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    Default Short 'n Sweet: The Drabble Thread

    S h o r t . n . S w e e t
    The Drabble Thread

    Owned by: Mel-Girl and Tadashi - Partners-in-Crime 8D

    Ever had a sudden inspiration to write, but your burst of creativity is too small for a one-shot? Well my dear, call it a drabble, and come on down!

    Welcome one and all, to our little baby. Here in our awesome little thread, you can post drabbles written by you. And they don't even have to be about Pokémon! We accept drabbles from any given fandom, be it cartoon, animé, or live-action.

    We don't ask for perfection, and we don't expect it. That being said, at least have some semblance of proper grammar and correct spelling in your drabbles... please? It's just nice to be able to read clean, well-polished works. Be proud of your drabbles! Dress them up with pretty words and nice grammar 8D

    D r a b b l e ?

    Drabbles, as defined on LiveJournal, are usually 100 words or less, but here, we don't ask you to follow such limits. There is, however, a size limit on drabbles that we accept. No more than two pages on Microsoft Word. Anything longer than 2 pages is considered lengthy enough to be it's own chapter, or at least a one-shot.

    All Mel & I ask is that you follow the rules, post with the correct form, and have fun!

    R u l e s
    Follow them, or lose your index finger~ <3

    + Follow SPPf's rules, and the Shipping Fics Comm rules
    + No bashing/flaming/hatin' on anybody because of their Shipping preferences or writing style. That won't earn you any friends :x
    + Don't bother/pester/whine for someone to take up your request, or to hurry with it. You can't rush creativity.
    + No double/triple/quadruple/whatever +1 posting. Server lags and errors are common, but if you do happen to make an extra post, please delete it, okay?
    + Drabbles only~ <3 This means no one-shots, no chaptered fics, and keep 'em, like the title, short & sweet ^_^
    + This is not the place to make a request for a fan fic. Here is the place where you can request away to your heart's content.
    + Use the correct Form. I cannot stress that enough. Poor Mel over here is updating with completed drabbles, so using the form makes it easier for her to sort them ^^

    S u b m i s s i o n . F o r m
    Use this when you submit your drabble. BB code formatting is optional 8D


    It's just that simple! ^^ Not all drabbles are necessarily required to have titles, but we recommend it, since it's easier to sort alphabetically. Plus, untitled works of art are like nameless children.

    Please note: if you are submitting an R-rated drabble, please submit it beneath a Spoiler Tag. Yes, we do accept R-rated drabbles. However, don't abuse this privilege. Using a Spoiler Tag for higher-rated drabbles is just to keep the thread work-safe and kid friendly, since young kids do frequent the site.

    You may also submit more than one drabble per post, just please use a new form for each drabble ^^

    L i l . S h o p . o f . R e q u e s t s

    Well, my pretties. The good news is that this thread isn't exclusively about posting your own drabbles. You are allowed to request a drabble done by someone else! :3 That being said, don't ask for a specific author to take up your drabble. If someone spies an idea for a drabble that catches their eye, they'll type it up, simple as that.

    If you are here to request a drabble, please use the form provided. Post Count +1 Losers: If you come back here every second post to request more drabbles, or to plead that someone pick up your request, you'll catch flack from me, yes you will :3 We come here to post our drabbles, not to be harrassed to write faster.

    R e q u e s t . F o r m
    Use this when you submit a drabble request. BB code formatting is optional 8D

    Plot Description:

    Guys, it is so, so important to give some kind of description of what you're looking for. If you're looking for something fluffy, say it there. If you're looking for something angsty, say it there. We don't need extreme detail; just a general idea will suffice.

    * Rating is not optional. We need a rating so we can type up an appropriate drabble, especially if you're looking for something a bit more hardcore.

    Again, you may make more than one request per post, just please use a new form for each request.

    U n w r i t t e n . D r a b b l e s
    Check this little section ~ something might catch your eye ^_~

    CheekyShipping, requested by darklord18
    ContestShipping, requested by Shadow-saur (scroll to the bottom of the post)

    J u i c y . L i t t l e . E x t r a s

    + Don't know the name of a Pokémon Ship? Click here!

    C o n t a c t . U s
    Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Who you gonna call?

    No, not Ghostbusters. Us! Mel-Girl and Tadashi, at your service 8D Ghostbusting will cost extra.

    Send a PM to Tadashi
    Send a PM to Mel-Girl

    So, guys & dolls, have fun & get crackin!
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