Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Advanceshipping
Rating: All Drabbles are PG-K
Kudos to Xanny and Wubbzy from Advancers for this fun challenge. I found it quite hard to keep everything exactly 100 words.


The young couple rested their backs against the sofa. Their bottoms sank into the plush cushions as the girl leaned on the boy's shoulder. The boy, named Ash placed a paper napkin on his lap. Afterwards he poured his partner, May a glass of sparkling sake.

"Wow! Isn't that a pretty colour?" May said with excitement, admiring the pink liquid with crystal bubbles swimming around. "What was the drink called?"

Ash spun the red bottle round so that the logo faced them. He picked it up and observed the floral font.

"Advance: Strawberry flavoured sake."

They had high expectations for tonight.


There was a rustling battle for sunlight between luscious plump berries and prickly green leaves. As unsuspecting incests nibbled away, strange noises could be heard inside a wobbling tent.

A tiny rouge wurmple drags itself towards the tent. It was eager to see what was going on. A multicoloured cap and a red banana poked out from the tent.

The wurple's mother carried her child back on the trees.

"You shouldn't venture out too far," she lectured. "You could be killed or captured!"

"What were those humans doing inside the tent?" the wurmple asked.

"You're far too young to know."


It was a bland and wet day in the outskirts of the wetlands. The cranes named Matt and Phil bathed their feet in a puddle as they began to tweet about their favourite love stories.

"Have I told you about Romeo and Juliet?" Matt chirped.

"Yes!" Phil replied.

"Edward and Bella?"

"Yeah!" Phil was exhausted.

"Anthony and Cleopatra?"

"I already know."

"The 50 shades?"

"Even worse!"

"Naruto and Hinata?"

"Naruto and Sakura were a better match!"

"What about Ash and May?" Matt exclaimed.

"Oh," Phil responded. "No I haven't heard about them. Do tell me more."


"Today was a disaster!" May screamed, straining her throat with paint dripping from the tips of her hair.

"Today was a delight," Ash hissed. The palm of his mouth disguised a cheeky grin. "I was great with those guns."

"Max was it you that shot me?" May barked, pointing the blame at her little brother.

Max stammered, throwing his hands in the air. "No it wasn't me I swear."

"Who ever did this to me," May vowed, "it will be the death of them."

"Sorry guys." Ash roared with laughter. He thought May was so adorable when she wad mad.


The day had ended and the evening took over.

An artistic display of cakes and little snacks filled the large table. The hungry guests sipped their drinks as they helped themselves to rainbow cakes, hot octopus balls, nutritious green tea, fine wine, golden beer and fresh sushi.

Everything seemed to have fallen into place with everyone gathered around the dining table having a banquet to celebrate Ash and May's wedding. May was now known as Mrs. Ketchum. It was one of the greatest honours that she had ever received.

A red appeared in a odd position on May's white dress.


Ash and May were the best of friends and complete and utter soul mates. But when it came to the magical book series written by J.K Rowling, they were fierce competitive shipping foes.

Ash shipped Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. He liked to stick to the canon pairings and thought they made a nice pair.

May however shipped Harry Potter with Hermione Granger. Their chemistry left such an impact on May. Their interactions pulled a chord on her heart. It just made sense.

Ash and May had shipping debates every night over the two ships.


"This gym is great," May sighed. "Look at all these miners working hard."

Ash closed his eyes and leaned towards May. He was pretending to pay attention, but he had his eyes on the KFC lighting up the dark cave. When he leaned against the May the boat churned towards one side. The water was shallow but there was enough water to sail them to the gym leader.

He couldn't wait to challenge Jim Lee Da: the first official pokémon Gym leader from Vietnam.

"I'll be cheering for you," May said, kissing him.

Ash had the whole day planned out.

Heaven & Hell

Ash and May entered the building shaped as a heart. They didn't know what to expect until they saw the pink Nurse Joy cosplaying as an angel.

"Welcome to Heaven & Hell's pokémon Centre," Nurse Joy announced with a maternal smile.

"Thanks," May said as she tried to step back.

"What kind of pokémon centre is it?" Ash asked.

"Would you like to go to Heaven or Hell together?"

"Huh?" Ash was stunned.

"Depending on your choice that will be the kind of room you will have tonight."

"Heaven of course!"

"Good choice," Nurse Joy said, handing the keys over.

