Title: Lethal Attraction
Author: DittoDude63
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: LethalAttractionShipping (Emolga/Oshawott)
Rating: G
Notes: Dare

"Elesa was real tough, huh, Oshawott?" said Hilbert. "Guess we'll just have to train real hard and try again!" Oshawott jumped for joy. He was always excited to train, but this was special. Hilbert figured he wanted to prove himself to that tough Zebstrika. Oshawott was indeed angry about his loss, but that wasn't all.

In the midst of battle, Oshawott had picked the worst time to take a liking to one of the leader's Emolgas. He was so lost in romantic thought that he got hit by an intense Volt Switch, meaning he not only took damage, but never got to see his love again. Zebstrika finished him off, but that Volt Switch was the kicker.

So yes, Oshawott wanted to try again. So he could see Emolga. Even if it was a lethal attraction.

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