You be surprise how much people will understand as long as you add some details.

    When making a sign-up, describe everything so well that if someone were to come and read it that could picture your character. Brown messy hair that point upwards on his head, or waist-long silky black hair with sheen; people can get a much better picture than if you just put: has brown hair or has long black hair. Often seems people forget to mention their characters built. Everyone have a different body built whether they are thin and scrawny, Buff with large biceps or just average not muscular or skinny. So don’t forget that detail about your character.

    Also when in doubt, don’t be afraid to talk to someone. The Mods would be more than delighted to help you out or answer your RPG related question. And the same goes for most fellow Role-players around here.

    Current Projects: None, not that I don’t have one floating around, I just haven’t started one yet.

    Future Projects: Well I have a few but I'll just put up a bunch of nameless ones for the time being.

    An original RPG in which, you get to play yourself (if you want) and a character that you created.

    A free-roam RPG, where I hope that I can get as many different people of different writing experience and ages to come together; it a bit of life simulated RPG with a plot that goes through it.

    A special RPG just for water pokemon, because most are so left out of RPG because they have to stay in water; I’m still trying to think up a good plot. I would appreciate if you tossed me a idea but you don’t have to; I’ll be able to come up with something eventually.
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    Username: Griff4815
    Name: Just call me Griff
    Age: /
    Gender: Male

    Experience: At least three years.
    Favourite RPGs: Adventure-Action-Dramas. Preferably sword and magic stuff. Much like the one I'm in now. (Digimon: Civil War/Dark Reign)
    Characters: All sorts of characters as long as they have depth. I like mysterious characters, too.
    Strong Areas: Characterization, character development, dialogue.
    Weak Areas: Making my own RPGs (never tried), and description due to impatience.
    Hints and Tips: Try not to make flat characters. A plot is only half the RPG, the other half is the characters and the actions that they make.

    Current Projects: None.

    Future Projects: Co-GMing a Dragon-based RPG
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    Thumbs up

    Updated when new stuff happens!

    Username: The Black Glove
    Name: They call me BG. I got it on a Fanfic Site and, well, it stuck.
    Age: Almost 18! WOO HOO!
    Gender: *checks* Male. *Phew*

    Experience: After one day stumbling across Ace Sanchez's Pokemon Master fanfic, I attempted to write some fanfiction. My efforts turned out somewhat poorly, seeing as how I had no expertise in the area, the one review I got during the time shot me out of the sky. I think I started with Fizzy Bubbles sometime around 2005, after my failure, but I can't remember for sure... since then, I moved down into the RPG section after a two-month silence, and tried out some other website RPGs. For some odd reason, however, I keep coming back here... hmm.... I've run through a few RPGs, the first being Dungeons and Dragonites, which, despite being my first RPG, went along rather smoothly. I can't believe how far I've come since then. I've created a SoA RPG, Total Eclipse, and worked as co-runner of the RPG awards. I still make RPGs (trust me, I have a few ideas in my head right now), but I'm also considering trying some fanfiction again, but maybe in a different genre than the nooby "Original Trainer".

    Favourite RPGs: Although I do tend to join RPGs that are based around my favorite animes and games, my true love is an RPG that gets built up from the ground in origin, especially if its a fantasy one. Ah, Fantasy. You are my true joy. I'm also a sucker for Nostalgia, so if you posted an RPG I loved and you re-release it, you can usually expect to see me first in line.

    Characters: Despite my attempts, most of my characters usually end up as either the perky bubbly outgoing person, or the quiet, yet powerful expert person. My favorite portrayal is probably the mentor/teacher who knows lots to teach, but usually doesn't take center stage. The following are my favorites:

    BG- I originally created BG (yes, it's short for "Black Glove") as an avatar of myself, only, I made him everything I wanted to be; cool, mysterious, and a total bad***. Nowadays, I've actually grown up to become some of BG's traits, and he himself has changed a little to reflect me in him more. His first appearance was as a DM in Dungeons and Dragonites, where he was practically a god (being DM made it okay), but since he's taken on many roles. In various websites, he's become a Pokemon Trainer; In some RPGs, BG would fight in hand to hand combat (a fighting style he still uses); Rasen, my character from Vampiratemace's "Superheroes on Campus" is based heavily on him; he was the Defendant in Turnabout Roleplayers; and several other things. You will usually identify him by 4 things: 1.) His White hat with a black brim and a black triangular area on the front side. 2.) A long black scarf, usually capable of grabbing objects. 3.) A very dark blue ninja mask covering his face (think Kakashi from "Naruto"). 4.) His black, fingerless fighting gloves.

