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    Default Existence (Frozen - ElsAnna)

    Rating: R/M (Contains coarse language. Future dark themes, such as blood and gore)
    Fandom: Frozen
    Genre: Tragedy/Angst
    Pairing: Elsa/Anna
    Status: Probably 10-15 Chapters long.
    A/N: This is also posted in my (Penname: PPLyra) Modern AU. They're not sisters. Story includes characters from Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph (I think more), nya~

    Summary: It's hard enough breaking a limited edition 3DS that a girl cherished, but breaking her feelings like a thin layer of ice is another thing...

        Spoiler:- Chappies:

    Chapter One: Cracked ice.


    The words that a fellow platinum-blonde haired girl had shouted to the skies and made the people around her glare at her in shocked like she just shot someone in the head with a shotgun. A few started to whisper and the rest just kept walking away from her. The girl was dressed in a black shirt covered with white skull designs and plain black loose jeans that were covered in rips. She also wore a fully unbuttoned blue, white and black hooded plaid shirt on top. The sleeves were scrunched up to her elbows to show she was clearly wearing black and blue striped long fingerless gloves. It was a typical normal Friday afternoon in Arendelle. Cloudy skies and slight cold wind coming in. It was currently May, the first month of Winter. The weather had been playing up lately. It was cold during evening, very hot in the morning and warm throughout the day with a little showers of rain coming in and out, even though the sun was out.

    It was like four seasons in one day.

    It had been months... maybe years since she had an expression that made her look like an idiot smirking at herself out in public. She was grinning from ear to ear. It did hurt a little because she hasn't been this happy for a while now. OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod! She started to pace faster than usual. Her hand swiftly pulled out a sugar-cane flavoured juice-box from her small satchel and started to sip it from her excitement causing to bite the white bendy straw to prevent herself from shouting again. Her long braid playfully hanged over her shoulder and on top of the left-side of her chest when she turned around a corner of the street. Her long bangs were spiky and covered her forehead, almost touching her eyes. She had her eyes locked at the item in her hands. It was a small ice-blue coloured hand-held console and which she rapidly tapped on the buttons in a hurry as she made her way towards the closest bus station to get home.

    "Fuck yes. Fuck yes! Shiny Eevee, you're mine!" She kept smirking like some goof-ball while she continued to pace, not looking where she was going. She already knew her way around the place and looking to where she was walking was like walking in her own bedroom blindfolded. And which her bedroom had her clothes on the floor. It didn't look like a floor. It was more like the closet itself since all her clothes piled like hills.

    Just as she made it to the bus station, another girl with red-orange, twin braided pigtails whom was dressed in a wool-fleeced material green coloured shirt that her neck and shoulder blades were exposed and brown shorts that were covered with six pop-out pockets was running out the bus in a flash, holding a big pink backpack close. Oh, hell. The school is going to close any minute now. I have to get there fast if I want to get a free chocolate sundae from the canteen! Stupid Rapunzel and her love-life with Eugene stories! She sighed deeply, shaking her head no in frustration.

    Busy paying full attention to her console and ignoring the world, the platinum-blonde girl did not take noticed there was someone running out the bus she was headed to. Yes! I am sooo close to having a shiny Glace--


    The two girls collided that moment. Painful shouts came from the two. The red-haired girl had landed on the pavement three inches away from the platinum-blonde girl. The juice-box that was held was spilt everywhere between the two, especially on the console. The backpack was thrown away from the owner of the bag.

    After a while of feeling like getting hit by a speeding train, the two girls recovered from the accident. Both moaning in pain. People crowded around them, making sure there was no injury. "Owwwchie...." the pigtail haired girl moaned and rubbed her sides. She sat up, upon seeing her bag wasn't in her hands so she took it then she realized the other person beside her item. "What the..."

    There was soft crying coming out of the other girl, holding her console close. "Muh-My Glaceon-themed-3DS!..." she cried. "It's... destroyed..... My shiny Eevee... No. I didn't get to save it... Nononono. This can't be happening, no..." She placed her arms around her legs, crying. Her 3DS fell on the ground lightly. The juice she was drinking clearly shown it damaged the system and there were visible cracks all over the dual screens. There was nothing viewed on the screens except cracks.

    Seeing this, the red-haired girl crawled up to the sobbing girl and placed a hand onto her shoulder. Her body felt cold as ice even though the girl wore a warm shirt. "I-I'm sorry. I-I'll replace your 3DS, don't worry. I can get you a new one. Even a shiny-- whatever shiny you were murmuring, all right? We're close to the game shop, if you forgive me, I'll replace it, no matter what cost." Realizing she was talking too much, she sat back to give the other girl some space.

    The other girl looked up at her, her aqua-blue eyes stared at her. The smile she had earlier was gone and been replaced by a frown. She had been biting her lower lip and it was bleeding. Her whole face was damp. She looked like a mess. "No you can't. My 3DS is limited edition! This is the only copy that exists in this world!" Ice began to form around the concrete of the sobbing girl. Encircling her. Cracking noises of ice were heard in every inch whilst it spread around. The ice didn't seem to touch her or the other people's feet. Only the ground seemed to be covered in thin layer of see-through ice.

    The ice continued to spread until the other girl gasped from what she saw, looking around her surroundings and eventually the ice had slowly stopped spreading all over the place. The wind picked up and started to get much chillier than before. The red-haired girl rubbed her arms with her hands to get warm and had a confused and aghast look on her face while staring at the other girl. "Wait, what... You-You're that... girl....." She blinked and crawled back a little just as the ice from the ground touched her fingertips, "...Ice Queen."
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    Chapter Two: Icesolated

    A/N: First chapter was so short. I apologize, so here's the next chapter, which is longer! nya~


    It wasn't a long time ago she had met the Ice Queen at her school. It wasn't much of a first meeting to be exact. It was more like seeing a random girl who was smart like Lisa Simpson, was always alone, made no friends, passed all her exams without studying all night and getting the best marks and grades in all her classes. Minus playing the sax, of course. And other than that, she was getting bullied from almost everyone at school for being smart.

    And that girl may be one of the brightest kid at her University, but she never cared what other people think about her. She kept everything bottled up inside.

    She attended school everyday and never missed any classes. Whenever people walk passed her, they felt a slight chill strike inside their bodies straight through their bones that they could just collapse or even put themselves inside an oven just to get warm. They found it very creepy. She was always at the library, stacking books on her table to ignore the world. To her point of view, reading different type of books, especially supernatural themes, would always takes her away from that world.

    Those were the main reasons why they refer her as Ice Queen for being so cold.

    But that one ordinary day, when she had seen the Ice Queen for the first time during lunchtime was a little different... but as usual, once the Ice Queen had grabbed her lunch from the cafeteria, she wore her usual expression that she always had on her face like she could murder someone by her look. She wore a dark-red loose jersey that had her hoodie up and light-brown baggy shorts. Her messy bangs were spiking out the hoddie and her long braid was hanging outside her left shoulder. Her small black satchel was wrapped around her body as usual. Small books were neatly stacked inside there. She held her tray of food close to her body, looking around the noisy lunch room. It was filled of screaming and shouting from the other students there. Food and pencils were thrown around. She always stood there like a statue and stared at them everytime she was there.

    No-one even bothered making friends with her.

    No-one even bothered asking her to take a seat at their tables.

    No-one even seen her smile.

    No-one even know if she has teeth.

    But then again, no-one even know why she was even treated that way.

    "Oi, Ice Queen!" someone familiar called out. "Yeah, you!"

    The platinum-blonde girl tighten the grip on her food-tray. Ice started to form at her shaking fingertips and onto the edge of the tray. She blinked and shook her head no. She didn't want to face the other person because she already knew who it was, so she turned the other way to ignore the other person. Her feet began to walk faster.

    The other person wasn't too happy about that. "Don't walk away from me, biatch!" the other person growled.

    Suddenly, the Ice Queen felt a tug on her shoulder as she was forced to be turned around to face the other person who was calling out her nickname. She winced in pain from the sudden touch as the tray of food was knocked off her grasp. She fell on the ground with her food. The milk poured down from its container, the egg and ham sandwich landed on her legs and the apple fell down and was earned bruises all over.

    People in the lunch room started to laugh. They always found it very entertaining to see the Ice Queen being bullied. Some of them pointed at her and others threw scrunched up papers at her for more laughs. She sat on the ground with her legs half crossed and her hands placed beside her sides. Sounds of soft footsteps were heard as three sets of feet came into view. The girl looked up and saw familiar faces.

    Two females and one male. Just by their smug-butt-ugly faces made the Ice Queen's facials more angrier than before.

    The one in the middle had a bob-cut platinum-blonde hair and had long bangs that covered her brown thin eye-liner drawn eyebrows. Her skin was fairly tanned. Her periwinkle coloured eyes stared at the girl. Her eyelashes were thick that they were covered with mascara. Her cheeks were rosy and had shiny red lips. The outfit she wore was really girly. The hat she had was strawberry designed. Green on top and magenta all over. The sports-like jacket had green collars and was dark pink. It had two white diagonal lines across the sleeves. Underneath was a pink dress with a white curvy line across the bottom of the skirt. She had white gloves on. Her stockings were light pink with white stripes all over. And on the bottom she had red-pink coloured shoes. She was holding a strawberry flavoured lollipop. She playfully popped it out her mouth. "I told you, you can't ignore me," she said, popping the treat back inside her mouth. "Yeah."


    The girl that stood beside Taffyta had fair skin and green eyes. Her mint-green hair is off shoulder, has short bangs and tied in two pigtails. She wore a brown and pink cupcake beanie that had a toy candle sticking of out it. Its fake flame was lit up. Her outfit is a shiny pink jacket and a Japanese school skirt. Inside her open jacket was a brown striped shirt. Her legs were covered with chocolate-brown leggings with pink polka dots. Her black boots has pink shoelaces. "Heh...!" she said, with her hand on her hip.


    The boy who stood on the right side had orange blonde pixie like hair with the bangs were curled on the tip and had royal blue eyes. Dark maroon jacket had gold stripes ribbon on bottom, on the folded sleeves. He wore dark maroon plain pants and shoes. There was an orange fleeced shirt with two gold stiipes parallel the front. On his head sat a Reese's Peanut butter cupcake holder shaped cap. He had his hands on his hips and replaced his smug-face with a pouty face. "I'm not supposed to be here, but whatever," he said, giggling to himself then pouted again.


    "It's so good to see you, Ice Queen," Taffyta greeted. She let out her left hand to try and help up the girl on the ground.

    The Ice Queen made a angrier face and just sat there without moving. Hmph!

    "Oi. I'm trying to offer my hand here to help and the least you could do is grab it for me to help you up."

