A poem dedicated to Young Dragon from Princess Maker 2 and my personal favourite PM2 ending. It's rated PG and the pairing is Olive/Young Dragon from Princess Maker 2.

The Blue Dragon
The Eastern Forest, born and bred
As the youngest of seven, I was always the baby
My parents, long since dead
By the a shameless mercenary

I lived with my grandpa
In his hut full of treasures
He taught me how to use my jaw
For good survival measures

Grandpa said I said to gather lots of gold
And claw lots of zombies
So I can rest when I get old
And enjoy many hobbies

My life changed forever
When I met a loud wench
She thought she could be clever
And challenge me to a fight near the burnt bench

To my ultimate surprise
I was defeated by a young human girl
She really brought me down to fries
In one great hurl

Her name was Olive: daughter of a great hero
She wore a bright pink dress and had fluffy brown hair
As a prize for beating me, Grandpa gave her some dough
I vanished. The shame of defeat polluted the air

As time rolled by quicly
I became fond of little Olive
She was a year older then me
And she crossed the desert often

I didn't know how to do it
I asked my grandpa to help me
On my 14th birthday I decided
That I would propose to the young Olive

I transformed into a human
And knocked on Olive's door
With a large bouquet of flowers
I was greeted by the butler

I really messed up
But my grandpa was with me.
Olive's father accepted the proposal
In exchange of a lot of money.

I couldn't believe it
I was about to marry Olive
She was amazing
It was the happiest day of my life.

All hail the queen, baby!
Olive was now eighteen
And the old king gave his title to her.
"Olive," I cried. "I've come for you just as promised."

She seemed surprised.
She must have throught the proposal was a joke.
Maybe she dosen't love me.
It wouldn't surprise me.

Olive is so much stronger than me,
It wouldn't surprise me if she decided not to marry me.
I cried, I could never be as great as her.
I was ready to let her go so she could marry her Prince Charming.

"Hey!" Olives cries.
She asked me if I loved her.
Then asked if I wanted to marry her
The answer was clear

Yes Olive!
I love you with all my heart
And I want to spend
The rest of my life with you.

Queen Olive smiles
That's settled
"Then let's get married."
We were married the next day

The next half a century
Seemed to go quickly
I raised a royal family
And it was a dream come true

I should have known
That Olive didn't have long left
She's old and grey now
But she's still beautiful

Dragons can live for thousands of years
Most humans are lucky to reach a century
Olive will return to the heavens soon
I want the gods to let her stay

Now I sit in my grandpa's spot
A hut filled with treasures
But the gold is worthless
My best jewel is buried next to her father