"Please don't slam the door!" May begged. Her legs crumbled to the floor.

"You betrayed me," Ash snarled. He marched over to her and rammed her against the wall with his hands around her neck. "I almost got arrested. All my achievements could have been taken away from me."

"No!" she screamed. "I would never betray you. Now please. Let me out of these chains."

"Not until you apologize."

"Why should I apologize when I've done nothing wrong. Just because all the others left you doesn't mean I will. I'm different to everyone else. Please..."

"No one was suppose to know!"


"Is Drew dead?"

"It was only meant to be a joke," Ash insisted as he slipped into the red puddle.

"What have you done?" May gasped. She threw herself against Ash. "You're not joking any-more. You've turned evil."

Ash's eyes became red as he pulled May even closer to his face and embraced her with a dangerous kiss.

May thought that everything was all a hallucination. She was praying that it was, but at the same time the power of their lips meeting felt so intense that she felt she had been warped into another dimension.

"I must be dreaming," May whispered.


Hades had perished. The Pokémon League of the Nether Regions had a new champion. As Hades was also the Lord of the Underworld, Hell had a new sovereign. A mortal boy who desired to be a pokémon master above everything else. He was Ash Ketchum: The Demon King.

Pikachu faithfully stood by his side as he leaned on Ash's shoulder. His demon subjects were curious to if Ash had anyone in mind that he would like to be his bride.

Out of the many choices he had, he chose a sweet pokémon coordinator from Littleroot Town. Her name was May.


"Would you like a sherbet lemon?" Ash asked, presenting a yellow bag of sweets to May.

She shook her head. "No thank-you, I find them far too sharp for my liking."

Ash shrugged his shoulders. They were the best candy ever in his opinion. "Okay then."

Within five minutes the bag of sweets were gone.

May giggled to herself as she thought of a really funny joke. "I like your lemons better to be honest."

"WHAT?" Ash shrieked. "But I don't have any lemons? I don't get it."

"Don't make me show you what I mean."

"Now I'm really afraid."


The moon was sleeping and the sun was awake. Golden rays of sunshine beamed onto the young couple as the alarm clock roared for their attention. May was the first to get up. Her top body floated around the bed as her arms stretched out above the table.

"Wake up Ash!" May whispered. "It's a beautiful morning."

Ash was pretending to snore. She could tell when he was faking it because it would always sound like a cat purring. His real snores were less pleasant.

"It's a perfect day for a big breakfast and to start some pokémon training!"



"What's up with you?" Ash asked May.

May shrugged her shoulders as she fixed her hair and make-up. "I don't know," she muttered. "Nothing. What's up with you."

"HEY!" Ash barked marching towards the mirror. "There's no need for that cheek."

"There's no need to start a fight," May moaned.

"I really want to get going!"

"Then go!" May reapplied her lipstick.

Ash dragged May away from the mirror. "Look, you're beautiful just the way you are and you don't need to spent 300 hours doing your make-up. Now this is a place I can't go without you, so let's go!"


May loved oranges.

It wasn't her favourite colour nor was it her favourite fruit. But she loved the brightness and the zest it had contained. It was the colour of her starter and the colour of her first console. She still have the game-boy in her room somewhere.

She observed Ash and Pikachu pigging out on some oranges that have fallen from the trees. Watching them eat the oranges made May feel nostalgic. To her, orange reminded her of love, of Hoenn, of her first pokémon, and now it can remind May of the love of her life as well.


People are people so why should it be that Ash and May should get along so awfully well? He was a boy and she was a girl, it couldn't have been any more obvious.

At first they thought they were out of each other's leagues. But the more differences that they found in each other, the more that they found that they were both similar in many ways.

Passion for food.

Desire to be the best.

Thirst for adventure.

Loyal to friendship.

They didn't have to say it, but they adored each other. That was why luvdisc swam around them.


Another bandit bites the dust. And another one down and another three down. They all went to meet their maker. May was the killer Queen. She was on the hunt for Ash Ketchum, the new mafia boss of Team Rocket. She had to know why.

Why did it all come down to this?

Why was there a bloody bath when there could have been a trail of passion.

"We could have been great together!" May screamed, firing more bullets. "You were the first man that I ever loved."

"We can still be great together!"

Ash's voice and hand crept behind her.


It was the reunion of all reunions.