    The Ice Queen looked disgusted and swiftly shook her head no. Like hell I'm going to hold your hand!

    "Yeah. If you want it to be that way, fine. Sit on the ground like a piece of shit you really are."

    "What a joke you are," said the green-haired girl.

    "I love it when you look so scared!" said the boy.

    "You can't even stand up for yourself. Pity..."

    "Why don't you just quit this school, go home to your mommy and never come back?!"

    The Ice Queen was getting more angrier by the minute the three were bullying her. Her hands were clenching against the ground as if she could just grip the pavement to scrunch it like paper. She growled softly, but with all the laughing around her, no-one heard her. Her fingers were beginning to turn white. Ice began to form at her fingertips slowly and onto the ground she was sitting on.

    "Hey! Stop that!" someone exclaimed.

    Everyone in the lunch room went dead silent at the sudden shouting, even the three bullies and the Ice Queen.

    "If it isn't the infamous Vanellope Von Schweetz?" said the leader of the pack.

    The girl walked up between the fight. She was slightly shorter than the pink-outfit girl. Her hair was long and it was tied up in a ponytail with a pink licorice shaped hair band and was covered with candy and lollipop hair-clips. The outfit she wore was a blue-green jersey with a hoodie. A Japanese styled dark-brown skirt, blue-green and white leggings and black shoes covered the bottom of her body. She didn't look very pleased. "Get the fuck out of my cafeteria, Taffyta! Or I'll wipe your stupid smug with a scraper, along with your ugly mascara!"

    Taffyta had a confused face and looked at her companions, who looked back at her. She tried to look offended. "Ooh, I'm so afraid!..." she said and laughed at her own sarcastic joke.

    "I said leave. Or do you want me to escort you out the door by calling my friend, Ralph?"

    Taffyta twitched her lip. She knew Ralph. He was tall and big. Getting dragged by him was like getting pushed by a huge truck.

    Vanellope just growled softly at Taffyta, who was unnerved.

    "Well, yeah. Whatever," Taffyta moaned and turned to her companions. "Rancis, Candlehead. Let's go." She took one more look at other platinum-blonde girl before walking away. "Stay sweet, Ice Queen!" She then laughed.

    "Whatever you say, Taffyta," Rancis moaned and walked off with his friend.

    "Bye-bye, Ice Queeeeen," Candlehead cheerfully said, following Taffyta.

    Once the three were out of sight, Vanellope turned around and looked at the other girl. She was already trying to pick up her things. "I'm so sorry about that bitch, Elsa," she said, picking up the bruised apple. "Say, I'll let you on a treat. Put these food on the rubbish and I'll give you new lunch, plus my famous Cherry Bomb cherries caramelized with chocolate. How about it?"

    Yes. That sounds good, I guess. Elsa nodded.

    From afar, at a table that was nearby a window, a familiar known red-haired girl was watching the whole incident. She wore a white long-sleeve that had a cute red heart in the middle with the words "Fall In Love" written in black ink. On top was a light brown and dark brown comfy thick open vest. The hoodie was on top of her head. It had fluff around the edge of the hood. On her hands she had fingerless mittens. On the bottom, she had denim coloured tight jeans and cream coloured boots. She was one of the few that didn't laugh along with the other students. She had her eyes locked at the girl who was getting bullied. She had been staring since the Ice Queen stood there.

    "Anna-Banana! Stop gawking at the Ice Queen!" a short-haired-brunette girl who was sitting next to her said. She was wearing everything purple in different shades. A scarf, trench coat, jeans and shoes. "I know you were just transferred here two days ago and all, but this is just plain ridiculous!"

    "...Wait, what?! Who said I was..." she slightly flushed. "Never mind..." She then looked down at her food. It was different from Elsa's. It was fruit salad. She twirled her fork like a baton whilst her chin rested on her left hand. She looked at the Ice Queen again, who was now getting a new tray of food from Vanellope. "Tell me something, Punzie... Who is that girl?"

    "Oh, her? That's the Ice Queen!" Rapunzel replied.

    "I meant her real name. Not her nickname, dumbass."

    "Don't call me a dumbass, you dumbass!"

    "Answer my question properly, then!"

    Rapunzel sighed and crossed her arms across her chest, looking at the blonde short-haired boy who was sitting across from her, forking all his food into his mouth. He just worn plain black cotton outfit with mittens. "Her real name is Elsa. They call her Ice Queen 'cause she's always alone and acts so cold." She looked back at Anna when she looked at her. "It's not only that kind of cold I'm mentioning here. When you walk past her or make her angry, ice comes out her fingertips. It's weird I say." She forked a couple of sliced fruits and ate it. "Stay 'way frum hur," she said, saying her sentence while her mouth was still chewing.

    Elsa? A strange name. Sure, I've heard or Elesa, Alyssa, Ella and Alice... but not Elsa... "But, why? It's not like she'll hurt me. I'm not going to poke fun at her," the other girl said, shaking her head slightly.

    "I know you won't, but it's best to keep distance just in case..."

    Anna blinked a few times, then looked back at Elsa. She was now walking away from the lunch room, gripping her newly stocked food-tray. When she was at the doorway, she turned her head and looked directly at Anna, who was still staring at her. It felt like Elsa knew that Anna was staring at her. Anna's cheeks deliciously blushed at the sight of the other girl that her freckles were seen much clearer now. The platinum-blonde girl was so gorgeous. It was like seeing a newborn baby. There was no emotion seen at Elsa's eyes. They just looked so lonely and very blue. The staring only lasted for a minute until the platinum-blonde girl decided to look away to head out the room.

    Anna hit herself in the side of her head to stop herself from staring at the doorway Elsa went through. .....You stupid fuck... Stop staring!

    When Anna arrived home that afternoon at half past five, she decided to help her mom making dinner. She was quiet while she set up the table. Her mom was confused. "Anna, honey. What's wrong? You haven't said a word all afternoon since you got here," her mom said. She had short brown hair and slightly taller than her daughter. "How was school?"

    "Pretty good," Anna replied, but then she stopped placing the fork she was holding onto the dinner table. "It's just..." She squinched her eyes a little, staring at the utensil she held.

    "Oh?" her mom wondered. "What happened?"

    The freckled girl looked up at her mom, who was holding a small pot in her hand and a wooden spoon on the other. "Th-This gorgeous girl named Elsa at school was getting bullied."

    Her mom walked over to the dinner table and placed the items she held onto the table. "Did you happen to help Elsa?" She sat down on the chair.

    "No, I couldn't," Anna said, finally placing the fork on the table and sat herself across from her mom. "But someone who was brave enough did." She sighed deeply. "...And even if I did, I'd make myself a fool out there and probably will be bullied too."

    "Don't fret about it. I'm sure it'll work out."

    Anna just flashed her mom a smile. Their dinner continued without any word between them.

    That night, Anna laid back on her bed, with her hands behind her head, looking at the ceiling. Her mind was filled with Elsa, the Ice Queen and... Elsa. She couldn't stop wondering why she was getting bullied when she done nothing wrong.

    Why would anyone bully Elsa?

    Why can't she stand up for herself?

    Why doesn't she have any friends?

    Why does her face shows no emotions?

    Why does she have beautiful eyes?

    Why does....
    Anna sighed. ...Why the heck am I even thinking about her?

    Anna grabbed a pillow to hit herself with it and grumbled. She laid back on her bed, not knowing what else to think of, she slowly drifted to sleep, still thinking about the girl in her sleep.


    A/N: For those of you who have no idea who Taffyta, Candlehead or Rancis are, they're from Wreck-It Ralph. They bullied Vanellope in the movie. It was my sisters' idea for Vanellope and Ralph in the movie, so it kind of sparked in my brain (WHAT BRAIN?!) to use the three in my story instead of random kids picking on Elsa.
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    I think the Wreck-It-Ralph references and using other disney characters in here is awesome. Poor Elsa seems to be in a lot of pain.

    My Royal AU Advanceshipping + Advanceshipping trilogy
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChloboShoka View Post
    I think the Wreck-It-Ralph references and using other disney characters in here is awesome. Poor Elsa seems to be in a lot of pain.
    Thanks (: I needed extra characters coz there were only a few mentioned in Frozen so its fun sticking other Disney characters, nya~

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    Chapter Three: Conceal

    Author's Rants: I changed the genre from Hurt/Comfort/Suspense to Tragedy/Angst. Future writing stuff. (Blame my Zodiac for being the scales. I can't make up my mind!) Enjoy chapter three! nya~


    I haven't seen Elsa at school since eleven days ago after the incident at the cafeteria and here she is, all hurt because of what I've done. It was starting to get colder than before. To Anna, it wasn't her thing staying rigid as a statue when she was freezing cold from the sudden change of the atmosphere. Even her lips were still. They went dry from the cold that she had to lick her lips to moisten them. Moving her body was one of the things her body does when she was cold, but somehow she was just sitting there. She had been staring at the Ice Queen in awe for a while now.

    One old looking, short grey-haired man came to view. "Monsterr!" he yelled, pointing at Elsa. With his force at the tip of his hand, he ended up slipping on ice. He sat up and sneezed. A bit of snot came out of his nostril so he wiped it off and shivered slightly. He then looked at Elsa again. His fake wig ripped off and he doesn't realized. "Monster!" he repeated.

    Elsa looked at him in fear and hatred. She didn't like being called a monster. She looked at her fingerless blue and black striped gloves. No, Elsa. Conceal. She started to breathe deeply and she closed her eyes. Don't feel, Elsa. Conceal, don't feel. You can do this. Her fingertips started to shake. Conceal, don't-- feel! "Nuugh!" Elsa exclaimed, ripped her eyes open and clenched her fists, trying to control herself. Her knuckles were turning white and ended up making her palms bleed a little from her long uneven nails. Small amount of blood stained her cotton-material gloves. Oh, God. No! Elsa!! Conceal, don't feel! Don't let them know! Her hands were shaking uncontrollably now. She placed her clenched hands onto her head and her face was strained. Concealdon'tfeelconcealdon'tfeel!! Don'tletthemknow! She let out a small growl.

    That second, Elsa stood up, bolted away and passed through people. Her shoes didn't slip. It was like the ice was nothing to her. "Wait up!" Anna called out, getting on her knees. It was very slippery. Elsa made it look so easy running off on ice like it was nothing. Anna looked up and picked up the console that the other girl had left. She closed it quickly and slipped it inside her backpack. She then tried to stand up again. "Woaah!" After a few stumbles, Anna finally stood up and followed Elsa.

    Luckily she was still in sight.

