Hey-a guys, it's your old pal, Ho-ohRocks201. I'm mostly writing Pokeshipping now, so, here is my fic!


A cold breeze blew through Pallet Town, dropping the temperature even more, on top of the snow on the ground. Those who went outside were bundled in winter jackets, and getting snow in their shoes.

That’s why Ash Ketchum, who was staying home for Christmas after being in Sinnoh for a long time, preferred to stay indoors.

“Wow, Pikachu, it sure is cold outside…” Ash told his rodent pokemon, who looked up and nodded. It was also one of the coldest Christmas Eve’s ever in Pallet Town. If it’s this cold in Pallet, how cold could it be in Cerulean…? Ash thought. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door, along with a familiar voice, “Hey, Ash, you home?”

Ash smiled, and got up. Was was Misty doing here? He gripped the door knob, and pulled the door opening, letting a crisp breeze in, causing Ash to shiver. Ash was shocked by Misty’s appearance.

She was wearing shorts, but they were too short for winter, let alone the coldest. And yet, she didn’t even look cold. She looked kinda…hot. No!

“Misty, what’re YOU doing here, and in those SHORT shorts?” Ash asked her, slightly going red while he studied her legs.

“That’s a good way to greet a friend you haven’t seen for a WHOLE YEAR!” Misty replied jokingly. Ash chuckled along, and sighed, placing his hands behind his head.

“So… Mom must have invited you to our party…But why are you here so early?” Ash asked, like it was a game of 20 Questions.

“Oh, your mom did invite me, but I must of come here too early…” Misty replied, with a finger on her chin, as if having to dig deep into her memory to find out. Misty always succeded in making him do either two things, fight, and chuckle. But it was a third thing that haunted him. She made him blush.

“Well, the party starts in about an hour, maybe you could help us get ready,” Ash suggested, “Mainly because it’ll give me less to do.” he added with a chuckle.

“I’ll help, but only if you agree to do it with me.” she replied. What was with that request?! It was like she wants to work with me…

Ash extended his hand and shook Misty’s, “You got a deal.” And with that, they both walked into the kitchen, where Delia was busy cooking a turkey for the big meal at the party. Delia must not have heard them come in so Ash decided to tell her.

“Hey mom, looks like someone came a little early.” Ash said, winking playfully towards Misty, who in turn, stuck her tongue out. Delia stuck her head out of the turkey (I mean it in a metaphorical state), and gasped.

“Ah, Misty, you’re here rather early…or is it really time?” Delia said, walking over. Ash suddenly dawned a smile like a little kid about to play a prank.

“Since we have another set of hands, maybe she could help us set up!” Ash said, still dawning that smile. Delia turned to Misty.

“If that’s alright with you..” Delia asked, then smiled, “besides, your like a part of the family.”

Now, Misty must have taken this as a different meaning, so her cheeks flushed red. Then sighed with relief when Ash said “Yeah Mist, your like a sister.”

Misty chuckled, and then asked Delia, “So, what do we have to do?”



Author note: This was originally a ONE-SHOT!

Looks like it'll take a few chapters....