Ash and May hadn't seen each other since the war. May was forced to work as a spy for the government as Ash was forced to squat in campsites and be ready to sacrifice themselves for king and country.

It was all over.

Peace at last.

The hug only lasted for thirteen seconds, but they had both been waiting for years to be able to do it.

"Are you still up for marrying me?"

May slapped Ash on the cheek. "Don't be so silly. Of course I want to marry you, Ash Ketchum!"


It had been a whole hour since Ash and May separated.

Ash crawled onto the bed and depended on it to conceal his red and puffy eyes. He could never forgive himself. He knew that he had made a terrible mistake. He was never going to get any sleep with the constant tossing and turning.

Even when his eyes did eventually close and he went to sleep he would only treated by nightmares dressed as pleasant dreams. But he had to let her go. She deserved a beautiful prince oozing with charisma.

Ash hoped that May would find her prince.


"Have you got some spare time?"

"Of course," she said to him. "I've always got time for you."

Ash chuckled. "That's great. Why don't we go to Nandos. I've herd their chicken is good."

"I've been there and it's great."


"How many times have you been to McDonald's without me?"


"That's a lie."

"Maybe once."

"Actually I don't fancy Nandos tonight," May confessed.

"Me neither," Ash admitted. "I really need to eat something healthy. Too much junk food isn't good."


"That's a great idea. Let's go and have Sushi tonight."


Peace and understanding was the secret to any long lasting relationship. Ash and May sat with their son, Alex. their little boy had been depressed all day because his girlfriend had cheated on him and decided to leave him for another guy.

"Why does this happen to me?" Alex moaned. "Now my life is over."

"Of course it isn't," May insisted. It's only just began. You deserve better than her anyway."


"Listen to your mother," Ash advised Alex, patting his hair. "Sometimes you've got to wait for the right person to come along. There's nothing wrong with being single.


May didn't care if the world thought she was vain. She had every reason to be so. She had everything her heart desired. She squeezed her new groom's hand and kissed the black lightning bolts on his cheek.

People used to tease him at school about it. They used to call him weird, dumb and ugly. They were only words, but they were enough to destroy a toddler's soul. If it wasn't for pokémon, he wouldn't be the confident individual he was today.

She had her fair share of them too. Those bullies in the playground were a distant memory.


"You're the biggest wubbzy in the word!" May yelled, straining her voice.

Ash's lips trembled, as he tilted his head. "May... what's a wubbzy?"

"It's a..."

"You've just made that word up haven't you?" Ash folded his arms and bit his lip.

May shook her head.

"I've never seen the word in the dictionary."

"Since when did you read the dictionary?"

"Good point," Ash admitted. "Now what's a wubbzy."

Ash was right, she had made up the word on a whim. She had invented a new word. "It's a nice term for someone who lives in Kanto."

"Someone like me?"

"That's right!"


Dr. Xannytoes' eighth patient of the day was a young trainer accompanied by Pikachu and his brunette girlfriend. He took the young man to the X-ray to look at his hand.

The patient, named Ash had his hand crushed by his snorlax. Dr Xannytoes hoped that the damage would not be serious. After a vigilant examination the conclusion was clear.

"What is it?" Ash asked.

"broken hand," Dr. Xannytoes said. He looked over at his girlfriend. "Just make sure he gets plenty of rest and lots of spoiling."

"Can I still do my training?" Ash asked.

"Of course you can Ash!


Three quarters of a century had replaced May's chocolate locks with silver strands. Her husband wore a hat to hide his baldness. He couldn't do much about the beer belly because he could no longer walk. They had their adventure and their children. Then their children had their adventure and had children of their own.

May had hoped that he would remain young and beautiful forever. For years sharing a bed with Ash Ketchum was just as good. Though she didn't like his snoring or his eggy farts very much.

They loved each other more now than they ever did.

"WAKE UP DADDY!" Alex cried out, jumping on Ash's bed. "MUMMY SAID THAT WE'RE GOING TO THE ZOO!"

Ash groaned. "It's fair too early to get up. It's only six in the morning."

"DADDY!" Zelda said with enthusiasm. "Mummy's cooked us all a full English."

Ash shot his eyes open, rolled out of bed and jumped down the stairs to take his place as the head of the table.

Alex stood on Ash's mattress. He looked at his sister who simply shrugged her shoulders.

"How do you do that?" he gasped.

"The way to Daddy's heart is through his stomach!"