    The ice was no longer to be seen to wherever Elsa was heading to. Anna then picked up her speed to catch up at the runaway girl. Elsa was sprinting passed people and sometimes crashing onto them, but she kept going. Behind her, the red-haired girl clumsily ran passed the people, saying, "Sorry!", "Excuse me!", "Out of the way!" and "Coming through!"

    From hearing her voice, Elsa turned around and saw Anna. Not looking to where she headed, she suddenly crashed onto a table of a cafe. The people who were seated there were slightly shocked. One woman grabbed her purse and gripped it close to her. The other woman moved back. Elsa was on her knees from the accident, but before she could get away, Anna reached to her. "Stop running away from me!" she exclaimed.

    When Elsa's balance was back, she quickly stood up, but Anna grabbed on her plaid shirt to prevent her getting away. "Eoowch!" Elsa exclaimed. She stopped and turned around to face Anna. She was taller and had to look down, tugging her shirt. "Fucking God damn it, girl! Stop stalking me!"

    Anna looked at her, her grasp on the other girl was tighter. "No," she said, calmly. "Why did you run?!"

    Elsa sighed and looked down. The chilly wind made Anna shiver, but it doesn't effect Elsa. She just stood there. "Did..." she said after a minute of silence, "did Vanellope or someone paid you to talk to me?" she asked. "Yet breaking my 3DS as well?"

    Anna was confused that she raised an eyebrow. "Wait, what?" she replied. "That chick who owns the cafeteria? No! I just want to replace your 3DS. It's my responsibility to replace it because I broke it." She saw the taller girl shaking her head in frustration. "I said... I want to replace your--"

    "You don't understand, do you?!" Elsa interrupted. "As I said before, that Glaceon themed 3DS is limited edition and it was given to me by someone who already past away." She clenched her stained fists. "Tha-That's why i-it can't be replaced..."

    Anna was stunned. She didn't know what to say. It was sudden that Elsa would just say things like that. "Oh," Anna found her voice, "I'm... sorry..."

    "Well, don't be," Elsa responded quickly. "I was the one who killed her..."

    Anna couldn't believe what she just heard. Why would Elsa hurt anyone? She seemed harmless from the way she was treated a few days ago. She surely didn't look like someone who can hurt anything, even a fly. The red-haired girl let go off the shirt she held and walked closer to the taller girl. "Wait. What do you mean?!" she asked curiously.

    Elsa looked up to the other direction she was supposed to be running to before and started to walk away. "I don't have time for this," she sighed.

    "Elsa, hold up!" Anna exclaimed, following the other girl and walked by her side, looking at her, but Elsa just seemed to look straight ahead with a poker-faced look.

    "I don't know how you knew my real name, but I don't care. Fucking get lost before I lose my temper!" She began to pace faster.

    Anna just kept following. She was still looking at her while picking up the pace. "If it makes you feel better, my name is Anna. Though my cousin, Rapunzel, likes to call me Anna-banana. Stupid, huh? My close guy friend, Kristoff, he calls me Feisty-pants. Weird, I say. When I first met him, I wore a dress, yet he called me Feisty-pants! Uhm, so I don't mind what you want to call me. Anna-bandana is fine, if you want. I don't like bandanas, but you get it. ... Wait, what? Oh, God. I'm talking too much crap here!"

    Elsa stopped walking and finally looked at Anna straight in the eyes, who stopped walking as well. "Wow," she said, still with a straight face. "Am-u-sing." Her voice sounded so dull.

    Anna stared at Elsa's crystal blue eyes and she was confused if Elsa's expressions were like that all the time. Like they remain emotionless like that. She shook her head. "Uhm," she mumbled.

    "I'm out of here... since you don't have anything else to say." That moment, Elsa walked off with hands in her pockets. Letting the taller girl escape, Anna went to the opposite direction.

    Elsa made her way home. It was a little far away from her school. She wanted to take the bus earlier, but since she couldn't be assed to go back to where she created tantrum with her ice powers at the bus stop, she called it quits and decided to walk home.

    Once she arrived at her house, her father was outside, getting letters from the mailbox. He had dirty brown short hair. He also had a fine looking brown moustache. He wore a simple outfit of white-grey shirt that had small rips and pale faded blue pants. He looked at Elsa, who unlocked the small red coloured fence. "How was school?" he asked, looking at his daughter as she walked passed him without looking.

    Elsa sighed and kept walking. The tall and messy grass was brushing against her legs. "Meh," she replied. Her house wasn't the most nicest either. The grass was pale green and it was tall. It was up to her knees. Broken plant pots were on the side of the house. The house was quite small and there was no footpath. It was just plain grass she was walking on. She went inside the somehow opened door and walked to the kitchen to open a closet to look for food. There were only a few to be seen. She then decided to grab a packet of opened leftover oreos that was placed on the left side next to a half broken food bowl.

    Elsa heard her father close the front door and headed inside the house. He placed the letters on the table in the living room. "You never bother talking to me about yourself anymore, Elsa," he said. "Is there something wrong here?"

    Elsa closed the closet and looked straight at the door she had closed. "No, Papa. I'm just tired, you know... school."

    Her father sighed, knowing she was lying to him. "All right. You can sleep it off, but make sure you're awake before dinner."

    Elsa nodded and took an oreo into her mouth to chew it whilst walking away from the kitchen. "I will." She went to her bedroom, past the three steps between the living room and the hallway. Her room was just in the middle. Heavy frost and fog was coming out the bottom of the door. She unlocked her bedroom door and closed it when she went inside. As was mentioned before, her bedroom floor was rarely unseen because of her clothes and other things all over the place. Not only her clothes covered the room, there were small particles of ice and floating small snowflakes floating about in mid-air of the room. Small icicles were seen on the bottom of her desk and on the ceiling. The window was frozen shut as it had ice stuck on the edges. If an ordinary person enters her room, they'll end up shivering non-stop. It was exactly -11 degrees cold inside her room. Her walls were covered with thin layer of see through ice. One wall had the writing I Am So Fucking Happy made in different sized icicles there. They weren't sharp. The point was cut short.

    Elsa removed her black satchel and threw it on her bed, along with the packet of oreos. She walked over to her drawer and opened it, pulling out a wrinkled gauze bandaid and some small ripped up tissues. She sat herself onto her bed and tried her best to find a decent space to use the sun's light to lead her. Since her room was quite small, it was hard. She then removed her stained gloves. Both of her palms had dried blood stains. Using small amount of water from her drink bottle, she damped the tissue to wipe the dried blood stains from her palms. Bits of red coloured scabs of residues went everywhere on her skin. Fucking ouch! It stung as she kept going.

    When both were fairly cleaned, thick dark red liquid oozed out of the open wounds. Elsa just sighed and placed new tissues on top of her opened wounds and wrapped her hands with the gauze bandaids. That should do it... For now. She then grabbed her stained gloves. Looking at them, she realized they were no good to use. And since it was the weekend tomorrow, she didn't have to worry, so she placed them aside to wash later.

    Turning her back, she laid down on her bed roughly, making herself bounce off a little. She placed her left injured hand onto her face to wipe it. She inhaled deeply as she saw snowflake marks all over her left wrist. With her right fingers, she ran her finger around the shape. A few of the marks were faded and hardly seen. Others overlapped one another. The look she had while looking at her scars changed. She was about to cry when she didn't want to. Empty and heavy feeling was inside her stomach. So she just rolled to her side and looked at her bandaid palms. They were slowly turning red. Mama... She sniffled. ...Mama, I miss you! She hugged herself close and couldn't help but to cry. What do I do...?


    Author's Rants: Hope you guys now know what the dark part of this story now. I had to split this chapter into two coz I wanted to concentrate with one thing here. Be sure to check my deviantART (PPLyra) for up coming doodles for this chapter!
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    Chapter Four: Hazelnut

    A/N: I had to work on a new Resident Evil Fic before writing this chapter. Hope you guys understand! And sorry about my grammar. English is not my first language, hope you guys know. Thanks for sticking with me.


    Weekend. Saturday and Sunday. They were Anna's favourite days of the week.

    She would get up from her bed, all bright and early to do absolutely nothing in both days. She would either lay on her bed underneath her warm blanket for hours until her mom bust in her bedroom to drag her out her bed or watch the morning cartoons like she did when she was little or simply just relaxing, having a cup of warm Milo with her favourite cereal Froot Loops. But today was different. Her cousin, Rapunzel, had asked her to hang out with her this Saturday. Anna was looking forward to this day all week. Even though she only slept four hours last night, she was super psyched about today rather than thinking about her tiredness. She was bouncing around her bedroom in happiness. Usually if it was school day, she would act like a zombie and bang her head on the kitchen table to act all sluggish.

    That moment, her phone played a song. It was the chorus of Katy Perry's Roar song. Anna then got into the mood of dancing while putting her grey coloured shirt on in front of her mirror. It had a tiger with the words "Roaaaar" on it. "You're gonna hear me roooaaar!!" she sang along. Then realized a moment later it was repeated. "Wait, what?!" She suddenly remembered that was her ringtone, so she swiftly picked up her cellphone before seeing the caller ID. "This is Anna speaking," she said, then sat on her bed.

    "Anna-banana!" her cousin called out through the cellphone. "Why did you answer so late?!"

    "Sorry! I was dancing along with my ringtone."

    Rapunzel sighed. "Oh, Anna..." then she changed the subject. "You ready for today?" She sounded so eager.

    "Of course! Looking forward for ages now!"

    "Great! We'll meet up at the Arendelle train station!"

    "All right. See you soon." Anna hanged up and continued putting her proper clothes on. She put on purple tacky looking pants and pale purple button up denim jacket to match it. She then grabbed her small black backpack from her desk and saw her other pink bag there. The broken 3DS she had picked up yesterday was poking out of the opened bag. She glanced at it. I better check her game tonight...

    Once she had made it to the train station after 25 minutes, she saw her cousin waiting impatiently sitting on a bench with a train pass card on her hand. She wore a pink shirt that had cuts on its shoulder sleeves with black hearts and crosses design and magenta short skirt that had a plaid design of black and white with black bike shorts underneath. "Oh, bother, Anna. You're finally here," she said, running to her cousin to give her a quick hug. "Let's go. The stable for the horses has already opened!"

    Then Rapunzel linked armed with Anna, dragging the poor girl behind her. "Whaaa...." Anna groaned. "Slow down!" When they tagged on with their train cards, they waited for the train to come by to take them to the nearby horse stable.

