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Thread: A Loves Journey to Bliss (BelleShipping) PG

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    Default A Loves Journey to Bliss (BelleShipping) PG

    Author: Advancedgengenesect

    Pairings: Belleshipping

    Rating: PG For some violence

    A Loves Journey to Bliss

    Chapter 1
    A Rise of a new Journey

    Dawn approached the stage of the Pokémon contest battle that was about to commence as the big crowd watched in excitement as the two skilled Pokémon coordinators faced each other for the final battle of the jubilife city Pokemon contest.

    The other competed was a green haired boy named drew who after the short announcements made by the host sent out his pokemon which was his well trained absol.

    Dawn also called out her pokemon which was her quilava and thereafter was a raging battle of skill and performance as the audience watched eagerly to see who would be the victor of the contest.

    "Quilava now use fire spin on absol" Dawn instructed her pokemon before it quickly launched a fierce fire spin at drews absol which quickly dodged and then jumped up and countered quilavas attack with a dark pulse by following drews quick orders.

    "Quickly quilava now dodge and use flame wheel on absol" Dawn instructed before her skilled pokemon landed the finishing blow on absol which caused drew to lose the battle while dawn was vicorious as while she was cheered on to by her fans in the audience.

    Eventually after receiving her fourth contest ribbon Dawn was sitting inside the contest hall with her piplup when she was siddenly greeted by drew who nicely said "Hey dawn whats up".

    "Oh hey drew" "say you were awesome back there in the contest" dawn kindly said.

    "Well yeah thats what I wanted to talk to you about" "I have to say not many people have the skill to beat me but im really impressed how good you are".

    "Its seem you may be even better than me actually "drew told dawn as she slightly started to blush.

    "Well you know you were pretty good too" she complemented drew as her piplup cheerfully ate a sweet dawn had given her.

    "Well Anyways ive got somethings to do so got to get going now" "so goodbye".

    "Oh ok goodbye drew" Dawn replied as her friend went somewhere as she got ready to also go to somewhere with her piplup and they both eventually exited the contest hall to continue there journey after some time passed by.

    The truth is drew was a boy that dawn had only just met that day but she had quickly developed a small crush on him and she admired very much as a strong him to the extent where beating him in a pokemon cotes felt very accomplishing for dawn.

    After evening had arrived dawn had started continuing to travel to her destination and eventually came to a place wher she saw men in blue suits coming near her.

    The three men were all wearing bandanas and one of them was carrying a big sack that seemed to contain alot of items and eventually they all stopped at the sight of dawn and her piplup who was still eating some sweets dawn had given it.

    "Hey guys look its that star pokemon coordinator back at the pokemon contest today "one of the men whispered to the others.

    "Yep it sure is" "lets grab her pokemon too and get out of here" all the men quietly told each other.

    One of the men stepped forward and aked dawn "hey kid are you the pokemon coordinator who one the pokemon contest today".

    "Yeah my names dawn and I dod win the contest today but-" before dawn could say something she noticed a pokeball fall out of the sack that one of the men was carrying.

    "Wait why are you all carrying a saxk of pokeballs" Dawn asked expecting the men to have stolen them.

    "Well lets just say the owners couldnt stop us from taking them" one of the men told dawn as he stepped forward with a smirk on his face that ment trouble.

    "Wait you guys stole them" Dawn asked as her piplup quickly went behind her at the sight of the strange men reaching for his pokeball.

    "Well I since our covers been blown I guess well just have to take your pokemon too" "so hand them over or else" the man in front of the other two said as they all sent out one of their pokemon.

    "Wait who are all of you and why are you stealing people's pokemon like this"

    "We are members of an organization named team aqua and are goal is to rule the world with our power and little pipsqueaks like you cant stop us".

    "so if you will be a nice litte princess and hand over your pokemon wed really appreciate it".

    Dawn quickly took action and sent out her quilava and togekiss while the men had sent ou a feraligator, kingler and even a cloyster

    "Quickly togekiss use thunderbolt on all of the other pokemon" Fawn ordered her togekiss before it shot a burst of electricity at the water pokemon.

    the men were about to order their pokemon to use moves but while they did so an air cutter was launched at feraligator by a masquerin that appeared near where dawn was.

    It was drew and his masquerin who had both heard what the battle between dawn and the bandana wearing men.

    Drew quickly ran next to dawn to see the angry men and eventually one of them said "Quickly closter use ice shard on all of those pipsqueaks now" before the cloyster launched an ice shard attack on a dawn and drews pokemon.

    the ice shard missed togekiss and masquerin but managed to hit quilava and deal some damage to it just before masquerin launched a powerful silver wind which hit all the of the water pokemon and it also caused them to all faint as well.

    the three men all withdrew their pokemon and quickly ran away and left the area and dropped the sack full of pokeballs before dawn quickly said to drew "drew thanks for the help bbut how did you get here".

    "I just heard you and those yahoos in a big fight
    and decided to help" "anyways thats that sack over there".

    "Those guys stole them from alot of people around here".

    "there must be a town near by where the owners of these are then" "so I guess wed better give them back to their trainers before night" Drew claimed as he and dawn got ready to move on with their pokemon as the evening slowly started to fade away...

    To be continued in the next chapter.
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