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Thread: 1999 (Parody of "1985" by Bowling for Soup)

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    Default 1999 (Parody of "1985" by Bowling for Soup)

    Parody of “1985” by Bowling for Soup
    With new lyrics by Steven “Yoshi” Reich (

    Woo hoo hoo!
    Woo hoo hoo!
    Couldn’t resist the call
    Of “gotta catch ‘em all”
    One hour a day
    Couldn’t drag you away
    Your list was down to four
    Then they made hundreds more
    Had to take a break, man
    What happened to your plan?

    You were gonna be a master
    You were gonna go so far
    You were gonna drive to class
    In a yellow Pika-car
    Your fellow devotees are nowhere to be seen
    Look at your college life
    And nothing, has been...
    all right since

    Ash Ketchum, his momma
    Way before Carvahna
    There was Mewtwo and Misty
    And what happened to Togepi?
    Your two friends, from high school
    They tell you that you’re uncool
    Cuz you’re still preoccupied
    With 19, 19, 1999

    Woo hoo hoo!
    Woo hoo hoo!

    You saw all the evos
    You knew every line
    Marowak, Pidgeotto
    Even for Arcanine
    Had Alakazam
    Not a big Gardevoir fan
    Thought you'd make a stand
    On the leader of Viridian

    Where's the Lickitung, what’s a Shaymin?
    And who's the other girl that's hanging with a penguin?
    When did that (‘ol) Zubat become Crobat?
    Whatever happened to Mankey, Fearow,
    (still beats Yu-Gi-Oh-ah)

    Goldeen, Dratini
    Way before Happiny
    There was Staryu and Ritchie
    And Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee
    M2M was so cool
    Now you feel like you’re a fool
    Cuz you’re still preoccupied
    With 19, 19, 1999

    Woo hoo hoo!

    Don’t have time, make them stop
    What’s up with that frog that keeps jabbing Brock?
    And when did Gary become a nice guy?
    Please make this…stop, stop,
    Ash: Stop!
    (tick tick tick)
    and bring back

    Dewgong, and Hypno
    Way before Monferno
    There was Raichu and Starmie
    And could they bring back Butterfree?
    Those two kids behind you
    They tell you to get a clue
    Cuz you’re still preoccupied
    With 1999

    Woo hoo hoo!

    (There was) Horsea, and Scyther
    Way before Seviper (1999)
    There was Psyduck and Goldeen
    And movies still on the big screen (1999) (Woohoo)
    Those two kids ignore you
    You guess you’ll have to make do (1999)
    But you’re still preoccupied
    With 19, 19, 1999

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    Nice parody. Quite entertaining to read and would be great applied to the music.

    I generally don't expect poems/lyrics to be any good on SPPf, but you've proven me wrong.

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    Very good job man. Takes me all the way back to the beginning of the Pokemon phenomenon, which I can remember being a part of. It also makes me feel old, even though I'm just seventeen.

    Oh well, you took a good song and made a good parody of it. Nicely done.
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    This is amazing.

    I put on the actual song and was singing yours to it, and everything fit.

    Really good job

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    Good work, you turned an already great song into a great parody. Like PokemonHero said, it takes me back and makes me feel old. It's nice reminiscing though, so, keep up the good work ;D
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    This is brilliant haha couldn't stop laughing because I know at some point all of the original fans have felt this when a new version or Pokemon was released.

    Credit goes to Skiyomi for the banner!

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    This is an impressive parody, here.

    The entire song felt completely natural, and I felt pretty darn good singing it (even though I only started playing the games around RSE). I mostly thought songfics like this were all bad - but this was great fun! Thank you for making my night.
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    lol i actually had a good rhythm and beat in my head. I think i was signing it. That was pretty awesome and funny. I agree with it. 1999 man... good times.

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    I could honestly sing this for you, not that bad a song.

    Lol, and pretty fun, as well. XP
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    Wow, this is the second song-fic I've ever read and I'm very impressed!

    I love the original 1985 and this 1999 is great!

    I actually sang through it a couple times. ^^;

    Great job, man, great job.

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    Thanks to Zadros for the banner!

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    it's a pretty banner, yes?

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    Haha Very nice indeed

    Really like it
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