    After hours of playing with horses from the stable, Anna laid herself down on a bed of hay, getting a shade from the hot sun. She already stripped her purple jacket off. Why did I bother wearing tight jeans?! Why not just shorts and a singlet?! The horse she was grooming was right next to her. It was grey coloured with black and white checkered styled clean mane. Sweat covered Anna's body. "Awh, man. Horses are fun, but cleaning them is so complicated!" she puffed. She placed the brush to her side that she used to groom the horse with and wiped the sweat off her face. She was breathing heavily and she closed her eyes to try and take everything in. "I want to... dunk my whole body... into that water trough there, Punzie..."

    Rapunzel was sitting on a saddle of her own horse. It was grey coloured as well except its mane was just plain blonde colour that was freely being brushed by the brunette. "You complain too much, Anna. Besides the horses's spit goes in there. You still want to dive in?"

    "Eughh..." Anna disgusted. "...Actually, not any more..."

    "For some odd reason, seeing Maximus' blonde mane makes me remember when I used to have my long, blonde hair..." Rapunzel said as she was playing with her horses' hair with her left hand. "But I'm still happy I cut it."

    "I don't remember you telling me why you decided to cut and dye it, Punzie. It has been ten years since we were together. You looked amazing with blonde hair."

    "It's not my fault! I mean, I had to think of something for the trouble!"

    Anna sat up, looking at her cousin. She was on her side, just a little further away. "What do you mean?... What trouble?" she asked, with her eyebrow raising.

    Rapunzel looked back at Anna and shook her head. "Never mind. I was having a blonde moment there. I mean, a brunette moment--"

    "No!" exclaimed Anna, with her hands up. "Tell me what happened! I'm intrigued!"

    Rapunzel then started to laugh and Anna was confused. "Funny story, really. During my first year of high school, I was so sick of boys going gaga over my long blonde hair, so I cut it short and dyed it brown since I already had my eyes on Eugene..."

    Anna had a face expression that showed that she was even more confused than before. "Uhh, kay... That was slightly interesting..."

    "Well, you wanted to know!" Rapunzel then hopped off her horse and walked up to Anna and decided to help her to stand up back on her feet. "Say, it's so damn hot in here. How 'bout we call it a day and get some ice cream?"

    Anna nodded. "Sure. As long as you pay for it."

    Her cousin scoffed. "Yeah, yeah. As long as you pay me back..." Then she looked at her watch, it was quarter to three in the afternoon. "We still have some more time before we go back home."

    The two then tidied up the place and made their way out. "I'm getting my favourite ice cream flavour, mint with chocolate sprinkles. What's yours?"

    "Since when Eugene and I started to hang out, all I ever pick was hazelnut ice cream. So I'll be picking that because its special..."

    "I guess love makes you do stupid things."

    "No," Rapunzel said, "you're not even in love, Anna and you always do stupid things." The brunette then giggled.

    "That's not funny!" Anna snapped back.

    That night, after showering her disgusting and sticky body, Anna finally laid her sore body on her comfortable bed. Ahhh.... Bed. You always understand me... I don't want to leave you until tomorrow... When she rolled on her side, she saw the damaged 3DS from her bag. Awh man. Do I have to get up?! She then frowned and glared at the console like it could just teleport on her hands. Unghh. Stupid! Of course it won't teleport here! Get up from your fat ass and get it yourself! She shook her head. Ugghh! FINE!! After having an argument with herself, she sat up and grabbed the item in frustration, then sitting back on her bed.

    Before Anna looked at the item, she walked to her drawer. She pulled open the drawer slide and pulled out her own 3DS console. It wasn't much. It was plain white colour that had a cute Leafeon sticker on it. It also had her name spelled out by pink coloured stickers as well in green colours. She then sat back on her bed, looking at the consoles side by side. The consoles were different from each other. From Anna's knowledge, her one was an XL and Elsa's was a normal sized one. I haven't seen this one up close... She picked up the Glaceon themed 3DS to examine it. The Glaceon was on the right side of the console. It look magnificent and fearless. I wonder why Elsa was so ticked off when this thing broke. It's not a big deal. Getting the files from this to transfer to a new 3DS is pretty simple. She then opened it. The control pad had a design of a snowflake. The A, B, X and Y buttons were coloured white like snowballs. The top screens' had dried sugar cane juice, as well as all over the cracked dual screens. Then she tried to turn it on. The blue LED light was seen lit up on the device. The dual screens turned white but then it made a pop sound and the screens went black again. Wait, what?! She tried to turn the device on again and again, finding it was useless. It wouldn't turn on no matter how many times she tried. She even tried to use her charger to see if it will work. The LED charging light was working fine, but it still shuts itself off.

    Anna grumbled to herself and turned the console to look at the back. There was something inside the slot. She pushed to eject it and saw a Pokemon X cartridge there. She gave it a quick glance and grabbed her own 3DS. She ejected her own game, which was Pokemon Y and placed Elsa's game inside her slot and turned her 3DS on. A minute later, she managed to get to Elsa's Pokemon game.

    "Wow!" she couldn't help but say it out loud. She collected all 418 Pokemon! Isn't that... a finished Pokedex without trading?! Wow... Her trainer name was just Elsa. She played the game for more than 600 hours and the sprite had a blue hat and the hair was light blonde and it was a ponytail. The eyes were crystal blue, like Elsa herself. One thing that Anna noticed was, the last save location was at Route 10. Her heartbeat quicken. Didn't she mumbled about a shiny Eevee when I crashed onto her? She gulped and her eyes wondered off. She must've been chaining it... She pressed the A button to load the save file. Music from Route 10 from the game started to play then the over world of the 3D game appeared on the screens. Anna stared in awe how Elsa costumized her female character in the game. Her character wore a blue shirt with a white long sleeve and a tie, blue skinny jeans, a black purse, a blue cycling cap and a white metal pin shaped like stars attached to the cap. She pressed the X button to load the menu. She didn't hesitate to look at the team Elsa had in her party. They were all level 100's. From left to right, she had a female Glaceon named Snowflakes, a male Vanilluxe named iScream, an Articuno named Arti, an unnicknamed female Lapras, a male Abomasnow named Marshmallow and a female Weaville named Slusher.

    I guess she's really into ice types... Anna sighed. I see no Froslass here. It's probably because she doesn't have friends to trade with... but why not use the GTS or Wonder Trade?

    Questions bounced around inside Anna's head and she sighed, knowing that no-one would answer her. Not only because no-one can read her mind and not even her mom could answer those questions about someone she doesn't know. Anna turned her 3DS off and turned her bedroom lights off to get some sleep. I'll find Elsa at school and ask her these questions. Hopefully she won't growl at me and run away like the last time...

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    Chapter Five: Snowflake Scars

    Notes: I tried to work on my Resident Evil fic but only to find it useless as I was on Writer's Block. But I'll do this Fic in the meantime.

    And just heads up. Future scenes of this story contains violence, okay? Hope you guys are up for it. Death related and all that. I mentioned before. This story is dark.

    If you guys want music to listen to with this chapter, there's "Place in this world" by Michael W Smith.
    It was Sunday.

    The sun flickered through the small gap between the dark blue curtains. Elsa growled in frustration, trying to block the sun rays with her forearm, realizing that the rays were shooting straight at her eyes. I should get another pair of curtains to block that mother-fucking sun! She sat up, trying to focus her eyes from the white spots she could see from the sun rays. She then looked at her small clock that was placed on top of her drawer. It was twelve past ten in the afternoon. She yawned and stretched her body, realizing it was Sunday. Damn it. Why am I so freakin' tired when I slept the whole of Saturday?!

    Elsa stood up from her bed and looked at her mirror. It was covered with small dirt and fingerprint marks. She brushed her bangs with her fingers to make it look clean. She may slept the whole day of Saturday, but she doesn't have bad bed hair. Her long braid was still in good condition. The outfit she wore was still the same one she had worn last Friday. She didn't wear anything new since she was too lazy. When weekends came, she just lay on her bed and wait for dinner after school on Fridays. She then sleeps the whole day of Saturday and does laundry on Sunday, her homework and play her 3DS. But this weekend was different. Not only because her 3DS was broken, but her homework was already done. She spent the lunchtimes at the school library rather than going to the lunch room.

    Elsa pulled open her curtains and looked outside. It was a sunny day. Not a grey cloud to be seen. Perfect day to do her laundry.

    After a few moments of collecting her dirty clothes and her stained gloves, she placed them inside a white basket, which had small broken handles. A few of her clothes were still on the floor. Those were the sort of in good condition but still acceptable to wear clothes. She then removed her plaid shirt to put it inside the basket. The only thing that covered her upper body now was the shirt inside that she wore. It was a sleeveless black shirt and white skulls with red roses were clearly seen. She unwrapped her gauzed palms and saw they were still healing. They still hurt, but she can bare the pain.

    On her way to the hallway, she found the house empty. She didn't mind as it was always like that on Sundays. Her father goes to work and gets home before twilight. She has the whole place to herself.

    The Ice Queen closed her bedroom door. Sound of ice cracking and breaking were heard as the door was being forcedly pulled closed. She groaned in frustration then made her way towards the kitchen then placed the laundry basket onto the dinner table as there was a plate seen there, also a pile of dirty clothes. She took the clothes to her basket and grabbed the plate. There were chocolate buttons there. Papa must've left them here... She placed some in her mouth and others she left to eat later.

    On the way out of the kitchen, she made her way to a small closet to get a small brush, a box of detergent powder and a bucket. She went outside and turned on a tap that was located next to the doorway. Water splashed down the bucket, soaking half of her pants. Fucking hell! She suddenly stood up and then folded the soaked parts of her pants. Water dripped on the sides but she ignored it. "Not a good start of my Sunday..." she said aloud to herself. Once adding soap into the mixture, she brushed the clothes and some good froth of bubbles were seen.

    After three hours of doing the laundry, she put everything away. The clothes that were hang on the clothesline were gently getting dried. She turned her whole body to see the view of her backyard. It looked the same as always. There was a huge lake there and a forest. It was a very muddy lake, especially when it rained overnight. But since the rain hasn't passed, the lake wasn't wet like a swamp. It looked normal. Elsa walked around it and made her way to the forest. It was deep. If you had no experience there, you'll get lost. But Elsa always visit there and can get out with her eyes closed. The forest was her place in this world.

    A place where she felt like she was home.

    A place where she belonged.

    A place where she could be free.

