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    Default Love at Viridian City Academy (Othelloshipping)

    I will also be posting this on my Fanfiction account eventually. In this story, Hilda is moving to Kanto and she will be attending Viridian City Academy, a school that is very well-known for its classes that prepare students to become great Pokemon trainers. She meets and befriends a student there. One with messy-black hair that we all know and love. She develops feelings for him. What will happen? Will Ash and Hilda get together?

    Rated: PG - for romance. Yeah, that's about it really. I'm too faint of heart.



    Chapter 1: The New School

    It was a warm and sunny afternoon in Nuvema Town with the only clouds in the sky making the scenery all the more pleasing to the eye. Usually, one would most likely be playing outdoors, gardening, or some other activity that permitted them to enjoy the fresh air. However, residing in a two-story house in the center of town, was a brunette woman who was humming a soft tune to herself as she worked on some paperwork.

    Her name was Hilary white. She was in the process of filling out an application for something she wanted her teenage daughter to attend.

    "Okay. Enrollee name is Hilda White," she said to herself slowly as she wrote said girl's name.

    Hilary was a kind woman who was a very hard worker for a globally-active agency. In fact, she was so dedicated to her career that she had recently received an offer for a promotion to an executive position. It took some thought, but after carefully weighing the pros and cons, she had decided to accept the offer.

    There were a few angles to Hilary accepting this offer. Probably the biggest one of all, was the fact that she would be working in Viridian City. This was a city located in a faraway region known as the Kanto region. Because of this, she and her daughter would be moving to the Kanto region, specifically the town of Pallet.

    On the upper floor of the house, Hilda White was in her bedroom. Hilda had long chocolate-brown hair that was tied into a bushy high-ponytail, and grayish-blue eyes. She wore a sleeveless black vest that was over a white tank top, short jean shorts with tears on the front and the pockets showing, black boots with pink soles and laces, and a white and pink cap with a pink poke-ball symbol on the front of it.

    She was currently sitting on the edge of her bed, looking through a brochure for the very thing Hilary was signing her up for.

    "Viridian City Academy," the brunette teen said to herself as she turned to the next page. "This seems like a really cool place."

    Viridian City Academy was a high school that offered elective classes on Pokemon training, Pokemon mythology, and different Pokemon-related careers, such as coordinator and gym battler. Being that it was funded in part by, and endorsed by the main authority of Pokemon, it was a very popular school. There were plenty of students in attendance, some of whom having originated from other regions.

    Although it wouldn't be the same as being out on a real Pokemon journey, Hilda was still psyched about receiving this opportunity. Hilary would not be the only one benefitting from her new job offer!

    Hilda was an adventurous and energetic girl whose interests were mostly related in Pokemon-related things. She was also slender and athletic, and would often spend numerous hours outside when she was bored. This had been happening somewhat often as she was pretty much always alone lately. Her childhood friends had both decided to go to school at an academy that was located on the far other side of the region. Hilda certainly missed her old friends at times.

    "Hilda! Come down to the living room please! I need you to sign the application!" Hilary called from downstairs.

    "Okay Mom! Be right there!" Hilda called back. She put the brochure on her side table and walked down to the living room. There, she found her mother at her desk and quickly snatched the application from her.

    "Well then. Someone certainly is psyched for this opporunity, isn't she?" Hilary asked with a grin.

    "Of course! This is a great opportunity for me to take and many of the non-academic classes sound really fun," Hilda replied excitedly as she signed the application.

    "Although it doesn't matter now, I still think it's completely stupid that the high school and trainer's school in Striaton City just won't consider merging so that Unova folks can get a similar experience. Bianca and Cheren are getting such a better deal at their school," Hilary said after taking a sip of her drink.

    To be honest, Hilda had lately really felt as though she had drifted apart from her friends. She and Hilary had always expected that they would have gone to Striaton City like Hilda did for her freshman year, but months before freshman year began, the academy they now attend instead, added many different Pokemon-related classes and small programs, similar to what Viridian Academy would have, and that caught their interest instead. That academy even had dorms, and they lived in them while they were attending. They both did summer stuff too, so they could only see Hilda on special occasions.

    The trio did everything together ever since Hilda was five years old, up until a couple of months before freshman year began. Oh, she would miss them so much at times, even if they barely saw them anymore. Then again, these things happened in life, right? They still frequently called, and who knows? Perhaps she would find people that she would become just as close with, or even closer!