    Prof. Theo- Full name of Professor Thelonious Regalus. His only appearance so far in in Total Eclipse as my character, a Summoner and Light Artes user. He's also a healer, and a herbalist. The real reason he appeals to me so much is that he represents the teacher in me. The elder, wiser character who nurtures the younger characters while he battles his own inner demons. I always try to make him seem more scholarly, but a bit of BG always seems to leak in. Also, he tends to get kinda ticked off if you diss magic, and has an unoffical rivalry with a mercenary, Azergeigh.

    Sticky Buns- I like to make weird powers work, so when Vampiratemace's Villainous RPG came out, I had to do something fun. Sticky Buns is somewhat a cross between Marvel's "The Thing" and Naruto's "Tobi". His body was morphed by radioactive taffy, causing it to be orange with black swirls, and it erased his facial features and hair. However, he has gained the power to make himself (or other objects) very sticky or unsticky. Although he never was able to enter the games, Tobi was a very fun-loving villain, and could probably be a good guy if he hadn't been called a freak and gotten attacked by people. I still look for a chance to use him.

    Strong Areas: I'm very creative, and I tend to push my posts to make them longer. I don't settle for a half-*ssed effort, and I choose only those who truly meet the rules and understand what they're doing. I'm rather picky about those who meet my rules.

    Weak Areas: I'm absent-minded. I'll sometimes forget I'm involved in an RPG, only to come back and see it's almost dead beause I did not post. I also struggle with description, and adding enough detail. Occasionally, I'll also start counting my Togepi before they hatch. I tend to be a little critical sometimes, so some take that as me being a jerk. For those of you who got such an impression, I'm sorry. Do better next time. *gets shot*

    Hints and Tips:

    1.) Don't have reservations. EVER. When you reserve spots, people who are much better roleplayers than those who reserve may not see them in time and not sign up because all the spots are reserved.

    2.) Never tell yourself that you stink at roleplaying. If a GM snaps at you, you're either being obnoxious, or they had a bad day. Or you put no effort into your SU. Listen to the elder roleplayers and GMs who give you advice to improve, then get better at it and try again.

    3.) On the GM side, never blow up in a person's face when they sign up. This discourages new players from getting better. Instead, point out the flaws in thier signups, and suggest how to fix them.

    4.) If you need help or advice, you don't always have to go to a mod. There are threads for such things, and the mods are often busy. If you are not content with the thread, ask an elder RPer if they will give you some tips.

    5.) Take your time. It does not take 5 minutes to create a good character. Heck, it should take you about a half-hour alone to come up with an idea! Use your time to make a SU that is really good.

    6.) Don't make an RPG if you haven't been accepted into someone else's yet. I reccomend joining at least 2 or 3 RPGs and PLAYING 'TILL THE END so you can get some more experience before you make the attempt.

    7.) Be Original. Although this is a Pokemon Web Forum, the Pokemon/Trainer bit is a bit overdone. Come up with something nobody has ever tried before. Who knows? It might be a hit.

    8.) Please don't post in different colors. Black is fine. Anything else will just hurt someone's eyes or make it hard to read.

    9.) Nobody's Perfect. This includes your RP Characters.

    10.) You don't RP Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris RPs you. Getting roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris. Believe it.

    Current Projects:

    Helping Out- There are a lot of newbies with potential. It's us more experienced RPers who need to help them get better and set an example for them, while also improving ourselves.

    Future Projects:

    Pokemon (Unnamed)- Project on Hiatus.

    Jump SuperStars- Remember me running that? Let me revise that- Remember me failing to run that because I was gone for so long? I might try that again by request. Except I'm gonna change the rules a bit...

    TEH NOOBINEZ: I thought it might be fun to make an RPG exclusively for newbie roleplayers. Something to teach the young ones how RPing works, ya? This is still an idea in heavy progress though, so don't expect it out any time soon.

    Total Eclipse: I swear, when I have the time to do so, I am going to run this RP again, but improve the weak points. Then it will be the truly ultimate Fantasy RPG on the site.

    Most Well-Known RPs:

    Total Eclipse- This is my baby. Easily my best, and the second largest RPG, Total Eclipse is a fantasy RPG that I created when my buddy Moogles4Ever and I made a decision to boost the level of skill with massive RPGs. My personal favorite, the characters play from 4 different races, using 10 different "Artes", all in an attempt to save the world. Ironically, the idea was the result of a plan to collaborate with Moogles4Ever and Zincspider. It recieved a Seal of Approval from the Moderators, and was the 3rd RPG since the Seal's return to recieve it.

    Jump Superstars- Let's face it. I got sick of all the Naruto+Pokemon+whatever the heck else RPGs that came out around that time, so I decided to make a crossover right. This was the result. Brooke, my character from that RPG, still holds my record for the largest signup. It was unfortunate, but the RPG never got off the ground.