    She went to the deeper side of the forest and sat herself beside a big tree and looked up. Mama... She sighed. I hope you can hear me. I'm sorry, okay? She sniffled. I know you wanted me to go on, but I just can't... She looked down at her wrists. Scars shaped like snowflakes were all she could see. I know I promised myself to stop this, but-- She started to hiccup, yet no tears seemed to be forming. I haven't cut myself since you gave that 3DS... but since it's broken... I can't seem to... to... stop thinking about this! Her arms began to tremble. I just... I just want to see you again, Mama... I want to caress you... I want you to tell me that it's going to be okay... but it's not okay... She opened her right hand and was still damp from the earlier washing. Wrinkles from using water for a long time were seen. She saw bits of opened wound from yesterday and ice started to form on her palms. "It's not okay, Mama! I need you!" I want to... hurt myself to feel better...There was a sudden winced of pain she felt inside her palm. Nggghhh! The blade of ice she wanted wasn't forming. Instead, blood was oozing out her palms, along with bits of ice were spiking out from the slits. "Fuuuuuck!!" she cried out in pain.

    Elsa stood up and shook her injured hand. Looking at it again, the ice was gone, only to see blood splatters on her palm. "That hurt! What the hell?!" She wiped the blood off her palms with her pants and walked back to her house. Guess I better wait until these wounds are healed. Never seen anything like this before.

    On her way home, she realized staying in the house for the rest of the afternoon was going to be boring, so she decided to get out of the house and visit the city. She unfolded her pants and they were sort of dry. The sun was still out so she didn't bother to wear any jacket. It wasn't really cold. Her body was already immune to the cold.

    The cold never bothered her anyway.

    Before going to the city, she packed a juice box with her. She stabbed the juice box with the straw and started to sip it. She made sure all the doors were locked in the house and made her way to the city. It takes a while for her to go there, but walking all the way there doesn't matter to her. It usually takes her an hour of walking to go there, but since she always go there every Sunday, she was used to it.

    The city was filled with people today. Probably because it was sunny out, but the wind was slightly cold. Elsa was walking with her hands inside her pockets and looked at the ground as she walked. A few people walked pass her and bump her shoulder or arm. She sighed in frustration, just wanting to blast ice at them, but with the cold wind, the people doesn't seem to realize the chills they get when Elsa walk passed them. But doing such violence won't do a thing, so she just left them be. In the corner, next to the busy bus station, she spotted her favourite shop to visit. She never went inside it as she was too afraid that kids or other people will make fun of her.

    So instead, she was only window shopping.

    She looked up and gazed at the window. She gasped in shock. There was something there that had caught her eyes. The look on her face was something extra-ordinary. She placed her hands onto the glass window and stared in awe at the item that was displayed on the shop's window. It was sky-blue coloured. It looked like a fox. It has light-blue pointy ears. It was none other than a Glaceon plush toy. It also had other Pokemon stuff toys there, but the Glaceon one caught Elsa's attention. Her fingers started to shake violently, like she wanted to just grab the toy, but she couldn't. She had no money. Asking her father won't even help. His money every week only goes for the house's mortgage, the electricity, water supplies and food they eat. She was poor. She knew she couldn't get it, no matter how hard she tried. Getting a job was impossible. She had tried doing so, but they all turned her down because she looked very cold.

    Her knuckles were turning white. Ice began to form around her palms. When she heard ice cracking on the glass, she moved back and more ice appeared on the glass from her dangerous actions. Anxious, she ran away. Tears dropped down her eyes and she zoomed passed people.

    Coward... She sniffled. You're a fucking coward who can't even control her powers!

    By the time she went home from window shopping, it was almost sunset. But made in time before she realized her father was close to home.

    On the other end, Anna was wrecking her brain, trying to finish her homework. She rapidly pressed her computer's keyboard to get some writing done. She hated homework. She really did. She always do them in the last minute and always regret it. "Damn it!" she shouted out loud, straining her brain. "Where'd my weekend go?!" She then wailed. "I wasn't ready!"
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    This story is coming along great. The pacing is really nice and I like how you've linked the canon events and made them subtle in this universe because it's working really well. Elsanna is a fun ship because you can play with angst and happyness so I can understand why you're so stuck on which genre to use. Dosen't matter to me cause this is a great fic regardless. I like the writing in this too. I had no idea that English wasn't your first language.

    I do hope there is a way the 3DS can be fixed. Elsa seems to lost without it.

    My Royal AU Advanceshipping + Advanceshipping trilogy
    ♔Thy Wish Will Come♔ The Other King♔Once Upon A Crown♔
    And the spin-off ♔The Ketchum Inheritance♔
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    Chapter Six: Ice Queen of Disaster

    Notes: Chapter title from Lana Del Rey's song. I love it.

    PS: I'll be writing a colab OC Frozen lemon Fic soon.


    The number one out of a million reasons of why Anna hated Winter so much was getting up early for school. That meant leaving her warm blanket and bed to face the cold weather in the mornings. She was never a morning person. She was only a morning person when she had somewhere to go to that didn't relate to school.

    Second was putting clothes on. Not only removing her pyjamas was cold enough, but putting clothes on that had been on her desk overnight was more annoying because they were freezing cold to put on. Twice as cold she was before. Felt like they were made from ice or were just taken out from the freezer.

    Third was the weather. She had to wear five layers of clothing to make herself warm. She felt fat. It was hard to move with such thick material wrapped around her body. She wrapped herself with a thick pale green snow jacket. On her feet, she wore her cream coloured fluffy boots. Her fingers were numb. Felt like they were slapped by a spiky mace when she was shoving her feet inside her boots.

    When she was finished, she headed for the kitchen and placed four breads into a toaster and waited. She looked at the time, she has six minutes until her bus leaves. Anna sighed in frustration, knowing her toast will take some time, so she opened the fridge to get the strawberry jam out. She also grabbed a butter knife and some tissue paper. When she looked at the toaster again, the four toasts suddenly popped out. "Mother of Arceus!!" she screamed out her lungs. Damn it! Why do I always get scared by this stupid toaster?! The toasts always pop out when I look at it!

    When she was ready, she headed out. To her surprise, it was wet outside. Rain poured down. Anna was not amused. She ran down a few flight of stairs in a hurry, causing the toasts on her hands to slip put the paper tissue. She only noticed when they fell off. "Shi--" Flop! Anna's four toasts fell on the ground, making them all soggy and unable to eat for her taste. "Motherfu-- toast!" she exclaimed, then she looked up. "Can this morning get any worse?!"

    Elsa awoke with a bit of a snowflake that landed on her cheek. Mmhhh... Her cheeks and eyes twitched. She sat up and wiped the small particle off her paled skin, seeing her dried wound on her palms. They're not healed yet... How useless... She stretched her sore body and let out a yawn.

    Moving herself out of bed, she put on a overly massive sized blue shirt with white sleeves inside over her white singlet and showed her pale coloured shoulder blades. There was a photo of a white electric guitar shaped like a spider on the shirt. She then wore her faded blue pants over her boxers. She didn't bother looking at her mirror, she already felt dead-looking anyway.

    As she made her way out of her room, she slipped on her newly washed blue and black striped fingerless gloves. Clenching her fingers, her knuckles went frlm reddish brown to white. Finally... They're covered up... She scrunched the edges to make them smaller. She didn't like them covering her whole arm.

    Once she went out her room, she shut the door closed. Bits of cracked icicles flew everywhere. She turned around and saw her dad having some cup of coffee a the kitchen table. He had a pile papers on the table. His hands were scrunching his short and messy hair. There was an uneven cut pencil between his fingers. Elsa walked over to the kitchen to see what he was doing. "Uhm," said Elsa, startling her father, "good morning, Papa..."

    "Oh, Elsa," he said, looking up at his daughter. "I didn't hear you come in." Ignoring what he said, Elsa looked at the papers that were placed on the table. His work is too much for him... Yet he still keeps going... "Elsa...?"

    "Hunh?! Oh, anyway, Papa, I must go. Bye." That moment, Elsa ran out and shut the front door closed. It was windy and cold outside.

    Her father watched as she helplessly ran out the house. "But... You haven't eaten since dinner last night..."

    Elsa was walking along the side walk, puddles of water splashed as she walked passed them. Her mouth was breathing out white smoke as she paced. I could really use a piece of bread or some toast right now... Any toast.

    When the bus came, Anna hurriedly went inside and tagged in her card to pay, hoping she wasn't late for school. She usually takes the bus before that one and visit the library and tried to finish her leftover homework everyday. But she ran in late because of her toasts incident. She sat herself way up front, just behind the driver's seat. Sigh... Her hand made its way inside her pink bag to search for a notebook to start her homework. In the third stop, she looked at the few people that were boarding the bus. To her surprise, she saw the familiar blonde. She saw her paid the driver fast and made her way to the seats. Anna met Elsa's gaze for a few seconds before she tore her eyes off the two plaited haired girl and made her way to the empty seat located three seats away from Anna, opposite to where she was seated. The person who Elsa sat next to shivered uncontrollably when the Ice Queen was seated.

    Anna looked at her while she was staring directly at the person who sat in front of her. She crossed her arms and sighed. Anna wanted to look away, but she took that moment to gaze at her charming looks. Her hair was slight messy like she hasn't untied it for days. Faded freckles were seen on her cheeks. Her neck... Why does she have to wear something so revealing? Isn't she cold at all?!

    That moment, Elsa was pissed that a creepy looking girl was staring at her. Even though she wasn't looking back, she felt that she was spying on her. A pair of icy blue eyes from the blonde stared at the other girl's topaz eyes. The other girl was astonished. She had shot her a mean looking glare and fixed her shirt to cover her shoulder to prevent her to stare at her more.

    Anna swiftly sat her back on the seat and her pulse quicken. Gahhh...

    They were like that for the rest of the ride. Half an hour later, they've arrived to front of their school. Elsa ran out in a hurry before the people started to stand up. Anna tried to follow her. "Wait!" she called out.

    She took out her card to tag off. "Please try again," the ticket machine said, not accepting the card. She couldn't run out the bus without tagging her card off. She'd pay $10 for penalty issues. "Please try again." Anna kept scanning her card in frustration, card almost slipping off her hand. "Thank you," the machine beeped.

    Anna ran out in a flash, looking around the front gates for Elsa. She was nowhere to be seen. Only other students from her school were there. Where could she be? Anna kept walking, adjusting the one strapped she held her bag over her shoulder. She looked in every corner as she went passed the black tall gates that says "ARENDELLE UNIVERSITY" that were written in big white writing on an arch right above the gates. Bushes and black gates surrounded the cream coloured school. It was like a castle or a museum like school. People were gathering around to meet up with their classmates and friends. They were all chattering about their weekends.

    The red-haired just kept pacing, still looking around for the blonde girl. Damn! She ran so quickly! That moment, the bell rang. Anna gasped in shocked, with her hands on her face. "Oohhhh!" she shouted to herself. People around looked at her. "My homework!" What am I going to do?! I can't go to class like this! My teacher will throw me out! She sighed deeply. No. I'm going to face it like a man and tell her I didn't finish my homework! Better yet, I did finish my homework, I just forgot it at home. Or the dog ate it. Wait, what? I don't even have a dog! Or left it in the bus... and its gone forever... Hmm. Maybe that one will do... "Anna, shut up..." she whispered under her breath.