    A couple of weeks later, Hilda received a letter from Viridian Academy. She had been accepted into the school, but she would need to meet with the guidance counselor there so she could select her classes. She also wanted to take the opportunity to get a tour around the school.

    Hilda took the letter and went down to the living room. "Hey, Mom?"

    Hilary looked up from what she was doing. "Yes dear?" the brunette woman asked.

    "The letter says they need to schedule me to visit the school so that I can select my classes," Hilda said, showing her the letter.

    "I know dear. I've already got everything set. You'll be visiting next Monday," Hilary replied.

    "Sweet!" Hilda said. "I'm tired of being alone and bored. I'm so ready to hit this place up."

    As Hilda walked back to her room, Hilary sat there silently, just soaking up the moment. She was glad to see that Hilda was looking forward to her new life so much. She needed a change of course and to be able to do the things she liked, all of which would be promised with her attending Viridian Academy. Hilary was very happy for her.

    A lot of things are changing Hilda. You'll be going to a great new school and I'm going to be working for the top of the company. You may miss Unova and your friends, but I think we can both agree that this is for the best, Hilary thought.

    That next Monday, the duo had boarded a plane to Kanto, and were now getting a cab ride to Viridian Academy. While the vehicle was moving, Hilda, from the backseat, was looking out the window and into the woods. She was seeing the occasional Pokemon, but these Pokemon weren't anything like the ones she would see in her home region. One of these creatures was a bird species that was brown with a creme-colored underside, and it reminded her of a pigeon Pokemon native to Unova called Pidove. This piqued Hilda's interest a bit even before arriving.

    Within another hour, the taxi arrived at the academy, and the mere size of it astounded Hilda. The property was very large and was made mostly from solid brick. The taxi drove to the back of the school and passed by the area that had the fields and such. Because most of the fields were out past some woods, Hilda couldn't see them well. The one she did see however was much larger than the description that she received from Bianca about the fields of her school. Hilda guessed that the distance from one end of the field to the other was somewhere between four hundred and six hundred yards. She already couldn't wait to enjoy the outdoors there!

    "It's quite a sight, isn't it Hilda?" Hilary asked her daughter.

    " way cool," the teen replied, still looking at the field.

    The cab dropped the Whites off at the main entrance. Hilda and Hilary took their first steps toward the door, and simultaneously took in a great big whiff of fresh air before going inside.

    They were now in the entrance hall and Hilary proceeded to look at a campus map while Hilda scanned the area. One wall had photos that were of some of the most memorable students and staff members that have been affiliated with the school. As they began walking in search of the guidance office, they passed by the occasional statue of what Hilda could only guess was of one of the Kanto region's legendary Pokemon.

    After about five minutes of searching, they finally found the guidance office and Hilda began to meet with her assigned guidance counselor. The counselor was a man in his early fifties and was mostly bald. He was dressed in a green polo shirt, brown courdory pants, and dark brown shoes.

    "Good day Hilda. Did you have a safe trip?" the counselor asked.

    "It was fine. Long, but fine," the new student replied.

    "So, as your guidance counselor, we will discuss what you need to take for classes this year, as well as a few electives."


    A little less than an hour later, Hilda emerged from the guidance office with a freshly printed schedule in hand. She looked it over carefully as she went to go find her mother. Hilda would momentarily begin to be led around the campus while Hilary filled out paperwork in the guidance office.

    Hilda was definitely ready for her tour. This new school sounded infinitely better to her than the one in Striaton City so far, and she no doubt would have plenty of opportunities to take classes that bettered her in the art of Pokemon training and such.

    Hilda left the guidance office with her tour guide, who was a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair. She was wearing business-casual attire, as well as glasses. Discussion about the school ensued between them as Hilda was being led to the first place that she would visit: the cafeteria. It wasn't as large as Hilda thought it would be, but the tables were well organized, and everything was clean as a whistle. The interior was mostly pure white, and the many windows allowed the natural light of the sun to strongly shine through.

    "This is our cafeteria. Our staff takes pride in providing the students with healthy and delicious lunches, and breakfast is also available for students who have to show up early," the lady that was showing Hilda around said.

    Hilda looked over a campus map that was given to her as she was being led throughout the different halls containing the various classrooms. She was shown where some facilities were located, which she really needed to use when they reached them. Hilda quickly became aware that even the restroom was spotless. The people running this school were apparently the biggest neat freaks on the planet!