    Dungeons and Dragonites- Okay, I admit this idea did not go over well. As it turns out, Pokemon does NOT go well with D&D as well as I thought it would. I actually made a website on which people could roleplay this game, but due to inactivity and lack of interest, the site croaked. If it is ever released again, it will require a HEAVY overhaul.

    Turnabout Roleplayers- My most massive RPG ever. No questions about it. This mystery RP is based on the Phoenix Wright games, in which the characters try to figure out "who dun it". The game is probably the only one on Serebii to actually use pictures in an appropriate way that does not violate the rules. It was given the Seal of Approval by both RaZoR LeAf and Shadowfaith, who, along with Psychic, appeared as the victims in the RPG.

    RPGs I'd LIKE to do: I'd like to see RPGs based on One Piece, or maybe a Pokemon RPG that ISN'T a generic clone. Also, I'd like to participate in a Pokemorph RPG. Maybe a Phoenix Wright RPG.
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    Username: #1 manga fan!
    Name: Del <- my nickname
    Age: 13
    Gender: female

    Experience: Ah, since the beggining of the summer of 2008. Still not that good though, I'm working on it.

    Favourite RPGs: Si-fi to the average Pokemon trainer Journey. Fantasy's big with me as well.

    Characters: I've been working on it and I think I've gotten better at RPGing as characters without my personality.

    So far I've had an ADHD kid like Blake from World Tournament to a Antisocial one like Alex from LOZ: Missing Link. I've tried both a character that jumps into fights without thinking such as Ace from Hidden Ones to characters that put maybe to much thought into fights like Saffira from Hoenn Frontier. Anger Issues and Bipolar Del to Cool and Level headed Dave. I seriously need to work to get better at it though, I bet I'm making it sound better than it is.

    Strong Areas: Characters maybe? I have the patience now to read all the posts from before me as long as I have time. I usually don't drop out of an RPG unless absolutely necessary. And I never forget or start sentences with and ^^"

    Weak Areas: Describing the back ground and starting a post. The organization in my sentences it pretty terrible so I'm sorry, but I'm working on it. Procrastination is something I really deal a lot with.

    Hints and Tips:

    1) I really suggest that you read the rules I mean duh!

    2) you should go back and read other people's RPG's to get a better feel for the whole thing so that you can refine your posts and pick out the small little problems

    3) Go ahead and read random books and see how different writers write and how they develope their charecters differently from eachother. Find a style that suites you and makes it easy for everyone else. I'm definitely still working on this one.

    4) Spelling people! I'm still working on it, your still working on it! You can never be perfect, but you can try.

    5) Don't be put down by other RPGer, but definitely consider their advice. More experienced RPGers will know more than you, a pretty good fact huh?

    Current Projects:

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: One Thousand Year Night

    Future Projects:

    I'd like to do a Maximum Ride, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, or D. Gray-man RPG, but they don't seem to popular.
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    Username: Slipomatic

    Name: Raifou (Team Lagoon Leader in my PMD 2)

    Age: 19

    Gender: ♂

    I have been Role-playing for about 2-3 months now. I started RPing on another forum that was closed down. The forum I used to RP on was the good old Nsider forums that Nintendo decided to kill it. When I was on that forum, I RPed for about 4 months and attempted to write two fan-fics on it. I failed with both fan-fics and the RPGs were lost when Nsider was closed.

    Favorite RPGs: Any is good game, so long as I can find out what the RPG is and plot is good. If pressed, I will like RPGs with a bit of dragon stuff in it. Not meaning dragon pokemon specific, but dragon in general.

    Strong Areas: I will almost always keep on top of RPGs I'm in and will at times post lengthy posts pending if the RPG needs it or not. Also, I'm great in making histories for characters.

    Weak Areas: Description, description, and description. I could use some pointers for personalities and appearances so feel free to comment on my sign-ups if you happen to be reading them.

    Hints and Tips:

    - Bring your experiences into your RPG and create a new idea for an RPG.

    - Worldly knowledge will help you in thinking new ideas.

    - Be sure to spell check, grammer check, and proof read before posting.

    - Be sure to have a clear mind when posting in an RPG or making an RPG.

    Current Projects: None

    Future Projects: Maybe some PMD2 style RPG... maybe.... Perhaps an PMD 2 RPG that follows the story, but don't follow it. More like replacing some of the characters as the players who sign up. And perhaps, throw some events that make it more interesting like an organization that is against exploration teams and works at ruining Wigglytuff's Guild. Just an idea for now....