    The second bell rang just as she sat herself in her seat in the music class. The room was filled with musical instruments. There was a drum set all the way at the back of the brown coloured room. A long desk covered the left side of the room and had seven black keyboards sat there. Four acoustic guitars were nearly stacked in one corner and two electric guitars were inside an open door closet. Flutes and trumpets were sitting on top of an organ right next to the drum set. Class stopped talking when their black short haired female teacher came in to place. "Good morning!" she called out. The class greeted back.

    The day was passed so quickly for Anna. Luckily, her teacher didn't collect the homework or else she would be staying after school to clean up the white board. The whole day, she didn't even see the Ice Queen. The lunch room was still the same. No Elsa to be found.

    When Anna arrived home, she flopped herself on the sofa, waiting for dinner. "You're not going to help me with dinner, Anna?" her mom asked.

    "I'm not hungry," her daughter replied, in almost a dull zombie voice. She grabbed a pink coloured cushion that was flatten under her rear and placed it on top of her head and groaned. "I just came from hell... Uhm, I mean school..."

    Her mother walked up to her, just behind the sofa. She looked down at her with her hands resting on the top of the sofa. "Something happened with Elsa again?"

    "Yes!" Anna shouted, sitting up. The cushion on her face was thrown across her body and fell on the carpet. "I saw her this morning when I caught the late bus!"

    "Then what happened?"

    "I wanted to talk to her but I couldn't. She disappeared in the crowd at school before I could find her..."

    "Maybe she just needs a space, honey..."

    "Probably. I mean, for how long?! I'm very impatient!"

    "Just have dinner for now to feel better. Try again tomorrow."

    Sound of footsteps were heard behind the front door. Elsa came in and saw her father in the same place as she left him that morning. The coffee cup was gone though. "Elsa? You're already here? There's food here," he said as he pointed at the bowl covered with a used plate on top to cover it.

    "Hmm..." Elsa replied, making her way into her room.


    "I'm fine, Papa. Just going to drop my bag inside my room and then I'll eat dinner."

    "All right."

    And with that, Elsa went inside her refrigerated room and threw her school bag across the room, landing on her bed. That On-nah girl... Why does she keep stalking me?! What's her purpose?! She closed her room and went back to the kitchen.

    The following morning, Anna woke up and pressed "OK" on the sound of her alarm blaring from her phone. She felt the cold going through her body. Brrr! Stupid winter! She got up ten minutes later and got herself changed. Damn. I thought wearing singlet and tights were good enough to take in the cold! She quickly put on her cold clothes. I want to see Elsa today. I have to talk to her before school. I'll just catch the late bus...

    Elsa was walking along the side walk, it was raining slightly. She put on her hoodie to keep herself getting wet. A few buses came before she reached the bus stop, but they weren't the one she rode on. When the white, red, blue and yellow bus came, numbered 080x, she prepared herself to get inside and grabbed a couple of coins from her pocket. When it was her turn to pay, the driver stopped her tracks before she could proceed to take her seat. "Excuse me, uhh... Miss?" he said. "You gave me $5. You need $6.80 to pay up."

    Elsa shot him a glare look. "Son of a fuck, that's all I have! What are you going to do about it?!" she shouted. Her fists clenched and smoke was coming out her palms. Conceal, don't feel!...

    Anna was seeing this from the third row of seats. She grabbed her wallet from her pocket and wanted to help, but Elsa grabbed her money and ran out the bus before she could do anything dangerous. A $10 note slipped out of Anna's fingers. Anna stood up to give the money to Elsa, but the bus speedily drove off. Her balance wobbled, sitting her back down. She grunted and looked out her window, seeing the Ice Queen standing alone as the bus fully drove off. "Elsa..." she softly whispered. Should I get out the bus and talk to her? If I do, I'll be late for school...


    A/N: Winter currently where I am. I did experienced toasts dropping on the wet ground before xD

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    Chapter Seven: BUS-ted

    Notes: Sorry for the wait. I'm currently writing a lot of Fics at the moment. I will try to finish them all and focus in this. Don't worry... I WILL finish this.


    Elsa sighed. What the fucking hell?! Why didn't I check my money?! She shoved her hands inside all her pockets, searching for more cash, even her satchel. A few more tries, no use. She found nothing.

    Anna was about to get off the bus. She was standing next to the doorway, getting ready to tag off. But when she looked outside, Elsa has disappeared from the last bus stop. Where'd she go?! She looked again, no use. Anna then sighed. With a turn, the twin braided girl sat herself on a seat.

    Anna almost fell asleep, missing her stop. She walked out the bus, not bothering to look for the Ice Queen. She knew she wasn't at school. She saw with her own eyes that Elsa didn't come in the bus.

    It was lunch, Anna's favourite subject. At her table, Rapunzel was absent. Only her short blonde guy friend was sitting there, wiping different shaped carrots. "Kristoff," Anna said as she sat across him, "where is Rapunzel?"

    "I walked passed her classroom, she said something happened in her class... so she's coming in late."

    "All right..."

    Almost 25 minutes of waiting, Anna had already finished her lunch. She had been waiting for Rapunzel. There was no sign of the Ice Queen either.

    "Yo!" someone said.

    Kristoff and Anna turned and saw Rapunzel. "Sorry, had to stay in the class because Miss Tamara didn't allow any of us to leave coz of some freezing incident."

    "Incident?" Kristoff repeated.

    "Freezing?!" Anna repeated. "Was that Elsa?! I thought she skipped school today..."

    Rapunzel looked at Anna, remembering that she was interested on the Ice Queen. So she thought of lying... "I, well... I was talking about, uhn... The book we were reading in class... We had to finish this chapter and it was about some vampires and their bodies were freezing cold... That's all..."

    "Damn," said Kristoff.

    Anna twitched her lips. I bet she's lying...

    "Besides," said the brunette, "That Elsa is a creep. Who would care about her?"

    Anna stood up, packing her stuff. "Elsa is not a creep, Punzie!"

    "Really? How would you know? You've only been here for a few weeks... you don't know!"

    Anna grunted. "I can't believe you would criticize someone like Elsa of how she's treated by other people." She turned around to walk towards the door. "I'm out!"

    Kristoff and Rapunzel didn't say anything back as Anna went away.

    Damn. Good going, Anna. Now you're a loner... Anna looked at her phone for the time. I guess I can waste my last 10 minutes in the library... When she went inside, she placed her bag on the shelf and entered the library. She was never a book worm. She hated books.

    When she passed shelves of books in the aisles, she had a disgusted look in her face. She torn her face from the books then, in the distant, about 17 steps away from her, she saw Elsa - the Ice Queen. She sat alone at a big table. She had a small book on her hand and was scribbling notes on her notepad. Small black reading glasses sat in front of her eyes.

    Oh. Oh! So this is where she disappeared off to...

    Anna sat herself a distant away from Elsa. She stared at her while she rapidly took notes from the book she held.

    How come she's at school? I swore she didn't take the bus... Was I imagining things? Was it even her that I saw this morning, or was it someone else?... Hm. She looks pretty lonely by herself there. Maybe I should go there and talk to her. But she'll probably run away again like last time. Or maybe she'll call me a freak again... Eh, such a horrible idea...

    Her thoughts were interrupted when Elsa stood up to tidy her things. Anna hid her face behind an opened book that was from the table and sneakily looked at Elsa who walked passed her. The bell rang when the blonde was at the small room where the bags were kept.

    Damn... Too much thinking, Anna. You lost track of the time... Anna stood up and went back to class.
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    Chapter Eight: Prism Pages

    A/N: Damn so many fics to write...
    Anna bolted off her seat, but before she could get herself out the library, a lot of people were blocking her path. Oh, crap! She was running in one place, helplessly trying to get out of the place quickly. Through the glass wall, she realized that Elsa was gone. She grunted. Damn!

    When Anna arrived home that same day, she went straight to her room. Okay, I should really talk to Elsa tomorrow. This is going nowhere if I just do nothing! It's not like she's going to start the conversation! She scoffed to herself. That'll be a miracle... She placed her bag on the side of her bed and she laid herself on the bed, looking up in her ceiling with her hand wiping her face. "Elsa... Can I...? Can we...?" Stupid! She grunted and grabbed her pillow to bite it in frustration. [i]It's only Wednesday tomorrow. I have three more shots. I'll just wing it..."

    "Anna!" her mom called out. "It's your turn to cook dinner tonight, don't forget!"

    Awhh, crap! "Coming!"

    The next morning, Anna got up from bed and stretched. She stood up and looked in her mirror to brush her hair. She had her inner clothes and just needed a jacket. She smirked to herself and wore her jacket. "Ha! In your face, winter! Think you can out-smart me?!" She quickly rushed out the house, catching the early bus. Once she had made it, she quietly sat on the front seat. She placed her bag right next to her to prevent people from seating next to her. She lazily placed her elbow against the window sill and looked out. It was partly cloudy.

    When the bus drove off, Anna was about to sleep. A drop of drool dripped out of her mouth. But something met her gaze outside the window - It was Elsa. "What?!" she shouted, turning herself around, her hands on the window glass. She saw the Ice Queen walking by herself. Her face expression looked a little off. Whoa, that's odd... That explains why she was in school yesterday... But I'll see her later.

    During school, Anna couldn't wait till it was lunchtime - that meant going to the library to talk to Elsa. She was fidgeting in her chair, impatiently waiting for 12:10PM in the class' wall clock. It was currently 12:08PM. "Anna!!" her teacher called out, making Anna jump. "There's still two minutes left to class. Tidy your mess!"


    When the lunchtime bell rang, Anna bolted out the classroom, passing Kristoff in the hallway. "What's the hurry, feisty-pants?!" he asked, stopping her tracks.

    "Uh, sorry, Kristoff. I have to go to the library!"

    "Library? Don't you hate that place?"

    "Well..." Anna rubbed her head. "I have an assignment to do and it's due in 40 minutes, so uhm... yeah!" Anna answered, slowly walking away, then eventually running off, leaving a confused Kristoff.

    When Anna made it to the library, she sat herself there. Realizing Elsa was nowhere to be found. Where could she be? A while later, she saw Elsa there, holding a stack of books, placing them on an empty table right across Anna's. Okay, smarty... You got her now... Now what...? She looked at the time, only 5 minutes till the bell rings. She took a deep breath and walked towards Elsa's table, with a random book in her hand which was upside-down. "Very interesting..." she said out loud.