    The tour was not over yet though as the tour guide knew that Hilda had a gym class that she looked forward to, and she had an elective that was so popular that they had to run close to a dozen sections for it every day. This elective class was called "Pokemon Training and Battle Strategy". This class was ideal for students who wanted to someday challenge the Pokemon League after they graduated. Hilda already knew that aiming to become a Pokemon champion was one of the main things she wanted to do with her life.

    First, Hilda was led into the gymnasium. It had all of the essentials that any school would want to have, including several treadmills, a stair-climber machine, plenty of different weighted dumbbells and barbells, and an exercise ball.

    The tour guide's facial expression when she looked Hilda over showed that she didn't really approve of Hilda's main choice of attire. However, she couldn't help but notice how in shape she was. "If you don't mind me asking, you look really healthy Hilda. Do you work out a lot?" She asked.

    "I never used to work out that much, and I'm not very into strength training, but I do love to run and do cardio workouts," Hilda replied. "I'd love to be able to do rock climbing, scaling walls, or some other activity that involved climbing."

    "It's no surprise to me then that you say you're looking forward to your gym class. While we don't really offer anything like what you're looking for, we do have something that I'm sure you'll love," the guide said confidently.

    While looking around the gym, Hilda saw that there was another area that, upon her asking, was revealed to be for the students in those Pokemon training classes to use to, well, help their Pokemon to become stronger. It featured essentials for strength training, but the real resources for Pokemon training were located where Hilda would be led to next.

    Hilda was now being led to behind the campus. They made it outside and Hilda instantly remembered what she saw when she was arriving. She braced herself for seeing what would likely be her favorite area of the school. She soon again, saw the mass expanses of field and was led to one that had a half-mile-long oval-shaped track.

    "Yep. You'll have the option of running on this track during after school hours of you'd like. Those in the Pokemon training classes sometimes like to run the track with their Pokemon when they receive them," Hilda's guide said. "It's just one of many ways of how students can bond with the Pokemon that they receive."

    While being shown the fields, Hilda saw that two of them had four battlefields apiece, one in each corner. Hilda didn't need her guide to explain what these were for and felt more excited for the use of these than anything else.

    After finishing touring what the campus outdoors had to offer, Hilda was about ready to find her mother and they would be heading for their hotel. "So, what do you think about this place so far Hilda?" the tour guide asked.

    "I think this place is awesome, plain and simple," Hilda replied enthusiastically.

    "Do you have any questions?" the guide them asked.

    Hilda was quite curious as to how her Pokemon training classes would work, but she had decided that she had enough excitement for today and would rather find out when the year started. "Nope. I think I'm good," the teenager answered.

    Hilda arrived back in the guidance office a minute or so later, found her mother, who had finished her paperwork, and they were now ready to head for their hotel.

    As they got back to the parking lot and waited for their taxi, another car pulled into the parking lot a short distance away. Out of the car came another brunette woman, and a boy who was about the same height as the woman. He was apparently her son. He was wearing a blue and white shirt that was over a black undershirt, light blue jeans with a belt, blue and white sneakers, and a red and white Pokemon League hat.

    Hilary only gave them a glance, but Hilda couldn't help but stare at the boy for a little bit. Gee, he's kind of cute, she thought. Luckily for her, the boy didn't notice her staring and went into the building with his mother. Does he go to school here too? Maybe I'll meet him at some point. That might be cool.


    It was now late August and the two Whites would be moving in just two more days. Hilda called her two childhood friends and everyone agreed on having a small moving away party at Hilda's house the next day. Hilda was more than ready for the move, but that didn't mean that she was going to allow herself to not hang out with her old friends one last time!

    The usually energetic teenager was busy putting packed boxes that contained her clothes and other small objects under her bed, so that they wouldn't be in the way. She was slowly really starting to realize how much her life would be changing over the next several days. A mixture of different emotions were being felt right now. Excitement was dominant, but she could also feel mild sadness.

    She was also beginning to feel a little bit anxious as well. Was she really going to enjoy her new school? Would she get really homesick? How would her friends feel about practically never seeing her again? Well, they barely did anymore anyway, but still...

    The image of the boy she saw after the tour had appeared in her mind a few times as well. He seemed like he could be a cool person and despite Hilda's somewhat independent nature, she really kind of hoped that she would see him there. Why was she thinking about that boy anyway?

    During the evening, Hilda stepped out into the backyard and began to watch the reddish-orange sun as it was setting. The sun was now beginning to set in her old life in Unova, but just days from now, it would be rising again, but in her new life in Kanto.

    Just what will my new life hold? Hilda thought as a soft wind blew through her chocolate-brown hair.
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