    Emptying Skies - Based off of the Spyro Trilogy, it will take place 100 years after Spyro and Cynder defeats Malefor. There is a strange illness that starts to plague the dragons and other flying creatures, causing them to lose the ability to fly and movement. Will those still able to move find a cure or will they all perish to the plague. CANCELLED. I may turn this into a fan-fic, but pending on if people want to RP this and I get bugged enough, then perhaps I'll consider re-opening it. BUT... I'll most likely turn this into an Fan-fic.
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    FFFFFffffffffff yea I RP

    Username: Froggle. BECUZ FROGS R KEWL HURR 8D
    Name: I go by M
    Age: SHORT
    Gender: Chick

    Experience: 4... 5 years?
    Favourite RPGs: Ones that keep me EXITED. Oh, and horror.
    Characters: My characters often are multi-personalitied, annoying, shy, or any combination of the three. I only use one character for Pokemon RP though (who's personality generally leans toward the annoying/hyper side) she's a persona I use for just about everything Pokemon-related and despite the fact that I go by M, and her name is M, she really has nothing to do with me besides that I use her as a character in Pokemon things XD
    Strong Areas: Obnoxious characters, quick-paced storylines, emotive description, character creation, Story concepts
    Weak Areas: Romance, slow RPs, battle scenes, quiet characters, plotlines, action, everything lolol D|

    Hints and Tips: GODMOD AND GAME MASTER SHARE THE TERM 'GM' FOR A REASON LULZ 8D Also, pace your writing to fit the scene. Don't be too descriptive during a battle scene, don't write to quick-paced during a slow scene. It's important to set the mood >:U also, NEVER TAKE ADVICE FROM M SHE'S A FREAK

    Current Projects: Nooooone atm

    Future Projects: I want to do something about the end of the world and kids killing people butttttttt I suck at plotlines 83
    Likes Banette too much
    Small girl who loves lolipops
    Writing bad haiku

    Pokemon Crystal team

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    Username: Suicune lover
    Name: Liza
    Gender: Female.

    Experience: I almost joined an RPG in April 2009, but didn't. I only properly started in August. So basically not much.

    Favourite RPGs: I do prefer Pokemon RPG's, but only because I know allot about them. I do like Fantasy RPG's too.

    Characters: Because of my lack of experience, I tend to make my characters similar to me, because I find it easier. They tend to be quiet, shy, but have strong opinions on some things and generally nice and fun.

    Strong Areas: I must say I am quite good at describing things.

    Weak Areas: I am terrible at making history's for my characters. I just can't do it at all.

    Hints and Tips: None. Yet.

    Current Projects: See above.

    Future Projects: Maybe when I learn more about RPG making, I will think about it.

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    Oct 2009
    Three times to guess...


    Username: Dutch-trainer
    Name: (It starts with a R, more I'm not going to tell)
    Age: 14
    Gender: male

    Experience: Been a few months in RPG's.

    Favourite RPG's: None yet, but likely pokemon.

    Characters: Characters that have are the same to me, however they sometimes may be cowardly, sometimes not. (I was a coward, but now not so cowardly as I was before) But something they always will be: shy, smart, honest and they also will try to follow the rules.

    Strong Areas: I don't know...

    Weak Areas: I'm not good at describe things and since Dutch is my main language, my English will not be always good.

    Hints and tips: If you join here, be sure to play first in other RPG's before creating themselves. We have to known what you can do, so be sure to follow this!

    Current projects: Country of Origin.

    Future projects: I'm thinking...
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    Thinking of new signature...

    Is in the RPG's:
    "Country of Origin" (My own RPG)
    "Pokémon: The Return of Team Galactic"
    "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: One Thousand Year Night"

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    *insert bad joke here*


    username:....look up....
    gender: fe-*shot* male

    Experience: Not much, I've been in almost no RPGs, and three of them died soon after they started, so not much

    Favourite RPG's: Mostly pokemon, but other than that, I guess fantasy

    Characters: I always base it off of myself, fortunately I have a split personality, so it's either the serious and thoughtful loner or the happy and energetic wierdo, and I'm always a guy because it would be too akward otherwise

    Strong Areas: I'm determined, so I usually try to keep the RPG alive if it looks dying...I'm not really good at anything though.....

    Weak Areas: Description, I can never explain things no matter how well I can visualise them, and it gets me angry that I only ever do the minimum requirement if I even do that. I'm better with personality than description but not by much....

    Hints and tips: Always try to have a good bit of your personality, without having TOO much of your own personality.....that's all I got

    Current projects: Well, it seems my only project nothing

    Future projects: none right now...
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    my FC is 2064 8570 2074m but I don't do a lot of Wi-Fi stuff
    I am a semi-grammar nazi, yet I have a habit of Capitalizing words that don't need to be Capitalized.
    I wait in the depths for the return of the Non-Competitive Trainer's Hangout Ultimate Journey. Time is not important.
    Quote Originally Posted by EternalSword7 View Post
    As for breeding; unless you chain-breed max IVs onto a pokémon, you're basically throwing darts with a blindfold on at a dart board that isn't there.

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