    Elsa just scoffed. "What do you want now?" she asked.

    Anna looked confused. "Ah-Are you talking to me--?"

    "Yes." Elsa cut her off.

    How rude.


    "Uhm, I was wondering if... I can sit here?"

    Elsa didn't say anything. She was busy scribbling on her notebook.

    Anna grunted. "I said hey!"

    "Uhnghh!" Elsa snapped, making Anna moved back a little. "If this is about my 3-damn-DS, beat it!"

    Anna pulled a disgusted look. "All I wanted was a hello from you! What the hell?!"

    Elsa was looking at her, then looked back at her book. "Hi!" she said, angrily. "What do you even fucking want from me?!"

    Anna didn't like swearing. "Nothing. Nothing, I just want to sit here." She grabbed the empty chair beside Elsa and pulled it so she could sit on it.

    "You do realize there are other empty seats in the library..." Elsa turned to look at Anna again. "So, why sit here?"

    "Gee. I just want to sit here so you wouldn't look like a loner!"

    "Pssht. Whatever." The platinum-blonde turned her face back to her books.

    Anna laughed nervously. "Anyway, I'm going to shut up now."

    Elsa looked at her again. "Listen, the bell is about to go. Grab your bag and leave before--" The bell just rang before she could finish her sentence. "Never mind..."

    Both Elsa and Anna walked out of the library, no words said between them. Anna let Elsa leave first because she looked like she was in a hurry. Well, at least I'm making progress, right?"

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    Chapter Nine: Secret

    A/N: October and November were busy months for me. The Expo, my birthday and work became busy... Also some personal issues, but I'm back - kicking and biting!
    For the rest of the day, Anna earned herself a reward from her teacher. A detention the next day during lunch for not doing her homework... again for the third time and for not paying attention in class lately. She was ticked off, remembering she was planning to talk and know about Elsa more the next day. But no worries for her. She still got Friday to talk to her. Oh, the glory...

    Going home wasn't fun, so she went off early to bed.

    The following day, it was Thursday. Nothing much had happened except the three friends were quiet during morning tea. Only the sounds of forks scratching against the plates were the ones were heard and people talking around them.

    As for Anna's award, she had to do her last homework during that time. She was alone and she couldn't copy anyone else's work and she ended up staying the whole of luchtime.

    She didn't get to see Elsa that day...

    Afraid she was going to get another detention during lunchtime, she decided to do her homework all night. It wasn't that hard as she already knew the answers in the paper... double sided paper. Dang! Ms. Tyro sure loves me... giving me a double sided paper for homeworike that... She smacked her pen against her desk in frustration. Will do this after dinner.

    The next morning, Anna was proud of herself for actually doing her homework. Hours passed by, her teacher didn't mention anything about the homework. Anna was confused until her teacher said it was due on Monday. Oh, goody. I have the weekend free!

    During lunch, Anna eagerly went to the library to wait for Elsa. Instead, she was already there as usual. She spotted a pile of Harry Potter books sat on Elsa's desk. "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is my favourite out of all the movi-- books," said Anna, standing next to Elsa's chair, trying to make sounds like she had read the books when she didn't. "Has to be the best... best part was that poly-juice potion... Very interesting..."

    But Anna didn't stop babbling. She kept going on and on until Elsa removed her reading glasses to look at her. "Can I help you...?"

    "Oh, uhm... Just saying Harry Potter is pretty, uhm... cool." Anna sat herself next to Elsa, placing random books she had taken from a shelf earlier to make it look like she was studying.

    "Have you even read the books?"

    Anna was nervous. "Yeah. Nah."

    "Okay.... " Elsa said. "Answer this... The Weasleys got rid of... what in their backyard?"

    "Uhm..." Anna rubbed her head in confusion. "I don't remember seeing that in the movie... I mean, book... Was it those weird chickens running around...?"

    "Err, wrong! They got rid of those magical gnomes." Elsa turned back to her notebooks.


    Silence fell between the girls. Elsa was writing away on her notebook whilst Anna was flipping the pages of a random book she had found. Nothing was interesting except walls of letters in each page. The School Of Good And Evil written on the book. The art on the book was eye-catching.

    Okay, genius. You got her... again. You have plenty of time to talk to her as lunch just started. But how do I start...?

    "El... Elsa...?"

    "Hm?" replied Elsa.

    "Are you free tomorrow? We could... You know... Maybe hang out in Hendo mall at 2PM...?"

    Suddenly, the lead of Elsa's pencil broke and small layer of frost from her fingers went to the body of her pencil. She let go off the item and the ice melted, making a small mess on her notebook. "Shit!" the blonde girl exclaimed, using her glove to wipe the mess off her writing.

    "Sorry, Elsa! So sorry!" Anna apologized when she realized she had made Elsa slightly nervous... or mad at her.

    Elsa didn't say anything. She just gone up and walked out the library.

    Good job, Anna. Good job....

    Anna stood up a while later, knowing the bell will ring soon that she wanted to talk to her cousin for some advice. The bell rang as soon she was outside Rapunzel's classroom. She spotted a familiar platinum-blonde girl sitting next to the window as she walked in. She was busy drawing something in a piece of paper that Anna couldn't identify from afar. El... Elsa?!... What...?!

    The short haired brunette came in the room at that moment. "Oh. Anna. What brings you here, cous'?" she happily said.

    Anna looked at her, slightly confused look written all over her face. "R-Rapunzel Corona Fitzherbert!" she exclaimed, startling the other girl. "Why didn't you tell me Elsa was in your class?!"

    "Well.... I didn't think it was important..."

    "Ha! That's what you think! I can't believe you did this!"

    "I-I... I'm just trying to protect you, An--!"

    "Don't!" Anna interrupted her. "I can protect myself, thank you!"


    Anna was so ticked off that she walked out the class to get to her own before the second bell rings.

    Elsa pretended that she did't hear anything, but she heard every single word. Just who is this Anna...?
    A/N: For one review from This Fic will be 18 chapters long, don't worry. I have everything sorted now. I'm blaming my zodiac for being scales.

    See ya!

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    Chapter Ten: Freezy Feeling

    A/N: Auuu~ OhmyGod. Sorry about the very long delay! I was super busy AND lazy to write. I did have ideas to finish this, but never got around! I had my girlfriend distracting me, hehe.

    I might actually end up writing this longer... We'll see ^-^ Enjoy~!


    Anna was still frustrated how Rapunzel, her own cousin, didn't want her anywhere near Elsa. But why...? What was her deal...? She sighed as she made her way to her last class. All those questions repeated inside her mind like a scratched CD. Of course, like a CD, they won't answer her back. It just made her more frustrated.

    Hours later, the last bell rang. Students came out screaming and shouting because it was the weekend. Anna made her way to her locker right outside her last class. Across the hallway was Rapunzel grabbing her stuff from her own locker. Anna wasn't bothering with her. She was still cross from what Rapunzel had done. When she turned around, someone passed between them in a quick pace. "Brrrr... So coldd!..." Rapunzel shivered, her books that she held on her hands fell on the ground.

    Cold...?! Anna was confused as she was just standing there like normal. She swung her direction to the person who walked pass them. It was Elsa. Other people in the hallway shivered as well. ...What..?

    "G-Gosh, Anna! Didn't you... f-feel that?!" The brunette picked up her books and looked at her cousin.

    "Feel what?"

    "That... weird chills when the Ice Queen walked passed us!"

    Anna tilted her head a little and raised an eyebrow at Rapunzel. "I didn't feel anything."

    That moment, Rapunzel dropped her bag and books to the ground like mad. With both her hands, she lifted Anna's shirt up.

    "Ey, Rapunzel, What the heck?!" Anna swiftly pulled her shirt back down, her face turning red. "Wh-What was that for?!"

    "Weird, you're just wearing thin clothes. You sure you didn't feel anything when she walked passed...? Like weird chills..?"

    "Sure, I'm sure! I didn't feel anything..."

    "How odd... I wonder why..."

    Anna looked at her while shaking her head. "Probably you and the rest of the school are afraid of her, that's why."

    "Afraid?... Me? Pfft.."

    "Whatever... I'm outta here. See you next week." And with that, Anna left the hallway and tried to follow Elsa, but she was gone out already.

    When Anna reached to the parking lot, people were walking away from the Ice Queen, like she had a repellent around her. Elsa didn't look back, she just kept walking straight out the school. Fools...

    The red-head just looked at her, feeling sorry for Elsa. Wish there was something I could do. I tried being nice to her and all today, but I don't think she even remember what I said to her about tomorrow's meet up. I wonder if she's going to come...

    When Elsa was walking towards her house, she passed her father in the front yard. Just before she could open the front door, her father interrupted her. "How was school, Elsa?" he asked.

    His daughter just shrugged and looked at him and smiled a little.

    That was slightly strange... He rarely ever see her smile. He wanted more answers. "How was school?" he repeated.

    Elsa tilted her head back and forth and shrugged again, while pouting her lips. "Pretty good.." she sighed inaudibly, "...actually."

    "H-Hold on. That's new. What happened at school if I may ask..?"

    "N-Nothing, papa. I just passed a test with ease, that's all," Elsa lied.


    That moment, Elsa opened the door and came in the house and went straight to her bedroom. Is it even worth to go with that Anna girl tomorrow? She seems nice to be with I mean, why isn't she afraid of me? Everyone else is... that's the first time someone ever asked me to hang out with them.. She rolled herself to snooze. It was horrible to lie to my father like that.. not telling him about Anna, but this is temporary anyway...

    The following Saturday, Anna got a feeling Elsa wouldn't be in the mall, but she still got up early to dress herself in a nice outfit to check. Would be nice if she makes it, but then again I wouldn't trust her completely if she's not there.

    About a while later, Anna made it to the mall. She was at the train station sharp 2PM. No Elsa in sight anywhere. Maybe she was inside the mall already or something. She looked around in the main area. Still nothing. She sat herself on a seat made of cement, right outside the EB Games store and looked at her phone, but it's not like Elsa would text her, She doesn't even know her number. ..Sniff... Sh-She didn't come after all... What a waste of time.
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    Chapter Eleven: Better late than never


    Elsa woke up late. She knew she was late. Like, super fucking late! She quickly rolled out of her bed, almost falling off, but she managed to get her feet hitting the floor first. With a soft motion, she brushed her hair with her fingertips and put on any clothes that was closest to her and headed out the door. It was almost 3PM when she saw the time. Knowing she was already late, she still went anyway.

    Anna waited... it was past 3PM. She wondered why Elsa hasn't arrived yet. She then stood up, walking away from the meet up place.

    "Anna!" someone called out in the distance.

    Anna gasped and looked up, upon seeing the Ice Queen running towards her. "Wait, what--?!" she breathed out. "Eh-Elsa?! I-I thought you weren't g-gonna come!" She was half shocked, yet was relieved that she saw Elsa there.

    "I uhm... sorry about the delay... Like almost two hours delay..." Elsa scratched the back of her head. "I-I'm not really much of a morning person on Saturdays..."

    "That's okay. You're here, that's all I want," Anna said, then realizing what she said sounded odd. She stared down, blushing a little.

    "You all right there...?"

    "Y-Yes... Just thinking..."

    "About what...?"

    Anna looked up, her face blushing uncontrollably. "N-Nothing you should be concerned about! Let's go..."

    "Let's go...? Go where?"

    "Uhm, well-- I never knew I'd get this far..." Anna looked around. "What about there...?" She pointed at the clothing shop.

    "Eh," Elsa said, shrugging. "I'm not a fan of clothing stores, but whatever."

    It was a very expensive shop to Elsa, well everything is expensive according to Elsa for that matter. She looked around the place. Just by looking at the items, she didn't want to bother looking at the price tags as they look expensive already. Leather jackets, fluffy cotton shirts and comfy looking leggings.

    In the distant, Anna was happily skipping around the place, looking at cute frilly skirts around her. She pulled out price tags with a disappoint look in her face and looks at another item.

    Then a minute later, Elsa stopped walking and was in her thoughts. A song started to play in the mall. She never heard it before.

    Every time I close my eyes... It's like a dark paradise...

    It was like nothing she had ever heard. It wasn't pop or rock genre in what she usually listened to.

    I'm scared that you... Won't be waiting on the other side...

    And, on the other hand, Anna was saying something to Elsa, then realizing she wasn't listening to her words. "Elsa...? Something the matter...?" she asked her, only seeing Elsa spacing out in her own world. She walked up to the taller girl, "Elsa." Still nothing.

    There's no relief... I see you in my sleep.

    The music was soothing as it played. Elsa's ears were tingling. She was mesmerized. The singer's voice caught her attention. It was very slowly and deep, unlike other singers who sang very high pitched. Though the song reminded her of something.

    I feel you in my dreams... Telling me I'm fine.

    Or someone.

    "Hoy, Elsa!"

    Just when the song ended, Elsa came back to reality, seeing Anna in front of her face, making her take a step back. "Wh-What-?! Anna!" Elsa snapped.

    "Were you liking that song that just played or something...?" Anna giggled.

    "Y-Yes! Tell me what's the title and the damn singer!" Elsa held Anna's shoulders tightly, almost spitting at her face.

    "H-Hey! No need to grasp me to death!" Anna pouted, eventually Elsa let her go. "Uhm... that was Lana Del Rey... her Dark Paradise song, why?"

    "Uhm, it was a good song, also the singer... she sounds beautiful."

    "I know! She recently got popular around here. Anyway, look what I have!" It was a fluffy long sleeved like a sheep wool, mint-green coloured. "For you!"

    "Eh? No no no... I can't afford that!"

    "I'm buying it for you, silly!" Anna giggled, handing the shirt.

    "You sure...?"

    "As long that I see you wear it at school, sure I'm sure."

    "Err... gee thanks."

    When her shirt was bought, Anna swiftly sent Elsa out of the store for a moment. "Stay here for a tick. I have something to get," she said, running off.

    "What?" Elsa asked, realizing Anna didn't here she stood there waiting.

    She couldn't get the tune out of her mind. She didn't remember the words, but she ended up humming the tune of the song. She wanted the song to repeat over and over inside her mind or at least the radio plays it on repeat until she understood the meaning of the song and knew every single word.


    Anna's voice interrupted Elsa's thoughts. "Yeah, Anna?"

    "Look, I know you may think this is weird, but uhh... here." Anna had a small yellow plastic bag in her hand. "I've never met anyone who has the same music taste as me. So this is yours too."

    Elsa took the bag and pulled out a square item as what it looked like a black CD that says LANA DEL REY. Born to Die: The Paradise Edition. "Eh?! Isn't this the singer earlier?!"

    "No big."

    "Whoa, Anna. No I c-can't-"

    "Elsa, keep them, before I manage to change my mind."

    Elsa gave up and gave the other girl a nod.

    "Say, what kind of store do you like to go to? It's your turn now."


    "Well, you're the only person I'm talking to here..."

    "Uhm..." In her mind was that game store, EB Games, but she remembered how her game was broken. It would be hard on her to see games there and couldn't buy any of them. "No. I don't have one."

    "Oh, that's a pity..." Anna looked down. "But hey, let's just enjoy ourselves until it's dark out."

    Time flew by too fast and the girls grew more closer.

    Soon it was time to go, the girl went separate ways. It was already time for dinner, but both the girls have eaten.

    The following Monday, Elsa decided to wear the shirt Anna had given to her. She did get a few laughs and giggles from people making fun of her at school, but she didn't care. It was warm. "Fuzz-ball!" someone called out. Elsa turned around, it was Taffyta. "Heh, nice shirt. Did you steal it off the farm?" Then more people laughed at her.

    Anna was there in the distant, behind a few people. I thought this was over! This isn't fair for Elsa to be treated like this! It's like re-reading a chapter that I have read before... She's getting bullied again...


    A/N: Lana Del Rey, better listen to that Dark Paradise song, peeps.
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    Chapter 12: Jealous Girl


    Weeks later, Anna and Elsa were like how usual friends are. They hang out in the library and after schools and on weekends or whenever they can. It has been a over three months. All their talks were mostly about their homework and grades, nothing new. Anna failed one of her mock exams, but she had Elsa to help her with her wrong answers. She retook it and passed it.

    But Elsa passed all of the tests like it was nothing to her. Anna would tell her to study, but she didn't, yet Elsa still passed.

    One cold night, Anna came home as it started to rain. It was Friday afternoon. This upcoming weekend was empty in her agenda. Elsa had to do some errands so they couldn't hang out.

    Anna laid on her bed, looking up in her ceiling. She couldn't get the Ice Queen off her mind. It was like there was something about her that was unusual. Not that because of her chilly situation, but it was something about her that made her heart race. She wasn't too sure what it was, but every time she was close to Elsa, her heart race and she could feel her cheeks burning up.

    Could it be that she... likes Elsa?...

    She remembered how one Sunday, they were in a small Japanese styled garden and they sat together on a bench were no-one was there. They sat so close to each other that Anna could feel Elsa's cold body against her warmth.

    Anna shook her head away from the thought. No, that wasn't right. Elsa would never like her back anyway. They were both girls. It was wrong. Plus Elsa wasn't that kind of a person to like her. Friend maybe, not more than that.

    When Elsa arrived home, her father was absent, so she started to cook dinner. It wasn't really much, but it was just eggs and sliced hot dogs.

    She had Anna in her mind as she was frying the food in the stove. The way she liked to spend time with Anna had her thinking. Why...? Why did she waste her time with her. She would rather sleep in for the hell of it rather than hang out with a loser like Anna! But-- no. She had her reasons... well, reason more like it. Elsa had her poker face whenever she was with Anna, so no-one could tell her expressions or else she'd look like an open book. Her usual face was like a blank paper.

    In one Saturday, they were in the park and they ran around the grass, playing tag and climbing up trees like little kids. Elsa was pushing Anna on a swing as high as she could. Usually, her fingertips ends up freezing things, but this time she couldn't. Anna's warmth as she pushed her slowly in the swing prevented her to.

    But she knew Anna was still a kid... she wasn't ready for that. Or anything passed friendship... so all she can do is wait-- Oh, crap! The food are getting burnt! Elsa panicked and turned the stove off, luckily the food was just started to get brown.

    It was Monday again.. the usual day after Sunday... Anna's teacher introduced a new transfer student to the class. He was tall, fair skinned, short orange-red hair and he had freckles on his face like Anna. The teacher told him to sit next to Anna since it was the only empty seat. She wasn't amused.

    When it was time to copy stuff off the whiteboard, Anna ended up staring at the transfer student by mistake. "May I help you...?" he asked.

    "Eh?! No. My mistake, sorry," Anna whispered.

    "No, it's fine to stare at me, especially you're cute."

    Anna was flustered. No-one ever called her cute. She swore her face was red like someone splashed red paint all over her face.

    "Oh, I'm Hans. You are...?"

    "Uhh... Red paint..."

    "Red paint? Weird name," Hans giggled softly, causing Anna to blush deeper.

    "I-I mean... no. My name is A-Anna..."

    "Oh, well nice you meet you... ..Anna." They both smiled at each other, but Anna was heck nervous.

    "Anna, Hans! Back to this!" their teacher interrupted, smacking the whiteboard with a wooden ruler. Anna just took a small glace at Hans before going back to her writing.

    When the two girls met up at the library during lunch, Anna had the biggest smile stapled on her face. She couldn't wait to tell about the new boy in her class. "Soooo... what happened, Anna? Why are you so happy?" Elsa asked her as they sat together at their usual table. It caused Elsa to smile as well.

    "I have to tell you something, Els!"

    D... Does she like me too...? Elsa wondered, eager to hear what Anna had to say.

    "Okay..." Anna said, putting her stuff on the table. "Uhm, there's this new guy in my class..."

    Elsa felt her stomach dropped to the ground along with her smile when she heard she met a new guy. That was unusual. ...The fuck? Elsa was shocked, but as usual, she kept her poker face in.

    "His name is Hans... he was nice to me.. and oh my God. He's adorable!" Anna sighed at the thought of him and giggled, looking at Elsa. "I.. I think I like him..."

    "You-You can't just like a guy... justlikethat!" Elsa stammered, ended up saying everything at once. She then realized what she said and she smacked the table with her hand and stood up. "N-Never mind. I have some place to get to right now. Sorry, Anna. I will see you later..."

    "What-- Elsa. No," Anna stood up a swell.

    "Don't come with me. I just remembered my teacher wanted me to help her with... something important, okay? We'll catch up later."

    "All right..."

    Elsa walked out the library with her things, almost wanting to cry for not telling Anna her full explanation, but she couldn't, not right now.

    Later came... it was after school, and Elsa escaped by going out the back way, not the front way. I can't believe I fell for that. I knew she wasn't into me! She was only there for me as a friend, as always be! Why did I think of her to even like-like me anyway?! I'm such an asshole! I don't deserve to be seen like this!

    Anna was at the front gate, waiting for Elsa, eventually she gave up after not seeing her half an hour, so she decided to go before the last bus left. Where's Elsa? Was it something about Hans? Does she hate me now or something...? Anna drew a frown but kept her head up, hoping she was all wrong.
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